5 Ways to keep your RV Generator Energy Efficient

Almost everything runs with power. Nowadays, it’s hard to do anything without the help of electricity, especially when you are fond of boondocking or camping. Also, if you plan to go outside the city, you’ll need electricity to survive the day and enjoy the rest of the night. All of these are possible to do with the help of an RV generator

But how long can an RV generator provide power? Unfortunately, running a generator requires fuel, and too much usage will eventually run out of energy. Fortunately, there are various ways to make your RV generator energy efficient. If you want to know about this, here are the tips that might help you: 

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Use Propane Devices

During outdoor bonding, it is usually preferable to use those electric appliances that give convenience. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with using it, but you have to remember that these are energy-draining devices. In addition, it requires your RV generator to run the whole time, which eventually used up all its power. With this, it is recommendable for you to use any propane device, which will help save up energy for your generator. 

You may have an outdoor grill with your loved ones or using a propane oven and stove when cooking foods. These ways may not only save the energy of your generator, but it will also increase the enjoyment during this moment. However, if you haven’t tried this method, it’s not too late to experience it. Hence, to cut down on your RV generator usages, you need to think of various techniques, such as propane appliances. 

Carry More Than One Battery

Prevention is better than cure, especially when you are planning to stay away from the city. This case is usually applicable to your RV generator, where it has only one battery. When this device runs out of energy, you left nothing but to endure the total darkness when the night comes, or you will no longer stay comfortable inside your home-on-wheels. For this reason, you need to carry more than one battery of your RV generator.

Most people who used to go out and enjoy campings regularly bring more than one battery. However, carrying various batteries would depend on the capacity of your rig and the storage you have. Another tip, you should avoid using the generator when it is plugged into the inverter to charge; it will only drain its power faster and might as well damage its efficiency. Despite this, it is still an advantage for you to bring extra batteries so that you will thoroughly enjoy your outdoor togetherness. 

Utilize Your RV Solar Panel

Another tip you can do when planning to have a more extended stay in remote areas is to invest in a different way of having power. One of the ways you can employ is utilizing your RV solar panel. Having one with an extra battery with you would surely take you a long way. However, if you’ve done your research about solar panels, you have come to realize that this device can assure you to camp in comfort. 

However, if you haven’t tried to have one, you need to consider whether you need a solar panel as your second option or prefer the other way around. Of course, you always have a choice when it comes to keeping your appliances running. But you have to sort other things out to arrive at the easiest and effective mechanisms in keeping your generator energy efficient. In this way, it would make your trip memorable and undisturbed by any unforeseen events. 

Avoid Using Unnecessary Gadges Or Appliances

In every long drive, using gadgets is the best way to kill time. It makes the long journey worthwhile, especially when having Netflix with friends or blasting your favorite music while singing on top of the lungs. During this moment, you usually keep on recharging your phones or laptops so that you won’t miss any special events. Another thing is when you love to use a microwave to heat your foods and using a coffee maker for an easy way to sip a hot drink. 

As much as these happenings seem perfect to think of, it is not as pleasing as it used to be. Using a lot of appliances or even utilizing too many unnecessary things would end up sacrificing the sufficiency of your generator’s capacity. Though it is unprohibited to use these devices, you still need to save up for your battery’s efficiency. You have to remember that having enough source of electricity during campings or boondocking would add up to its success. 

Consult A Professional

The final piece of advice is to consult a professional. Most electrical experts would love to hear your concerns about the efficiency of your RV generator. They would surely give you practical bits of advice on how you can make it. If you are planning to have a long drive and stay longer in places where there’s no enough source of power, you have to consult with them to have assurance. 

However, you have to remember that asking for their upfront accommodation would require you to add your budget. In other words, you have to pay them for their effort of giving you valuable tips. However, most RVers usually employ their service even if they cost them money. After all, a small penny would be nothing compared to the expenses you will be paying for something you thought would be best for your RV generator’s performance.  


Having an RV generator is the best thing you can have, knowing that it will add to your comfortable stay inside, and most significantly, it will save you when you are staying beyond the town. However, it requires you to be attentive when it comes to its regular maintenance, and of course, exerting a little care to make it more energy-efficient. The factors mentioned above are only some of the tips that you might need to know and understand. Overall, employing a few practical tricks for your RV generator’s long-lasting performance is the best way you can do. 

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