Best RV Jack Pads System Performance

So you have bought everything from battery to other necessary amenities and supplies for your RV to have it run smoothly, then you realized you forgot that you need Jack Pads. It stressed you out because you have zero knowledge about it, which will make you frustrated even more.

This article aims to introduce you with the best RV Jack Pads in the market nowadays with a not so hard to follow guide to coach you. You are about to know the importance of owning Jack Pads and which brand best fits your RV.

The following are the leading three best RV Jack Pads followed by some of the excellent Jack Pads. To solve all your problems of which brand you should buy, we invite you to read our comprehensive verified reviews on the following 25 brands of Jack Slabs.

Editor’s Choice

Here are the three excellent choices of brands to keep an eye on in searching for leveling slabs.

Best Overall
Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK
Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK
  • The pads feature a recessed post hole that helps prevent post jacks from slipping.
  • The EZ Block is designed to resist dirt and oil.
Best Value
Quality Plastics Utility Blocks
Quality Plastics Utility Blocks
  • Very Heavy Duty slabs.
  • It does not damage any surface nor sink easily into soft soil.
  • With the integrated nylon, it is easy to retrieve the pad.
Premium Choice
RoadWarrior DICA
RoadWarrior DICA
  • Solid supports up to 50,000 lbs, 100 percent waterproof, can be stacked for additional height.

Product Comparison Table

Best Overall
Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK
Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Up to 5 packs
  • DIMENSION: Dimensions: 12″ x 8.5″ base, 8″ x 4.5″ pad rest, 8″ tall (14″ tall when double-stacked)
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Premium Choice
RoadWarrior DICA
RoadWarrior DICA
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Per pad
  • DIMENSION: 12 inch to 18 inch
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Best Value
Quality Plastics Utility Blocks
Quality Plastics Utility Blocks
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Per pad
  • DIMENSION: 10 x 10 x 6 inches
  • 1 1/2 inches thick
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SnapPad Best RV Leveling Hoister Slab SnapPad Best RV Leveling Hoister Slab
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: XL Single
  • DIMENSION: 13.98 x 13.86 x 2.2 inches
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Andersen Hitches 3608 Block Andersen Hitches 3608 Block
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Available in a few stocks
  • DIMENSION: 8″ tall, 12″ width at the base, 10″ width
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Camco Stabilizer Jacks Support 44595 Camco Stabilizer Jacks Support 44595
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Available in a few stocks
  • DIMENSION: 13.25 x 13.25 x 7 inches
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Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Up to 4 packs
  • DIMENSION: 8.7’’ x 6.5’’ x0.75’’
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BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2 packs
  • DIMENSION: 10.25 x 10.25 x 3 inches
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Valterra A10-0918 Stackers Jack Slab Valterra A10-0918 Stackers Jack Slab
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Up to 4-10 packs
  • DIMENSION: 8 x 8 x 8.75 inches
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Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2 packs
  • DIMENSION: 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
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Tri-lynx 00019 Lynx Cap Tri-lynx 00019 Lynx Cap
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2-10 packs
  • DIMENSION: 8.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches
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Camco 44505 Leveling Blocks – 10 pack Camco 44505 Leveling Blocks – 10 pack
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 10 packs
  • DIMENSION: 1 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Check Price On Amazon
Camco Large 44541 Stabilizer Jack Pads Camco Large 44541 Stabilizer Jack Pads
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2 packs
  • DIMENSION: Regular to large size
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Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2 packs
  • DIMENSION: Perfectly sized
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Technoflex TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad Technoflex TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Per pad
  • DIMENSION: 14.0″ L x 12.0″ W x 2.0″ H
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Buyers Products OP18X18R Pad Buyers Products OP18X18R Pad
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Per pad
  • DIMENSION: 18.5 x 18.5 x 2.5 inches
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Level Trek LT80050 Jack Slab Level Trek LT80050 Jack Slab
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Per pad
  • DIMENSION: 14 x 0.5 x 10 inches
Check Price On Amazon
Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads and Block Wheel Chocks Bundle Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads and Block Wheel Chocks Bundle
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Bundles
  • DIMENSION: 6.5″ x 9″ x 1″
Check Price On Amazon
Origen SnapPad Permanent Leveling Jack System Slab Origen SnapPad Permanent Leveling Jack System Slab
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: 6-pack
  • DIMENSION: XL Single
Check Price On Amazon
Prothane 19-1405 Red Jack Slab Prothane 19-1405 Red Jack Slab
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: Up to 2 packs
  • DIMENSION: 5″ thick
Check Price On Amazon
TruePower Stabilizer Jack Slab TruePower Stabilizer Jack Slab
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: 1 Pack
  • DIMENSION: 14.5″ x 12″
Check Price On Amazon
Camco 44543 Large Stabilizer Jack Slab with Handle Camco 44543 Large Stabilizer Jack Slab with Handle
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: 2 Pack
  • DIMENSION: 14.” x 12.” x 1″
Check Price On Amazon
Andersen Camper Leveler Tuff Slabs 3606 Andersen Camper Leveler Tuff Slabs 3606
  • DURABILITY: Medium
  • QUANTITY: 1 Pack
  • DIMENSION: 8.125″ x 8.125″ x 0.75”
Check Price On Amazon
AP Products 47257 Super Jack Slab AP Products 47257 Super Jack Slab
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Pack of 4
  • DIMENSION: Each pad is 14″ high x 10″ wide x 3/4″ thick and weighs less than
Check Price On Amazon
BAL 20031 Van Jack Base Slabs BAL 20031 Van Jack Base Slabs
  • DURABILITY: Heavy duty
  • QUANTITY: Pack of 4
  • DIMENSION: 7-1/4″ diameter slabs
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Our 25 Best RV Jack Pads

1. Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK


  • Give less stress in jacks 
  • Stackable slabs to manage the height
  • With a ten-year warranty
  • Durable and extremely robust
  • Heavy duty


  • Expensive
  • a bit bulky and large

The Andersen EZ Block is a versatile tool to use and a few of those Best RV Jack Pads in the market, especially with a bumper-tow van. It also works well with post jacks, pad jacks, scissor jacks, and many more due to its durable and extremely robust design. It will surely be the right fit.

It guarantees great functions and versatility. The blocks have a hollow-dent hole to prevent post hoisters from slipping. It is also a great feature that you will not have to worry about the oil and dirt because it is designed to repel them. 

This feature will ensure that this block will maintain whatever the condition of the surroundings it is in.  

The block is that it has finger holes in each side to make moving it an effortless task and storing it away.

It weighs almost nothing, and it’s hard to believe that it is extremely robust and reliable, but the shoppers’ reviews do not lie. This stackable block is an amazing feature if you want to make adjustments with the height. 

And because this product is handy, especially if you are using post jacks, this should be on your chief list. Another appealing thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty that should tell you that the manufacturer of this brand is confident about its durability; otherwise, why would they give a ten-year warranty to a product that won’t last that long, right? That is a decade of peace of mind!

Why Should You Buy This?
The ten-year warranty could be very appealing, but if you are looking for more durable slabs that are not assembled out of plastic, this might not be your excellent choice. This block is assembled of elastic that appears flimsy to other customers’ keen eyes.

2. RoadWarrior DICA


  • TuffGrip Handles are 100% unbreakable and waterproof 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Prevents jacks from immersing into soft terrain
  • Equal load distribution
  • stackable slabs
  • Gives good even and robust foundation for your rig


  • Sold not as a pack, but separately

These 15 diameter RV stabilizer slabs have become a popular choice for camper owners for its many useful features. It has also become an excellent choice for being durable, having excellent caliber elements, and versatile. 

Indeed, this will be the slabs that will delight you to add in your tools. Another amazing feature of this block is the handle. Having it attached to the pad, so storing and transporting it is easy to do. 

Its TuffGrip handles prove that this is an easy option to add in your engine. The handle is durable and unbreakable, assuring you that it could last for years. 

Another amazing thing to add is that it is waterproof. So water could never easily destroy this pad when it is dipped in the mud or flood area. 

Also, retrieving and placing these slabs under your engine is a breeze. It will not require you to crawl under your vehicle. You can place them beneath your RV  in just minutes. 

Another admirable trait is the industrial-strength of it that has a ten-year warranty to it. This warranty should be proof of its durability to the buyers.

If you are after for a long term use pad, this might be what you are looking for. This stabilizer will do a good job distributing the load evenly unloading the stress off your jacks’ feet. 

With its 50 000 pounds loading capacity, it can surely work with any type and size of an RV. Whatever RV you have, may it be a small class B motorhome or a 5th wheeler, these slabs will never let your van sink into the mud or soil, thus providing a good and even foundation. 

These slabs have many good reviews and high ratings among  RV owners.

Why Should You Buy This?
The only downside of this fantastic slab is, it is being sold separately and not in a pack. Some shoppers found this such a hassle because, unlike other slabs, this brand costs more. However, granting its many excellent features, we think it is worth every penny.

3. Quality Plastics Utility Blocks


  • Tversatile on multiple applications
  • cheap cost
  • Assembled in the US
  • easy installation process
  • It includes highly durable, slip-free rubber elements
  • in 4-packs


  • Sold not as a pack, but separately

Another brand loaded with many admirable traits is the Quality Synthetic Utility Blocks, which offers excellent efficacy. This brand is assembled of rubber. 

Its premium tier efficacy comes from the slip-free feature. This means your slabs will not move an inch in the jack leveling system. You can relax well, knowing your engine has a stable and sure foundation that will not slip whatever the situation arises. 

You may face the harshest weather or robust wind, but these slabs will stay firm on the terrain without swaying your camper. One of the many beneficial features of these slabs is how versatile it is. 

It can almost be used in all different motor gears such as campers,  motorhomes, trucks, travel vans, and other similar vehicles. This means making the most of your cash’s worth. 

Using these slabs will not give you a hard time, too. It’s easy to put under your gear without so much as crawling underneath it; it is one of the features that allures many buyers and the main praise on its product reviews. 

The extraordinary thing about this merchandise is its price. While others may cost you an arm and a leg due to their high-caliber elements, these caliber synthetic utility slabs cost cheap. 

Seriously, this brand should be at the prime of your list if you want caliber and affordability at the same time. What’s more, is that you can purchase this brand in 4-pack, a total budget deal. 

This brand should not miss your list of pads choices because it surely is a steal in every area that you can think of. It is certainly a US-made brand and is tested 100% for safety measures. That should make your decision easier to bag this awesome deal.

Why Should You Buy This?
However, this brand seems perfect; it has a flaw that some shoppers find problematic. It is a lack of proper stackability. If this feature is something that you find necessary, this may flop your decision to buy it.

4. SnapPad Leveling Jack Pad


  • Durable
  • Assembled from old recycled tires
  • Vice-like grip
  • High-quality efficiency
  • Easy installation process


  • Sold not as a pack, but sepaIts current price skyrocketed

Some shoppers are seriously after the easy installing process on a Jack Slab. That is what is most on the prime of their tick list. Luckily, SnapPad  Mobile Home Jacks does not disappoint in that part, and that could make it forward from your being at the bottom of your list to the top.

This means that any hassles in installing pads using this brand should be closer to zero. We find this feature extra advantageous, more especially with the aged camper owners who can not manage anymore to crawl under their engine in a smooth and pain-free manner.

However, much more excellent features are worth noting about this hoister aside from its easy installation process. Its anti-slip trait is one thing that could appeal to a lot of buyers. 

If you love traveling in places where rain is moderate weather, then this suits your style. You won’t have to be troubled anymore about being soaked in the mud or water, causing slippery areas or your engine slipping away, causing major repairs. 

If you prefer to camp in places where there is a robust wind, you can rest well, knowing it won’t cause your engine to dance with the wind. As a result, anywhere you place these pads, you can be assured that it will still deliver a good job. 

It is easy to say that this product is weatherproof because it can stand the harshest weather there is in your way. Another amazing characteristic of this product is that it minimizes movements and vibrations.

This is possible by the vice-grip hold of its rubber design. In a way, the rubber material acts as the shock absorber from the land expanse’s vibration.

And what’s more amazing is that the rubber material is assembled from old recycled tires. This feature is useful when you are camping in a rougher area such as rocky terrains or concrete. Don’t even miss that you can buy this in packs. Now that is not a bad deal.

Why Should You Buy This?
Perhaps, you can look over its actual operation on the site because some shoppers do not find it sturdy enough. Still, we suggest you take the right size that fits to avoid unnecessary damage to the product. We must inform you that the price of this amazing product has skyrocketed now.

5. Andersen Hitches 3608 Van Hoister Block


  • Reduces swaying by 90%
  • 6-pack version comes with free Clean Step
  • Comes from a US manufacturer
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Equipped with magnets


  • pricey

We have another excellent pad in this list; the Andersen Hitches 3608 Hoister Block. This pad will surely thrive whatever expanse area you put it in. 

It is assembled from high-caliber material to stand the harshest of weather elements and soil conditions. These high-caliber materials ensure that these Jack Pads are durable and robust enough to resist damaging elements from the terrain, such as oil and dirt. 

More amazing features are in these pads, such as the integrated magnets that will automatically attach to your jacks. Having the magnet will now make the installation process super conveniently to do. 

This concludes that you do not need to worry about the slippage during eventful terrain activity. It can reduce the chances of swaying up to 90%, which will minimize the stress on your hoisters.

This feature helps to prevent swaying when there is a robust blow of the wind. Your mobile home won’t sway and will keep the firm on the terrain. You do not sleep on this brand because you can also buy this in a pack. It is stackable, and that concludes easy storage and transport.

Why Should You Buy This?
The only downside of this brand is its price. It is rather on a pricey side. If you are a shopper with little budget for Jack Pads, this may come to a hindrance for you to look at it, but given the amazing features of this brand, we think you will find that it’s worth your cash.

6. Camco Stabilizer Hoister Support


  • Limited warranty
  • Durable
  • Offers 7 inches of lift
  • Made in UV-stabilized polypropylene
  • Stackable for easy storage


  • Too bulky

Another pad assembled from high-caliber material, the Camco Stabilizer Hoister Support, is all you need to put a premium on your engine’s stability. This is assembled, possibly due to its polypropylene. Polypropylene is a high-caliber synthetic material.

Amazingly, these slabs are UV protected. This feature will help your pad not to be damaged by long sun exposure, and the color will not fade easily. This is good news for those mobile homeowners who love camping in the sun apt areas. 

It offers a 7 inches lift. If that is sufficient for you, then this is a pad that you should take. Some products on this list do not offer the same height in lifting mobile homes, which may come in handy with you.            

This amazing product offers warranty although it is limited it can appeal in your liking against the competing products that do not possess a warranty. 

It is somehow nice to know and assure you that if anything goes south suddenly, you are fully covered even for a limited time.

When it comes to the price of this brand, you should not worry too much. 

Camco offers reasonable costs for their products, particularly this pad, which does not cost much. And if you are big in colors, the bright yellow color of this product should appeal to you. It’ll sit prettily under your motorhome.   

Why Should You Buy This?
If you have a small home van, chances are you will find this brand a little too bulky; thus, this will take up space you could use for other tools you have. But if the amazing features defeat its bulkiness, nothing can hinder you from buying these awesome slabs.

7. Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads


  • Cashback guarantee within 30 days
  • Durable
  • Offers full refund
  • UV-protected and is weatherproof
  • Comes with velcro strap for easy storage
  • With anti-slip mats


  • A bit smaller for some customers
  • Might have a problem with interlocking features

Homeon Stabilizer might be the most low-cost brand on this list, but don’t think it can deliver what it is supposed to do. This block has a long list of excellent features from those similar brands in the market. 

We assure you it can deliver a premium-tier efficiency irrelevant to its low price. This pad was assembled excellently and strategically so that it won’t sink in the soil; however, it is soft and muddy or cracks under high pressure from your engine. 

All thanks to its honeycomb structure for making it possible. It acts as a great absorber and gives a solid tight grip on your hoister.

Another amazing feature is that it has four anti-slip mats that will prevent any form of slippage under any environmental conditions and will promote optimum stability instead. 

This could make you rest easy, knowing your home van will not sway away. To add to many of its amazing traits is its handle. Its portable integrated handle will make your life easier, and the installing process such a breeze, plus it comes with a Velcro strap if you buy it in packs. 

This will surely make tucking it away easily and neatly.

It is resistant to UV, as well,  and is weatherproof. It concludes you’re going to love this, especially if you love traveling in sunny places because no amount of sun exposure will ruin its materials and color. 

It is weatherproof, too. This will ensure that it will do what it is supposed to do, whether it’s breezing hard, pouring hard, or freezing below zero. It won’t just crack under pressure.

What’s more amazing is its money-back guarantee scheme, which should tell how confident the manufacturer is with its brand. 

The manufacturer gave a 30 days window to the shoppers to test if it’s the perfect stabilizer for them, and if they feel it is not, they will have to return the pads to them with the customer’s cash refunded in full. How cool is that?

Why Should You Buy This?
It would be best if you take these pads because it might be the only brand that did not gather any bad reviews in the customers’ section. In our brand research about this brand, we did not come across any flaws of this stabilizer. We were hoping you could try and see how it performs yourself.

8. BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad


  • Provides firm footing in soft terrain
  • With bolts and hoist extensions
  • Can be used with manual or electric hoisters 


  • Customer service does not reply
  • Often missing parts when the purchase arrives

Another killer stabilizer on our list is BAL’s 29160 Big Bad Foot. This is another excellent option if you favor using either a manual or electric hoister to level your  RV.  

Its assembly should do an excellent job providing a sure and stable footing to your hoisters. Not only will it protect your hoister from scratches and damages when placed in rough areas, but this pad will prevent your hoister from immersing through the soil. 

You don’t want to revisit stores and buy hoisters repeatedly because of these damaging effects, where you can buy a pad to protect it from the harmful surface elements.

It adds to its already great aspects that it is assembled from steel. If you want to have a great pad that won’t easily crack under so much load and pressure, this brand is an excellent find. 

Since it is assembled from steel, it will also be long-lasting and durable, so changing your pad will never be the case with this brand.

Fortunately enough,  it comes in a two-pack, this should be good enough that you do not have to buy another block as the need arises. 

If you are worried about the weight of this brand, worry not because it is lightweight compared to what you think from an all-steel product. This made transporting it and installing it a breeze. 

It happened to be an excellent brand at a low-cost price, too! It may come as pricey to others, but the caliber will compensate for it.

Why Should You Buy This?
There was no issue about the product’s durability and stronghold found in most customers’ reviews. Still, only that the manufacturer’s customer service was a bit unresponsive, they do not reply to the queries of their customers. It might become huge stress on the shopper’s part if the brand came with missing parts as they won’t be as responsive as they should be.

9. Valterra A10-0918 Stackers Hoister Slab


  • Comes with a self-fastening strap
  • Can carry up to 40, 000 pounds
  • With easy to grip handle
  • Low-cost
  • multipurpose


  • CuSome users’ reviews say it is not a better choice for gravels

Our next brand is Valtera A10-0918, another multipurpose product that will benefit a home van owner in many fascinating ways. With this being said, it can perform pretty various functions. It could serve as a hoister stand, tongue-wheel support, or a multi-use leveler.

And because of these capabilities, this brand provides a top-tier efficiency due to its various features. Another fantastic feature is its integrated handle, which makes gripping it easy to do and moving it anywhere a breeze.

However, what’s more, amazing with this brand is that it can carry up to 40, 000 pounds of a vehicle’s weight. By far, this leveler can handle most of the mobile home’s weight. In another term, it can hold up to 10, 000 pounds a wheel.

Isn’t that sweet if you own a large van? Its weight won’t be a problem at all with this leveling process pad. With this capacity hold, you will not have to worry if it will crack in two at any given moment or will make your mobile home slip away. 

Thanks to its lego-like structure, giving a robust grip to your hoister. It is no surprise that many shoppers praised it for this feature.

You won’t even have to worry if it gives you the lift you want because you can buy it in 4-pack or if you want more of it stored in your home van, it is available in 10-pack. 

This way, the lifting and flattening out process will be much easier to attain.

Suppose you are worrying that tucking it away in your mobile home storage area will be messy, no it won’t because it comes with a self-fastening strap. In this way, it won’t scatter around your storage area. You can tuck it away neatly with the strap.

Why Should You Buy This?
You would be stunned how cheap it is despite its many awesome features and use. Plus, you can buy them in packs making it a steal deal. The only drawback of this product is that it might not be as useful when used in the gravel. If you often camp in gravel, we have a better brand for that use.

10. Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads


  • Weatherproof capacities
  • Assembled from recycled matters
  • Compatible with other pads and levelers
  • Eliminates any shake or movement
  • Usable of various purposes


  • Some customers reported sturdiness issues

Another product of Camco, the Camco 44600 Universal Flex, which you would expect to provide top-tier efficiency when it comes to durability and service it offers. Another feature that this brand offers is it’s weatherproof.

As you may know, a weatherproof pad will ensure that the brand will give the same excellent job, whatever the weather condition it might encounter. Not only that, but this brand is also UV protected. 

It concludes the prolonged sun exposure will not fray this pad or cause any damage to it. Perhaps, the most amazing thing about this brand is that it is assembled from recycled materials. 

If you are into protecting the environment, then this brand will have its advantage to you. It is surely a few of those products that help the environment become better.

This pad being non-slip will make sure that the mobile home is safe from any slippage happenings. It’s going to do an excellent job making your hoister as stable as it can be. 

Another great feature of this hoister is that it is efficient in reducing vibration and movement during and after the installation process.

However, a particular feature caught our eye during our brand research; the installation process is easy and can be finished in a few minutes. This particular aspect garnered the most praise among the customers’ reviews.

Why Should You Buy This?
The striking thing about this merchandise is its price. You might be surprised that you can bag two pads for the price of one, granting the top-notch features that it has. The mystery of it being low-cost maybe lies in its durability. Because it is assembled from recycled elements, it does not provide the same durability and strength.

11. Tri-lynx 00019 Lynx Cap


  • Weatherproof capacities
  • ARemarkably low-cost cost
  • Comes in a 4-pack
  • Easy installation
  • Highlights an interlocking design
  • Able to dealing with 40,000 pounds


  • The interlocks have slipping concerns
  • Lastingness issues

If you have been lodging for a while now, you’ll know that most of the terrains you camped on are uneven. That is why hoisters are a necessary tool to have in your mobile home or any lifting process that might help you.

Sometimes, hoisters won’t be enough to make a stable stand for your mobile home due to the different conditions of the ground soil. That’s where the pads come in. This brand could do an excellent job of resolving this kind of dilemma.

By opting for this brand, especially its 4-pack deal, you don’t have to worry about your home van’s flattening out process when you arrive at your camping site with uneven grounds. 

The job of this brand is to make you a smooth lifting process. It makes you exert a little effort on your part by installing these slabs in a few minutes. The installation won’t have you crawling underneath your home van, and this concludes it is the safest way to install these pads. 

Its one of the most excellent features is the expanse of the pads. They have a larger ground surface compared to other pads on this list. This is useful if you have large vans such as trucks and trailers. 

It’s another pad to give you something less to worry about, especially the slippage. These slabs are with interlocking structures that give a better and tight grip.

And with that, you do not need to worry about making large, shaking movements inside your mobile home. This is especially so when these slabs are securely fitted on your hoisters.

Thanks to its larger area, too, it will prevent your hoister from diving into the soft soil. With its strategic structure, it is excellently fitting to any ground area. 

This brand comes with caps, which is a valuable part of it should you desire to make a completely flat area on the top of the leveler. It seems that this brand has everything covered. 

It is not a bad choice of a brand to pick for your mobile home. It best works for securing vans and campers for a more enjoyable camping event.

Why Should You Buy This?
Some users have found these blocks a little bit fragile after some time or when used regularly. Although you can buy this in a pack, it still might pose a problem afterward. Another thing is that the interlocking feature of this brand can slip out if not properly fitted.

12. Camco 44505 Blocks – 10 pack


  • Durable, lightweight specifications
  • The interlocking design prevents slipping
  • Solid bottom resists immersing into the ground
  • The bright yellow color is highly visible
  • Zippered storage bag included
  • Resin is UV stabilized


  • The interlocks have slipping concerns
  • Lastingness issNot good for gravels
  • Lastingness issues

Camco’s 44505 slabs have ten pieces per stack that will safely help you attain a certain elevation you want for your mobile home.

It is designed strategically to prevent the slabs from immersing in the soft ground. It is worth noting that this merch can be used in double wheels, single wheels, tandem axles, tongue hoisters, hydraulic hoisters, stabilizer hoisters, and 5th wheel hoisters.

Its multi-use will surely appeal to you, especially if you have the tools mentioned above. You would not be bothered to look, which can work well with these tools if you have this brand. This brand has a durable assembly with a solid bottom to better its stabilizing capacity.

It is assembled with a patented design, optimizing both of its strengths to carry mass. Its resin is UV stabilized and is built to last after exposure to the extreme heat of sunlight for a longer time.

Why Should You Buy This?
You will love its bright, sunny color, which helps you spot them easily and not leave them behind when packing up. It is easy to clean up, too. You have to hose it up with water to remove the dirt in it. It also comes with a zip bag for tidy storage.

13. Camco Large 44541 RV Stabilizer Jack Pads


  • Helps stop hoisters from settling into soft ground
  • Interlocking pattern and convenient storage strap for easy keeping
  • Built-in handle for ease of use
  • 14″ x 12″ x.88″
  • Set of 2


  • Surface area is a bit small

Another of Camco’s takes on equating pads, Camco Large 44541. These slabs are another proof why Camco is an unbeatable force in the market with its useful traits.

Its assembly of interlocking design is a thing to admire, for it offers excellent efficiency when it comes to usage and stackability. This makes adjusting the height of the mobile home a mundane task to do and requires little effort.

If you are looking for a pad that has a built-in handle, this merch has it, too. Its handle makes it more convenient to move these chunks around and pull it out under your engine.

Another attractive characteristic of this brand is its strength to hold the load without cracking, in contrast to the other units we have on this list. You can be sure that it will last for a longer time and not have to buy a different one from time to time.

That is made possible by the rib design to optimize its strength. That is what is remarkable with all of Camco’s products. They design their brand for long-lasting use. Aside from its strength, Camco ensures that most of its brands serve multipurpose.

The brand’s adaptability to any weather and ground area condition will amaze you. Another trait that would make you happy is its compatibility to 5th wheeler, stack hoisters, tongues hoisters, and many other tools.

With its affordability, this brand is a sure steal. This could be the best choice for beginners in the field of flattening out process tools. It sure is a great bargain.

Why Should You Buy This?
The only thing that many shoppers find a little bit disagreeable about this model is its size. They find it a bit small. So the smartest thing you can do is check its size first before you put it in the cart so you would not waste your money by finding it does not fit your hoister.

14. Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads


  • Designed with a strengthened honeycomb structure to limit fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers, hoisters from immersing into soft terrain 
  • Convenient integrated handle and stackable design for easy storage
  • Assembled with UV stabilized resin to last even through long periods of sun exposure
  • Comes in 4-pack


  • Assembly might be a little thin for some heavy-duty application

Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads made it in this list due to its many useful features. One of those features is its honeycomb structure that ensures your engine will not sink into the terrain.  

Its many uses include compatibility with 5th wheel stabilizers and swing down stabilizers as well. These types of slabs are what shoppers find very useful in the recent mobile home craze. 

One of the many useful features of these types of pads is its integrated handle. This promotes convenience, especially when you often camp or move around.

Handles will make your life easier. Another thing is its stackable design. This feature will surely make adjusting the height of your home van extra easier. Both these traits make the usage and storage processes a breeze.

You might find it in your amazement that these models have a UV-stabilized resin in its assembly. This will keep these slabs from fraying and the color fading, even with prolonged exposure to the sun rays. 

As an outcome, you will be at peace that these slabs will remain good as new after years of use. Compared to other models in this list, this unit has an ample area of 11 inches that will provide more stability to your hoister. 

With this trait, the chances of slippage are prevented. What’s more lovely is that it is being sold in a pack so that you would be bagging four pieces for the low-cost price, and that is a huge steal.

It comes with a 4-pack piece and will certainly suit your desired mobile home lift. Their specification of this unit even has a feature to optimize your engine’s strength. 

If you are wondering about its mass, especially when it’s coming in 4 piece slabs, then you do not need to worry because it is lightweight, which again offers another convenience in your part.

Why Should You Buy This?
In some buyers’ reviews, the concern is more about its design, which they find a little bit thin for certain applications and mobile home mass. So if you are looking for much thicker pads, we suggest you look around more in our list of pads.

15. Technoflex TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad


  • Applicable to various trailers
  • Come with anti-vibration
  • UV protected
  • Mold and moisture resistant
  • Parasites resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy storage
  • Assembled entirely in rubber recycled elements


  • High-priced

The TF001-11X14-HP Hush Pad is another brand that is made from recycled rubber, which is a huge point for somebody who takes the health of the environment seriously. But it is not the most important trait of this brand.

These pads are a bomb when it comes to durability and strength. With its UV-stabilized resin, you won’t have to worry about the long exposure to the sun. So you can expect to have it for a long time. 

Sun exposure will not cause immediate damage, such as fraying and discoloration. Another excellent feature of this product is that it is resistant to molds and moisture, often the case in places apt to wet weather and misty grass. 

Amazingly, it is resistant to parasites, the other insects that would cause structural damage. This is the first brand on this list to have this kind of trait in Jack Pads.

By far, this brand is weatherproof, parasites-proof, and is UV protected. This is a great brand for those who are looking for such quality equating slabs. 

Besides having multi-protection, this brand, similar to most products on this list, can reduce vibration in the installation process.

With that, you can freely move inside your mobile home without the fear of making your home trailer sway and shake. It is worth noting that it also won’t give you any problem when you want to tuck it away. 

Because its lightweight assembly ensures that transporting it will not be a task to exert too much effort at, but wait, there’s more to this product that you might find extremely appealing. It provides a 5-year warranty period.

It concludes that this merchandise is insured in case something happens to these slabs within that period.  So you see, it’s five years of worry-free with this unit.

Will you love this product even more if we say it has a top-notch costumer’s service? Because it does according to most of the shoppers’ review section, the manufacturer is highly responsive, especially with the concern in warranty.

The last thing we want to mention is that this unit will not wear you out in cleaning it off. Because with this merchandise, dirt will not stick too much, so you can hose it off with water and brush off the dirt.

Why Should You Buy This?
The only obstacle we see with this kind of leading tier brand is that it comes with a high price. But if you are willing to buy this kind of caliber block, you might not have to buy another block for years to come in a way it is still saving up some cash.

16. Buyers Products OP18X18R Pad


  • Applicable to various trailers
  • Assembled of 2″ solid rubber
  • Build-in handle
  • Textured Surface Area
  • Suitable for concrete, paved area, and off-road use


  • Might not be suitable on gravel

If you are looking around for a  flattening out process for your engine and want to find a great product that will surely do the job, you might want to give this Buyers Products OP18X18R a second look. 

Because when it comes to usability and ease of usage, it is one of the top-notch brands. Similar to those products we have in this list, this has an integrated handle. 

Crawling under your engine will never be when you have this block anymore because it is designed for easy installation. All you have to do is put it underneath your hoister, which will take you for about a few minutes.

We all know it that not every camping terrain has an even flat area. 

That is why this block comes in handy in solving this kind of dilemma that most mobile homeowners encounter. With this tool, you will not have to worry if you parked on uneven terrain.

Its strength and durable assembly of pure rubber is 2 inches thick and will suffice with the load and mass of your engine. As it is manufactured with rubber elements, you will expect much stability and grip for your mobile home. 

This concludes no slippage will ever occur. Imagine having this on your tools collection, and it will surely make your mobile home last without so much distress added to it in terms of hoister mishaps because of this rubber pad. 

It can carry the heaviest mass and pressure of a home trailer without so much of a fuss. And because of the powerful grip, there should be no fear when you want to move or run around inside of your motorhome because this pad will make sure that the vibration and swaying are reduced to zero.

Another knock out info about this brand is that it does not cost much. Its affordability will surely entice you to take this for your engine.

Why Should You Buy This?
The drawback of this unit is that it might not be suitable for more graveled areas than the other units. However, all the characteristics that this brand unit possessed are enough for you to take a piece for your regular use or spare.

17. Level Trek LT80050 Jack Pad


  • Caliber examined and certified, assembled in the USA
  • Can help limit hoister from immersing into mushy terrain 
  • Prevents engine accident
  • Effortless to use, two-pack set
  • Adaptable for use with a wide variety of hoisters


  • Might crack if put under a massive truck or  mobile home

If you have been looking around for an excellent equating pad, you might have already encountered this brand. Level Trek is a few of the most robust and powerful slabs in the market.

It is assembled with solid synthetic elements that ensure great efficiency. Most of the camping terrains are uneven. That is always the dilemma of most home trailer owners.

 It is their major nuisance when camping out. However, because hoister pads were born, this dilemma has already been solved. In saying that, Travel Trek is a few of those slabs that will give you more stability in an uneven area.

Keep this on your tools to make your camping a luxurious experience. Especially when you park on muddy or soft terrain, this block could come in handy.  This brand will prevent your hoister from immersing into the mud

Another admirable trait of this block is that it is easy to store away because it can easily be stacked. That concludes that adding height to your trailer won’t be a problem. 

As stated above, this block is made up of durable elements that will result in its lasting usage. This brand is assembled to last for years. It can stand the harshest of weather and the different area conditions. 

It might not be suitable for gravel areas, but it can stand the rest of the terrain types. It is agreeable with a wide variety of hoisters, adding to its many useful features and versatility. 

The wide expanse area of this block might appeal to you because it can be used in various types of hoisters and tires.

Why Should You Buy This?
On the flip side, this merchandise might crack if put under a huge mobile home. But then, it is an excellent choice for recreational vehicle proprietors looking for a robust and heavy-duty Jack Pad.

18. Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads and Leveling Jack Block Wheel Chocks Bundle


  • Four interlocking slabs stack to the desired height for safe and easy even out the ground surface area
  • Strong and durable assembly
  • Solid bottom to help keep them from sinking in soft terrain 
  • Includes zippered storage bag with handle
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Solid bottom so they won’t sink into the terrain


  • The elements might be a little flimsy for some heavy application
  • Slippage concerns in wet terrain or snow 

Another Camco product, but this time it comes in bundles! In this bundle, there are four interlocking stackable blocks, which the Camco 44501 RV 4-Pack will make flattening out, an easy task. 

With its stackable features providing a tight grip and easy-peasy installation process, your camping experience will be highly enjoyable.

With its robust and durable elements, you will not have to worry about what to put under your engine to carry your recreational vehicle’s load with a solid bottom. 

Its interlocking design will make sure your hoister will not sink in the soft soil, too. It is compatible with single wheels, hydraulic, swing, double wheels, stabilizer, 5th wheel, tandem axles, and tongues. 

Stack it to your desired height. It is engineered with a patented design to optimize both mass and strength. Its resin is UV stabilized and is fashioned to last even with the long sun exposure. 

It measures 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches. On the other hand, Camco’s  Mobile Home Stabilizer serves the same purpose, although fashioned with a different design. Its integrated handles make it excellently and conveniently portable and easy to carry around. 

Its rib structure is designed to optimize its strength and durability. Make sure you use the flat side down to avoid slippage. Its resin is UV stabilized, as well. This brand is coming at four-packs, too.

The last piece in the bundle is the Camco 44401 Block Wheel Chock, Pack of 2. You can say that this bundle can knock your socks off for all the beautiful pieces combined for a low price.

The purpose of these slabs is to center the wheels and stabilize it extra easy for the camper owners. It is also good to perceive that it helps eliminate dangerous wheel movement. 

This applies when you are especially in a sloped area or uneven terrain.

It can be used with larger vehicle wheels such as RVs, trucks, and trailers. However, you can only pair it with Camco’s equating slabs. 

So, all in all, you have a tire blocker, two kinds of equating slabs to choose from with whatever applications you need it to, and if you are worried about how to store them away, worry not because they come in with a zip bag.

Why Should You Buy This?
Although it’s a great bundle of joy for most of the camper owners, the elements are a bit flimsy for heavy applications. It might be because it can only work efficiently in some terrain areas. Otherwise, this bundle is a steal deal.

19. Origen RV SnapPad Permanent Leveling Jack Pad


  • SnapPad boosts stability in 3 ways: a bigger footprint, more shaking dampening, and by adapting to uneven terrain such as gravel.
  • Assembled in the USA from old recycled tires
  • SnapPads are engineered to be immune to UV exposure, heat, water, tar, oil, mud, and other environmental hazards. It protects your metal landing feet from damage


  • Some shoppers have a concern in their durability

Our next brand unit is SnapPad’s, which provides various useful features that will make your camping life more enjoyable. Probably the most amazing feature it possesses is its easy installation process.

Its installation process does not take too much time, and that should lift off some of the burdens from the camper owner, which usually occurs whenever they use woods for the DIY leveling system. 

If you hate crawling underneath to install an equating block, then this brand is for you. For a few minutes, you could easily adjust your desired lift for your motorhome. 

And that is saying you do not need to waste so much time by just putting a block under your leveling hoister. This will appeal to a camper owner who has been doing DIY for a long time.

Another amazing trait of this brand is its weatherproof features. This should mean that high wind or water, and it will still deliver an amazing job. 

Strong wind won’t sway your mobile home and cause dangerous slippage, even when the terrain is wet with water or snow, slippage is eliminated.

With its recycled tire crumbs, it will fit snuggly with your hoister. We can easily assume that it will be a stick in the terrain, may it be gravel or not forever with its anti-slip feature. 

It is made from recycled old tire crumbs, so if you are big on promoting environmental health, this is for you.

SnapPad will protect your metal hoister from environmental hazards, such as dirt, oil, mud, water, and dust. 

It is well-fashioned to last in these hazardous elements brought by the environment. This brand is great in minimizing or reducing your engine’s shaking when you are moving inside it.

Why Should You Buy This?
This block will be extremely useful, especially if you often camp on rough terrain with uneven areas. However, there’s an issue that most of the buyers commented on in the review section. And that is the durability of this brand. It might be just all about the right application. Well, you have to see that for yourself.

20. Prothane 19-1405 Red Jack Pad


  • Precision fabrication assures perfect fit
  • Holds super grease for quiet operation
  • Premium grade polyurethane element
  • Provides necessary rigidity


  • Some shoppers have a concern in its durability

Prothane 19-1405 is a simple 5 inches thick Jack Pad that could serve many applications and is compatible with many tools. Its design ensures that it is a perfect and precise fit for different types of hoister.

It is assembled with premium tier elements of polyurethane elements that should last for many years of use. Each of these slabs holds super grease.  

It could be used as a tire blocker efficiently, so if you need a block for that application, you can buy this highly low-cost block.

Why Should You Buy This?
This brand is highly durable in its earlier batch, but some customers have found the current slabs lacking in durability. However, if you are seeking a quick fix and second block immediately, this is a great go-to brand.

21. TruePower Stabilizer Jack Pad


  • Helps prevent hoisters and stabilizers from sinking into soft terrain
  • Can be used on uneven surface areas  such as gravel, tree roots, etc
  • Compatible with Camco stabilizer hoisters and synthetic Jack Pad, pad area is 14.5″ x 12.”
  • Integrated handle for ease of use, included strap for storage.
  • Assembled of recycled materials, UV resistant and weatherproof


  • There is no noticeable downside so far

The True Power pad is an efficient flattening out process if you happen to look for one. This made sure entirely thanks to its strings of amazing features that will help the owner navigate pretty easily in the field of lifting an RV.

These slabs are both UV protected and weatherproof, and that should make this unit last for years because the sun will not damage it even after extensive exposure to the sunlight, it will not be discolored easily.

It will survive through any weather. May it is a robust wind or a heavy downpour of rain, and snow will not hurt this brand; it will power through. 

These slabs are capable of excellently working in uneven terrains, such as gravels or areas with tree roots.

As an outcome, you will not have to worry about parking in the forest or rough and rocky areas if you have these slabs in your tool kit. Another good feature of this is its integrated handle. 

We are sure most shoppers have this feature as the premium priority in their tick list. This now ensures that you won’t have to problematize how you will move this around like you are just carrying a basket. 

It’s coming with a strap too, so storing it away is as tidy as you want it to be. The installation process is not bad, either. The manufacturer ensured there is a proper guide to coach you on how to install this. 

That is another way to make your life easier with these blocks. No more crawling underneath your engine anymore because this merchandise will not require you to position yourself under your trailer.

Another amazing thing about this brand is its price. If you are looking around for an outstanding piece and yet are budget-friendly, this is the unit you want. Plus, it does not even have too many flaws stated in the customers’ review section.

Why Should You Buy This?
If you are starting on buying slabs for your hoister, this is a good initial investment that will surely last with you for years. Not bad for a beginner’s starting kit.

22. Camco 44543 Large Stabilizer Jack Pad with Handle


  • The installed handle gives an extra 13″ to reach
  • Helps prevent hoisters from sinking into mushy terrain
  • Interlocking pattern and handy storage band for easy storage
  • Dimensions 14″ x 12″ x 1″
  • Set of 2


  • May have some durability issue

Camco’s 44953 stabilizer comes in a combination of four slabs per box. That is another of the good things in this unit. Another feature is its placement handle that gives an extra reach of 13 inches. 

The incorporated handle’s purpose is to make placing and pulling an easy task for the camper owners.

Also, to make it more portable as it already is. This brand is compatible with many hoisters, such as the 5th wheel, stack, swing down, and awning arms. The design will keep them from sinking into the soft terrain.

It is easy to install, too, with its strategically designed handle, there is no need to crawl underneath your engine. Pull and put it using the placement handle, and you’d be finished in a minute.

It is engineered with a patented design to ensure and boost both of its strength and mass to hold maximum pressure and heavy RV loads. This brand will hold all that pressure without cracking up.

Use the flat side down to avoid slipping. Its rib design is assembled to interlock with the hoister and make a tight grip hold to prevent slippage and unnecessary vibrations. You will love how affordable it is, too.

Why Should You Buy This?
Although this looks sturdy and all, we are afraid that when you install it inappropriate;y it will snap in two. So, make sure you are doing a proper installation. It is lovely to know that its customer care is easy to reach out to replace your purchase if something similar arises.

23. Andersen Camper Leveler Tuff Slabs 3606


  • Applicable to various vehicles
  • Comes with anti-vibration
  • UV protected
  • Mold and moisture resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Premium storability


  • A bit pricey

Andersen Hitches Camper Leveler slabs are a few of those brands that offer a premium-tier caliber. It has surpassed the caliber and multipurpose game, all thanks to its amazing features.

Another of the fantastic traits is its capacity to brush grease, oil, and any dirt. This is bliss for somebody who is not fond of cleaning very much. Because it will not take a lifetime to wash it down properly off of the dirt, it got from the terrain.

You might find calmness knowing that this brand is assembled in the US. It concludes it went through some strict testing and quality control examinations before it is released. In this view, you can be assured that this brand unit is not substandard.

It can also deliver an excellent job on rough areas and rocky terrains or even terrains covered with tree roots. It can still deliver great stability to your trailer. And that is what appeals to most camper owners.

Though assembled in synthetic material, its durability and strength will not disappoint you. Its affordability is another thing that will surprise you and its five-year warranty, granting its premium-notch caliber.

Why Should You Buy This?
Many positive reviews for this brand are all about its durability, but some feedback says otherwise. So if you are eyeing this product, feel free to give it a try and see it yourself.

24. AP Products 47257 Super RV Jack Pad


  • Highly flexible leveler
  • Durable and robust,
  • Can hold up  to 40,000 psi (tested)
  • They prevent hoisters from sinking into dirt and gravel, prevent damage to asphalt areas
  • Lightweight 
  • With easy-grip handle for convenient storage
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • Might not be suitable on gravel

These are a few of those units that are compatible with various types of equating tools, such as stabilizing hoisters and even hydraulics.

It is a few of the most dynamic tools in the market. This unit is coming in 4 per pack to make lifting your motor home more manageable. With similar products in the market, this unit comes with an incorporated handle. That should make carrying it around easier.

It should make the flattening out process an easier task and storing it, as well. It will not make your RV messy and unclean. Some customers expressed their durability when used with their fifth wheels, travel van, and camper.

Another admirable trait is that each block is 14 inches high and ¾ inches thick and 10 inches wide, a suitable set of measurements. Because of their ideal surface width, they are efficient in pairing with other equating slabs, saying that they can make a good fit with most hoisters and wheels.

Why Should You Buy This?
On the flip side, this is like the other brands that might not be suitable for gravel surfaces. But overall, this block can make an excellent choice, especially when you are looking for long-term use chunks.

25. BAL 20031 Van Hoister Base Slabs


  • Works in different types of hoisters 
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight 
  • Sold per pack of 4


  • Might not be suitable in some hoisters

BAL’s 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad is an excellent option for anybody who plans to use either an electrical or manual hoister to support their RV. In these circumstances, this Jack Pad should give a nice firm foundation for your hoister.

These features will ensure your device doesn’t find itself sinking into delicate soil or rubbing against a hard surface like cement. Both these problems can produce an extensive amount of harm to your hoister and should be shunned at all costs.

Purchasing this Jack Pad would be an efficient way to evade these situations. I love that this merchandise features a metal design that has proven to be robust and long-lasting. It’s nothing worse than buying a brand and discovering that you have to purchase a different pad in a few weeks.

Thankfully, this problem doesn’t seem to be a dilemma with the BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad. It’s worth stating that this merchandise comes as a 2-pack as well. This presents a bit of convenience and should be a proper answer for many RV owners.

It also doesn’t hurt that this pattern happens to be lightweight compared to what a person might assume from an all-metal good. As a result, installing and collecting processes will require a lot less work than you might have expected.

BAL did a great job securing this brand and remained at a reasonable price as well. It might not be the lowest-priced piece on our list, but it flops somewhere in the middle. This position is fine when you contemplate on the excellent numerous features and results it provides.

Why Should You Buy This?
There was a small problem stated in the shopper reviews, which is not something we fancied seeing. It shows that some people felt BAL’s customer assistance wasn’t up to par. This problem isn’t a dilemma you’d anticipate from the best tier brand like this block. Honestly, it was slightly frustrating, and we suggest that you think carefully about whether it was deserving of the risk.

What Is The Purpose Of RV Jack Pad and Why Do You need it?

The purpose of Jack Pads is quite essential, for they ensure a smooth and incident-less flattening out process. Lifting your RV off the terrain can be very dangerous without a Jack Pad, so you see they are must-have tools to ensure safe lifting. 

Jack Pad’s job is to ensure that no accident occurs when you are smoothing the RV terrain and distributing the RV loads evenly.

While some people tend to DIY their way into leveling their RV, we do not encourage this due to possible accidents that may happen, not unless you are well-experienced in doing this, then, by all means, go ahead.

In the following segment, we will discuss why Jack Pads are the utmost important tools to go with your RV.

Smooth Install Process 

Buyers need to know how they can easily install a Jack Pad without so much fear of having their body parts smashed by the mass of the RV. A Jack Pad that will not let the buyer crawl under their mobile home often bags the plus point.

On this note, there are many available Hoister Slabs in the market with safe and easy to install features. Since crawling under tends to scare most of the camper owners, manufacturers ensured that these features are dependable. 

It is better to buy and have this tool in your RV every time you travel than to DIY your way to lift your RV. The flattening out process is no joke and could lead to serious accidents that will cause more bucks for repairs.

Hoister Slabs will make the flattening out process easy, hassle-free, and safer than stabilizing your camper with DIY slabs. This should be a good investment, especially if you spend months on camping sites.

These are a few of the purposes of having a Jack Pad. It will make the flattening out process more manageable and scare-free for you. Having this tool in your RV will make your camping a very much enjoyable event. 

Shield against hard weather and UV rays

As it is common knowledge, Hoister Slabs are put in all the worst places, may it be muddy terrain, scorching hot concrete, rocky, soft soil, or wetland. They faced the worst situation while carrying loads of your camper. 

Luckily enough, most of the manufactured Hoister Slabs nowadays use weatherproof and UV protected elements. By this, you can lay peacefully in your mobile home, and these slabs will still deliver the same excellent job. 

If you are worried if it can stand being dipped underwater, then worry no more. Some premium-notch slabs will stay attached on the terrain, not slip away, or float your mobile home. Now, this could be very good for boat owners.

If you love traveling in hot countries or cities, then lucky for you, these slabs are meant to withstand insanely hot temperatures.  Hoister Slabs comes with an interlocking design for a better grip when you place it under your engine. 

It helps to be stacked easily under your hoister, as well. Slabs are fashioned to carry heavy loads and insane pressure. And you happen to bag the best type of RV Jack Pad it would not budge with the mass it carries and breaks into the piece when under stress.

Low Costs

You will see many affordable labels in the market, but assembled with good elements can stand over time. This would fancy a lot of camper owners to buy, not just a piece, but few more.

It is better to have reserves that are troubling themselves to buy a different block when the leveler that they have broken into fragments. We suggest you buy a few, especially when the brand that you are eyeing is on sale. In this case, you will save up more.

These Hoister Slabs are not just a useful tool but powerful blocks. These levelers can be used with other flattening out processes, and that includes slabs and chunks. 

If you want your RV to have a solid foundation, Hoister Slabs are all you need because they are not just good at flattening out processes, but also help distribute the load evenly. 

If you want your jacks not to carry the loads all by itself and sinking in the terrain, slabs are your best ally. In return, your camper will be much safer and nicely stabilized in the area. 

So choose your ideal type of Hoister Slabs and add your other recreational vehicle tools.

What is the most dependable RV Jack Pad?

The key to knowing the best RV Hoister Slab is having a hold of its main objective. You see, these Hoister Slabs exist for a single reason to guarantee your mobile home’s flattening out process goes smoothly and without a problem.

As you can assume, this RV or mobile home Hoister Slabs have grown significantly since the flattening out process entails raising your engine off the spot. 

These commodities will secure this somewhat critical situation and do not become an utter tragedy by safely dispersing the load.

This activity results in these Hoister Slabs giving a level and firm foundation that will guarantee nothing becomes a security risk throughout the flattening out process. 

It is also worth seeing that some gear owners found victory in building their Hoister Slabs to assist during this process. Honestly, this decision is not something that we would recommend unless you have got expertise dealing with these slabs. 

There are just too numerous variables and possible issues that could transpire with handling your Hoister Slabs. These outcomes will then lead to terrible results and repairs being needed. 

It is just more comfortable to use RV Hoister Slabs designed from an esteemed company like the chunks in our merchandise review part. Plus, these choices will include heavy-duty elements that can endure your engine’s load.

As a result, these Hoister Slabs will produce a level of strength; a DIY Hoister Slab won’t match. These commodities will give a safer encounter than any alternative that a mobile home proprietor could perform themselves.

This safety happens to be rendered through these Hoister Slabs; securing your hoister does not come in contact with the surface. Due to this, problems such as settling into the terrain or becoming frayed down by rough surfaces should not be a dilemma.

It is also crucial we discuss that RV Hoister Slabs often include an interlocking design. These features make these products stackable and give them an easy working process. 

In most instances, the elements in these Jack Pads serve to be extremely robust as well. These durable, unyielding elements will ensure that the Hoister Slabs won’t have any problems catching up against great tension and pressure levels. 

In other words, these elements make them such a valuable brand when utilized in the leveling process. You should also note that most lead-tier RV Hoister Slabs will have a shield against water penetration, breaking, or splintering. 

These protections will have a huge influence on Jack Pad’s endurance and performance. Overall, it is obvious that Jack Pads are a valuable thing to have onboard your RV, provided this info. 

It is just another security level to ensure Hoisting up your engine goes off without any problem or obstacle occurring.

What are the Various Prototypes of the Top RV Jack Pads?

Since Jack Pads have become quite essential, there are many brands of it in different types and brands. Now, this might rise as a problem, especially if you are a beginner in this thing. 

Looking for a great mobile home, Jack Pads might become a stressful task to do.

To help you navigate with comfort, we will first help you understand this tool by knowing its various types. 

Lucky for you, there is not much distinct type of materials used in manufacturing slabs. On this note, the primary elements of these brands are commonly rubber composites or synthetic elements. 

With these elements used, buyers can determine which is better according to their RV needs. 

There are slabs designed of steel and more durable, but if you think of the loads it will add in your mobile home, it could be a deal-breaker. 

If you are not into plastic designed slabs, then you might favor having the rubber block. After a much better grip, a rubber Jack Pad might better appeal to you than the synthetic block. 

On the other side, synthetic Jack Slabs are not that bad either. They, too, offer great deals of sturdiness and durability. They are also cheaper compared to the other types of slabs. On the flip side, plastic is more apt to breakage when you put the wrong block under your camper’s loads. 

You can work your decision around these factors. These types of slabs should narrow down your list, thus helping you shorten your decision time.

Essential Things To Analyze When Buying these Slabs

When looking for RV leveling pads, you need to look at some factors to make your camping event stress-free and enjoyable. 

It also stops you from wasting your cash on some brand that will not give any satisfaction. In this section, we will give you an in-depth knowledge of the things you need to look at to help you choose the perfect leveling block for your van.


Slabs are all about carrying all the weight of your camper. The high amount of pressure could break a block if it is not robust enough to handle it. 

That is why your chosen block must offer premium tier durability; otherwise, it is a great recipe for disaster. 

In saying this, you want a leveling block that can handle the harshest weather conditions and grave elements of the surroundings, such as extended sun exposure, snow, wet terrain, downpour, etc. 

In short, you have to buy a block that is weatherproof and is UV protected. Another thing is that you need to get the block to handle the most intense pressure and load from your hoister. 

Blocks that won’t break when placed in any area like gravel and uneven terrain. To attain that, look for a block that is designed from premium elements. Material like resin will strengthen the design of this block. 

One thing that can get you to know a product’s performance well is reading through customers’ feedback.


Your budget will also be a major concern when you look for good caliber slabs. Every shopper wants to have an excellent caliber on par at a reasonable price.  It would be good to check latest prices on these sites first.

Your budget should direct the spending spree you are willing to make, so start from your budget; you can narrow down your choices. It would be helpful to check the latest prices in the market.

This now will set you to a whole new direction from all the various merchandises that flood the market.

However, your willingness to spend on a leveling block doesn’t compromise its caliber because then you have to buy a new slab, and that’s no way of saving cash, only wasting it. To check latest prices in the market would be the proper start.


Another task you’ll want to watch out for is the good’s dimensions. It’s a common rule of thumb that the broader the Hoister Slab, the more beneficial it is. A first-tier RV Jack Slab can embrace a larger stretch, which provides more security and decreases the chance of hoister ramming into the terrain.

It’ll hinder the jack from becoming damaged, such as flexing its foot as well. As a result, it would be suitable to have the biggest Hoister Slab that fits into your funds. But make sure the merchandise includes high-caliber elements.

Lower line RV Hoister Slab companies will often forgo the caliber of commodities to increase their products. This activity results in splitting becoming a common problem for the people that end up purchasing from these businesses.

Load Capacity

Some manufacturers will often display this information on their website. Knowing the mass and pressure that your home van will put on a leveling block will help you determine which brand you should choose.

Most of the premium-notch slabs can hold up a load capacity of 40, 000 pounds. Now, what you need to make sure of when looking for a block is its capacity to hold the mass of your RV because if the block is not able to bear the pressure, it will break in two. 

We are talking about wasting cash and time! We do not want that happening, so this factor is a must to take into recognition.


Some slabs are being sold in packs or bundles. In this case, it might cause the price to hike up, but some products that come in packs and bundles are on par with reasonable prices. The most number you’ll get in a pack is either by twos, fours, and tens.

While it could be enticing, you must focus on how many you need to buy. We suggest you buy in small quantities to try the durability and service of the brand first. And if it serves you well enough, buy-in as many as you want for spare.

It’s always good to buy some extra slabs for spare. You do not know when a good find will be available again once it becomes out of stock.


If you are lucky, you will get a good bargain with a warranty for a few years, which is rare nowadays. A warranty gives you confidence that the unit is reliable and designed with good elements to last through its years.

This is another key to know that the manufacturer is highly confident with the caliber of their produced units is the warranty they give. And it’s more wonderful if the customer service responds to these things or would reply to their clients’ queries and is reliable in giving our warranty to their customers. Suppose you find a manufacturer like this stick to that store.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

What is the best RV Jack Slab?

  • Camco

Any RV proprietors likely familiar with Camco provided their premium-tier status in various RV commodity markets. This standing comes from their drive to test the limits of the goods they produce and satisfy their clients’ needs.

This approach ends up devising innovative designs that provide their customers with a purchasing encounter, which leaves them satisfied with their shopping. And it’s the same with their Jack Pads. It’s quite uncommon when you see a negative evaluation of a Camco commodity.

  • Andersen Hitches

This firm has been exceeding in whatever market they’ve entered for over 50 years. Their execution within these demands has granted them a stellar rank, which comes from their expertise to be precise in every retailing event area.

Their designs include every base without generating problems or hassles. And their client service has always been premium-notch to the point you never hear about an Andersen Hitches goods coming late. It’s these aspects that make me have confidence in purchasing merchandise from this excellent company.

What is the highest weight limit of Jack Pads?

The solution to this question will differ depending on the goods. You can assume the higher class RV Hoister Slabs to have a supreme load or load limit of 40,000 pounds or beyond. This measure should give you enough load unmindful of your engine.

Make sure you have a grasp on your RV’s load before investing. It would be excellent to secure the RV Hoister Slab’s competence in handling your engine’s load. And do not forget to look at the load of the things inside your RV as well.

When is RV Jack Pad required?

These goods are needed to guarantee your RV Hoister doesn’t come into contact with the bumpy terrain when jacking up your RV. For example, let’s say you face a camp terrain with a rough area, and you’re troubled your hoister will be somewhat unsteady.

This problem is where an RV Hoister Slab comes into action and saves the celebration. These commodities offer security when you might discover yourself in an expanse where the terrain isn’t level or even. 

And using them will guarantee your hoister doesn’t become slandered by a concrete expanse or immersing into the soft terrain.

What are these Jack Pads made of?

In most instances, this merchandise will be assembled out of some rubber or plastic elements. Some might highlight a unique kind of resin for combined strength, but the overall essence is these RV Jacks Pads will either emphasize plastic or rubber elements.

And as you read above, deciding between these two will come down to your choice. Both types will give your RV Hoister balance during this method as their high-caliber Jack Pads are assembled from both these substances.

Where to buy?

Finding a place to buy RV Jack Pads shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, lots of sites and shops retail these valuable tools. But the solution to this whole process is selecting an excellent spot. We’d suggest starting your quest by scanning through Amazon.

Their site has both the biggest assortment and most economical prices among shops or websites marketing these commodities. It’s a rather unbeatable combo when you relate it to their competitors. It also doesn’t harm that they have the most comprehensive shopper review database.

But these advantages don’t mean your exploration should only include utilizing Amazon. We’d also suggest taking a gander at everything Camping World has to give. Their site normally has a good collection and competitive rates.

The costs will sometimes fall below Amazon’s latest prices when Camping World has a trade happening. It would make sense for all RV owners to associate costs between these two sites before reaching a final settlement. It would be good to check latest prices on these sites first.

This step will guarantee you don’t spend more than required for your favored RV Jack Pads. It’s just another method to make sure your purchasing encounter ends up being as practical as possible.

If you find these two choices rather unappealing, your regional Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart should have a substantial selection. You could even seek the nearest RV supply shop, which should have more than some Jack Pads in stock.

But these wares will feature much costlier prices than you’d find online. These circumstances are the norm these times as people fancy doing their shopping online rather than inside a local store.

Given all these alternatives, it’s quite plain that there’s a dealer who can meet everybody’s preferences and demands. You have to select a brand that captures your inclinations.

How many RV Jack Pads do I need for my RV?

This issue doesn’t have a particular solution because it’ll be different with every circumstance. But the great news is these goods often offer ensembles for every occasion. You see, it’s likely to buy Jack Pads per piece at a time or as a bundle deal.

These bundle deals turn to give anywhere between four and ten Jack Pads with an acquisition. Given this knowledge, it becomes apparent that the solution to this issue will bank on your sphere and inclinations.

Some might fancy going with the package deals of 4 or 10 at once. These choices give you a backup plan to guarantee you will continually have an additional Hoister Slab that can substitute a beaten block.

Plus, most of these commodities have interlocking patterns, presuming you can pile above each other to get a higher lift.


Since you’re now finished reading this information, the most reliable RV Jack Pads for your circumstance should be rather clear. Spotting them is just an uncomplicated subject of implementing what you’ve read in our article into your quest.

This step should make picking the excellent choice a breeze. And once you have these excellent Jack Pads, leveling your RV will never appear like a stressful job ever again. You can rather relish the security and other advantages your current Jack Pads offer.

But if you run into any more doubts or concerns, feel free to leave a comment down below. We’ll do our best to acknowledge you back as quickly as possible. We want to make sure this process settles with you being a satisfied patron.


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