The Best RV Generators Available in the Market

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The Best RV Generators Available in the Market

If you want to feel your RV as your second home as possible, then getting the best RV Generator is another step towards that point of feeling. It is because a Recreational Vehicle Generator is your best buddy when it comes to supplying energy power inside your RV during power outages.

Usually, this power will sufficiently supply your tools and appliances present during your outdoor activities. What is more exciting about this Best RV Generator Review is that we will share with you about available products and some essential information you need to know.

The information presented here will be your protective armor against disappointment when buying a perfect Recreational Vehicle Generator for you. We will also share the best brand available today, such as Honda, Champ, Westinghouse, WEN, DuraMax, DuraStar, and PAXCESS.

If that is what you need right now, you must read the word by word of this Recreational Vehicle Generator review.

The product of RV small machines cited herein Editor’s Choice is the result of a scrutinized analysis and intensive research processes. These products have gone through several validations before it gets its position.

Product Comparison Table (A Quick Glance About the Best RV Generators)

This Product Comparison Table will give you a glance of each product presented on this review page. It will help you to discover which Recreational Vehicle energy bank suits what you need as of now. This table will also give you the average ratings from verified purchasers on the Amazon site.

ImageProduct / FeaturesRatingsPrice
Best Overall
Best Honda EU2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator
Best Honda EU2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator

Fuel Type: Not specified
Start  W and Running W: Not specified
Noise Level: 48 - 57 dBA 

48 - 57 dBA, making it super quiet while operating
Easy to carry since it has an easy-to-grip handle
Provides a stable and clean power

Special Components
Extremely versatile, can fit with various applications

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Best Value
Best iGen2500 Inverter Generator
Best iGen2500 Inverter Generator

Fuel Type: Not specified
Start  W and Running W: 2500 Peak W and 2200 Rated W 
Noise Level: 52.0 dBA

Compact construction and lightweight
Low-tone mufflers, providing a quiet operation
Spark Arrestor, making it safe to use in parks and forests

Special Components
Speed Engine Changer, conveniently supplying you the power you only needed

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Best Champion 4000-W Open Frame Inverter Generato Best Champion 4000-W Open Frame Inverter Generato

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type 
Start  W and Running W: 4000 Starting W and 3500 rated W 
Noise Level: 64.0 dBa 

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Best Champion 3800-W Portable Generator Best Champion 3800-W Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Dual fuel (propane-powered  or gasoline-powered) 
Start  W and Running W: For gasoline: 4750 Starting W and 3800 Rate W

For propane: 4275 Starting W and 3420 Rated W

Noise Level: 68.0 dBa 

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Best Champion 3500-W RV-ready Portable Generator Best Champion 3500-W RV-ready Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 4000 Starting W and 3500 Rated W

Noise Level: 68.0 dBa

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Best Champion 3100-W Inverter Generator Best Champion 3100-W Inverter Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 3100 Starting W and 2800 Rated W

Noise Level: 58.0 dBa

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Best DuroMax XP4400E Powered Portable Generator Best DuroMax XP4400E Powered Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 4400 Starting W and 3500 Rated W

Noise Level: 69.0 dBa

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Best DuroStar DS4000S Powered Portable Generator Best DuroStar DS4000S Powered Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 4000 Peak W and 3300 Rated W

Noise Level: 69.0 dBa

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Best WEN 56200i 2000-W generator Best WEN 56200i 2000-W generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 2000 Starting W and 1600 Running W

Noise Level: 53.0 dBa

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Best WGen2000 Portable Generator Best WGen2000 Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 2500 Peak W and 2000 Rated W 

Noise Level: 68.0 dBa

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Best WEN 56225i 2250-W Powered Inverter Generator Best WEN 56225i 2250-W Powered Inverter Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 2250 Starting W and 1800 Rated W

Noise Level: 53.0 dBa

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Best Durostar DS5500EH Portable Generator Best Durostar DS5500EH Portable Generator

Fuel Type: Dual fuel (propane-powered  or gasoline-powered)

Start  W and Running W: 5500 Peak W and 4500 Rated W(both gasoline or liquid propane)

Noise Level: 69.0 dBa

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Best PAXCESS Portable Camping Generator Best PAXCESS Portable Camping Generator

Fuel Type: Electric-powered type (can charge through Wall Socket, Car Charger, and Solar Panel)

Start  W and Running W: 700 Peak W and 330 Rated W

Noise Level: Not applicable since it uses electricity to charge up

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Best WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-W Inverter Generator Best WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-W Inverter Generator

Fuel Type: Gasoline-powered type

Start  W and Running W: 1250 Starting W and 1000 Running W

Noise Level: 51.0 dbA

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Westinghouse WGen3600DF Westinghouse WGen3600DF

Fuel Type: Dual fuel (propane-powered  or gasoline-powered)

Start  W and Running W: For gasoline: 4650 Peak W and 3600 Rated W

For propane: 4650 Peak W and 3240 Rated W

Noise Level: Not specified

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Top 15 Best RV Generator: The Champion Power Equipment (Portable Camping Power Generator)

Here, we collected the Top 15 Best RV Generator accessible in the market as of today. These products came from different manufacturers and carefully considered their place to be part of this exhaustive list. Read on the learn more about them!

1. Champion 4000-W Open Frame Inverter Generator

The first on our list of Top RV Generators is the 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator. 1 feature of it that shines on the eyes of the prospective purchaser is its Advanced Open-frame Inverter. Compared to the traditional Champion product, it is lighter(20%) and quieter(50%).

It has an Economy Mode design. Its use will save you some propellant material, making the engine’s life extended for a bit of time. It is built with Quiet Technology feature, rating its dBa to only 64 dBa. This feature makes it exciting for most RV owners who are into camping.

Most of the generators’ engine accessible in the shopping sites released a disturbing sound that might irritate your family members, companions, and even your camping neighbors, especially during sleeping time. It makes sense why it excites RV owners who are into camping.


  • Lighter and quieter compared to some traditional products
  • Has an economy mode feature to save and maximize the use of propellant material
  • Created with a high-level open-frame design, to amplify its durability
  • Provides clean power to shield your sensitive electronics from harmful voltage strikes


  • Not so portable since it has no wheels


  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 17.9 x 17.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 81.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: Champion Power Equipment
  •  Model Number: 100302

It has 4,000 starting W, and about 3,500 rated W, powerful enough to run 17 hours maximum time using liquid propellant material. This product uses clean power to ensure your sensitive electronics like cellular, tablets, monitors, and laptops will not get damaged. This feature is somewhat impressive for most RVers.

This product has a three-year limited guaranty contract with free technical assistance from expert technicians. The package includes Charging Cables, Oil Funnel, USD Adapter, and the generator’s engine itself.

Its starting type is a recoil type. 1 downside of this is it has no wheels to add on its portability effect. However, if you do not mind the wheels, this product is an excellent choice for you. 1 of the best prices as of today, check it now!

What we love about it

Upgraded Version

It is always great to purchase an upgraded unit since it improves and the features and benefits you will enjoy. This unit is now lighter(50 percent) and quieter(20 percent) than the generator’s previous unit.

Releases Clean Electricity

Since most of the population use sensitive electronic gadgets, it is incredibly advantageous if your energy back can ensure that your laptops, cellular gadgets, monitors, tablets, and computers will get no damage while using emergency energy supplies.

Three-year guaranty contract and free technical assistance from expert technicians

This additional inclusion makes it shinier in prospective customers’ eyes since not all manufacturer companies provide this kind of benefit. It implies that they are offering a legit product. Unless they provide fraudulent products, they will be going bankrupt in no time.

2. Champion 3800-watt Portable Generator

Suppose you want to invest in the top RV-ready energy bank for long-term usage. In that case, this product from the power equipment manufacturer, the 3800-watt generator, is what you need to look for. 1 of the impressive features of this champion power product is portability. This product has pretty impressive portability, portable enough that you will not get headaches bringing it during your travels with your RV.

Since the air conditioner’s starting W is 1 factor we should think about, this product will wipe out that factor as it could produce up to 4,750 W on starting mode and 3,800 W on running way use liquid propellant material. While on the other hand, it could produce 4,275 W on a starting way and 3,4200 W on running mode on propane type.

This energy bank comes with a “Touch Start” feature, a kind of electric start push-button. It has a battery adapter that changes its batter as the unit runs. It implies that you can effortlessly start your energy bank with a peace of mind, knowing it automatically adapts its energy surge.

This product is an excellent addition to your RV, especially if you want a convenient and cost-effective solution for unfortunate scenarios like energy outages or emergencies. Once these situations happen, this unit will help you supply the necessary energy to function your lights, refrigerator, sump pump, TV/DVD/, computer, charge your tablet or cellular gadget, etc.


  • You can switch between propane and other liquid propellant material as your source of energy
  • With easy touch start button
  • Volt guard feature to protect your appliances from harmful voltage spikes
  • Comes with 3-years guaranty contract


  • Its noise level


  • Product Dimensions: 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 122 pounds
  •  Model Number:76533

It has a “Volt Guard” feature. It is like a safety need, ensuring that your appliances are protected from any harmful voltage spikes. Another impressive feature of this energy bank is it has a “Cold Start” technology setup.

This feature is significantly beneficial because it optimizes the unit to start quickly during cold weather. Aside from its technologically advanced features, another impressive thing about this generator is it comes with durable never-flat tires, making the transportation and maneuvering easy task to do.

The 3800 Watt Portable Generator has a patented fuel adapter or selector switch, allowing you to quickly and safely switch your preferred propellant material sources.

The impressive things cited above are not believable since they came from a well-established brand present in today’s shopping sites. To make sure it will deliver its promises, it comes with a 3-year limited guaranty contract.

What we love about it

Dual Fuel

Besides what we cited above, having flexibility like this feature is incredibly plus since there will be a time that 1 propellant material source becomes cheaper than the other one. Also, this might save your day if the propellant material runs out, and there is no place to load it up.

Electric Start

Since not all generators have an electric start feature, it is an excellent convenience for you since this unit will not stress starting it.

Three-year guaranty contract and free technical assistance from expert technicians

This kind of included benefits makes it more impressive in prospective customers’ eyes because not all manufacturer companies give this opportunity. It shows that the product’s promises will be fulfilled by it. Of course, no 1 will offer a guaranty contract if they have a fraudulent product, right?

3. Champion 3500-Watt RV-ready Portable Generator

This unit is another 1 from a well-established brand, the Champion 3500-Watt RV-ready Portable Generator. A critical function of this energy bank is its Wireless Remote Start. It gives you a feel of ease whenever you need to fire up this unit.

This Wireless Remote has two functionalities. You can start and stop your energy back using this feature for up to eighty feet away from its location. Plus, this unit has a Cold Start capability. Its function is to ensure that your energy bank will start quickly, even in cold weather.

It is made with an easy-grip handle and never-flat tires to make sure you transport this product anywhere you need it without giving you any headache. It can provide 4,000 W on starting and 3,500 W on running mode. It makes sure you will be provided enough energy to utilize your appliances during the outage situation still.


  • Promotes quick start even in cold weather
  • Travel-ready, because of its 30A outlet
  • Cost-effective and extremely portable
  • Voltage Guard, protecting your appliances from harmful voltage spikes


  • Its tank is a bit challenging in filling up


  • Product Dimensions: 22.8 x 22 x 30.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 140 lbs
  • Manufacturer Name: Champion Power Equipment
  • Model Number: 46539

That is a vital idea you should consider if you plan to go for campground activities or your next weekend’s projects. Here is more! The Volt Guard feature is another impressive feature of this product, making sure your appliances are safe and protected from harmful spikes of voltage.

It has an oil capacity of 0.6 quarts. If those features mentioned above did not yet convince you that it does its job, then know this: Its well-known brand provides free technical support and a three-year limited guaranty contract. It will make sure you will experience zero risks when purchasing this product.

What we love about it

Remote Start Wireless Device

We love this feature. This feature is so beneficial if you are working a bit far from the energy bank itself. It saves effort and energy by walking towards your energy bank and manually firing it up.

Cold Start Feature

This feature is super impressive, especially if you are living in a super cold weather country. This feature functions as a heater, so your Recreational Vehicle Generator will quickly start firing up even it is cooled because of cold weather.

Volt Guard

The Volt Guard is another capability we also consider as sometimes a life-saving feature since it shields your appliances from overloads voltages and may result in damaging them.

4. Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator

The 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator has an excellent combination of convenience and versatility. Its quietness and lightweights are super beneficial, especially during your tailgating or do some campground and forest and campground activities during weekends. This inverter provides plenty of reserve energy to use during the outage situation.

It has plenty of impressive features, too, and 1 of these features is the Cold Start capability. It ensures to start the energy bank quickly during cold weather.

It has a designated spot wherein you can access all the controls in 1 place, in 1 position, including the push-to-reset kind of circuit breakers. Its starting type is a recoil type.


  • RV-ready, making installation easy
  • Created with control panel designated spot
  • Provides more than enough energy to function your necessary appliances
  • With a low level of noise


  • Compared to other RV energy bank. This product is more substantial


  • Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 94.8 lbs
  • Manufacturer Name: Champion Power Equipment
  • Model Number: 75531

You can also connect the sensitive electronics you have with the confidence that it will work fine because the energy bank releases only Clean Energy. It has 3,100 W on starting and 2,800 W on running mode. You can store this product with ease since it has a foldaway U-shape feature. 

This product comes with an oil capacity of 0.6L. The built-in never-flat tires and carrying handles make the transportation comfortable and straightforward. Like other products of this brand, it comes with free technical support and a three-year limited guaranty contract.

What we love about it

Quick-Touch Panel Design

Everyone loves to live a life full of convenient options. This feature is just 1 convenient option since it provides all-in access to all controls on a single generator side.

Extreme Quiet Operation

If you are going to go on some campground and forest activities, this energy bank should be included in your list, especially if you are aware of being a disturbance source. This feature makes the product ultra-quiet while working.

Releases Clean Electricity

Since most of the population use sensitive electronic gadgets, it is a great advantage if your energy back can ensure that your laptops, cellular gadgets, monitors, tablets, and computers will get no damage while using emergency energy supply.

5. DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP4400E Generator is another choice you should be included in your list of ideal Recreational Vehicle generators. 1 essential use of this product is to provide energy to multiple electronics or appliances that need it. It is your life-saving friend during emergencies.

It can provide 3,500 W on running mode and provide energy supply up to 4,400 W. These numbers are more than enough to supply full energy supply to a little house. What is a more significant feature is the number of hours it can function continuously.

You can use this product to provide a continuous supply of energy for up to eight hours. This kind of energy bank is expected to function with a quiet sound. It is because of its high-end built-in muffler.


  • Durable because of its heavy-duty frame and compactness
  • Functions quietly because of its well built-in muffler
  • Can provide continuous energy up to 8 hours
  • Works well during emergencies


  • Poorly created directions


  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 100 lbs
  • Manufacturer Name: DuroMax
  • Model Number: XP4400E

Another advantage of this energy bank comes with a product’s wheel kit, which also has its handle. These capabilities will give you an ease feeling whenever you needed to transport the generator. It is also created with a great panel, a spot wherein you will instantly find its circuit breaker, an energy outlet, a shutoff switch, and an engine’s voltmeter.

With that capability, it makes the unit to monitor and control with ease.

What we love about it

energy Output

It is given that this product provides an impressive energy result since it uses liquid propellant material as a source of energy. With all honesty, the higher the number of energy, the better. It is just super beneficial, especially during outages and emergencies.


We love its portability since it comes with heavy-duty wheels. It is so portable enough to make transportation of this product from 1 location to another easier.

6. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

Next on our list is the DuroStar DS4000S Generator. It is a portable type of energy bank that can do an excellent job for RVs, forest and campground activities, job sites, sporting events, etc. This product has an automatic low-oil shutoff.

It has plenty of energy sources. This product has 3,300 W on running mode and a maximum of 4,000 W as its peak. These reserved energy numbers will ensure that your appliances and other heavy-duty equipment will be used as they get from your RV’s average energy supply.

Experts and other government agencies approve not all generators. It is excellent to know that this product has been authorized in all fifty states worldwide.


  • Very versatile, you can use it in multiple applications
  • Built with a great panel, creating an instant spot for main controls
  • Durable since it made of heavy-duty steel frame
  • Function quietly and smoothly


  • Not an ideal product in replacing an inclined angle


  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 94 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: DuroMax
  • Model Number: DS4000S

Its package comes with Sparkplug Wrench, Oil Funnel, Tool Set, Owner’s Manual, and the energy bank. It also has a low level of noise since it uses excellent muffler, around 69 dBA. Last but not the lease is it has a voltmeter so you can monitor the voltage result of this unit.

What we love about it

Energy Output

We love this ability because it is another liquid propellant material type of generator that supplies a significant energy quantity. This feature is excellent during outages and other emergencies.

Works Anywhere

Since not all generators secured an approval to be used anywhere, this feature is not included in those generators. It acquired the CARB compliant and EPA permission to use in almost 50 states around the gold!

Full Panel Feature

This feature is significantly helpful. This feature strengthens the monitoring and controlling part to help owners with these tasks more comfortable.

7. WEN 56200i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator

The WEN 56200i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator is an excellent energy bank for forest and campground activities, tailgating, energy outages, and construction sites. This energy bank product releases clean energy free of spikes voltages than regular energy banks accessible in today’s shopping sites.

Its energy surge is 2,000 W, and its running mode watt is 1,600 W. It also releases a lower level of noise since it has 51 decibels at quarter load or about an average of conversation sound. The energy it can supply is right for plugging or charging cellular gadgets, laptops, tablets, monitors, and other electronics using an electrical cord.


  • Created with an easy-to-grip handle
  • Promotes a quiet operation, with a 51-decibel rating
  • Reduces the risk of wasting an excessive quantity of energy
  • Provides clean energy that shields your sensitive electronics from getting damages


  • Internal components’ quality is not competitive compare to other standard generators in the shopping sites


  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 48 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: WEN
  • Model Number: 56200i

It is incredibly convenient and easy to use an energy bank because of its lightweight design and easy-to-grip handle. 1 more benefit that many users enjoy is its capability to replicate the total sound of harmony distortion’s absolute sine wave of less than 3% and under 1.2% at full load. With that, it can result in a more efficient, cleaner, and safer machine for most vulnerable RVs.

What we love about it

Releases Clean energy

These features are super essential nowadays because most people are using sensitive electronics. This function saves a lot of time and energy and ensures that you will be kept away from headaches.

Eco-mode Feature

This eco-mode feature plays a vital role when it comes to working smarter, not working harder. This feature automatically adjusts the propellant material consumption to save and prevent unnecessary propellant material usage.

Lightweight Design

Since most RVers prefer a portable RV generator, this feature will not hurt your list of choices, even if it has no wheels. It comes with a compact carrying handle, not too heavy, so you can carry it anywhere you want.

8. Westinghouse WGen2000 Portable Generator

Most experts recommend the WGen2000 generator because of its various innovative and premium features while offering a competitive price point. This product can help you supply a maximum of 2,500 W, and 2,000 W rated energy. It is excellent for tailgating and forest and campground activities, but it also excels as a reserve resource for emergencies at home or in your RV trips.

Its robust construction and toughness will not give you any disappointment. This product has a 4-stroke engine cast with iron sleeves, showing its exceptional durability quality. It will no doubt be at your service for a long-term basis.

The product comes with a 4-point motor and an open-frame body design. It is to make sure you mount the product securely and position it anywhere safely. The system is strategically made so your energy bank will not get damaged easily and amplify its longevity period.


  • The price point is reasonable
  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Ideal for tailgating, forest activity, and reserve energy for emergencies
  • Robust construction and toughness design, making sure for long-term of service


  • The generator’s paint tends to renege


  • Product Dimensions: 23.23 x 17.52 x 18.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 97 pounds
  • Model Number: WGen2000

Whenever you put it in use, it provides smooth and quiet operation. Another impressive benefit you can enjoy about this energy bank is that this product is highly energy-efficient. It only uses a low quantity of energy sources in an extended period.

The WGen2000 generator comes with a three-year guaranty contract and a free fantastic technical support.

What we love about it

Three-year limited parts and services coverage

These additional benefits make it more attractive to most RV enthusiasts since not all manufacturers provide the same benefits. It also shows the legitimacy of the product, knowing it will fulfill its promises.

Automatic Shutoff

Maintaining a Recreational Vehicle energy bank is an additional task for RV owners. Since it takes moments and energy, it is super convenient if it is easy to maintain. This feature just fit for that category, allowing you to save moment and strength because of its automatic shutoff feature.

energy Output

The rated W and peak W of this product is more than enough to cover the essential appliances and gadgets, so you can still enjoy your trips if you experience some outages or emergencies.

9. WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator

Next on our list is the WEN 56225i 2250-Watt Inverter Generator. This product provides impressive features, too. It gives you clean energy, will shield your appliances from harmful voltage spikes and drops.

Its surge W can spike up to 2,250 W and 1,800 W on running mode. With its built-in 53 dB during operation, its sound is just like hearing a normal conversation of people. With that, it is an ideal choice for camping, tailgating, hunting, and some emergencies.

This product of energy bank has a propellant material shutoff feature. This feature’s function is to turn off the propellant material flow, enabling the energy bank to utilize the remaining energy propellant material from your carburetor before it automatically shuts down. It amplifies the benefits it provides by helping to eliminate the build-up blockages of inert propellant material in your carburetor.


  • Produces a low level of noise
  • Eco-mode feature, maximizing the utilization of your propellant material
  • Release clean energy to make sure plugged devices will get no damage
  • Fuel shutoff, making sure to use up the fuel in carburetor before it automatically shuts down


  • Verified purchaser’s review showed a weak customer care representative system


  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 11.5 x 18.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: WEN
  • Model Number: 56225i

With that, it minimizes maintenance while expanding the life-span of this generator. Its energy production has a unique design to safely charge and plug your sensitive electronics such as cellular gadgets, laptops, tablets, monitors, and more using an electrical cord. With its superior efficiency, a one-gallon tank can provide over six hours of the half-load working moment.

That is not the only reason it has superior energy efficiency and eco-mode switch feature. It enables your generator’s engine to instantly change its propellant material consumption whenever an item is being plugged or unplugged from the energy source panel. It maximizes the source of energy in your energy bank by preventing unnecessary utilization of liquid propellant material.

What we love about it

Fuel Shutoff

This feature maximizes your propellant material used since it used the leftover propellant materials inside the carburetor before it shuts down. With that in mind, it is an impressive feature since most RV owners love saving space, moment, energy, and money.

Releases Clean energy

This feature is just another excellent ability of this product. Since most people nowadays use sensitive electronic gadgets like cellular gadgets, laptops, tablets, and monitors, it is crucial to remember that they may get damaged if we use the wrong generator. Luckily, this feature will save you from terrible situations.

Super Quiet Feature

With its 53.0 dBA, we can ensure that this produces a super minimal level of noise. It makes sure we do not disturb nearby people or animals and keep us away from any trouble.

10. Durostar DS5500EH Portable Generator

Next on our list is famous because of its energy result level. The Durostar DS5500EH Generator can supply 4,500 rated W and peak up to 5,500 W. It is a kind of energy bank that every RV owner should be amazed about since not every product available in the market can provide the same energy.

Since it has an impressive energy capacity, it is super beneficial to have several appliances to plugin and heavy-duty tools to energy up. Like the other DuroStar products, this DS5500EH unit CARB compliant and EPA approved, making it useful for almost 50 states worldwide. It is super impressive, isn’t it?


  • Has a dual fuel feature
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Superior energy result level
  • Many add-ons included in the package


  • Verified purchaser’s review showed the inconsistency of the product


  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 22 inches
  • Item Weight: 129 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: DuroMax
  • Model Number: DuroMax

Once delivered to your doorstep, you will be amazed by the additional accessories and helpful things inside its package. You will find Sparkplug Wrench, Wheel with Handle Kit, Oil Funnel, Tool Set, Charging Cables, Owner’s Manual, and the energy bank. It is something to consider since not all manufacturers give many add-ons in their package.

This product has a voltmeter so you can monitor the voltage you are consuming. If you find these features beneficial on your end, then check its price now!

What we love about it

Energy Output

We considered this product as 1 of the best RV Generator when it comes to energy supply generators. This item has something that has a superb quantity of energy to store and become a backup whenever it needed to use, especially during emergencies.

Works Anywhere

We loved its ability to work anywhere since it secured approval from CARB compliant and EPA, making it useful in almost 50 states worldwide.

Dual Fuel

We love its flexibility. It is an excellent plus since there will be a moment that 1 fuel source becomes cheaper than the other one. Also, this might save your day if the propellant material runs out, and there is no available place to load it up.


This product has 330 running W. Its peak W is 700 W. It is still a competitive quantity to use whenever needed to load up or plugin electronic devices or appliances using a power cord. This portable power generator is enough to recharge your mobile cellphone 27 times!

The most powerful generator is created to become backup for emergencies and do a high-level performance simultaneously.

It is an excellent mobile electricity station for camping, tailgating, or even at home. It is also useful to charge your cameras, laptops, or drones while you are on the go. What makes this more exciting for most RV owners is its top part design. Its function is a kind of wireless charger.

This wireless charger feature is essential for most outdoor activities, especially if you forget to bring your USB cable for charging. Another function why it glows in most RVers is its three charging ways: You charge it in Wall Socket, Car Charger, and Solar Panel.


  • Wireless charging for your phone is available
  • Three charging ways, including solar panel charging method
  • Has safety assurance components
  • The warranty agreement is present


  • Verified purchaser’s review showed about the product’s charging issues


  • Product Dimensions: 8.07 x 6.1 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: PAXCESS
  • Model Number: PA-GDO00030-AMUS-new-1

If you load it with a Wall Socket with 60W, it will be fully loaded after 5 to 6 hours, 12 to 14 hours in a Car Charger with 24W. Here’s the best part: You can load it up using the Solar Panel!

When you use a Solar Panel with 1000W, it can fully be loaded after 5 to 6 hours. The sad news is solar panel is not included in the package, but you can always purchase them if the budget is not a problem.

Lastly, its battery system gives you voltage control, temperature control, and excellent safety functionality to shield your devices from events that can lead to damaging your things. It comes with a warranty agreement to make sure you will not disappoint yourself in purchasing this product.

What we love about it

3 Charging Ways

It amplifies the convenience it can provide by allowing you to become flexible to charge it in various ways. This product can charge from the direct outlet, car charger, and even from the solar panel. It is just an excellent choice for energy resources while you are in a campground.

Wireless Charging Feature

Because of too many pieces of equipment and accessories necessary nowadays, we might forget or misplace some things. In case you might forget your USB charger, this wireless charging feature is a life-saver for you.

Truly An Asset During Emergency

Since this can be charged using solar panels, it is super useful when the natural calamities hit, giving you enough energy to communicate, seek help, and survive your necessary gadgets.

The WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Inverter Generator is a known product for its super quiet noise level. This claim is being supported by the US Department of Health and Human Services as per manufacturer.

This product is CARB, and EPA-III approved. Its engine can provide an energy supply of up to 1,250 starting W and 1,000 runnings. With that in mind, this item is excellent for camping, tailgating, construction sites, doing other outdoor activities, and emergencies.


  • Two-year guarantee setup
  • The super-low noise level
  • Releases clean energy for safety usage of sensitive electronics
  • Releases clean energy for safety usage of sensitive electronics


  • Verified purchaser of generator reviews showed about the product’s inconsistent information


  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 9 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 31.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: WEN
  • Model Number: 56125i

The WEN 56125i product releases clean energy to ensure that your sensitive electronics like tablets, cellular gadgets, television, monitors, and computers will not get damaged. This conservativeness design is a plus for most RV owners and enthusiasts whenever they purchase a Recreational Vehicle energy bank.

This energy bank has a two-year and skilled technicians network to support and help you with your technical problems.

What we love about it

Two-year warranty contract

This warranty contract benefit amplifies its credibility since only selected manufacturer companies are offering this kind of bonus. These companies are already well-established brands and famous in this industry. Thus, we put trust the energy bank mentioned here will surely deliver its promises.

Eco-Mode Throttle

This feature is super convenient and makes this product a cost-effective energy bank since it saves energy and therefore saves money. Its function is to automatically adjust the energy consumption once a gadget has been unplugged from the panel via the power cord.

Super Quiet

We love its super quiet functionality, making it 1 of the most silent products presented in this list. If you plan to go camping anytime soon, this energy bank is perfect for you to avoid disturbance to your family members, neighbors, or nearby people in the camping site.

The WGen3600DF has impressive features, too, making its performance superior, among others. 1 of these features is the Dual Fuel. It means this product has the flexibility to choose between liquid fuel and propane. The product has capacity energy of 3,600 running W while its peak is 4,650 watts(liquid propellant material).

If you use propane, it will be 3,240 running watts, and its peak is 4,650 watts. This energy bank comes with the Push-Button feature wherein you need a single push. It will instantly start. With its remote start device, you can begin your energy bank even if you are 260ft away. It is a fantastic feature, isn’t it?


  • With limited three-years service warranty contract
  • Dual Fuel design
  • Comes with various add-ons
  • Power result level capacity


  • Verified purchaser of generator reviews showed about the product’s delivery issues


  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 22.8 x 21.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 109 pounds
  • Model Number: WGen3600DF

Its package will come with Oil, Tool Kit, User’s Manual, and Old Funnel as well. However, it required a minimal assembling task, installing the wheel, and hooking up its batter.

This energy bank has a three-year limited and selected service guaranty contract, and the energy bank is running moment at fifty percent load is 13.5 hours.

What we love about it

Power Output

This product provides a maximum of 4650 watts, making it ideal as a backup for emergencies. It is perfect to reserve for calamities preparation, doing other outdoor activities camping, tailgating, and working in a job site.

Dual Fuel

We love its flexibility. It amplifies its excellency as a helpful product. It is also a plus since there will be a time that 1 fuel source becomes cheaper than the other one. Also, this might save your day if the propellant material runs out and no accessible place to load it up.

Push-button Electric Start

This design makes it easy to use since many generators require manual actions to start its engine. The feature would like to give you a simple and easy start button if you needed it to function.

14. Honda EU2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator

If you are looking for a Recreational Vehicle energy bank that is an excellent deal as an investment tool, then the Honda EU2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator should be included. This product is famous not only because of its impressive features but also its renowned manufacturer and performance level.

As shown in its name, this product comes from Honda, a company that provides high-end products and services to aid almost all motor vehicle enthusiasts and owners. The popularity of this particular energy bank is highlighted because of being Honda’s highly versatile. It’s too incredibly versatile to supply your tools or appliances at home, do other outdoor activities, or even work.


  • Super quiet while working feature of Honda
  • Exceptionally portable and can be used with ease
  • Extremely versatile since it works for various applications
  • Superior fuel efficiency – thanks to its eco-throttle system design


  • A bit expensive since it came fro Honda, a well-established manufacturer


  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 40 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: Honda
  • Model Number: EU2200I

Not only is it versatile, but it also can provide you a reliable source of energy. What makes this Honda product more exciting for most RV owners is its noise level, it can run around the 48-57 dBA range, making this product run in total quiet sound. With that number of dBA, it is ideal and highly recommended to use on your next camping activity.

This Honda product shines on potential customers’ eyes because of its superior fuel efficiency, which is made possible because of its eco-throttle system, which is included during its construction. It runs at four to nine-point-six hours using only 1 tank. With that, you can expect that this product will be at your service for an extended period of application and overnight energy supply.

Since it is included in our Editor’s Choice as Best Overall RV Generator, it undoubtedly provides and fulfills its purchaser’s promise. It is 1 of the best price accessible in the market. You can check its amazon link to know more about its impressive capabilities and current price.

What we love about it


With all honesty, a tool that will help you with a single problem, and multiple issues is an excellent plus. This product is versatile that it can function with various applications.

Easy-to-grip handle

This design makes it easy to carry and transport from 1 location to another. This quality is essential, especially if you needed to function for different purposes.

Super Quiet

With its 48 – 57 dBA, it ensures that you will have an almost quiet operation. It avoids possible disturbance to nearby people and animals, especially during night and sleeping time.

Last but not least is our Editor’s Choice as Best Value RV Generator, the iGen2500 Inverter Generator. Most experts recommend this dependable inverter energy bank because of its well-designed factor. This product is light enough to the point that you can carry and take it anywhere you want to operate, and it will not give you any challenge.

Its compactness and lightweight give prospective buyers a go button in purchasing this product since it also provides vital energy. It is built with an easy-to-grip handle, which promotes a simple transportation process. Another shiny feature of this product for prospective buyers is its impressive fuel-efficiency.


  • Made with powerful compact and lightweight
  • Provide a quiet operation
  • Will conveniently supply a specific quantity of energy you need
  • Safe to use in parks and forest, thanks to its spark arrestor


  • A little problem in accessing the oil tank


  • Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 11.22 x 17.91 inches
  • Item Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: Westinghouse
  • Model Number: iGen2500

Some experts said that this Recreational Vehicle energy bank is around thirty to fifty percent more fuel-efficient if you compare this to traditional products. The product’s one-gallon tank can run up to ten hours when utilizing at about twenty-five percent load. Plus, its quiet sound during operation is another factor why this product is popular and distinctive.

The fact is that this product has low-tone mufflers, making the noise produced by this product will be minimized. It is also created with an automatic speed engine changer. This feature will ensure that it only gives the required quantity of energy supply you need. 

This product has a protective feature like its spark arrestor, making sure the parks and forests are safe whenever you are using it.

What we love about it

Spark Arrestor

Only a few generators have this feature, and it makes this product unique from them. It cares about the user and the environment, making it safe for parks and forests.

Low-tone mufflers

This feature makes the product extra quiet while operating. It makes sense why this product achieved its place as Best Value RV Generator.

Speed Engine Changer

This design made this product a fuel-efficient one. It is to make sure you use only the energy you require. It means no propellant material will be wasted with this product.

Must-Know Before You Buy Your RV Generator?

In this section, we will tell you some factors and some necessary information for you to expand your knowledge about the Recreational Vehicle generator exponentially. It will save your time, effort, and money in buying the best RV Generator for you on a long-term basis.

Here they are:

Know the Power Output

When buying a Recreational Vehicle Generator, Power Output should be the first factor you should be thinking about simply because most top-notch RV energy banks have an impressive energy result level. It, of course, will be the heart of your power generator.

The Power Output is usually the basis for high-end power generators accessible in today’s shopping sites.

You should aim to get power generators that fit precisely with what you need right now. The 1 that is not super bulky (because the RV space is limited) still provides sufficient energy to do the job.

You should ensure that the energy bank you are about to purchase can provide more than you need. Thus, your electronic gadgets, tools, and appliances will operate without draining the remaining liquid propellant material completely.

Another must know before buying an energy bank is to keep in mind that you should know the estimated amount of energy supply you needed. It does not make sense if you have a 2,000-W Recreational Vehicle Generator, and you needed to run an air conditioning unit that needs 15,000 BTU. Does it?

Thus, it would be better and more helpful to invest in a more powerful energy bank or get multiple energy banks running parallel.

Know the Portability

When it comes to the top-notch generator for you, it is ideal to choose between a portable generator and a permanent one. While some of these energy banks are powerful options, they also have downsides.

Most RV owners and enthusiasts preferred the portable generator because it could be moved from 1 location to another. While on the other hand, the permanent energy bank is attached to your RV all the time.

The versatility of a portable generator makes sense why most RV owners and enthusiasts want the portable one. It makes sense if you experience traveling with a trailer or RV because of its wheels. Plus, it will be not only beneficial for you but also useful for your friends if they experience short of energy.

Fortunately, because of our ever-evolving generation, the most famous brands of top-notch portable generator has the parallel capability. It means two products can work together simultaneously, providing dual-energy to supply to RV owner’s needs.

On the other hand, the onboard application or permanent energy bank is common in Class A and 5th wheels. The primary reason is these products are ideal for long-term or lasting usage.

Know the Noise Level

Knowing the noise level is another vital factor you must know before buying a Recreational Vehicle generator. The noise level should also have a spot in your categories of choice and must be considered for your final purchasing decision. It is because not all Recreational Vehicle generators’ engines have a smooth sound, and this thumping sound might irritate you or your family members, especially during night or sleeping time.

But there is nothing to worry about because today, you can find RV energy banks with super low noise levels. These products are perfect for camping. This RV generator factor has been the top priority of the most well-known brands in the shopping place.

Because of that, renowned manufacturers were able to create units that can function nicely and quietly! This noise level reduction reduces as well as the risk of annoyance to nearby campers and neighbors.

Last note, we must tell you about the noise level because most national parks forbid noisy tools like horns. There are national parks that limit noise sound. It might be because of disturbance as well as native animals present in the place.

With that shared information, it might not be the most, certainly not also the least factor to keep in mind when buying a Recreational Vehicle energy bank.

Know the Fuel Consumption

We already covered the energy output, portability, and the level of noise factors. Now, the next is the Fuel Consumption. Before buying an energy bank, you should fully understand its propellant material consumption factor. Since fuel is essential not only as of the energy inside your RV but also in your traveling energy, it is crucial to figure out the numbers or the energy estimation you will need while on the go.

You also need to remember that you should not use generators while traveling a bit far away, which requires propellant material. It is essential to remember if you are about to go somewhere far from the city over the weekend. If you are about to go somewhere where the beauty of nature can be found, RV can also give you an eco-mode feature.

This product can throttle depending on the energy demand. You should also note about open-frame generators. These generators can burn propellant material faster than portable generators.

The reason why is open-frame generators operate utilizing high-power result-based rates, which means eating more propellant material. That is where the economically two portable generators will come in as a running power in parallel.

Know the Overall Construction

Okay, last but not least is the overall construction factor, the RV energy bank’s compactness. It means an energy bank that is not super bulky and has a lightweight quality while still providing superior durability. Also, the ideal generator is the 1 that has a reasonable size and is impressively compact.

The best generator for you should not be too heavy, so it will not give you some challenges whenever you need to transport it. An ideal energy bank for you is to find the 1 that is constructed that you can efficiently utilize and manage.

Some Other Essential Factors To Think About?

Here is more crucial information you should think about before buying a Recreational Vehicle energy bank. While we already covered the essentials above, it is also essential for you to learn the whole picture in the Recreational Vehicle energy bank industry.

What is a Recreational Vehicle Generator?

The Recreational Vehicle Generator plays a vital role in coloring your life during your vacation with your RV. Think about this way: It is impossible to enjoy an on the road trip without this Recreational Vehicle energy bank.

You will experience some scenarios wherein the shore energy to provide the comforts you needed during long trips. In this situation, the Recreational Vehicle energy bank is your life-saving best buddy because it is accessible to help you and offer you a reliable energy source.

If you have an energy background, it is easy to charge the RV’s battery bank. It is also beneficial if you need a direct energy source for the 120V AC outlets, where you can plug small tools, appliances, and devices(like a hairdryer, microwave, and toaster)using an electrical cord. It provides you with all the necessary house-life-like conveniences you wanted.

How does a Recreational Vehicle Generator work?

RV energy banks work with the assistance of another kind of tool, like a fired-up motor, and it could be either a liquid fuel type or diesel one. Generator’s engines use the energy’s combustion as the source of keeping the motor turning.

There are many motor designs accessible as of today. You can choose a simple motor or a motor that is a bit complex. An example of a simple engine is usually powered by liquid propellant material.

This type of motor often has two cylinders containing one piston for each one. This piston is connected to the crankshaft. The cylinders feature a fuel-input port as well as an air-input port.

There is also an integrated port into it for exhaustion. The two cylinders are uniquely made. Once 1 of the two cylinders fires up, the other 1 will get propellant material and air to fire itself.

This thing is strategically and mechanically made up to ensure that you receive continuous and equal firing and exhaust. If the generator’s motor you will use is to utilize diesel, remember it has no spark plug. With this, it gets combustion with high compression of diesel.

Types of Recreational Vehicle Generators

If you are an RV owner or an enthusiast, it is good to know that RV energy banks come with different designs and styles. It means you have a wide range of choices you can choose, allowing you to select the right item for the vehicle you owned.

Several RVers and owners decide to buy two best RV generator systems as a supplemental means of the primary energy source. Also, RV enthusiasts and owners install a kind of hybrid system made to function their vehicle. It is a kind of system that often features the primary energy bank and solar panel as a backup system.

Here are the most common types of energy banks that most RV enthusiasts and owners should know about before getting an RV energy bank:

Diesel-powered Best RV Generator

If your vehicle runs with diesel, this energy bank is the best suitable energy bank for you. It saves you time and space for propellant material since you use a single source for both vehicles and generators. What makes it better than propane type is that diesel produces a higher volume of energy.

Some verified users agree that this type of energy bank has cleanser burning ability than gasoline-powered generators. Another exciting feature of this diesel type of Recreational Vehicle energy bank is it is not explosive. It means you can safely store them for emergency uses or if just needed.

1 drawback or downside function of the diesel type energy bank is its noise level. Compared to other generators, the diesel type produces a bit more noise when you are using it. It also has heavy parts and components. Thus it might be adding weight to your RV.

With that shared information, the reviews showed that it is still 1 of the best choices of most RV enthusiasts and owners because of its many perks.

Propane-powered generator

This energy bank also wins the heart of RV owners and enthusiasts who hate to harm nature. This product is an economically friendly type of generator. It converts propane, as the propellant material source, into electricity.

Promoting cleaner emissions is 1 of the benefits that most RV owners and enthusiasts enjoy whenever they purchase this generator type. Since it is a propane-powered energy bank that burns clean things, it comes at a very affordable price. Compared to other types of generators, this product has a low noise level.

1 drawback or downside function of this energy bank type is it has some sort of runtime. It means that this is not fit for extended travels or full-time RV enthusiasts.

Gas-powered generator

The most accessible propellant material source for generators is the liquid fuel source. Most RV owners and enthusiasts believe it is a wise choice, simply because, as of today, you can find gas stations almost anywhere. It means you can load fuel up practically anywhere whenever you needed.

The liquid fuel type is another budget-friendly, easy to utilize, and also ready to work. Refilling with this kind of energy bank is not stressful. Compare to propane type, this product that runs because of liquid fuel also gives more energy.

It means that there is a big chance you can power up a higher number of tools or appliances when you are using it. The 1 challenge about this type of energy bank is it tends to function dirtier if you compare it to propane. It has more impurities, negatively affecting its shelf-life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we are answering the most commonly asked questions straightforwardly and reliably. So you will not need to stumble to a dictionary finding the right meaning of the word or the thought in the sentence. We understand that not all RV owners are born with a mechanical wizard mind.

If you have other questions not included here, you can send it in the comment section.

What is the difference between surge watts and running watts?

The rated watts or the running watts are what we call continuous watts, which most likely needed to keep your items or tools function and run. It refers to the majority of watts that the energy bank is primarily made to provide power consistently.

On the other hand, surge watts might be expected to provide an extra supply of power as a source to start electric motors. For instance, whenever you will utilize air conditioning units. In short, the majority of electric motors need a power surge to start.

What type of fuel is ideal for an RV generator?

The most rightful fuel to use with the Recreational Vehicle energy bank is genuinely dependent on your RV or travel trailer type. The type of propellant material often aligns with a motorcoach. It is ideal for picking a diesel energy bank if your vehicle runs using diesel propellant material.

On the other hand, most travel trailers use the propane type. As mentioned earlier, diesel generators are most likely used if you need more power, especially when you need it in job sites and emergency backups.

Another choice is the liquid fuel type. Since most gas-powered generators are portable and very affordable, they are among RV owners and enthusiasts’ best decisions. Gas-powered generators are usually 1 of the most economical generators, winning RV owners and enthusiasts’ hearts. Other reasons why liquid fuel is a top choice and popular choices are its accessibility and usage.

The propane-powered or the liquid propane is not the last choice among the best generators accessible in the shopping place. This type is usually the upmost environmentally-friendly choice for propellant material. Its long shelf-life is considered as a plus point since it can produce clean emissions simultaneously.

The challenge of this type is its tank’s size. It might limit the energy propellant material can provide. You can check the “Types of Recreational Vehicle Generators” section above this energy bank review page to learn more.

How quiet should my RV generator be?

This question is essential since you are about to buy an RV generator. The primary reason is that you do not want to find yourself disturbing other people. They might be your neighbors or your people near your camping site. The ideal noise level should be as low as possible.

However, since an energy bank is a tool that functions with propellant material power, it undoubtedly produces sounds. We can suggest finding an energy bank that will not exceed the National Park Service’s arranged noise limit: “Sixty decibels at 50 feet from the source.

What size of RV energy bank do I need?

The right answer to the size of the RV energy bank you need will depend on the energy bank size required in running your air conditioner. You should know that RV’s air conditioner is the 1 that consumes most watts from your RV power bank. Thus, it makes sense if you begin from here and add those electronic accessories.

An additional thing that you should know that an air conditioner consumes more power whenever it needs to start than it consumes while it stays functioning. Therefore, your energy bank’s required minimum wattage should be equal to your RV’s air conditioner’s starting power.

How do I connect an energy bank to my RV?

You can check all the necessary information using your vehicle manual or checking with the dealer. Here, we will share with you some more, so connecting or hooking an energy bank to the RV makes even simpler.

The number 1 thing you need to know is if your vehicle is a generator-ready. You can check this with the dealer or your vehicle manual. You should then ensure that you get the energy bank aligned with the vehicle’s configuration and its specific required power.

After that, identify the specific propellant material type you want to utilize to power up your preferred generator. The most popular preference for RVs is propane and liquid fuel generators.

How to start an RV generator?

Turning your RV energy bank to start is often depending on your vehicle’s product and type you have. You will need to figure out your most preferred manner of starting your RV generator during the installation process in most scenarios.

In some scenarios, generators are created with remote controls, an advantage for some when firing up their power bank with less hassle.

If possible, utilize a small-sized battery, which is primarily designed to turn your energy bank to start. Use other more modest things compared to 5 kilowatts. It is mostly because your RV’s power bank can get damaged if you utilize your energy bank.


When it comes to buying the right generator for you, you should always keep in mind that this tool should be the answer to your current or future expected problem, like unforeseen outages. Now that you have the right and essential information about the RV Generators, it is now your turn to select the most appropriate and rightful product.

If you are still undecided, you can check out the Editor’s Choice section of this generator’s review page to have a grasp of how to compare the RV Generators. If you find this review helpful, we would like to ask you to share it in the comment section.

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