Hollywood RV Parks and State Park Reviews

Los Angeles is a beautiful spot many people consider one of the most iconic cities in the US and the world. There are tons of RV parks that you could find in the Los Angeles, California area, and these Recreational Vehicle Parking locations are proximate to famous tourist destinations like Hollywood (Tinseltown), Disneyland, and famous hotels.

As you find a few campgrounds in Los Angeles, CA, you venture out around the surrounding mountains in your recreational vehicle or a rented one. A Recreational Vehicle Park stands out among others in the County, the Hollywood RV Park.

It is a fantastic destination and a perfect area to bring your friends, colleagues, kids, and loved ones. But before bringing them to this area, you have to know the insights and details about the area for review. So, you would not go wrong, choosing it to bond with the people surrounding you. 

Fortunately, we want to know more about this area like you. That is why we researched all the ideas and information we both need to find a suitable park, ground or campsite, or even hotels to stay in where you could free yourself in the stressful town or city you come from and spend your time with your loved ones. 

Thus, let’s keep reading and digging up until we are both convinced that this Hollywood RV Park is the right and best area to make unforgettable memories and cherish the outdoor park’s ambiance.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

Getting there

Get on North of Superhighway 405 from South Sepulveda Boulevard from the Los Angeles International Airport. You could head west on W Century Boulevard until you reach Vicksburg Avenue. You could also use the two right paths to turn right onto the South of Sepulveda Boulevard. You could then keep correct to stay on South Sepulveda Boulevard until you pass by IHOP, about 0.6 squares on the right side. 

Onto Howard Hughes Pkwy, you could turn right and use the right two paths to take the ramp onto the Northern portion of Superhighway 405. And then, follow Superhighway 405 North until you reach Sherman Way. Then, from Superhighway 405 North, you could take exit 66B. Afterward, you could turn right onto Hayvenhurst Avenue, use any line to your left at Saticoy Street, and turn right to Balboa Boulevard until you reach the Recreational Vehicle Park.

Basic Information

You would not get wrong or lost when you decided to visit the Recreational Vehicle Park because we listed the five essential information you need to review and reach the featured site. 

Address:7740 Balboa BoulevardVan Nuys,
California 91406
Contact Information:+1 818-785-0949
Email address:info@Hollywoodrvpark.com
Google Map Link:https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hollywood+RV+Park/@34.211309,-118.49923,15z/

How to Make a Reservation

It is essential that when you are about to visit an area, you make bookings and appointments to make sure that there is an area for you to stay when the day of your arrival in the area space such as hotels and the national campsite. 

All the campers, guests, and visitors must pay all the bookings and appointment fees. Even the featured area’s deposit fee rating is for morning or nightly rates. 

All kinds of payments you could make in the Recreational Vehicle Park are refundable if and only if you notify the management of the shortening, invalidating, and appointment for at least ten days before your scheduled arrival date in the area.

Suppose you are from another country or nation and make a request, bookings, and appointments, and using an email address from a foreign country (.de, .nl, .fr et Cetera). You have to verify your email provider so that your mail is subject to acceptance if you use the US addresses (.com). If you could not do it, your request, booking, ratings, or appointment would not reach the area, and the management would not be able to email you a confirmation notice about your concerns.

If you make email appointments, you have to know that it takes up to 24 hours to process your appointment to wait. 

You could make a mobile call if you would like to reschedule your check-in into an early check-in so that the management could do their best to accommodate you and serve you right.

You may also call the site’s office during regular working and business hours if you are about to arrange behind scheduled check-in. The management considers Behind schedule check-in when the camper, guest, or visitor is not present during their scheduled arrival time and if it is past 6:00 in the evening. 

If you do not call the management in advance to make your schedule to arrange your appointment behind schedule check-in, the management would not be able to get you a space provided for you as you enter into the park after the hours of your appointment. You could not get any refund for the money you deposited.

Remember that making an appointment or booking requires your accountability and responsibility to follow and analyze the guidelines and observe the policies presented to you by the Recreational Vehicle Park management or even the hotel.

Cost to Book

Recreational vehicle park may or may not be costly depending upon the featured park’s fees rating and morning or nightly rates. They cost you $65.00 plus tax per day and $395.00 plus tax per week in this area. It is along the famous Tinseltown area where it got its name, so you could expect that the cost is a bit higher than other stands in the County of Los Angeles. 

If you want to avail electricity, you have to review the idea because you have to pay $1200 during monthly 31′ and monthly 32′ or over for about $1400 including the electricity. These are the fees as you stay in the area. You have to prepare money if you add another person to the campsite, you have to pay another $5 per person. The fees depend on four people per site and eight people per site, a nightly rate. If you want to bring one more person, you have to pay $5 for him to enter the site. And when you decide to stay in hotels for a month, you have to know how much the fees rating and morning or nightly rates are in the hotels you must stay in during your trip. 

There is also a processing fee for refunds and invalidations that you have to review, which may cost you about $15. 

You have to know that all the occupancy tax ratings and fees vary and are subject to change without prior notice to the area’s campers, guests, and visitors.

Major Features

Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park was an area and the hotel known as Balboa Recreational Vehicle Park. It is also a recreational vehicle camp area in the heart of Tinseltown’s area. Also, becoming a landmark in 1948 in Tinseltown. It is also a famous sightseeing destination like the famous hotels, Tinseltown Walk of Fame, and Beverly Hills.

It is a walking distance of many nearby historic destinations, and sometimes many local celebrities visit the area. It offers a movie house that is very famous to many people and has unique works of art throughout this featured Recreational Vehicle Park, and there is a famous movie house on the grounds.

Some of the Los Angeles grounds, including the Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park, are close to the big city. But through the wide-ranging recreational vehicle adventure in California’s beautiful and moderate weather, they also serve as great areas to start during your trip. You could venture further afield in the featured area.

Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park is a perfect area for exploring the city. In 1976, the area was family-owned and operated. This Recreational Vehicle Park has many to offer, including artwork and outdoor murals along with their own “Hollywood Movie House.” It is an area where you could catch comedy shows and live music perfect for a night getaway with your travel buddies. The park’s amenities are also one reason why many people, especially campers, would occasionally love to go again in this area.

Activities and Amenities

The Recreational Vehicle Park would not be as exciting as you imagine without the amenities and activities that you could do and enjoy as you stayed there. Therefore, you could do several things and amenities that you could use in the Recreational Vehicle Park, even the hotel, along with the assumption of the site.

Great Services

In Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park, they would provide you with exemplary customer assistance to review your appointment and bookings that could entertain all your requests, questions, and insights about the area. The area management would warmly welcome and greet all the staff and provide you with excellent assistance that all travelers would love to experience. 

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

  • Art Gallery

You could see exceptional artworks, murals, and unique scenery in the area Art Gallery that you must enjoy seeing and reviewing. 

  • Tinseltown Playhouse

You could enjoy the striking area for live entertainment, including comedy shows, live musical performances, and many more!

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

  • Film

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

  • Parking

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

  • Deluxe 100-site Recreational Vehicle Park with full hookups
  • Laundry facilities
  • Cable TV
  • Clubhouse and pavilion
  • Gift shop
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-site shuttle service
  • 24-hour security 

You could do so much more here. You could explore, review, discover, and see that Tinseltown’s area is the best to dwell and enjoy.

Nearby Attractions

After staying at the site for a few days, you must want to go somewhere. You must look for nearby attractions in different blogs that decide to visit the featured area. And so, Los Angeles would not disappoint you! Because there are countless spots and spaces that you could enjoy visiting and exploring. Aside from the grounds, there are also casinos, hotels, fine dining restaurants, and scenic spots that could capture your heart based on the review and a blog. 

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the famous attractions along the area where you could enjoy the views, activities, and assistance it offers. Many people love to visit Universal Studio yearly. It gained fascinating reviews from the tourists.

(Credits to Pinterest)

  • Walnut Recreational Vehicle Park 

It is an excellent old-fashioned full hookup recreational vehicle campsite located within Northridge City. It nestled close to Los Angeles, California, in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. It is one of the best stay-cation areas and offers excellent spaces to find along the area and some hotels. It gained terrific reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Walnut Recreational Vehicle Park)

  • Sage Ranch Park MRCA 

It is an area that offers the most beautiful trails you could ever find. It features expansive views, ample parking, massive sandstone rock formations, an outdoor amphitheater with string views of picnic tables, outcroppings, and toilet facilities. You could find this park along with the famous Hollywood hotels in Los Angeles. It gained excellent reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Sage Ranch Park MRCA)

  • Tapo Canyon County Park 

Among the canyons and rolling hills of the Santa Susana Mountains in the northern portion of Simi Valley, you could find the Tapo Canyon, Regional Park. It is a rural and rugged park that many Hikers, mountain bikers, trailers in the ground, and equestrian riders enjoy. It also features an equestrian arena picnic area and a ground for recreational vehicles with 16 full hookups. You could find this park along with the famous Hollywood hotels in Los Angeles. The citizen park, including this, also gained good reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Tapo Canyon County National Park)

  • Malibu Creek Citizen Park 

It is a 25 miles area from downtown Los Angeles, featuring hiking, bird watching, horseback riding, mountain biking, forest trailing, rock climbing, and fishing opportunities. It is a fourteen-square journey from Malibu Creek, the Mountains of  Santa Monica’s principal watercourse, to Malibu Bayou. You could find the famous Los Angeles hotels near these national parks and city forests and grounds as well. It gained fascinating reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Malibu Creek Citizen Park)

  • Valencia Travel Village

It is one of the most suitable travel hamlets in the area. It’s a beautiful and significant number of amenities and activities to offer and enjoy that would make your vacation unforgettable. You could find the famous Los Angeles hotels near this travel hamlet as well. It gained positive reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Valencia Travel Hamlet)

  • Tom Lucas Trail Campground 

Another excellent old, natural campsite along the Recreational Vehicle Park featured in the reviews where you could enjoy many things and explore nature’s hidden beauty. You could find the famous hotels near this ground as well. It gained excellent reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Tom Lucas Trail Campground)

  • Oakwilde Trail Campground 

They would love the old, natural, and rustic campsites at Oakwilde Campground for all hardcore campers. Based on the reviews, it is also one of the nearby ground trails around the featured park. You could find the famous hotels near this park and ground as well. It gained beautiful reviews from the campers.

(Credits to Oakwilde Trail Campground)


There are also casinos and the featured site to experience the incredible excitement with poker games, outstanding table games, almost 900 slot machines, and sports betting. You could have a lot of money as you play games in the casino as you stayed in Los Angeles County. You could find the famous hotels near this casino as well.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)


You could enjoy LA City with a great fine dining restaurant and eat all you can areas that may satisfy your cravings and hungry belly after a long tiring day of camping in the Recreational Vehicle Parkas you stayed in the area.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

Epic Buffet is a food restaurant that features over 80 dishes, including Southern Barbeque, Crab Legs, Asian Cuisine, Lobster, Italian, Creole, and Fresh Seafood. They also offer a dessert bar and freshly baked bread daily that may satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. It is an eat-all-you-can area where you can find the famous hotels near this restaurant. It gained excellent reviews from the customers.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

If you look for elevated and refined Bogart cuisine with world-class quality and level, you cannot go to the wrong area. You could also enjoy the fine wines of  California or the unparalleled assistance with an expertly combined martini. It is an area with the perfect atmosphere to remember a special gathering or intimate evening with loved ones and friends, which both of your eyes and tummy would love to visit. It gained positive reviews from the customers.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

You could dine in the area’s newly-renovated Grill serving burgers, pizza, freshly baked pastries,  and breakfast daily. They also have Starbucks coffee obtainable. You could locate it in the main lobby, which your eyes and your tummy would love to visit. It gained excellent reviews from the customers.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

Suppose you are looking for some delicious food after hitting the green. In that case, you could try the most famous dish and favorites of many guests, the Clubhouse Burger, the Bunker Dog, or the Club Sandwich in this on-site restaurant located in the Bridges Clubhouse. Your eyes and your tummy would love to visit. It gained beautiful reviews from the customers.

(Credits to Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park)

Rules and Regulation at Hollywood State Parks and Campgrounds

As we go further, we’ve established these general ground guidelines and rules to ensure their enjoyment and safety as they stay in the area, the same to all the other guests in the park. The following policies need every camper, guest, or even visitor of the area to check and read carefully to have a more peaceful vacation and convenient getaway. 


You have to check the ten mph speed limit to ensure the safety of all our guests. 


The quiet time in the area is around 10 in the evening to 8 in the morning. You have to observe silence in between those times. 


The management allows only one recreational vehicle per campsite.


All guests and visitors are responsible for all the children’s behavior. The management requires an adult who is 18 years and older to accompany all children under 14 years of age.


The area management requires the visitors, the guests, and campers to carry halte flashlights to ensure their safety after dark. They also would not allow any scooter or bike riding after dark, which would help maintain your security.


You have to put all your trash in the designated dumpsters inside and around the park areas. There are recycling containers for plastic, paper, and aluminum obtainable at each dumpster site in the area.


The management of all American Recreational Vehicle Park, resorts, and other sites would not allow campfires unless the visitors or campers used fire rings and fire equipment. 


The management of the park only allows gas grills in the area. They would not allow the campers, visitors, or guests to use charcoal or wood grills in the area assumption while cooking, which helps the environment. 


The area management would not allow the clotheslines.


The site’s management prohibited all the park property campers from bringing and halte firearms or fireworks, including Airsoft, BB, and pellet guns, because it would not be helpful.

  • PETS

All Pets are welcome in the area, but they must be on their leashes with a maximum length of six feet or inside the recreational vehicle, and their owner must always attend to their pets. The management would not allow any excessive barking on the park’s assumption. The pet’s owner needs to be responsible if they would like to walk them in the park to avoid interruption or disturbance to the other guests.

The area staff would not allow any pets in any building in the American Recreational Vehicle Resort. They would not allow pets outside the building or even in or along with the bathrooms, buildings, amusement grounds, or pool areas—the management prohibited pets due to health policies and codes, which would help you observe. The owners could bring a maximum of three pets to the area.


All visitors are welcome at all the campsites or campgrounds in the area. They also provided registration at the campsite or grounds of the main office. Registered campers, guests, and visitors expect the management to adhere to and read all ground guidelines to make them helpful during your trip. All guidelines and policies are present at the check-in time, and they must leave the ground by 10 in the evening to check out. 


The management allows no motor-driven and reads cycles, scooters, bikes, or golf carts in the park.


The park’s management would not allow Recreational Vehicles inside the area for repairs. So, all Rvers need to check and review the local listings of repairs in businesses that provide recreational vehicle assistance. 


The management allows you to wash your recreational vehicle for a certain fee. You could check the details in the main office. 


All persons who would not adhere, review, observe and follow the ground rules are subject to ejection from the park without getting any refund of their deposit fee, which would not help you. 


The management of the campsite or ground must immediately deliver the message if it is an emergency message. 


You could also use the mail assistance, which is obtainable for campers and guests. You could check and review it with the park’s head office, campsite, or ground for more details.


You could use cash, money orders, or major credit cards, but the management would not accept checks as a payment mode.


The ordinance prohibited the ground disposal of any drain water (black or gray). You have to dispose of wastewater from RVs, including sink water into the sewer drains. Do not put grease down the sewer. The ordinance requires sewer connections, and you must have a tight seal by a sewer ring or donut or a screw-type connector, which is very helpful for you and the environment.


You have to Check-In at three in the afternoon and check out at 11 in the morning. Check out means that you have to promptly vacate your cabin by 11 a.m. (MST) to promptly minimize the hardship in cleaning the housekeeping staff and prepare it well for the next guests’ arrival.

The area’s office would approve your extension before the day of your departure and apply additional fees.

Those people who would not choose to observe the given guidelines and rules by the management must leave the park without giving or getting a refund from the park’s management.

What to Be Aware Of

When you are in the recreational vehicle park or camp area, you have to know how to be aware of the policies and rules you may not observe and check clearly with your two eyes the authorities’ policies, which is very helpful. So, we provided all the information you need to be aware of the Tinseltown Recreational Vehicle Park, whether you are a resident of the area or a non-resident.  

The Recreational Vehicle Park’s fees depend on two people’s occupancy and include water, one parking area, space, septic, and trash in the site’s fee that every camper needs to pay. 

You also have to be aware that the prices are subject to change without notice because of some instances in the park. 

About cancellations: 

The management would be returning your deposit but subtracted an assistance charge that may cost about $10 if you cancel your appointment eight days or more to your scheduled arrival date. If you cancel the appointment less than seven days before your scheduled arrival date, the management may forfeit your deposit.

Any appointments that the campers, guests, or visitors made for Balloon Fiesta are not refundable on the 1st day of September or after the scheduled date. 

Guests that fail to contact the management about the invalidation of their appointment during the time required may consider it a no-show that is all subject to the same policies applied to the invalidation matter. 

About the guests, visitors, or even campers deposits: 

You have to pay a nightly rate when you book an appointment.

During holidays the entire appointment by all campers, guests, and visitors needs to pay an amount as they make bookings in the Recreational Vehicle Park. 

The use of a Special Event Pass in the Recreational Vehicle Park

All organized groups planning activities on or any visits to City of the Angels County-operated beaches of Marina del Rey must first also obtain and apply for a Special Event Use Pass for Memorials, parties, or even weddings and meetings because the area requires passes for a more organized, ordered and convenient stay in the area. 

There is also a time frame for the pass application. You have to apply for the pass before 90 days, not less than three weeks before the desired event date(s). However, submitting a pass application would not guarantee you the location and dates for the event. 

The use of Film and Photography Pass

The County of the City of the Angels Department of Beaches and Harbors requires that any person engaged in the activity or business of videotaping, filming, or still photography for television or otherwise producing motion pictures or public exhibition at any area or site must have obtained a Film Pass. Almost all the Angels area’s city requires Film Passes, including the LA County beaches, Marina del Rey, and even in the County parking lots used for video, still photography shoots, or commercial Film.

They process all Film Passes through the Film City of the Angels, provide centralized, expert coordination of Film Passes, and collaboration with the Department of Beaches and Harbors Pass Section to use in the County parking lots for the Film in Marina del Rey and LA County beaches. 

The management would determine the Film fees rating by extension of filming activities, which may require the agencies or other departments to pay additional personnel fees rating requiring approvals and involvement.

They require a seventy-two-hour notice for all requests to Film Pass. They require a certificate of insurance naming the County of LA and the minimum coverage as an additional insured.

You may also look and make reviews of the Special Film Conditions and the General Film Pass Conditions for the specific location of the activity, event, or shoot.

The General Film Pass Conditions is a pass application to all LA County resorts, grounds, beaches, Marina del Rey, and other notable film conditions specified by its location. All parking guidelines are also applicable to all the LA County Marina del Rey and beaches.

Emergency Hotlines

These are the Tinseltown Community Mobile Numbers and Directory where every camper, guest, or visitor in the County or City may contact the authorities if something unusual, unpleasant incident, or accident happens in the area they are staying. We listed all the numbers to ensure that you could manage to help yourself out and make your vacation convenient, easy, and peaceful if you are new in the area. 

Station Telephone DirectoryTelephone NumberWhen to call this number
Emergency9-1-1You would call this number During Emergencies Only. 
(1-877- 275-5273)
You would call this number to report to the police any non-emergency crime. 
Hollywood Area Front Desk213-972-2971You would call this number for general information and inquiries. 
Hollywood Area TDD213-485-9899You would call this number for Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf
Hollywood Area Community Relations Office323-871-4068You would call this number for volunteer opportunities, Community policing information, and community-based programs.
Hollywood Area Youth Services Officer323-871-4068You would call this number for youth and cadet-related programs
Hollywood Area Vice Unit213-972-2996You would call this number if you observed gambling, prostitution, and alcohol-related complaints
Hollywood Area Jail213-485-5125You would call this number for the information on persons in custody and arrested
Hollywood Area Records Unit213-972-2977Not mentioned 
Hollywood Area Commanding Officer213-972-2900Business hours only
Hollywood Area Patrol Commanding Officer213-972-2900Business hours only
Hollywood Area Station Facsimile number323-957-6489Not mentioned
Hollywood Area Official Police Garage TowHollywood Tow323-466-5421You would call this number for recovered or impounded vehicles.

Non-Emergency Crime Reporting and Hotlines

Non-emergency lines are for situations or crimes in progress that require the police’s response, but circumstances that are not life-threatening, including neighbor disputes, loud parties, a group of young people, or juveniles loitering in front of your home, etc. These are the Non-emergency Hotlines and numbers listed below.

General City Telephone Information213-485-2121
Information Line (Toll Free)

Dedicated Spanish Line213-928-8222
Abandoned Vehicles800-ABANDON

Animal Regulations888-452-7381
Bureau Of Street Services800-996-2489
California Highway Patrol323-906-3434
Child Abuse800-540-4000
County Jail Information213-473-6100
Department Of Water And Power800-342-5397
Domestic Violence Hotline800-978-3600
Lights And Noise888-524-2845
L.A. County Referral TDD Legal Aid800-339-6993

Los Angeles Rape Battered Hotline213-385-2202

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Narcotic Drug Abuse800-252-6465
Narcotics Hotline800-662-BUST (2878)
Operation Clean Sweep (Graffiti)800-611-CITY (2489)
Parking Violations213-742-1884
Rape Hotline626-793-3385
Runaway Hotline800-231-6946
Suicide Hotline877-727-4747
Terrorist Threats1-877-A-THREAT

Why It’s Awesome

Hollywood RV Park is a safe, well-managed, and clean RV Park in Los Angeles. Among this vast city, it is an oasis. It is about 13 squares away from Universal Studios Hollywood and offers a shuttle to make transportation easy and stress-free as you go to the metro. This area’s tenants consist of traveling nurses, directors, producers, camera operators, actors, stunt performers, pilots, musicians, and construction workers. It is an area open for everyone who wants to enjoy and take a break from their work, which your eyes and heart would love to visit. 

It is not easy to find a Recreational Vehicle Park with a pet-friendly environment in San Fernando Valley, and the best and only option is Hollywood RV Park. Although the area is in Van Nuys, Hollywood RV Park is a peaceful and fantastic area to dwell in, with high walls and shady trees surrounding the camp. The Recreational Vehicle Park is not applicable for any sites, including cabins or tents, for motorhomes only. The Recreational Vehicle sites offer access to 30 amp and 50 amp electricity with full hookups.

However, the campsite is along with the Van Nuys Airport, so your puppy must get upset by the airport’s occasional loud noise. Your furbaby is welcome to stay at the Recreational Vehicle Park, but area management restricts the Chows, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers inside the area to stay. Even if there are no accessible on-site areas in the Recreational Vehicle Park for your dogs to roam around without a leash, you could find some along with a dog park, including the two and a half miles south of Hollywood RV park, the Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park.  

Campers could find unique and fantastic ground activities at the featured Recreational Vehicle Park. An on-site art gallery is obtainable, which your eyes would love to visit, with artwork on the walls and murals around the camp, which provide a good ambiance and some fascinating scenery which your eyes would love to see. The Tinseltown Movie House is one of the best parts of the featured area, where you may enjoy comedy shows, live music, and much more. You could also have access to Wi-Fi and at an on-site gym.

The Hollywood RV Park is the most suitable option for recreational vehicle campers looking to park up with their four-legged friend in tow and proximate to the center of Los Angeles, which their eyes would love to visit.  

Things to bring

In an area like Hollywood RV park that would not allow a good tent camping area and allow motorhomes only, you have to make sure that your recreational vehicle is ready for the getaway. So, we listed the recreational vehicle essentials that you could bring for a more excellent and convenient camp inside your recreational vehicle. 

  • GPS– you could use this to locate where you could find the campsite or ground you are about to visit. 
  • Camp Stove– you could use this to cook your food if you don’t have prepared cooked foods for the trip. 
  • More excellent storage is one of the essential appliances you must have in your Recreational Vehicle. Since you could not bring your refrigerator to your home, you could use this to store meat, vegetables, and fruits for a long time. 
  •  Awning– it is essential for all campers. 
  • Camping Mattress– you have to bring this essential to find comfort while you are sleeping in an area far away from your home and your bedroom. 
  • Foldable camp chairs and tables- if you are on a trip with your loved ones and friends, it is essential that you have extra tables and chairs so that you can get along and bond with them. 
  • Sewer Hose is essential in every RVer to avoid leakage and drip off your sewer tanks. 
  • Personal Hygiene- all campers must have these essentials. 
  •  Toilet papers are perfect for use in your recreational vehicle toilets and bathrooms. 
  • First Aid supplies- you must have these for safety if there are some unexpected circumstances. 
  • Foods-is the prior essential that every camper should prepare before leaving your home.  
  • Clothes- the proper clothing is essential, especially when you want to camp in an open area or Recreational Vehicle Park.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hollywood RV Park

You must have questions in mind that you want to ask, so here are the following questions so that you can convince yourself that this Recreational Vehicle Park is perfect for you and your loved ones as your chosen area to dwell and to release your stress. 

What are the popular attractions close to Hollywood RV Parks?

There are nearby attractions in the featured area, including The Universal Studios, the Bay Saint Louis Beach, which is about 3.8 km away from the park, Waveland Ground Zero Hurricane Museum, which is 5.8 km from the park premises, and the 3.5 km L & N Historic Train Depot which is much closer to the featured Recreational Vehicle Park.

Are there any amenities to enjoy at Hollywood State Parks?

The park offered several famous amenities that your eyes would love to visit, including a lounge, a kids’ activity area, and a restaurant on-site.

What are the food and beverages available at Hollywood State Park?

Guests could enjoy food and drinks in the restaurant on-site and the lounge during their stay. They may also try the foods and drinks offered along with the restaurants. 

What to expect

This Hollywood RV Park is one of the perfect areas in Los Angeles to enjoy your long weekend getaway or your trip together with your family. It is also a pet-friendly park. If you desire to bring your dog with you on your trip, you may not go wrong in choosing this area as a campsite. 

There are so many amenities that you may enjoy while staying here. More importantly, you have the time to refresh yourself, release your stress, and dwell as you enjoy this well-known Recreational Vehicle Park’s ambiance and atmosphere in the County. 

Hopefully, all the details and insights we presented to you in the review that we searched could be helpful for you to decide whether you want to experience, to explore, and to discover which your eyes would love to visit and the reason why many campers and travelers choose this area to spend time with their colleagues, friends and even with their loved ones. 

Please take note of all of the information we give you and get ready to dwell in the City of Los Angeles and its beautiful areas that your eyes would love to visit, including the Hollywood RV Parks, an appropriate area for those fond of recreational vehicles camping.  

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