Natural Springs Resort: New Paris, Ohio’s Top Camping Escape for RVers

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Natural Springs Resort is a family-friendly camping ground around a clear freshwater lake for campers and RVers looking for RV parks near the Indiana/Ohio border. Guests and campers can enjoy lake activities such as swimming, scuba diving, water play, pool, canoeing, and kayaking. RVers and campground guests enjoy a wide range of accommodations, including RV campsites with full hookup 30/50AMP service, well-equipped cabins, lofts, and excellent tent campsites. Guests can also enjoy the facilities like the cafe pool, beach, rental boats, inflatable water park, and playgrounds. There are also weekend activities like bingo and movie showing.

Natural Springs Resort Basic Information

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Natural Springs Resort is the best RV park, campground, and family-oriented venue in Ohio and Indiana. It is advisable to have a reservation before going to the park. Guests can rent the lodge and chapel for parties, meetings, and other special occasions through reservations. Below is the general information about the park:

Operational Hours:
It opens on April 16th
(April 15th for season pass holders).

Campsite check-in time: 2:00 PM 

Cabin check-in time: 3:00 PM

Campsite check-out time: 1:00 PM

Cabin check-out time: 11:00 AM  

Quiet time: 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM
Reservation:Contact 1-888-330-5771
Customer Service Availability Time Frame:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Busiest Season:Summer
Address:500 S Washington St. New Paris, OH 45347
Location Information:
Latitude: 39.852392

Longitude: -84.792737

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Natural Springs Resort is at 500 S Washington St, New Paris, Ohio. Located close to Interstate 70 and Indiana/Ohio border, it is also not far from Indianapolis or Dayton. It is around a freshwater lake that offers many activities to enjoy like swimming, fishing, and scuba diving. 

History and Interesting Facts

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Campers and guests can see the beautiful rock formations from an old stone quarry that existed decades ago and is now in Natural Springs Resort. It initially formed when a rock quarry operation hit a spring that now provides the constant flow of fresh, clear waters. This flow and filtering process results in a healthy lake environment.

Site’s Natural Assets

Water Source: Lake

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The lake’s ecosystem is full of underwater creatures that campers and guests can see, like freshwater bass, catfish, bluegill, grass carp, and jellyfish because of the constant flow of fresh, clear waters. Fishing is one activity that campers can do in the lake with the available fishing docks and waterside benches.

Amenities and Facilities

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Natural Springs Resort Campground has one of the beautiful lakes to camp within the country. There are plenty of water-related activities like fishing, kayaking, and even scuba diving. It also has a large sandy beach where campers can enjoy the scenic setting. The beach is close to the campsites, store/cafe, and parking area. Note well that there is no lifeguard, so parents need to be attentive to their children. 

Different beautiful cabins and RV campsites are available for rent at the scenic RV and campground. All places are in tranquil areas with picnic tables, and campfire rings for a more enjoyable stay. Campers have the option to bring their linen or rent through the available linen packages.

  • Wifi-Availability

The Natural Springs Resort offers wi-fi in certain spots of the whole site; staff can guide you as to where you can take advantage of the free wi-fi. We recommend bringing a signal booster to use your mobile data anywhere in the area, especially in sites far from coverage.

  • Camp Store

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The in-house store in the Natural Springs Resort provides different purchase items such as firewood, snacks, and other supplies that you might’ve missed to bring. These items have reasonable prices and are open to anyone staying in the camp.

  • Play Areas and Playgrounds

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The playground has swings, tire swings, ladders, rope ladders, and slides that kids can enjoy. There are also play areas where friends and family can play, like the shuffleboard and the basketball court. Minimal fees are necessary for the use of equipment. 

  • RV Park Pool

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A heated swimming pool is behind the office/store, and it is adjacent to the sandy beach. The pool deck is by comfortable lounge chairs so campers can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This pool is open to guests and is a further addition to the family amenities. 

Besides swimming, boating, scuba diving, and playing, indoor activities keep campers entertained. Bingo generally takes place on Saturday afternoons in the lodge’s main room. On Saturday evenings, the park shows a family-friendly movie in the lodge’s main room. There are also different crafts in the lodge’s art activity room like coloring t-shirts, assembling sticker kits, painting, or other projects based on that weekend’s theme. Check the park’s activities on the calendar received at check-in for the schedule of these events. 

  • Upcoming / Under Construction


Another thing to look forward to is the Splash Pad and Laser Tag coming this summer 2021. 

  • Rental Cabins

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There are multiple options to choose from as far as accommodation goes. Here are the available cabin options.

  • Premium+ Cabins: These cabins have two bedrooms or one bedroom, a full kitchen and dining area, a full bath, a concrete patio, and a spacious waterfront cabin with a standard fishing dock. 
  • Premium Cabins: These are like the Premium+ Cabins but only with one bedroom and a gravel patio. 
  • Mini Cabins: These provide two twin bunk beds, a mini-refrigerator, a microwave, and a full-size bathroom with a shower. 
  • Standard Loft Cabins: These cabins offer a twin-size bed, full-size futon, loft with full mattresses, kitchen with top stove and refrigerator, full bath with shower, and fireplace. 
  • Deluxe Loft Cabin: This large cabin offers a twin-size bed, loft with full-size mattress, queen bed in a private bedroom, kitchen with full-size stove and refrigerator, full bath with tub and shower, and fireplace. 
  • Rental Camper: It has a twin-size dinette booth, TV queen sofa bed, RV queen bed in a private bedroom, kitchen with stove/oven and refrigerator, bathroom with an RV tub and shower. 
  • Campsites

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RV campsites and tent campsites are throughout the campground. These campsites are color-coded, and each area offers a wide variety of amenities suited for every camper. 

  • Red Section: Located towards the RV park entrance, this part has well-shaded areas that include paved and non-paved sites. This section has a restroom located in the middle of the campsites. It is close to the cafe, registration office, convenience store, beachside grill, ice cream shop, beach, waterside, chapel, and basketball court. Some of these sites do not have  50 AMP services. 
  • Blue Section: These sites are paved and non-paved full hookup sites, many with 50 AMP service. Cabins are also in this area in between the campsites. It has a view of the lake, ponds, and fountains. Like the Red Section, it is also close to the registration office, convenience store, beachside grill, and ice cream shop. It accommodates both large and small RVs, trailers, or motor homes.
  • Orange Sites: Like the Blue Section, these sites are paved and non-paved full hookup sites, many with 50 AMP service. Located behind the Blue Section, it has lots of room for activities and parking, and it is close to the lake and ponds. 
  • Aqua Sites: After the Orange Sites, Aqua Sites are also paved and non-paved full hookup sites with a few 50 AMP services. There are also cabins located within this section. This region can accommodate both large and small RVs, trailers, or motor homes. 
  • Purple Sites: Located at the campground’s back, these are full hookup sites with a few 50 AMP services. Because of its position, it allows a quieter setting when the lake areas are loud. There are also some cabins in the region. 
  • White Sites: Behind the Purple Sites, White Sites have fewer than 50 AMP service and only include water and electricity. However, these are the major shade areas that provide good level sites. 
  • Rustic Sites: Located at the back of the park, after the White Sites, these do not have water, electricity, or sewer. These sites are favorable to tent campers that like grass areas, picnic tables, and fire rings. 
  • Others: Another amenity that the campground offers is the Seasonal Campers. These are for those who do not want to set up, tear down, and tow their RVs; these sites allow campers to store their RV right on their site by renewing for the next year. 


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There are tons of activities waiting for you at this destination, and most guests come back every year for more. We recommend that you try them all so that you would be able to maximize your vacation at this dream destination.

  • Fishing

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Campers and guests can fish either from a boat or the shore; there are fishing docks and waterside benches for fishing on the coast. There are different fishes like freshwater bass, catfish, bluegill, and grass carp. There are also recent additions to the lake, including paddlefish, channel catfish, yellow perch, walleye, rainbow trout, and black crappie. Campers and guests can purchase bait and tackle in the camp store. 

  • Scuba Diving

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For only 20 USD, it offers an all-day diving pass, which includes one free air-fill or 15 USD without air fill. Several underwater attractions to see are the giant freshwater bass, catfish, bluegill, and grass carp over four feet long. Another aquatic attraction is the harmless freshwater jellyfish that is about the size of a dime. These underwater creatures maintain the beauty of the lake. 

  • Wibit Water Play

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Wibit floating obstacle course includes a diving platform, hurdles, a launch pillow, climbing walls, and other epic obstacle course elements. It is open to registered guests, and it is sectioning off from the rest of the lake. However, it has an additional charge and requires check-in at the campground office or the beach’s Wibit station. Lifejackets are required, and it is only for ages seven (7) and up. As said earlier, note well that there is no lifeguard on the beach, so parents need to be attentive to their children. 

  • Watercraft Rentals

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Kayaking and paddle boating is another option to explore the campground. Enjoy the serenity of the water for reasonable rental rates. 

  • Golf Cart Rentals and Pedal Car Rentals

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A great way to get around the grounds and see the attractions while carrying the gear for camping is to rent golf carts from the camp store. Golf carts and pedal cars may be called for a reservation or at the camp store upon arrival. Speed limits and traffic laws are strictly enforced for the drivers’ safety and other campers as well. Campers are also allowed to bring their golf carts, but they must have a valid license. 

Camp Policies

The park provides some campers and guests guidelines to keep the stay fun and enjoyable for everyone. Make sure to read the policies before arriving at the destination.

  1. Rent cabins and sites are by reservation. All campers must register before entering and staying in the campground.
  1. A maximum of 6 people is allowed to stay on a site or in a cabin. 
  1. One vehicle per site. Overflow car parks in the front of the park or along the bushes in rustic are available for other cars. Display parking pass at all times. 
  1. The site fee includes the number of people at the date of reservation. Others are considered guests and must pay $3 to $7 per person to visit and swim. Guests are required to leave by 10:30 PM. If the guest is staying overnight, they must register and pay the camp store’s overnight fee. 
  1. Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Anyone who does not respect quiet time may have to leave without a refund. During these hours, all children 16 and below must stay in their sites. 
  1. There is only one picnic table and one fire ring provided at each campsite. Do not move the fire rings.
  1. Pets have a $2 fee per day and must be on a six feet leash. Pets are not allowed inside tents, cabins, porches, buildings, and the beach. They are not to be left outside unattended, especially at night. Under State of Ohio Law, all pets must have complete and current shots and tags. Only two pets are allowed to stay per site. 
  1. Alcohol is allowed but only at one’s campsite. Any unruly conduct may result from removal from the park without a refund.
  1. Damaged or missing items to any camping site, cabin, facility, equipment, landscaping, or any property of the park are charges to the registered camper.
  1. Due to state regulations, bringing firewood into the park is strictly prohibited. The violating registered camper may have a fine charged against them. Safe firewood is available for purchase at the camp store. 
  1. Parents must supervise their children at all times.
  1. Only State licensed drivers may drive golf carts and are only allowed during daylight hours. Observe posted speed limits at all times. 
  1. The park strongly recommends proper safety gear for bikers, skateboarders, etc. Skateboards/rollerblades are allowed during daylight hours only. 
  2. Motorized versions of scooters, mini bikes, toddler vehicles, skateboards, etc., are prohibited.
  1. RTV, UTV, and ATVs are not permitted. Golf carts only.
  1. Only babies and toddlers with specialized swim diapers can swim in the pool.
  1. The administration and Up Country Lodging LLC and their respective officers, directors, members, agents, contractors, employees, authorized representatives, subsidiaries, chapters, affiliates, and assigns are not responsible or liable for property damage, accidents, or injuries. Use of the or campground and its respective properties is at one’s own risk.
  1. Management reserves the right to refuse service to and evict anyone without a refund for behavior that is considered detrimental to the area or fellow campers. They also have the right to close the beach, pool, or any activity due to weather or low attendance.

Preparations Before Heading To The Venue

Before going to the Natural Springs Resort, read some essentials to include in the RV checklist. 

  1. RV Cell Signal Booster: Though free wi-fi is available throughout the park, there are unavoidable times that the internet connection available in the area might be slow. This product is helpful because it boosts cell receptions to provide the best service for smartphones, tablets, laptops, or netbooks.  
  1. Leveling Blocks: Some campsites are not level, so levelers may be necessary to stabilize the RV and hold the wheel in place using these leveling blocks. Leveling blocks allow campers to park evenly and prevent appliances inside the RV from tipping over.
  1. RV Air Conditioner: Not all of the campsites of the park are well-shaded. It can get hot during the daytime and summer. Having a good air conditioner is helpful for campers to cool down after exploring. 

RV Sewer Hose: Most of the campsites are full hookups, meaning there are sewer hookups that allow the waste to go right out of the RV through a sewer hose. Having a high-quality camper sewage hose will be least likely to leak.

Helpful Reviews: Other Essentials or Personal Items to Bring

To make the experience even better, here are some suggested things to bring when visiting the park.

Shelter essentials

  • Pillows – A small pillow is preferable, so it can easily fit in backpacks.
  • Sleeping bags – There are no mattresses or beds, so having sleeping bags serve as bedding in situations where a person is sleeping outdoors. 
  • Chairs – Specifically folding chairs, these are chairs that are light, portable, and folds flat or to a smaller size for easy storage. 


  • Flashlight – No matter how comfy and equipped the campsite may be, there can still be some problems, like a power outage. Flashlights provide illumination so campers can see during power outages. 
  • Cooler light – It is designed to light up coolers with drinks so people can easily see the beverages. 
  • Spare batteries – These are helpful in case flashlights run out of battery. Make sure that the extra batteries are compatible with the lightings brought.

Cooking/kitchen supplies

  • Charcoal – This is the primary fuel used in cooking outdoors.
  • Camping stove – A single or dual burner camp stoves are commonly used on trips because they are portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • Camping lighters – Bring a couple of waterproof lighters if one goes missing, and remember to keep it out of reach of children. These are a better alternative to matches.
  • Cookware and dinnerware – A stainless steel pot or a cast iron is a popular choice among campers, mainly because of its flexibility; it can cook meat, heat soup, and more. Invest in reusable dinnerware to avoid disposable waste and save money in the long run.
  • Water container – Bringing a collapsible water container is helpful to have, especially when preparing cooked meals.

Medical supplies

  • Sunscreen – This prevents sun damage while exploring the park. It is better to apply waterproof sunscreen and reapply it often. 
  • Bug repellant – The great outdoors has lots of bugs and insects; to prevent insect bites, use insect repellent and reapply it often.
  • Tweezers – This can remove splinters and ticks.
  • Antiseptic wipes – It kills germs and sanitizes skin so they clean wounds. Read the appropriate uses of the antiseptic wipes before using them. 

Inns Near the Area

These are only the top 5 hotels near the area. There are several other options for accommodations that you can search via Google or your vehicle’s GPS. In addition to that, we recommend contacting them for a reservation instead of walking in.

Hotel/Inns Name: Golden Inn

Address: 8868 US 40, New Paris, OH 45347

How far from the area: 2km

Social Media Link: Click Here 
Hotel/Inns Name: Fairfield Inn by Marriott Richmond

Address: 9797 US 40 West, New Paris, OH 45347

How far from the area: 3.6km

Social Media Link: Click Here 
Hotel/Inns Name: Best Western Classic Inn

Address: 533 W Eaton Pike, Richmond, IN 47374

How far from the area: 4.6km

Social Media Link: Click Here 
Hotel/Inns Name: Travelodge by Wyndham Richmond IN

Address: 5775 National Rd E, Richmond, IN 47374

How far from the area: 4.6km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel/Inns Name: Holiday Inn Richmond

Address: 6000 National Rd E, Richmond, IN 47374

How far from the area: 4.7km

Social Media Link: Click Here

Restaurants Near the Area

These are the top 5 nearest restaurants you can find within the vicinity of the site. You can always check some restaurants of your choice using the Google engine. There are plenty of them which you can check depending on your food taste.

Restaurant Name: Subway

Address: 422 S Washington St, New Paris, OH 45347

How far from the area: 71m

Social Media Link: Click Here 
Restaurant Name: The Lampost

Address: 617 S Washington St, New Paris, OH 45347

How far from the area: 300m

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Red Front Inn

Address: 151 N Washington St, New Paris, OH 45347

How far from the area: 850m

Social Media Link: Click Here  
Restaurant Name: IHOP

Address: 540 W Eaton Pike, Richmond, IN 47374

How far from the area: 4.7km

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Address: 6050 National Rd E, Richmond, IN 47374

How far from the area: 4.7km

Social Media Link: Click Here 

Camp Rates and Fees

Here is a quick read about the pricing of the things to enjoy at the campsite. This section is the summary of the rates when you camp on this campsite.

Type of siteRate of site
Rustic (tents only)Start at $33.00 (weekday) –
$38.00 (weekend)
Water/Electric Start at $42.00 (weekday) –
$49.00 (weekend)
Full HookupStart at $46.00 (weekday) –
$53.00 (weekend)
Type of cabinRate of a site (includes two
people in the listed price)
Mini Cabin Start at $79.99 (weekday) –
$91.99 (weekend)
Loft CabinStart at $99.99 (weekday) –
$115.99 (weekend)
Rental CamperStart at $114.99 (weekday) –
$134.99 (weekend)
Up Country CabinsStart at $129.99 (weekday) –
$151.99 (weekend)
Type of EquipmentRates
Rental Fees for Kayaks and paddle boats7.50 USD / 30min.
Paddle boat rental fees10 USD / 30min.

**The rates displayed do not include any applicable service fees or charges incurred during your stay.”

Booking and Payment Policies


All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, so early reservations are highly encouraged. Reservation requires a non-refundable deposit at the reserving date and must be fully paid two weeks before arrival. Holidays (3-day minimum) and Halloween Weekends (2-night minimum) require payment in full at the reservation date. Holidays are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labour Day, and Halloween Weekends. 

Cancellation Policies

There is a $10 per site and a $25 per cabin cancellation fee if canceled more than 14 days before arrival. If canceled within 14 days of arrival, there is no refund. There are no refunds for bad weather so check the weather before booking a reservation and picking the date. 

Guests of campers are required to have a day pass for $3 per person. Guests that will be swimming shall pay the regular daily swimming fees. Overnight guests will have an overnight fee and are required to register at the camp store.


Natural Springs Resort is one of the best parks for summer camping with friends and family, including kids. Everyone can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, water play, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Non-water-related activities like the playground, miniature golf, and scheduled weekend activities are also available for the guests to enjoy. 

The RV park facilities include the pool, beach, cafe, camp store, inflatable water park, and rental boats. RV park and guests have a range of campsite options, including full hookup pull-through, hookup back in, tent sites, and well-equipped cabins for a comfortable stay. This local, nature-surrounded place has a beautiful spring-fed lake that guests can see as the area’s backdrop. It is undoubtedly one of the best parks where campers and RVers can have a good time with nature.

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