Best 5th Wheel Hitch for RV Reviews

On towing your trailer or hauling your recreational vehicle, peace of mind from any unnecessary disappointment is all you need. And discovering the wisest investment available option in the market is something you should think about, especially, when it comes to a long run usage – that means miles and miles – and years and years

Aside from that, avoiding sources of stress – like unnerving metal squeezing and rough swiveling for turning steep roads are other things you must know when buying one.

If you read on, you’ll discover why smoothness and quietness are essential to consider when investing in a fifth wheel pull. This review is a product of intensive research and collected customer reviews while observing its appearance. Read on – for you to hear them out!

Editor’s Choice

Best Overall
B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500
B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

After thorough research and observation, the best 5th wheel hitch overall is B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500 is people’s choice when it comes to long usage – for miles and years usage. It’s also engineered to enhance smoother steep drive shifting and to eliminate uninviting sounds from the metal.

Best Value
CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch
CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

This model is straightforward to operate. Thus, this is considered as the best 5th wheel hitch best value. With its single handle, the person who’s using it, won’t experience a tough time. This is a budget-friendly wheel pull model. Coated with carbide power that provides resistance against external elements – sure it will last for years.

Premium Choice
Pro Series 20K Fifth Tire Hitch
Pro Series 20K Fifth Tire Hitch

20K Fifth Wheel Hitch (Includes: Head, Head Support & Handle Kit) (Legs & Rail Kit Sold Separately)

Product Comparison Table

Andersen 3220 Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Andersen 3220 Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Weight: 35 pounds
Capacity: 24,000 pounds GTW and 4,500 pounds TW(tongue weight)
Pivoting System: Can swivel in every direction
Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Andersen 3200 Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Andersen 3200 Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Weight: 40 pounds
Capacity: Rated for 20,000 pounds GTW, 4,500 TW
Pivoting System: Can swivel in every direction
Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Tirel Hitch Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Tirel Hitch

Weight: 142.7 pounds
Capacity: 15,000 pounds. towing capacity, 3,750 pounds. heaviness capacity
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting system
Customer Rating: 3.7 out of 5

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Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Tirel Hitch Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Tirel Hitch

Weight: 23.7 pounds
Capacity: 20,000 pounds. towing capacity, 5,000 pounds. heaviness capacity
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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Pro Series 30128 Fifth Tire Hitch 15K Pro Series 30128 Fifth Tire Hitch 15K

Weight: 147.8 pounds
Capacity: 15, 000 pounds. towing capacity, 3, 750 pounds. heaviness capacity
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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CURT-16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch CURT-16120 A16 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 14.4 ounces
Capacity: 16,000 pounds GTW, 4,000 Vertical load
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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16245 Q24 5th Wheel Hitch 16245 Q24 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 136 pounds
Capacity: 24,000 pounds GTW, 6,000 Vertical load
Pivoting System: Can pivot in virtually any direction
Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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16039 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch 16039 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 111.2 pounds
Capacity: 24,000 pounds GTW, 6,000 Vertical load
Pivoting System: Can pivot in virtually any direction
Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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16516 E16 5th Wheel Hitch 16516 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 102.8 pounds
Capacity: 16,000 pounds GTW, 4,000 Vertical load
Pivoting System: Dual pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Best Value
16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch
16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 95 pounds
Capacity: 16,000 pounds GTW, 4,000 Vertical load
Pivoting System: Dual pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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16265 Q25 Fifth Tire Hitch 16265 Q25 Fifth Tire Hitch

Weight: 136 pounds
Capacity: 25,000 pounds GTW, 6,250 pounds Vertical load
Pivoting System: Has spherical axial bearing to tile 360-degree
Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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16130 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch 16130 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 140 pounds
Capacity: 20,000 pounds GTW, 5,000 pounds Vertical load
Pivoting System: Has spherical axial bearing to tile 360-degree
Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Puck System 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Puck System

Weight: 110.8 pounds
Capacity: 25, 000 pounds GTW, 6,250 pounds Vertical loads
Pivoting System: Has spherical axial bearing to tile 360-degree
Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel Hitch B&W RVK3300 Companion 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 1 pound
Capacity: 20,000 pounds GTW, 5,000 pounds VTW
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting, Front to back, and side to side
Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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B&W RVK3600 Fifth Tire Hitch B&W RVK3600 Fifth Tire Hitch

Weight: 170 pounds
Capacity: 25,000 GTW, 6,250 VTW
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting, Front to back, and side to side
Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3270 Fifth Wheel Hitch B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3270 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Weight: 52 pounds
Capacity: 18, 000 pounds GTW, 4,500 pounds VTW
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting, With side to side spring cushioning
Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Best Overall
B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500
B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

Weight: 2.2 pounds
Capacity: 20,000 pounds GTW, 5,000 pounds VTW
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting, Front to back, and side to side
Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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Reese 30047 16K Fifth Tire Hitch Reese 30047 16K Fifth Tire Hitch

Weight: 0.01 pound
Capacity: 16, 000 pounds GTW, 4,000 pounds VTW
Pivoting System: 4-way pivoting, Fore-and-aft & Side-to-side pivot
Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Reese Elite 30142 5th Wheel Hitch Reese Elite 30142 5th Wheel Hitch

Weight: 137 pounds
Capacity: 18,000 pounds GTW, 4,500 pounds VTW
Pivoting System: 4- way pivot system
Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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Pulliam Superglide Fifth Tire Hitch Pulliam Superglide Fifth Tire Hitch

Weight: 183 pounds
Capacity: 18,000 pounds GTW
Pivoting System: Not specified
Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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PullRite 2700 Wheel Hitch PullRite 2700 Wheel Hitch

Weight: 177 pounds
Capacity: 16, 00 pounds GTW
Pivoting System: Dual articulating pivoting system
Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Our 21 Best 5th Wheel Hitch Reviews

Here, we gathered 21 Best 5th Wheel Hitches you must see out before buying one. For some reason – it will widen your knowledge about the fifth tire hitch itself, the manufacturer company, and its features as what benefits you may enjoy once you buy one. And also, for you to have more choices when investing your money to the most suited model for you.

1. Andersen 3220 Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection


  • Easy to install
  • Up to 24,000 pounds capacity to load
  • Not heavy (35 pounds)
  • Provides more swivel than other models
  • Can adapt to many applications


  • It requires torque wrench to latch  the mechanism during installation


  • Brand: Andersen Hitches
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 55 pounds 

Famous in the towing industry because of its known manufacturer and 5th wheel brand and its high-quality hauling features. Yes, first in our list – the Andersen 3220 Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection. Being light weighted is what makes it famous. It is one of the lightest products you can find in the market.

 Because of its 5th wheel hitch lightness feature, it makes sense that this product is easy to install or uninstall. Not to mention when you are reattaching it. Later on, you’ll discover why the lightness of the 5th wheel model is mostly expensive and one of the most convenient options out there.

And this has been a loud murmuring advantage of this product before. And finally, it appeared from different reviews from Amazon to different Product Review sites. And we can’t just disregard that solid fact to let this Andersen hitch make shine for our number one in the list of best 5th wheel hitch models in the market.

Another unique thing with this 5th Wheel Connection is its ball-feature type funnel. The ball is a good feature that can swivel in every direction. It minimizes or eliminates unnecessary noise now and sharp turning points when you are venturing through bad roads and rough terrains. The smooth and quiet journey is now secured if you get this 5th wheel model.

Imagine that? Towing your heavy vehicle or recreational vehicles for adventure and the vibes won’t get damaged because you’re listening to your favorite music while traveling to your destination point. What a beautiful and relaxing life!

2. Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Affordable
  • Up to 15,000 pounds capacity to load


  • Costs extra for slider kit


  • Brand: Pro-series
  • Dimensions: 44.3 x 24.7 x 10.5 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 23.4 pounds

If you are looking for a budget-friendly model, this one suits you. People tend to think that less expensive means of low quality. Well, not for this one. This model is not so expensive and can still do the job. Second to our list is Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Tire Hitch. It is easy to install and uninstall.

Why do we say that upfront? Because most of the models are heavy, and therefore, installation and uninstallation are somewhat tricky. 

The item may ship in more than one box and may deliver separately. So you can be sure that you will receive the product in beautiful condition. It has a 4-way pivoting system too. This helps you to take driving turns smoothly.

This is convenient for swiveling in every direction. This one can load up to 15,000 pounds or what we call Gross Trailer Weight capacity.

The good thing also is that it has a mounting kit for your guide. Well, for some people, having a bonus is a nice one to take. What else? This product has a three years limited warranty.

That means, the company believed that this kind of model would deliver its promise – to tow your heavy vehicle without any hassle when taking rough roads and difficult terrains. If that makes you like this model, then grab this now. For one known reason – the product is not always available.

3. CURT 16120 A16 5th Wheel H


  • Nice price
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of loading 16,000 pounds
  • Has a lockable handle


  • Some reviews showed they have some packing issues.


  • Brand: C U R T
  • Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 14.4 ounces

The first and indeed not the last product from the popular brands of fifth wheel hitches manufacturer company is the manufacturer model 16120 A16 fifth tire hitch. This company is known as well for its base rails. They built their base rails following the mounting points. It surely makes their models attached firmly with the vehicles.

That means with the industry-standard. This product, our number three, is engineered to make your trails or RV transportation quiet while at the same time, maintaining its towing strength. And that is what most people need to look for.

The peace of mind that it will not easily detach from your towing truck and your heavy vehicle or recreational vehicle.

This one has a lower cost compared to other available items in the market. It has 16,000 pounds load capacity or the GTW.

Okay – Listen to this: Not because of its low load capacity, it’s already left behind the game. You see, some people have 16,000 pounds (or under that number) trailer. And if you have a heavy vehicle like that one, then you must not miss this Hitch. Simply, because that is not only its feature, there are a lot more you can enjoy.

Here are more features you can consider a nice deal in buying fifth wheel hitches:

It has been formulated to engineer with a high-power – interlocking jaws that will make sure it minimizes the noise it produces. And as you may know, some models out there can get some loud squeezes. Therefore, anything that makes a noise at a minimal level is preferable for most people who want to avoid any external stress source.

Here’s more – It has a lockable handle (kind of adapter), making this product attach in a much more straightforward way, and that means it has less processing involvement.  In today’s generation, the more comfortable and the faster, the better.

Not only that, but the lockable handle is there to make sure that the model is secure and will keep your heavy vehicle in place. And that gives you a feeling of relief from unnecessary disablement happenings.

We can’t even imagine what feelings we might feel if that happened to us. And sure, you do as well. So always look out for the real needs and functionalities, not for designs!

Now, if you have 16,000 pounds (or less) trailer, then this is probably made for you. Add this model to your selection because it is one of those great models you should not miss!

4. B&W RVK3300 Companion Best 5th Wheel Hitch


  • Easy to install
  • Lightness
  • Capable of loading 20,000 pounds
  • Cam action handle


  • Extremely expensive


  • Brand: B&W Hitches
  • Dimensions: 34.6 x 18.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 1 pound

The B&W (another well-established manufacturer company of hitches) is the manufacturer of our fourth model in the list of best fifth wheel hitches. The B&W RVK3300 Companion fifth tire hitch that must not be overlooked by the fifth wheel hitches searcher – especially if you are looking for high-end model quality.

What makes it appealing is the 4-way pivoting system feature it has. You see, not all models have a 4-way pivoting system. And that makes it elevated among the competition. If you don’t know yet, the 4-way pivoting system will make your Hitch have four ways of movements: front, back, and side to side.

And if you are someone who wants to make your trailer or Recreational Vehicle out of some critical turning points on roads, then this is something you’ll appreciate. People consider this as the tip of the iceberg of a high-quality product of this kind of equipment. That’s pretty useful for hauling.

And here’s another awesome one to notice – its double jaw feature. The purpose of this is to reduce the noise when you are in a towing process. Plus, it ensures that the item will still be tightly secured. Lessening the noise and ensuring the Hitch stays in place is somewhat you should be thinking as a nice feature when buying a hitch.

Another good thing about this double jaw feature is it also reduces the movements of the heavy vehicle itself, which enhances a safe surrounding for both you and the other drivers around you. This is a big plus why people recommend this product to other people because safety is the basic and powerful advocacy to promote a whole driving concept. 

The cam action handle is another feature of this model that makes unhitching, like this one, super easy.

And you know what? We haven’t covered the most valuable part! Moving this kind of model will require less effort because of its extraordinary lightness.

Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if the installation process will not take long and will not require much energy, given its masterpiece lightness feature.

And did you not see that? We’re not yet talking about its load capacity. Well, this kind of Hitch can haul a 20,000 pounds trailer. But, you know, high-quality materials aligned with its cost. So check that out. Anyway, if you see this one is perfect for your needs, grab it now.

5. CURT 16245 Q24 5th Wheel Hitch


  • Double jaw
  • Affordable
  • Capable of loading 24,000 pounds
  • Has a 360-degree tilt feature


  • Too heavy (136 pounds)


  • Brand: C U R T
  • Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 16.5 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 136 pounds

No surprise! Another one from a manufacturer known for its base rails. As we already may know, their base rails are for mounting points. That means they followed the industry-standard. This brand of Tire Hitch is on our list. The 16245 Q24 model is known as a heavyweight champion in the hitch industry. Later, if you further read this review, you’ll know why. So if you have a huge heavy loaded trailer, you might’ve found the perfect model for you.

We mean, it has plenty of features that might attract any heavy vehicle owner or RV owner looking for a fifth wheel hitch to tow their heavy vehicle around. For instance, it’s engineered with a 360-degree tilt that would allow the model’s head and coupling point to tilt in any direction.

Therefore, this one provides a much smoother and quiet venture that showcases how user-friendly and surrounding friendly this particular model is. Likewise, it utilizes a double jaw feature that wraps around the model’s kingpin, which would get rid of the awful chucking unnerving sound towed by heavy vehicles it makes sometimes.

Aside from 360-degree tilt and double jaw features, there are two more features about this model that you should know about. The first one is, it has an affordable model– and that means, within the budget of most owners of trailers and Recreational Vehicles. Second is, it has a self-aligning upper part, which provides a wide opening that makes coupling a rather straightforward process.

One of the high-end products from this band that anyone should know about when buying a kind of Hitch. And before we forget because of its pretty heaviness – 136 pounds – it requires more than one person when it comes to installing this model to your vehicle. For some, this is a problem.

But for us, it is feasible as long as it provides what it promised to deliver. And that’s what you should care about, anyway.

6. Andersen 3200 Ultimate 5th W Connection


  • Can stall by one person
  • Not so heavy (40 pounds)
  • Capable of loading 20,000 pounds
  • Affordable


  •  Some reported about something in the box  hitting the sides of the automobile bed


  • Brand: Andersen Hitches
  • Dimensions: 31.50 x 35.5 x 18 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 10 pounds

The Andersen 3200 Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is another top-notch model of Andersen Manufacturer Company. Its name speaks volumes of facts, and we will tell how and why.

First and foremost is its lightness feature – it is made out of durable materials that made it 40 pounds only! And as you may know by now that a lightness one is something valuable for some people in the hitch industry.

Second, to that is it won’t disappoint you about the installation process. In fact, because of its well-known lightness, it can be installed by only one person. And another thing is it does not consist of too many complicated processes, which means it does not require too much time to install. It is a straightforward process that would save your time and use it on the other thing, like testing it immediately.

Very simple to connect and disconnect that made this one a fantastic model which, for some other, a fifth wheel hitch can turn as a frustrating issue. Most people who see something that makes things and processes easier can be a turn-on for them and for us too. We don’t need any complications with things if the consequences can be hazardous.

While the cost is affordable, we read some bad reviews about it, telling issues with the pin box hitting the sides of their truck beds. If that is not an issue for you or want to learn more, you can see its price and more reviews in amazon if you see this might be a fit for you.

7. CURT 16039 Q25 5th WH


  • Anchoring system – Quarter-turn
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has a capacity to load up to 24,000 pounds
  • 360-degree tilt


  • Expensive
  • Extremely heavy (111.2 pounds)


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H C U R T
  • Dimensions: 28 x 17.75 x 15 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 111.2 pounds

This 16039 Q25 type fifth tire hitch has almost the same features as other types of models.

Now we know that this brand is manufacturing rails attached to their models. It is one of the great features to look out when buying from this manufacturing company. Rails made something with a bracket, so it keeps its strength and powerfully attached to your vehicles. Sure these rails will ease unexpected scenarios to happen when it detaches from your truck.

We mean, it has the same feature we love like the 360-degree tilt and double jaw feature. But there is still something in it that makes it elevated from the rest – like for this one – this one has what they call a quarter-turn anchoring system. Its job is to make the removal and installation process quicker so that no one should experience any issue doing it. And you know what? Multiple customer reviews appeared praising that easy installation process.

Aside from that quarter-turn anchoring system, this model has three different size options – the 16k, the 20k, and the 25k. That’s user-friendly as it will adjust to its buyer. Cool, right?

Okay. Since you see that it came from a reputable manufacturer company, the quality of those sizes will be a surefire as high-end engineered ones. Now, all you need to do is to match the heaviness of your chosen size to your heavy vehicle. Here’s what you should know about this kind of model – all A-series of this brand products come with a warranty. Well, that’s pretty sure they are confident that their A-series products can fulfill its promise about high-end quality for the long run – literally and figuratively.

After all, if their products are fraudulent– selling with a warranty – it’s pretty evident that they will lose money and business will go down. We scouted to customer reviews, and you will (as we found) many purchases are commending their customer service. Thus, we say, it ensures that they will fulfill the promise of the warranty if something went wrong.

Now, about its cost, it’s quite expensive. But if you see that it fits what you need, and money is not a problem, then you might consider this one, primarily if you based on performance.

8. CURT 16516 E16 5th Wheel Hitch


  • Affordable
  • Has a sliding unit
  • Has a capacity to load up to 24,000 pounds
  • Automatic locking feature


  • Difficult installation
  • Heavy


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H CURT
  • Dimensions: 20 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 102.8 pounds

Now, this type of model is a bit different from other products. The 16516 E16 type fifth tire hitch is ideal for trailer owners with short truck beds – less than eight feet. This one is a kind of sliding unit model. This sliding unit is being used in hollowing rails and usually in a base rails industry-standard – sadly, it reduces the strength of this model. The great news about it is that it keeps the heaviness equally shared for a further period and will not be a reason to bend the model under pressure. Base rails apply for different vehicles. That means you should see first if the base rails apply to your truck so you will not waste your time, effort, and money.

This sliding unit model is only recommendable for short truck beds that are less than eight feet because it has some severe limitations. Okay – another feature is it has an automatic locking mechanism. It will help you to ensure that this one is always secure and ready for towing. Well, making sure that your equipment is safely secure is the main primary function you should always look at.

This also has a dual-pivoting system feature. It provides 10 degrees of lateral movement. So, it makes it smoother and gets a more stable towing.

It also has an anti-rattle skid plate – to reduce rattling vibration at some of the coupling points.

Its cost is pretty fair for its model and features – affordable and will not wipe you out. The manufacturer still did its best to create another nice model for people who need and feel that the sliding model is the most suited for their needs and their current situation.

Checking with some reviews, we’ve seen several complaints about the installation process – saying it is quite tricky.

9. B&W K3600 Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • 4-way pivoting system
  • Competitive durability
  • Has a capacity to load up to 25,000 pounds
  • Professional installation is available as an add-on


  • Extremely expensive


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H B&W Trailer Hitches
  • Dimensions: 17.75 x 31 x 9.75 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 70 pounds

These kinds of hitches – the B&W RVK3600 Fifth Tire Hitch has technological advances among other B&W hitches in this list. Before that, we already loved this one because of its 4-way pivoting system. You see, having this kind of feature is already a way too high in the ladder. Imagine this – a key to conquer any bad roads or rough terrains or even difficult turning points pavements.

Like some of B&W, it has a double jaw feature that ensures a smooth and quiet ride with your heavy vehicle or RV. Given those two features, it’s already a proven money-wise decision to purchase. It is also incredibly durable. And we won’t be surprised if that is so because it came from a reputable manufacturing company. Also, with that durability, its load capacity can be up to 25,000 pounds.

Those are some of the beautiful things. But what’s not so good to hear is this – it’s expensive. Yes, it is. But you will consider its cost because of its reasonable features and high-end quality.

10. Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • 4-way pivoting system
  • Not so heavy (23.7 pounds)
  • Has a capacity to load up to 20,000 pounds
  • Easy to install


  • Rail kit is not included (sold separately)


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H Pro Series
  • Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 10 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 23.7 pounds

This one is not so special – the Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch. But yes – it is part of our excellent models’ list. And we will tell you how and why. Not because it has no special features, it won’t do its job. That is the opposite. It surprisingly does the job well done though it has no special features. And a model that does its job effectively is nice news for us. The customer reviews are brilliant. This model has been commended multiple times. And most of those are nice to hear praise pointing mostly at one thing: fulfilling its missions – to travel heavy vehicles or RV to one point to another without causing any hassles.

It also has nice maneuverability because of its 4-way pivoting system. Having a 4-way pivoting system is now practical to consider for any hitch searcher that should not be missed.

Another fantastic model of heavy towing of a heavy vehicle or recreational vehicles – it has 20,000 pounds load capacity.

It is also the model that produced results and witnessed many that are not so expensive.

If you are looking for a heavy towing model at a bargain cost, then this Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch is something you should think about. And aside from that, it is super user-friendly because of its lightness quality, it makes installation another easy process to do.

And the last thing you should know is that the Rail Kit is sold separately. If that is not an issue, then you might see it out now.

11. CURT 16265 Q25 Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Double jaw
  • Affordable
  • Capacity to load up to 20,000 pounds
  • 10-year warranty
  • Has a 360-degree tilt feature


  • Extremely heavy (136 pounds)
  • Some reported about packaging issues.


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H CURT
  • Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 15 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 136 pounds

Another splendid model from a manufacturer that produces a great model with high rails – we won’t be surprised about its high-end qualities knowing the fact that the manufacturer is one of the top companies in this industry. Eleven on our best models list is – the 16265 Q25 type of a Fifth Wheel Hitch. This one is noticeable for its load capacity. This one can load up to 25,000 pounds. And that is a pretty sure heavy task to do, and you know what? This one can do the job easily.

Like any other 25,000 pounds load carrier, the 16265 Q25 type Fifth Wheel Hitch has a double jaw feature that you won’t easily spot to the same pounds or higher.

The outcome is the noise will be minimized and make the venturing road a peaceful place because of the double jaw feature. And that’s what almost all recreational vehicle owners’ envisioning to experience. Well, if you are one of them – that’s nice to hear.

What else? Hmm, it’s a plus point that it also has a 360-degree tilt feature to make your drive shifting smoother, especially for steep turning points. After hearing those benefits and features, we can confidently say that this model is worth every penny you spend. And that’s probably good news to tell you about this product.

When we scouted the customer reviews, we just noticed that there are some complaints about packaging issues. Well, if that’s the case, as long as the product itself is still in good condition. There will be no problem as the primary point of this review is to figure out their functionality and decide what’s perfect for you.

Well, don’t forget that the product is what you’ll use, not the packaging. As long as the product delivers its promises, it’s okay. And by the way, this also has a ten years warranty. Cool to hear, right?

So if that makes you feel excited to get a model like this one, get it now.

12. Reese 30047 16K Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Good stability (wide stance)
  • Affordable
  • Capacity to load up to 16,000 pounds
  • Easy to install and to remove
  • 4-way pivoting system


  • Rail kit is not included (sold separately)


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H Reese
  • Dimensions: 15″ L x 29.3″ W x 14.3″ H (Delivery Dimensions)
  • Product Heaviness: 107.7 pounds

It seems that we discovered another brand of Hitch here. Okay, let’s be on the primary function of this Reese 30047 16K Fifth Wheel Hitch. The mass load capacity of it is 16,000 pounds. It also has a 4-way pivoting system. And we know its function is to become flexible to tilt in 4 different directions. And it is also easy to install and remove. Those two (pivot system and installation process) features are incredibly helpful in elevating this kind of model from the competition.

It also has a wide stance. This is for stability purposes.

The product has been tested under servo-hydraulic for durability and features a patented dual jaw locking mechanism.

A five-year limited warranty also backs this model. And it shows that Reese believed in their product. With the confidence that it will help their customers with their towing needs, and they provide genuine value to those in need of extra towing service. They also mentioned that the item may ship in more than just one box and may arrive separately. This is to ease the damage of the product itself and to deliver the model in a nice condition.

The rail kit is sold separately. And lastly, it is tagged as an affordable model. So if you want its feature, you should see it right now.

We saw some of the customer reviews and found something you should hear. We found out that some purchasers verified they did not receive some parts from what they saw in the picture. 

This is somewhat alarming. So before you purchase any model, make sure you check the reviews and look for answers. It never wronged you to ask questions as long as you have the money necessary to buy it.

After all, business is business. The law of supply and demand applies.

13. Pulliam Superglide Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Noticeably well-built
  • Easy to install
  • Capacity to load up to 18,000 pounds
  • Great for short truck bed
  • Peace of mind for smoothness and quietness driving


  • Extremely expensive
  • Hard to remove and reattach


  • Brand: Pulliam Enterprises
  • Dimensions: 40 x 24 x 18 inches 
  • Product Heaviness: 183 pounds

The Pulliam Superglide Fifth Wheel Hitch is an automatic sliding model. Another rare model you will find in this best model list. And rare in general, which makes it one of the expensive models to the list and industry. Now, if you own a truck that has a short bed, this could be a sweet deal with you. Its capacity can load up to 18,000 pounds. This one has a higher capacity than you usually see on sliding type hitch.

Do you know what the most impressive part of this sliding Pulliam Superglide Fifth Tire Hitch is? It removes all the hassles the manual ones provide. Look – with the manual models, you need to go out, adjust the heavy vehicle, lock it again into place, drive around the sharp turn, and reset it. This might go on some people’s nerves!

Well, this kind of sliding model will rid that hassles of manual adjusting for you. Here’s what else – it makes the drive as smooth and quiet as possible. Aside from solving the issues of manual adjusting, this kind of sliding model has also been proven and tested that it can survive even the worst circumstance unscathed.

Again, after telling those beautiful words of its features, high-end quality has a high-end price. Not only that, but because of its rarity, it comes with a high price value.

14. Reese Elite 30142 Tire H


  • 4-way pivoting system
  • Fantastic for heavy-duty towing
  • Capacity to load up to 18,000 pounds
  • Easy installation because of wide funnel area


  • Expensive
  • Some reported about packaging issues.


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H Reese
  • Dimensions: 36.75 x 20.5 x 18.75 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 137 pounds

Second mentioned Reese in our list – The Reese Elite 30142 5th Wheel Hitch is something that won’t disappoint you when you purchase it. Other people say this model might be the most user-friendly model in the market. For example, it is built with a wide funnel area that makes installing this thing very easy. And this simple installation is the start of numerous notable features making this product one of top-notches.

Let’s begin with the material used to make it – this one is made from highly durable steel material. And it has been coated with powder to support cohesion. One most considered as the best investment is something that can function well in the long run (miles and times) exceeding your expectations. And massive customer reviews testified and showed their surprising findings of its functionalities and durability.

This kind of model can load up to 18,000 pounds. And it has our favorite feature – the 4-way pivoting system to make steep road shifting points smoother.

We saw out some reviews and found most people who purchased this model are glad they purchased one. Some because it is straightforward to engage and release. Some because it functions according to its promise to do.

However, we found something from customer reviews that the paint has faded away. Well, this is a big deal for some because they believe that good quality should be in and outside of the equipment. That’s perfectly normal.

But if you’re a person who is into more of what the equipment can do, then this one should be in your list of selection.

If that is what you are looking for – a long term investment, quality-wise for its fair cost.

15. CURT 16130 Q20 Tire H


  • 4-way pivoting system
  • Smoother ride because of Spherical axial bearing
  • Capacity to load up to 18,000 pounds
  • Preventing thief because of its lockable handle


  • Hard to remove
  • Not for short truck


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H CURT
  • Dimensions: 36.75 x 20.5 x 18.75 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 137 pounds

This manufacturer considers this Q20 model as a specialist in its class. When it comes to quality stationary model and rails bracket, then this 16130 Q20 model of 5th Wheel Hitch fits for you.  The primary feature of this model is a three-position coupler that you can view from rearview mirrors so you can see it from time to time. And for you to ensure that you locked it properly.

Likewise, it has a double jaw system that wraps around the kingpin to lessen the motion of Hitch and unlikable sound while driving. The spherical axial bearing mount is a feature responsible for making this kind of model move in any direction necessary to adjust conquering rough terrains or sharp turns.

It’s a heavy-duty towing capacity. This model can load up to 20,000 pounds.

This model comes with a short-throw handle. It interlocks with the kingpin to automatically lock it in position. So it prevents thieves.

This model, too, has a limited lifetime warranty (ten years).

16. Pro Series 30128 Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Well-built kind of model
  • Has a head support
  • Flexible for most type of vehicles


  • Customer reviews showed about delivery packaging improvements
  • Heavy but manageablek


  • Brand: Fifth Wheel H Reese
  • Dimensions: 51.25 x 20.5 x 7 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 147.8 pounds

This model is Reese Brand, our number 16 best – is Pro Series 30128 Fifth Tire Hitch. First to tell is, it deserves to be included on our best 21 for a straightforward reason again – it has a 4-way pivoting system! Honestly, these kinds of equipment should have this basic and practical feature to gain their spot in the best of the bests.

It also has a wide stance that sure improves your experience in the stability aspect.

Okay, here’s more about this Hitch – one of the reliable and sturdy ones at a fair cost point.

Well, the fair cost is a great thing, you know, when you discover that the installation kit is included, unlike other kinds of models.

What’s more, is it also has a 10-year limited warranty. Well, that is pretty something to consider. It appears that the manufacturer company not only produced quality models with rails but also believed in their product that it would deliver its mission – to avoid unnecessary problems when towing your heavy vehicle or RV.

17. PullRite 2700 W Hitch


  • Sliding feature
  • Capacity to load up to 16,000 pounds
  • Automatic locking jaw


  • Extremely heavy


  • Brand: PullRite
  • Dimensions: 41.61 x 23.11 x 17.98 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 177 pounds

This kind of model is made for short bed trucks. This is a kind of sliding model – a real solution to safely and efficiently – it has a turning feature that can round up to 90-degree capacity.

The sliding model is the number one unique quality of this PullRite 2700 Tire Hitch. Entirely made for short bed trucks and another solution for your turning needs – because it has a 90-degree turning capacity – having said that, 90-degree is quite safe and efficient for steep drive shifting.

Its head’s load is so remarkable for it has – 40 pounds. This model is the second lightest sliding model available on the market. This is made from high-end quality materials from American steel. So you can be sure that it will function not only for the miles it can run but for years of usage.

Overall, many people are praising this quality as a sliding model is something unique to purchase. If you want that, then you should see it now.

18. CURT 16049 Q25 Wheel H for Ram Puck System


  • Smooth ride because of its spherical axial bearing
  • Capacity to load up to 25,000 pounds
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation and removal because of Quarter-turn anchoring system


  • Heavy


  • Brand: CURT
  • Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 15 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 110.8 pounds

The 16049 Q25 type of Tire Hitch for Ram Puck System is engineered to become a heavy-duty for towing the RV and heavy vehicle. It can load up to 24,000 pounds. Tne 2-Jaw locking system provides 360-degree jaw-to-king-pin contact. Less rattle and more security than slide-bar models

Not a surprise when we discovered it also has the 4-way pivoting system – making it flexible to adjust any direction. The unique spherical axial bearing allows easy pivoting of the model’s head. The 360-degree feature makes the model move front-to-back and side-to-side tilting, and built-in cushioning absorbs road shock.

With that, you can assure your journey to be a quiet and smooth ride.

Some reviews put almost five stars because of the installation process. This kind of model is super user-friendly. However, due to some delay in delivery, they deducted one star. Well, that’s still something to consider.

Some received the item in a different box. That was 2 boxes. While some argue that they need to improve their packaging, they still confessed that the overall performance of the model is impressive. So with that, as long as the item delivers its promise – that is some you should count.

19. B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3270 Fifth Wheel Hitch


  • Great for heavy-duty job
  • Capacity to load up to 18,000 pounds
  • Has an easy lock security system
  • Well-built model hitches


  • Requires two people to install


  • Brand: B&W Trailer Hitches
  • Dimensions: 34 x 32 x 9 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 52 pounds

The B&W Trailer Hitches K3270 Fifth Tire Hitch is also known as The Patriot 18k Slider. It is mounted rails American-made. It’s never a surprise to know that it has a fully articulating upper part that allows pivoting from front to back and side to side. Easy to reach, Cam Action Handle means easy release even when parked on unleveled sites. Its slide includes multi-directional automatic latching.

When pulling a heavy vehicle, his heavy-duty quality will not disappoint you. Some say its durability is off-the-charts as these kinds of hitches are built with a tank-like one.

However, given the fact that it’s known for doing some fantastic heavy-duties, this model is very heavy. Thus, installation is a bit a challenge, and most likely, two persons or more are needed to install it. Well, if you are looking for strength in performance, this is a perfect finding for you. It speaks of its power and qualities.

20. B&W Companion Wheel Hitch RVK3500


  • 4-way pivoting system
  • Capacity to load up to 20,000 pounds
  • Has a wide stance to improve stability
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


  • Brand: B&W Hitches
  • Dimensions: 38 x 20 x 15 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 2.2 pounds

This model – the B&W Companion Tire Hitch K3500 has several noticing qualities. And these should not be missed by someone who’s looking for a pull. 

First, what makes it stand in the industry, for us, is its 4-way pivoting system. The system allows the model to have four ranges of motion – front to back and side to side. As we already told you, it is a big plus for us. And it strengthens their reputation because the models they produced mostly have solid rails.

Imagine without this quality, and you’re taking steep turning spots and conquering rough terrains you probably experience the most annoying squeaking sounds. From the vehicle metals and every time you turn, you need to go outside to maneuver that thing and go back to your driver seat and do it each time when turning.

It is an awful scenario to think about. B&W Hitches can set the cost this high as if you won’t need to buy another one for years. And because of its wide stance, it makes it easy to install in your truck bed. But due to its heaviness – 20,000 pounds capacity to load – it isn’t a one-person job when installing it in your truck bed. Yet, they make sure that the installation process is quite relatively simple.

Overall, this model is something you can think about as long term investment for towing your heavy vehicle or your recreational vehicle – in the long run. Yes – that means for miles and years of usage. Well, for most people who are looking for positive “Return of Investments,” then the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch K3500 should be on your list!

For quite some years now, we barely see negative reviews from different sites and different only stores. Well, do not take our word for that. See it for yourself. You will be, as we were, amazed about its reliable customer focus product – to help heavy vehicles and owners tow their heavy vehicles safely, smoothly, and in a very environment-friendly way.

Check its price now!

21. CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch


  • Affordable
  • Capacity to load up to 16,000 pounds
  • Coated with carbide power to protect from external elements
  • Has an automatic lock to empower security
  • The single handle makes it easy to operate


  • Some reported about packaging issues.


  • Brand: CURT
  • Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 12 inches
  • Product Heaviness: 95 pounds

The last product and certainly something that you should not miss is the 16115 E16 type of 5th Wheel Hitch. While its manufacturer already dominated this list about rails brackets and other such equipment features, there is still something unique in this model. Like any other model, Hitch, it has a high-end quality to the point it can readily take your heavy vehicle towards its next destination safely and smoothly. And we will tell you how and why.

You would be surprised because of its fair price and still outclass the performance of most of the models in the market. So buyers should expect a notable effectiveness/ efficiency it provides.

This model is straightforward to operate with its single handle, which would make the person who’s using it never experience a tough time. This feature is a huge advantage for some people who are mechanically challenged.

It is not too shabby, for it has 16,000 load capacity – especially, given the model price. Here’s what you need to hear: This model is coated with carbide power. This is to provide resistance against the other external elements. Isn’t it cool? Now, we don’t get surprised when it stays with you for long consecutive years.

Aside from that, it has a dual pivoting system. It gives10-degrees lateral movement to improve smoothness and stable towing by your truck.  If that is what you need, then get this one.

By the way, we found some reviews about its not so lovely packaging, but at the end of sentiments, they confessed that this still does the job. Well, for some, the package box does not matter as long as it fulfills its promise – to do its job to tow conveniently.

We understand people have a perception called “The first impression first.” And that’s perfectly normal. Now, if you are a person that is into equipment that is output-based and not its appearance, then this is definitely for you.

Check its price now!

Types of RV 5th Wheel Hitches

There are a lot of types of hitches you could choose from in the market. Choosing what type can be overwhelming, but we will help understand each type available for you so you won’t have a hard time figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t.

2-Way Pivot Head

The 2-way pivot system hitches will offer your two ranges of movement, forward and back. Moving from side to side is not possible with this type of pivot head, this could be a concern when you are driving on certain terrains.

But if your trips are mainly on paved highways, these models can represent a bargain for you. Plus, this issue doesn’t exactly mean that these models won’t be any of use on rough terrains; it is just going to be hard and more prone to dealing with some problems.

If your trip involves driving through rougher terrains, then we suggest you stay away from this type.

4-Way Pivot Head

The 4-way pivot head system does account for swaying back and forth and gives flexibility as it can move from side to side. Honestly, these models might be the consumer’s one of the favorite types.

If you get this type of pivot head, you won’t be able to have any difficulties driving over any terrain. The ability to deal with all the rocking and swaying as the four ranges of movement give it flexibility is unique to this kind of pivot head.

Even if you end up traveling on paved ways, you might still want to consider getting this. After all, you never know when you’re about to make a detour and take a rougher terrain to avoid traffic jams or construction.

Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck models are ideal for heavy vehicles that hang over the back of your truck bed. You might want to have a gooseneck model that can support and handle extra pin weight.

Gooseneck models are the best hitches for gooseneck trailers. These types are explicitly made for this type of trailer and will make sure you have the right amount of pivot.

There are certain instances where a gooseneck model could work on a non-gooseneck trailer as they tend to have a higher load rating. It is just a matter of finding what type of model works perfectly for you. So when getting one Hitch, remember to see the gooseneck model

Sliding Hitch

If your short truck bed is less than eight feet, what you need is a sliding type. These kinds will make sure your heavy vehicle won’t crash into your cab when you’re making a sharp turn. We don’t want to cause an accident, do we?

Most sliding models require manual sliding, which means you have to get out, adjust your heavy vehicle, lock it into place, drive around the sharp turn, and then reset it. It causes such a hassle!

While some sliding models come with the automatic sliding feature, however, this could cost you extra money than the manual models.

 Double Jaw

The double jaw trailer uses two jaws to close around the kingpin. They typically do this by interlocking together, but it is not always the case. These models are more secure than a sliding option.

If you’re a person who would like to travel around without unnecessary noises, this type of model is perfect for you. This product reduces the amount of noise created by the kingpin. It also lessens the movement of the heavy vehicle, making it safer for you.

However, the double jaw model has one flaw. Due to using two jaws instead of one, it means each jaw is less reliable than both of them combined. This could cause problems in certain situations.

Single Jaw

If your heavy vehicle is over 25,000 pounds, then you should get the single jaw type. These types are manufactured to be more reliable; that way, they can handle excess weight.

With a single jaw type, the jaw wraps around the kingpin, providing the maximum amount of jaw to pin contact. If you are looking for your truck bed to upgrade to tow a heavy vehicle, this is the perfect model for you.

You don’t have to worry about it breaking down in transit, unlike its double jawed counterpart.

These are the types of models that are available for you in the market. Make sure to choose a hitch that fits your preferences and your budget. You also need to consider your safety before buying one.

What to Look for When Buying a 5th Wheel Hitch

Buying your new fifth tire hitch can be an exciting yet complicated thing. You have to weigh in a lot of factors, but if you consider the essential factors listed below, your overall experience as a consumer will become easier.

Mounting Style

You need to consider which mounting style fits your preferences. There are a lot of mounting styles you could choose from. The most common is the rail system; you will be able to find high-quality models that use this system.

There are other styles you could choose from depending on what is the most ideal for the Hitch. You’ll find some that are perfect for under the bed system or above the bed system. You have to be patient with figuring out what mounting style fits your situation.

If you decide you want to get one that best fits an under the bed system, you have to know a few things first. You’ll have to attach (adapter) the mounting hardware to the frame that will have access to the holes that are drilled through the bed of your truck first.

You need to understand that when you are towing with this system, the model will naturally be attached (adapter) to the brackets under the bed. You also have to take out the model when you are not using it.

Now, if you choose to mount a hitch above the bed system, a bracket is installed inside the bed. The model connects to the installed bracket, and the bracket will be left inside even during non-hitching times.

Aside from the railing system and under the bed system, there are specialized brackets to make the installation easier. The most important thing is to find the perfect mounting setup or style that fits your model, and you are most comfortable with.

Always see and make sure that that model you’ll get will lock tightly to avoid nasty breakages, which may lead to dangerous situations we all would like to avoid.

Weight Capacity

One of the most vital factors you might want to consider is the load capacity of the hitches you are getting. You need to know how much load your chosen model will be able to carry without becoming a safety risk. Remember! Safety should be your number one priority.

This factor might sound like common sense, but many people tend to overlook this factor and just run straight to buying the first one they see.

Sometimes these items won’t be able to handle your massive vehicle capacity. Make sure to look for a hitch that could handle a load of your heavy vehicle to prevent the model from breaking.

Make sure the one you are about to buy has a load capacity, either the same load or higher as your heavy vehicle. Buying a one with a higher load capacity is also a safe option for you.

You never know, you might want to upgrade or end up buying a bigger trailer in the future, so buying one with a larger weight capacity could save you money!


Your trailer’s weight capacity is the one thing that will come into consideration when you are picking the jaw configuration. If your heavy vehicle exceeds the 25,000 pounds mark, it is ideal for you to pick a model with a single jaw design.

Models with single jaw design are designed to be more secure than others. It also offers excellent performance that will ensure your safety.

However, a single jaw design is not the only option available. You could also choose double jaw models, these are ideal and much more convenient for the heavy vehicle under the 25,000 pounds mark. The double jaw mechanism of the models is wrapped around the kingpin, which reduces the noise of your vehicle.

This could be useful for you if you want to reduce excess noise. However, always keep in mind the weight capacity of your vehicle to choose the ideal model that fits your situation.

Pivoting System

The pivoting system of your model deals with how much flexibility it could have on your trips. Again, you have a couple of options regarding the pivoting system that you could choose from.

You could choose from 2-way pivoting and 4-way pivoting. We will choose which pivoting system fits your situation.

The 2-way pivoting allows the model to move forward and back. This offers you some flexibility. However, it will leave out the too important ability to sway. While the lack of swaying ability might not be a problem on long highway-centric drives, it could be a problem on pesky backroads.

If you want to avoid those pesky backroads problem, you might want to need the 4-way pivoting system. With this, swaying is no longer a problem as it adds the feature to move from side to side. But the 4-way pivoting models are a lot more expensive.

It is crucial to weigh in the options and evaluate whether you could handle a dent on your wallet with the 4-way pivoting system, or you can settle with the less technologically advanced 2-way pivoting system.


The best fifth wheel hitches are pricey and will cost you a load of money. When you’re checking for your desired model, you’re about to notice that the heavier the weight rating, the more expensive the model.

You must carefully weigh-in what kind of features and quality you want in your Hitch. Buying the lowest quality model will still cost you a large sum of money, so you might want to invest your money correctly.

Outline a strict budget and set of requirements the Hitch must have and make sure you will follow it. This way, you will know what kind of product that will fit your budget you are searching for.

If you are on a tight budget, start your search with models that have the exact weight capacity of your vehicle or at least close to it. Doing this will help you prevent from spending a lot of cash from buying models with features you don’t necessarily need.


It is crucial to consider the model’s quality before buying. You could ask other people’s experiences or read reviews to determine its quality.

Amazon product reviews will help you learn a lot about a hitch’s quality. You might yawn from the idea of reading reviews, but trust me, this will help you a lot.

Once you’re able to have a grasp from the reviews, you will be able to have incredible insights on the products available for you. It will be easier for you to determine which models are high-quality and which are not.

Ease of Use

You need to make sure the Hitch you are about to buy is easy and convenient for you to use. Save yourself some time figuring out what to do or how to connect the model to your vehicle!

For example, if the truck you own has a short bed and you find the idea of getting out your truck every sharp turn unappealing, then don’t get the manual sliding model. Spend a little more money and get an automatic or some other option instead.

Therefore, buy a model that should be able to connect and reconnect in conjunction with the specific requirements you have outlined. In other words, don’t buy a model that doesn’t meet the factors you’ve deemed necessary.

Difficulty of Installation

The easiest way you can determine the model’s difficulty of installation is by deciding if your heavy vehicle and truck are a match. Try to find a model that matches your trailer and can be installed without a lot of outside help.

There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve spent a lot of money and then realizing you have to add additional parts, so make sure to buy a model that has all the necessary parts and accessories.

If you have taken into consideration everything that is mentioned in this section, you won’t have a hard time figuring out what is the great hitch that works perfect for you.       

Benefits of Having a 5th Wheel Hitch

In this section, you’ll discover some substantial benefits of having a hitch once you step into this kind of industry. The good thing about it, it offers to have a more effortless towing and to your life as a whole. These are some factors you might want to contemplate – the reasons why buying this kind of equipment will avoid you from unnecessary disappointments while towing your trailer or recreational vehicle.

 There are many offers or kinds of equipment to help you. These are some of them.

Tow heavier loads

Sometimes, improvised towing features in your car or personalized vulcanized towing features will not do the towing job. For one reason – heavy trailer needs heavy-ready towing materials.

If you step in the Fifth Tire Hitch industry, you are about to make your towing way to the next level. That means another upper level of traditional ball-type towing models. If you’re towing a heavier trailer or Recreational Vehicle, this is your best buddy to do the job. This will stay you away from disappointments and unnecessary headaches when hauling heavily loaded stuff.

When we say disappointments and unnecessary stress, those are road scenarios like sudden detachment of the trailer to your towing truck – damaging of materials when you are taking narrow turns – and uninviting creepy sounds of squeezing metals at the back of your vehicle.

Have you anticipated that? If not, lucky you, you have a chance to read this review. Now, you can avoid those bad things to happen and result in more great things to come.

To name a few – there are models (kind of adapter) engineered to double the security of the lock so your trailer will stay attached with your towing truck for the whole journey. Well, imagine if your trailer suddenly loses its lock in the middle of the road – something you should expect to happen if you use low-class connecting materials.

And by reading this review, you can easily avoid it. So you’ll determine your buying decision and what offers you might enjoy once you get one.

Stabilize heavy loads

There are models with a wide stance to empower towing stability. And you might consider that, especially if your journey is a bit long and tiring. Well, we would expect that if the journey is a bit long and tiring, you do not want to deal with extra small tasks of maneuvering or seeing about your trailer. The bad thing is that not all models have this kind of function.

And if you are driving at high speed, this kind of feature will assist you in maximizing the speed potential of your journey. And you know what? It saves time if you deliver or transport your heavy trailer earlier to the destination.

Additionally, if you step into this kind of equipment industry, it offers to strengthen the towing power on your vehicle – and so to avoid any problem on rough terrains or at high speeds. Of course, no one wants to experience any headache when venturing from one point to another one – that’s the reason why we are sharing this with you. So you can expand your choices and selections when buying a hitch.

Minimize the chance of damage

Safely driving is given. But transporting your stuff or your trailer without damage is another thing you should care about. There is another fantastic feature of a hitch. It has so many qualities you can take advantage to avoid any damage when transporting your trailer or your recreational vehicle from one location to another.

For instance, it has a pivoting way system. This kind of feature is super essential nowadays. Because rough terrains, bad roads, and construction sites are everywhere – and maneuvering advancement is something you must have.

We all want to avoid any interruption while driving as well as while towing our trailer. This pivoting way system will help you avoid that. When taking steep turning roads – this will ease your worry about smoothly passing through rough terrains and sharp turning roads.

What else? Well, minimizing the chance of damage is something to think about when it comes to quality in the long run. We mean, for miles of miles and years of usage.

Imagine your spotless-damage trailer and towing truck will suddenly get a big damage mark because you buy a piece of low-class quality equipment to tow your trailer. Well, we know you don’t want that. And this is your chance to avoid that from happening too.

So if you’re looking for equipment to tow your truck to minimize the change of damage, then get a hitch to do the job!

Maximize Time

This is not about being at the maximum speed while towing your RV. No, that is not like that. If you purchase a great hitch that so perfectly solves all your problems and need for towing, then probably you will transfer it to the right place at the right or earlier time.

So that means, if you are planning to have a family bonding to a few fantastic parks in your country, then it will give you and your family time to do extra activity.

That is what most parents want to do – to have a new talk about what’s happening on the personal stuff of the children and extra bonding for the whole family.

Well, it is surely possible if you can have extra resources or equipment to borrow extra time. And if you need to tow your trailer or RV and borrow extra time, then once you step in, buying a hitch is something you should think about by now. And guess what your spouse will say about this? Brilliant!

Empower Road Safety

This is essential. When buying this kind of equipment, you are not only convenient for your duties, or job, or yourself but also you are empowering the road safety environment for everyone who uses the same road. That’s correct. And we will tell you how and why.

First, if you buy a high-end quality model, you are responsible for considering avoiding unexpected accidents. Simply, because high-end quality equipment should be strong enough to hold the necessary materials and secure it tightly so it won’t lose that may result in some kind of accident on the road.

The second reason is, if unexpected accidents have been avoided, the smooth flow of traffic will continue until everyone delivers their tasks. And you know what? This is something that not all people have realized and somewhat powerful and useful for everyone’s sake. 

Well, if we can help avoid some possible disturbance of a smooth flow of traffic, then we might consider this a noble job. If that happens all the time, guess what, everyone’s happy.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Okay. This one is a bit far, but not too much to not consider. When you help reduce noise pollution, it makes a better surrounding and enhances a friendly environment. Think about it.

Every day, you will see and hear people arguing because of the unnerving sound of horns and horns and other horns of vehicles. This annoys some people. And if people become annoyed, their focus on the road becomes clouded. Once their focus becomes clouded, guess what will happen? Accident! And that is what we are avoiding!

So before we go far from the topic, the essential why we are telling this is because there are models that will either add or reduce noise pollution.

Do you know what other drivers want while driving? Aside from fast traffic, they want to listen to their favorite music. That’s right. They want to listen to their favorite music while driving. And you know what? It improves someone’s mood. Well, that’s what we all want.

To improve somebody’s mood.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Fifth Wheel Hitches (FAQs)

In your mind, you might still be asking a lot of questions. Things like, how does this kind of equipment work, is installation hard? We will answer all of your remaining questions in this section.

Read this section that will help you remove any remaining hesitations or doubt in your mind.

Are 5th wheel hitches removable?

Most of the hitches available on the market are removable. You could easily remove them when you’re not going on a trip and still use the space on your truck. 

However, some models are not removable. This kind of model is usually used on large commercial trucks. They are manufactured to be heavy-duty to carry high weight load without facing any problems.

The models that are used on regular trucks, like your own, are removable. You will be able to remove the model by pulling on the clevis pins or some other mechanism. 

Of course, you won’t be able to remove the whole thing, things like mounting brackets and bars left on your bed. The piece you are removing is the model itself. 

Most of the models are removable in multiple pieces, so the process of removing isn’t too hard but, we still suggest that you ask for help so it won’t be strenuous for you.

Your safety is still the number one priority, before, during, and after your trip, so don’t be shy and someone for help.

How much does the 5th wheel hitch cost?

We’ve mentioned before that Hitch costs a fortune. The price range of the models is usually dependent on the weight capacity the equipment can handle.

If you are only looking for a model that has a low weight capacity compared to others, then you’ll be able to buy a cheap model. Now, if you need a model that has a high weight handling capacity, then you have to invest a lot of money. 

The additional features and types of models also come into account. We’ve mentioned before that a manual sliding-type will cost less than an automatic sliding-type. 

You are probably looking at a range from $300 for the cheapest model to $1500 for the best.

Either way, you will spend a lot of money, so we urge you to spend it on high-quality products available for you in the market. You are not only investing in the product itself, but you are also investing in the safety and comfort of your trip.

Can I install a 5th wheel hitch myself?

If you are handy and have the basic tools you need, you can install your desired fifth tire hitch yourself. Most modern types are designed to utilize the pre-drilled holes that already exist on your truck. You won’t have to do a lot of drilling

Installing a hitch yourself will help you save money. You need to properly review the installation instructions to make sure you will do a proper job.

However, if you are not handy, you can have it installed. Most RV and trailer dealers with shops will install it for you. Some shops specialize in this kind of equipment for installation. This will cost you money.

Always choose the option you are comfortable with and don’t jeopardize your safety.

Where to buy a 5th wheel hitch?

You can always visit the nearest shop that offers you a high-quality type of model. You will be able to examine carefully and compare different kinds of models in the store.  This could be overwhelming, so make sure that before you run to the store, you already know what brand and model you will buy.

If you don’t have any shops near you, you can always look for sites like Amazon. You won’t need to travel far, and you’ll be able to purchase a hitch with just a click. 

If you opted to order online, you’d just have to wait for a few days before you get your Hitch. Make sure you give instructions to handle the product with extra care so your package will arrive without any dents.

How does a 5th wheel trailer attach to a 5th wheel hitch?

The Hitch uses the “kingpin” to attach (kind of adapter) your truck with your trailer. It is the main component in attaching these, so make sure to get a hitch that has a great kingpin.

This feature, which is a downward-facing pin, is located on top of the Hitch and locks into position. This will secure your trailer into your truck, but it’s still able to move as you navigate turns.

It’s beneficial for you to remember that the flat plate of your trailer and a flat plate of your Hitch should be in constant contact with each other. Make sure you see and lubricate it every once in a while to keep the plates from wearing. 

It’s not too complicated, right?

What is the 5th wheel hitching checklist?

Before you hit the road, make sure you follow the checklist provided below. This will help you avoid accidents and ensure your safety during the trip.

  1.   Make sure to lower the trailer to set the kingpin to the correct height
  2.   Lower your truck’s tailgate
  3.   Open your Hitch’s locking bar
  4.   Back your truck under the trailer and connect with the Hitch’s kingpin
  5.   Secure the Hitch’s locking bar
  6.   Put your tow vehicle in the drive to make sure the connection is secure
  7.   Attach the breakaway switch cable and umbilical cord
  8.   See your trailer’s lights and brakes
  9.   Lift the tow vehicle’s tailgate
  10. Raise the Hitch’s landing gear
  11. Remove the tire chocks.

The process of unhitching is the exact opposite of this. Start with number 11 and move up to number 1. 

Follow this list to ensure your trip’s safety. Make sure you carefully do this. We’ve mentioned this a lot of times, but your safety should be your number one priority.

Are all 5th wheel hitches the same?

No, not all hitches are the same. We’ve previously discussed the different types of Hitch that are available for you in the market. There are single and double jawed models, as well as manual sliding and automatic sliding models, 2-pivot, and 4-pivot head types.

There are different types of hitches, and they all vary in the way they do their intended job. 

Even though there are different kinds, they exist to do its job and make sure you arrive safely in your destination, and your whole trip is comfortable. Though, there is one thing they all have in common: you’re about to spend a huge sum of money.

Make sure you invest your money on high-quality products.

Top 5th Wheel Hitch Brand Offers

There are a lot of fifth tire hitch brands that you could choose from, but we are here to help you consider which top brands are the best. These reviews will help you get an idea of what is out there. 

CURT 5th Wheel Hitch 

The Curt Manufacturing trailer model is possibly one of the best hitches you could invest your money in. If you ever need hitches for specific trailers, this brand is perfect for you.

Their models have a high level of performance, do an excellent job, and are extremely durable. Aside from this, their units are reasonably priced, making it a great economical choice because of the model’s affordability, they are one of the most sought-after trailer models on the market. 

The Manufacturing Company of a fifth wheel hitch takes pride in its sturdy design. Designed by professionals, it makes sure that its operating system makes use of a single-handle method, making operations extremely easy. 

The leading manufacturer employs “the latest technology with everything from cutting edge design software to advanced robotic welding to unique finishing processes. With these tools and our dedicated team of associates, we can lead in first-to-market designs and offer an unmatched order-fill rate.”   

Andersen Hitches 

Another brand that exceptionally manufactures Hitch is Andersen Hitches. They have been producing top-quality models for over fifty years.  Their high-quality products gained the consumers’ trust allowing them to operate for years. 

Andersen Hitches has created and introduced many “firsts” to the trailer models and towing industry. They have been producing a complete line of popular and unique products. 

Andersen Hitches stand with their simple yet effective slogan, “when only the best will do.”

B&W Hitches 

Just like Andersen, B&W Hitches have been around the model manufacturing marketplace for a long time. If you are looking for a functional and reliable hitch, B&W 5th wheel hitch is perfect for you. 

B&W Hitches claims that they did not invent the equipment, but when their products hit the store, they made everyone else re-invent their products. 

This company prides itself on being one of the last American made model manufacturers, or as they say, “AMERICAN MADE. BUILT TO LAST.” 

If you can purchase a hitch that came from these three companies, you should be confident that the model will do its job. Of course, other products from other brands that we mentioned above are considered high quality as well. 

But if you are looking for a model that does its job efficiently and causes no hassle, then you should invest your money on the brands mentioned above. That’s what we are looking for in a hitch. 

After all, you are going to splurge a lot of money, so why not spend it on brands that produce products that are in the market for years and are proven and tested, right? Invest your money on models that are high quality and will make you feel comfortable and safe during your trips.


While showing you our:

Top 5th Wheel Hitch Overall (B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK350) and Top 5th Wheel Hitch Best Value (CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch), keep in mind that – there are so many hitches out there.

And you know what’s best for you? It is something that will solve your problem. It is something that will not give you a headache and prevent you from any disappointments and unnecessary stress. And it varies. It depends on what you have and your current state.

Serving you to provide reliable and quality review is our goal. If this helps you at least a bit, we would be happy to hear it in the comment section.


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