Best RV Antifreeze Safe Brands In The Market

Choosing the fit and compatible anti-freezing liquid for your engine can be quite challenging, especially since no anti-freezing liquid in the market is the same. All recreational vehicle possessors should be savvy enough to choose the leading and most suitable anti-freezing liquid for their vehicle. Moreover, car anti-freezing liquid and trailer anti-freezing liquid are in different categories, making the purchase procedure more complicated.

All Recreational Vehicle Anti-freezing options should be individually scrutinized based on the essential capabilities of the brand. The composition, burst protection, corrosion resistance, among others, should take time to think about when it comes to purchasing anti-freezing liquid. The convenience of use, as well as price, is also contemplated by other trailer owners.

To avoid the hassle of paying for a new flushing method during extreme weather conditions, especially if you are not an expert on RV care, below is a comprehensive review of some recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid, their uses other specifics.

Editor’s Choice

 These three leading picks will give you an idea of what brands are dominating the market nowadays.

Best Overall

A pre-diluted mixture that has 100% biodegradable formula

Best Value

The cheapest option in the market that offers reliable and excellent security for RVs


Premium Choice

A toxic-free anti-freezing liquid that offers prevention down to -50 Fahrenheit

Product Comparison Table


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free Chemical and bio-friendly formula
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Can resist  down to – 50 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: This item is risk-free for brass, metal, copper, and plastic tubes except for acetate; an excellent option for pools for drinking liquid plumbing setups

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TRUEGARD RV - 100 Antifreeze TRUEGARD RV – 100 Antifreeze

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free, bio-friendly based formula
CONVENIENCE: Concentrated and needs to be diluted with liquid
BURST PROTECTION: Offers burst prevention down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and slush prevention down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible for all metals and not potable piping setups

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Biofriendly-based Toxic-free odorless and stain-free
BURST PROTECTION: Get burst and freeze shield down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Works as the heat transfer fluid

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Premium Choice

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free and completely risk-free 100 percent biodegradable formula
CONVENIENCE: Needs dilution
BURST PROTECTION: Burst prevention down to -50F if properly diluted
GENERAL APPLICATION: Great RVs, boats, vacation homes, and pools

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Best Value

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Easy Going option Biofriendly-based  substance Toxic-free environmentally-protected
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Protects the RV down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Secured for summer homes and pools; anti-corrosion; acts as lubricant

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CONVENIENCE: Needs to be diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Protects the RV down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Adequate for aqua flushing method; can be utilized in   pools and boats

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free; Biofriendly based
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Protects the RV down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Can be utilized on a rig

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Sea risk-free toxic-free Biofriendly toxic-free and is made with no alcohols
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Offers burst prevention at -50 degrees Fahrenheit freeze prevention between 12- and 14-degrees Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: It is okay for Boats, RVs, and Pools; Compatible with seals and hose materials

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free bi0-friendly no alcohol content
CONVENIENCE: Needs to be mixed with liquid
BURST PROTECTION: Offers burst prevention down to -40 below and improved slush prevention to 15 degrees
GENERAL APPLICATION: Works well with metal and plastic tool

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BioTherm Fluids RV Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid BioTherm Fluids RV Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid

CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Provides burst prevention down to -50°F
GENERAL APPLICATION: Both anti-freezing liquid and heat transfer liquid

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Biodegradable antifreeze
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: It offers burst prevention at even -50 Fahrenheit
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible to use on brass, copper, steel, or even plastic plumbing setups.

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Biofriendly-based anti-freezing liquid
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Features up to -50°F burst shield
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible for potable aqua setups

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Organic, biodegradable and toxic-free
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Features up to -50°F burst shield
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible for vehicles, homes, pools

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CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Propene based Toxic-free environmentally-protected
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Offers standard freeze prevention of -48 degrees
GENERAL APPLICATION: Protect heating setups; compatible with metals; provides a natural lubricant on gaskets and seals

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Best Value

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Toxic-free, biodegradable formula
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Up to -50°F burst prevention
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible with use for other vehicles

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30027 Boiler Antifreeze 30027 Boiler Antifreeze

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Not flammable, and contains a Biofriendly substance
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Prevents burst prevention from -100°F below. 
GENERAL APPLICATION: Compatible  to use in house’s heating setup

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Splash RV Antifreeze Coolant Splash RV Antifreeze Coolant

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Biofriendly-based, environment friendly
CONVENIENCE: Pre-diluted
BURST PROTECTION: Burst prevention from -50°F to -75°F
GENERAL APPLICATION: Can be utilized on other heavy-duty vehicles

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Our Top 17 Best RV Antifreeze

Here, we will share the top-notch items that are accessible in the market with you today. Discover their fantastic capabilities by reading each of them. Read on!



  • toxic-free and bio-friendly formula
  • Offers prevention to a variety of tubes
  • Ready to use


  • Can give off an overpowering odor to some people
  • More costly compared to other RV anti-freezing items
  • Can’t be shipped to Washington, Illinois, Louisiana, and Minnesota
  • Cannot be utilized on acetate tubes

Among various options of the best RV antifreeze, this item, similar to, is on top of it. Peak’s unique formula offers excellent prevention regardless of how freezing the climate is outside. It can resist weather conditions of down to – 50 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that all types of potable flushing methods survive even in cold weather conditions.

The mixture has a chemical formula, which is toxic-free and is compatible with a variety of tubes, whether brass, metal, copper, or plastic. It does not dry out seals or lines in the setup. However, this should not be utilized with acetate. This item’s versatility also extends to swimming pool filtration and heating setups, even with boats. Because of this capability, the item is more costly than other recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquids.

Moreover, it has been recognized as risk-free by the DFA. Its bio-friendly formula is harmless to use around pets and children. The reddish dye of the substance looks fruity, but the odor might be too much for some.

This anti-freezing liquid offers an easy utilizing procedure as it comes ready to use. The peak model gives significant results without the hassle of worrying about dilutions.



  • Toxic-free
  • Provides burst prevention up to -100 F
  • With corrosion inhibitors
  • Compatible for both water setups


  • Does not come ready compared with a different pre-diluted formula

This anti-freezing fluid’s inhibited formula is excellent for preparing for break season both potable and not potable water-containing rig. It provides burst prevention down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and slush prevention down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

TRUEGARD’s recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid not only provides built-in cold resistance, but it also offers unsurpassed rust prevention and corrosion prevention for all metals. This chemical alcohol-based formula is specialized for varying environments and areas. This anti-freezing liquid is compatible with vehicle water setups, swimming pool filtration setups, travel trailers, and vacation homes. 

However, trailer possessors must be aware that this concentrated anti-freezing liquid does not come ready after purchase. The formula should be diluted with fresh water before being added to any tool.



  • The cheapest option in the market
  • toxic-free and odorless and stain-free
  • Pre-diluted
  • 100% made in the USA


  • DSludge may be found in the bottle if not utilized or opened for a long time
  • Complains about packaging issue,  substance tends to leak through its container
  • The Colorful Packaging Might Increase the Risk of Kids Thinking it is Drinkable
  • Flammable because of the alcohol content

The cheapest option on the list is Splash RV/Marine. Mobile home holders might avoid this item since it’s cheaper and might not work, but it works as effective, reliable, and risk-free as its pricey anti-freezing items. 

Splash anti-freezing liquid is alcohol and chemical alcohol that offers burst and freezes prevention down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit freezing point. Because of its alcohol content, this mixture also works as a heat transfer fluid. The item is also a non-corrosive.

SPLASH RV Antifreeze offers various applications, from casual to industrial, from motorcycles to all-terrain vehicles with heavy-duty engines, even with speed boats.

This anti-freezing liquid is also among other blended anti-freezing systems that do not need to be diluted with freshwater, making the whole procedure more straightforward and convenient. Moreover, this mixture is 100% made in the USA. Since it is manufactured in the US, this thing does not have to go through different and strict testing levels before entering the market.

This mixture comes in luminous flushed red color, which helps users detect possible leakage. Yet, the colorful packaging might increase the risk of children drinking the liquid purchasable item.  

An additional thing about Splash is it received high marks for its acclaimed customer service.



  • Risk-free and environmentally – friendly
  • Great for varying applications
  • Comes in an easy-mix bottle


  • Needs dilution
  • The whole gallon should be utilized straight away

This brand has been in the business for thirty years, and its items have been proven reliable, effective, and risk-free. This concentrated mixture is trusted to provide burst resistance for the piping setup at temperatures down to -50 below zero.

Anti-freezing items are also known to offer completely risk-free, biodegradable items that are entirely not harmful to pets and children.

As with other available anti-freezing items, this anti-freezing liquid can be utilized for multiple applications. Aside from recreational vehicles, it is excellent with vacation cottages, swimming pools, and boats.

This anti-freezing liquid needs to be added with liquid to create the final substance. Thus it comes in an easy-mix container. Even though it has to be diluted, it is utilized the way you would with any anti-freezing substance. Thirty-six ounces of this concentrate is mixed with fresh water to create 1 gallon of anti-freezing liquid. Since this RV anti-freezing liquid is sold in 2 packs, this conveniently turns to 2 gallons of anti-freezing liquid when diluted, sufficient enough to protect the trailer’s liquid setup.

However, some claim that this concentrated formula should be utilized straight away as soon as the container is opened. It loses its effectiveness if not used at once. Others said that this concentrate could be stored undiluted then can just be mixed with fresh liquid before use. Regardless of the different claims, the container is undoubtedly more than enough to give any recreational vehicle liquid lines proper and complete freeze prevention during the cold months.



  • Non- toxic, flavorless, and odorless
  • environmentally-protected
  • Prevents algae build-up
  • Can be utilized with any vehicle
  • Offers corrosion shield
  • Acts as lubricant


  • Packaging needs improvement
  • Some might not like the odor

If you want this antifreeze, yet you do not want to go through the hassle of diluting the concentrated product with water, this item has the Easy Going Option. This formula highlights the ease of use and comes ready straight out of the container while offering the same reliability and effectiveness with the concentrate. C. Easy Going Antifreezes is an excellent option as well for any RV owner looking to buy in bulk.

This antifreeze item is also not so hazardous. It has no ethanol or other alcohol content, which brings a sense of safety for both the user and the surrounding environment. This substance is also flavorless and prevents water fouling.

This bio-friendly chemical-based substance protects the RV down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit freezing point, keeping any property intact even during harshest winter conditions.

Aside from the benefits, it gives to the RV’s plumbing system, this substance extends its utility on summer vacation homes, and swimming pools, offering an -50 burst shield. It has also proven itself reliable and useful in marine settings like boats. With its unique lubricating properties, it also helps to protect and lubricate liquid pressure and valves in the RV’s water system. Moreover, it prevents algae build-up in the lines and offers a corrosion shield. 

There are not many complaints regarding this pre-diluted item’s security and effectiveness, aside from some customers’ comments about its packaging’s leaking issues. Nonetheless, this item continues to show that it is one of the top-notch antifreeze brands in the market.



  • toxic-free
  • Comes in the kit, comfortable and ready to use


  • Users have an issue on trying to get the lid off the kit’s bucket, which is a minor inconvenience

If you are looking for an all-around anti-freezing liquid, this break season readiness kit is the most excellent option for you. This ten-piece kit provides everything a trailer owner needs for preparing for the break season. Because of its all-purpose capability, this kit is usable not only in RVs but in swimming pools, boats, and even on potable liquid setups.

This Winter readiness kit comes with the following;

  1. A 32 oz Premium Ban Frost 2000 anti-freezing liquid concentrate, which is the main ingredient for keeping the flushing method from bursting;
  2. A blow out plug that allows the user to use the oil-less air compressor for liquid-line clearing;
  3. A hand liquid withdrawal kit for easy and less messy adding of anti-freezing liquid to liquid tubes;
  4. A bonus step-by-step easy-to-follow guide for preparing for break season, which proves that Camco goes out of its way to ensure that users are adequately guided when utilizing the items
  5. A handy mixing bucket, which is used for adding liquid to the recreational vehicle anti-freezing concentrate

Moreover, it goes with a mini dehumidifier, a refillable dehumidifier moisture absorber, a hanging dehumidifier. It also has a safety fridge door stay and an odor-eliminating sachet to help keep the RV smelling fresh while closed up for storage. 

All these come in a large bucket for ease in storage.



  • toxic-free, flavorless and odorless
  • Easy to use
  • Not flammable 
  • Non Corrosive


  • Clogs tubes when mixed with another brand
  • Cannot be utilized on aluminum

As the name states, this is an additional reliable item, which is excellent for traditional radiator heater setups and solar-powered setups. C. Boiler Antifreeze is undoubtedly the top option for maintaining any boiler setup during the harshest break season conditions. This may be utilized with Aquahot and HydraHot boiler setups.

The same with other anti-freezing substances, this mixture can prevent tubes and tanks from corrosion.

An additional thing about this item, boiler anti-freezing liquid, is a pre-mixed mixture that trailer possessors can use straight away without experiencing the whole mixing procedure’s trouble. It is environmentally-friendly, not flammable, and toxic-free. Furthermore, it has been dyed-red to allow users to detect leaks easily before any major leakage problems occur.

However, unlike the previously mentioned anti-freezing liquid, this mixture should not be utilized on aluminum. It also does not mix well with other brands, especially if there is a residue of the old anti-freezing liquid in the pipe, which can clog the boiler setup. 

Other than that, this formula from this brand still provides optimal results when it comes to providing the prevention and maintenance that every mobile home user desires.



  • toxic-free, flavorless, odorless, and stain-free
  • Easy to use
  • Not flammable 
  • Non-Corrosive


  • Packaging problems, mixture sometimes leaks from the container

The last one in this list is this C. Freeze Ban -50 antifreeze. Like the previously mentioned C. anti-freezing items, this is also a toxic-free mixture that ensures prevention for trailer pipelines during the harshest break season. C. Freeze Ban offers burst prevention down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit freezing point.

This is a more pre-mixed mixture from this brand that keeps any users going through the whole messy procedure of dilution. Moreover, this mixture is odorless, flavorless, and stain free. Since the mixture has no ethanol, this one is not a fire hazard.

Furthermore, the item is also compatible with metals because of its corrosion resistance properties.



  • Toxic-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Compatible on different types of piping setups
  • Offers corrosion shield


  • More expensive than other antifreeze concentrates
  • Might be unsuitable and too much for small trailer holders

Though it may not be as recognizable as a Camco Antifreeze buy, Starbrite has also proven itself to be a reliable option RV possessors wish to keep their vehicle intact and undamaged even in extreme temperatures.

This item offers not only outstanding prevention for all engines during the cold season but protects drinking aqua setups. This anti-freezing liquid has corrosion inhibitors that provide prevention for copper, brass, solder, and even aluminum. Moreover, since it has no alcohol, Starbrite is compatible with hose materials, rubber, and seals. 

Beyond that, this anti-freezing liquid offers freeze prevention between 12- and 14-degrees Fahrenheit and burst prevention at -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Starbrite is also not harmful to use since it is made with no alcohol and formulated with pure, USP-grade ingredients. It comes as a pre-diluted substance, so it is ready to use straight away after purchase. Starbrite saves the user any potential hassle that might occur during the dilution procedure.

While some might find the odor overpowering, this anti-freezing liquid comes in luminous rosy color, offering a great thing like visibility. Starbrite is also bought in as a 6-gallon set, which might be unsuitable and too much for small trailer holders. 

However, others might find the set convenient as it can be utilized 1 bottle at a time for an extended time, or any other ways it seems fit. Operating this anti-freezing liquid for RVs can also be used on boats, pools, and vacation houses, which results in a lot of fair use from the six gallons.



  • Offers standard burst shield
  • Compatible with different types of aquatic setup
  • Offers corrosion prevention for all common metals


  • More expensive than other antifreeze concentrates
  • Needs to be diluted

This anti-freezing liquid offers the standard and durable -40 Fahrenheit burst prevention and 15 degrees Fahrenheit slush shield. Beyond that, it is useful not only in recreational vehicles but also with trailers, boats, filtration and heating setups, swimming pools, vacation homes, and even aquatic purchasable items.

This model comes in two alcohol-free concentrated containers, which becomes 2 gallons of anti-freezing liquid after being diluted with fresh water. Because it has no alcohol components, it can be used on both metal and plastic equipment. Chemworld anti-freezing liquid is also risk-free for both the user and the environment. 

The substance works fine with every recreational vehicle model type, providing corrosion prevention for all common metals. Chemworld is also compatible with plastic components. 

The versatility and convenience that these anti-freezing liquid offers are of utmost importance, especially for mobile home possessors who are unsure of what will work with their vehicle. Moreover, it is 1 of the leading options for drivers who look for items that provide excellent results for an average price.

The red color of the formula is also a smart capability of the item since it makes locating leaks easier for the user before any further damage occurs. Moreover, this anti-freezing liquid is flavorless and odorless.

Though this is more expensive than other anti-freezing liquid available in the market, it seems worth it as it serves several purposes.



  • Offtoxic-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Risk-free to drink
  • Compatible with other types of vehicles


  • Some find that this model leaves a sweet taste on the liquid

Biotherm is one of the top-notch options for recreational trailer drivers looking for a versatile substance, both anti-freezing liquid, challenging, and heat transfer liquid. Biotherm is 1 of the best options. However, unlike other anti-freezing items, this is a glycerine based mixture. Nevertheless, this item is still toxic-free, not flammable better yet, biodegradable.

Others claim that it leaves no taste and odor on the liquid, making the aqua ideal for drinking. However, the item gives the liquid a little sweet flavor, which might be unlikely for others.

It is also way cheaper than any bio-friendly chemical-based anti-freezing liquid but still provides the same prevention for potable and nonpotable aqua setups. Additionally, no fair complaint was made by any customer when it came to this product.

The item also has multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that offer excellent prevention on brass, copper, solder, cast aluminum, and steel iron. It also extends its utility to vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, aquatic, and all-terrain vehicles.

This mixture comes in a five-gallon container, which can save the user from any hassle of repurchasing. However, this bulk option might be too much for drivers who own small recreational vehicles.



  • toxic-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Not harmful to drink
  • Compatible with metals and plastic


  • Comes in a bulk amount, which is an unlikely option, especially for small RV holders

Aside from Biotherm, RECRPO RV anti-freezing liquid is among the few biodegradable anti-freezing liquids available. This mixture works in providing prevention on the trailer’s liquid setups. It offers burst prevention at even -50. 

This anti-freezing liquid is also ideal to use on brass, copper, steel, or even plastic systems. RECPRO Antifreeze buys also serves its purpose in freshwater tanks and swimming pools. Given this, it is also ideal for drinking.

This substance comes in either 2 or 4 packs of a gallon set, which would take up storage space, especially for the small recreational vehicle.



  • toxic-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for drinking
  • Pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade, vegan and kosher
  • Can be utilized for the production of cosmetics, detergents, ice cream, or even beer and wine


  • Round instead of slim rectangular container might be challenging to store or pour at an angle

A propene-based anti-freezing liquid mixture that you can get from your local store is Froggy’s Fog. Yet unlike any other chemical-based substance, this anti-freezing liquid is USP food grade biofriendly-based. FROGGY’S FOG Antifreeze is compatible with use on freshwater tanks and other applications that require use on the skin such as swimming pools, moisturizers, drinking aqua, etc. It can even be utilized on e-cigarettes to dilute liquid nicotine. It is also flavorless and odorless, like the other biofriendly-based anti-freezing substances.

Alongside its variety of uses, this anti-freezing liquid can also produce detergents, ice cream, cosmetics, and even beer or wine.

However, some users encounter usage and storage problems since the packaging is difficult to store or pour at an angle. The small container is round instead of a slim rectangular shape.



  • toxic-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Compatible not only for metals but even with acetate pipes


  • Not available for bulk buying

An additional option that provides prevention for recreational vehicles during the harshest weather condition is this Zecol Antifreeze. This mixture has corrosion inhibitors that help prevent deterioration in metals and a variety of tubes. Unlike other anti-freezing items, this formula can be used even on acetate tubing. It also features an up to -50°F burst shield.

This anti-freezing liquid offers versatility that works great not only on recreational vehicles but also on boats and pools. Besides the extensive uses, an additional significant aspect is that it can be bought for a fair price.

This item is also organic, biodegradable, and toxic-free, which lessens anyone’s worry about harmful side effects. This anti-freezing liquid is very convenient to use since it does not have to be diluted. Moreover, it is dyed, making any possible leakage easy to detect.

The only downside with this item is that it cannot be bought in bulk orders. A user might find a gallon not enough for an extended break season.



  • toxic-free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Can be utilized on floor heating setup


  • Not available for bulkMight be too costly for others
  • Does not work with other anti-freezing items

Suppose you are a recreational vehicle owner, and you worry about your vehicle’s floor-heating setup. In that case, this CENTURY CHEMICAL Heat Transfer Fluid is an excellent anti-freezing liquid for you. This mixture comes with a high boiling extremity, which ensures prevention even during the hottest summer. Regardless of the heat, there will be no worry since the item is not flammable. This capability also lessens the risk of a fire-breakout even when the mixture is put with other chemicals.

This item also offers standard freeze prevention of -48 degrees, which is enough prevention during the break season.

Furthermore, the item is non-corrosive, ensuring that the RVs’ components will be kept from rusting.

The liquid also provides natural lubricant, which ensures that the seals and gaskets do not dry up. An additional unique capability of this anti-freezing liquid is its particular PH inhibitor, which ensures that the liquid setup’s natural PH is maintained. This mixture is toxic-free and can be utilized around pets and children.

This also needs no diluting, convenient, especially for mobile homeowners who do not like to go through the whole mixing procedures. This lessens any further problems as it does its job the soonest it is purchased. However, some might find it too costly for a gallon of anti-freezing liquid. Furthermore, this item does not mix well with other brands as it is clogged with the old anti-freezing items when poured into the camp trailer sink.



  • Non-corrosive
  • Color is useful in leak detection
  • Effective with other kinds of vehicles
  • Easy to use


  • Floating small, black particles inside the small container

Protecting your recreational vehicle in its best shape during break season is hard for recreational vehicle holders. It is hard, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Splash 619526 is a guaranteed anti-freezing liquid to keep your RVs in its pristine condition.

This anti-freezing liquid is popularly known as an undoubtedly adequate recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid. It will help from safeguarding all the essential fluids in your RC functioning through the break season. This anti-freezing item work on RVs can also be applied to speedboats, motorcycles, and various vehicles.

An important note before you purchase this anti-freezing item is it is non-corrosive. The item having this redeeming quality will keep the tubes and essential tubes on your RV in their pristine condition.

However, you might find floating small, black particles when you apply this anti-freezing liquid. The company advised us that the floating particles are the cause of used small containers of the items that happen to be opened before.

17. Splash RV Antifreeze Coolant


  • Easy to use
  • Has a -75 degree freezing point
  • Can be utilized in other heavy-duty vehicles


  • Cost a bit higher than the usual anti-freezing items
  • Package problems due to the product’s leakage

The Splash Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze Coolant is a blended item that does a splendid job in preventing your tubes from getting destroyed due to extreme weather conditions. The product’s -75-degree freezing extremity will surely help in preventing your lines from getting frozen.

As you scroll through different internet reviews about this product, you won’t see a single report without buyers gushing about this anti-freezing liquid’s effectiveness. The product’s -75-degree freezing extremity is the reason why people keep on commending this product.

An additional thing to think about is the product’s compatibility with other heavy-duty engines. Aside from recreational vehicles, it can also be used on amphibious vehicles.

When utilizing this product, you don’t have to dilute it first before applying it to your RV, and you can use the item directly. It’s very user-friendly; even people who are new to utilizing anti-freezing liquid won’t have a hard time utilizing it.

Manufacturers from the United States are the ones behind this fantastic product. You will get a hundred perfect assurances with the item because items from the U.S. underwent meticulous testings.

The next quality about Splash that is good to note is that it is steady in receiving good customer assistance reviews. Items and companies receiving end of good praise will surely deliver their claims to their customers.

Reasons Why Your RV Needs Anti-Freezing Products

1. It helps regulate your RV during extreme temperatures

Even if the liquid can hold some heat in the RVs piping, extreme climate outside can cause fluids to boil in scorching heat or freeze from the icy cold. Thus, most recreational vehicles require a mixture of liquid and chemicals which is present in Anti-freezing items. The anti-freezing liquid is a combination of liquid and chemicals. The anti-freezing liquid is withdrawn throughout the engine and the radiator core, where it absorbs excess heat. It travels through a vehicle’s radiator, where it dissipates heat to the outside air. It helps ensure that the liquid in any equipment does not boil in summer or freezes in the break season.

2. It keeps RV pipes from bursting

Older RV liquid lines were made with really hard plastic and metal elbows making them more susceptible to freezing. However, newer generation RVs have thinner and narrower plastic liquid pipes, which at weather conditions below freezing extremity, can quickly freeze and burst. Thus, the anti-freezing liquid must be put into these pipes to prevent them from breaking. The chemicals in the anti-freezing items regulate liquid conditions keeping them from freezing.  

3. It prevents corrosion

The chemicals present in an anti-freezing liquid have corrosion inhibitors that prevent recreational vehicles’ liquid setup from deterioration. Because of this capability, anti-freezing items are utilized on metals. Furthermore, the anti-freezing liquid helps in preventing rust build-up since it maintains proper fluid levels.

Choosing The Best RV Antifreez

Below are a couple of thoughts to think about before purchasing an anti-freezing items


Though other available anti-freezing items are pre-diluted, some need to be mixed with fresh water. Concentrated anti-freezing items are usually in a half-empty small container as it requires dilution before use. These items are generally cheaper and keep the anti-freezing liquid’s scent fresh until use. On the other hand, pre-mixed anti-freezing substances are more comfortable to use as these are ready for use straight away after purchase.

Though pre-mixed substances are more expensive, they are usually preferred since most do not want to go through the hassle and mess of adding liquid to the anti-freezing substances. 


There are three primary ingredients of anti-freezing substances, and they affect the price, general applications, etc. dramatically.


It is easy to determine if the anti-freezing liquid is ethanol or alcohol-based. Once you find a flammable symbol on the bottle, then the item is made with alcohol. Anti-freezing substances with alcohol content are more hazardous since it is flammable and should not be near small fires and cigarettes. Furthermore, it leaves an unfavorable flavor in fresh aqua pipes; it is also hazardous if ingested. The anti-freezing fluid’s alcohol content can also dry out rubber seals and gaskets in any flushing method, even the faucet anti-freezing and the toilet lines. The ethanol-based anti-freezing liquid is the cheapest among the options and only costs around 99 cents per gallon if on sale. This type of anti-freezing liquid is also widely available in local trailer shops.

B. Propylene Glycol-based

For a more secure option of anti-freezing items, then you should purchase a glycol-based concentrate or substance. The bio-friendly chemical-based anti-freezing fluid provides a better shield for the piping setup because it is mineral oil. It also serves as a good lubricant, prolonging the rubber seals’ life in tubes and liquid lines.

Furthermore, as opposed to alcohol, this aspect of chemical alcohol is not harmful to health. Unlike an alcohol-based anti-freezing liquid, a biofriendly-based anti-freezing liquid does not leave any taste in the tubes, making it risk-free if ingested. However, if taken in large amounts, it may cause diarrhea. Given these, it is really the more sought-after among the types. However, the bio-friendly-based anti-freezing liquid is more expensive; to be more specific, it can be 4x more dollars than alcohol.

C. Propylene-Ethanol blend

As the name suggests, this last type is a mix of alcohol and propane. Given its make-up, this type of anti-freezing liquid may have the best aspects of the two other models. However, since the amount of alcohol is unknown, we may never guess whether this type can dry out plumbing seals and present a fire hazard.

The price of this type ranges from 6 to 7 dollars per jug.


Burst prevention is 1 of the most critical capabilities that every mobile homeowner should consider when purchasing anti-freezing items. The standard burst shield rate is -40 Fahrenheit, which is perfectly adequate for most locations and suitable for most cold climates; however, it is still advisable to go for a substance that hits at least the -50 Fahrenheit burst and freeze shield. Given these, every RV owner should carefully study what the weather’s like around. Most of the time, those who live in an area with moderately changing weather opt to buy anti-freezing items with the standard freeze shield. However, those who live in places like Alaska would probably need the -100 Fahrenheit recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid.


The chemicals contained in anti-freezing substances can be harmful to the environment; thus, choosing and using the correct anti-freezing liquid is crucial. It is essential that the anti-freezing fluid is toxic-free and is not detrimental to use around kids and pets. Furthermore, it is also vital to ensure that the anti-freezing items are biodegradable.


Some recreational vehicle possessors might not want to go through the hassle of mixing anti-freezing substances with liquid. Thus, some brands offer greater convenience pre-diluted anti-freezing fluids. Pre-diluted anti-freezing substances can be utilized straight away after purchase. 


An excellent item offers a range of uses. Anti-freezing substances work well with recreational vehicles and other properties like boats, swimming pools, and vacation homes. Some can be used on any pipes– whether plastic, copper, brass, or acetate. These differences are crucial since these show why some anti-freezing substances are better than others. Though it is not its primary use, it helps get extra utility from a container and the best bang for your bucks. 


It is easy to choose and purchase whatever anti-freezing items your local store sells, but you never want to ruin your vehicle. An excellent recreational vehicle requires suitable anti-freezing liquid to work. Mobile home possessors should know what anti-freezing items are compatible with their RV. 

Anti-Corrosion Feature

Aside from the bursting shield, an additional thing that needs to be kept in mind when choosing an anti-freezing liquid is its anti-corrosion capability. The latter provides better protection against corrosion in the pipes between alcohol and bio-friendly chemical-based anti-freezing liquid. Recreational vehicle possessors need to know what their rockwood trailer tubes are made of before purchasing anti-freezing items since some items are only utilized for specific types of tools. This is also to ensure that the anti-freezing fluid will not cause any further and worse damage.


An additional important idea that needs to be studied is the price. Setting up a budget before purchasing an anti-freezing liquid is crucial since prices of anti-freezing items vary from 1 to another. The anti-freezing liquid made of alcohol is cheaper; however, it can dry out seals and gaskets. It also has the potential to harm users and properties as it presents a fire hazard.

On the other hand, propene-based anti-freezing substances are more costly than alcohol-based substances; however, it extends utility to others aside from recreational vehicles. This formula also offers better shielding on plastic tubes compared to anti-freezing items with alcohol.


Aside from keeping yourself from the damaging cost of repairing the liquid setup of your Recreational Vehicle during the break season, below are two main reasons why recreational vehicle anti-freezing fluid is something to think about.


This is probably the main reason why rockwood camp trailers are needed. The cold season can be harsh to the trailer’s flushing and liquid pipelines. Since an RV container has to be lightweight, it is designed to be thinner and narrower than typical liquid pipes. Given these, they are more prone to expanding and bursting, especially during the break season.

Even if tubes survive without the anti-freezing liquid, it will be mentally exhausting to think if they will survive afterward.


There are multiple ways the anti-freezing liquid helps with the liquid and piping issues mobile home encounters. Aside from managing the degrees in the pipes, anti-freezing fluid also acts as a lubricant, extending the plumbing setup’s rubber seals’ life. Furthermore, since it offers a burst shield, liquid spillage over the tool is prevented. This prevention means better security and lesser hassle and damage both for the RV and the owner.

How To Winterize a Travel Trailer

But before you proceed with the preparing for break season process, make sure to prepare the following:

Cleaning wand

2 to 3 gallons of anti-freezing liquid

liquid radiator bypass kit (this is installed for some recreational vehicles)

Unload plugs remover

Water pump converter kit (If not available, you may use a clear tubing that can be attached to the water pump’s inlet side) 

Below is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for preparing for break season recreational vehicles. 

  1. Remove and bypass inline filters in the liquid setup.
  2. Empty the freshwater tank and check the tool.
  3. If the mobile home has no tank flushing method, clean the gray and black holding tank utilizing a wand. You may also try utilizing Flush King to do the cleaning. 
  4. Lubricate the termination valves with WD 40.
  5. Empty the water heater. This step will require you to remove the radiator’s drain plug and open the pressure relief valve. Note: Make sure that the water heater is not hot or under pressure if you do this process.
  6. Open all the hot and cold faucets, including the valves in the toilet and outside the shower.
  7. Locate and open the low tech drain lines both for the hot and cold liquid lines. You may use the water pump to force the water out of the lines, but be sure to turn it off when the structure is already empty.
  8. After emptying the setup, cap all the recreational vehicle liquid ways and close all the faucets.
  9. By-pass the liquid radiator. Note: You must set up a bypassing kit, or you’ll end up wasting gallons of freezing-proof liquid as it will fill up the liquid radiator before going into the liquid lines.
  10.  Set-up a liquid withdrawal converter kit. If you do not have it, you can attach a piece of apparent tubing item to the liquid withdrawal’s inlet side with the other end placed into a container with 1 gallon of the liquid frost protector.
  11. Turn on the liquid withdrawal to put pressure on the setup. From there, slowly open valves of the nearest faucet until anti-freezing liquid disappears. Note: Replace the container of the anti-freezing substance when needed.
  12.  Do the same procedure (no.11) for all the faucets starting from the closest to the farthest.
  13. Flush the toilet until the anti-freezing liquid appears.
  14. Turn off the liquid pumper and open a faucet to release pressure.
  15. Go outside the trailer home and locate your city liquid inlet. Take off the small screen covering the liquid channel and keep on pushing the valve using a smaller screwdriver until the anti-freezing fluids disappear. Once the anti-freezing fluids are gone, but the small screen back on the liquid inlet.
  16.  Get a cup of anti-freezing liquid, pour it down into each of the drains and the toilet. Afterward, flush it into the trailer’s holding tank.
  17. Ensure that the liquid radiator is turned off, and every faucet is closed.
  18.  Lastly, look up for directions about preparing for break season for both washing machines and ice makers.

While these steps can guide you through the preparation for the break season, it is still crucial to read the RV owner’s manual before proceeding to the first step. 

How to Dewinterize your Recreational Vehicle?

Now that the snow is finally melting, you might want to hop on your vehicles and immediately go for a trip. Before you finally set out on a journey, you have to remember to de-winterize your trailers.

We’ve cited the process you can prepare for the break season of your recreational vehicles. In this part of the review, we will present you with a guide to de-winterize your RVs.

Make sure your tires are in pristine condition

Check the tires of your recreational vehicle. It is always essential to make sure that your tires are in good condition. During the break season, you might store your RVs outside, causing the screws to loosen up. Also, check the rig. 

Check your RV’s exterior

An additional required action you need to do is check your vehicle’s outside look and parts before doing extensive spring maintenance. Apply seals if required. Check the windows and the roof.

Charge and Re-install Batteries

Before you embark on a journey, make sure that you check your RV’s rig. Chances are they lost a small percentage during the break season. Charge them to keep the batteries in pristine condition.

It is important to note that you have to check the batteries with a voltmeter when checking them. It should read as 12.7 volts; if it is lower, you have to charge your batteries.

Flush the liquid setup of your RV

When you prepare for the break season, your RV to brace for the break season, you should note that you add toxic-free fluids. After keeping your tubes safe, you must flush it out of the liquid setup.

Clean the liquid setup

After you’ve flushed out the mixture on your liquid setup, the liquid will taste clean, but if there is a lingering anti-freezing substance, use a baking soda to clean it. Sanitizing your liquid structure is an essential step that you must not skip. This will remove mold or any bacteria.

Look for leaking pipes

Look for leaking tubes in your RV’s aqua setup. Now that you have fresh liquid on the liquid tank, you need to turn on the withdrawal. Once it pressurizes the setup and it reaches the highest capacity, it will turn off. You have to listen carefully to whether the sound is back again or it didn’t go out in the first place. If this is the case, there is a leak.

Have your propane tanks replaced

Re-install the propane tanks on your recreational vehicles if it uses propane. Once you can replace the containers, ensure that they are adequately placed on the mounts and hose are connected. Apply liquid with soap formula to the hose connectors; you can use a sponge or spray a rig.

Watch closely. If you see bubbles forming, then there is a leak. Properly take care of it to avoid further damages.

Check the vehicle’s engine

Check all the fluid levels of the engine. Make sure that it is the correct amount. Take note of every light and control; they should be functioning. If you find problems, we advise you to go to a mechanic to have your RV repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best RV Antifreeze

Are coolant and antifreeze the same?

You are both correct and wrong when you think that anti-freezing liquid and coolant are the same. Coolant is generally a combination of liquid and anti-freezing liquid. On the other hand, Anti-freezing liquid is a chemical primarily containing chemical alcohol.

Why should Anti-freezing substances be mixed with liquid? Would it not work its way alone?

Unless mixed with other fluid, anti-freezing liquid has no heat-transfer abilities, nor does it work with lowering the freezing extremity. Moreover, the liquid must be combined with a freeze-proof fluid to keep additives suspended. However, you may purchase some anti-freezing items that come pre-mixed with liquid. They are more expensive than concentrated items, though.  

Why is anti-freezing liquid essential for RV?

It is crucial to know that a recreational vehicle’s liquid piping system is not protected, unlike the homes’ liquid structure. When the condition begins to change, the RV tech lines’ liquid begins to expand and eventually freezes. This change places tremendous pressure on tubes causing them to burst. 

Thus, the anti-freezing liquid is utilized to protect the liquid tubes from bursting and keep the liquid lines from further damage.

Do I have to winterize my RV?

Most newer recreational vehicles already come with a built-in design made for flushing, but you must still winterize your recreational vehicles. This will ensure that your liquid structure is guarded during the break season.

If you want extra prevention for your recreational vehicle during the cold weather, make sure that you winterize your vehicle. Use Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze items that will guarantee the best condition of your RV.

Is anti-freezing liquid for RV and cars the same? 

Most RV possessors are savvy enough to know that anti-freezing liquid is different from the regular automotive anti-freezing liquid. Car anti-freezing liquid is usually toxic and is often made for cooling processes. Recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid is toxic-free and is meant for withdrawing into the flushing method.


Recreational Vehicle antifreeze products are toxic-free compared to car frost shields, utilizing house trailer anti-freezing liquid in an automotive is a recipe for disaster. Recreational Vehicle antifreeze is specially made to prevent camper trailer tubes from freezing during the break season. Unlike a car anti-freezing liquid, a recreational vehicle mixture formula does not contain any anti-boiling agent. The absence of the anti-boiling agents can cause an engine to overheat, warp, and die. 

Moreover, mixing both anti-freezing liquids can cause hot spots and clog in the liquid boiler core. These are valid reasons why a Recreational Vehicle antifreeze product has a warning label about being utilized in cars. 

What is the Best RV Antifreeze made of? Are the components safe?

Recreational vehicle anti-freezing liquid is generally toxic-free, and it is fair to use. Some people know the Best RV Antifreeze purchasable items as a chemical anti-freezing liquid. The parts that make up an anti-freezing liquid are glycerol, liquid, biofriendly-based, and dipotassium phosphate. Sometimes dye is added, colors can be utilized to detect leaks. Antifreeze items are environmentally secure due to their biodegradable designs.

Are all Recreational Vehicles anti-freezing liquid the same?

To just try to keep the tubes intact, any frost protector can do its job. However, some house trailer possessors claimed unexpected side -effects in utilizing ethanol-based anti-freezing liquid. Thus, possessors must be extremely careful when choosing and purchasing anti-freezing items because they are not the same. Each anti-freezing liquid brand has its unique composition, and each comes with varying proportions. 

Some RVs require specific anti-freezing fluid, so you must check with an authorized dealer or manual to determine its compatibility.

Why is anti-freezing liquid important?

Every camp trailer owner must possess an excellent anti-freezing fluid. This item is essential in ensuring that the vehicle’s plumbing system does not burst or freeze in extreme weather conditions. Since liquid tubes in an RV tend to be narrower and thinner than the lines in our homes, they are more prone to damage. To prevent this from happening as the repair costs are insane, proper must-have preparation for the break season.


During winter, the liquid molecules in the recreational vehicle’s flushing structure slow down as the degree lowers. This results in the binding of the molecules into crystalline structures making the liquid form into ice. The only way to counter the molecules from forming into crystals, which eventually could lead to pipe freezing, is by introducing another molecule that can delay or maybe completely prevent the freezing procedure.

In other words, an agent is needed to be added into the liquid setup to lower the liquid degree before the mixture freezes. However, there is a limit since freeze-proof fluids have different burst shield. The degree rating labeled on the container indicates the prevention it offers to a certain extent in weather conditions. 

The working procedure of anti-freezing liquid is simple. If you have the pre-mixed substance, or once you have the diluted liquid, it is pushed into the RV’s plumbing system. Because of the substance’s alcohol, the liquid’s freezing extremity in the tubes is raised, preventing it from expanding. 


The brands that usually make it to the list provide not only the top products but also those with excellent customer service. For the previous years, two brands have proven to be the cream of the crop, namely, Camco and Starbrite.


Since 1966, this brand has given its users reliable and risk-free antifreeze liquid item. This brand has been steady in providing the most advanced designs and formulas possible for a frost shield fluid. Furthermore, the brand continues to provide excellent and world-class customer assistance for each of its users. 


Starbrite has become the leading seller in the industry. Over the last four decades, the brand has been giving the market items that offer every buyer the top-notch value possible. 

But again, all the brands cited above should do fine by you, depending on your preference. 


While there are available pre-diluted anti-freezing items in the market, others are concentrated and need to be mixed with liquid before being added to the recreational vehicle’s flushing method. Moreover, others should be diluted appropriately with liquid to provide the required burst and freezing shield. However, the only fresh liquid is allowed since tap liquid contains calcium and magnesium levels, contributing to corrosion.


The anti-freezing liquid can be guaranteed as a risk-free thing to dispose of any sewer as long as it is not so hazardous and biodegradable. However, some brands do not mix properly with other chemicals, which can cause clogging. 

Some dispose of by merely pouring on rocks so it can be sun-dried. Others avoid spilling on the lawn, as some brands can kill the grass.

The wisest way is to contact the county hazardous waste office and inquire for information on freeze-proof liquid disposal laws to ensure both the user and the environment’s security.

Can I put Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze inside the fresh water tank?

While you can pour anti-freezing fluid on your freshwater tank, you have to make sure that you properly empty the plumbing structure. You can altogether remove it by buying a bypass to put and flush it out of the entire system.

Some campers are afraid to put anti-freezing substances in their tank because they fear that it won’t ever come out. If you are confident that you can flush out everything, then go ahead and put the anti-freezing liquid on your freshwater tank system to keep it protected during the break season.

Can you reuse a Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze?

Now that break season is finally over. You’ve flushed out the camp trailer anti-freezing liquid from the vehicle’s liquid system, and you might wonder if you can reuse it for a second break season.

To answer the question, yes. You can reuse flushed RV antifreeze. However, you must note that you are diluting it even more, every time you add liquid when you reuse it.

Some camp trailer possessors prefer reusing anti-freezing substances for two times only. After reusing it for two seasons of the break, they will get rid of it.

Where can you recycle old antifreeze?

By referring to existing laws about recycling anti-freezing substances in the state or city you live in, you can easily find the correct answer. Most states provide anti-freezing liquids recycling initiatives.

While many states offer recycling programs, you should know how to recycle anti-freezing items properly. Do not discard it in random places; make sure that you dispose of it on an airtight container. Unlike what is utilized on engines, the anti-freezing liquid is a toxic-free substance; guidelines are still different from each state.

Can Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze melt ice?

The answer is yes. House trailer anti-freezing items can melt ice. Airport crews use an item with propylene glycol to dissolve the ice build-up on their planes. This design is present in the RV antifreeze, so yes, it can melt ice.

Can I use Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze as a windshield washer?

Some people use their anti-freezing substances as their windshield washer, but we do not recommend you. The designs of a windshield and an RV antifreeze are different. If you use an anti-freezing liquid to clean your windshield, it will leave streaks or worse; you might end up with a dirty windshield.

Is Recreational Vehicle Antifreeze flammable?

As an RVer, security is your number 1 priority. This is the reason why some people are reluctant to buy anti-freezing items. Keep in mind that this additive that prevents freezing is made up of propylene glycol. It is toxic-free.

To answer the question, it is not flammable. You can stop stressing too much about your security now. You won’t face any difficulties or problems when you apply anti-freeze on your vehicle’s liquid system.

Will an RV Antifreeze kill grass?

No. Anti-freezing solutions will not kill the grass on your lawn. It will not even kill animals if they accidentally swallow a small amount of it.

RV antifreeze is made up of propylene glycol. The usual automotive ethylene glycol that is commonly utilized in cars will kill the grass.

Can I pay someone to winterize my Recreational Vehicle professionally?

If you think you can’t winterize your recreational vehicles by yourself, you can pay others to do it for you. If you seek professional help, you will need to prepare at least a hundred dollars.

You can head over to your local mechanic shop to ask them to help you. Local recreational vehicle shops also can do the job for you. Be sure that you have enough dollars to pay for their labor.

However, if you are preparing for break season your recreational vehicle, you will save extra cash that you can use on your trip. You have to make sure that you follow essential steps to avoid confusion.

Is RV antifreeze alright for drinking?

Most anti-freezing items you will see on the market have low toxicity; sometimes, it doesn’t even have any toxicity. However, it is not advisable to swallow liquid from your RV’s aqua structure if you apply anti-freezing.

Ensure that you store your anti-freezing items or other, not edible liquids in places where your little kids can reach them. Anti-freezing solutions often have attractive colors, and some even smell like candies. It is only natural that your kids will get curious around them. Anti-freezing items are mostly alcohol-based.

Keep it away from your kid’s reach to prevent poisoning. You and your family’s protection should be your number 1 priority.


Unlike the traditional automotive anti-freezing fluids, trailer anti-freezing liquid is specially formulated to be toxic-free and bio-friendly. It is guaranteed beautiful not only for the users but also for animals and kids. Most brands are made from biodegradable materials. Moreover, some home trailer anti-freezing liquids are flavorless and are even secured for drinking. 

With any type of anti-freezing solutions and chemicals, caution should always be practiced for protection purposes.


Since most anti-freezing items are risk-free and biodegradable, they can be risk-free and be utilized on any type of septic system. These capabilities mean you won’t have to worry about flushing the fluid into the septic tanks, as long as your county or state allows such action.


If puting the anti-freezing solutions in the flushing method is called preparing for the break season, getting anti-freezing solutions out of the system is called de-preparing for the break season. Before you start doing this procedure, it is essential to ensure that the freezing weather is over, or these could lead to further and more severe problems.

The procedure of de-preparing for the break season is simple. The toxic-free anti-freezing liquid is flushed out from the piping machine by running fresh water into the tubes utilizing the liquid withdrawal. During the procedure, you will have to open the hot/cold faucets and let the liquid run through the lines until the liquid flow is clear. The pump will either use the liquid from the city liquid inlet or the freshwater tank. Eventually, the leftover anti-freezing mixture will run directly into the holding tanks, emptied at the nearest dumping station. From there, the trailer is free from any anti-freezing liquid until the next break season.


If you are looking for a site with a large selection and lowest prices for anti-freezing products, then an excellent place would be Amazon. The site also provides an extensive customer review database.

However, you may still want to check out other sites during your search as some always give decent items at a reasonable price like the Camping World. During the website’s sale, some of the costs of its anti-freezing items even fall belowAmazon’s. 

Given these, any recreational vehicle owner should be wise enough to check all selling sites before purchasing an item. You could also visit a physical store if you do not want to buy online, especially if you’re going to talk to an employee to know more about specific anti-freezing products. A couple of brick and mortar stores should have a decent selection for buyers like the local Walmart, Home Depot, or trailer store. Though the stores can offer face to face customer service, expect that the prices of the items there are higher than those you will find online. 

Regardless, a recreational vehicle owner only has to pick the anti-freezing items that suit his shopping preferences.


This will not be a significant problem since the liquid mixture will just turn into a rose-colored slush-like form. This will not cause any damage to the tubes. Furthermore, it will still keep the users of the line liquid bursting.


We have mentioned certain anti-freezing items that are odorless; however, other items have an odor. Such anti-freezing solutions smell and even taste like maple syrup. Though the scent is not too overpowering, some might not like it.  


It is recommended that trailer possessors change the anti-freezing liquid at least once as winter approaches. We suggest that you use two or more gallons of your trusted RV antifreeze. Two to three gallons are enough to keep your tubes secured from bursting during summer. However, you must take time to think about the extent of the RV’s aqua system. If it is lengthy, we recommend utilizing more than three.

You should know your trailer’s capacity. Utilizing too many containers of an anti-freezing product is a waste of money. If you use too little, it won’t do its job.


Two to three gallons of anti-freezing liquid should be sufficient to keep the plumbing system secured during the cold months. More amounts will be needed depending on the length of the tubes and the size of the trailer. However, utilizing too much is not recommended. Aside from increasing the cost, some anti-freezing items might affect the lines and the user’s liquid. Utilizing too little is not suggested either since it will not be enough to protect the aqua system.


Now that you are aware of what anti-freezing liquid is all about. You are also aware of the leading anti-freezing items available for you in the market, and you may now have a specific item in your mind that you are planning to buy. We suggest that you pick the right item that mostly fits your current situation.

Read our comparison table and pay attention to the tiny aspects. If you want to read more about the products, we also have an extensive assessment that will help you set your mind into picking a specific model and brand.

You won’t have to deal with freezing tubes during winter once you get an anti-freezing liquid. As a result, your mobile home and its lines will brace for high weather conditions without freezing.

Reflect on what you’ve learned and applied it. Your trip will be perfect and smooth sailing. You won’t have to brood or be anxious about keeping your mobile home’s pristine condition during the break season.

Make sure that you know what items are compatible with your recreational vehicle. It is also advisable that you take time to think about your pet or children’s protection. If you ever encounter difficulties while preparing for break season the vehicle, do not be afraid to seek help.

However, if you encounter any difficulties during your research, please make sure that you leave your questions and problems in the comment section. With the greatest of our abilities, we will try to solve them.


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