Beach Camping Florida And Amazing Campgrounds To Travel

If you dream of spending a night against the salty breeze and under a starry sky, then you might want to try camping at stunning beaches in this place.

You would never run out of options in Florida beach camping spots, with its less than a hundred thousand grounds along with more than a hundred thousand campsites that are primarily situated on a shore and offer incredible sunset and sunrise views.

What Is Beach Camping?

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If you are looking for something unique, far from a typical camping experience, a beach trip would be a great option. You might say that it is hard to find a shore trip location right away, but the news is that it could be as easy as finding a usual trip spot.

To experience shore camping, you don’t need an ocean to have a beach. Based on recent data, over 40% of the United States population live directly on shorelines, just a few drives away. 

A seashore trip would give you easy access to the water; you could watch the night skies full of stars glittering on the sea until you sleep to the sounds of waves and embrace the beauty of seashore sunsets in the morning. 

Always consider that your preferred season in camping and your choice of shelter type play a significant role in choosing your seashore ground. Tent campers are usually more sensitive to weather conditions than recreational vehicle campers who already have access to heaters and air-conditioning. 

And take note, a seashore trip permit would cost a lot less than a hotel and resort stay by the seashore; you might be able to catch and cook your meals, too. 

Why you should do Beach Camping in Florida

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Florida boasts more than 900 grounds together with more than 100,000 sites; take note of some of the most famous grounds here set at the seashore.

Furthermore, If you want to enjoy your stay here, this place also offers many attractions and activities to explore while you are in the area.

Aside from tents and vehicles, most areas here offer cabins.

These cabins are just near the shores and offer a fantastic sea view.

Florida offers plenty of popular attractions to go traveling

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A trip on some beaches in this place would allow you to stop by at different attractions that this state could offer, from places with great culture, arts, and historical themes, to theme parks, SPs, natural parks, and of course, seashores. Come and join us as we get a glimpse of the attractions and opportunities that a seashore trip in this place would give you.  

  1. Great Culture and Arts

This place belongs to the number of places in line with entertainment venues and museums. When you check this location, you will grab a ticket for the dinner theater, concerts, Broadway-style shows, and various major cities, including Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Sarasota, Tallahassee Tampa. 

You could also stop by cultural sites to learn, such as remarkable art museums, history museums, science museums, and even aviation museums. These places could entertain you.

  1. Fantastic Theme Parks

If you are the type of person who is still in love with theme areas for entertainment, you would never go wrong with this place. Orlando is known as the world capital of theme areas.

Many tourists and travelers opt to stop by the place for this reason. You would witness four theme areas, and one of them is the famous Walt Disney World complex that could offer you an extraordinary theme area experience. 

Furthermore, you have to include Tampa along with your list, for it features Busch Gardens Africa. Here, you could entertain yourself with breathtaking coasters and even encounter wildlife closely.

  1. Diverse History

By just stopping by this place, you could get a chance to know and learn more about its diverse history. Floridians are the generation of Timicuan, Seminole, and Miccosukee, who freed the slaves and European explorers, the Haitian and Cuban exiles.

Other than that, language, food, art, and architecture have mixed throughout the years to present a location like no other. 

Furthermore, if you want to witness a living community full of Native Americans, you might consider stopping by the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation situated in the South (F). 

It would also be great if you did not forget to try their unique local delicacies, including gator tail, fry bread nuggets, and frog legs.

  1. Prominent Natural Parks and Sites

Another worthy reason to stop this area is to stop by and witness numerous natural areas and sites. Nature blesses this area with unique places that residents, tourists, campers, and even bypassers could enjoy. These beautiful areas include a vivid Reef and a majestic Everglades National area.

Your tour in this place would never be complete without witnessing the periodic event of sawyer butterflies in the sky from Mexico and then taking a rest at the Gulf Island National Shore. 

That only happens once a year, and it is something that not everyone in the world would get a chance to experience. Thus, if you ever get a glimpse of it during your stay in this area, then I must say that you are lucky.

  1. Shopping

You could find shops everywhere in this area. But even though many people consider it the synonym of expensiveness, you could find almost all types of outlets, shops, and malls selling stuff at a reasonable price. You could find shops just outside Miami seashore and South seashore.

  1. Beautiful beaches

It is the most typical reason you should take a tour of this area; It offers incredible seashores. You could enjoy the warm sea and soft sand and witness the beautiful sunset each area could offer.

In case you didn’t know, the seashores you could find in the (SS) are a lot but quite varied. You have numerous seashore options, from Siesta Key seashores near Sarasota to Tony South seashore in Miami.

Wherever you are, you could easily find a seashore in this area where you can enjoy the view while you are in the middle of your recreational vehicle or tent seashore trip.

Florida offers visitors the best RV campgrounds, vacation resorts, and state areas for RV travel and tent camp

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This area offers excellent seashore grounds, state parks for recreational vehicles or tent trips; most seashore campsites sit in slightly sheltered areas behind the dunes. Camping out right on the seashore near the waves is usually not allowed for the camper’s safety and protects wildlife, including sea turtles and nesting birds. 

There are still areas that allow these recreational vehicle sites on the seafront and the sandy seashore. This area offers many other beautiful grounds and cabins bayfront, by the ocean, marsh front, across the street, and other locations! 

Some grounds cater more to recreational vehicles than tent campers; even so, Florida SP grounds generally make room for recreational vehicles and tent campers.

Whichever camping rig you bring, you would still find a seashore ground that could accommodate you and would even accommodate your fur friends. Furthermore, most grounds here offer sites and cabins that could accommodate ADA, too!

Here’s a list of grounds, SPs, recreational vehicles, and tent sites by the seashore that you might consider stopping by; the areas selected here would let you build a sandcastle right at your trailer’s door and even surf in. The ocean waves in just a few steps!

1.Fort Clinch State Park (Fernandina)

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Clinch SP sets at Fernandina seashore on this area’s Atlantic island, situated right at Georgia on Amelia Island. 

The area’s address on maps is 2601 Atlantic Ave. Fernandina seashore 32034. Clinch SP opens from 8 AM to 5 PM, year-round, and the Fort is open from 9 in the morning through 5 in the afternoon, daily. For more details, you could call them at 904-277-7274.

The recreational vehicle ground is a part of an enormous 1,400-acre SP, including an old fort – Clinch – that guests can take a tour of. Clinch played an essential role in the American Civil War. Recreational vehicle sites are back right up to the seashore and offer seashore activities, including swimming, trip, surfing, and many more.

2.Huguenot Memorial State Park (Jacksonville)

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The city of Jacksonville on the Atlantic Coast islands in this area operates. 

Huguenot Memorial area. 

It is a seashore area mixed with long stretches of sand and some parts of grassy areas. It is an excellent spot for walking, and the area’s highlight is that you could drive on the seashore! It is a perfect destination for tourists. The temperature of the water is ideal for seashore swimming and playing.

Huguenot Memorial area’s address is 10980 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, 32226, United States, 32226, and the area’s office is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. For more details, you could contact them at 9042513335.

Tourists with recreational vehicles could camp directly facing the seashore within the recreational vehicle ground area.

Huguenot Memorial area boasts 71 primitive campgrounds that offer amenities such as restrooms, showers, a dump station, and other facilities available that you could use.

3.Flagler-by-the-Sea Campgrounds State Parks

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This ground centrally sits on the seashore on the Atlantic Coast of this area and has served residents throughout the US for more or less 20 years. It is an economical, no-frills ground that offers daily and monthly rates. 

You can find it on maps at 2982 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Flagler seashore, 32136; its office is open seven days a week, from 10 AM to 5 PM. You could contact them by phone at (386) 439-2124. 

Located over an acre of land, it boasts 31 recreational vehicle sites; each features a beautiful oceanfront view; all sites offer full hookups. The Ocean Front Elite campsites are directly fronting the ocean, so you could sleep to the sound of ocean waves under the dark skies at night and wake up to ocean breezes in the morning.

4.Beverly Camptown RV Resort State Parks

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Beverly seashore Camptown recreational vehicle Resort in seashore sits on the Atlantic coast, more or less 320miles south of St. Augustine and approximately 30 miles north of Daytona seashore. 

It is a year-round premier trip destination located at 2815 N. Oceanshore Boulevard (A1A), Flagler Beach, 32136. For recreational vehicles, you could contact them at 386-439-3111. 

It is a pet-friendly recreational vehicle resort with miles of seashore that you and your dogs could enjoy. However, dogs are not allowed in cabins. 

5.Gamble Rogers Memorial State Park Recreation Area

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Coral Sands Oceanfront recreational vehicle Resort sits in Ormond seashore, situated just north of Daytona seashore in the Atlantic Coast area. The Coral Sands Oceanfront recreational vehicle Resort is a part of a large resort that offers a hotel.

Recreational vehicle campers could use all the hotel amenities while enjoying the full-service sites within the seashore. There are also cabins available within the area. 

The resort address in the maps is 1009 Ocean Shore Blvd Ormond Sea, 32176, and you could contact them at 800-441-1831. 

For bookings, you could send them an email at

6.Coral Sands Oceanfront State Park Resort (Ormond Beach)

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Coral Sands Oceanfront Recreational Vehicle Resort sits in Ormond seashore, situated just north of Daytona seashore in the Atlantic Coast area. The Coral Sands Oceanfront recreational vehicle Resort is a part of a large resort that offers a hotel.

Recreational vehicle campers could use all the hotel amenities while enjoying the full-service sites within the seashore. There are also cabins available within the area. 

The resort address in the maps is 1009 Ocean Shore Blvd Ormond Sea, 32176, and you could contact them at 800-441-1831. 

For bookings, you could send them an email at

7.Melbourne State Park (Melbourne Beach)

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The area is located at 2670 S Highway A1a, Melbourne Beach, 32951, and you could contact them at +1 321-723-4947. 

Melbourne seashore Mobile area mainly consists of long-term residents on one side of the street and regularly offers rentable sites.

On the other side, you could find an excellent oceanfront section for campers that you could rent by night.

They have 75 sites open year-round for recreational vehicles only, with No tent areas. These sites have a maximum recreational vehicle length limit of 36 feet and offer 15 pull-through, 75 complete services: electric, 20, 30, or 50 amp, 12 50 amp sites, water, showers, dump station, and laundry area. 

The area also offers an internet connection and some cabins. You could not bring pets too.

8.Long Key State area (Florida Keys)

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Long KSP’s location in maps is at 67400 Overseas Highway Long 33001; it is open from 8 AM until sunset; year-round, you could contact Long KSP at 305-664-481.

It is a 965-acre run area within the (F) Keys; It sits on Long Key at mile marker 67.5 on the Overseas Highway situated between Miami and K West. 

For all of the seafront sites, guests like you have access to amenities such as bathrooms with showers and natural attractions, including the Atlantic Ocean’s breathtaking sights. There are also cabins near the shore.

9.Red Coconut State Park (Fort Myers)

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Situated at 3001 Estero Blvd Fort Myers Beach, 33931, The Red Coconut recreational vehicle area in F. Myers offers direct beach access with 450 feet of a stunning beachfront home.

It offers full hookups, including sites situated directly on the beach sand; all amenities are straight from the ground.

This recreational vehicle area is in Fort Myers, so you could ride a bike to stop by at all the bars and restaurants in the area, and you could even stop by at other nearby towns. 

For more details, you could reach them by calling (293)-463-7200. 

10.Turtle Beach Campgrounds State Parks (Sarasota)

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Situated on 8862 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, (F), 34242, This seashore ground is owned and operated by Sarasota County, and you could reach them through 941-861- (2267). 

Turtle seashore ground is a shorefront ground located on Siesta Key in the Gulf of Mexico, and it offers campsites with full hookups. There’s also a direct route to the seashore from the ground and a cabin near the shore. 

Also, guests like you could experience the sight of loggerhead and green turtle nests on Turtle seashore’s shores from May to October of each year.

11.Camp Gulf RV State Park (Destin)

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Camp Gulf recreational vehicle area sits in Miramar seashore’s heart, a few minutes away from Destin (F). You can find this state park on maps at 10005 Emerald Coast Parkway Miramar seashore, 32550. 

You could camp right on the white sandy seashore of the (F) gulf coast with your recreational vehicles, But it also offers a pool and many other recreational activities that you could enjoy.

You could reach them for recreational vehicles through their website at or contact them at (877) 226-7485. 

12.Pensacola Beach State Parks Beach Recreational Vehicle Park Resort

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The Pensacola seashore recreational vehicle Resort sits on the strip of land that makes up part of the (G) Islands National Seashore. And it is directly located at 17 Via De Luna Drive. 

Pensacola Beach, 32561. 

By upgrading to a premium site, you could camp next to the sandy island shore on the Santa Rosa Sound. The recreational vehicle resort centrally sits in Pensacola, so you could walk or ride to stopping by at some restaurants and to all amenities that the seashore town could offer.

Furthermore, they offer many other seafront campsites perfect for your motorhome, trailer, fifth wheel, or another camper that are not directly but just a few miles away from the beaches. There are also cabins available in the area.

If you plan to stop by here, you must make a recreational vehicle ahead of time; most of these campsites book up fast. 
For early bookings, you could reach them through their website, or you could call and contact them at (850) 932-4670.

Preparation before taking a visit and travel to Florida State Parks

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Before going out on a trip, there are some essential things that you should consider. These things might help you have a great and hassle-free getaway that you have been dreaming of. 

State Park Rules

Most of the seashore grounds in (F) sit in an SP, and these parks have rules and regulations that you must consider. 

  • FSPs open from 8 AM to sunset every day of the year. Museums, visitor centers, and historic sites are not operating two days per week, mainly Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 
  • Most SPs require an entrance fee; Some additional user fees may also apply for activities including stop trips, canoe rentals, cabin rentals, boat rentals, and tours.
  • The area protects all plants, animals, and other park property, and the collection, destruction, or disturbance of any plants, animals, or park property is not allowed.
  • Dogs are allowed in some areas only, but not inside the cabins.
  • Sunbathing, swimming, Fishing, and fires are allowed in some areas, and (F) requires a fishing license.  
  • Fireworks are not allowed in (F) SPs.
  • Hunting is not allowed in (F) SPs. However, the area reserves offer special hunting seasons.
  • Alcoholic beverage consumption is allowed in some areas only.
  • Hammock use and any other associated lines are allowed to attach in trees that are a minimum of 12 inches in diameter that could measure at chest height and using a minimum of 1-inch wide web straps. Furthermore, some parks may provide hammock posts instead of trees.

Pet Rules

Domestic dogs are only allowed in day-use areas at all Florida SPs. However, dogs are not allowed on seashores, playgrounds, bathing areas, concession facilities, cabins, park buildings, and individual parks that may have specific areas prohibiting dogs. But there are grounds in the SPs near the seashore that still accommodates dogs, and some recreational vehicle resorts like Beverly Beach grounds are pet-friendly. 

For everyone’s enjoyment, including pets, you must observe the following pets camping rules. 

  • Pets must be on a leash, otherwise under the physical control of a person or owner at all times. 
  • The Leashes may not be longer than six feet in length. 
  • Dogs must be well-behaved or tamed at all times.
  • On the grounds, dogs must be in the owner’s trip unit during designated quiet time hours, every 11 PM to 7 AM.
  • At other times, the owners must never leave their dogs not to attend the site for more than 30 minutes. 
  • They require pet owners to pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of all pet droppings in the trash.
  • Dogs that are disturbing, noisy, vicious, dangerous, or intimidating to other persons or dogs or damage park resources are not allowed. 
  • Non-fur-bearing dogs, such as reptiles, birds, or fish, must be confined or under the owner’s physical control. Some animals are not allowed on park property. 
  • Captive wild species, native or non-native, and barnyard animals, except horses, are prohibited.
  • The number of dogs allowed depends on on-site types and buffer areas available but must not exceed four.
  • Dogs, cats, and other dogs must-have vaccines as per Chapter 828, FS (F) Law; Pet owners do not need proof of vaccination when registering to camp.
  • Dogs are not allowed in cabins. 

Pet safety

To keep your dogs healthier and happier within your trips, Make sure always to keep your pet cool; The weather in (F) varies year-round, but could always include high temperatures, even in the winter season.

Ensure that they got plenty of water available when leaving the site with your pet. And most especially during hot weather or summer season. 

Never leave your dogs in the inside car in the parking, even windows are open, or even if you place them in the shade. Because it only takes minutes for a pet left in a vehicle on a warm day to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation.

Temperatures inside a car could reach more than 160 degrees, mainly when situated in the (F) sun; even the outside air temperature is still in the 60s. 

Temperatures inside some vehicles could reach dangerous temperatures on bright, sunny days. Many experts recommend never leaving dogs in parked cars, even for short periods, if the weather is in the 60s or higher.

Keep in mind that animals are not able to sweat like humans. Dogs cool themselves only by sweating through their paws and by panting. 

If they don’t have much air to breathe, they could collapse and suffer brain damage or possibly die of heatstroke. 

Less than 15 minutes could be enough for an animal’s body temperature to climb up from an average of 102.5 to deadly levels that would damage the cardiovascular and nervous systems, often leaving the animal dehydrated, unconscious, and at risk of permanent impairment or death.

You must know about and prevent heat exhaustion. If you ever witness signs of heat exhaustion, take the dog into the shade, a cool area, or to your veterinarian. Never hesitate to ask for medical assistance.

Signs of heatstroke include restlessness, heavy panting, excessive thirst, lethargy, dark tongue, rapid pulse, fever, vomiting, glazed eyes, dizziness, or lack of coordination.

To lower body temperature, you must gradually give the animal liquids to drink; you could place a cool but not too cold towel or an ice pack on the head, neck, and chest, and or you could just immerse the dog in cool but not too cold water.

Fishing Licenses

Both fresh and saltwater fishing in (F) requires licenses. It is available at many marinas, bait and tackle shops, or in the local county tax collector’s office by calling toll-free 888-FISH-(F) (888-347-4356). Licenses and permits are also available online at

Note: Before purchasing a recreational fishing license and permits, you must first verify all requirements based on activity. And also, Check what qualifies for (F) residency and if you are eligible for exemptions.

All anglers, including 65 and older persons who want to fish for or harvest a certain reef fish from a private vessel within (F), must obtain the Reef Fish Angler designation.

Saltwater Fishing License

(F) requires you to have this license if you attempt to take saltwater fish, clams, crabs, marine plants, or other saltwater organisms other than non-living seashells and lionfish with specific gear.

Florida requires a fishing license to land salt-sea species on the nation or federal waters, regardless of where they catch fish.


Resident Annual: $17.00

Resident Five-Year: $79.00

Non-Resident Annual: $47.00

Non-Resident 3-Day: $17.00

Non-Resident 7-Day: $30.00

Saltwater Shoreline-only License

This license is valid for saltwater fishing from the shoreline or the structure affixed to the shore. It is not valid when fishing from a vessel or a shoreline reached by ship; It is also not valid if you are taking or attempting to abide by swimming or diving. Take note; Resident Annual Saltwater Shoreline License is free of charge. 


Travelers who opt to plan ahead of time are happy. If you are the type of the people who prefer a thoroughly planned trip rather than a short trip, making reservations is a must! 

In the slower times of the year, where it is winter season in northwest Florida and summer season in the rest of the nation, they accommodate visitors even without bookings on weekdays. However, for assurance, it is still better to try reserving some.

To snag a site during the busy season and on all weekends and holidays, you would need to make reservations months in advance.

There’s an online reservation system that Florida SPs offers. It is set up through the Reserve America’s website (It is just like making a reservation for hotels); all you have to do is click and book. You could also check deals on that website. 

Florida SPs are always providing equal access to all facilities and programs.

If you ever need assistance to enable your participation, you could contact staff at any ranger station or contact (850) 245-3076 (Voice) or 711 (Florida Relay Service).

Note: recreational vehicle areas and Resorts are accepting booking deals through their websites or Tel. numbers. The numbers above are for Florida SPs seashore grounds only. 

RV Essentials

All of the beach sites listed above could accommodate recreational vehicles. To have a stress-free trip to Florida, we recommend upgrading some equipment and appliances on your Recreational Vehicles. Here, we have listed some equipment that you might consider changing.      

RV GPS: To help you map out your destination without wasting time, we recommend getting the best Recreational Vehicle GPS that you could buy at recreational vehicle stores near you.

RV Air conditioner – beach trip usually occurs during hot months or summer seasons. And to keep you cool amid your summer getaway, we recommend choosing the best recreational vehicle air conditioner that suits your vehicle. 

RV Dehumidifier: To escape the hassle that humidity could give. You might want to consider changing or buying the best recreational vehicle, a Dehumidifier, that suits you and your car. 

RV LED Bulb: An excellent light source is essential, especially during the overnight trip, and a LED bulb could be an ideal light for you. To choose the best-LED Bulb, we recommend stopping by some recreational vehicle stores in your area. 

Rv Sofa Bed: Sleeping far from your home could be somehow disturbing, but choosing the Best Sofa Bed for your recreational vehicles could change the mood. 

RV Toilet Paper: Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for your RV is more vital than you think; It could save you from the hassle of fixing a clogged plumbing system. So, we recommend choosing the best Toilet paper carefully. 

Other Travel Camping Essentials

A beach trip requires much essential equipment, be it your things or some vehicle or kitchen utensils. 

So, to lessen the hassle and avoid forgetting something essential, we have prepared a list of what you have to bring on a seashore trip. 

Personal, Hygiene, and self-care essentials

Since most of the settings are within the seashore, you may or may not bring rubber or hiking shoes; you could get a pair of slippers, sandals, swimming shoes, or anything you like. 

And of course, you must bring spare clothes because you might enjoy the seashore!

You could choose the most appropriate clothes that you have. However, some seashore resorts require appropriate swimming attire, so you might consider bringing one. 

You should also bring towels and get some for your face and body. And since you are going out to enjoy the beauty of the seashore, then you might want to bring some sun protection, including sunscreens, eye sunglasses, and even hats that you could use to avoid sunburns. 

Furthermore, to avoid insect bites, you must bring a bottle of insect repellent on your trips. You might also want to get some rain protection, including umbrellas and some raincoats or clothes. 

To keep yourself clean, you must bring some hygiene essentials that you always use, including toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, body wash, hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, and wet wipes, tissues, and bath essentials. 

You must also always have a first aid kit with necessary medicines for cough, headache, stomach ache on your checklist; it is essential for emergencies. 

Kitchen essentials

A seashore trip may require bringing kitchen utensils to enjoy your vacation without getting hungry and stressed fully. 

You must bring utensils such as tables and chairs, portable stoves or grills, lighters, matches, or fuels to make a fire in cooking. You must also bring a food storage box, a kettle, some pots, a chopping board, and some pans so you can make food easily. 

Also, You must bring primary eating utensils, including bowls for soups, pairs of spoons and forks, some bread knives, and a can opener.

You must also bring some plates, tea or coffee mugs, a bottle opener, some dishcloths, dishwashing soap that you could use to clean those utensils after use. 

Tent and other essentials

You might also want to bring some batteries, rechargeable radios, power banks, charging cables, torch, and most especially solar, rechargeable or battery operated lights or lamps. 

You might also consider bringing some sleeping beddings, including pillows, sleeping bags, mats, air beds, to have a relaxed night. 

Lastly, You must never forget the necessary documents you might need in your trip, including trip permits, bookings tickets, IDs, fishing license, driver’s license, driver’s insurance, cards, debit cards, and credit cards, and other documents. 

Establishments around Florida to visit.

Aside from trips, this area also boasts a long list of establishments you could enjoy while in (F). Here, we have listed the most popular restaurants, museums, and other establishments that you might want to stop by. 

Most Iconic Restaurants in Florida

(F) offers a rich history and represents local flavors; it is home to a collection of the most iconic restaurants known for being the crowd’s favorite. 

Name: Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Beach

Address: 11 Washington Ave Miami Beach,33139

Social Media Link: \

Website link: 
Name: Bern’s Steak House, Tampa

Address: 1208 S Howard Avenue Tampa,33606

Social Media Link:  

Website Link: 
Name: Versailles Cuban Restaurant, Miami

Address: 3555 SW 8th St Miami, 33135-4196

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City

Address: 2117 E 7th Ave. Tampa, 33605

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: Victoria & Albert’s

Address: 4401 Floridian Way, OL,32830

Social Media Link:

Website Link: 
Name: Blue Heaven, Key West

Address: 729 Thomas St. K West, 33040

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: Hunt’s Oyster Bar, Panama City

Address: 1150 Beck Ave. Panama City, 32401 

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: Yoder’s Restaurant & Amish Village, Sarasota

Address: 3434 Bahia Vista St. Sarasota, 34239

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: McGuire’s Irish Pub, Pensacola 

Address: 600 E Gregory St. Pensacola, 32502 

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, De Leon Springs

Address: 601 Ponce Deleon Blvd. De Leon Springs, 32130 

Social Media Link:

Website Link: 
Name: O’steens, St. Augustine

Address: 205 Anastasia Blvd. Saint Augustine, 32086

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 
Name: Jaxsons Ice Cream, Hollywood

Address: 128 S Federal Hwy. Dania Beach, 33004

Social Media Link:  

Great Historical Museums in FL

From treasure hunters to ancient peoples and modern discoveries, this place offers museums where you could discover Florida’s history.  

Name: Museum of Florida History, 

Address: 500 S Bronough St. Tls, 

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: https://tallahasmuseum.pineCjwKCAiA6aSABhApEiwA
Name: Historic Pensacola Village and the T. T. Wentworth, Jr. State Museum, Pensacola

Address: 330 S. Jefferson St. Pensacola,32502

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: http://www.historicpensacola/plan-yourmuseums-properties/tt-wentworth-museum/  
Name: Indian Temple Mound and Museum, Walton Beach

Address: 139 Miracle Strip PW, SE, Walton Beach

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: https://www.fwb/parksnewsrec/page/indian-temple-mound-museum 
Name: Amelia Island Museum of History, Fernandina Beach

Address: 233 S 3rd St. Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, 32034

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: https://ameliamuseum
Name: St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, St. Augustine

Address: 12 S Castillo Dr. Saint Augustine, 32084

Social Media Link: 

Website Link: 


Florida offers a great trip spot for RVers that boasts beautiful sunset, sunrise, and night skies. 

Aside from beach trips, this place also offers attractions and activities. When you dig its surfaces, there’s a lot more going on. If you plan to have a vacation, don’t think twice and stop by here, people who already experience the beauty and extremeness of FL keep on coming back.

We hope that we have provided you with a clear sight of what to see, do and experience in Florida. We also hope that we can help you with planning your next trip.

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