6 Essential Tips when Traveling and Camping with Bikes

Travel and camping adventures would not be complete without biking. It strikes an adrenaline rush that you don’t want to miss. Indeed, a refreshing and recreational activity. 

However, any exciting activity is like walking through the side of dangers. Accidents and any untoward events might happen. Thus, the supposedly enjoyable trip might turn into a tragic and traumatic incident. 

Thus, campers and travelers with bikes must prepare before their trip. So, take a good glance and learn from these helpful tips to keep your biking adventures extraordinary and memorable.  

Where and when are you going?

First things first are to have an idea of where you are heading. Biking fast and wild is unique, but it is pointless if you don’t know your destination. It’s like running fast, going nowhere. 

camping with a bike
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Unless you enjoy biking for the sake of it and reach up to any place, you could reach, but if you’re not a professional athlete with proper conditioning and training, biking with no direction is dumb and reckless. 

Also, knowing where you are going hints you with what kind of road you would pass through, what other establishments are nearby, and where you could reach out for help when things mess up.

How’s your bike?

Since it’s biking, you must have checked your wheels if it could endure the long ride. Bring your bike to the mechanic to check loose gears and unoiled chains. Ensure that the brakes can hold tightly and quickly, especially on inclined roads. 

Credits to: Camp Fire Cycling

Also, you need to see that your tires are not flat because you might end up dragging them if the tires are not firm. In short, have it tuned up and repaired if broken or dysfunctional parts.

After all, you could always delay your trip if your bike is not ready. Besides, safe and sound life is still better than putting yourself at risk with no sense at all. 

Do you have the correct gears?

Bringing suitable equipment, gadgets, and tools makes a travel and camping adventure cozy and convenient. You may come up with an organized list of things like flashlights, batteries, travel tumblers, food containers, sleeping mats, tents, and so on. 

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Not to mention, a handy and dainty toolbox may be necessary so that you can fix any minor repairs to your bike. 

But bear in mind that overloaded camping is indeed a struggle. So, it would be best to balance packing with you the only essential things and maintain it lightweight. 

After all, you’re heading for a camping trip and not a hotel staycation. Therefore, you could disregard other comforts to enjoy the lusciousness of nature while biking.

What is your outfit?

biking outfit
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Having the right outfit follows bringing the proper biking and traveling gear. Wear something light, which absorbs water and sweat to won’t bother you while pedaling. 

Likewise, you also need to wear safety gear such as a helmet, shades, arm, and knee pads. In addition, bring a few extra of everything because the travel may take so long. Finally, you may want to wash up a bit to recondition yourself for the next leg of your adventure. 

Where will you store your stuff?

bike tour
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Long travels might be irritating when your things are all over the place. So, make sure that you have a durable bag, yet comfortable, to carry. Such a bag is convenient so you can store all your gear. 

Also, it is safe when your hand-carries do not annoy you when you are on the road. These distractions may catch you off-guard to anticipate accidents. Keep in mind, free your mind, hands, and feet during biking to savor the moment and keep untoward incidents at bay. 

Most importantly, when your RV must have a suitable bike rack or else, you may lose or destroy your main itinerary in your camping. Remember you are camping and it is very tiring. You would not want to go home missing your bike because your rack is a mess. 

How’s your tent?

biking with tent
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Expect the unexpected; biking far away could be tiring. Though you may have covered many grounds downhill, you might not get home by the sunset. So, don’t forget to bring a portable and lightweight tent or a sleeping bag with you. 

Camping with tents is one of the fantastic experiences to have. Imagine a couple of days away from your home mattress and sleeping in camps listening to the owl crows or grazing at a swarm of fireflies. But, of course, you don’t just want to miss this encounter.  

Don’t bring tents that are too bulky, heavy, and complicated to pitch. Besides, travel light is the ideal biking experience. 

What are you going to eat?

camping food
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Of course, the most fabulous part of traveling and camping with bikes is how you survive. One way or another, you will eat, drink, and munch something to keep you going.

So, in preparing for such an adventure, consider planning whether you cook in the camp or bring cooked food. Whatever you pick, it solely depends on what you like.

When camping with someone, it could be better to cook your food through campfires. Just set it up around the area where your tent is. Grill some fish, meat, or mallows. Boil coffee or tea along with cheerful and enticing chit-chat with your campmates. 

But, when you’re alone, you may bring cooked food for convenience. Please place it in a mess kit so that you can warm it before eating. 

Indeed, whichever you pick, it could be a wonderful camping experience to reminisce some time in the future.  


Traveling and camping with bikes is such a fantastic adventure to experience. It is like the fun is riding along with you. Hence, everything is within your choice.

But, without careful planning and preparation, your biking escapade could be your worst nightmare. So always bear in mind these helpful tips as your guide. Ensure to check everything from the location, bike and gears, food, and anything you need.

After all, it is an adventure. So go out of your comfort zone. Leave all the comforts at your home and face the thrilling yet safe challenges you’re about to meet and beat. Have fun hitting the road. 

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