7 Common reasons and possible solutions if you can’t sleep in your RV

Your RV is one of the safe havens that you can try to sneak a nap in. But what if there are times that you can’t even get to close your eyes to sleep? Have you ever wondered what possible causes are? If you have identified them, have you made a solution for them already?

If not, then let us help you out. You are identifying the reasons why maybe a little bit tricky. This is because everything inside your RV is a normal thing for you. You won’t even realize that they are the real culprit for your sleepless nights. 

So, let us check out the things that make you sleepless in your RV and the possible solutions to overcome them.

Rv mattress
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Reasons why you can’t sleep in your RV

Reason number 1: Your RV Mattress don’t justify your needs

choosing wrong mattress
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This is a problem because you can’t get that perfect spot or position to sleep on. Usually, every person has their sleeping positions. Sometimes it depends on the bed that you are in or on the environment you are present. 

If you are getting problems with your mattress, you better off replace it. In choosing the right mattress, consider your sleeping position. This is to ensure that you will experience that perfect comfort you are eyeing for.

Reason number 2: It’s too noisy!

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Of course, the noise is a significant factor when trying to get some sleep. If you are on a camping site, more campers are there to celebrate or enjoy their vacation. So most of them are enjoying their lives. Some of them may be drinking alcoholic beverages, enjoying loud party music. If you are there to relax and happen to park next to a party camper, that’s quite a bummer. 

To overcome this, you can soundproof the windows in your RV bedroom. Or you can play mellow music or nature sounds just enough for you to focus on sleeping. Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of earplugs to sleep easier. 

Reason number 3: It’s too bright!

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Yes, light is one thing to consider as well. Most of us are used to sleeping at night, so it will be kind of tricky if it is too bright. To overcome this, you can try availing of some black-out curtains or sleeping masks. You can also try choosing dim lights if you dont want total darkness in your room.

If you think that the ordinary curtains will do, they will not. Exceptional black-out curtains give that bright ambiance in your room the moment you entirely cover your windows. In addition, choose your favorite color to add a relaxing atmosphere to the RV room.

Reason number 4: Too much radiation

using gadgets inside your rv
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This happens when you use gadgets often before bedtime. Usually, television, computers, laptops, and cellphones emit blue light and radiation. That blue light sends a signal to the brain that it is still daytime. In this sense, it will keep you awake until your eyes are still seeing the light. 

To overcome this, you can change the lighting of your computer. Lessen the brightness to dim if you are already near your bedtime. For cellphones or tablets, you can choose to transition to the “eye protection” setting. It will change the average brightness of the phone to a Sephia-like color. 

If you are losing track of the time that you are on with your gadgets, you can time yourself up and set the alarm. We know this is kind of childish, but it will help you a lot. 

Reason number 5: Different sleeping schedule

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Did you know why mothers keep track of the child’s sleeping time? This is to ensure that it will be easier for them to sleep at their designated sleeping time. So, for example, your usual sleep time is at nine in the evening, stick to that! And do not skip. 

If it is unavoidable to keep your sleeping schedule, you can choose from the other solutions that we have to ease your sleeping habits.

Reason number 6: Your pillows and sheets prevents sleeping ambiance

pillows and blankets
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Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling when you are lying on your bed? Maybe this is because your sheets’ color or design and the firmness of your pillow do not match to your liking. 

For some, a pretty disturbing design makes it hard to sleep. In addition, the pillows effect as well. It may be too firm or too soft. This is the reason why some have a lot of pillows when they are sleeping. Who would not like an extra pillow to hug? 

Also, wash your sheets and pillows as often as possible. Choose the fabric conditioner that you like to add up a great fragrance that will invite sleep. 

Reason number 7: It’s way too hot and humid

rv interior
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Of course, it will be hard to sleep if it is too hot or too humid in the room. If you force yourself to sleep in this kind of situation, you will be irritable and uneasy; to overcome this, cooling the place is a great thing to consider. 

Before you sleep, you can cool off the room by turning on your air conditioner or fan. By the time you are about to sleep, the room is cool enough. Also, you can add dehumidifiers and essential oils to promote a good sleeping ambiance. Essential oils and a cool room will readily send a signal to your brain that it is rest time. 

Plus, who would not get relaxed in a spa-like room. For sure you will be able to sleep without any disturbances.


Practicing a good sleeping habit is very important in keeping yourself healthy. It is always advisable to use the natural way, unlike taking up supplements. Usage of sleeping pills in a regular manner might affect your brain in the long run. 

Just a few tips and techniques will do to keep you well sleeping soundly. But if all else fails, you can always check out with a physician to check if any health-related issues affect your sleeping habits. 

We hope that this article has helped you identify why you can’t sleep in your RV. Feel free to share this with your RV friends so everybody will have the good news that they can sleep easily by following our solutions.

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