Bear Creek Lake State Park, Virginia: Camping Review and Travel Reservations

Planning to go on a vacation would not be easy. Searching for a perfect place to spend your time relaxing and enjoying would give you little stress. But don’t worry! As you are looking for a place to discover and wander around, Virginia Town is the perfect place to go and to visit.  

Virginia is the home of great terrains, loops, and geological areas in the United States of America. You could find tons of unique spots and views because of the Chesapeake Bay, making it a popular place to camp. There are several campgrounds, RV parks, and town parks, including the incredible Bear Creek Lake State Park. 

You could find Bear Creek in Central Virginia in the town of Cumbria County. It nestled in the heart of the Lakewood Town Woodland of Cumbria, making it a great attraction. It features nature trails, characteristics, loops, and ecosystems that boast and empower it as a town park.

So, if you want to know the beauty and wonders of Virginia, take your time to read and check all the details we provided you as you keep on digging in the lake of insights you can find here.

Basic Details/ Information

Experienced and beginner campers would need brief and precise information about the town park featured here. Thus, below is the table of the exact information you might need to see as you are searching for an exclusive place to camp and take a trip. We listed down in the table the details about operational hours, reservation, the time frame of the customer service availability, busiest season, address, and location information. So come and take a look at it. 

Operational Hours:

Check-in:  1:00 PM
Check-out: 12:00 PM
Quiet time: 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM
ReservationContact 303-697-6159 or 800-933-7275
Customer Service Availability Time Frame:8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Busiest Season:year-round
Address:22 Bear Creek Road, Cumbria, VA 23040, US

Location Information:

Latitude: 37.526924

Longitude: -78.2779278

Elevation: 279 feet

Google Map: 


We provided you with the site map with directions to help you find this place.

(Credits to Google Maps)

You could find the park about 4.5 miles northwest of Cumbria. So, from US Route 60, you have to go westbound on Route 622 and southbound on Route 629 until you reach the park entrance.

Using GPS, you are from the west and may direct you to Oak Hill Road, an uneven gravel-covered section. So, instead of taking Route 60 eastbound to reach the Cumbria Courthouse area, you have to turn left on Trent’s Mill Road, Route 622, to reach the park’s main entrance.

You could find the park about 4.5 miles northwest of Cumbria. So, from US Route 60, you have to go westbound on Route 622 and southbound on Route 629 until you reach the park entrance.

If you are from the west and using GPS, it may direct you to Oak Hill Road, an uneven gravel-covered section. So, instead of taking Route 60 eastbound to reach the Cumbria Courthouse area, you have to turn left on Trent’s Mill Road, Route 622, to reach the park’s main entrance.

Campsite history and Interesting Facts

Credits to: WAL

Visiting a State Park would not be exciting without knowing its history and interesting facts. That is why we would like to discuss what would give you goosebumps about this place. 

Bear Creek represents the nation’s consciousness, restoration, and reclamation of abused and vigor environment for the highest level implementation of the government and the welfare of all who live and visit the place.

The VA State Woodland system founded the park, now Bear Creek. It originally belonged to the Cumbria State Woodland as a public recreation area. The US Government purchased the State Woodland and the real estate properties under the law of project LU-VA-3, authorization of Title III Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. 

In the 1930s, the Roosevelt Administration initiated that the land was part of Federal Land use. The administration wanted to improve sub marginal abused land because of timbering and poor farming practices, leading to erosion of the sediments into the waterways. 

And because of this, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the local workers, and the Works Progress Administration decided to reconstruct Bear Creek’s wooden and stone structures and the whole water reservoir itself. They allotted more work in the reclamation and rebirth of the woodland. They also created flame towers and road access to protect the reborn woodland they are preserving. 

In June 1940, through VA State Woodland Service’s jurisdiction, they opened Bear Creek. The transferring of the property to the Conservation Commission happened in 1959. And finally, they opened Bear Creek to the public with complete camp facilities in 1962 under the Division of State Park jurisdiction. 

Over time, the vision for the park happened. A particular place where people could feel secure, comfortable, and convenient while enjoying the outdoor recreation activities and the amenities that this place offers.

Campsite Natural Assets

Credits to: FSB

You would not go wrong choosing Bear Creek Woodland as a vacation destination with your family because it has so many natural assets that would give you all the things you need, incredibly when relaxing. 

This place is best for pet lovers and pet owners who want to bring their pets when they camp. They offer several trails where you can take your pet for a walk.

You could also discover different trees around the Cumbria State Woodland. Including pines and older mixed hardwoods like the pileated woodpecker. 

The park benefits the living creatures and habitats of its 16,000 acres that could support and supply different native animals like wild turkeys, beavers, white-tailed deer, black bears, and many more. There are also remarkable woodland changes because new critters, flora, and plants grow in the woodland premises every year.


Bear Creek’s town park is one of the best places to go because of the excellent amenities and facilities that each camper could use and experience. So, we looked out for the best facility and amenities to help you when you decide to visit the featured place along with your family and friends during a trip. 

  • BBQ Grills

(Credits to Bear Creek National Park, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Concession Stand
  • Playground

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Restrooms
  • Camp at the Bear Creek Lake

There are also single and group campsites in the featured loop area. It is for tent campers only, and there are no accessible hookups. It provides all the basic needs of a camper to enjoy a tent campsite from tables, grills, flame pits, restrooms, and many more.

(Credits to Bear Creek Lake Town Woodland, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )


Credits to: CE

There is also an accessible park visitor center in BCLSP in Lakewood Town. It is a place which is an ideal place to be an outdoor classroom. You could expect that the park visitor center displays educational exhibits about the environment’s flora and fauna and even the area’s ecosystem. People discover the county park’s wonders and inspire them to sympathize with the environment and connect them to learn more about it. 

They provided different outdoor programs and activities that you could engage to know more about the area’s features and environment.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Reservable Picnic Shelters at the Bear Creek, Cumberland 

Coyote Crossing is located at the secluded and private part of the reservoir from the hill. It provides 17 tables, grills, one horseshoe pit, sand volleyball court, softball backstop, running water with no electricity source, a gravel parking area, and could accommodate 250 people.

Meadowlark Cove is a reservable picnic shelter located near the swim beach area. It also has non-reservable volleyball courts, marina, boat rentals, trails, concession stand, electricity with no accessible water, 12 tables, grills, a paved parking area, and could accommodate up to 150 people.

You could find the Mountain View near trail and angling area access. It provides two grills, running water without electricity, 12 tables, and could accommodate 120 people.

Pelican Point is an area that could accommodate 300 people at maximum. You could find it via a short walking trail accessible in many lakeside and angling piers in the park. It also provided:

  • Three grills.
  • One horse pit.
  • 24 tables.
  • One gravel parking area.
  • One sand volleyball court.
  • Running water without electricity. 

Skunk Hollow, located near the park’s secluded and wooded field with easy access to riverside trails and creek. It could accommodate a maximum of 80 people per site. It also provided two grills, horse pits, six tables, a small concrete area, and running water but no electric power source.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Gift Shop at the Bear Creek, Cumberland

There is also a gift shop in the area where you could buy merchandise and souvenirs at the concession stand, boathouse, and park’s office of the featured spot in Cumbria, Lakewood Town.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • The Restaurant at the Bear Creek Lake

If you don’t have much time to cook your food, you don’t need to worry about starving because there is a restaurant inside the park, the Lakeside Snack Bar. It is usually accessible from Memorial Day until Labor Day. There is also a small market or convenience store outside the park’s entrance where you can buy all the supplies, such as grocery items and camp supplies that you need.   

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Laundry at the Bear Creek Lake

There is an accessible laundry facility closest to the national park near the Cumbria Court House, about seven miles away.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation ) 

These are some of the facilities and things you could use in the featured area. 


Bear Creek Lake is the home of excellent facilities and amenities and home of great and fun activities that you would love to do and discover. It is a place for sports, activities, and adventure. So, there is no wonder that this place has great activities to offer. We listed down all the activities you do within the national park to enjoy your vacation and relax with your family. 

  • Birdwatching

Birding is another excellent activity to do and spend your morning. You could find different birds with their flocks roaming around the area to eat and drink in the lake. It is a great time to relieve your stress and watch the beautiful creations. You could bring your camera and binoculars, take photos, and capture the incredible beauty of nature.  

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Full Moon Guided Night Hikes

Morning hikes are perfect, but evening hikes are the best experience for campers. This historical night hiking activity is suitable for you if you are adventurous. You could leave your flashlights behind and enjoy hiking in the dark of night with the light of the moon. You could wear your comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, and bring water. It is the best time to spend your evening and time with your family. It is about an hour and a half hiking uneven terrain, which you could enjoy.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Nature Hikes at the Forest

Mother nature is wonderful to discover and experience. You could spend your day hiking along the winding trail around the County Park and County Woodland of Cumbria. You could learn more about the history, fauna, and flora of the area.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Educational Nature Programs at the Cumberland

Nature is near when you camp in the Bear Creek County Woodland. So, the park staff offers an educational nature program for all group sizes and ages. You could request by filling the request form at the park’s office.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Trails at the Cumberland 

There are biking trails accessible, but there are trails within the park accessible for hiking trails. You could also go on trial in the Willis River Trail, about 16 miles long winding through Cumbria’s Woodland. There are also accessible biking and horseback riding trails in the area where you could enjoy yourself and your family while hiking, biking, or horseback riding together. 

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation)

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Swimming at the Cumberland

Swimming activity is always present in every campsite near a water reservoir like lakes. But, you have to pay a fee for guarded swimming activity. It is accessible during weekends of commemoration and Labor day as well. Sometimes guarded Swimming is in force suspension due to weather and other factors. You could still go on a swimming activity at your own risk when guarded. Swimming is not accessible. The park’s management would not allow Swimming somewhere else in the park. 

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Fishing at the Cumberland

As you stay and camp in the Lake of Bear Creek, angling is one of the best activities to do here. There are 40 acres of water reservoir where you could catch different types of fish, including channel fish, crappie, largemouth bass, and bream. You could also enjoy small boat angling and canoe activity in the Willis Waterway, a slow and small tributary of James through the Cumbria Woodland. You could also launch two canoes that allow you to access the waterway that you could find near the Cumbria Woodland. There is also an accessible boat ramp for boats that are non-gasoline powered. There is also an accessible angling pier in the park. 

If you want to do angling in Cumbria Woodland’s lakes like the Winston Lakes, Bonbrook, Oak Hill, and Arrowhead, you must have a freshwater angling license and Woodland Use Permit. You could also contact the county woodland department or visit their website to find more details about the permit. You also have to obtain a Virginia angling license. You could discover an angling license in the Courthouse of Cumbria and accessible on the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries of Virginia.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Boating at the Cumberland

Boating is an adventurous activity to do in water reservoirs like lakes. In Bear Creek Lake Forest, boat rentals are available from Labor Day to Memorial Day. But during a one-shoulder time, rentals happen from the first day of May until Columbus Day. The park’s management also allows supervision from guardians or parents when making boat rentals.  

The management also allows rentals for rowboats, trolling motors, canoes, paddleboards, paddleboats, and kayaks. You could check the prices of the rentals by contacting the park office. 

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Horseback riding at the Cumberland multi-use Trail

Campers fond of horseback riding must go to this vast place to do their thing. Sad to say, there are no available horseback riding trails inside the county park. But don’t worry, there is a multi-use trail in Cumbria, about 15.7 miles long, that you would enjoy. It is a trail popular for horseback riding activity, but it is for a day-use trail only. It’s a day-use only trail. You could contact the park’s management if you want to do horseback riding. You also have to present a copy of each horse’s negative Coggins report that you bring inside the park.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Hunting in Cumberland Forest

Since the campsite is a county park, the management allowed hunting only near the Cumbria County Forest. You also need to contact the county forest management to ask for the specific available hunting dates. It is a historical activity that campers in this area love to do. 

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

  • Archery at the State Park field

Archery is a sport perfect for adventurous people who want to try something new. This sport is not as easy to do as you think. Luckily, the county park has 3D targets and an archery field with ten lanes and Excelsior bales. The archery range is under the park and friends of Bear Creek County Forest management. They usually open it from the first week of March until the first week of December. If you don’t have any archery equipment, you could rent it in the park’s office.

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

(Credits to BCLSP, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation )

Relieving stress through these activities is very much helpful. The county park receives fascinating reviews and comments from previous travelers, campers, and park guests. So, what are you waiting for now? Why don’t you try it with your family and give a fantastic review of the facilities and activities they provided you while resting here? 

Site Policies

Every campsite, county park, RV park, or beach resort has its own rules and regulations to follow and observe. Like others, Bear Creek County Forest has its policy to execute for the camper’s safety, the county park’s security, and the wildlife living in the area. Here are the policies, rules, and regulations you must follow and observe properly for a convenient camp experience. 

  1. Before you visit the County Park, you must familiarize yourself with avoiding troubles and accidents while resting in the area. So, we advise you to look at some facts and observe the area’s rules and regulations. 
  2. As a camper or visitor, you have to preserve the natural surroundings in the park. The management of Virginia County Park would not allow anyone to put a scar or cut trees or plants. They also prohibited collecting any plant or animal within the park except when you have a permit to collect from the park’s headquarters during a program for environmental education. You could take pictures of animals, plants, or trees, but you could not bring them home. 
  3. You have to be responsible and accountable for your waste and garbage. Campers should know the proper waste disposal. The management would not tolerate littering because it may cause harm and injure the animals. Also, they prohibited releasing of decorative balloons within the park. 
  4. State law permits bringing alcohol only in secluded or private areas, such as in your camp unit or inside your cabins. The management also provides designated areas to drink your alcohol issued by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of Virginia County. 
  5. The management prohibited smoking in all public areas and buildings or the park entrance within 25 feet. They also banned smoking in all lodges, cabins, other meeting facilities, and theaters, snack bars, swimming pool complexes, and all other public areas. You have to dispose of any cigarette butts in the trash properly.
  6. Walk on the designated trails only to avoid trail erosion and destruction. You have to know that the only trails permitted for mountain bikes who do biking trails are on the paved roads, not on the hiking trails. Be responsible and reliable campers and hikers. 
  7. The management prohibits fireworks, including roman candles, sparklers, sky lanterns, or any device that contains materials that could explode. There are several activities that you must not do to observe the rules and regulations of the site, including: 
  • Avoid building and using any flame or camp equipment in an unnecessary area unless you are within the park’s permanently constructed grill or flame grater designated for flame activities. 
  • You should not leave the flame unattended. Avoid burning carelessly. Extinguish it after using. 
  • The management would not permit any burning or debris or trash. 
  • The management will strictly prohibit any flame activity if the campers fail to take adequate safety measures such as a shovel, hose, and fire extinguisher.
  • The management allows designated areas where you could use model rockets with the Community Resources director of the BCLSP during the scheduled events. 
  • You have to understand that the flame activities limit inflame pits and charcoal grills designated in your campsite unit during flame bans.
  • All campers, even the nearby County Park residents, must be extra cautious to avoid any potential flame risk during red flag warnings. Activities during red flag warnings
  • During flame bans and fire restrictions, they allow you to use gas-fueled appliances but limit gas flame pits, gas stoves, and gas grills.
  • You could do the flame activity by having a permit from the Fire Department of West Metro Community. 
  1. The management permits angling only if you have a fishing permit from the Virginia angling department office. You have both freshwaters, unique trout glasses of water, and a saltwater valid angling license to enjoy the lake’s fishing activity. 
  2. You have to watch your speed limits, which require only lower 25 mph or precisely 25 mph. The park’s management also requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets. 
  3. You could use metal detectors if and only if you have a DCR special permit. You may use it in the designated human-made beaches’ surroundings. You have to get the permit from the park’s manager. 
  4. The management would not allow any campers to use the all-terrain, utility, and even the golf carts vehicle. Only the staff and park volunteers could use the vehicle.
  5. Under the county parks ‘ law and policy, the park’s management would not permit the campers to launch any uncrewed aircraft, drones, and other remote control devices in the county parks.
  6. The park’s management only permits collecting and researching individuals, research agencies, and educational institutions of the plants and animals in the county park if they could provide proof of approved and complete Research and Collecting Permit permit. If the campers failed to do so, they would not allow any reach or collecting activity within the park premises. But some county parks would not allow any activities that may cause obstructive acts in their natural resources. 
  7. For Campsites Policy
  • Every campsite must have six people in maximum who lodges in the county park with two tents. 
  • The park’s management only allows two cars on site. And, all cars must have a valid park permit, which you could get during your reservation.  
  • You could go camp in the area designated for camp activities. 
  1. For Cabins Policy
  • Every cabin must have six people in total. 
  • The park’s management would not allow any recreational vehicles or tents in the cabin area. 
  • The park’s management only allows two cars on site. And, all cars must have a valid park permit, which you could get during your reservation.
  • Your number four digits of the phone number you used when booking the entrance code in your cabin are on the reservation record.
  • No smoking inside the cabins.
  1. For Yurts Policy
  • Every yurt must have six people in total. 
  • The park’s management would not allow any recreational vehicles in the yurts area. They only permit one tent per site.
  • The park’s management only allows two cars on site. And, all cars must have a valid park permit, which you could get during your reservation.
  • Your number four digits of the phone number you used when the booking is the entrance code in your yurt is on the reservation record.
  • The management strictly prohibited smoking inside the yurt.
  1. For Group Sites Policy
  • There is no specific limit of cars to enter the site, but they allow only 25 people in maximum per site. specific
  • All cars on site must have a valid park permit, which you could get during your reservation. 
  1. For Pets Policy
  • Your dogs must be on a leash and never leave unattended.  
  • You have to be responsible and attentive to your pet’s waste. 
  1. Other information and policies to observe while resting in the camp: 
  • The management would not allow any structures or lines, including hammocks, to attach to the trees inside the park. 
  • When the county park is offseason, they only allow official scout and cabin reservations. You could get water available in the visitor center area during business hours of the park. There are pit toilets provided for campers inside the ground. 
  • You could use the RV dump station to reserve cabins and an official scout area.
  • Within 30 days, you could rest at the campsite for 14 days at maximum. 
  • Be responsible drivers. Drive only on the designated roads and pathways to avoid abstraction of the campsite premises.
  • The management would not allow any loud and unreasonable, amplified music. 
  • You could not collect any firewood in the park’s area. But you could purchase from the ground host or park ranger the firewoods. 

Observing and following the county and the campsite’s rules and regulations would give you a better experience, convenience, and comfort as you rest in the featured area. Violators of the rules would immediately ask to leave the campsite to avoid accidents and troubles. 

Preparation Before Traveling in Dockweiler RV Park

We want your trip and visit with the featured county park to be trouble-free and as relaxing as possible. And you would not have that experience without the comfort and convenience on your part and our facility. Probably, you have tons of things to prepare in your mind. So, to help you with it. We listed all the RV essentials and other essentials, including personal, kitchen, camp, and other documents you might need to bring during your trip. 

RV Camping Essentials

RV camp would be a great experience when you have all the necessary things that you need to survive a long weekend getaway or more than a week vacation trip. You have to sustain yourself with recreational vehicles, essential gadgets, tools, appliances, and equipment. And so, we provided you with all the things that you should bring with your RV. 

  • GPS– is a device that gives you your precise real-time location, which helps you avoid traffic jams and help you navigate and optimize unfamiliar places, leading you to go on the fastest route to find the area where you want to go. 
  • A generator is a device your RV needs to have a reliable energy source. It serves as an energy bank that ideally empowers the whole motorhome. It would provide you with a house-like convenience. 
  • Converter– is a device you need to convert the 120 volt AC power into the 12-volt DC power, which could supply appliances inside your Rv with the right amount of electricity they need to function correctly. 
  • Cover– is a tool used to cover your motorhome from any harmful elements like dirt, dust, sleet, grime, rain, or snow when you are in an open area. It protects your RV’s appearance and functionality. 
  • Awning– is the equipment used to protect campers from any dangerous things or elements lurking around or outside of your RV, such as mosquitos, bugs, and other insects that may cause a disturbance in your relaxing moment. You could use it to protect your family from the heat of the sun when relaxing outside during the day. 
  • Awning lights– is the equipment used for illumination, making every RV camp trip visible and convenient. It also added security for RV users. So, it is an essential thing that you have to bring. 
  • Deep Cycle Battery Charger– is a gadget or tool that functions the same as other chargers that you could find in the market. Its primary purpose is to give customers an economical and quality charger that you could use to power up your devices like your smartphones and many more. You do not need to buy another battery, which may cost you too much. 
  • RV Sewer Hose– is an essential piece of equipment used in your RV to extract all the excretory system’s waste materials. This equipment also provides a secure pathway for the extracted waste materials that you disposed of from the RV sewer tanks outlet to the dumpsite.
  • Recliner– is a couch inside an RV typically used for a couch and a bed. This equipment’s primary goal is to ensure that the product’s user is related and comfortable when using it.  
  • Camp Mattress– is a type of bedding similar to your mattress in your bed that you could use to sleep when you are camping. It is generally portable and lightweight, helping you set up and fix this bedding after using it efficiently. 
  • Camp stove– is a compact and futuristic machine used to cook food quickly and without hassle. Generally, this machine is either coal or propane supported, making it very convenient for campers. 
  • Propane Regulator– is a small piece of equipment that helps supply gas power to appliances inside your motorhome like stoves, outdoor grills, furnaces, heaters, refrigerators, and ovens. It helps us ensure that the level and amount of propane that the appliances receive are enough to make it work and not damage it. It also allows you to live safely, efficiently, and comfortably inside your motorhome. 
  • Cooler– is an appliance considered as the heart of every kitchen. It is where we usually store our daily foods, whether cooked or uncooked, to prevent spoilage. From breakfast to lunch, from lunch to snacks, and from snacks to dinner. It helps us maintain the freshness of the products we store in this appliance.

Other Camping Essentials

RV essentials are not enough to supply your needs daily when you trip to different places. So, we looked out for all the other things that you might need that would give you comfort and convenience even if you are far away from your home for at least one or more weeks. 

Personal Essentials

  • Toiletries including Toilet papers, dental floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, face wash, deodorant, shampoo, soap, conditioner, hair spray, lotion, and others
  • Medical kit supplies such as medicines, adhesive tape, safety pins, scissors, elastic bandages, super glue, thermometer, hot compress bag, triangular bandage, alcohol, sanitizers, and many more
  • Several clothes, slippers, and shoes
  • handkerchiefs, towels
  • Foods and beverages

Kitchen essentials

  • Coffee maker, pots, frying pan, bottle or can opener, and others
  • rice paddles, spatula, plates, bowls, spoons, forks, water glass, and mugs 
  • dishwashing things like liquid soap and sponge

Camping Essentials

  • Pillows, blankets (similar to your bedroom’s pillows and blankets but smaller and compact) are vital to give convenience and comfort when you are sleeping in a tent. 
  • Tents- are a vital camp essential that you have to bring to be your shelter when you are far from your home. 
  • Portable camp chairs and tables are other camp tools that would give you convenience since not all county park areas could provide you with chairs and tables. 

Essential Documents 

  • Bring all the tickets or stamps that prove your booking and reservation to the featured area to avoid inconvenience. 
  • Fishing, camping, and hiking permits must be in your documents if the management of the area you visit asked for a permit to enjoy the place like a campground, county park, beach campsite, or RV park. 
  • Bring your Pets’ documents, including license and vaccination proof, and ensure that your pets can enter the area like campgrounds, RV parks, county parks, or beach campsites. So, you have to bring it always.
  • Travel insurance- is an essential document you have to bring when you travel and go on a trip. It is for your benefit. 
  • Bring your valid IDs, cards, and other supporting documents to verify if needed.

Nearby Hotels/Inns

Besides your RV bedroom, caravans, or trailers, you might be looking for hotels and inns near the Bear Creek Lake State Park. It would give you more comfort, convenience, and a wonderful experience after long days or weeks of camp, like your bedroom at your house. And so, we searched all the preferred hotels nearby for your welfare. Here is the list:


Address: 202 High Street, Farmville, VA 23901-1839

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  27.7 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Farmville

Address: 404 Sunchase Boulevard, Farmville, VA 23901-2893

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  27.8 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Hampton Inn Farmville

Address: 300 Sunchase Boulevard, Farmville, VA 23901-2894

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  27.9 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Tru by Hilton Farmville

Address: 1913 South Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901-2590

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  30.6 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Days Inn by Wyndham Farmville

Address: 2015 South Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901-2591

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  31.0 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Super 8 by Wyndham Farmville

Address: 2012 South Main Street Highway 15 South and US 460 Bypass, Farmville, VA 23901-7500

How far the Hotel from the campsite:  31.0 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Quality inn

Address:  2108 S Main St US 15 & US 460 Bypass, Farmville, VA 23901-2592

How far the Hotel from the campsite: 31.2 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Amelia Inn & Suites

Address: 15181 Patrick Henry Highway, Amelia Court House, VA 23002-4700

How far the Hotel from the campsite: 33.9 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: Quality Inn Burkeville Highway 360 & 460

Address: 419 North Agnew Street, Burkeville, VA 23922-3128

How far the Hotel from the campsite: 38.1 km

Social Media Link: 

You could find tons of hotels and inns around Virginia, but these are the nine hotels and inns near the Bear Creek Lake State Park that you may visit if you miss your bedroom at your home. You could visit their websites to compare prices and the services they offer and select the best Hotel to stay in when you are in Virginia. 

Nearby Restaurants

Here are the five historic and preferred nearby restaurants that you could find around Cumbria, which would satisfy your cravings for different cuisines and dishes on the featured place’s menu. 

Restaurant Name: The Cumbria Restaurant

Address: 1465 Anderson Highway, Cumbria, VA 23040-2220

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 2.9 miles

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Restaurant Name: Vito’s Italian Restaurant

Address: 1631 Anderson Highway, Cumbria, VA 23040-2528

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 3.1 miles

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Restaurant Name: Kebob Co

Address: Route 60 West, Lightfoot, VA 23090

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 2.6 miles

Social Media Link: N/A
Restaurant Name: El Jinete

Address: 1875 Anderson Highway, Cumbria, VA 23040-2525

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 3.6 miles

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Restaurant Name: Subway

Address: 1611 Anderson Highway # Bp, Cumbria, VA 23040

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 3.1 miles

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These are the five of the most popular, preferred, and nearby restaurants in Cumbria near the county park that offer an excellent and elegant menu and food that suits your taste buds. So, you should not forget to visit their websites to know more about the menus, dishes, and cuisines they offer that you might love to try and discover. 

Camp Rates and Fees

Suppose you are planning a budget for your camp trip, then this part is for the camp rates and fees to estimate the total amount you need when choosing Bear Creek Lake State Park as your vacation destination. 

Type of SitesRate of Site
yurt$55 per day
cabin$65 per day
Equestrian$4 per day
Boat$3 per day
For annual park pass holders$30 
Standard site$35 per day
Day Pass $10 
Electric and Water$35 for residents $40 for non-residents
Standard$25 for residents$30 for non-residents
Waterview Standard$30 for residents
$35for non-residents
Group Campground$125 for residents
$148 for non-residents
Standard Small Picnic Shelter$60 per day
Standard Large Picnic Shelter$90 per day
Claytor Lake Gazebo$96 per day
Chippokes Plantation Conference Shelter$315 per day
Shenandoah Large Group Shelter $130 per day
Leesylvania Large/Mason Neck covered Shelter$130 per day
Mason Neck Shelter
(available only from November to April) ‐ no roof
$64 per day
Sky Meadows Large Shelter$130 per day
Sky Meadows Large Picnic Pad$64 per day
Leesylvania Lee’s Landing Shelter$400 per day
Mini Shelters (where available)$21 per day

* All the displayed rates and fees do not reflect any discounts, taxes, or even total charges. These may also matter to change when the policy and rates of the county park change. 

Booking and Payment Policies

When going on a trip, reservations and bookings are essential for visiting your desired campground or park-like creek lake park. For that reason, you have to look out for the bookings and payment policies that the area requires to book and reserve a space for you and your family. And so, we would like to give insights about the campsite, RV park, or State Park policy in terms of paying and booking a site for you. 

During your bookings and reservations, you have to contact the site management or customer service or send an email to for more information and details about the booking policy and payment mode you have to make. 

Usually, you have to pay a reservation fee when you are booking a site. The payment mode is either cash, debit card, or credit card. Most park management would not accept checks when you are booking and reserving. You have to choose and select between cash or cards. Luckily, this State Park accepts checks as a payment mode when you register, so you don’t have to worry. 

When you are already in the park, you could pay the whole amount you need to pay for the area you reserve at the park entrance. You could pay the contact station using your checks, cash, MasterCard, or Discover cards. But if you think it would take so much time, you could purchase an annual permit. 

If there is no staff available at the park entrance contact station, you could proceed to a self-pay mode of payment. There is an envelope provided. Here are the instructions for the self-pay mode of payment:

  • Cash or check mode of payment: You have to place your check or cash inside the envelope when registering at the creek lake park entrance. Then, write the license plate number and provide other details outside the envelope. Afterward, you could tear the hangtag off and place it in the visible part of your vehicle. And then, you have to put the envelope in the provided slot for you.
  • Credit Card mode of payment: You may use your Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card. You have to scan the QR code that you could find on the payment page using your phone in the process. Then, write the license plate, receipt number, and other information on the envelope’s outer part, including your name. Afterward, you could tear the hangtag off and place it in the visible part of your vehicle. And then, you have to place the envelope in the provided slot for you.
  • If you fail to pay the park’s contact station entrance fee, you might get a parking ticket fee that costs about 25 bucks.

Besides the booking and payment policy, you also have to know about the cancellation and refunds because it includes booking and reservation. For refunds and cancellations, you may contact the Visitor Center at 303-697-6159. 

Policy about refunds and cancellations: 

  • You could get a full refund from your reservation for yurts, cabins, or campsites if and only if you cancel within 48 hours before the time given for you to check-in. So, canceling your reservation after the allotted time of cancellation would cause you no refund. 
  • Another case of refunding your payment is when you booked, or reserved occupants are on the site. The management will give you a refund. However, if the reason you are asking for a refund is due to weather, family emergencies, violations of the park rules, or changes in travel plans, the management would not give you a refund. Your reservation could last for more than two evenings, and if you cancel your reservation within the given day of cancellation, then the park’s management will give you a refund. 
  • If you make a no-show, you are concerned about the automatic forfeiture of charges. You may also receive charges of total staying in the area because you violate the park’s management’s a fair cancellation policy. 

There is a non-refundable five bucks as a transaction fee for those who would do overnight site rentals. The transaction fee that the management charged is for the park’s expenses to support the facility’s overall rentals, including the reservation system vendor fees, the overnight inventory, the credit card fees, and the 800 number fees. Generally, the management charges it per reservation and for campers who are walk-ins and stay at the campsite.


The best place to dwell and spend your time with your family is a place where you could do different activities, various facilities to enjoy, and a warm ambiance that could relieve your stress. 

After reading all the reviews, insights, and information about Bear Creek Woodland, it may help you choose and select this place as your vacation destination and your family. 

We desired an exciting, fun, and incredible experience camp for you. And so, we give the best information for you not only to see the tip of the iceberg about the featured state park but also to see its absolute beauty. 

Therefore, get yourself ready, check all your things, pack it up, and let’s go on a road trip in Virginia’s magnificent landscape with your recreational vehicle, family, and friends. Enjoy camping and a happy trip!

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