5 Tips in Maintaining your RV Led Lights

Led lights have been one of the greatest blessings of an invention from the past. It somehow changed the way we perceive how it would light up our nights. Plus, it delivered us thousand of savings from the regular daily use of a standard bulb.

In this sense, keeping it up and running is a significant responsibility that we need to look after. Of course, those who are giving us comfort must be well taken care of. That goes with our LED lights in our RV as well. 

We will tackle the things you need to know to maintain your LED lights on this page. Brace for it because there might be things that you are doing all this time incorrectly. Let’s roll it!

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The Importance of Maintenance

Maintaining your RV light bulbs may be one of the minor priorities in your daily. This is because you see that there is no need for it. Why? Because it is still up and lighting for you even when you don’t do anything. Unlike a car engine where you need to maintain it rigorously. 

It is essential to maintain a light bulb in your RV because it lasts longer that way. You may not see it, but dust and cobwebs affect the functionality of the light bulb. Also, if you don’t clean it even just for once, ants may flock over to the slips and slits of the bulb. 

In addition, it is not just the bulb that you need to look after. The sockets, the switches, and the central base screw need checking as well. Maintenance also lowers the risk of unexpected accidents like fire or temporary shortages. But, on the other hand, this mishappening might endanger your RV and, worst, you as well. 

Nobody wants a campout with any of these hiccups. So now that you apprehend how important it is make it a habit or a practice. It does not mean you have to do this every day. A weekly or monthly checkup will do, depending on your schedule. It is kind of soothing as well. Try it for yourself. 

Maintenance Tip Number 1: Buy according to the need of your RV

If you think you can walk in a store or order online any LED you want, well, it is not like that. It would be best if you based it first on the need of your RV. 

First, you need to check if it will match the screw base in your RV. Mostly they are standard ion size with the incandescent light bulbs. The only thing that will vary will be the size. Some small light bulbs with a small screw base, so you need to look for this one before buying. 

Next would be the color temperature that you want. Since a LED light has different colors to choose from, you need to check which one suits your taste. It may vary from cool white or warm white. It is better to check personally to test it in actuality. 

Maintenance Number 2: Read the Manual first 

This has been the most neglected part of everything! Yes, we all know that it all seems easy now with hundreds of light bulbs that you have changed. But let us say that you bought one from a different brand, then that’s when you need to read the manual first. Each brand has additional instructions to follow. Besides, there is no harm in reading it first. It might even save you from future damage. 

Maintenance Tip Number 3: Regular Cleaning

As we have mentioned in the importance of maintenance, cleaning is a natural thing to do. Regularly cleaning your appliances or light bulbs can guarantee the longevity of service it can give you. If you are not aware, a light bulb left untouched or cleaned just once dies faster than the one with regular cleaning. 

So if you desire to get the best out of your investments, clean your light bulbs well. It does not need any high-technology cleaning material. A feather duster will do for light dust. A cloth fine for heavy dirt. What if your LED light bulbs have stains? Then you will need to drop glass cleaner on the bulb. Gently wipe it with a cloth, and it will go away. 

Maintenance Tip Number 4: Keep it off High Heat

Too much heat will affect the longevity of its service. In addition, the heat will also affect the electrical components inside the bulb. Worst case scenario, the heat might trigger the bulb to explode. So if you are going to use it in the kitchen, make sure that it is not directly near the stove or steam from your dishes. 

You can also help the light attain a healthy temperature by giving the room healthy ventilation. For example, you can have an exhaust fan in your kitchen if the room doesn’t have any windows. Or you can open the windows in the room for the fresh air to come in. 

Maintenance Number 5: Inspection is the Key to a Safe RV

Not everyone does this very often. Why? Because they think this is a job for the professional only. But it is not the case. You can do simple checks on the wirings and the screw base. In this case, you will know if some is replacing that needs to be done. 

Plus, it is much more thrifter if you will do it. We are not suggesting to Do-It-Yourself when it comes to the electrical system in your RV. But there are some sectors where you can replace it yourself if you are trained by a professional. This way, you don’t have to pay that much in the future. But before you DIY it, make sure you know what you are doing. Life is more important than anything, so do it at your own risk. 


The thing that keeps us well lit at night or on dark days needs assistance as well. Marinating it will give a boost to its longevity period. Thus, there will b no harm following all these maintaining tips that we have shared with you.

If you have other maintenance tips for light bulbs in your RV, care to share them with us? Let us create a healthy and safety-aware RV community!

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