Best RV Leveling Blocks (2020 Recommendations)

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People who look forward to getting the best RV leveling blocks usually encounter dilemmas during their search, and probably that’s the exact reason you’re reading this article right now. One can go crazy when shopping for levelers, especially when there is a lot of merchandise.

We spent our time researching what makes a product an excellent choice for enthusiasts such as yourself. Out of hundreds of products out there, we eliminated those that are mediocre and listed ONLY the best. Finding the cream of the crop wasn’t easy; we considered a lot of factors to be as objective as possible in selecting our choices.

We’ll tackle relevant levelers and items that could impact your final decision; these are important to consider before making your purchase. This way, it will help you save money and get the best out of it as well. All these features were carefully scrutinized 

Editor’s Choice: Top 3 Best RV Leveling Blocks

These three RV leveling blocks were found to provide the best benefit in their category. Each item is not ranked because they are equal in most aspects but excellent in some. The decision to include or remove an item from the list was complicated as this is a very competitive market; however, we found these three to have the most outstanding qualities that made it stand out.

Editor’s Choice for Affordability Editor’s Choice for Versatility Editor’s Choice for Durability
1. Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx Levelers 12. Camco 44505 Blocks – 10 pack 3. Beech Lane Leveler
Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx Levelers Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks Beech Lane Leveler
Amazingly provides a highly-reliable solution to your leveling needs, this tool comes at an affordable cost, and is able to carry up to 40,000 lbs, and has a ten-year warranty. Versatility is it’s bread and butter, it interlocks with each other and is UV stabilized. It has a lot of uses and can be modified at your own preference. Just be creative! Providing a durable solution to your leveling needs, this baby is made with Nylon Polymer and can hold up to 35,000 lbs. What’s amazing is it also has a lifetime warranty, you can pretty much use this for decades to come.

Editor’s Choice for Affordability: Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx Levelers

An excellent pick for people who want an effective but inexpensive leveler, Lynx’ leveling blocks can be used for all leveling scenarios and withstand up to 40,000 lbs. Despite its affordable price, this product is made to be durable and lasts a long time, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. Tri-Lynx provides a ten-year warranty, and all you need to do is register it on their website and contact support should they need to make a claim.

Editor’s Choice for Versatility: Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

This leveling block is very versatile; it can be used as a regular RV leveling block and be utilized as a stabilizer for other equipment such as hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, and tandem axles. Brightly colored yellow for improved visibility, this product can withstand sun damage as it is UV stabilized (protected against degradation caused by UV light). The manufacturer provides a zippered storage bag with each order to store and transport the product easily.

Editor’s Choice for Durability: Beech Lane Leveler

This product is built to last, and the manufacturer trusts the durability of this product so much they are offering a lifetime warranty for it. Each order includes two levelers, two chocks, and two grip mats (storage bag not included). It is made from the highest quality nylon polymer, making sure that the item does not snap in half while bearing the heaviness of your RV.

Quick Review: Product Comparison for RV Leveling Blocks

We consolidated all the best features that we can find for each item that we have on the list, and we spent our time checking all the aspects that an RV-dweller might find important such as durability, capacity, ease-of-use, Amazon reviews, and price. Here’s a sneak peek of what we have discovered.

Name Warranty Type of Leveler Pieces per Pack Price
Name 1. Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx LevelersTri-Lynx 00016
Warranty 10 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 10 Pieces
Name 2. Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling BlocksCamco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 10 Pieces
Name 3. Beech Lane LevelerBeech Lane Leveler
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 6 Pieces
Name 4. Andersen Hitches 3604Andersen Hitches 3604
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 1 Piece
Name 5. Quality Plastics Utility BlockQuality Plastics Utility Block
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 4 Pieces
Name 6. Camco 44425 RV Curved LevelerCamco 44425 RV Curved Leveler
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 2 Pieces
Name 7. BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire LevelerBAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Tire
Pieces per Pack 1 Piece
Name 8. Camp’N RV Leveling BlocksCamp’N RV Leveling Blocks
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 12 Pieces
Name 9. Camco 44515 Fasten Leveling BlocksCamco 44515 Fasten Leveling Blocks
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 10 Pieces
Name 10. Hopkins Towing Solutions Hopkins 08200 Leveling SystemHopkins Towing Solutions Hopkins 08200 Leveling System
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 8 Pieces
Name 11. Camco Drive On Super Tri-LevelerCamco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 1 piece
Name 12. OxGord RV RampsOxGord RV Ramps
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 2 Pieces
Name 13. Valterra Red A10-0918 Stackers LevelerValterra Red A10-0918 Stackers Leveler
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 10 pieces
Name 14. LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Leveling SystemLogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless
Leveling System
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Electronic System
Pieces per Pack 1 Piece
Name 15. Homeon WheelsHomeon Wheels RV Leveling Blocks
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 2 Pieces
Name 16. Bunkerwall Tandem Axle Leveler RampsBunkerwall Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 2 Pieces
Name 17. Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks 44501Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks 44501
Warranty Not Indicated
Type of Leveler Interlocking
Pieces per Pack 4 Pieces
Name 18. Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing RampTrailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Type of Leveler Ramp
Pieces per Pack 1 Piece

Our Top 18 Choices for the Best RV Leveling Blocks

1. Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx Levelers

Being our Editor’s Choice for Affordability, Lynx Levelers is definitely one of the most affordable items that we have on the list, and despite being cheap, the manufacturer surely doesn’t sacrifice quality. This item provides effective results as it is specially designed to be reliable and durable. Its design is one of the main aspects that are highlighted in most reviews made by verified customers.

Time has proven this item, as it seems that it lasts a long time without suffering from any damages. Another great feature is its simplicity, and it is very easy to use. All you need to do is stack them and place them.

As mentioned before, this item can withstand RVs that weigh up to 40,000 pounds, which should cover most RVs in today’s market. It just proves that no matter what vehicle you have Tri-Lynx is there to support you. This item comes in packs of 10, which provides a lot of room to work with.

The 10-year warranty provided by Tri-Lynx shows how much they trust in their merchandise. Overall, Lynx Levelers does a great job keeping your camping experience simple and wobble-free for a fraction of the price.


“I have an 8200 lb trailer and was worried about reviews saying that these camper levelers broke even with the smallest vehicle. They’ve held up well, and I have had no problems at all or breakage.”


“I don’t recommend this to vehicles which use jacks, they did work under the front tire just fine, no problems there. As I was raising my trailer, it caused the middle part to cave in, and to my horror, they broke. I tried contacting the manufacturer for a replacement or refund, so far I have not received any response.”


  • Affordable
  • Comes in packs of 10
  • Modular and interlocking
  • Withstands 40,000 lbs
  • 10-year warranty

2. Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

Our Editor’s Choice for Versatility, this leveling block, has proven useful in different situations. It is known to be effective in providing stability with single wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, and more. It is designed to be durable and is made up of only the highest-quality UV-treated materials, making it resistant to damage caused by exposure to the sun for extended periods.

In addition to that, they have a uniquely designed solid bottom, which prevents the blocks from sinking into the ground. This feature is something to look forward to, especially if you like camping out in unpaved, loose soiled parking spots. Each order comes with ten pieces of interlocking blocks and includes an easy-store bag for your convenience.

Camco 44505 is simple to use, and just in case you require assistance with setting it up, you can just contact customer service for a hassle-free walkthrough. As far as the pricing goes, we think that it is quite fair – with all the features that it provides, we’d say this is worth it.


“I like how it is light and durable. I didn’t have any issue with these leveling blocks, even though mine is a few years old they are still in perfect condition. Five-stars for me!.”


“Bought these seven months ago and just used them last month, they failed miserably. I tried putting them on the front tires of our motorhome, and it worked fine for the first few minutes, then I noticed that the bottom part was splitting  and being crushed!”


  • Versatile; can be used on different scenarios
  • UV treated, made to withstand long sun exposure
  • Comes in packs of 10, includes a zipper storage bag
  • Solid bottom prevents sinking into the ground
  • Great customer support

3. Beech Lane Leveler

This item on our list offers great durability and is built to last for years to come. Effective in a lot of situations and is proven to provide leveling solutions to RVs, trailers, campers, and trucks. It is designed to work with any dual axle trailers with tires that have a 32-inch diameter or lower.

Our Editor’s Top Pick for Durability, these camper levelers provide a reliable and long-lasting solution to your leveling dilemmas. It comes in a pack of a couple of levelers, grip mats, and chocks; it provides everything that you need, definitely a great starter pack for novice and veteran campers alike. Additionally, it offers an adjustment range of up to four inches, giving the user better control.

Its design might look simple, but it definitely will exceed your expectations in terms of versatility and durability. It is made with nylon polymer materials which are proven to be incredibly tough most customer reviews can’t stop praising the sheer durability of this equipment. Another amazing addition to all of these features is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty offer, which should cover any doubts that you may have with this leveler.


“I don’t know why I waited so long before purchasing this. This is so easy to use compared to other horrible blocks. We had our RV leveled in a matter of minutes. They are extremely heavy duty and backed with a lifetime warranty. Worth every penny!”


“Even with the rubber mat placed under, this thing was still sinking in loose sand. We ended up having to use a row of blocks below for sturdiness and to raise it high enough to be level. A little disappointed.”


  • Highly-durable
  • Versatile and can be used on most RVs
  • Made with Nylon Polymer materials; proven to be durable
  • Lifetime Warranty

4. Andersen Hitches 3604

Andersen Hitches 3604 is very intuitive compared to other camper levelers out there in the market. This ramp type leveler has a curved design and has an increased thickness, which allows you to quickly achieve the preferred height by just driving up to it. This unique design works as a stabilizer once in place, ensuring a wobble-free camping experience.

Utilizing Andersen Camper Leveler is a piece of cake, you can literally set it up in less than 5 minutes. First, you have to determine the desired adjustment height, slowly drive atop the block, and stop as soon as the desired height is reached. Probably the only downside in this procedure is you’ll have to ask another person to tell you when to hit the brakes once the desired height is achieved.

However, the Andersen Camper Leveler can only hold trailers with tires sizing up to 32 inches. And unfortunately, if your RVs tires are bigger than that, it won’t have a perfect fit as it leaves a space in the middle and could cause breakage because the pressure will be on the edges. Thankfully, Andersen Hitches offers a 3-year warranty to get them replaced if they do get damaged.


“I have been purchasing equipment by Andersens for years. This item has been a lifesaver; we’ve been planning on going on a road trip for years. Here we are at our 30th campsite, and it still works like a breeze. No damage, cracking, degradation whatsoever. I definitely recommend this to others.”


” I have trusted Andersen Hitches for a long time now, and I love how easy this item is to use; however, it cracked after the fourth time I used it. I am hoping to get it replaced as I am three weeks outside the return window.”


  • Intuitive, simple and easy
  • Acts as stabilizer
  • Can be used with tires with a 32-inch diameter or lower
  • Durable
  • 3-year warranty

5. Quality Plastics Utility Block

Hands down, this item is one of the priciest camper levelers that we have on the list. Despite that, it really lives up to its name in terms of durability and lifespan. In just a glance, you’ll know that this deserves to be part of the best RV leveling blocks listed in this article. These leveling blocks are made with really thick rubber, minus the smell, which is a plus.

It creates traction on the ground, which will prevent slippage, which we really love. Another amazing feature of this premium leveling block is it can take up any load no matter how heavy. Plus, it can work on any surface – meaning no matter where you park your RV, and you’ll be sure that you can use Quality Plastics Utility Block. It works by stacking them on top of each other like stairs, the same with interlocking variants.

The only downside to this premium item is that the groove on the top portion is a bit small compared to other interlocking tiles, with a bit of effort you should be able to lock it in place and keep it secure. Being made of rubber, you are entirely safe from any cracks or damage brought upon by heavy mass on top of it. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty as well.


“A solid choice for those who own heavier variants of RVs and Motorhomes. It is durable and doesn’t seem to bend under the load of my vehicle. It’s easy to put away as there is nylon pull rope on each block.”


“I like these despite being a bit expensive. However, after years of usage, the grooves that it uses to lock in place are almost flat and no longer stay in place. I am waiting to see if their lifetime warranty is real, as I am currently waiting for a response.”


  • Highly-durable
  • Works on most surfaces and prevents slippage
  • Made with rubber, prevents long term damage by weight
  • Can be stacked the same way you use interlocking blocks
  • Lifetime Warranty

6. Camco 44425 RV Curved Leveler

Another item from Camco, this curved ramp can take RV weight of up to 30,000 lbs and could be a great choice to solve any problems with keeping things level. Its design keeps them durable as it equally distributes mass on multiple areas of the plastic and promises a long lifespan.Not only that, but the honeycomb design also makes it useless plastic during manufacturing, making it light and cost-efficient.

Each order comes with a chock, which makes the leveling procedure more convenient. The chock included has non-skid rubber grips at the bottom, which helps prevent skidding during the whole procedure. Its maximum height can reach up to 4 inches; the idea is to provide you a tailor-fit experience since you have a lot of room to work with.

It provides all those features, and yet it’s one of the affordable blocks on the list; you may not believe it – but it is. Amazing, right?


“Very easy to use, it beats carrying around a pile of wood. Some say that it slides around or doesn’t stay in place. I felt that, but once you figure it out, it works perfectly.”


“It can be quite dangerous because the material that these are made of is quite slippery. It has no traction of its own. The chocks are good and lined rubber, but the ramp itself slides. I don’t like this at all!.”


  • Unique Design, distributes heaviness evenly
  • Made with light but durable plastic
  • Handles up to 30,000 lbs
  • Includes a Chock with Non-Skid Rubber Grips
  • Affordable

7. BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler

Designed for people who own lightweight RVs that have a single axle, this is an easier choice to use than regular RV leveling pads as there is no need to remove blocks or stack to make height adjustments. This item is made of stainless steel bars that are interlocking, and it has a large metal screw that adjusts the height. It is easy to use, and you can just practically lodge it against the tire you want to adjust, then use the provided ratchet and crank it up.

Though it functions as a jack, the manufacturers urge you to not use it like that; otherwise, you will end up damaging or deforming the threads on the screw itself. Most RVers first use a jack to raise their RV and then slide it into position before making height adjustments. It requires a bit of maintenance to a long lifespan, and you should apply grease or lubricating oil to prevent rusting and dislodge any foreign debris stuck inside.

If you have a smaller, lighter RV, then this is an excellent choice for you. It is important to note that this only works on small wheels with a 13 to 15-inch diameter. If you have a larger tire than that, then you might want to check other choices.


“It works wonders! I normally use the stackable blocks but find them hard to use, that’s why I opted for this. And it has been a lifesaver, I have a smaller RV, so it works perfectly! It might be a bit expensive at first, so bear in mind that it is an investment. I will definitely love this.”


“After I used it three times the gear has been totally stripped, I know that I did it correctly, but it still got damaged. I tried contacting the manufacturer but got no response despite sending them two messages. I don’t want other folks to encounter the same issue that I did.”


  • Unique type of camper leveler
  • Less hassle in setting it up compared to other variants
  • Easy to use
  • Great for Smaller RVs
  • Expensive but durable

8. Camp’N RV Leveling Blocks

Built to be tough, this item from Camp’N has a lot of features that would greatly benefit you as an RV owner. Durable and strong this item promises that you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon, it can handle the largest of RVs without any problems. The blocks are made with high-density material that allows dirt and water to pass through it.

Each order includes integrated ramps that allow for easy setup, the ramps themselves help keep the blocks in place and reduce skidding or sliding. It features carrying straps with sewn-in handles and buckles that will make them easier to store and move around. It comes in a pack of 12, which should cover most of your leveling necessities.

For 12 pieces a pack, this here is a bang for your buck as it is one of the most affordable levelers on our list. Some RVers have complained that it takes a bit of effort to put together and use effectively, which admittedly is a small downside to this very affordable item.


“I love how these stayed in place despite being on gravel. It holds up well and doesn’t slide, and it keeps our camping experience wobble-free. The ramps are definitely a bonus! Five-stars for me.”


“I tried to see if these blocks would be my final solution to my leveling dilemmas. They did work fine and were sturdy for the first few times; however, they eventually broke, and I was left with an unlevel RV for the duration of the trip. I won’t suggest this for people who travel a lot.”


  • Highly-durable
  • Made from High-Density material
  • Allows dirt and water to pass through
  • Includes integrated ramps and built-in handles and buckles
  • Affordable 

9. Camco 44515 Fasten Leveling Blocks

For those looking for the best RV leveling blocks, this next item from Camco deserves your attention. This variant provides you 10 of UV-stabilized blocks that promise a longer lifespan as it can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun. This feature is well sought out by novice and veteran campers alike. Suitable for travel in tropical places like Florida and other sunny states, it allows you to travel around without any hesitations freely.

This leveler is highly versatile as it can be used on RVs that sport both single and double wheels, tongue jacks, hydraulic jacks, etc. Lightweight but not flimsy, this is highly praised for its ease of use and durability. It keeps steady while being used as it interlocks with each other and keeps your RV stable and skid-free.

It boasts a carrying handle for easy transport and storing when you’re ready to hit the road. If you’re sick of the standard colors that most products offer, this variant provides you with several color options which we love. 


“These are great! Very versatile. The product is well-designed, and I’ve used this for years without any major issue. If you have an extra budget, I would suggest that you get two sets; this makes things a lot easier for leveling.”


“I bought a set years ago, and they were perfect; however, the new sets that I bought seemed to have lower quality. I am not sure if they switched manufacturers or what, but it’s not as durable as it used to be.”


  • UV-stabilized, able to withstand extended sun exposure
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Includes carrying handle for mobility and storage
  • Versatile and has High User Rating
  • Offered in different color variants

10. Hopkins Towing Solutions Hopkins 08200 Leveling System

Hopkins Towing Solutions Leveling System is an excellent choice for enthusiasts who are just starting up, each order includes a complete kit which will mostly cover your leveling necessities. Each order includes a wheel chock, a wheel dock, and a non-skid traction mat to keep your RV stable and halts skidding during the process. The addition of the non-slip traction mat is a great decision from Hopkins as it offers additional safety during the leveling process.

The included traction mat also works as a carrying strap to assure that storing and transporting the set is as easy as pie. It allows you to set up and pack up in a breeze quickly. We love that it is made with reinforced plastic and wood to provide optimal durability and lifespan

Another trait that made us decide to include this in the final cut is its affordability, its combination of low-cost and top-quality features is too much to ignore. In addition to that, Hopkins Towing Solution also provides a 1-year warranty promising a long-term relationship with this leveling system.

Did we also mention that this includes detailed instructions and a video on how to utilize it effectively?


“I used pressure treated wood in combination with the set; the results were astounding. The combination was nearly indestructible; I haven’t had any problems with the pieces breaking or anything of the sort. There was no skidding and no instability whatsoever. Love this.”


“Complicated to use. I tried every possible way to make this kit work as I was desperate to find a solution for my leveling dilemmas. This was not the answer to it, and the boards kept sliding out even with the non-skid mat. I hate to say it, but I will be looking for a different brand.”


  • Complete Kit
  • Non-skid traction mat doubles as a carrying strap
  • Made with reinforced plastic and wood
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty

11. Camco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler

Camco is on fire! Another great addition to their fleet of RV levelers is that this variant has a ramp style that is very easy to use. As compared to other options, this item can lift vehicles by five inches, and is an inch higher than other variants. This additional height will provide flexibility and accommodate more room for adjustment.

It includes a non-skid surface, ensuring that the whole leveling process is hassle-free as it keeps the RV steady once the process is done. This will promise a stress-free camping experience for all. This includes a built-in handle that allows you to quickly grab it and store it when you’re ready to hit the road.

It is an excellent choice for RVers who have a smaller RV as it can take on up to 10,000 pounds. The only downside here is it limits the people who can consider it one of the best RV leveling blocks, as it is not appealing to owners who have larger rigs.


“Bought this before camping with our trailer, I suspected that the camp would not be level, and I hate blocks. It was very easy to use; all I had to do was: line up the trailer, check the level, backed up the ramp, and had a friend check it, and it was all good. Simply amazing!.”


“I used mine on my last trip, and I have a 23-foot Class B+ motorhome. These got deformed from the heaviness of my vehicle. I used them on the rear, and I did not expect that. I had to use scrap lumber as a leveler for the rest of my trip.”


  • Lift by five inches, an inch higher than others
  • Includes non-skid surface
  • Built-in handle for easy storage
  • Holds up to 10,000 pounds

12. OxGord RV Ramps

Praised for its ease of use, OxGord is a great choice for people who want a simple solution to their leveling problems. All you need to do is line up your RV, position it where you want to, place the ramp behind the tire, hit reverse, and stop once level. It’s that easy!

This ramp-style item can take up to 11,000 pounds for each axle, making it a suitable choice for RVers with smaller rigs. It is designed to be lightweight and has an appealing design, unlike some who are bulky and ugly. In addition to that, this item has a non-skid surface that prevents unwanted wobbling and slipping,

Each pack contains two ramps, which are a nice touch; two ramps are better than one! This provides you with various leveling options should you require to make additional adjustments. However, the manufacturer only provides one year of warranty, which is significantly less than what others provide. Regardless of how long as you use it properly and care for it, it should last for years to come.


“We used this last spring, and it was a 5-week tour. I found these levelers to be sturdy and easy to use. I am telling my friends to purchase this!”


“They cracked as soon as I used them. I don’t know if I got a damaged item from Amazon, but I’m currently waiting for a replacement as the warranty still covers it. I hope that it works fine by then.”


  • Easy to use
  • Can withstand 11,000 pounds each axle
  • Non-skid surface
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • 1-year warranty

13. Valterra Red A10-0918 Stackers Leveler

Uniquely designed to stack on top of each other easily, Valterra Red boasts over 16 grooves, which allows you to stack and lock it into place. It is made of thicker and heavier materials than others and boasts durability that will last for years. Each block has a molded handle that doubles as a passage to the ramp’s next level.

This leveling block can carry up to 40,000 pounds, which is suitable for large campers. It comes in a pack of 10 and can be purchased at a low cost. Considering the convenience that this can provide, we’d say that it is definitely worth your attention. Despite not having a storage bag, it compensates with a velcro string that helps you store these with ease.


“Used this last week, and our trailer was level in minutes. It is a bit pricier than the yellow variants, but it feels sturdier than them. Definitely worth the cost.”


“Don’t purchase this especially,  if you’re traveling to a park that has gravel, the pebbles get stuck in between the holes, and it is hard to get them off. I should’ve read  the reviews first before buying, what a waste.”


  • Stackable & interlocking
  • 16 grooves (versus the usual 4)
  • Can handle up to 40,000 pounds
  • Comes in a pack of 10

14. LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Leveling System

This item is not a ramp or a block, and it is an entire leveling system that helps you accurately determine if your RV is level or not. LevelMatePro is a high-tech solution that will precisely fix any leveling problems that you may have. This wireless system is so sensitive that it can even tell you which side of your RV needs to be adjusted, allowing you to process leveling with pinpoint accuracy.

It provides you data about the whole process through an app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. It connects via Bluetooth on your device, eliminating the necessity for manual measurements, which can be time-consuming. In addition to that, this system is capable of locating the perfect spot and may entirely eliminate using blocks or ramps.

However, this item has two massive issues: first is its cost, as it is easily the most expensive item we have on the list, of course, if you have the cash to spare, then you can consider this as your best RV leveler. The second one is, there might still be a need to use leveling blocks in cases where you’re camping in rough and sloped terrain. In this case, you can simply drive around to find the perfect spot and then place the blocks, check the app to see if it’s level, and make any necessary adjustments.


“Setup is easy and straightforward, I watched YouTube videos on how to optimize the device, and ever since then, camping was a breeze. I would suggest bringing a pack of blocks to augment these devices’ functions further. If you have the cash to spare, then buy this item.”


“Battery life is extremely short, and there is no easy way to power it off. I have to bring extra batteries just to make sure I’m covered.”


  • Highly Accurate, helps you find the perfect level spot to park in
  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet
  • High-rating from users
  • Eliminates Manual measurements

15. Homeon Wheels

Driving onto blocks can be quite difficult if you’re not used to it, so we’ve added HomeOn Wheels on our list. This item incorporates a ramp-like design, which makes it easier to drive onto. Each block is sloped and long, allowing you to mount onto them; it also includes small nubs that catch the tires and hold on to them securely.

It’s definitely an excellent choice for novice campers who are still inexperienced at leveling techniques, and we love how it is designed like a ramp; it makes things easier! Each ramp can lift the wheel to 4 inches and has a weight limit of up to 10,000 pounds per axle. In addition to that, each piece provides friction that prevents skidding and saving your rig from potential damage.

However, there is a downside to this wonderful ramp; some RVers said it doesn’t work well with tandem axles. Overall, this is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy, instant solution to their leveling requirements, provided that they have a compatible RV.


“I bought this because of the great reviews regarding ease-of-use. It did not fail my expectations; being a novice enthusiast, I was not used to using leveling blocks that are not designed like ramps. This provided me with what I wanted.”


“This didn’t provide what I expected it to. My RV has a tandem axle, and it is just too narrow than my front tire. It also doesn’t have a firm surface which makes me doubt it’s sturdiness when used. I returned this, please don’t waste your money.”


  • Ramp-like design
  • Handles up to 10,000 pounds
  • Small nubs secure the tire
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents Slipping

16. Bunkerwall Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps

Bunkerwall Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps provides a perfect solution for dual or triple axle RVs. This item is an all in one solution and could be your very own best RV leveler. It is made up of two parts that interlock with each other, just in case that your tires are close to each other, you can simply remove the higher block without cutting the ramps to make it fit.

This feature eliminates the possibility of compromising the integrity of the leveling block and assures that your RV is stable and level at all times. This ramp can raise your RV to four inches on the higher portion and three on the lower ones, making it very versatile.


“Worked great for leveling our camper side-to-side, I advise using a board underneath to prevent sinking on soft ground. I like how it comes apart, providing additional options for adjustments. I love this!.”


“They look nice, however, and I’m guessing they have not properly tested it before production as it got crushed when I used it. Take note that my RV is rated at 3080 pounds per axle. I don’t suggest this.”


  • Great for Dual or Triple Axle RVs
  • Interlocks with each other
  • Made with 2 Pieces
  • Raises RV by 4 inches

17. Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks 44501

If you’re looking for blocks that can handle dual wheels, you should consider getting this item as it is versatile and can be used in many situations. It is a great starter kit for people looking to start camping but want to save money. We chose this item as one of the best RV leveling blocks because of its heavy-duty construction.

With four pieces per order, you’re going to able to set up a maximum of two tires at two blocks each.  They are also colored yellow, which improves visibility when you’re backing upon them. A carrying bag with a handle is also provided with each order, which allows you to store them when packing up quickly.

The only downside that we’re seeing is the manufacturer’s lack of description; it doesn’t state how much weight these blocks can carry, which could cause some campers some concern. We advise checking out Amazon reviews and checking other people’s experience with this item.


“It is very solid and nice. These worked perfectly. I won’t have to worry if my trailer is not level as I can just set this up quickly. I love how they included storage bags, making it easier for me to set up and put away. Simply amazing!”


“Mine broke. I have a larger rig, and I thought that these might hold well. Unfortunately, after several uses, these blocks broke and couldn’t be used anymore. The manufacturer did not provide a maximum weight limit in the description, so I couldn’t properly gauge the weight it can bear. Sadly, I won’t suggest this to people with heavier RVs.”


  • Versatile
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Affordable

18. Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp

Our last item on the list isn’t actually a leveler; this is a tire changing ramp that can aid you during your travels. It makes sure that you can change your flat tire without experiencing any issues, and most RVers who purchased this claim that this tire changing ramp is super-easy to use. It is designed to be lightweight so that you can easily move it around from storage and back.

We included this because of its ability to handle up to 15,000 lbs of weight, which is an astounding feature that everyone should take advantage of. Another reason this ramp is here is that it has many uses, from changing tires to repairing axles, brakes, and wheels, and can also be used to augment your fleet of leveling blocks. You also have to consider the lifetime warranty that the manufacturer provides for this.


“This works well, and I was able to use it in multiple situations when my RV requires a bit of lifting. Very versatile and should be a standard item in your camping equipment. “


“Bought this for my fifth wheel. It didn’t work, and the manufacturer should clarify these details in the description so that they won’t dupe people into buying this. I contacted them, and they told me that it wouldn’t work on tandem axles with leaf spring suspensions. What a waste of time and money.”


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Has a weight limit of 15,000 lbs
  • Versatile; has many uses
  • Lifetime Warranty

Recommended Features to Look for When Purchasing RV Leveling Blocks

Finding the best RV leveling block comes down to a lot of factors, this portion will tackle these in detail to equip you with the knowledge to know what top tier leveling blocks provide us. It is important to know and understand this information to ensure that you purchase something that meets your needs and expectations.


Your RV weighs a lot, so you have to make sure that your purchase is strong enough to take the load and last a long time. Keeping your RV stable and level at all times depend on this characteristic dearly. We suggest grabbing a leveling block that is UV-treated and is manufactured with heavy-duty materials.

These will allow your leveling block to last a long time (which should be at least more than a few years) and prevent it from cracking or splitting when used. Cracks and splits will cause your RV to shift on its side and will affect anybody inside it. Purchasing a durable item will help reduce the risk of damage and be reliable at all times.

This also depends on the number of times you will be traveling inside your RV; seasonal campers can opt for less durable levelers than permanent RV-dwellers who travel and camp all year round.

Maximum Load Capacity

Most products provide the max weight capacity on their description; this will help you determine whether or not it suits your vehicle. This feature works hand in hand with durability as you can gauge how much weight the leveling block can bear, ensuring that the block does not break during usage. Having a grasp on this characteristic allows you to use the block without the fear of damaging your RV while camping.

To cite an example, an enthusiast who has an RV that weighs roughly 30,000 pounds should purchase blocks that can bear at least 30,000 pounds or more. We suggest overcompensating the capacity just in case that there are upgrades that you do in the future, further increasing the weight. Getting the right item that can support your RV’s weight ensures that it lasts for years.


We would suggest that you make sure that your chosen item has some kind of warranty that the manufacturer offers. This ensures that you have a safety net if there is some kind of malfunction or accident that happens during the warranty period. A longer warranty period also reflects a brand’s faith in its merch, and they are promising that this would work for a specific amount of years without fail.

It just doesn’t make sense that the manufacturer would promise 5 to 10 years of warranty if they know their item won’t last that long. However, do take note that you should read the details of the warranty itself as there are conditions that must be met for you to qualify for a claim.


We all want something that is easy and is convenient to use, and nobody can deny this. Anybody looking to buy products always prefer easy-to-use levelers instead of cheaper alternatives that are complicated to use. Any choice that you consider should provide a simple solution to leveling your RV without assistance from a second person.

Another point to consider is if the blocks can be cleaned, stored, and moved easily, some products include free storage bags, keep an eye out for those. Cleaning your blocks is another thing to consider as dirt and mud can accumulate and be quite messy to clean up and store.


Prices vary with each product, and you should first determine how much you’re willing to spend and if you’re open to spending more than what you planned for. The prices depend on the quality of material used to create the product, and naturally, heavy-duty items are more expensive than regular products. You also have to consider the product’s lifespan when choosing between an affordable product versus an expensive item.

Having a budget limit makes the process easier because it limits your choices and allows you to concentrate on the products within your spending range. However, if you do not like the options that you have within your original limit, you might want to consider spending more to expand your choices. In the long run, purchasing a pricier, heavy-duty product can save you more money than opting for a less expensive item that you might potentially replace when it breaks down.

Lastly, being in the latest cost trend should be one of your priorities, having the latest cost information will benefit you greatly and save you additional cash. Reading this article is definitely one of the first steps in ensuring that you’re up to date with the latest information.

Benefits of Using RV Leveling Blocks

Purchasing a set of leveling blocks will improve your camping experience in a lot of ways. We’ve listed down the possible benefits that you may reap when you decide to make a purchase. Here are some things to look forward to.

Smoother Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time camper or a veteran, everybody wants a better camping experience ALL the time. Leveling blocks provide all that, as you won’t have to look for rocks or chocks of wood to prevent your RV from rocking back and forth. This allows you to spend more time camping with your family instead of setting up the RV all day long.

Leveling blocks also ensures that each electronic appliance in your RV works as expected by keeping it level. Refrigerators, for example, won’t work properly if they’re tilted. Nobody wants to drink room-temperature beer, right?

Easy Setup

Most levelers provide easy and simple steps to set it up and should take no longer than a couple of minutes. This is certainly a time-saving feature that is important to every camper out there, I mean, who wants to spend hours setting up their camp? Not only that, but this also works as a fuel-saver as you won’t have to find a flat area to park your RV, you can instead park where you want and then use the leveling blocks on uneven, bumpy ground.


Most products in the market won’t be too expensive, most cost more or less, around $100. Most campers say that this is an acceptable amount of money to spend in order to fix a regular issue. Especially most camping areas or parks aren’t level, and most of them aren’t cemented or paved for your convenience.

Apart from this, house-trailer owners also find different uses for levelers. Some of them use it in the garage or even their driveways. Spending more or less $100 on these is definitely worth it.


These leveling blocks ensure that you won’t be guessing about the best spot for or how much height is required in one wheel for leveling purposes as it can be fully adjusted according to each person’s needs. In some cases, you can just add a block on one to two wheels to properly equalize the height and keep your RV securely balanced.


RV blocks also provide versatility as it can be used in a lot of situations that’ll  prove useful in improving your overall camping experience and make setting up easier.. These levelers can also be used to increase your RV’s height, for when you have to go down and under for repairs and improvements. You can add blocks to adjust the height of your rig on the other side and make the necessary repairs or installations.

Once finished, you can simply remove the blocks, store them, and you’re good to go!


Purchasing high-quality leveling blocks can cost a bit more than less expensive ones; however, if you are constantly on the road, consider this as your investment. Same with purchasing other equipment, purchasing levelers that have better quality ensures a longer lifespan. It will save you money in the long-run, keeping you from constantly purchasing replacement levelers if they become damaged.

How do you use RV Leveling Blocks?

Using these levelers aren’t complicated, and after a few tries, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Like a knife that needs to be sharpened, you have to do these practices to master it accordingly constantly. If you don’t know what to do yet, here are some basic steps to follow.

1. Finding the Perfect Spot

Veteran RVers who rent in the same trailer park annually won’t have any issues finding the perfect spot as most of them have enough experience to know where they want to park. If you’re a new camper, we advise checking out reviews on perfect camping spots from veteran campers.

Once you arrive at a location, we suggest temporarily parking at a designated spot first, then walking around to scout for a suitable place for you to park for the duration of the trip..

Take these two into account when finding the perfect spot.

  • Solar Panels – If you have solar panels installed on your vehicle, you have to take necessary measures to guarantee that your position is optimized, ensuring that the panels are facing the right position.
  • Satellite Dish – if you own a satellite dish for your television, you also need to be sure that you position your RV to prevent any obstructions like trees, walls, other vehicles, etc. These obstructions could block your satellite from receiving the signal. This practice makes certain that the signal is not intermittent and allows you to enjoy your football game without interruption.

2.  Use Jack to lift your vehicle

Once you’ve found the perfect spot and made the necessary adjustments for your solar panels and satellite dish, it is time to retrieve the jack from your RV and position it accordingly. Check the area to see if there are any inclines that you need to be aware of and take mental notes for additional adjustments.

Start raising the RV using the jack, once level, move the blocks into position. This step-by-step procedure is by far the most efficient, as the jack itself will do most of the lifting, problems only usually arise when you raise it one level too high, and things start to lean towards the other side.

3. Secure the Block into place

Follow the instructions listed on the block’s manual when securing them into place, and this will make certain that you don’t encounter any unforeseen issues. If you have a travel trailer or a 5th wheel, unhitch it as soon as the blocks are securely into place.

If you’re using an automated jack, you can do this without any assistance from another person. Once you’ve checked the leveling and the blocks are secure, then you’re good to go! Feel free to sit back, relax, and open up a cold beer in your wobble-free RV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build my own blocks?

Yes, building your blocks isn’t that complicated, and with a bit of effort, you definitely can. Do take note that using DIY blocks is much less effective than using manufactured blocks. However, if you are strapped for cash or don’t have time to wait for a shipment, this is the next best thing to use to level your RV.

How many leveling blocks do I need?

We advise purchasing as many blocks as needed to cover every wheel of your trailer. For example, an RV with four wheels should have the same number of leveling blocks, making sure that you have enough blocks to cover any situation. If you have extra cash, it is better to buy more, just to make sure.

What are leveling blocks made of?

These leveling blocks are usually made with some sort of plastic. If you check product descriptions in Amazon, you can usually see materials such as polyethylene, polymer, or resin listed there. You should know that these are all plastics of different mixes, and are made to provide excellent leveling results. Generally, we advise that you stay away from considering wooden leveling blocks as these are rather susceptible to problems like skidding, cracking, and instability and could also damage your tires.

Where can I buy the Best RV Leveling Blocks?

We suggest going through Amazon as they can offer a lot of information about a leveler and even provide verified reviews. You can also compare prices with different sellers to get the best price. The only downside on getting it online is you can’t inspect what’s being sent to you, and you’ll have to wait for it to be shipped to you.

Going to physical stores is another excellent choice; this way, you can physically inspect the item and check it for defects or damages. However, the downside here is it limits your options and depends on availability, and there might be a need to check different stores for price comparisons, which would eat up a lot of your time.

Overall this depends on your preferences if you’d rather check the products physically before buying then go to a store. If you want a lot of options and don’t mind ordering online, visit Amazon or the manufacturer’s website.


And so here ends our quest to find the Best RV leveling blocks out there in the market. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to determine which of the RV leveling blocks have convinced you to purchase them for your next camping trip. Each item on our list is a fantastic choice, and it’s just a matter of preference on your end to determine which item you’ll end up using.

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