5 Tips in Maintaining your RV Heater

All products need excellent maintenance to lengthen their lifespan. It is necessary to maintain the functional services of each item, especially in RVs. A trailer has limited space on the inside and out. That is why, most of the time, all the products you load in them are essential. Similar to our star product, the RV heater.

An RV heater is essential to provide you with the warm air you need when the cold weather strikes. As you know, some people love to travel when the cold weather comes. For them, they are satisfied with the cold and chilly temperature on the outside but are comfortable when you go inside your trailer with a warm and nice temperature. 

Moreover, after a successful camping trip at the frosty site, it is time that you must take advantage of checking your RV, especially your RV heater. It is a must for the campers who are experienced when it comes to traveling to different places. They are doing this to ensure that your RV is in good condition whenever you use it anywhere.

Furthermore, maintenance is not all about changing the parts of your trailer. It is more on checking each of your equipment and giving them the best condition to prevent some problems. It is also the best way to secure and build your safety every time you go with your trailer. Thus, we focus on the RV heater that can also provide vast trouble when you overlook it entirely.

Let us discover the tips that you must know before using the RV heater. Join us as we bring the data that you can look forward to during your RV heater usage. It is perfect to know and understand each of the tips to ensure your safety and security. For that reason, let us find out this kind of helpful information.

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Maintenance Guidelines

This section contains the applicable guidelines that you can do to your RV heater or RV furnace. Each of these tips can help you to maintain the service of your product. It is better to consider these valuable guidelines to ensure the security and safety of your RV heater. It includes the following;

Clean your RV furnace

Cleaning any devices or machine is a must. However, dirt and dust can also give you severe problems in the future. A lot of people are overlooking the cleaning of their equipment. Thus if you want to ensure its functional services, then annually cleaning them is better. Thus, this method is for devices that don’t need regular cleaning.

Wiping down the dirt and dust on every surface of your furnace can lead to excellent access. You can also use a vacuum to ensure that you collect all the dusty substances to clean in and around your furnace. It includes filter and floor ducts. Afterward, you can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down any metal components completely. 

Clear the possible obstruction

As time goes by and the season changes, some insects and creatures live and take up residence to some places where they think they can get an advantage. An example of that is your RV intake and exhaust assembly. It might be great for them but not for you and your trailer. 

Moreover, anything that blocks the intake tube can cause incomplete combustion. But, on the other hand, the obstruction in the exhaust tube can cause a serious fire hazard. 

Plus, in performing this, you can ensure the cutouts in the casing of the furnace that corresponds with the minimum return air requirements are clear from obstructions. It also includes the cleaning of the air furnace grill and the area directly behind it.

Checking the fuel supply is a must

There are times that the liquid fuel sits in the propane container. As a result, it becomes warm through contact with the external walls of the container. The air around it then heats the repository. So, its interior wall needs to be wetted by the liquified propane; vaporize at a rate greater than what the furnace requires.

Furthermore, the vaporization rate varies with the temperature of the liquified propane and the amount of surface area wetted by the propane. Therefore, it might be your constant problem during winter travel.

Confirm the DC Voltage Supply

Your RV’s battery system is your energy resource to operate your entire trailer perfectly. Also, the right amount of DC voltage means your forced-air furnace is running safely and efficiently. 

There are times that you want to operate your trailer having 100 percent battery. Thus, on the other side, you also run it below 50 percent unless it is necessary to be used. However, you don’t also want to supply too high of voltage into your furnace. As for that, ensure to operate your furnace at a voltage between 10.5 and 13.5 volts DC.

Also, keep your battery properly charged, and clean allows for optimum operation of your furnace.

Replace your old ones

If necessary, it is a wise decision to replace your old furnace with a new model. As you know, if you operate this equipment for a long time, it tends to malfunction and cause so much trouble. So it is better to get a new one to make yourself more comfortable. It can also prevent your pocket from having holes in it.

As you know, if you repair your equipment every time, it consumes so much effort and cost. That is why having a new one is the best option for you. There are some points that you must consider when you think your furnace needs a replacement. It includes the following;

  • It produces loud noises.
  • It cost you higher than usual during the repair.
  • It blows cold air.
  • The pilot light turns to the wrong color.
  • It produces rust and cracks.
  • The interior is dirty during the operation of your furnace.
  • It is old and causes malfunction.


That’s it. Above is the information that will help you in maintaining your RV heater. All of these data contains a vital role in making your RV heater more efficient. We hope that this information serves as your guidelines for better usage of your RV heater. In addition, this article can be a great reference to achieve a successful performance from your furnace.

We are glad to share this article. Other professional campers test all the tips that we share. We use them as a reference to come up with these tips. The best reference is the reviews of the people who use the product that they purchase. That is all. Thank you, and have a blessed day ahead!

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