Best RV Awning Lights Product Review Top Lighting Picks

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Best RV Awning Lights Product Review Top Lighting Picks
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As we hit the open road, we explore many things about regions, streets, and people. Most of all, we discover that the world is still a beautiful place while the unfortunate events that had transpired and what’s still happening until today. All thanks to campers, trailers, and other vehicles.

When taking on a new journey with our RVs, we must make and create some preparations. One of them is by securing dependable awning lights. We know how essential lights are and how the appropriate illumination could help us make the most out of the moment. 

Like selecting other essential accessories for your Recreational Vehicle, you choose what illumination to utilize and buy is crucial. There are many aspects to consider. With that in mind, we’ve narrowed down a comprehensive list for you. 

Below are our most suggested picks based on customer ratings, reviews, comments, and commentaries. Enjoy! 

Editor's Choice (A Quick Review of the 3 Best RV Awning Lights)

Before scrutinizing our suggested products’ complete list, below is a list of our apex choices. Take a look. 

Best Overall Best Value Premium Choice
1. Water-repellent, Hanging, Dimmable Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor LED Fairy Lights 3. RecPro RV-Trailer White LED Awning Party Illumination Model 2. Enbrighten 39511 Vintage LED Bulb Indoor-Outdoor RV-Trailer Fairy Lights
Water-repellent, Hanging, Dimmable Brightech Ambience Pro RV Outdoor String Lights RecPro RV White LED Party illumination Enbrighten 39511 Vintage LED Bulb RV/Indoor/Outdoor Fairy Lights
Solid-built and duly protected outdoor string light to withstand the worst weather conditions and other elements, High level of illumination Aesthetic and performance-wise, Affordable price Made of premium materials, Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Product Comparison Table (A Quick Glance of the Top/Best RV Awning Lights Items)

Illumination is not a new concept to Camper awning/truck awning//trailer owners. Aside from the preference we like, there are still many aspects we need to learn before a purchase, during installation, and after. To compensate, we are more than happy with this review with you.

For now, take a glimpse of the full list of best/most recommended lights and their brief aspects and descriptions.  

Product Wattage Number of bulbs included Illumination Source Type/Power Require battery? Best added feature/s Price
Product 1. Water-repellent, Hanging, Dimmable Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor LED Fairy Lights
Water-repellent, Hanging, Dimmable Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Illumination-emitting diode RV String Lights
Wattage 11 watts
Number of bulbs included 15
Illumination Source Type/Power Illumination-emitting diode
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s Weatherproof, dimmable
Product 2. Enbrighten 39511 Vintage LED Bulb Indoor-Outdoor RV-Trailer Fairy Lights
Enbrighten 39511 Vintage Bulb Indoor/Outdoor RV LED String Lights
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 12
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode
Require battery? Yes
Best added feature/s Weatherproof, impact-resistant, dimmable
Product 3. RecPro RV-Trailer White LED Awning Party Illumination Model
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s Waterproof and covered with Silicone sleeve
Product 4. Camco Hanging FestiveRetro-Party Glow Lights Model
Camco Hanging Festive/Retro/Party RV Glow Lights
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 10
Illumination Source Type/Power Not specified
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s Multifunctional and sturdy cover
Product 5. Richsing LED Strip Lights Indoor LED Lights Water-repellent and Easy Installation
Richsing Awning LED String Lights Indoor LED Lights
Wattage 48 watts (Maximum is 72 Watts)
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, corded electric
Require battery? Yes
Best added feature/s Wireless remote control, dimmable, adjustable, water-repellent
Product 6. Coleman LED String Lantern Lights
Coleman LED Awning String Lights Lantern
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 10
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, battery-operated
Require battery? Yes
Best added feature/s Wireless
Product 7. Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe illumination Set
Polymer Items LLC 1601-00515 Awning White Ten Globe illuminationSet
Wattage 60 watts
Number of bulbs included 6
Illumination Source Type/Power Plug-in Electric
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s Weather-resistant, impact-resistant
Product 8. Leisure LED Recreational Vehicles Outdoor Patio-Porch for Utility, Replacement Lumen Lighting Fixture
LED Camper Outdoor Patio/Porch Illumination for Utility, Replacement Lumen Lighting Fixture
Wattage 2.7 Watts
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s Environment-friendly materials
Product 9. MICTUNING Waterproof Exterior Recreational Vehicles LED Lumen Awning Light
MICTUNING Exterior LED Lumen Awning Light
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 6
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, wired
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s 750 lumens, IP67 waterproof, and multifunctional
Product 10. Dream Lighting Heavy-duty Outdoor R.V. Awning Lights LED
Dream Lighting Heavy-duty Outdoor RV/Car Awning Party Light-emitting Diode
Wattage 11 watts
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, wired
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s High illumination level, UV-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof
Product 11. Green LongLife LED Rope Illumination RV July 4th Memorial Day Patriotic Lights
Green LongLife Awning Light-emitting Diode Rope illuminationCamper/Trailer July 4th Memorial Day Patriotic
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s Premium Light-emitting Diode chips, UV-resistant PVC
Product 12. SUPERNIGHT LED Strip
SUPERNIGHT RV Light-emitting Diode Illumination Strip
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 600 bulbs
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, 1x 24V supply
Require battery? Yes
Best added feature/s Flexible, waterproof, color-changing
Product 13. Boogey Lights High-Intensity LED
Boogey Best RV High-Intensity Light-emitting Diode
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included Not specified
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s 300 high-intensity and radiant illumination
Product 14. Valterra A30-0600 Rope Trak
Valterra A30-0600 RV Awning Rope Illumination Trak
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 60
Illumination Source Type/Power Not specified
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s Luminescence track system
Product 15. OPT7 Aura LED Underglow Full Shade Spectrum for Trailer-RV
OPT7 Aura Lights-emitting diode Underglow Full Shade Spectrum for Trailer/RV
Wattage Not specified
Number of bulbs included 4 strips
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, dual options for assemble
Require battery? Not specified
Best added feature/s Underglow, sturdy glow strip
Product 16. Edison Vintage Bulb Porch Utility Light
Addlon Edison Vintage Bulb Best RV Porch Utility illumination
Wattage 2 watts
Number of bulbs included 15
Illumination Source Type/Power Light-emitting diode, corded electric
Require battery? No
Best added feature/s Weatherproof, UL approved, adjustable

The Top 16 Best RV Awning Lights Item Review List

While the awning is an essential shield against sun, rain, and other elements, illumination is a crucial component that must come hand in hand with it. Unfortunately, there are so many items to choose from, and it’s hard to tell which is which.

But, fret no more, as the reviews below will help you learn and decide. Gathered from different customer ratings, reviews, commentaries, reports, and articles read on our complete list of outdoor patio illumination suggestions. 

1. Water-repellent, Hanging, Dimmable Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor LED Fairy Lights

After a long journey on the open road, it’s nice to settle down at a place where you can relax and reflect. With these vintage bulbs, you can relax and feel the elegant and romantic world of the retro.

Ambience Pro is a light-emitting diode heavy-duty vintage string light. These string lights have a flexible and rubberized covering that is relatively secure and durable than conventional.  

What’s admirable about this model is its weatherproof characteristics. Due to its heavy-duty make-up, it can withstand water and wind. They are thick, so if you’re buying it for your RV or outdoor space, you can hang them for a long time. 

Perhaps making this string light a best/apex choice for the outdoor fixture is its attractive appearance. At first glance, you can already see the beaming bulbs lighting up the night and setting up the ideal atmosphere. 

Besides, its source of energy is LED. It means that you’ll be needing a dimmer at some point. But, this also means you can save up energy while ensuring the brightest of experience. 


  • Top-notch vintage Italian design that’s perfect for a classy, romantic night
  • Heavy-duty and connectable
  • Weatherproof
  • Energy-efficient
  • Standard LED bulbs for indoor and outdoor installation


  • May require you a dimmer
  • Weatherproof but not shockproof, so handle with care


  • Item Dimension: 48 feet (Strand length)
  • Item Mass: 6.34 pounds
  • Capacity: 110 bulb voltage
  • Available Color: Warm white (2500k)
  • Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

These RV bulbs are not only known for their attractive appearance but also the reputable material covering. Amazingly, they are waterproof and windproof.

2. Enbrighten 39511 Vintage LED Bulb Indoor/Outdoor RV/Trailer Fairy Lights

Let your journey be more memorable with these high-end vintage LED bulbs. With its charming ambiance, you can tune up the night and let the party begin. 

What’s admirable about the cute illuminating bulbs is that you have many shade options. With 16 varieties, possibilities seem endless. 

By the way, it is dimmable and adjustable. You can push the remote button to set up modes, dim characteristics, and time. It has a warm tone that makes it stand out during any season. 

The strands of bulbs are connectable and can connect to 750 strand feet. Also, you can link other sets of bulbs to achieve the appropriate length upon installation. It makes this model popular among buyers, as it is truly flexible and customizable. 

Moreover, as an item from high-grade construction, it is expected to be heavy-duty. Some customers praise the well-crafted bulbs and strands that made their night awesome. 

The whole item itself, including the bulbs and strands, is durably made. The manufacturer claims it can withstand different weather conditions as well as shock or impact. So, if you happen to step on it, there’s a little chance for breakage; it can last pretty long.


  • High-end and charming ambiance
  • Offers wide shade options
  • High-grade acrylic Edison bulbs
  • Connectable strands
  • Heavy-duty cord


  • Expensive


  • Item Dimension: 5.75 x 9.35 x 9.25 inches
  • Item Mass: 3.35 pounds
  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Available Color: White
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

The reason why this item is on our list is because of its admirable quality and aesthetic advantages. Customers can attest to how admirable the qualities of the lights are. It is not only weatherproof but also impact-resistant. 

Apart from that, it is highly customizable and adjustable. Hence, what can you ask for more? 

3. RecPro RV/Trailer White LED Awning Party Illumination Model

As part of RecPro’s creations, this awning party illumination is something to look forward to when hunting for something that’s not only cost-efficient but also energy-efficient. The item generates 1 500 lumens that provide a blazing luminescence. 

This lighting applies to RV goers and does an excellent job for outdoor purposes or camp activities. Its illumination is enough to cover the whole area where you put it on. 

What we love about this product is its attachment flexibility. You can almost situate it in all kinds of places. And since it is LED-driven, it has a sturdy lighting capacity that will help you endure the darkest of days. 

This easy-to-install illumination is ideal to hype up an elegant theme. However, it can also fit a festive and decorative activity. We recommend this item for experienced or beginner traveler-campers. 

Unlike other items, this item from RecPro is adjustable. It is also dimmable. By purchasing a remote control, you can easily navigate it as you like. 


  • Extreme illumination
  • Easy to install
  • Great class
  • It is sealed and covered correctly.
  • Enough to brighten up the outdoor


  • Finding the primary source or socket could be difficult for you.
  • May require a ground wire for installation.
  • The adhesive doesn’t stick well.


  • Item Dimension: 12 inches
  • Item Mass: 3 pounds
  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Available Color: White with black
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This item has a silicone sleeve covering. It means that it is secured and duly protected. Another good news about this item is its waterproof ability. 

If you’re worried, it might rain, or some kids might accidentally pour water on it, don’t. Besides, it also comes with a mounting track from Ultraviolet treated Polycarbonate construction. It gives the strands and bulbs double protection against unwanted elements. 

4. Camco Hanging Festive/Retro/Party Glow Lights Model

Are you bored of monotonous travel experience? Well, you might want to incorporate this hanging party glow luminescence to vamp up your experience. 

With an 8-foot connectable strand and ten cute bulbs, the kids or any passerby will be enthusiastic just by gazing at them. The festive gleam it produces overwhelms the ambiance. So, wherever you situate the item, it would be your ray of “hope and light.”

The strands of this item are duly-sealed. It is sturdy, and you can hang them anywhere safely. It also comes with 120-voltage for outdoor and indoor functions. 

Camco lights include two extra bulbs and a fuse. At first glance, you’ll also appreciate how neat and warm the tone is. With ten styles available, you have vast options to choose from, especially if you’re picky. 


  • Multifunctional
  • Attractive retro travel design
  • Connectable
  • Strands protected with a rugged sleeve.
  • Best for retro or festive theme parties


  • Not waterproof
  • Not impact-resistant
  • Not windproof


  • Item Dimension: 13.7 x 5.8 x 3.3 inches
  • Item Mass: 14.1 ounces
  • Capacity: 120 Volts
  • Available Color: Not specified
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This item is UL approved for multifunctional purposes. It means you can use them whether you’re on travel or just inside your RV or residence. We also recommend these lights for campers. 

5. Richsing LED Strip Lights Indoor LED Lights Water-repellent and Easy Installation

There are many ways you can make the most out of your holiday trip or travel. One of them is by selecting the appropriate strips for your RV. LED strip lights are known to emit heat and illumination that may hurt the eyes badly, but this item is an exception. 

Richsing LED bulbs are eye-safe as they generate low heat, unlike other LED bulbs. The manufacturer claims that it is touchable and utterly safe with children around. You can incorporate this item when you’re throwing a Halloween or birthday party inside the RV or your residence. 

Richsing is an ideal luminescence for the indoor interior, although you can use this awning light for outdoors. The reason for this is the extremely low illumination it generates. Plus, there’s a button where you can increase or decrease the level of brightness. 

Since it’s adjustable, expect that you’ll need a remote controller. What’s admirable about the item’s controller is that it uses 18key RF. Compared to other items, its control distance is farther than 30 meters. 

At 360 degrees, you can navigate the item as you like. Also, Richsing uses 20 different modes. Some of them include fade, flash, smooth, and jump modes. 

The only thing is that many customers do not like the idea that it uses adhesives. It’s not as bad, though. But, you’ll need to think again if you’re not fond of fixtures that require adhesives.

The product comes with 2-pack strips, remote control, clips, a connector, and an adapter. Leave your excursion alone more significant with these best of the line lights. With its beguiling vibe, you can enjoy the night and let the party start. 


  • Multishade
  • Easy navigation and control
  • Safe strips
  • Has 7-levels of brightness
  • Dynamic and adjustable


  • Require adhesive


  • Item Dimension: 7.48 x 7.48 x 2.44 inches
  • Item Mass: 1.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Available Color: Multishade
  • Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

Richsing has added aspects like wireless remote control, dimmable, adjustable, and water-repellent. They are not shockproof, though. But, looking at the grand picture, it’s a pretty decent choice if you’re planning for a faraway escapade – the best fixture for the awnings.  

6. Coleman LED String Lantern Lights

Imagine a night without the appropriate illumination on the campsite or patio. Would you still call it a night? Of course, not!

If you’re hunting for some excellent illumination to spice up the fun, don’t forget the lantern luminescence on your list. Coleman is Amazon’s choice. That means that it’s worth trying. 

What’s incredible about these lanterns is that it’s portable. This string light only requires batteries so that you can bring them during a faraway escapade. 

Not only that, because they can last as long as 20 hours, notable, aren’t they? Hence, on the off chance that you lose your way, you can use it for 20 hours more. Plus, these are 6-feet long, which makes it flexible enough for different settings. 

Since its Amazon’s choice, it’s known for being part of the most reputable LED brands. LED illumination items from Coleman are known to be long-lasting and pretty durable, too. It is also true with this lantern item based on the reports and reviews. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Long-lasting energy
  • Reputable brand
  • Long strand
  • Attractive appearance


  • Not waterproof
  • Not impact-resistant


  • Item Dimension: 11 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Item Mass: 12.8 Ounces
  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Available Color: Not specified
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

The bulbs are of excellent class and shine brightly. But, what’s most lovable about it is that you’ll not need wired connections to make it work. It’s less hassle, especially if you have a journey on the open road.  

7. Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe illumination Set

There is so much stuff to look forward to during a trip. But, there are also many things to prepare. One of them is to have a durable and dependable source of illumination. 

The Polymer globe set, as the name suggests, is made from polycarbonate materials. These materials are known to produce items resistant to shock or impact. 

The cords are reliable and compact. They are heavy-duty. So, even if it seems a bit bulky, they are covered and secured. 

If you’re picky about aesthetics, well, you should try to include this item on your list. The design is not as whimsical as other products. Yet, they look elegant and neat, making it an ideal pair for campers or trailers. 

Besides, the package includes steel hooks. If other items make you buy additions, with the Polymer set, you don’t have to. It is stainless and enough for the attachment, so you need not purchase it separately. 

What we admire about Polymer is that the bulbs are UL-approved. It means it’s ideal not only for indoor but also for outdoor use. The cord is 20-feet long.


  • Aesthetics-wise
  • Has added special characteristics
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor utility
  • A long and sturdy cord
  • Stainless hooks from steel construction


  • Not connectable so that it may require additional outlets
  • The globes may be challenging to install 


  • Item Dimension: 18.5 x 10.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Mass: 9 pounds
  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Available Color: White globe
  • Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

The bulbs can withstand various weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about installing and uninstalling fixtures due to changing conditions anymore. With its captivating design and polish, you can make the most out of your travel experience. 

8. Leisure LED Recreational Vehicles Outdoor Patio/Porch for Utility, Replacement Lumen Lighting Fixture

Days and nights are unpredictable. It can get dark on a sunny day or rain at night. Luckily, this luminescence will give heat and brilliance. 

This bulb is not an ordinary illumination because it is an Amazon’s choice. It has a 60 000-hour lasting vigor. Unlike other conventional bulbs, it lasts longer. 

This fixture has a cool white shade with 6000 – 65000 K temperature. If you’re searching for great alternatives, this item might be something worth the try. It has a beam pattern that’s not only ideal but is also useful in so many ways. 

The bulb is not as brilliant as other items. It only has 80 lumens. Nevertheless, the illumination is enough to illuminate the area where it is mounted. 

There’s an off and on the switch button. It is also safe or almost configurations. 

The product is proven applicable to almost all RVs. Even though LED items are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations, this item is an innovation to withstand such. It has a wide operating voltage that makes it superior, among other alternative options.  

The design is pretty decent. If you’re not fond of whimsical styles, this awning light is an excellent addition to your options list. It looks neat from the outside.


  • Has an extensive voltage range
  • Long-lasting power
  • Enough heat and brightness
  • Durable
  • Processed in an eco-friendly way and made up of eco-friendly materials


  • No impact-resistant features
  • No waterproof characteristics
  • Limited mode or settings


  • Item Dimension: 6 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Item Mass: 4.8 ounces
  • Capacity: 11 – 18 volts
  • Available Color: White 
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This LED is not an Amazon’s Choice for no reason. Although it is not as brilliant as other bulbs, the material is highly commendable. It is a construction from high-caliber materials and technology that is environment-friendly. 

9. MICTUNING Waterproof Exterior Recreational Vehicles LED Lumen Awning Light

This awning light is a high-end luminescence with 6 ETI bulbs shining at 750 lumens. It is among the lineup of the best awning lights.

It is an excellent investment for RVers who are hunting for exceedingly brilliant in the market. With its illumination and other special features, no wonder it’s an Amazon’s choice. 

The item is reliable and compact. You can tell how well-crafted it is from the exterior. It has a simple yet elegant design that makes it look clean and neat. 

This item also performs as a porch, awning luminescence, and outdoor light. That’s why it’s indeed a dependable fixture for marine automobiles, trailers, camper, and caravan. You can use it to brighten up the campsite or any area where you situate them. 

The package comes with screws for attachment. It has heat dissipation characteristics, unlike conventional bulbs. If you’re planning to purchase at the weekend, this might be an excellent addition to your list. 

Apart from the other features, this light-emitting diode has unique anti-glaring qualities. Although it’s exceptionally bright, it does not hurt the eyes that much. The illumination level is enough to cover a vast space; hence, you’ll not need to buy many lights. 


  • Solid and compact design
  • High illumination level
  • Waterproof
  • The easy and safe attachment process
  • Anti-corrosive


  • Much heavy and bulky
  • May require you self-tapping screws for the attachment


  • Item Dimension: 3.9 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
  • Item Mass: 7 ounces
  • Capacity: DC9-32V voltage
  • Available Color: Not specified
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

Aside from this fixture’s high brilliance level, epic aspects are not present in other items. It has anti-glare characteristics. It is also resistant to water with IP67 protections that’ll help you get through a rainy night.

10. Dream Lighting Heavy-duty Outdoor R.V. Awning Lights LED

This outdoor awning illumination is a gift to RV owners who want exceedingly brilliant. The item is an innovative and smooth luminescence fixture that would give more meaning to the outdoor experience. The level of brightness is at 720 lumens and is adjustable since it has dimmable characteristics. 

This fixture caters to many purposes. This item can be for compatible trailers, trucks, trailers, cars, boats, and even yachts. That is why it’s quite popular among goers and enthusiasts. 

If you’re enjoying the night during your trip, you need extra brilliant illumination to depend. Luckily, you have this porch illumination from Dream. So, even if you’re just watching the night sky, fishing, or camping, you can be at ease. 

This item has a broad coverage of illumination. Interestingly, although it is incredibly brilliant as other customers would describe, you can dim it. Its level of luminescence helps get rid of insects and bugs that pester campsites during the night. 

This item draws its illumination source from a light-emitting diode. You cannot try it on all kinds of RVs, especially if its capacity does not match since it has high lumens. The good thing is you can always check it out before the purchase. 

Since it is a light-emitting diode item, it lasts long, unlike other products in the market. It is energy-saving and cost-efficient, too. It also has heat-balancing qualities. 

The ability to neutralize the heat helps the bulb not to overheat. When discussing light-emitting diodes’ exceedingly brilliant illumination, you should review such a balancing feature. The best thing is that you already have one item to add to the option’s list. 


  • Intense, brilliant illumination keeps bugs or insects away.
  • Dimmable
  • Well-crafted utility bar
  • Has the ability to stabilize heat to prevent fluctuations
  • Has unique aspects like anti-corrosiveness and weatherproof qualities 


  • Wired


  • Item Dimension: 8.66 x 1.85 x 1.46 inches
  • Item Mass: 7.3 ounces
  • Capacity: 10 – 15 voltage
  • Available Color: White, black housing
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

Part of the common concerns about light-emitting diode items is their brightness level. Fortunately, this RV utility bar has Aluminum heat balancing. The housing helps neutralize the heat that light-emitting diode products usually emit. 

11. Green LongLife LED Rope Illumination RV July 4th Memorial Day Patriotic Lights

Embody the American spirit through this RV rope illumination from Green Longlife. This item for special events like the July 4th, memorial, and other American holidays. If you want to ignite that nationalistic spirit inside you, you should add this to your options list. 

The bulb has an operating capacity of 120 voltage AC. It has a dependable fire-resistant PVC. Plus, it’s connectable, so you don’t have to add outlets just to achieve the ideal illumination.

What’s admirable about this item is its light-emitting diode chips. Commonly, experts don’t suggest touching LED items, but this one’s an exception; it’s cool to handle. No wonder it is UL approved for outdoor and indoor utility. 

The rope lights are well-crafted. They are also easy to assemble and mount. If you have pathways, garden, RV awnings, patios, you should try them on. 

While other customers remember this item because of its patriotic design, it is more than that. This item is from high-quality materials. It can withstand unwanted weather conditions, making it an excellent option for outdoor use. 

With its three-shade theme, you can vamp up your RV. The package includes an extra fuse, so you have some additional accessory in case you need one. 


  • High-end chips
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Patriotic design
  • Can cater to indoor and outdoor conditions


  • Brittle


  • Item Dimension: 7.91 x 7.91 x 2.28 inches
  • Item Mass: 1.55 pounds
  • Capacity: 120 Volts
  • Available Color: Red, blue, white
  • Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This rope luminescent is a verified fixture for outdoor and indoor. The cord is long, and the design is admirable. But, more than that, it has unique aspects like UV-resistance and has high-end light-emitting diode chips. 


Are you looking for an illumination strip for your rig? With this RV awnings, you can add another excellent option to your list. 

Supernight has a lifespan of 50 000 hours and can reduce the fixture’s frequency. Its attachment and usage are easy and straightforward.

On the off chance that you’re on a tight budget, this is the best alternative. The illumination is superb. The multi-shade of the strip is also epic. 

What’s making it popular is the value of the light-emitting diode items. Customers can attest to how unbeatable the class of this item is. But, of course, it has a fair share of downsides. 

Some customers complain about the peel n’ stick adhesive because it was not enough to set up the strips. Specific strips may also not work, so always check the units properly.

Nevertheless, at an affordable price, the class is not that bad. It also gained decent ratings in customer reviews. 

Also, the illumination level is as real as advertised. It shines brightly, making it an ideal combination for the best RV. 

The attachment is made much easier. It uses no wiring, and you can plug and play it straightforwardly. The operating voltage is 24. 

The product comes with a 24-key remote controller, 1x 32 RGB light-emitting diode strips that are 32.8-feet long, and a 1x 24V power source. 


  • Easy to guide, assemble and navigate
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Emits low heat
  • Flexible and connectable
  • Strips are cuttable without harming other illumination strips.


  • Some items may be defective, so check properly
  • Must be careful when buying the item online
  • Poor adhesion


  • Item Dimension: 13 x 8.3 x 2.7 inches
  • Item Mass: 2.05 pounds
  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Available Color: Multishade
  • Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This item is ideal and best works for indoor uses. The best thing about this RV illumination strip is its bendable, shade-changing, and waterproof aspects it has. Other than the adequate illumination it gives, it guides and offers factors that would improve your interior. 

13. Boogey Lights High-Intensity LED

Dust, heat, harsh weather conditions, and other unwanted elements might destroy the light’s performance. With this, the Boogey light-emitting diode luminescence comes into existence. This item is a strip illumination that can endure unpredictable weather situations. 

The item is from high-caliber materials that can serve as an attachment under the best RV, camper, and trailer truck awnings. If you’re struggling to find the right thing for your rig, treat this as an excellent option. 

Unlike conventional lighting, Boogey luminescence is excellent for outdoor purposes. So, if you’re a heavy traveler or camper, this item is a dependable illumination. 

The strands are 16-feet long. The strips are cuttable, so you can cut them as you deem fit for the attachment. When you’re hunting for a gleaming illumination, this item is worth the penny as it has level 300 of high-intensity light. 

What’s more commendable about this item is the variety of shade displays. It has light blue, blue, white, green, red, pink/purple, and yellow/orange. Using the wireless controller, you can navigate and set up modes. 

The modes of this item include fade, breath, and blend. Also, the item’s kit comes with a 110vac energy converter. It is in case you want another alternative energy source. 

 It also has a Bluetooth controller option. It means you can control the illumination using a Smartphone. You just have to download the application first. 

At a reasonable price, the class of this item is convincing. It is a state-of-the-art innovation that makes it easier to access dependable illumination when you need it most. If you’re a camper, an RV owner, a traveler, or an enthusiast, you should try to look at the qualities that this item possesses and decide.


  • State-of-the-art
  • High-intensity light
  • Various mode option
  • Easy to navigate
  • Variety of color display


  • No shockproof features


  • Item Dimension: 8 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Item Mass: 3 pounds
  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Available Color: Multishade
  • Customer Rating: 5 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

Boogey is a state-of-the-art invention that has two options for the power source. Not only that, because it also generates high-intensity illumination. Hence, If you’re researching for great lighting options, this should be on your options list. 

14. Valterra A30-0600 Rope Trak

After a long journey on the road, it’s ideal to settle down at a spot where you can unwind and reflect. With these rope awning lights, you can relax as well as feel the majestic vibe of shades

Rope awning lights with poor adhesion abilities are a headache to most RV owners. It’s honestly annoying when it falls off from time to time. To not experience this situation, some are forced not to buy these adhesive-types anymore, but here’s an innovation from Valterra. 

Before saying a NO to awning lights that require adhesive, you might not have stumbled across the illumination track system that RV owners are talking about until now.

Although part of the best RV item, Valterra A30-0600, requires adhesives. But, the awning lights can also stand without it.  

Why? It’s because of the illumination track system. The “tracks” are installed first to the rig’s awning. The tracks are also where you have to mount the awning lights. 

Rope illumination is attached to the rail, so it does not plummet. If you’re having a walk in the forest or enjoying camping, need not worry about the hassle. Even if the wind blows or the adhesives are not doing the job anymore, the awning lights are still in place. 

What’s great about this item’s illumination track system is its convenience. Imagine if you’re in the middle of nowhere, and the wind starts to blow heavily; it would be a disaster. Thanks to this item’s track system, it secures the lights even if the adhesives do not stick anymore. 

This system has gained high rates from customers. Not only because of such aspects but also due to the class of lights it emits. It has strong and sturdy lights you can depend on, especially in harsh weather conditions. 

Plus, the shades and designs look neat and clean. It perfectly fits RV purposes. 


  • Brilliant illumination
  • An ideal guide combination for your rig
  • Turns the old utility track into a rope illumination track
  • UV-resistant
  • High-caliber material


  • May require additional adhesives to keep it from falling off.


  • Item Dimension: 5.89 x 0.78 x 0.15 inches
  • Item Mass: 1.5 pounds
  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Available Color: Not specified
  • Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

Sun Illumination Exposure is among the main factors that may affect an illumination fixture’s performance and effectiveness. However, this item is an exception. This illumination is UV-resistance, which means that the brightness level will remain unaffected even when exposed to direct sun.

15. OPT7 Aura LED Underglow Full Shade Spectrum for Trailer/RV

If you need to do a total overhaul of your best RV and love a fancy illumination at night, these ground lights might be perfect for your rig. 

OPT7 Aura is among the best apex illumination. The OPT7 manufacturers established it in 2006. At first, it was all for fun and affordability, but the manufacturers innovated RV items for utility as time goes by. 

If you’re eyeing for ground lights for your RV, this item is an excellent addition to your list of options. The polish is captivating. It has a full spectrum of light-emitting diode awning lights that would undoubtedly better your experience. 

You can also set it up to various flash modes. While it works best as an underbody kit, it also works best in the underbody and awning illumination. 

What’s more lovable about this best RV item is weatherproof characteristics. We know that weather conditions are unpredictable these days, so you need to have a dependable illumination. Aside from such features, it is also rust-resistant. 

The stands have a silicone sleeve. From the external sight, you can say it well and duly secured. The exterior creates a sense of glitter and sophistication.

Another great news about this popular ground illumination fixture is that you can choose from two attachment methods; the pro and the simple. It’s up to you and the availability of energy sources. 

Also, if you’re throwing some party down the road, this is something you should contemplate. Due to the Smart LED shades, you’ll dance and enjoy its festive vibe. With 50 000 hours of life span, you can make the most out of it and create the best moment of your life with your friends, family, and RV.  

The original ground illumination kit includes a handheld controller, adapter, screwdriver, power harness, mounting kit, extension wire, strips illumination bar, among all. There are also three available fuse adapters. The adapters enable you a less-hassle plugin and attachment.


  • Well-built
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions and unwanted elements
  • Two attachment options
  • It can sync sound to light-emitting diode lights with bass-activated technology.
  • Advanced settings and modes


  • Not enough connectors
  • Not impact-resistant
  • Not that resistant to fluid substances


  • Item Dimension: 48 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item Mass: 2 ounces
  • Capacity: 12 Volts
  • Available Color: 16 shades
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

These lights do well in illuminating the space where you situate them. But more than that, it is entirely built for road trips and travels. With weatherproof characteristics, smart glow strips, durability, and brilliance, nothing can keep the night from shining. 

16. Edison Vintage Bulb Porch Utility Light

After a long excursion in the open street, it’s ideal to settle down at a spot where you can unwind and reflect. With these vintage bulbs, you can relax and feel the exquisite and sentimental universe of the retro. 

Edison is a light-emitting diode uncompromising vintage string illumination from Addlon. Among the best RV items, the vintage bulbs are adaptable, and the rubber treated covering is preferably secure and robust over ordinary. 

What’s best about this RV item is its weatherproof highlights. Because of its substantial made up, it can withstand water, wind, and other elements. They are thick, so if you’re getting it for your best RV or outside space, you can drape them for quite a while. 

Perhaps the reason why it is excellent for outdoor attachment is its alluring appearance and functionality. From the outset, you would already be able to see the radiating bulbs illuminating the night and setting up the ideal air. 

Plus, it’s LED-operated. It implies you’ll be requiring a dimmer. Be that as it may, this likewise means you can set aside energy while guaranteeing the most splendid experience. 

The yard or outside lights can interface with another grounded rope that connects to any standard configurations. You can connect it up to 30 strands.


  • Amazon’s choice
  • Uses SMART systems and advanced technologies
  • Weatherproof
  • Heavy-duty RV
  • High-caliber insulation material


  • Expensive


  • Item Dimension: 10.9 x 9.9 x 6.1 inches
  • Item Mass: 5.74 pounds
  • Capacity: 110.00 volts
  • Available Color: Warm yellow
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Why Should You Buy This?

This item is a certified best RV Amazon’s choice. Apart from the elegant Italian Bistro vibe it has, its brightness level is also superb. Among the best RV items, it is weatherproof; hence, it can withstand the worst conditions. 

Types of Awning Lights for RVs

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to illuminating your best RV. Yet, you can’t just choose anything you’ve come across.  

If you’re in the process of exploring what best RV string lights to select now, know that you have many options. These can extend to class, size, shape, capacity, shade, and you have to decide carefully. 

But before that, it’s essential to get to know what these RV illuminations are. Let’s read about the major types of awning lights.  

Solar-powered lights – string lights are categorized into three main types; solar-powered, light-emitting diodes, or rope lights. From the word itself, the solar-powered types operate through the energy coming from the ultimate source of illumination– the sun. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

What’s best about these types is that you won’t need a battery, energy bank, or electricity. Just put it under the sun for an adequate amount of time, and then, it’s good to go. It’s a great choice if you care about the environment since it healthily saves energy. 

The only thing is that they are usually expensive, and most of them have short-lasting vigor. Nevertheless, these RV items are highly dependable when you’re heading to a faraway place where there’s no access to wired connections, or you ran out of battery. 

Most solar-powered RV lights are of excellent class and can last pretty long. Some roads and public places in rural settings even depend on such types of illumination. For an RV owner like you, these types are great as investment options; you could save a few pennies in the long run while saving energy.   

LED (Illumination Emitting DiodeRV string light – among the RV lights for awnings, light-emitting diodes possess a blazing illumination. Yes, you heard it right, because it is gleaming hot by just looking at it directly. But, don’t do that, as it may hurt your eyes badly.

What’s admirable about LED is that, like solar RV items, they are cost-effective and energy saving. They last long and are an option for all types of campers or trailers. 

Although they are expensive, it’s good to know that they are safe not only for the environment but also for the people around them. Their illumination can hurt the eyes when you look at it directly, yet, they do not contain harmful substances like lead or mercury present in fluorescent and other luminescence items for RVs.  

The only thing is that these types of illumination are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations. These instances may damage the RV light-emitting diode product. To avoid this from happening, you must utilize regulators and select the item specifically made for the type of camper or trailer you have. 

Rope Awning Light – also known as soft neon, these fixtures have become increasingly popular today. These types have cute little bulbs connected and covered with PVC jackets or polyvinyl chloride material. Then, it creates a string-like linkage; hence, its name.  

These types of illumination are popular fixtures, not only for RV goers. Well, this is because of their festive and decorative vibe. They are also ideal for a romantic date set-up.  

Not only that, because they are also affordable. So, if you’re on a tight budget now, this might exactly be your literal “source of hope and light.” 

However, like other types of fixtures, they have a fair share of downsides. These items have outdated characteristics. You have to have a power source; some even need a remote controller. 

Nevertheless, the cute little bulbs these type posses are enough to lit up the night and your RV’s vicinity. You can use this for various purposes, indoor or outdoor.

Essential Things to Remember When Searching for the Best RV Awning Lights

With the current market trends today, you’ll come across items that look and feel too good to be true. Well, of course, that’s a given. With that in mind, you’ll have to be knowledgeable about the vital stuff to check when looking for the best RV awning lights. 

Here is a list of the aspects to look for, especially when purchasing the appropriate awning illumination fixture for your RV. Take a glance. 

Compatibility – What type of RV camper or trailer do you have? What kind of RV vibe or atmosphere would you like? How about the RV’s shades, design, and specifications?

These are the inquiries you should ask yourself first. When it comes to luminescence, compatibility is a big thing. If it does not match the type of RV and your preference, what’s the sense of purchasing it anyway? 

When talking about compatibility, you should not forget the light’s supply and demands of energy. Does the item need wired connections? If it does, you must ensure your RV supports the type of required capacity; otherwise, you’ll have to select a battery-powered item.

Aspects such as shade, style, or design also play an important role in matching your RV’s type. If you’re fond of retro or classic vibe, a vintage bulb is an excellent option. If you love a festive atmosphere, include colorful lantern LED string lights on your list.

Quality – Perhaps the worst thing that could happen during the night is luminescence bulb flickering or dying out. It would be a real disaster that may rob the night’s fun. To avoid that from happening, it’s always a big YES to invest in high-caliber lights. 

The class the item has will tell you whether it’s worth having a short or long-term investment. Look for aspects like lasting power, wattage, heat-resistance, durability, or anti-corrosiveness characteristics.   

Ease of Installation – there are so many high-caliber items available out there, but are they easy to install? Apart from the listed characteristics, ease of attachment is something that you should not forget when talking about rigs or RVs.  

Some luminescence items have complex attachment systems. Plus, various items have difficult-to-follow manuals. 

Sure, you can seek help from the internet or some professionals. But, the question is, why go through the hassle?   

Price – if you’re on a hunt for the appropriate illumination there is, always look at the price you’ll purchase. Ask yourself; is the price reasonable or stuff like can you afford it? 

Comparing the price of the most purchased brands will help you track down available alternatives. You’ll also be able to weigh down stuff and look for the ideal item that matches your budget.   

Bear in mind, though, that expensive items don’t necessarily equate to class. Meanwhile, cheap products don’t also mean you have to buy them because they’re inexpensive. 

Nevertheless, if you’re really after something worth a few bucks, consider the price range and budget you can afford for the short and long-term. 

Aspects or Additional Functions – Competition in the markets has resulted in the innovation of aspects that add function and meaning to human life. It is true when talking about the awning light for RVs. While others don’t have extra properties, various items today have incredible added characteristics that can better your journey and experience. 

Added aspects like anti-corrosiveness, water, and heat-resistance, multifunctional qualities make the purchase more worth it. It can add comfort and security as you travel and stop by to relax or feel the moment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Awning Lights for RV

Lights are an excellent addition to our RV awnings. If you think you need a new illumination now, read and take on the considerations above. For now, here is a list of the stuff people usually ask about the best RV awning lights items. 

Why should I buy RV outdoor patio lights? 

While RV awnings give us shade and protection and maximize space, the best RV awning lights provide us an illumination fixture that improves our RV life and experience. 

Many of you may not realize this, but illumination is not the only thing that these items bring. These lights have two significant functions; one is for aesthetics, and another one is for utility. While some items only have one quality, most illumination fixtures today have both.

They are great savers in times of emergency. They also help eradicate bugs and insects away from our loved ones. Generally, these are the reasons why these lights are a must, especially for RVers.

Lights guide and keep us safe from danger

RV owners and perhaps any vehicle owner knows how vital illuminations are. When you’re lost or in a remote region, you probably don’t know what would happen. Thus, having a dependable illumination system is a no-brainer fact. 

Luminescence in this part of RV is strategic as it helps you better see the outside situation when you’re inside the automobile. Furthermore, if you’re on a campground, this luminescence helps irradiate the area. 

In so many cases, these illuminating fixtures prevent danger. It does not mean it would decrease accidents, but help you avoid what might happen during the trip. Lights are paramount to safety, and as the adage says, it is better safe than sorry. 

Add life, leisure, and aesthetics 

Nowadays, items that give illumination are not for utility purposes only. Some have robust advanced systems. Others have high-value shades and unique characteristics. 

There are different kinds and brands of illumination for every occasion or uses. String lights are ideal for giving a retro/classic/festive/decorative them. Some are even designed with country flag shades to imbue nationalism and patriotism. 

It makes the outdoor patio more vibrant, unlike conventional lights. Aesthetic illumination also alleviates stress. 

It makes travel more memorable. Plus, if you’re planning to propose to your loved one, it would be nice to have some romantic illumination to back you up.  

  • Added Security Measures – in connection to the safety advantages of having a dependable RV light, most products today have sturdy system backups. One of them includes motion sensors. 

For added security measures, some owners select those types that can detect movement. This feature is more than helpful as it will warn you when there’s someone or something near it. Hence, if it’s a harmful entity or something that might pose a danger to your life, you can immediately know through the sensor. 

How to install them? 

The attachment process of outdoor patio lighting varies depending on the brand or type of item you will purchase. Here are some general rules you need to remember when installing the following 

The use of light-emitting diode illumination has been increasingly popular for several years now. It’s not only because of its brilliant luster, but also its energy-efficiency characteristics. One of the frequently purchased LED lights is that of strip lights. 

Strips have shade-changing characteristics, are remotely controlled, and have added abilities like UV or water-resistance. Among other types, strips are more challenging to maintain because most of them require adhesive.

The attachment is easy, though. Since RV strips are mostly with adhesive materials, you can easily stick them wherever you want. However, since not all adhesives are trustworthy, you have to use glues or choose brands with rope track systems. 

When wiring the lights, always read the instructions manuals first, mindfully, and comprehensively. The usual process will need you to link the cords to the main navigator and find the appropriate terminals and fuses. 

On the other note, when talking about linking it to a power source, there are several ways you can do it. First, you may opt to hardwire it to the RV interior.

If you would love that idea, you’ll have to do some drilling jobs, test the cords, and check the existing interior wirings. Most often than not, you’ll need some help from another person, or better, a professional. 

Also, some RV outdoor patio illumination is wireless. So, without the hassle of plugging and unplugging it, you can use alternative sources of energy like batteries. There, you need not seek help from others to make the whole model work. 

What is/are the best RV awning lights type/s or brand/s? 

The answer to this question depends on your RV preference, the aspects you would like to consider, the functionality, the shade, and special features. Nevertheless, we hope that this review gives you an idea of what types/brands to think of, especially for the outdoor patio. 

Conclusion About the Awning Lights for RV

Adequate RV lighting is crucial in adding zest to your RV experience. Regrettably, not all illumination fits, and you can’t just choose your preferences always. 

As such, it’s essential to note that your preferences should also meet the needs, capacity, type, polish, power source, and demands of the kind of RV you have. 

Now that you have reached this part of the RV review, we hope you have already grasped some ideas and information to help you find the appropriate and best RV illumination and illumination system for your automobile.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this reading journey. Have a great day, and good luck on your future hunt for the best RV awning lights! 

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