3 Lovely Recipes for RV Grilling

Suppose you are a veteran RV camper or planning to try and experience the life of an RV camper for a couple of days. Indeed, the thought of having the best food during your trip has crossed your mind.

From the mouth-watering hotdogs, sausages, burgers, barbeque up until the dessert that will fulfill your sweet tooth, these trending RV and camping grills will not fail your needs. So, if you are looking for recipes that will satisfy your cravings and, at the same time, will fit your camping experience, then fret no more because here are the three lovely recipes that you can try on your very own RV grills.

chicken on camp grill
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What is an RV Grill?

Before we jump into the recipes, allow me to explain the definition of an RV grill. RV grills are not so different from the usual grills but compared to it. Manufacturers designed these RV grills to become portable and compact so that RV campers will not be hassled to bring a large griller that won’t probably fit in their vehicle. In addition, three types of RV grills can be considered when you are planning to buy one.

  • Gas grill
Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Aside from having the traditional smoky flavor on your dish, gas grills have many things to offer for you. First, gas grills can provide you with stable and easy control over the continuous grilling heat temperatures, making them much more suitable when you plan to grill meat and vegetables. Second, these types of grills can heat up quickly, making them more user-friendly to a time-saver person like you. However, although RV grills are portable, RV gas grills may need more space depending on the model you have bought.

  • Charcoal grill
Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

If your budget is not that high, maybe a charcoal grill is the best for you. Aside from the unique flavor that even the gas grill can’t provide, a charcoal grill is much less expensive than gas grills and electric grills. The only downside of this kind is that it needs more storage space and heating time before properly cooking your meals.

  • Electric grill
CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Steel Tabletop Grill

Aside from being more compact, electric grills have several advantages too. First, we all know that every city or state has its local laws to be followed. One of them may include the prohibition of using propane gas or any fire-related equipment to avoid violating such laws. An electric grill is much more advisable to be brought if you think that you’ll travel to places with that kind of law. Second, electric grills do not need a different heat source than gas grills, eliminating the danger of unexpected gas leaks.

What are the best and lovely recipes that you can try on different RV grills?

Finally, you have arrived at the most awaited part – the recipes. Ranging from breakfast meals, lunch and dinner — here are the three best and lovely recipes you may want to try using the Best Portable Grills for RV and Camping.

Bacon, Egg-white Omelette and Potato-Sweet Potato Hash Browns

If you are craving the trendy bacon, eggs, and hash brown combo with a slight twist on it, maybe this breakfast combo is for you. For the omelet, all you need is eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushroom, spinach, and shredded cheese. For the hash browns, all you need is a mixture of grated potatoes and sweet potatoes, chopped onions, a pinch of salt and pepper, red pepper flakes (optional), and canola oil for frying.

How to Cook

  • Bacon and Egg-white Omelette
bacon and egg recipe
Credits to: Natasha’s Kitchen
  • First, cook the bacon until it reaches your desired crispiness, crumble, then set aside.
  • Second, sauté the mushrooms in low to medium heat (on the same pan) until soft and golden, then season it with salt and pepper.
  • Third, heat the pan or the skillet that you will use and then lightly coat it with oil, butter, or margarine (depends on what you want to use.)
  • In the fourth step, cook the egg whites in low to medium heat (tip: cover the pan so that the egg whites can be slowly and evenly cooked.)
  • Lastly, spread and layer the spinach, tomatoes, bacon, mushroom, and cheese on the half side of the omelet before folding it. After folding it, you may sprinkle the remaining bacon, mushroom, and cheese on top of it.
  • Hash brown
hash brown
Credits to: Food Lovin Family
  • First, grate the potato and sweet potato in a separate bowl. After grating, soak it in cold water for a few minutes to remove the excess starch (this will make the potatoes crispier when cooked.)
  • Second, preheat the griller on a high to medium-high heat, then drizzle and coat it with canola oil.
  • In the third step, mix the two kinds of potatoes into a 1:1 ratio, then add a few pieces of chopped onions and a dash of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.
  • Lastly, press the mixture to flatten it using the spatula and then allow it to cook for a couple of minutes (usually 2-3 minutes) per side or until it turns crispy and golden brown.

Grilled Cheese with Kimchi and Egg Sandwich

Will camping not be complete without having some grilled sandwiches, right? So if you are looking for some recipes to upgrade and deviate from your usual grilled cheese sandwich, this recipe might be for you. For this recipe, you will need slices of white bread (2 slices per sandwich, of course.), grated cheddar cheese, drained and coarsely chopped kimchi, mayonnaise, and an egg to be fried.

How to Cook

grilled cheese with kimchi photo
Credits to: Pinterest
  • First, heat the pan low to medium heat, drizzle it with oil, and then fry the egg (sunny side up style). After that, set aside.
  • Second, using the previous pan, lightly stir-fry the kimchi for an additional flavor, then after that, also set aside.
  • In the third step, both of the bread on the pan with low heat spread some mayo on both slices of bread before putting the shredded cheese, then add the stir-fried kimchi and fried egg on one of them before putting the top side bread.
  • Lastly, carefully flip the sandwich to even out the sides before serving.

Grilled Dijon Chicken

Now, who’s up for some chicken dinner? In this recipe, your tastebuds will indeed taste the victory. The ingredients for this recipe are chicken breast, dijon mustard, lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary leaves (fresh or dried.), a couple of chopped garlic cloves and shallots, salt, and pepper.

How to Cook

grilled dijon chicken photo
Credits to: ImPat
  • First, mix the dijon mustard, rosemary leaves, garlic, shallots, and lemon juice in a food processor until finely chopped.
  • Second, drizzle the oil into the mixture until the mixture becomes fluid. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • In the third step, place the chicken in a resealable plastic bag, add the marinade mixture then zip the bag.
  • The fourth step, refrigerate or put it in a cooler for a couple of hours or overnight.
  • Fifth, when it’s finally time to grill, preheat your RV grill.
  • Lastly, grill the chicken for 7 minutes on each side or until the chicken’s juices are clear.


Traveling in comfort while eating some great food is probably one of the best experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. Nonetheless, cooking these recipes with the help of the best RV and camping grills might make your journey more memorable, so if you are planning to go on a camping or RV trip in the future, I suggest that you should try to acquire some of the RV grills and try the recipes above.

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