9 Ways to keep your RV Led Lights Energy Efficient

Popularly known as an RV, a recreational vehicle is excellent for people who love adventure. Some families let go of their homes and decided to live in an RV to give them more freedom, experience, and less hassle. They live simpler and cheaper when they live in an RV. At the same time, others own an RV because they love to travel, and it is more comfortable to be in one, especially when you have kids. 

Living in small spaces like RVs can be challenging if you are not used to it. However, there are RV sites in the US where you can park your RV comfortably. Most RV parks are equipped with a water supply and electric supply. All you have to do is arrange it with the landlord and then pick your spot. RVs should be well-lit with energy-efficient led lights because you might park them in dark places far from streetlights.

If you are parking in a space without an electric supply, you may want to make some adjustments to your lighting to save energy. The lighting and coloring can make significant changes in your RV and the environment. Here are some ways to keep your RV Lights Energy Efficient. 

RV interior LD lights
Credits to: RV Share

1. Use ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulbs in your RV

The ENERGY STAR certification means that the products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Lighting products that are ENERGY STAR labeled deliver exceptional features while using less energy. Saving energy helps you prolong the battery power of your RV and protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Change to LED lights. It is more energy saver and has a reduced power draw. In addition, LED bulbs convert more energy into light instead of heat. Lesser energy consumption helps prevent your batteries from draining immediately or give more life to your generator. LEDs also burn at lower temperatures compared to incandescent lights making your RV cooler.

2. Use Lights Timer and outdoor solar lights

To save energy, use a timer on your LED lights. This timer can make your lights turn off automatically at 5 am or when the sun is rising and you are still in bed. It would be best to have a sensor solar LED lights that you can mount outside your RV to save energy. Solar sensor lights may wave away strangers lurking near your RV. It is always good to use renewable energy and help the environment. While you are at it, you might as well have a solar panel to charge your batteries which you can use to power your led lights when it’s dark. 

3. Paint Your Walls and Ceiling White

Did you know that the color white reflects light? Meaning, light can bounce from one surface to another. White color walls will make your RV brighter and well lighted with less energy used. You do not need to turn on more lights than necessary. All you need to do is turn on the lights where you need them most, while the white ceiling and walls will reflect the light to darker places. It is a great way to save energy. White color walls and ceiling also create the illusion of making a space bigger. 

4. Use White Blinds 

As I have explained in the previous paragraph, getting white or light-colored walls and ceilings is helpful. It is also the same as your blinds. Because during the night, you will pull down your blinds to give you privacy and for people not to see you when the lights are on. Blinds are essential because during the day, put them up to make the interior of the RV lighted by making the natural light come through the window.

5. LED Lights installed on strategic places

The LED lights, as we know, are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. You have to add more lights and install them in strategic places to make them more energy-efficient. There are necessary places where you want to put your lights, like near the stove, near the bunk beds, near the closets, and the dining area. It would help if you made sure that the lights you will install are suited for an RV. 

6. Bigger Windows

It is necessary to have more oversized windows and additional windows on sides that seem darker. You can have your RV customized or buy an RV with more windows if you are still planning. It will let the natural lights get inside, so you won’t have to use your lights during daytime or as long as there is light outside.

7. Light-colored furniture

Having light-colored furniture reflects the light illuminating from the LED lights. It makes the room brighter, though some people think it is impractical to use light-colored furniture like a sofa or countertop. Just make sure to put a sofa cover that you can wash now and then. 

8. Make the Most of Your Mirrors 

Put mirrors on the wall, as well as your bathroom door. Mirrors reflect lights, spreading them to the room’s other areas. At the same time, mirrors make the space look bigger. Another way to reflect rays is to use a mirror table or countertop. Mirrors will also help you see the things correctly on your table, even if it is a little farther from the lights.  

9. Research First Before Replacing Your Existing RV Lights 

Complicated as it is to choose what to install as energy-efficient light bulbs for your RVs, you have to plan it properly. Visit reviews sites, read blogs, and do your research for references. It would be best to compute the amps and energy consumption of the light bulb you will put so that you will not exhaust your RV battery. Although almost all LED lights are compatible with the RV electrical system, it is always important to double-check.

Living the RV life is fun and full of adventure. Getting acquainted with nature is a big step for some people, and learning to live in a more straightforward way of life can be challenging to some. But having a comfortable and energy-sufficient RV for camping out is the best. It is like traveling with freedom and not having to check out or pay extra when you feel like staying another day. 

You can surely make your stay in the RV memorable as the experience of living near lakes and mountains with an exceptional view. Imagine yourself waking up seeing the sunshine while it hits the morning dew a few steps from your place. At the same time, you can also help preserve the environment by using energy-efficient light bulbs and other appliances. It is having the best of both worlds. 

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