15 Sites for Best Camping in Arkansas

Exploring nature is said to be one of the best ways to destress. By breathing fresh air, you could already experience tranquility, and it gets better when accompanied by your loved ones. If this sounds good to you, then try Arkansas!

In the USA, the state of Arkansas, a place blessed with wonderful nature, has beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water bodies, and undisturbed wildlife, making it a perfect place to seek serenity.

Accessibility is one of the key factors why many people choose to travel here. With just a simple view map, you could already get directions safely. Besides that, many historical pieces are laid here to satisfy your eyes and empower your mind with knowledge.

And, of course, your trip is not complete without nature immersion. There are many activities you can do here, both land and water! So stretch those muscles and be ready for great activities. Not to mention, some of these special events only happen seasonally.

TOP 15 CAMPSITES FOR THE BEST CAMPING IN ARKANSAS: Experience The Best Camping at Arkansas

We will help you choose your next weekend getaway trip for this review. We listed some of the best places here in Arkansas that offer not only majestic views of nature but also great activities you could enjoy there. Are you feeling excited now? Then let’s start exploring each one of them! 

1. Lake Catherine State Park 

Credits to Explore the Ozarks

If you are looking for a campground suitable for all ages with good reviews, then Lake Catherine Plaza may be the one for you. 

This private and one of the places for the best camping in Arkansas, which is one of the five water bodies settling in the Ouachita Mountains region in Arkansas, offers its visitors a wide variety of activities and amenities for your best outdoor experience.

For the kids, there’s a playground provided on the site. What a perfect place to stretch their muscles and make new friends as well! Of course, there are also outdoor activities that grown-ups can enjoy, particularly those who love hiking and nature viewing.

Hikers can venture to shorter marks or longer Dam mountain Tail. The shorter marks lead streams, lakeshore, and to a scenic waterfall, while the latter leads you to the forest, up into the mountains, and to a ridge that rewards us with a fantastic view of the place. 

This place also offers the only full-service marina water-sports enthusiasts out there or anyone who enjoys kayaking or canoeing activities. They offer boats or kayaks which you can book. 

They sell snacks and beverages; if you want to save a dime, buying bulk from your local store before heading out could be more economical. Plus, investing in a good motorhome refrigerator is a practical thing to do to ensure you have enough storage for your food supplies during camping.

The site’s natural beauty doesn’t need filters or editing applications, such as ADOBE, just to appreciate its best value. With the place’s picturesque nature, you can see many native stones and wood buildings whose history could date back to the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. So don’t forget to charge those cameras and capture these fantastic sceneries.  

Best way to end the day? Make sure to bring your Outdoor mats to enjoy camping underneath the stars at night while walking down memory lane. 

Moreover, don’t forget to check their calendar of events on the web because you don’t want to miss out on their particular or seasonal events, such as the guided horseback rides, which are only seasonally offered.

2. Petit Jean State Park

Credits to Sierra Club

This place is the mother of all state parks in Arkansas due to its rich historical resources. That’s why, without a doubt that this plaza is a classic go-to place for most travelers, especially those who love a nostalgic vibe.

Get ready to have a blast from the past, as you will be able to see cave paintings and archeological sites from thousands of years ago. Besides that, tons of historical and geological treasures are waiting to amaze your visuals. 

You will be able to witness the rugged beauty of the site with its rustic style, native log, and facilities made of stone, all built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) at the beginning of 1933. 

Also, with these, you will see other complex works of the CCC through the different infrastructures. Plus, the historic Mather Lodge is the centerpiece of the place. It has 24 lodges and various amenities, which offers a great picture of the Cedar Creek Canyon.

When it comes to nature’s scenic look, tons of excellent reviews have already proven it. And to further appreciate its natural beauty, they offer outdoor activities, including hiking and several water activities. 

Venturing the 20 miles of marks will lead to the forests and meadows, over canyons, and streams. The site’s hidden gems such as the 95 ft Cedar falls, Seven Hollow tail, Bear Cave, the Grotto, and the Natural Bridge are perfect spots to unleash the inner photographer in you. 

The other spectacular formations like the carpet and turtle rocks are also valuable visits.

Suppose hiking is not your thing; upstream from the cedar creek is the 100 acre Lake Bailey, which offers several water activities such as fishing, kayaking, and pedal boating. And, the boathouse offers you boat rentals, essential supplies, and even a snack bar during summertime.

Besides these, you can also enjoy their two swimming pools, pavilions, playground for the young ones, basketball and tennis court for those who best value that extra sweat. 

Enough waiting, and start planning your weekend trip. Don’t forget to check the availability of the amenities or facilities they offer on the web. When visiting here during December, an additional tip is to make sure to have your coffee maker with you to complement the cold climate.

3. Devil’s Den State Park

Credits to Arkohiker

The name of this park doesn’t sound pleasant, right? Not until you see the magnificent beauty that is nestled in this place. Your memorable camping experience in Arkansas won’t be complete if you don’t visit this widely known State Park at least once. 

Its address is in the Lee Creek Valley and blessed with superb beauty, not to mention the historical legacy. No wonder why many favor this place.

As you arrive here, expect a glimpse of history, for you will be able to see traces of the hard work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The built to last construction, plus its rustic wood and stone design, increases this place’s eminence.

This site is one of the few places in Arkansas that offers underground exploration. Several marks here let you walk through, around, and even under various caves and caverns. 

One of the most notable reviews is its 550 feet long cave. Also, with these, amaze yourself with fascinating rock formations.

Besides the underground attractions, this park also offers you magnificent waterfalls and an 8 acre Devil lake perfect for different water activities. Fishing, canoeing, boat pedaling are only several things you could do here in the water.

If you still want to be a little more adventurous, you can join with park interpreters as they hike along through the marks, including the 15-mile Butterfield Hiking Spot. Besides this, you could also do some backpacking, mountain biking, and horseback riding leading to the Ozark National Forests.  

Besides these classic activities, there are many seasonal activities and events to watch out for before planning your weekend trip here. One of the most anticipated events held here annually during spring is the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival. 

So if you are a fan of such an event, then maybe this is the perfect time to invest in a reliable bike rack to ensure that your ride will be on board. 

Another exciting event that only happens in June is the Bat-O-Rama, wherein you will have a closer encounter with none other than bats! The good thing is you can capture a stockpile of pictures of these fantastic creatures to store as a great memory. 

Lastly, it is good to know that there are seasonal pools (during summer only) and cafes. Make sure to check their calendar of events and the schedule of their amenities on the web before booking the date because it will be quite a bummer missing such spectacular events.

4. Buffalo National River Park

Credits to NPS

Arkansas is the home of this pioneer National River in the country. This site is one of the only remaining free-flowing watercourses left in the USA. 

This national waterway that runs for 135 miles offers majestic scenery and many activities waiting for the travelers. Let’s explore what makes this place unique in the reviews of its visitors.

There are many fascinating natural treasures nestled here, so make sure to have your polaroid all the time. From its towering rock formations architectured by nature itself, landscapes with rich vegetation, waterfalls, and wildlife you can watch, all of these await as you arrive here. 

The park also offers many water activities that you will surely enjoy. You can do some fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. 

Springtime is typically the beginning of the float season in the upper part, meaning the water level increases. This season makes the place crowded with adrenaline rushers, so installing a personalized RV flag pole could allow easy identification of your motorhome.

If you still have lots of extra energy, you could also try cave exploration, hiking, and dipping in the waterfalls of Lost Valley Trail.

Another spot that you shouldn’t miss is Whitaker Point, hailed as the most photographed spot in the state. What’s impressive about this place is that you could see the pink mountain azaleas or fiery fall leaves, depending on the season. 

Still up to more challenging and heart-pounding activity? Then Big Bluff Goat Trail is the one for you, and get ready to be amazed by world-class geologic formations and the breathtaking scenery of the waterway. It is a six-mile round trip of hiking, and takes 4 to 5 hours to complete.

This activity requires a lot of physical effort to enjoy the trip thoroughly, and it’s advisable to have enough stock of different medicines for dizziness, headache, and many more. 

There are also historical pieces you can find around here. Perched within this waterway is the Buffalo Point, formerly known as Buffalo River State Park, which lies the Indian Rockhouse Trail and the Rush Historic District. 

Rush was known to be a zinc mining community until its demand fell. They also offer tours about the town’s history, making us know and appreciate the place more.
This area is guarded against any development and disturbances to maintain this natural gift. In fact, by just setting up a nice awning beside your motorhome, you can already enjoy the scenery and relieve the stress you have from the busy urban life.

5. Degray Lake Resort State Park 

Credits to Degray Lake

Arkansas’ only resort state park, Degray Lake Resort, is the home of the breathtaking 13,800 acres of Degray waters. For RVers, you would be glad to know that it is easily accessible through its paved roads. 

The Degray, situated near the water bodies, is abundant in water activities due to its location. Moreover, this park also has lots of outdoor activities for those not into water hobbies. You could be sure that no one will be left behind with these.

Who would have thought that you could find an 18 hole championship golf course here with a driving range, practice green, and even a pro shop! So for the golf enthusiast out there, this might be the perfect place for you to gather away from the busy world. 

Besides that, you can also enjoy swimming or playing tennis if you wish. Not to mention, there’s also a space for those who are into disc golf.

They also offer hiking activities and horseback riding to visitors who best value immersing themselves in nature. But you know what’s perfect? It homes the Mountain Trail System, a world-class mountain biking track.

Of course, your trip here wouldn’t be complete without trying any water activities they offer, right? They’ve got a complete package marina that offers you bait tackle for fishing, fuel, and boat rentals, including party barges, pedal boats, and kayaks. 

Let’s admit it when we see iconic nature’s images on the web or in magazines; we can’t help ourselves but imagine as if we are there, right? Well, this park turns this dream into reality. 

This site has plenty of wildlife and a fantastic picture of nature. It is no surprise that this place is known for its interpretive presentation. These include sunset cruising, snorkeling trips, birding tours, and many more! 

But if you wish to sit back and relax, their lodge has a heated swimming pool and hot tubs to release the stress inside your body. There’s also a fitness room open for you, so you can stay in shape even when you are on vacation. 

It is also good to know that they have a Shoreline Restaurant that offers a full menu, so you don’t need to worry about preparing food. They are accepting catering assistance upon special request. 

With a 300 seat conference center and breakout meeting rooms, it can accommodate many people for special events such as retreats, reunions, weddings, and many more! So that you know, they are known to give exceptional assistance and hospitality for such events.   

The resort also hosts various events throughout the year to be informed about these events. Aside from this, there are many outdoor workshops and special events that only happen once in a while. They hold winter Eagle Watch Tours on this site, to name a few.

6. Crater of Diamonds State Park

Credits to Go Arkansas

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure while tenting? Get ready to mine and start your treasure hunting in this state park in Arkansas.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only site in Arkansas (and the only place in the world for that matter) where the public can search for a stockpile of genuine diamonds in their original volcanic source. 

There are 33,100 diamonds found, averaging a discovery of one diamond per day. Who knows, it might be you who will be the next to take home the gem.

The search field is a large area of 37-acre cultivated fields. Initially, it could be beneficial to prepare yourself by learning how to search for them by visiting the park’s Visitor Center and Diamond Discovery Center. 

Here, you can learn about rocks and minerals discovered at the park, glimpse and interact with the exhibitions about diamonds, and learn about the area’s history and geology.

As for the “mining” activity, keep in mind that it can be messy. Prepare your old shoes and boots to prepare for the muddy fields. 

Wearing sunscreen and a hat, especially during summer, is recommended. Tools are not necessary for mineral seeking. You can search by walking up and down the rows while diamonds lying on top of the ground await discovery.

Suppose you wish to dig into the soil. In that case, bringing your diamond-mining tool (battery-operated or motor-driven mining equipment is not allowed) is necessary. Renting of tools is halted during the pandemic season. 

There is a cardinal rule of “finders keepers” in the search field; thus, everything you find is yours to keep! Park staff will gladly assess and identify any rocks and minerals you found and wrap them up in a fancy box.

Aside from diamond searching, there are other activities the state park has to offer. Here are some things you would love to do:

· Swim and splash in the water at Diamond Springs Water Park. It is the perfect place to cool off and take a break from digging around diamonds.

· Enjoy a meal at the Kimberlite Café.

· Fish on the Little Missouri River. The ideal time to fish is during late summer, and you can access the waterway through Terrell Access, a public boat launching ramp across from the park. Keep in mind that a fishing license is required to do this.

· Enjoy wildlife encounters at Wildlife Observation Blind.

The campground in the park is suitable for parking your motorhome and pitching your tents. Crater of Diamonds State Park features 47 Class AAA campsites (with water/electric/sewer hookups) and five walk-in tent sites.  The campground also offers free Wi-Fi, two modern bathhouses with hot showers, and a dump station that allows you to clean your motorhome’s septic tanks, so make sure to have a reliable motorhome sewer hose.

7. Mount Magazine State Park 

Credits to Trip Advisor

Traveling within Arkansas, experience going to its peak point, especially when you love hiking. 

The park from the 2,753-foot Mount Magazine will surely welcome outdoor enthusiasts overlooking the distant mountains, deep canyons, and waterway valleys. Plus, its peak elevation will make it a fantastic place to spend on a hot day.

Some people come to Mount Magazine State Park for the visuals alone, but the place has more to offer. Spending a day here is full of fun things while appreciating nature’s beauty. However, Always be attentive to dwelling bears, and if you ever see one, do not be tempted to feed them.

Outdoor sports and extreme adventure enthusiasts can try horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, and hang gliding. 

Fun fact, Mount Magazine State Park offers the most scenic location for technical rock climbing and is one of the two-state parks (Mount Nebo is the other one) that offers to hang gliding launch areas.

Drop by the Visitor’s Center and learn about Mount Magazine’s natural diversity through plaza interpreters’ various presentations. The Center also has a gift shop, so don’t forget to come to look inside.

Campsites have water, sewer, and electric hookups. It also features a modern bathhouse with complete amenities and a motorhome dump station to drain your sewer tote waste materials.

And lastly, do not forget to look up at the stars at night. Camping under the starry sky will always be a fantastic experience.

8. Lake Ouachita 

Credits to Almost Home House Boats

How about camping at the shores of Arkansas’s most extensive and cleanest reservoir? Lake Ouachita, the largest body of water in the county, which offers 40 100 acres of clean and clear water surrounded by the scenic look of Ouachita National Forest, will not disappoint you.

This State Park is the perfect place if you want to tent in a great fishing spot with exceptional reviews. Try fishing in open waters or quiet coves, for this place is abundant with bream, crappie, catfish, stripers, and largemouth bass.

Activities aside from fishing have over 600 miles of shoreline for every water sport imaginable. The activities enjoyed here are angling, boating, kayaking, water skiing, and scuba diving. 

This site also offers scenic spots, two swimming areas, and a marina with boat rentals and fishing stocks. 

Book your day at the site by hiking the Caddo Bend Trail and visiting the Three Sisters Springs. This historic site is still open for public viewing and witnesses the spring once known for its healing aspect.

Do not forget to drop by at the Visitor Center. Interact with the exhibits and interpretive presentations offered by the place, or search through the web to know more about these things and their booking schedule. There is also a gift shop inside for you to look around.

As for camping, the recommended part is at Denby Point, addressed at the Southern side of the site. There are 58 Class A campsites with electrical hookups and 36 Class D sites where you can hike in and pitch in your tents.

 Also, there are bathhouses with hot showers for campers to use. There are also fully equipped cabin-type hotels (with kitchens and satellite TV) with overlooking sights of the waters available for a more luxurious option.

9. Burns Park 

Credits to the MRPish

Were you traveling with kids and family? You can never go wrong by visiting Burns Park. AR’s largest municipal plaza of over 1,700 acres is full of outdoor fun. It is a place to go to relax and visit regularly.

There are playground amenities and an amusement plaza ride for the young ones to keep fun going. You can also let them stretch and run out in the open areas of the various sports fields such as tennis, baseball, softball, and soccer complex.

This sports complex allows both kids and adults to play around. Every minute spent here will surely keep them occupied and enjoyed.

The site also offers two disc golf courses for everyone to enjoy; there is one 9-hole and two 18-hole disc golf courses (a Tournament Golf Course and a Championship Golf Course). Try them out and compete with your friends or family!

For more adventures, try out the site’s hiking marks, archery range, BMX track, and caboose, which are always part of the positive reviews. 

The plazas have a lovely pathway with access to the Arkansas River Trail for you to walk, run, or bike around. You can also bring your pet around and enjoy your time at the dog hotel.

Complete your day with a great picnic, with a scenic sight surrounding beautiful trees and overlooking the watercourse while you eat. Ensure that your motorhome 12V refrigerator is loaded, as there are no available food stores within walking areas available on the site.

Although the site offers small campsite areas, you can always find a spot in the shade to pitch your tent or seat your RV.

10. Mount Nebo State Park 

Credits to Wikimedia

Another place to camp high up in the Mountain would be Mount Nebo Plaza. It is 1,350-foot above waterway valleys where you can enjoy the spectacular image of nature. 

Its address is 45 minutes away from Arkansas Wine Country and is near shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants.

Before you head out, be prepared to go up the Mountain. There are many sharp turns, so be attentive and bring your medicine just if you experience motion sickness. It could not be ideal for a motorhome over 24-foot long, for it could get stuck on the way up to the place.

Mount Nebo Plaza has been famous since the Pre-Civil War. This place is the second state park in 1928, making it a historic site for you to explore. 

Construction for most of the structures is in the 1930s-era, and some were still well maintained for everyone to explore and create reviews. One place to learn the site’s history is by visiting the Cornwell House.

Do not forget to drop by the Visitor Center, for it was the hub to review place information. The Center also offers a gift shop for added amenities, and at the back porch, there is a viewing telescope and rocking chairs for you to appreciate nature. 

The Center also has a fantastic bike station that allows you to maintain and clean your bike here before heading out to the mountain marks.

If you ever have kids around you, a playground is available for them to play around. But there are easy level marks that the whole family can try.

The site has over sixteen tracks of more than 14 miles of hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking for you to explore. The difficulty level varies from an easy day hike to extreme activity for all ages to try out and enjoy.

To keep your adrenaline running, you can also try to hang gliding, for it is one of the two (Mount Magazine is the other) to offer a hang gliding launch area.

And to make your day here better, Mount Nebo Plaza also has two spectacular views. There are two points here, the Sunrise Point and the Sunset Point, wherein you can drive on the opposite sides of the Mountain to watch as the beautiful sun goes up or down.

The lodge at Mount Nebo has 24 campsites and ten primitive tent sites. You can rent a rustic-style cabin or a modern equipped cabin-type hotel here. And for a unique option, try renting out Cabin 1, the pioneer cabin-type hotel rental in state park history.

11. Maumelle Campgrounds 

Credits to ILoveRVLife

When looking for a place to enjoy the Arkansas River’s sight or a camping site near Pinnacle Mountain, Maumelle Campgrounds could be the answer. 

You can start the day by warming up at the Nuttall trails. Take a short stroll with your pets and explore some parts of the woods before you settle down at your campsite. 

Hiking on Pinnacle mountain is only two miles away from the camping site. There are 13 marks, ranging from easy to strenuous. 

Take the easy route, breathe in the fresh air and use this opportunity to unwind, or release your stress and challenge yourself to take a more challenging level. 

Either way, you can admire the scenery and go bird watching, especially between November and the first half of March, to get a chance to see eagles that migrate between Canada and the US Great Lake Region. 

You can also sail your way towards the camp as they accept boat-ins, so grab your fishing rods, your favorite book, and spend the day relaxing while waiting to rail in your fresh-caught dinner that could be different types of basses, crappies, and sunfishes.  

You can also enjoy the waters by riding a canoe or kayak! Not only will you enjoy the sight while hearing the soothing sounds of the swaying trees and the gentle flow of the water.

 These activities are even suitable for team buildings because you all need to coordinate and collaborate. You can go for a calm ride, or you can spice it up a bit by doing team plays or races.  

The Arkansas Watercourse is a significant tributary of the Mississippi Waterway. It has 2364 kilometers in length and has a discharge of 1147m3/s that could inspire you to make long canoeing or kayaking watercourse exploration.

Before doing this, allot time reading reviews to make the necessary preparations such as creating communication systems, equipping emergency and safety tools, and bringing first-aid kits and food stocks for a hassle-free trip.

After a long, fun-filled day, it’s time to get comfortable at the campsite. You can choose from classic camping with tents or modern camping with motorhomes.

This site offers 128 spacious suites with 30 and 50-amp electric hookups. Aside from that, water hookups and showers are available. 

The camping site also has amenities like a playground and a basketball court to entertain the kids while you cook the freshly caught fish at the fire pits for dinner. Cheers to a happy time and a happy stomach!

12. Cove Lake 

Credits to Explore the Ozarks Online

Enjoy both the wonders of a mountain and the calm sparkling waters in one trip! Its address is within the beautiful Ozark Forest. This amusement area and campground are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy land and water activities. 

Let your head cool off, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful sight of the 2,753-foot-tall Mount Magazine, the tallest Mountain in the state of Arkansas.  

Cove Lake is a 160-acre mountain reservoir that is jam-packed with activities! You can go swimming and fishing in each designated area. 

The site is abundant in catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and perch. Fish restocking is every two years, so don’t hold back and catch until your stomach’s content. 

You can paddle your stress out of your system by canoeing in the water. There are paddle boats and canoe rentals at the site, so you don’t have to bring your own. It is also a great bonding experience with your family or friends. 

Another water sport you can do in the lake to test your strength and balance is water skiing. It is an excellent experience in the water where you will get pulled by a boat and gracefully glide across the water.

Heads up for initial visitors, you need to use both your upper and lower body strength to do this activity. It looks easy, but it could be the contrary; you will get thrown into the water until you succeed in keeping your balance. 

So, don’t laugh so hard if you see your friend fly, skip, and sink like a stone. Once you all get the hang of it, you can try different tricks and enjoy the wind while getting a fantastic photoshoot.

The campground still has you covered for those who love activities on land. For sports enthusiasts, you can enjoy a game of volleyball or golf at the campsite. 

For Nature lovers, you can enjoy the scenery by strolling, hiking, biking, and even going on a relaxing scenic drive to the top of Mount Magazine. The route is 10 miles north of Havana, Arkansas. Put some music on and have a pleasant trip to the top. 

You can choose between cabin-type hotels, tents, or motorhomes for stay-ins. There are phone facilities and a WIFI connection in the area, so you won’t need to worry about updating your social media accounts. 

The campground only provides electric hookups, but don’t be alarmed; there are available hot showers and flush toilets for you to use. The place provided each campsite with picnic tables and a campfire ring with grills; firewoods are also available in the market. 

Get comfortable and have a long-awaited bonding moment beside the picturesque Mount Magazine.

13. White Rock Mountain Recreational Area 

Credits to White Rock Mountain

Go back in time, relive the past, and experience nature by staying at White Rock Mountain in Arkansas! 

This site features three historic and rustic stone cabins built back in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. 

Located within the Ozark National Forest, this amusement area has a primitive concept with modern amenities like electricity, WIFI connection, and bathrooms with a hot shower and a flush toilet.

The lodge and cabins were fully renovated and restored by 1991, allowing us to experience a part of the 1930s with our friends or loved ones. 

Good news for fur-parents! You can even tag with your pet as long as you pay the 200 dollars deposit fee, which will return after your stay and after the cabin hotel inspection.

The CCC themselves craft the wooden furniture of the cabin-type hotels! A stone fireplace, a full kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, oven, and a coffee pot. 

You can also enjoy outdoor dining on the patio, including a picnic table and fire pits with a grill. You will only need to bring your charcoal and purchase firewood at the store to start the barbeque party. 

Also, note that these cabins-type hotels have a full-size bathroom, but you need to bring your necessities and toiletries. 

If you are looking forward to staying under the trees, snuggling in a hanging bag while gazing up at the stars at night, there are nine sites available. 

The sites feature accessible drinking water, a nice vault toilet, tent pads, and both barbeque grills and fire rings, but no electric hookups, so you would be embracing the tent life at each site. 

Site 1 and 2 accommodate guests, up to 8 persons, with small motorhomes or pop-up trailers. And, sites 3 to 8 are for the classic tent travelers and accommodate up to 6 guests per site. Site 3 to 4 are within the Mountain’s interior, while Site 5 to 8 is at the Mountain’s bluff sides. 

There are parking spaces on each side of the site, so you do not have to worry about carrying all your luggage up the Mountain. Lastly, Site 9 is perfect for large families or groups of friends to accommodate ten guests at a time. 

This camping site has a private drive and a looped route, so it is an excellent site to consider if you will bring ATVs or a small trailer. What is also great about site nine is the exclusivity from the rest of the camping grounds so that you can enjoy an intimate bonding experience. 

Of course, there are activities in the amusement area that will surely brighten your day! You will love the scenery at the Hiking marks for the people who enjoy the campground sight. 

There are four hiking marks, and each has its charm. White Rock Rim is an easy route to the top of the Mountain and has a 365-degree sight of the Ozark National forest! Enjoy the serene picture of the sunrise and sunset in one place. 

Next are the White Rock West and Shores Lake Loop Tail, with moderate to strenuous hiking marks that will award you with beautiful seasonal waterfalls, creek crossings, and gorgeous mountain bluffs. 

Last on the list is the positively-rated Ozark Highlands Tail, one of the most picturesque hiking marks in the nation. 

If you want to experience an adventurous trip and the fast winds up in the Mountain, White Rock Mountain offers biking and ATV tracks.

For biking enthusiasts, you can challenge yourself at the multi-used rough track in the area or go on an off-road adventure to the deeper parts of the Ozark National Forest. 

ATV peeps can enjoy the high-speed rides at the Mill Creek Tails. The Mill Creek Tail will go through tall hardwood forests, mountain creaks and be able to see fantastic white rock formations that gave the Mountain its name. 

You can also swim, fish, and go on a non-motorized boating activity down the Shores lake for refreshing water activities. Let the kids have fun and enjoy the pavilion near the lake, which is perfect to book for gatherings. 

Rocking the day thru canoeing or kayaking at one of the wildest watercourses in the state will surely satisfy that adrenaline rushing in your veins. 

The waterway stream varies from season to season. To experience a rapid stream, visit the watercourse during the spring as early as possible because, by the summer season, the river takes on a different feel, with a smooth, relaxing, and gentle stream. 

Remember that canoeing can be dangerous, be careful, and measure your capabilities before taking on an intense adventure in the river.

There are tons more you can do in your stay at White Rock Mountain. Other activities were available within a maximum of a 1-hour drive from the cabins. So if you want to set free that untamed energy, then coming here might be the best thing to do.

14. Richland Creek Recreational Area 

Credits to Arko Hiker

Imagine you are in the wilderness, under a tree, hiding from the warm rays of the sun, peacefully laying on the grass, watching the trees gently sway with the wind. 

Make it happen at the Richland Creek Recreational Area! Tent beside the creek and explore the scenic mountain stream with waterfalls, rocks, and bluffs. 

Nestled in the Ozark National Forest, this site gives some of Arkansas’s most beautiful land and water formations.

The Richland Creek Wilderness Area is the holy grail for waterfall lovers. The parts of the forest near the campground do not only have one waterfall nearby, but it has three! 

Not including the small waterfalls you can spot along the way. Just follow the marks from the campsite, and you will be able to enjoy the waterfalls after some valuable hiking experience. 

So, starting with the Twin falls, which are waterfalls beside each other. Next is the Richland Falls, small but has the same span as the creek. Lastly, Hamilton falls could provide you with some privacy since it is less visited than the two. 

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see each of the beauty of all three falls possesses.

You can also enjoy exploring the Mountain by hiking or horseback riding. While horseback riding, be careful not to be too caught up in the scene. Look at the track from time to time and avoid steep paths along the way. 

The Mountain is full of rock formations, bluffs, and cascades complemented by the surrounding waters and well-developed oak-hickory forests, giving the beautiful scenery a bit of fall color. 

The campground lets you be one with nature. There are 11 family-size units available that feature the classic tent site with picnic tables, fire pits, accessible drinking water, vault toilet, but no electric hookups or showers. 

However, the guests are not encouraged to bring motorhomes or any camping vehicle to the amusement area due to the rough roads. But what is a day or two without the comfort of the modern way of living if you can personally see and enjoy the enchanting Ozark National Forest, right?

15. Hickory Creek Campground 

Credits to Ramcquade

Do you want to spend some time away from the city? Have the urge to spend your time lazing around, not worrying about deadlines or the pile of papers on your desk, or maybe cleaning the messy house?  

With all the hard work you have done, you need a well-deserved vacation! Grab a chance to see and explore the breathtaking Ozark Mountain of Northwest Arkansas at the Hickory Creek Plaza. Unwind and spend a peaceful day with your loved ones.

Outdoor enthusiasts would surely love their stay at the campground as it gives access to the scenery near Beaver Lake, which has 487 miles of shoreline. 

You can enjoy the water by swimming or boating at the lake. You can even fish for your dinner while you enjoy the view. With towering limestone bluffs, caves, a wide variety of trees, and flowering shrubs surrounding the lake, it became a popular tourist destination.  

Besides, Beaver Lake is a human-made waterbody completed back in 1966, formed upon the construction of the Beaver Dam across the White River, with the purposes of flood control, source of hydroelectric power, public water supply, and of course, an attraction.

Exploring Ozark Mountain is possible through hiking from the campground to the marks, which gives you more time to enjoy and be carried away by its natural beauty. 

You can also go for an exciting bicycle ride through the forest to get yourself pumped up for the day. 

One of the best activities with good reviews you can do here is hunting. So for the hunting enthusiasts out there, this might be the perfect spot for you. With the abundant forest, deer, rabbits, and squirrels would surely be in the area to join you.

Of course, you cannot do all the activities in one day. Spend a night or two at the Hickory creek Campgrounds and go back exploring the beautiful Mountain of Ozark during the day. 

You do not have to be worried about your place to stay as the Hickory Creek campground has plenty of shade and has a large campsite. Stay with the classic tent, or sleep soundly in your motorhome’s RV mattress

The place provides accessible and complete amenities. So, get ready and plan with your loved ones, and spend a joyful, stress-free vacation!


Camping in Arkansas is truly a unique and wonderful experience. After knowing all these beautiful sites, there’s no doubt that the state of Arkansas is truly blessed and worth the trip. 

Besides the campsites listed above, there’s still so much to discover in this area. Moreover, these sites are accessible. We could quickly get directions to our destinations with just a simple view map. 

Just keep in mind, always check their calendar of events because you don’t want to miss out on some of the unique events that only happen once in a while. 

Furthermore, always be knowledgeable about places you intend to go ahead of time, especially if you are looking for a specific activity visible in a particular place. 

And lastly, don’t forget to capture pictures of the incredible views of nature and memories with your loved ones; reliving these moments is the best souvenir we could ever have.

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