Best Portable Grill For RV And Camping

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“Portable tools are RVers best friend.”

Technically speaking, RV living means living a full life, in a compact size traveling machine, called Recreational Vehicle or commonly known as RV. But how could we possibly have the best RV experience without Sunday BBQ sessions? Or “camping with colleagues” accompanied by an ice-cold beer, plus barbecue!

The thought of this just brings home a lot of euphoric memories. If you agree that roasting is an exciting part of traveling and recreational vehicle lifestyle, it’s time to check if your compact/portable grill for RV  is considered one of the top, or if having a new ” Roasting Buddy” is timely.

After hours of exploration, we sorted out a list for “Best portable grill for RV,” which intends to help the recreational vehicle community to create more “Barbecue-side stories.”

What is an RV portable grill?

Technically speaking, RV portable grills have the same function as outdoor types, except in terms of size and portability. There are units that you can mount on a specific rail or directly set it up above your table, and some models come with a stand. Meaning to say, you can travel and sear anytime, anywhere you want, amazing, right?

Why do you need an RV grill?

Portability and Easy storage are the main characteristics of the “best RV grills” for your recreational vehicle. These are some vital considerations when living in a Recreational Vehicle because of the limited space capacity.

Best Portable Grill for RV and camping product table

If you feel excited about your upcoming camping trip and are ready to purchase a new barbecue machine, here are the lists with quick specifications for the Best portable grill for RV. In case you prefer an in-depth product review, just proceed until the last part of this article.

Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice

Buyer's guide for the best RV grill

Are you still undecided about which grate to purchase? Please take a look at this more comprehensive guide, which might lead to your perfect “barbecue buddy.”

Types of RV grills

As you notice, aside from its brand and model, there are classifications called “Propane,” and “Charcoal.”You might want to start by deciding which type of RV grill will suit your camping lifestyle. Their classification is named after the power source they need to operate.”Gas” or “Propane grill” are bulkier and expensive but preferred by RV users with Class A or have a larger vehicle size. 

On the other hand, the “coal grill,” which is typical for traditional RV owners, and seasonal campers, plus it is lighter in weight and cheaper option. We often hear that “Nobody’s Perfect,” right? It applies to our roasting equipment too. They have both advantages and disadvantages, which may influence your preference.

You might want to check their strengths and weaknesses first before jumping into conclusions.

Propane grills

As of today, manufacturers of these products are dominating with crafting high-quality products. Combining the traditional functions of the coal grills, and adding some latest advancement of technology that it lacks, makes this type of model more convenient to use. However, since they are powered by propane, there could be a moment that you will run out of gas, and this is where the hassle part will come in.

Propane tanks cause to lessen the portability of this one, due to its weight, plus propane isn’t as readily available as coal. Plus, it is more expensive than coal grills. If not handled properly, let us not forget that LPG tanks or anything alike possess dangerous risks for explosion, flammability, or even more threatening events. So please make sure to check the safety guidelines we provided.

Propane Grilling Do’s

  • After using it, make sure to turn off every control and burners, make sure you won’t forget to close the propane cylinder valve completely.
  • It is advisable to cook outdoors and never inside your RV.
  • Before covering the roasting surface, make sure it is properly shut down, with no flammable debris, and cooled before covering it.
  • Propane cylinders must always be in an upright position, and away from direct heat that may cause unwanted ignition.
  • When it is not in use, Disconnect the hose-end fittings and burner. Then provide a safety cover or protective accessory to keep out foreign materials, moisture, and other potential hazards.
  • And always check the gas fitting for leaks before igniting the burner.

Propane Grilling Don’ts

  • Never use indoors, or in a poor-ventilated area.
  • Avoid Smoking while using it.
  • Never use a propane cylinder that has been stocked for a long time.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid direct high-temperature contact with the propane tank or cylinder.


  • Higher grade materials are used.
  • Technologically advanced Features
  • Easier to clean
  • Eco Friendly
  • More roasting efficiency


  • Higher price
  • Hassle in refilling propane tanks
  • Flammable and Explosion Risks, if not correctly handled.

Charcoal Grills

These types are popular with space-conscious RV users, due to its high portability and easy storage. However, owning this type of grills requires a lot of effort, from manually igniting the coal, to heavy scrubbing of burnt racks. 

Therefore, if you want to have more time for leisure and be more efficient, this might be for you. In case you are a “Budgetary,” with lots of hours to spend, this will be the practical choice for you.

It’s noteworthy that some propane type owners still opt-in purchasing this one because it can be a reinforcement if they run out of propane since coal is more accessible. Just like any flammable equipment, it might post a threat, when misused. So we provided some friendly reminders again, for a safer “barbecue party” experience.

Coal Grilling Do’s

  • The proper way to ignite coal is to form a pyramid and drench it with lighter fluid enough to soak it. When it fully absorbs the fluid, it is now ready to be lighted.
  • Immediately cap the lighter fluid after use and place it away from the roasting area.
  • When using matches, be sure to use long matches to avoid burning your skin.
  • Ensure that the vents are open when sizzling.
  • It takes at least 48 hours for the coals to burn out and be ready for disposal.

Coal Grilling Don’ts

  •  It is not advisable to use a highly flammable substance such as gasoline and kerosene. These may result in high open-flames or even severe damages.
  • Make sure not to put lighter fluid into hot or warm coal.
  • Never be too near the roasting area, you might be caught up by open-flames.
  • Make sure not to test the temperature of heat or coal with bare hands.
  • Make sure not to allow children to play around the preparation and roasting area.

Construction Material

These “barbecue tools” are usually made from cast iron, cast aluminum, enamel, and stainless steel. Each material is safe and fit for broiling; however, they possess unique properties, which might be a factor that will suit your interests. 

Starting with stainless steel, even with less portability due to its size and weight. It is still favored by the majority of RV owners today because of its rust-resistant property that requires a low level of maintenance and cleaning effort.

Cast iron provides better sizzling experience. Plus, it is known for its durability, which adds more value when purchasing for this.

Cast aluminum might be the right choice for space-conscious campers. Because they have a lighter weight, making it easier to store and provide more portability.

Standard Features for the Best Portable Grills for RV


  • One of the highlighted characteristics of the best portable propane grills is the Spark ignition system because igniting your burner is triggered by a single push of a button.
  • First, we have the “Single spark ignition system,” which is commonly installed in a budgeted value product. It utilizes a piezoelectric starter to make a single spark. The ignition system works, by pressing the igniter button, while turning the burner knob to let the gas flow, making your flames ready for action.
  • Next on the list, we have a Continuous Spark ignition. It is similar to a single spark, but battery power allows for continuous flashes, increasing more sustainable combustion. For this classification, some models use a push button with a separate burner knob. In contrast, others have fully integrated the spark ignition button into the knob turn motion.
  • A bit pricey model usually installs a Flame Thrower Ignition, a more reliable choice of spark igniter. It uses a Piezo spark, to form a concentrated flow of gas that shoots a flame directly beside the burner. A high flame contact with the burner provides a faster and smoother ignition. Its ignition is integrated into the knob turn so that you can light up your burner with a single hand.

    Once in awhile, technology may fail. So it is highly advisable to have backup manual igniters such as Candle lighters or long matches.


  • This accessory may be simpler and less technical than an ignition system. Still, it defines the portability of the equipment. Setting up your barbecue station anywhere safe around your van is not just convenient, but cool, too, right?

Roasting Grills and Surface

  • In case you are a fan of sear-marked steaks, you might want to invest here. A quality grill will help you achieve it, because of its excellent heat conduction and retention property.

There are three kinds of grates:

1. Chrome and nickel-plated grates:  the handiest of all of the roasting grates, due to its lightweight attribute, which means they don’t hold the heat well. Plus, the plating usually chips off, making it susceptible to rusting. It is a good thing to have spare equipment to use in case of emergency, and this grate is a good option.

2. Cast iron grates/Porcelain-enameled steel:  As discussed earlier, cast iron provides a better sizzling experience, because of excellent heat conduction and retention capacity. It is an excellent pick for those who have a decent standard in culinary arts. The only price to pay is to regularly maintain it with oil treatment after cleaning, to avoid rusting.


3. Stainless-steel grates: Again, the choice of many satisfied campers, due to its low-level maintenance, lesser cleaning effort, and product durability. However, it can’t dominate the heat conductibility and retention of cast iron.

How much roasting surface area do I need?

To answer this question effectively, you may want to have a list of your guests first. Just like when organizing any parties, it is crucial to know the number of your visitors, to do the necessary and practical preparations. Can you imagine a scenario, a person that prepares a meal for 50 people, has only three confirmed guests out of 5 invitations? Well, I bet many would have the same reaction with this one, including myself.

The case is the same in deciding the size of your roasting surface. Purchasing a grate that can accommodate two plates per batch will not be a practical choice when you actually need to prepare for 6. To make things more vivid, 100 sq. Inches roasting surface will hold about six burger patties having an average size of 4″x 4″, with sufficient spacing for proper broiling.

In case you want an outdoor gourmet meal for two, a 200 sq. Inches roasting area is needed to sear a well-seasoned 8-10 ounce steak, together with baked potatoes and corn on the cob for sides.

Temperature Control 

British Thermal Units (BTUs) are essential factors to consider when checking for the cooking efficiency because it determines the gas output needed to ignite a grates’ main burner.  The higher amount of BTUs, the faster it will heat up and be ready for roasting. But don’t forget to keep an eye with the temperature, a very high BTU output, means higher fuel consumption.

It is also noteworthy that multiple burners don’t mean a higher BTU—for example,  three burners with 5,000 BTUs each. When compared to a double burner with 10,000 BTUs each, simple help from mathematics will give us the answer that the unit which produces 20,000 BTUs has better efficiency.

Knowing these, you will now be safe from the marketing strategies of some manufacturers. They use to bait clients by telling them that side burners, warming trays, etc., are part of total searing output or BTU of a grill, which we know is not. A decent BTU is around 80-100 per sq. Inch of roasting surface, and if possible, try to look for units made with durable and heavy material, for better temperature retention.

Another fact is that models made with thin materials will rapidly drop their temperature. In this case, you may want a higher BTU output as a compensatory mechanism. 


Burner and temperature control always come together. The excellent ratio is 1:1, for even heat distribution, and provides a different temperature zone. However, some multiple cookers have only one temperature control because of its compact size. 

Burners made from rust-resistant material with 18-8 rating or 304 grade is highly advisable, due to its rust-resistant property, and for more durability. But we also have an entry for budget-conscious campers, the aluminum, and cast iron burners. Remember to frequently clean and degrease your grill for longevity.

When purchasing the best portable propane grill, it is necessary to be sure that it has a metal deflector between the cooker and the grate. Metal deflector helps to create an even heat distribution and reduces hot spots that make your cooker dripping with hot grease. For a person that enjoys more straightforward choices in life, coal grills are the apparent selection. No burners to consider means lesser complicated decisions to ponder. 

Now it’s time for more in-depth review for the:

15 Best Compact RV Grill for 2020


Aside from being affordable and good quality,  its portability is one of the greatest features of our first entry for the best compact-size RV grill. Upon purchasing the Camco Olympian 5500 stainless steel broiler, a mounting bracket is included in the package that is ready for hanging in your RV’s mounting rail. There is no to worry, even mounting rail isn’t available because of its folding leg stand, which is ready for table setup.

Plus, it comes with a quick-connect valve and hose that can directly tap into your RV’s low-pressure gas supply. It is made from lightweight rust-resistant material, but don’t budge yet. I know we said earlier, that units from lightweight material could lose temp rapidly. That is why a rust-resistant cooker compensated it with 12,000 BTUs/hour across 180 sq. inches 



  • Corrosive resistant( made with stainless steel material)
  • Complete mounting system with quick-connect fittings
  • 12,000 BTUs rust-resistant cooker
  • Built with rust-resistant material, but light in weight.
  • Equipped with foldable feet for table setup use
  • Poor Temperature regulating function
  • Some clients say they have encountered a defective mounting system.


Next on the list is a dual burner model from Coleman. The muscle of this Coleman unit comes from its separate adjustable cookers igniting up to 10,000 BTUs, meaning you’re able to have a different temperature zone on your roasting surface.

It is also supported by the instant-start button, a spark ignition system. Making it easier to ignite without using candle lighter or long matches. There is so much convenience with this Coleman product, but there are still who are not satisfied with its performance. There are issues reported by some owners, that it has low resistance against rusts.

Its large broiling surface is a keeper for those who are having big barbecue sessions. Still, it is a pass for space conscious campers. Coleman is a reputable brand that is not limited to this product; they also craft other outdoor essentials, making them “well-known” in the RV industry.



  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Can accommodate a larger batch of roasting (285 sq. inches roasting surface)
  • Quick ignition
  • Adjustable Dual cookers
  • Low portability and storage  efficiency
  • Some says they experience uneven searing issues.
  • Lack of temperature gauge
  • No lock for grilling grates
  • Requires special RV propane adapter hose


The first thing to notice with this unit is its price. It is rare to find this kind of offer for a rust-resistant built model. I was skeptical at first because many companies use a “High quality with a low price” strategy to lure some clients. Which in the later part, you’ll be”Losing more than saving less.”


Having a broiling surface of 288 sq. Inch with warming rack, single 10,000 BTUs rust-resistant grid with  “U” shaped cooker for maximum temp distribution, gives already a fair deal for a budget and space-conscious camper. Folding legs and large front carry handle increases its portability power. At the same time, its compact size and locking lid feature make it storage-friendly.

A disposable one-pound propane cylinder operates it. You have to buy separately around $18-$20, and this is where you have to cash-out the change you save from its economical price.



  • With removable regulator to monitor the roasting temperature
  • Includes rust-resistant material grease tray to catch food drippings
  • Convenient to carry
  • Even heat distribution
  • The warming rack is not rust-resistant, but chrome coated
  • Propane inefficiency
  • Clients says that they experienced unhelpful after-sales support


The Weber Q2200 is a revision of a classic model, the weber Q 220 model. Performance is the same, but the company made some aesthetic changes, including a more stable grip handle and control knobs, ergonomic side handles, improved fold-out side table, and a more prominent Weber Q logo in the lid.



  • Built-in- lid thermometer
  • With foldable side tables
  • Made from cast aluminum which is lightweight and durable
  • Tall lids, adding space for roasting
  • Expensive
  • Some customers says they are not satisfied with the product’s durability.


“Small but terrible” is the theme of our next product on the lists, coming from Royal Gourmet. Weighing just about 30lbs, but bursting a 25,000 – 27,000 BTUs from 3 ring-shaped cookers that can be separately controlled, with a broiling area that can hold up to 12 or more regular size burger patties.

Plus handing you a porcelain enamel griddle top that is easy to clean with just a towel and warm soap water, there is a side grease cup that collects oil debris while broiling.

A smoother ignition is completed by installing a rust-resistant material flame control panel with a Piezo ignition system. Scanning this unit will make one say that its specifications have a lot more to offer than its portability.



  • Good ignition system
  • Total of 27,000 BTUs from 3 separate cookers
  • Light-weight
  • Enamel coating chips off
  • Tends to wear off non-stick property overtime
  • There hot and cold spots imbalance


There are moments when short preparations are inevitable, with even less an hour to groom, but at the same time, dinner must be prepared. No worries, because this fantastic model was built for roasting efficiency.

Its two 10,000 BTUs rust-resistant built cookers, each with a separate flame control knob, and equipped with the twist-start electronic ignition system, will take less than 10 minutes to be ready for grilling.

The entire roasting surface is made from rust-resistant material, even the cooker shields and dripping trays, which can catch up at least 2 quarts of oil and drippings, are made from the same material. It is easy to clean, and even possible to wash it along with other dining utensils used during the meal. Its foldable legs provide excellent stability so that you can set up on any even surface.

With all of these considerations, an on-the-go camper could have a start to finish a proper meal within less an hour.



  • Two 10,000 BTU rust-resistant built cookers.
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Electric Twist-start ignition
  • Foldable legs
  • Affordable
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Some clients says their unit has defective control knobs
  • Several concerns regarding its durability


Another Budget-friendly and Space saver product is next on the lists. This Hand carry grilling machine offers a 260 sq. Inches broiling space, meaning searing for about 6-8  pieces of chicken at the same time, would be an easy task for this product.

Key takeaway for this is its unique H style cooker, that provides even heat distribution for excellent broiling, across the whole grates. It may be a single cooker model, but it provides 12,000 BTUs sear output and is quickly started by electric ignition.

Cleaning the rust-resistant broiling surface is a breeze with just a swipe of a towel, allowing you to have more time for amusement.



  • Good portability
  • Affordable for a stainless steel product
  • Easy to clean
  • Several complaints of poor customer support
  • Low-quality issues from some clients


Rv life is practically taking most of the days traveling to somewhere, as it sounds Weber “Go- Anywhere.” You can literally take this with you anywhere, due to its rectangular shape that fits perfectly even in most car trunks.

Portability and accessible storage are not the only key takeaway of this product. It also provides ample space for searing at least six burger patties or four medium steaks. It is made from Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron, to maintain its excellent shape even for the coming years to come.

And for some additional notes, remember that cast iron is excellent for roasting. The aroma from its power source or coal gives that extra smoky flavor to your dish.



  • The lowest price in the list
  • The porcelain-enameled coating provides rust-resistant property.
  • Excellent portability
  • Easy to carry
  • Some customers says that the enamel coating chips away quickly.
  • Safety issues; legs support tends to be unstable.


Another entry from Cuisinart’s family of compact grills is this incredibly bargained price for a decent quality product.

One more thing about this product that outshines its competitors, aside from low price, is its whopping portability due to its super lightweight attribute (13.5 pounds). Very handy to have when you are likely to travel a lot.

Though some RV users are not satisfied with its 5,500 BTUs single rust-resistant cooker, reaching the maximum sear capacity will be slow. However, this scenario promotes gas efficiency, remember, the lower the BTU, the slower it consumes its resources.



  • Propane Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Super lightweight

  • Low BTU cooker
  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Small broiling surface


When you’re a fan of a mountable model, this might be your best travel buddy. Upon purchasing the Flame King RV, it automatically gives you a bracket that is ready to mount right onto the side of your motorhome, RV, or trailer. So you can start with your barbecue session whenever and wherever you want.

Versatility is the key takeaway of this propane product because, aside from being mountable, you can set it up too on a table or use it as a freestanding grilling equipment. But before adding it on to your cart. Please note that purchasing a separate  LP gas (female) connection system for your RV or trailer Or a compatible (quick connect) LPG  line for this unit is necessary.



  • Affordable
  • Easily mountable
  • Adjustable flame controller
  • Installed with Upper grill deck
  • Durability issues
  • Others says that it is only ideal for occasional usage.
  • Low stability concerns, when freestanding


There are times when we are guilty of being biased, and this fantastic product is not an exemption. One of the greatest products on the list is made with 430 rust-resistant grade material, which stands for food-grade and good rust-resistant material.

Another thing worth mentioning is its CSA certification, meaning it has been tested and met the standards required for safe gas-fired products in Canada.

Checking its broiling capacity, it has two 10,000 BTU rust-resistant cookers, each with a separate twist and push ignition system, and a roasting surface enough for 10-12 burger patties at a time.

What else to look for? Ah! Foldable legs for easy mobility, lockable lid for safe storage, and lid thermometer for proper broiling. Since it’s made from quality rust-resistant material, this product is guaranteed durable and effortless cleaning.



  • Durable
  • Made from quality materials
  • Built-in-lid thermometer
  • Low-level maintenance
  • Great Customer support
  • Some clients experienced flame-surges due to its lack of flame tamers.
  • The hose isn’t set up for a 1-pound cylinder.
  • Several customers find its grates spacing too wide.
  • Others claim that its broiling surface tends to be sticky.


Another Weber product hits our lists, the Weber Q1200 LP Grill. It might be tagged as the Weber Q2200’s little brother, due to its smaller roasting surface, and lower cooker heat capacity with only 8,500 BTUs.

Possessing too some of the major feats of its Big brother, such as the built-in-lid thermometer, Porcelain-Enameled cast-iron roasting grates, cast aluminum body, and lid cover. RV users preferring for a Weber model that is cheaper and more compact than its Q2200 model will probably fall in love with this one.



  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Built-in-lid thermometer
  • Equipped with foldable side tables
  • Lower price than Weber Q2200 model
  • According to some users, the built-in thermometer is not accurate.
  • Low BTU output due to its cooker’s capacity.


There are moments when we plan on camping or traveling solo, just like this simple product from ColourTree. With no technology or extra-special spotlight to exhibit, this is perfect for those solo campers who want a quick escape from the busy streetlights, rushing cities, and dancing crowds.

The 121 sq. Inch roasting surface is more than enough space for a solo plate, and its weight (2.9 lbs.) is even lighter than an adult cat. It may lack special features as compared with other grates. At the end of the day, this simple machine is your company while having a good “me time,” providing you a warm and fulfilling meal.



  • Affordable price
  • No propane needed
  • Space efficient
  • Optimal for minimalists campers
  • Several complaints that it’s too small for its declared size
  • No lid included


“Hitting two birds with one stone” might be the perfect tagline for this coal-powered product. With this egg-shaped unit, you can quickly sear meat with high temp (up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit), or slowly roast a chicken with low temperature (up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

Yes! This Kamado style cooker can be used for grilling and Smoking. Some RV users are creative enough even to use it for baking, what a fantastic product isn’t? If you are curious, what is a Kamado? Traditionally, it is a Japanese wood- or coal-fueled cookstove, but today, it is a general term for ceramic grills.

Although it is made from the powder-coated exterior, porcelain-coated grid interior,153 square inches (14″ diameter) cast iron roasting surface, a different material compared to traditional and ceramic kamado grills, its durability, broiling style, and excellent temperature retention is almost the same, or even better. 

Talking about precision, the Upper and bottom air dampers regulate the airflow for better temperature control. Before owning this, it is essential to understand how the dual air damper system works because it acts as a temperature regulator.  Relax! It’s not complicated as it sounds, though it can be tricky at first.

We provided an example of how it works, to simplify things. When you need to sear meat with a temperature of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit or more, the top damper should be 100% open, and the bottom dampers should be 75% open. You might want to refer to the damper adjustments chart below.

If you want to achieve a temperature around two hundred degrees, the top and bottom dampers should be closed ¾  of the way. With each type of meat or dish, you’ll need to play with the dampers a little and keep an eye on the thermometer. 

Over time you’ll be able to quickly figure out what does and doesn’t work. Just be familiar with the details that you always use, and keep these guidelines for future reference. Besides, you don’t have to worry about temperature monitoring, because it is equipped with a temperature gauge.

Operating this model will require more effort when igniting the coal, but if you’re used to it, these won’t be a problem at all.



  • Enhanced smoky flavor
  • Durable
  • Good temperature retention
  • Multi-functional (For grilling or Smoking)
  • Low maintenance
  • Equipped with built-in-thermometer


Saving the “BEAST” for last, YES! You read that right. Our last participant is a little different type of handy grill. Earlier, we talked about the Propane and coal type grills; by now, we became more familiar with them.

Now, let’s take a look at what is unique about this “Wood Pellet Grill,” that might be your new favorite. It functions as a regular grill will do, just like the propane and coal grill. Its mechanics are slightly similar to a coal grill. Its power source comes from wood pellets, equipped with a digital temperature controller, and has an electric auto-start ignition.

In case you wanted a new flavor, aside from the classic roasted taste that we are used to. Roasting with this kind of method will give a wood-fired taste dish that might be something fresh from your taste buds.

Weighing about 76lbs, with 300 sq. inches roasting surface can accommodate at least three racks of ribs, can we call it handy? Of course, it is! It may be larger than other models on our lists. Still, its sawhorse chassis provides a stable stand wherever we want to set up, and its all-terrain wheels are ready to roll with us anywhere we go.

This product perhaps has lesser portability to offer than its competitors, but its versatility is reasonable compensation due to its 6-in-1 functions (grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, broiling).



  • Automatic temperature control
  • Delicious wood-smoked flavor
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Large broiling surface
  • Bulky and space consuming.
  • Expensive
  • There are issues that the temperature control is malfunctioning

Now that we came across with the 15 Best RV grates for 2020, have you picked your new favorite “barbecue buddy”? In case you might want a little more direction, let’s proceed with the next discussion.


How to choose the Best RV Compact Grill for you?

Knowing what you want and need is the basic principle in making a wise purchasing decision.

Here are the fundamental elements you possibly want to consider, before using your hard-earned penny.

  • Size
    It is best to start by getting the headcount to serve because it directly influences the broiling surface that you will need. It will likely give a correct estimate, if you needed to prepare for two, for a larger company, or just for solo camping. In this way, you will not waste a dollar buying 120 sq. Inches RV grate, expecting to have a dozen guests.
  • Number of Burners
    No burner, No flame, right? Which means roasting is not possible on propane grills. Perhaps, choosing the right set of cookers are crucial for an excellent barbecue session. With higher BTUs, cookers reach their maximum heating point faster, meaning you can be a more efficient cook. Just don’t forget to control and use the prescribed broiling temperature for gas efficiency. Having more than one cooker will give you additional temperature regions, called “Hot” and “Cold” regions, which are essential when roasting in large batches.
    For instance, that you don’t want to undergo these dilemmas, the solution is to opt for a cooker-free machine, the coal grills.
  • Temperature Gauge and Control
    After carefully picking the right cooker, the ability to control it is the next thing to check, no one would like to get a burnt barbecue, right? Or worse, there are cases that poor handling of temperature resulted in serious accidents. It would be an excellent choice for less experienced cooks to choose models with a built-in-thermometer, and even skilled BBQ pitmasters will benefit by having a more precise roasting method. Be sure that you have a comfortable grip on the control knob, for better precision.
  • Maintenance
    This aspect may not be a significant part when broiling your favorite on the go dish or play a role in terms of portability. Yet, it determines the value that benefited from your purchased unit. No one would like to spend   $100 or more for monthly maintenance or replacement for their newly acquired unit. Many campers preferred a model that has rust-resistance property because it requires a low level of maintenance, which is ideal for long term use. But remember, that proper use and care is still the best way to maintain a perfectly shaped item.
  • Budget
    Finally, we got to the main criteria to consider before “adding to cart” your newly found travel partner for your RV. It will provide a better scope of which product is within your range to purchase. There is no wrong with being fancy, but there is also no point in overspending.

How to clean and maintain your RV grill?

It might be the least favorite part after a barbecue party and even neglected at times. But after investing in a product, it is sensible to know how to clean it properly. To keep your barbecue machine in pristine working condition, for more years to celebrate, and of course, to ensure safe and hygienic food preparation.

We listed some cleaning methods for cleaning your RV

Heating the grill

Residues will be burned from the previous roasting sessions by using this method. A grill brush with warm soap water, scrub off the remaining debris from the grate. 

Using a Self-cleaning oven

Having this is a big help in cleaning your unit. You can put the broiling grates inside the oven, let it incinerate the residue, and scrub off any remaining debris using a grill brush. 

Cleaning Solutions

An oven cleaning solution is also an effective barbecue grates cleaner. Just spray or lathe the solution all over the grill, let it sit overnight, rinse it thoroughly, and brush off the remaining dirt.

If you prefer an organic cleaner, here is a recipe you can easily make at home. You will be needing 4 tbsp of baking soda, then adding 3-4 drops of dawn dish soap, incorporating it with 4 tbsp of lemon juice, and 4 tbsp of vinegar. Just mix it in a bowl until it becomes a paste. Then you may proceed using it as an oven cleaning solution.

Inspection and maintenance

Once in a while, or after more than three uses, it is best to check and clean for other vital parts of your RV grate. Such as pressure regulators, LPG levels, igniter switch, built-in-thermometer, cooker, control knobs, and accessories if they are working correctly.

Best Compact Grill Brands for RV 

Most people prefer branded products with a good reputation, which is proven by the consuming public, to manage expectations from the company.

So you might be interested in what are the reputable brands of RV grates in the market today.

Here are some of the brands for the best compact grills

  • If you are frequently attending barbecue parties, you might already encounter the brand Weber. A company that started the design for kettle grills, in 1952, by its founder George Stephen.
  • “Coleman is Coleman,” a brand for more than a decade, manufacturing wide arrays of essential outdoor gears such as coolers, sleeping bags, and of course, RV grills.
  • Next on our list is the company that brings the first domestic food processor in America, the Cuisinart. Their company is reputable for being innovative since 1971. It is no surprise if they will be making a massive breakthrough for compact-size grills.
  • Propane is commonly used for gas grills, so it is somehow assuring to trust the leading provider of propane storage solutions, the Flame king.
  • Smoke hollow is a brand manufactured by Masterbuilt, a company with 45 years of experience focusing on making different types of grills.
  •  American engineered grills, branded as Blackstone is one of the emerging brands in the market today. They started in 2005, which makes their product a prodigy that promises to be designed with the latest technology and innovations.

Last on our list has a good reputation too, a famous brand in the RV industry, Camco. They started to specialize in making RV essential gear in 1970.

Now that you are familiar with some of the good brands for best RV grates, is your chosen grill/s included with our list for the best portable grills for your RV? Every company has its flaws and expertise, but surely there will always be one for you.

We hope that we have provided reasonable assistance in choosing the BEST RV GRATE for you. 

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