8 Tips in Maintaining your RV Air Compressor

Having a recreational vehicle to go to places you want to go is genuinely an American dream. Allowing to travel with an RV brings you freedom and joy as you go around town and provinces when suddenly it is ruined by a flat tire. That is when you will need a friend, an Air Compressor.

An Air Compressor is commonly used by people that own a recreational vehicle which is useful when you encounter a flat tire along your journey. This article will discuss tips in maintaining your RV Air Compressor to save you from this unexpected circumstance. Like other amenities, keeping the excellent status of your RV Air Compressor will save your day and your trip. Therefore, we came up with this idea to share tips to keep your Air Compressor ready and working when needed.

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Additionally, we will present beneficial and practical tips in maintaining your RV Air Compressor. All information is ensured to help keep an excellent status of your Air Compressor. Listed below are tips we think will help you maintain your air compressor’s superb quality. We suggest that you consider reading and doing the enumerated steps to help your journey be a success.

Let us begin our discussion and learn the different tips for keeping a healthy status of an RV Air Compressor. Then, finish reading this article to learn valuable facts and opinions that will improve the quality of your recreational vehicle.

How to Maintain your RV Air Compressor?

Everything in our recreational vehicle, even in homes, needs to be in good condition and quality throughout time as it helps us daily. Enumerated in this section are some of the vital steps and advice to ensure that your RV Air Compressor will still be functional and of good quality. These tips are the following:

Clean your RV Air Compressor

Some reasons why tools and equipment do not work are clogged passageways, nonfunctional technical parts, and uncleaned motors. We commonly encounter the same thing in our electric fans and air conditioners. Cleaning your RV Air Compressor will maintain a good look and functional engine since you take the dust, dirt, and moisture to avoid rust in the motor.

Moreover, cleaning the equipment will ensure its excellent quality and maintain functionality regularly. Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure.

Use the Equipment’s Manual

The equipment has a user manual that guides the buyer using the Air Compressor when you buy it. Following the manual will make you avoid any difficulties using the air compressor. Thus, it would not affect the quality and condition of the air compressor since you are using it in the right way.

Check the Fasteners

One of the problems why equipment is suddenly collapsing even if the item’s condition is good is that the screws or fasteners are loosened. When the Air Compressor is running, it will produce vibrations that often lead to loosened fasteners that might break the functionality of your equipment.

Thus, it is vital to check the equipment from time to time, particularly the fasteners, to avoid any complications shortly.

Check the Hoses

Air Compressors have hoses where air flows to create pressure. It is usual for hoses to be damaged, especially when dealing with pests such as rats. These pests bite the hoses and disfigurements the equipment. Unexpected events such as contact with a sharp object in the compartment may also cause this. However, checking the hoses and replacing them right away will help you maintain the functionality of the equipment.

Check the Fuel Tank

Cleaning the fuel tank and checking it for any signs of damage will also maintain the condition of your air compressor. Again, it is done to ensure the optimally operating state of the recreational vehicle. You should also clean the air compressor’s engine for any residual build-ups, likewise to the fuel tank. 

Regulate your Compressor’s Oil

If the Air Compressor you are using oil, it is best to check and replace the oil in every use. For this reason, you are guaranteeing that your air compressor will not have any difficulties in operating. The suggested period of changing the oil is about 500-1000 hours of using it. Afterward, it would be best if you replaced it.

Replace the Separator Element

The Separator Element functions importantly in an Air Compressor. Its purpose is to separate the needed oil to operate the equipment without using it excessively. Moreover, it would help if you replaced the separator element from time to time to avoid any residual build-up and maintain the equipment’s condition and quality at its best.

Check the Heat Exchangers

As mentioned above, cleaning is essential for keeping your equipment’s quality, state, and functionality excellent. In addition, heat Exchangers are vital as a part of the equipment to ensure that the engine is not overheating. Thus, if the clean exchangers are dirty, they cannot do their job that can cause the item to malfunction. 

It is best to clean them regularly, the same with the other equipment parts. By doing so, you avoid any damage and problem that might happen to your RV Air Compressor.


An RV Air Compressor comes in handy whenever you travel using your recreational vehicle. Flat tires are a common problem that adventurers face wherever they go, so keeping an excellent and functional Air Compressor will quickly fix this problem. The tips on maintaining the equipment are mentioned above, which is effective.

All in all, Cleaning and Managing your RV Air Compressor is the best way to maintain its excellent state and operating capability. We suggest doing the steps indicated in this article for the convenience and safety of your journey. The tips will ensure that your air compressor will have a long functionality span, and your trip will be hassle-free from having flat tires and poorly conditioned air compressors.

Be safe in your adventure, and always take care of your amenities!

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