10 Things to bring during Long Bike Travel

In every long-distance travel, bike ride or not, there are things you must never forget bringing, most of these things could give you a more convenient and more safe travel. 

So, to avoid the hassle of forgetting the essential things in cycling, here’s a list of what you should bring during a long-distance bike ride. 

things to bring on a long bike travel
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1. A Durable Backpack

backpack for bikers
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When you are going out for a long-distance ride, a backpack is an essential thing you need. 

Also, a backpack would be ideal storage of all the essential things you would bring on a long-distance ride.    

Getting a durable one would be an excellent investment, and it is a wise way to withstand any weather conditions. On top of that, carrying a backpack could be more convenient than packing bags. 

Tip: When getting a backpack, it would be great to choose one with reflective panels; you must make sure that you are visible while on the road. Also, purchase one that does not have long cords because it could get tangled on your tires.

2. A Waterbottle

water bottle for bikers
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Stay Hydrated! Biking is a form of exercise, and being hydrated is a must; it could keep your energy up and help you reach your destination.

Bike rides can be draining, especially if traveling long distances in humid to hot weather. Be sure that you always have a water bottle with you every bike ride, no matter how short or long your ride is.

To lighten up your bag, You could buy a water bottle cage from any bike parts and accessories shop and attach them to your bike for a less hassle trip.

3. Mini Pump or Small Inflator

small inflator for biker
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You probably think that carrying a pump with you does not sound like a good idea. However, it is essential, especially on a long-distance bike ride. 

You could never decide when your tires would be flat to prepare well and might want to bring one. It may be a bit of a hassle carrying it inside your bag, but it would not beat that hassle of a flat tire amid an empty road. 

Good thing there are mini bike pumps or small inflators that you could find in bike stores. You could place it inside your pocket or attach it to a bottle cage; just put some clips so it would not fall throughout your ride. 

Tip: You must learn first how a specific pump works before packing it with you; in that case, it would not be useless. 

4. Sun Protection

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Whether it is a sunny or shady day, never forget to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Never forget to put on sunscreen before going out, especially during the summer season, when the sun is at its peak. 

Besides sunscreen, you could also use other protection such as sunglasses, hats, and long sleeves.

5. Energy snacks and drinks

energy snacks for bikers
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Bringing your favorite energy snack and energy drink is recommended by cyclists. Keeping your energy level high during a long cycling journey is essential. 

One of the best biking snakes is bananas. You probably ask me why, but bananas have potassium and carbohydrates that could fuel your muscles.

You could also bring some energy bars, chocolates, and any snacks that could wake your energy up.

6. Handy first aid kit

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Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. So, be sure to bring a first aid kit with you. But since you are riding a bike and everything should be lightweight, you could still get a tiny kit that consists of essential first aid equipment. 

As an old saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” it is indeed better to bring a small one than not get any. 

Remember that bringing a first aid kit is for your welfare and the people you will be with; you could use it for other injured cyclists or just passing through.

7. Insurance cards or membership card

Bring your insurance card or member card. If you haven’t one, you could sign up as a member of any authorized cycling group. 

Being a member, you could have great comprehensive insurance; if anything happens to you while on the road, you do not have to worry because they have your back. They got you.

8. Handy Patch Kit

patch kit
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You’ll never think you need this until you do. Still, it is essential to bring a patch kit. 

So, what is a patch kit? It is a portable repair kit for a damaged bike tube that needs a quick fix. A patch kit usually comprises essential tools, including adhesive and patches.  

However, a patch is just an emergency remedy or repair in the middle of your ride; it is still better to replace your bike as much as possible.

9. A Headlight

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For your safety, make sure people notice you while you are on the road, be sure you bring a headlight. 

Cycling on the road could be dangerous, especially when traveling at night on dark to low-lit streets. Aside from that, a headlight could also help you avoid rough terrain. 

You could attach this headlight to your helmet or on your bike’s handlebar, and if you haven’t had one, you could find one at the nearest bike shop in your area. However, remember that you must choose a headlight that suits your needs and liking.

10. Mobile Phone

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It is essential to have your phone with you for long-distance bike rides, so make sure to charge it before going out!

So why is a mobile phone essential? Well, it could serve as your map or GPS; you would need it, especially when traveling to a far area.

Also, It could save your life! You could use it to call for help when there’s an emergency or when you are in trouble.

Also, you could use your phones to take videos of your journey and photos of different places you visit or pass by for leisure purposes. You could keep it as a remembrance or upload them on your social media accounts. 

Another bonus of bringing your phone is to take excellent photos of the places you visit on your bike ride.


There are things you must never forget to have hassle-free bike travel. But because you will ride a bike, the things you have to bring are limited and must be lightweight. 

However, if you plan to go away for more than 24 hours, of course, there’s no way you could pack lightly that a bike could carry. 

So for a bike trip for two days and more, most people rent an RV; these recreational vehicles allow you to carry a bike with you. 

 If you have your RV or trailer, then the only thing you need to do is get the best RV bike rack that suits your vehicle and your bike. 

Remember that no matter how far you travel, and no matter what traveling means you opt to use, whether a bike ride alone or an RV with the bike, always consider your convenience, safety, and, of course, your enjoyment. 

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