6 Reasons why you need a signal booster

Have you ever experienced losing a call in the middle of the road? Sharing this situation is frustrating, especially if that call is about business. Or any personal matters. It is not new for regular travelers since they know the way around. 

But you don’t have to be used in this kind of scenario. How about giving your signal reception a boost to avoid those dropped calls and undelivered messages. The best solution to this problem is installing a signal booster in your RV. 
This article will tell you the fundamental reasons you need a signal booster in your RV. So if you are part of those who experience losing signal along the way, read further as this is the sign to upgrade.

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Reason #1: Dropped calls and undelivered messages

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Is it not pleasing to know that you are sending an essential text at a specific time, but it was undelivered. In that case, there will be delays and possible misunderstandings with the people you are communicating with. 

On the other hand, if your call suddenly drops when talking to someone, it will appear not lovely. That is the last thing that you would leave as an impression. To overcome this, have a signal booster in your RV to have flawless phone calls and messages delivered. Never have a gap in communicating with your friends and co-workers.

Reason#2: The barriers that shield the signal

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Did you ever wonder why only some points in your RV have strong signal reception? The answer is because we somewhat call barriers that hinder the signal reception from getting into your cell phone. Here as some of the factors that impede signal reception: 

  • Trees, specifically with large branches and thick leaves. 
  • Roof and window glasses. 
  • Materials such as tin, copper, silver, aluminum, and other things. 
  • Buildings
  • Fibreglass insulation
  • Cement structures

So if you have any of this near your area, you better have a signal booster to keep up with the digital world.

Reason #3: Too far from the network tower

network tower
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When you are traveling, there is a big chance that you will lose your signal because it will relay over your phone to different network towers as you move forward. To visualize it, imagine a gymnast in a trapeze. To continuously move forward, he needs to hang on to a relay of trapezes. 

He will surely fall if the gymnast fails to hang on to the next trapeze. And that is the same thing that will happen to your signal connection while on the road.

Reason #4: Network Traffic

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As we speak, there are thousands and millions of cellphone users worldwide. Where you are, there will surely be hundreds of users. In that sense, there will be a lot of people sharing the same network at the same time,

Imagine yourself in a crowded, wet market to buy fresh fish to visualize how it will affect the network. If you approach one vendor and ask for what you need, he will automatically cater to your needs. But if another customer comes in between, he will also entertain that other one. You will now notice the divided attention given to you by the vendor. 

The signal booster will help the “vendor” keep your communication working even if there are many customers at the same time. It is like you are a VIP, and no other customer will ever interfere with your communication with the vendor.

Reason #5: RV structure

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Now this reason is specifically discussed for RVers. For example, if your RV has tinted windows, it will add to the interference you are getting. This one is on top of the interference that you will have from the window glass itself. In addition, if your RV is relatively closed in structure, it will be a factor. Moreover, the furniture inside will affect it as well. Say, for example, your cabinets blocking the open areas in the RV will stop the signal reception from getting into your phone. 

Now, if you have a signal booster inside, those signal reception will know their way to your cell phone quickly. But, it is like the signal reception beacon, a vast sea of uncertainty.

Reason#6: Your phone itself!

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But why would it be a problem? Are you fond of decorating your phone with those creative phone cases? Well, it has some significant effect on your phone. Even though there are holes designated for the signal strength to pass through, there is still that effect. 

The phone cases you have on your phone dramatically affect the signal strength as it blocks signal reception because some are metal, leather, plastic, and jelly-type plastic. This material masks the phone’s identity, making those signal reception hard to identify the phone. Thus, they are just seemingly ignoring the phone. 

In that sense, if you have a signal booster at your RV, you can still keep your creativity to your phone. In addition, there will be nothing to fret about as the signal booster will back you up in signal strength.


Our phone has been part of our necessities in life. It is our source of income, communication, and business. If we are getting a problem out of it, it will be pretty problematic. It will slow down our productivity per day, and it will dent our level of communication in some way. 

On top of that, if you are an RVer, having a phone is very important. Especially for emergencies while on the road or camp already. In desperate need of help, losing a signal with our phone can be classified as a real-life horror we want to avoid. 

So in that case, we hope that this article has encouraged you enough to buy one for yourself. It will significantly change the way you use your phone. Plus, it will be very convenient to use it at any part of your RV. 

What are you waiting for? Grab one and enjoy the perks of having your signal booster at your RV. Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope you are already browsing every store to find out the best signal booster for you.

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