Anaheim Harbor RV Park Campgrounds Reviews

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There are a lot of reasons to go on a trip to California. One thing to love is its fantastic weather. The long summertime is perfect to go on a drive and the numerous hotels and other sights to see.

If you are planning for a family vacation, there is a perfect place to park your recreational vehicle in the heart of California, the Anaheim Harbor Park. Besides the many hotels, you can book your stay; this place is a good spot for motorhome owners. 

There is no other place perfect to see and visit for a summer vacation as synonymous as the good Disneyland in California. 

You will be saving a lot of money if you go there with your recreational vehicle instead of booking a family suite in hotels around the Walt Disneyland resort because they cost a fortune. 

Nothing is as luxurious as staying in the comfort of your home extension, which is your recreational vehicle. The following section will share helpful information about this excellent recreational vehicle park you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Background Overview of Anaheim Harbor RV Park

Anaheim Harbor RV Park is a famed recreational vehicle hub spot, especially for Disney goers. Centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego, it is a strategic location if you want to go around and see California’s best tourist spots. 

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Not only is it just a walking distance to Disneyland, but also it is situated minutes away from the Angel Stadium, Honda Center, and Anaheim Convention Center, and other hotels. Should you want to go to the beach, you can make a short drive to Southern California’s famous beaches, mountains, and deserts.  

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Anaheim is famed for its exciting year-round events, entertainment, fantastic food, and hospitality. On the plus side, it is a campground situated in a perfect spot to experience excellent outdoor recreation and world-class vineyards that will help your decision to extend your stay. 


The map below shows the direction to Anaheim H. Park and its surrounding tourist spots.

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From the I-5 South Freeway

Exit H. Blvd.

Make a left turn and advance up to two blocks until you reach 1/2 block past Ball Road on the

left-hand side.

From the I-5 North Freeway

Exit H. Blvd.

Make a right turn and go up two blocks until you reach 1/2 block past Ball Road on the left-hand


Basic Details 

Here is some helpful information you need to know before you make your trip to Anaheim.

Location1009 South H. BoulevardAnaheim, CA 92805
Distance from the CapitalsFrom Fullerton to Anaheim, 3.7 miles (8 mins)
From Anaheim RV Parks to Walt Disneyland
Park 3.2 miles
Number of Lodging GroundsThere are 100 plus slots where you can book
your recreational vehicle.
VehicleAccommodations for recreational vehicles up
to 40-feet
Full hook-ups, plus 30 & 50 AMPS service
Limit of People per lodging siteNot indicated
PetsAllowed, attended
Managed byAnaheim Harbor Park

Travel Preparation 

We listed some helpful information to ease you with your reservation to guide you with your booking and planning for this trip.

Fees and Reservations at Loop Twin Lakes
Booking SuggestedThe recommended reservation is at least a
month preceding your desired dates. Please
book sooner for weekends, vacations, and
the summer months.
AvailabilityOpen year-round
Maximum recreational vehicle/Trailer Dimensionrecreational vehicles up to 40-feet
Full hook-ups, plus 30 & 50 AMPS service
ChargesSee below details
ReservationsAnaheim Harbor RV Park
Check-in, check-out12 PM, 11 AM

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Site Description of Anaheim Harbor RV Park

These tips will help you choose the right site you want to book for your trip to Anaheim.

  • Standard Small(25x14ft)-

The standard small site accommodates 25 feet or fewer motorhomes with no tow wheels. Please note that if a tow vehicle is registered or booked by a travel trailer, staff will contact you with additional vehicle parking charges.

  • Standard Small with Grass (25x20ft)-

This area accommodates recreational vehicles with a dimension of 25 feet or less with no tow vehicles. This site includes a grassy area and picnic table.

Please Note: staff will contact you with extra vehicle parking charges if a tow vehicle is registered or booked by a travel trailer.

  • Standard(40x14ft)-

This site accommodates travel trailers with a dimension of 20 feet or less and recreational vehicles of 40 feet or less with no tow vehicles.

Please Note: staff will contact you with extra vehicle parking charges if a tow vehicle is registered or booked by a travel trailer 21 feet or larger.

  • Deluxe (40x20ft) –

This site accommodates travel trailers with 20 feet or less dimension and recreational vehicles of 40 feet or less with no tow vehicles. This site includes a grassy area and picnic table.

Please Note: staff will contact you with extra vehicle parking charges if a tow vehicle is indicated or booked by a travel trailer 21 feet or larger.

  • Deluxe + Parking (40x28ft) –

This site houses trailers and motorhomes up to 40 feet in length. This site includes parking for one tow/pull vehicle, a grassy area, and a picnic table.

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Daily Weekly
-Full Hook-ups – Based on two-person inhabitants-Full Hook-ups – Based on a two-person occupancy 
Regular Small 45.00 USD+tax/nightly rate Regular Small 250.00 USD+tax/nightly rate
Regular 51.00 USD+tax/nightlyRegular $300.00+tax rating
Deluxe w/grass $56.00+tax ratingDeluxe w/grass $332.00+tax rating
Deluxe w/grass+parking $70.00+tax ratingRegular Small+parking $300.00+tax rating
Extra Charges: Extra Person (Recreational Vehicle  Space, ages 10+) Regular+parking $332.00+tax rating
$4.00/person per nightly rate Deluxe w/grass+parking $430.00+tax
Pool Key Deposit $5.00 CASH -Available in the building (9 am-5 pm)Extra Charges: 
Extra Person (Recreational vehicle 
Space, ages 10+)
25.00 USD/person per week rating
Pool Key Deposit $5.00 CASH -Available in
the building (9 am-5 pm)
*Stay a whole week and get a free night voucherfor
your next stay!
Please reach the agency for more
30 Day Stay (Maximum)
-Full Hook-ups- Based on a two-person Occupancy
Regular+parking or smaller – $1,000+tax 
(Discounts not applicable for a 30-day term and nightly rate)
Extra Charges: Extra Person (ages 10+) – $49.00/person 
Pool Key Deposit $5.00 CASH
Tent Site
Tent  35.00 USD+tax 
-Based on a two-person inhabitants
Deposit is equivalent to the first night’s total
Includes one parking place 
Supreme tent size is 10x10ft
Includes 30amps outlet – (you may need a 30amp to 15amps adapter)
7 nights term maximum 
Only two tent sites
Extra Charges: Extra Person (ages 10+)$6.00/person night rate (Maximum 4 persons)
Pool Key Deposit $5.00 CASH -Available in the building (9 am-5 pm)
Please inform the management if you would like to save a tent location.

Rules and Regulations

It would be helpful to know the rules and regulations of this RV Park to avoid hassles and inconvenience to both parties. The following are our tips to make your stay as smooth as silk. 

  • If you plan to book for the term of 30 days, you need to book it in advance.
  • There is a 100$ deposit for a 30-day stay.
  • Should you cancel your 30-day stay, the deposited amount is refundable from the start of the reservation.
  • However, the deposited amount is not refundable within the starting date of the stay.
  • After the 30 day stays, guests can rebook again after two weeks for any length of stay.
  • You can book and stay in other hotels while your motorhome is parked in our vicinity.


Here are the amenities inside the vicinity’s area that you can enjoy. This list will also help you plan your trip better. 

You can also take full advantage of the amenities surrounding this area as there are tons of it you and your family can thoroughly enjoy. 

  • This campground has a WIFI
  • 30/50 amp sites
  • pool access
  • fire pits
  • cable TV hook-ups
  • Recreational vehicle hook-ups
  • Showers which is available 24/7
  • Restrooms available 24/7
  • Gazebo
  • Clubhouse
  • Nearby hotels 

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Things To Enjoy

As these campgrounds are in the heart of the city’s action, you can try and experience many activities. You might be surprised too to find some recreational activities you don’t often find in the city. Here are our tips on the activities you can certainly enjoy.

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Sunset viewing
  • Horseback riding
  • Beachcombing
  • Golfing
  • Wildlife viewing 
  • Hunting
  • Stargazing

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Natural Assets

Anaheim’s city is plagued with many tourist attractions and is the best place to start your southern California exploration. These activities have gathered nieces reviews from tourists of all ages. Take your friends and family to meet the most famous Disney character–Mickey Mouse and his pals at the happiest place on earth-Disneyland.

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There is also a place to watch Anaheim’s Los Angeles Angels at the Angels Stadium. If you are an enormous hockey enthusiast, you can go to the National Hockey League action with the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.

Or suppose you want to experience fun dining amidst city lights. In that case, you can take a stroll with your friends or family through the Downtown Disney District near Anaheim Harbor RV Park because it is home to some of the best dining, shopping, and entertainment.

So you see, there are plenty to go around that will surely keep you and your family entertained and busy. One of these RV Parks perks is close to the I-5 Santa Ana Freeway, making your exploration much more straightforward and accessible should you travel further into Southern California.

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Discover the local surf scene at Huntington Beach, enjoy the night by stargazing in Hollywood or explore the ocean at SeaWorld in San Diego. When it comes to world-class fun—you’ve got it made at Anaheim Harbor RV Park.

Beach Cities

Make your summer getaway extra glorious with Huntington Beach. This 42 miles of coastline is a good spot for surfing; it is called the USA’s Surfing City. 

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Not only that, you can stroll the tidal pools along Crystal Cove State Park. In Balboa Island, you may enjoy a frozen banana that gathered many positive customer reviews. 

If you feel like hitting the road for a long drive, you may hit the Pacific Coast Highway.

Theme Park

Theme Parks are one of the most visited tourist attractions in this place as per tourist reviews. If you love the spills and thrills, you are in the right place. Pick up the Anaheim Harbor RV Park brochure to find these places: Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Legoland, Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld, and many more attractions surrounding this campground.

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If you did not bring an extra vehicle for other traveling purposes, this campground got you covered. They offer shuttles to nearby tourist attractions; this perk has garnered many positive reviews. 

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It is no problem, too, because it is just 30-90 minutes away from your next preferred adventure, and they can also assist you with booking tours and transportation. You can contact their office for more information. 


As we have mentioned, this camping ground is near Disneyland, Honda Center, Angel Stadium, and the Grove of hotels Anaheim-it means the best sporting events and top-notch headlining musicians are just next door for your entertainment.

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If you are into musicals, there is a dance and opera at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, where you can enjoy the best musical performers.


Whether your taste in food varies from simple street dining to fine dining for your family or friends, this city does not come in shortage of all types of good places to eat, including the Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen at the Downtown Disney Resort District, the Anaheim Gardenwalk or the hotels’ Anaheim Packing District there are more restaurants in the local town area which offers affordable prices to accommodate you and your family.

There is also fine dining in some hotels near the area, with good reviews.

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After all the tours and trips, you might want to visit hundreds of local boutiques, hotels, and shops and catwalk your way to the South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, and Downtown Disney Resort District. 

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Find the local shops with cheap clothes and downtown thrift shops.

There are many stores for souvenirs, too!

RV Essentials

When planning a trip, you should be attentive to what you take with you to keep that comfort level while away from the real warmth of your home. We listed down some of the essentials you can prepare before planning your trip down south of California.

  • RV Door Lock – Door lock is the best protection that can help you secure your recreational vehicle while you are wandering around town. 
  • RV GPS – This could be your best bud while finding your way around your destination, especially if the roads in California are unfamiliar to you.
  • RV Blinds – Keep your recreational vehicle’s interior protected from the harmful Californian sun by putting the best blinds in your motorhome. Not only will it protect your recreational vehicle from sun damage, but it will also keep the privacy of your recreational vehicle intact.
  • RV Battery – If you plan to stay for the length of 30 days, make sure your battery is working and functioning well; choose the best recreational vehicle battery that will never let you down. 
  • Ladders – Should you want to take out your motorhome in Anaheim Harbor RV Park and get into a much quieter place to stargaze, make sure to get a reliable and sturdy recreational vehicle ladder to get on top of your motorhome and camp there for a moment.
  • Coffee Maker – There’s no better coffee than the ones you make. If you are a coffee lover and can not start your day without one, add a coffee maker to your list of RV essentials.
  • RV Humidifier – humidity in California can be nasty for you. It will help your recreational vehicle if you have the best recreational vehicle humidifier to keep everyone cool.



1009 South H. Boulevard, An, CA 92805

Office Hours

Monday – Sunday

9:00am – 5:00pm

Office Hours

Monday – Sunday

9:00am – 5:00pm

***(Hours may change on holidays and off-season)


(714) 535-6495


(888) 835-6495

Notwithstanding many RV Parks in Los Angeles, An. is your best option if you want closeness to the theme park – without jeopardizing comfort. It is also the best base if you want to traverse the rest of Southern California’s attractions and lifestyle. It seems all roads lead to this RV Parks’ next vacation. Enjoy your trip!

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