5 Best Terrains for Biking

RV Camping and travels are not complete without biking in the itinerary. It’s an awe-inspiring activity that allows you to graze at nature at your own pace and speed. Hence, with biking, you could cover more ground while savoring every stop and scenery.

On this note, you need to check out the most suitable terrains where you can enjoy biking. At the same, ensure your safety once you hit the road by pedaling. 

So, before you mount your wheels on the best RV bike rack you’ve got, take a look at this guide and see what the ultimate terrains where you can trek are. Thus, with a quick review, you could prepare well for this timely adventure.

Terrain biking
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Best Terrains for Biking


Bike Terrain in Arizona
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If you’re a beginner, the Arizona State, a desert-mountain combination of a trail, suits any biking activity. Besides, 50% of the land area is publicly owned, hence you have more land to cover without restraint from any private capitalist. 

Moreover, the state is the home of many jaw-dropping sceneries for trekking and trailing. First, is the 14-kilometer Schultz Creek Trail, located at Flagstaff, Arizona. It is a single track, yet moderately trafficked trail, where you can bike through an ocean of wild flowers. 

Meanwhile, the Hangover Trail is another beautiful trail, located in Sedona, Arizona. It also features wide fields of wild flowers with Mars-like ambiance, provided by the red canyon.  

Both these biking sites are also conducive for camping and hiking. Plus, you can also bring your canine friend with you in any of these trails provided that they wear leashes. 

North Carolina

Bike Terrain in North Carolina
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When trill is the name of the game, never miss the biking trails of North Carolina (NC). The east coast of the US soil homes the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, a splendid landscapes that may post challenge to any experienced bikers and trekkers. 

Moreover, bikers trailing the NC terrains may weave through the Appalachian Mountains with rough and interesting trails. Also, these landscapes may give access to various national forests and state parks such as the Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest. 

The Pisgah National Forest is 500,000 acre-wide hardwood forest located in Western NC. This one-mile high mountain comprises of whitewater rivers, roaring waterfalls, and long distance trails perfect for biking and hiking. 

On the other hand, the DuPont State Forest is a puny 10,400 acre forest, with over an 80-miles long trail networks situated at Brevard downtown. Similarly, this forest homes a wide luscious greens, refreshing rivers and waterfalls, and scenic locations for movies like the Hunger Games.

These trails are famous for bikers due to its rivers and waterfalls where it is good have longer pit stops and take some rest. 


bike terrain in Colorado
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Of course, biking trips do not exclude Colorado State in the list of having the best biking terrains. Conducive for adventurous and exciting campers who are ready to face various sites and trails. Besides, terrains in this location goes along with the Rocky Mountains. 

Furthermore, you can find about 200 trails spread among the state parks in this state alone. On top these trails are the Waterton Canyon Trail, Sloans Lake Loop, Trail Ridge Road, and Gore Valley Trail.

Waterton Canyon features river scenes located at Louviers, Colorado. It is suitable not only for bikes but for horse back riding as well. 

In addition, Sloans Lake is a 4 kilometer trail, always with heavy traffic yet lovely for biking. It is situated near Wheat Ridge Colorado. Dogs on leashed may join you in trailing this terrain. 

Trail Ridge is a long road at almost 63 kilometers located at Estes Park Colorado. It features beautiful sceneries for driving, biking, and any nature-tripping escapades. 

Finally, the Gore Valley Trail is a back trail in Vail, Colorado. It is a 6 kilometer ride terrain that features rivers and suitable for first-timers. 


bike trails in Washington
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When you love mountains for biking, make sure to include Washington to your list. Similar to Colorado, campers believed it as the “Mecca” of mountain biking. The state features a lot of exciting terrains conducive for both beginners and expert bikers. 

The Lewis River Falls Trail, and Soundview and Grandview Loop are two of the best locations for mountain and trail biking respectively.

On the one hand, Lewis River Falls a 14-kilometer trail that features river and waterfalls as its name suggests. You may be surprised by the three gigantic waterfalls detouring all over the site. 

On the other hand, the Soundview Loop features a family-oriented view trailing around the Chamber Bay Golf course located near University Place, Washington. This place is also delightful to have bird watching, biking, and running.


Bike trails in Utah
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for both newbie and seasoned bikers to enjoy the view and endure the terrains. 

For example, the Slick Rock Trail at Moab appears to be the most difficult road to pass because of seemingly unending networks of steep up and down tracks. However, when bikers, horse back riders, and driver hits the trail, they could pass with relative ease. 

Similarly, the Wasatch Crest Trail, located at Salt Lake City, provides another jaw-dropping terrain experience coupled with scenic views along side steepy climbs and descents. For such a reason, bikers who are picking this site needs be physically fit and mentally tough to go through this adventure. 

Regardless, this place is the grandest desert landscapes to cruise through.  


With it these exciting locations, it goes to show that there are more to see in biking than anything else. It is not just about the beautiful scenic views to see and roam around. Rather, it is more of the hurdles you have successfully passed through.

The different terrains provide various kinds of surface, surroundings, and environment. There are sites that are deserts and roads, some with rivers and falls, but there are mountainous with steep ascent and descent. Hence, easy, moderate, and difficult.

In the end,  biking provides exquisite ways to test a person’s endurance, skills, and attitude to go through and finish the ride. After all, biking is not all about the destination, but the journey itself. 

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