6 Benefits of having a 12v refrigerator in your RV

If you want to make your trip remarkably awesome and memorable, you should prepare all the things you will need during the entire trip before you hit the road. As important as the foods and beverages you need to bring with you, the appliances inside your trailer are something you should consider, too. After all, you cannot fully enjoy your trip if all you eat are instant foods.

Then the 12V refrigerator joins the conversation. Your RV is not complete if you do not have this particular appliance in it. Though it occupies space and makes the inside a little crowded, it is undeniable that it gives you more advantages than disadvantages.

12v rv portable fridge
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6 benefits of 12v RV refrigerators

You cannot deny the fact that refrigerators make your RV trip more comfortable, giving you the feel-at-home vibe  and the perk of getting to cook what you want to eat. Additionally, listed below are the 6 benefits you can experience during your trip if you own a 12V RV refrigerator.

1. Food preservation

food in the rv refrigerator
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There are many things to prepare when you go on an RV vacation, and one of these is the food  for the entire trip. Fresh foods are indeed essential as their tasty flavors make any travel experience a remarkable one. When fruits, vegetables, or pork and other meats are kept inside it, the cold temperature maintains the freshness and slows down the bacteria from spoiling your foods. Moreover, it is also possible that you cannot consume all the food you cooked. Good thing is that refrigerators serve as good storage for left-overs which you can devour on your next meal.Having this advantage if you are on a multi-days trip outdoors is only possible if you have a refrigerator inside your RV. 

2. Keeps your beverages cold

rv mini fridge
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Essentially, refrigerators are the most convenient things to use if you want to keep your beverages cold . There might be other options like coolers, but you have to buy so many ice which will eventually melt. Indeed not advisable for long vacations. To sum it up, nothing comes close to the ability of your RV fridge to keep your beverages cold enough for you when you are tired of all your outdoor activities. 

3. Better control of temperature

rv fridge temperatrure
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The foods you bring on your trip require different types of cooling. Some require to be frozen, while on the other hand, some just need to be chilled. If you own a 12V refrigerator in your RV, you can control the temperature inside depending upon your needs. Additionally, the temperature sustainability is excellent so you have nothing to worry about what’s inside it.

4. Better storage and organizing of food

organize food storage in rv fridge
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If you go on RV trips, not all roads are smooth to take on. You’ll encounter bumps from here and there occasionally. So the foods you brought can spill anytime, if not kept and sealed properly. Well, another good news about 12V refrigerators is that they have compartments for different food types. This way, foods are organized nicely and cleanly, too. You can worry no more about food spillage and bottles breaking.

5. Has internal lighting

rv fridge with internal light
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Up to this date, some RVers still prefer the use of coolers instead of 12V refrigerators. Well, the use of coolers is not an issue at all, unless during the night when you will be needing a light source to get the foods or drinks inside. However, when you have an RV refrigerator, that problem is solved. All RV refrigerators have built-in internal light which automatically turns on when you open it. This way, you can easily get what you wanted inside it.

6. Weighs less

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There are portable types of 12V RV refrigerators and considerably, they weigh much less than camping coolers. That is because with the refrigerator, you do not need loads of ice,  which add to the overall weight of the container, to maintain the cold temperature inside.

How to properly maintain your 12V RV refrigerator

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As 12V refrigerators for RV are generally costly, it is essential that you know how to properly maintain it. Following are some ways on how you can make the most out of your investment in this wonder RV appliance.

1. Keep it clean

always inspect your rv frdige
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Nothing is more important than keeping your RV refrigerator clean. Never let the food spillage to be left uncleaned as they can contaminate the fridge surfaces as well as the other foods inside. You can sanitize your refrigerator with bleach to make sure that the bacterias and molds are thoroughly removed.

2. Park on level surfaces

rv parking space
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When you park on unlevel ground, your cooling unit can be damaged. The tilting of the vehicle will affect the levelness of the refrigerator, which can also cause serious effects and harm to the functionality of it.

3. Always conduct routine inspection

inspect rv fridge always
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As often you would inspect your RV itself, the appliances inside it should be checked, too. Always make sure that the fridge has no faulty wirings and rusty metal parts at the back of it, Also, make sure that there are no leakages underneath it that can induce serious problems when left  unfixed.

4. Defrost regularly

defrost rv fridge
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When you notice that your RV refrigerator has thick ice build-ups already, have the initiative to defrost it. The frost prevents the unit from absorbing heat from its contents which affects its functionality. Unplug it occasionally and let the ice melt. Pouring warm water can help quicken the defrosting time though.

5. Park out of direct sun’s heat

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When you cannot park under a shade, at least make sure to keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight. Doing so will help your fridge perform at its peak when the condenser coils are located in a cooler place. Thus, it can function at maximum efficiency.


As modern campers and RVers, it is a great idea to invest in a 12V RV refrigerator, especially if you go boondocking way too often. This provides you convenience when it comes to food preservation and maintaining your bottle of drinks cold. It may hurt your pocket with quite an amount of cash, but thinking about all the advantages and wonderful things it can offer and provide you in the long run, you will indeed realize how it is worth it.

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