7 Facts about RV Mats

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An RV mat is a mat that travelers usually use on outdoor trips, and you could mostly see it in yards, grassy areas, and even inside a recreational vehicle. 

RV mats are beneficial for RV travelers, so to help you have a convenient trip, here are some facts that you should know before getting an RV mat. 

7 Facts about RV Mats

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1. There are two types of RV outdoor mat

The CGear Sand Mat

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Even before these CGear Sand mats are mainly for military purposes; it is for helicopter landing. This is the type of mat that could keep the sands from flying away when the helicopter lands. 

The idea worked, and the world is using it until today. Everything starts with that idea, and later on, campers adapt that concept and use mats and carpets as camping essentials.  

But of course, camping mats are different from Clear sand mats, aside from their purpose. Camping mats are more lightweight, portable, and easy to put and store away. And like the CGear mat, camping mats also keep off the sand, serving their purpose very well.

Grass-Friendly RV Mats

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2. RV Mats are easy to maintain

One thing about these RV outdoor mats is they are easy to clean and maintain to it’s best form and appearance. 

To maintain your RV mat’s condition, keep in mind that you must never store or leave it wet, and of course, uncleaned. 

Also, Cleaning your RV mats is now a lot easier and straightforward, unlike before. Now, you could clean them with a simple sweep. But if you want more thorough cleaning, you might as well use a water hose and some detergent soap.   

3. RV Mats are made of quality materials

During this time, carpets are mostly made of polypropylene; it is considered a standard element to make mats, rugs, and carpets.

Polypropylene, also called polypropylene, is a synthetic (plastic) resin made by polymerization. They mold this material into tough, flexible, lightweight, and heat-resistant mats. 

4. RV Mats are very easy to find

Finding RV mats is relatively easy; it is one of the most accessible RV equipment you could see at any local department stores and RV stores. 

Also, you could find RV Mats in some online shopping apps such as eBay and Amazon. So, getting yourself one would not require you too much time and effort.

5. It offers a variety of options

Another fact about RV mats is they offer various options in terms of size, color, and even texture.  

And when choosing an RV mat, always consider the size of your vehicle, see if the mat that you are going to purchase could fit inside your Recreational Vehicle or your inside campers storage area. 

However, in terms of color, style, and texture, you are free to pick anything you want; you could match it on your vehicle’s interior or base it on where and how you will use the RV mat.

6. Offers Good Characteristics

  • Durable 

One thing you must look up in an RV Mat is its durability. Though most RV stores offer durable mats, making sure you get one is a great choice. 

Always invest in something that could last to make your purchase worthy. 

  • Affordable

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of affordable RV mats available in the market, and take note, those are durable and of good quality too. 

However, keep in mind that cheap items are not always in the same condition as expensive ones. Always check thoroughly before proceeding to purchase one. 

  • Convenient

When it comes to convenience in terms of RV traveling, RV mats are a great example! Instead of bringing foldable chairs, tables, and even beds, you can now use an RV mat as a substitute for them all. 

RV mats are great for outdoor and indoor purposes, especially for a small vehicle where equipment and storage space is limited. 

Let’s say you are a hardcore camper and love to stay at different places for a shorter time with your small RV; with this, you might need to check out for a light, compact, and easily stowaway.

On this note, it does not make any sense to get a several feet long mat when you have a small RV. However, this large mat would surely benefit a large RV that will stay for several months in the same place.

  • Weather friendly

By saying weather-friendly does not mean you could use it in any weather. It means that certain types of RV Mats are suitable for a certain kind of weather. 

There are RV mats specifically made for summer, of hot weather, these mats reduce the heat of the mat’s surface, and there are mats made for rainy weather. 

Mats made for rainy weather are from waterproof materials that make them resistant to the rain; the fabric of this mat does not abort liquid, unlike the usual RV mat fabric.

  • Versatile

Most RV mats are incredibly versatile. You could use it anywhere you want, be it a grassy area, dusty surface, rocky areas, and even a sandy texture.

7. RV Mat is must-have equipment in your RVs

Lastly, RV mats are must-haves equipment when traveling to distant places using a recreational vehicle. 

With an RV mat, there won’t be a need to buy deck carpets; though carpets are more comfortable, mats are more convenient and affordable. 

On top of that, using RV mats could protect you from any harmful elements in the surroundings. Also, it could help in maintaining the cleanliness of your RV. 

RV mats could also add color, style, and life to dull RV interiors and make the travels more fun and exciting.  


Indeed RV mats are beneficial, convenient, and affordable. Getting yourself a durable one could be a significant investment, especially if you love long-distance travel with your friends and loved ones. 

We hope that we have given a view of what RV mats are like; we also hope that you can choose an ideal RV mat based on our tips.

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7 Facts about RV Mats

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