Best RV Mattresses and Top Beddings for Camper (Latest Price)

Looking for the best RV mattress can be a challenging step to undertake alone. Whether it be obtaining the right size RV bunks for your needs, understanding the varied design elements, or even figuring out which cushion suits the type of sleeper you are (back, stomach, side, combo,).

Finding the best RV mattress can seem impossible or, at the very least, time-consuming. 

Living in an RV sure has its ups and downs, and there are things that we have to sacrifice since most of the things that we are used to having for convenience, like the appliances that we are used to, cannot fit into an RV. 

But comfortable sleep and a well-deserved nap hour do not have to be one of them.

As the saying goes, “great nights lead to great days,” that is why securing a cushion that offers and promises a better night’s sleep is truly essential.

If you’re worried about the things that we have stated above, worry no more cause we got you covered. 

We listed down the RV mattresses we could find and did a comprehensive review of each of them to make sure that we can address the questions and concerns you might have. 

Editor’s Choice

Best Overall

Available in short sizes, open-celled cushion allows better ventilation, fits most RV sizes.

Best Value

A cushion that remembers human form, green tea infused bunk jacquard cover

Premium Choice

The gel-infused cushion provides a refreshing effect, affordable, conforms to the body for maximum hold

These three leading choices will help you narrow down your search for bed covers.

Product Comparison Table

Best Overall
Serenia Sleep 8 Inch
Serenia Sleep 8 Inch

Materials Used: Open Celled Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty
20 years Warranty

Size: 72” x 80” x 8”
Price: Affordable

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Premium Choice
Dynasty Queen Mattress CoolBreeze
Dynasty Queen Mattress CoolBreeze

Materials Used: Gel Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty
20 years Limited Warranty

Size: 60” x 75” x 10”
Price: Affordable

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Best Value
Zinus Ultima Relief 8 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattresses
Zinus Ultima Relief 8 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattresses

Materials Used: Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty
10 years Limited Warranty

Size: 74” x 60” x 8”
Price: Affordable

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Zinus Ultima RVs  Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Cover Zinus Ultima RVs Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Cover

Materials Used: Quilted Fabric, Memory Foam,
Coil Spring hold

Durability: Heavy duty
10 years Limited Warranty

Size: 74” x 60” x 10”
Price: Affordable

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Zinus Ultima Queen Relief 10 inch Memory Foam Mattresses Zinus Ultima Queen Relief 10 inch Memory Foam Mattresses

Materials Used: Memory Foam,
Durability: Heavy duty
10 years Limited Warranty

Size: 74” x 60” x 10”
Price: Affordable

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Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12 Inch Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12 Inch

Materials Used: Gel Memory Foam
Heavy Duty, (Average), 30 years Limited Warranty

Size: 80” x 38” x 12
Price: Affordable

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Denver 326395 Queen Size RVs Supreme Euro RVs Top Queen Mattresses Denver 326395 Queen Size RVs Supreme Euro RVs Top Queen Mattresses

Materials Used: Plant Based Foam
Durability: Heavy duty

Size: 80” x 60” x 11”
Price: Affordable

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Best RVs Queen Price Mattress 6 inch Best RVs Queen Price Mattress 6 inch

Materials Used: Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty
10 years Limited Warranty

Size: 80” x 60” x 6”
Price: Affordable

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Dreamfoam Queen RVs Best Bedsheets Doze 9” Dreamfoam Queen RVs Best Bedsheets Doze 9”

Materials Used: Comfort Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty
10 years Warranty

Size: 74” x 60” x 9”
Price: Affordable

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Parklane Queen Mattresses the Explorer Rvs Parklane Queen Mattresses the Explorer Rvs

Materials Used: Pocketed Coil Inner Spring Mattress
Durability:Heavy Duty

Size: 34” x 74” x 9”
Price: Affordable

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Travel Happy RVs Narrow King Cool Best Sleep Foam Mattresses Travel Happy RVs Narrow King Cool Best Sleep Foam Mattresses

Materials Used: Graphite Memory Foam
Durability:Heavy Duty

Size: 72” x 80” x 10”
Price: Affordable

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Zinus Best Hybrid RV Mattresses Zinus Best Hybrid RV Mattresses

Materials Used: A full solid Foam, Viscolatex Foam and Steel Innerspring
Durability:Heavy Duty

Size: 74” x 60” x 8”
Price: Affordable

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Classic Queen Brands Cool Ventilated Mattresses Classic Queen Brands Cool Ventilated Mattresses

Materials Used: Gel Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 60” x 75” x 8”
Price: Affordable

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Every Night Economical Foam Mattress Every Night Economical Foam Mattress

Materials Used: Medium in solidity Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 75” x 28” x 5”
Price: Affordable

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Lucid Ge Best l Memory Foam Mattresses Lucid Ge Best l Memory Foam Mattresses

Materials Used: Gel Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 75” x 60” x 10”
Price: Affordable

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Plushbeds 8” Queen Late RV Mattresses Plushbeds 8” Queen Late RV Mattresses

Materials Used: Natural Latex
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 75” x 48” x 8”
Price: Expensive

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Plushbeds Best 8”  Memory Plushbeds Best 8” Memory

Materials Used: Gel Memory Foam 
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 75” x 48” x 8”
Price: Expensive

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Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam 6” Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam 6”

Materials Used: Green Tea Infused Gel Memory Foam
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 74” 60” x 6”
Price: Affordable

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Live and Sleep Queen Best Resort Classic Live and Sleep Queen Best Resort Classic

Materials Used: Air infused foam
Durability: Heavy Duty

Size: 75 x 60 x 10 
Price: A bit pricey

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Our 19 Best RV Mattresses

1. Serenia Sleep 8 Inches RV Mattresses


  • The firm bunk assures pain-free sleeping.
  • Size fits the majority of RV brands
  • Recommended for heavier users
  •  CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Available in various sizes


  • Cushion remembers your sleeping position, so the cushion needs to be flipped on the other side to level it out.
  • Thinner compared to most brands.

By far, this is the best RV mattress that brings home the bacon when it comes to customer satisfaction ratings.

The refreshing effect of the foam ensures that the heat when sleeping is dispersed properly and evenly across the RV bunk. Summer season is the best season for travel using an RV, making this the best RV mattress a suitable companion.

This cushion is a favorite among careful shoppers as it is produced mostly in the US and completely in North America. The medium-firm feel and euro-stitching style help to elevate this mattress to the upper tier. 

The open cell upper layer aids in breathability and temperature control while the other layers help to evenly best disperse weight. This, too, aids in dispersing the heat evenly throughout the RV bunk.

The memory cushion construction helps support hips and joints as they cradle these parts of the body when you are sleeping on it. This cushion conforms to the body, ensuring that the cushion offers the best night sleep but maximum hold. 

The Serenia Sleep Best RV Mattresses is known to be non-toxic and has received the accolade of being CertiPUR-US Certified. Shoppers can find this bunk in various sizes. 

Past buyers have discovered that the mattress has them sleeping soundly. The manufacturer provides a limited-time warranty.

Why should you buy this?
Breathability, relief, and lightness when traveling is this mattresses’ main selling point. Its size removes the worry that it might not fit inside your recreational vehicle, and what’s more to it is that it is a  CertiPUR-US Certified bunk made.

2. DynastyMattress Best Cool Breeze Top RV Mattresses


  • Maximum aid and pressure relief
  • Breathability 
  • 20 years limited warranty


  • A bit pricey

This bunk is one of the best RV mattresses that is made out of the firm and comforting material, guaranteeing a well deserved better night sleep after a long tiring day. 

The materials used for the construction of the product offer optimal aid as the four-layered assembly of the cushion spreads out the weight evenly amongst the beds.

You might be wondering how the refreshing gel fits into the mattresses; technically speaking, the refreshing beads are infused with the RV cushion. 

This lovely bunk makes the airflow more freely inside the bunk, which offers better ventilation. 

This foam sucks up and pulls away from the body temperature shortly from the person sleeping on the bunk.

So the heat is not stored into the cushion, causing you to sweat when sleeping but rather spreads out the temperature evenly. And for somebody like me who sweats like a runner when sleeping, this innovation helps me by a mile. 

Unlike the traditional cushion, the bunk does not retain heat. It does so by absorbing the body heat shortly and wicking it away for that best refreshing effect.

The cushion itself has been certified CertiPUR-US, which means it does not contain any allergens making it safe for people who have allergies to certain materials. 

Another plus factor is the luxurious and elegant looking bed cover that comes with the RV bunk. It is classy to look at, but it is as well washable as well, making sure that it can be reused a few times over before you have it replaced. 

This is a lifesaver, especially when spillage of food or drink occurs inside the RVs.

Why should you buy this?
RV lifestyle should feel almost like a home away from home, and if the budget is not much of a big deal for you, then this RV bunk is particularly recommended for you. A bit of luxury for a more comfortable RV lifestyle is nothing compared to the relief that you can feel by using this mattress. 

3. Zinus Relief Cushion 8 Inches Top RV Mattresses


  • Available in various sizes
  • Great quality of cushion used for construction
  • Affordability


  • Not everybody appreciates the infusion of natural oils into the cushion.

Comfort is what everyone is after when choosing the best RV mattress, relief that feels like a warm embrace after a tiring day.

And this is what this lovely Zinus cushion offers; comfortability like no other due to its custom made tea and charcoal-infused memory foam that offers a soothing and calming snooze. 

These two natured inspired infusions help in minimizing odors and keeps your RV bunk feel fresh to crash on. The cushion also follows your body’s curvature, offering maximum support every time, so you wake up feeling revitalized. 

The green tea infusion helps in odor reduction. It regulates the body temperature when sleeping, as it pulls away from the heat from the person dozing off for a guaranteed nap and wakes up feeling refreshed and not sticky all over because of the sweat.  

The bunk is expertly crafted between layers of RV cushion regulating airflow so that your body’s curve and joints are supported. 

These tiny air pockets form cylindrical structures that create ventilation inside the RV bunk. The first layer is a pressure-relieving foam which eliminates pressure points in the body. 

This aids the memory foam to contour and conforms to the natural curvature of the human body. What happens is that rather than your joints and bones feel their weight on any surface they are lying on, the foam lets you cushion your joints and joints as they sink into the mattress when sleeping.

This structure and layering and dimension of an RV cushion too makes it suitable for varied siesta positions and can accommodate and hold the average weighing sleepers without really compromising their sleeping sessions. 

These well thought of RV cushion layering promotes superior lumbar aid and proper spinal alignment.

You can truly enjoy the back aid and curve conforming qualities due to the varied cushions used for its construction, such as the base support cushion, pressure-relieving cushion, and the memory foam all sandwiched into a quality best RV mattress. 

All these cushion compositions address the varied needs of different sleepers without compromising one over the other.

Why should you buy this?
Another factor that will convince you to purchase this mattress is the use of varied types of RV cushion that offers maximum levels of aid and breathability. Not only that, but the natural oil infusion adds up to the calming and soothing snoozing experience. No wonder this specific mattress made it our prime picks.

4. Zinus Comfort 10” Pillow Top Queen RV Mattresses


  • Coil spring that helps instability and motion transfer reduction. 
  • Two-layered construction for superior hold
  • Firm and durable       
  • No harmful chemicals  


  • The bunk might be too firm.

This specific product of the company Zinus is a hybrid mattress: meaning it’s constructed from two varied materials to provide relief and stability when dozing off. The first layer is made up of a pressure-relieving cushion that aids in reducing pressure aches when dozing off. 

Pillow cover refers to the extra layer of padding on top of the mattress. This padding is usually sewn on the top layer making it an additional part of the cushion. What it does is that the extra layer of cushion adds relief. 

The padding can be made using polyurethane cushion, latex foam, or even cushion. So this is not just simply used to make the RV bunk look good, but it is also beneficial.  

The other element is the innerspring coil made of hundreds of independent coils that promotes stability by eliminating motion transfer so that a restful good night slumber can be guaranteed. 

The inner coils help maintain superior lumbar aid and spinal alignment while you snooze, which in turn promotes good posture. 

The pressure-relieving cushion is another factor as well to consider when eyeing for this RV cushion. The cushion presses and contours on the necessary pressure points and thus relieves the stress build upon those points.

As far as experience is concerned, it’s a bad waking up experience when starting the day feeling body aches because of pressure pains. 

The fiber quilted cover is another plus factor as it offers additional aid. The quilted fiber cover not only adds aesthetic elements for the mattresses as it provides additional cushioning and softness to the product. 

Another use of the quilted cover is to add another layer of density, which makes the RV bunk even more comfortable to hit the sack on.

Why should you buy this?
If you are looking for the best house trailer mattress that offers uninterrupted siesta, this brand is truly the best fit for you. The coil inside the RV’s bunk guarantees motion transfer, ensuring that your nap hour will be unhindered. This is a big factor as maintaining a good slumber while driving is mostly impossible to achieve.

5. Zinus Relief 10” Memory Foam RV Mattress


  • Quality cushion materials used for construction 
  • Not using harmful chemicals
  • Available in various sizes


  • The odor might be an issue for others.

Nothing beats a good crash after a long tiring day, especially if the cushion you’re lying on offers a cozy and restful experience. This mattress boasts of its natural oil-infused cushion that soothes your senses and slowly but surely prevents odor buildup on the bunk. 

It prides in its three-layered cushion construction which assures a restful nap and great support. First in line is its pressure-relieving cushion, and yes, from the word itself, it helps in relieving pressure when dozing off.

Another layer is the airflow enhancing support cushion that allows the air to move freely in between the cushion that provides better ventilation and breathability. This cushion consists of hundreds of tiny air pockets known as cellular structures, making it spongy. 

This is a factor to be considered if you sweat heavily while sleeping. Especially if you are planning to travel during the summer season, a well-ventilated mattress is heaven-sent. 

The last layer is a 5 inches solid base cushion that supports the two first layers and adds the needed stability to hold average weighing sleepers and a perfect design for people who sleep on their stomachs. 

Its quality cushion is not the only factor that this mattress is known for. The quilted fiber cover adds another layer of relief on top of all the good things that the best memory foam RV offers. 

The humps or embossed parts of the quilt offer an extra cushioning, which adds up to the relief factor.

Why should you buy this?
The comfortability and hold that this mattress boasts of is one of the biggest factors on why this is worth purchasing. And if the odor is not a big issue for you, the natural oil infusion is not just for olfactory experience as they have longer-lasting effects, such as preventing odor buildup.

6. DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12 Inch Queen RV Mattresses


  • The refreshing effect provided by the beads guarantees a relaxing bo-boes.
  • The multi-layered construction offers a comfortable experience and superior hold
  • Conforms to one’s body


  • The only downside that we  can see is that the price is a bit higher than the other cushions.

Another bed coming from Dynasty Mattress, but this bunk is a bit bigger, bordering on the King size category. This mattress boasts of its ability to provide a refreshing effect while you’re sleeping, which guarantees a restful snooze.

The cooling memory foam mattress offers the best night’s sleep every single chance that you doze off. The mattress provides a firm hold, optimum relief, and the refreshing gel-infused cushion regulates body temperature while dozing off, so a sweaty nightmare is far from reality. 

The mattress, too, comes with a silk cover, which provides a refreshing effect, better airflow and protection. The cover can also be removed and washed easily. So a spillage and stain on the cover is no longer a dilemma and can be remedied shortly. 

The 12-inch height of the mattress consists of four layers of cushion construction for optimal support. 

The first layer is the cushion. Second is the refreshing cushion that provides a refreshing effect when crashing and dissipates the heat throughout the bunk. 

The third layer is a full solid cushion that supports the whole bunk and holds the body weight. This layer of cushion is generally used as a base layer and not employed as a complete mattress because of its firmness.

And lastly, it is the refreshing gel beads that prevent the cushion from stockpiling the body heat that causes one to sweat while sleeping. What they do is pull away from the body heat that a person generates when snoozing off away from the person, which results in the refreshing effect. 

DynastyMattresses CoolBreeze Gel Foam is CertiPUR-US certified. That means the bunk contains no harmful substance included in its construction, so shoppers with existing conditions and allergies are safe from harm when using this house trailer mattress.

Why should you buy this?
The major hook that these beds provide is the refreshing effect brought about by the use of cooling gel beads. Cool and comfortable sleep experiences are things that we all desire, whether it be at home or on your home on wheels. The conforming properties of the memory foam, too, provide additional relief in hitting the sack.

7. Denver 326395 Queen Size RVs Supreme Euro Top Mattress


  • Euro top design that conforms to pressure points
  • Plant fiber cushion base for longevity and durability
  • The cover is stretch knitted for relief and breathability


  • The feeling of humps from the quilt
  • Heavier than other mattresses
  • Might be too

This cushion offers a high-quality foam core, and the euro quilt provides much-needed support, longevity, and, more importantly, relief. 

The quilted top is not just for show as the contoured and embossed parts of the cover offers additional aid for the whole body. They, too, provide additional cushioning, density, and relief.

In case you’re wondering what a Euro top quilt is, technically a pillow top, that extra layer of cushion on top of the RV bunk is typically sewn on top of it. This creates a gap between the bunk and the pillow top.

On the other hand, a euro top quilt has paddings shortly beneath the top layer, and they are supposed to cover the entire surface of the cushion. In doing so, this makes it look like the euro top quilt is a part of the RV bunk and not just an additional layer on top of the RV mattress. 

The core of the mattress is all made from a cushion, giving you the aid you need for a better and proper napping posture. 

An all cushion mattress is totally different from a spring bunk or memory foam mattress as it relies on the air trapped between the aerated composites of the cushion. This movement of air is what provides relief and support for the cushion. 

The cushion also possesses the high-density capacity and is made from natural plant fibers, which aids in increasing the brand’s longevity and the relief it can give. 

The use of plant fiber for cushion mattresses will help in reducing the unnecessary production of synthetic materials that cause harm to the environment.

Why should you buy this?
If you’re the type of person who loves to hit the sack while making sure that your joints are getting aid and relief, this is a better choice for you. The quilted cover also offers additional relief and an eye-catcher.

8. Best Price Queen Mattress 6 inch


  • No pressure point allowing for a deeper slumber
  • Body conforming
  • Ten years Warranty
  • Available in various sizes


  • Might be too soft, and one might get the feeling that you are sinking on it.

The Best Price Mattresses is an affordable alternative, as well as an advantageous asset to sleepers. This normal-firm mattress is known to relieve stressful pressure on the hips, torso, and shoulders. 

This plays a big role in ensuring that your siesta recharges your mind and, most likely, your body. 

The layers include the supportive bottom layer of a full solid foam that acts as the foundation of the whole mattress, the middle layer of “super soft” cushion, which creates the necessary cushion and the memory foam RV layer that conforms and contours to the body. 

The mattress, too, features a rich poly-terry cover. With its “no pressure point/deep sleep” design, folks sharing the mattress can sleep soundly as their partner tosses and turns.

This mattress provides the best napping surface. It is pretty firm in normal temperatures, but once you recline down, it absorbs the warmth of your body and conforms to your body’s contour. 

It then distributes the weight throughout the bed’s surface to relieve pressure points, helping you achieve a well-deserved slumber. 

The ventilation coming from the soft cushion allows the heat from your body not to be trapped into the mattress.

The mattress is formed in three layers: the first layer is a 1-inch memory foam RV, and the second layer is a 2-inch super-soft cushion. The last layer that provides overall hold is a 3-inch cushion. 

All in all, the foam is 6 inches in overall density. If you prefer hitting the sack on a mattress that lets you sink into it, this is the perfect fit. 

Why should you buy this?
Compared to the previous mattresses we have on the list, this one does not have any pressure points or for others, bulges, which promotes deeper slumber. The cushion also conforms to one’s body, making you feel that you are being hugged. The price is also one factor to bear in mind.

9. Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 9”


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides superior lumbar aid 
  • Affordable
  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • Regain shape shortly


  • Might be too firm for some

This best RV mattress boasts that it provides aid and extra relief where your body needs it the most. And for an RV mattress, having a relaxing and revitalizing sleep after long hours of driving is something to look forward to. And as far as its tagline is concerned, they were able to hit the nail on the head. 

Its mattresses consist of a two-layered construction for great aid and relief. The first layer is made up of half an inch of comfort foam that conforms to your body’s natural curvature. 

A relief foam is the most common type of foam that is being used for relief layers. Compared to memory foam, a comfort cushion is more resilient, allowing it to regain its shape shortly rather than a memory foam RV. 

The second layer is an inch of average firm relief cushion, delivering deeper compression and better support. The second layer is much firmer than the top layer in order for it to hold the bodyweight of sleepers.

This, too, creates a sort of varied cushion feel and does not sink and be swallowed up by the bunk when sleeping. 

The last layer is a 7.5” full solid convoluted base foam that builds that structural firmness while promoting breathability. This last layer, too, holds the dual-layer construction together. These all put together promote relief based on the needs of the shoppers. 

This RV mattress is backed up by a 10-year warranty that offers you the idea that the manufacturers are confident will stand the test of time.

Why should you buy this?
The mattress truly provides sufficient support and relief. Surprisingly, it’s the affordable price that it delivers more than expected for its price range. The average firmness is a perfect balance between relief and aid.

10. Parklane Camp Queen Mattresses the Explorer


  • Affordable price
  • Can fit in most RV sizes
  • Spinal support is superior and delivers as promised
  • Positive shoppers’ review


  • The construction and layering might be too firm for some.

“The Explorer” is a lightweight alternative that maintains its sturdiness. This medium-firm mattress highlights a polyfoam comfort panel with a Bonnell support center with an innerspring loop system. 

As we have written on the previous motorhome beds on this list, the inner coil spring construction reduces motion transfer when dozing off.

Another thing is the polyfoam layer or PU quality cushion, the most commonly used type of cushion by manufacturers of cushions due to its lower price compared to cushion. In this motorhome mattress, the polyfoam is used as the top layer. 

Sandwiched in between the layers are soft, full solid cushions that provide superior relief and conform to the body. A full solid quality cushion construction offers a more consistent relief and better hold capabilities than a cushion with lesser thickness. 

The firmness quality is mostly confused with the density, and thus quality cushions with higher solidity are often perceived as firmer. 

This notion is not true as the firmness should not be equated with relief. If we simplify this, the thickness is really about the cushion’s durability and not about the relief level it has. 

With the quality cushion used for the construction and how they were layered, this best RV mattress boasts superior lumbar aid, so waking up to back pains can be significantly reduced. 

The foam, too, is fully encased and thus supporting the edges and prevents rolling off. This encasement too protects the cushion from bed bug infestation.

Why should you buy this?
Traveling and staying in a home vehicle is an opportunity for you to travel light. And this RV mattress is just that, lightweight, but its durability is not compromised. Shoppers’ reviews are generally favorable, and many say that they are getting the best value out of their money.

11. Travel Happy Narrow King Cool Camp Sleep Foam Mattress


  • The mattress is easy to assemble
  • Superior refreshing effect
  • Superb customer service
  • Superior spinal aid 
  • With different sizes to choose from
  • Customize service


  • The firmness might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s another RV bunk one on our list that uses a cooling cushion for maximum relief and aid. Travel Happy Foam Mattress might sound expensive, but let me tell you that this product is really affordable compared to most cushions, which came to us as a surprise. 

First, let’s look at the cushion that this RV bunk uses;  this bed boasts of using graphite cushion, a new breed of gel memory foam RV. This new cushion is a combination of cushion and graphite that promises to deliver a premium sleeping experience. 

Graphite, the chemical used in graphite gel cushion, has been used for many years in an application where high heats need to be reduced or totally removed. Graphite effectively facilitates the transfer of heat away from the source. 

No wonder that it was used as an infusion for a refreshing cushion because of its superb heat transferring property. This bunk is perfectly customized and manufactured according to shoppers’ needs.

The graphite cushion possesses an even greater refreshing effect than just a regular refreshing cushion due to the graphite element. The heat coming from the body temperature is more effectively being pulled away from the sleepers, which in turn promotes an even better refreshing effect.  

The mattress, too, uses an average comfort cushion to offer better aid and relief. The mattress reduces motion transfer by absorbing the sleeper’s motion while lying on it. It also offers individualized hold for different sleepers’ needs. 

Aside from the cushion construction that promises superior aid and relief, the manufacturers also pride themselves in that they can customize mattresses based on the needs and specifications of their shoppers instead. 

They will as well deliver the mattress you’ve ordered at your doorstep without added shipping cost. Talk about convenience.

Why should you buy this?
If you’re a heavy sweater when dozing off like me, this RV mattress is the perfect fit for you. The superior refreshing effect brought about by the use of Graphite cooling cushion delivers as promised. The refreshing effect is a guarantee that a better night’s slumber is possible every single snoozing moment.

12. Zinus Hybrid RV Mattress


  • Durability and relief because of the hybrid construction
  • Superior hold
  • Warranty
  • With different sizes to choose from


  • Some people are put off by the “smell.”
  • Firmness might be an issue for some.

As we have listed earlier on this list, a hybrid mattress is a combination of different cushion construction. More commonly used is a layer of a cushion as the top and comfort layer and the use of steel spring coils as the base of the RV mattress. 

This is to ensure that the cushion offers maximum aid and the best form-hugging softness. 

So let us try to dissect the construction of this RV bunk with the uppermost layer; a .5” full solid cushion that offers a more consistent level of aid and retention of relief. 

Contrary to popular belief that a full solid cushion is inherently firm, a full solid foam can be soft or firm, depending on its discretion. 

The bottom panel of the mattress consists of heavy-duty steel coils that hold the total weight load. The coil construction base makes the whole mattress responsive though if we are to rely on them alone, they cannot really offer much pressure relief. 

That’s why the first layers are custom made of firm memory foam to compensate for the latter’s lack of relief.  

Considering how all the layers of the mattresses are put together, it will be safe to say that this RV mattress offers a perfect balance of cushion relief and superior aid. 

This mattress offers and assures better bo-boes for different snoozing habits of people due to the suitable amount of soft cushion coming from a full solid cushion and Visco latex cushion and hold from the innerspring coil. 

The mattress, too, comes with a limited 10-year warranty, so a promise of comfortable durability is backed by this warranty, giving shoppers peace of mind and sigh of relief should the mattress be unable to deliver.

Why should you buy this?
If you are looking for a mattress that strikes the perfect balance of durability and relief, look no further as this RV mattress fits the criteria you are looking for. The hybrid construction delivers as promised, and its construction looks durable.

13. Classic Brands Cool Ventilated Gel Mattress


  • Breathability 
  • Ample aid and relief 
  • The refreshing effect delivers as promised 
  • Pressure point relief


  • The firmness can really be an issue for some people who are used to dozing off on soft mattresses.

You might have noticed that most of the mattresses that we have on the list are cushion mattresses that pride themselves in having a refreshing effect due to the cooling infusion. And who can ever say that they can snooze off well even when it’s warm and humid, and not feel irritated? 

Classic Brands Cool Ventilated Mattress utilizes 2 inches of gel-infused custom made memory foam for breathability and temperature regulation and a base of a full solid cushion, which is 6 inches in thickness for pressure relief and proper spinal aid. 

The gel-infused cushion, which is responsible for the refreshing effect, comes at 2 inches in thickness. With that thickness, relief and softness are already assured aside from the greater refreshing effect as the body heat is going to be pulled away really far from the sleepers. 

Not only are you assured of a better siesta, but you’ll also feel very refreshed. It also fills in while you are moving and slowly hugs you in your new napping position, making sure that you are properly held. 

The cushion is hypoallergenic and is made of high-quality materials, so durability is not an issue for this RV mattress. The cover is also stretched four ways all across the mattress, which adds another layer of relief and optimizes the mattresses hold capabilities.

Why should you buy this?
The refreshing foam is really the biggest hook of this mattress, and they are really able to deliver and even exceed our expectations. If you usually wake up feeling sticky because you sweat a lot while you crash, this bunk did its job of providing a refreshing effect for a restful sleep.

14. Every Night Economical Foam Mattress


  • Truly economical
  • Cost friendly
  • Delivers as intended
  • A great choice for beginners


  • Plain and simple looking
  • Thinner compared to others

Economical and cost-friendly does not mean that it’s not good, as this particular RV mattress will likely deliver well and get its job delivered pretty good.

The mattress is pretty straightforward looking and does not have so much design and is a perfect choice for people who’re a bit minimalist when it comes to design. 

The mattress uses an average thickness cushion in its entirety, so the aid and relief you might be expecting will be consistent across the mattress. 

Again the approach for this RV mattress is pretty straightforward to deliver the maximum amount of relief and aid one might need as economical and affordable as possible, which I believe they were able to pull off. 

Considering that this RV cushion is meant to be economical and without much of the luxury and innovation such as RV cushion or refreshing foam, it did a great job of providing aid and relief without breaking the bank. 

If you are starting out living on an RV, this bunk is recommended for you while you’re still adjusting and learning the best ways to maximize your RV living experience with its custom made design.

Why should you buy this?
Economical yet exceeds your expectation. This RV mattress does not disappoint. It might seem like this product is rather plain looking, but it gets the job delivered. The simple yet ergonomic design of this mattress is something that I will take into consideration. 

It does not need a lot more innovation as it is really and honestly functioning properly and provides the necessary relief and support required of it.

15. Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • The ventilated design maximizes the refreshing effect of the cushion 
  • Gives superior relief and aid 
  • Body conforming   


  • Some people are having issues with their firmness.

Another foam mattress makes it on the list for campers that you will surely like, and this time this bunk uses a dual layer of cushion construction to provide aid and relief that we need to have a better night crash after a tiring day on a long drive. So allow me to dissect this RV mattress for you. 

The first layer is made up of a 2.5″ layer of ventilated cushion. The ventilation allows the air to flow across the entirety of the mattress for breathability freely. The foam conforms to the contour of the body as you move while you’re snoozing off. 

This honestly ensures that you will be relieved from pressure point pains as the cushion slowly hugs your joints and other body parts. 

The surface layer of the RV camp cushion is specially designed with ventilation for better airflow movement. This is especially important for people who shortly sweat while resting. The airflow factor allows the air to slowly dissipate the build of body temperature across the RV cushion. 

The bunk base is 7.5″ thick medium density cushion to supplement the needed stability, durability, and comfort for the whole bed. 

The base layer’s firmness supplements the uppermost layer’s body-conforming properties, thus making sure to achieve a perfect balance of durability, relief, and superior hold. Another factor is that the cushion comes in various sizes, which gives RV campers the choices for what fits in their RV.

Why should you buy this?
The deciding factor for me in buying this RV mattress is the ventilated airflow design, which optimizes and boosts the cushion’s refreshing effect. Another plus factor is the amount of aid and relief that it offers despite using only a dual-layer cushion construction. 

The amount of body temperature that is being pulled away while you’re sleeping contributes to the cushion’s overall cooling capability.

16. Plushbed 8 inches Latex Camper RV Mattress


  • Hypoallergenic
  • All organic
  • Superior pressure relief and aid


  • A bit expensive

If the budget allows and you’re planning to splurge a little bit on the mattress that you’re going to use for your trailer, may we suggest that you take the chance to read this one and find if this RV mattress is what you are looking for? 

This mattress is made up of latex that truly provides a more accurate and better distribution of body weight across the mattress. In this manner, the pressure points that often give us localized aches will likely be relieved.

It also allows the mattress to aid and comfort your hips, shoulders, back, and knees. Because of how the mattress is made, thousands of ventilation are present all over the mattress. This way, it allows you to have a chill and refreshing sleeping experience. 

As this mattress uses latex as its main composite, it uses no fillers or toxic additives to emit harmful gases. 

The cover used for the mattress is also organic, so the only materials used are nature-friendly. And because it is organic, the mattress is even more resilient, so it will not be deformed,  sag or break, and it will always return to its original shape.

Why should you buy this?
An all-natural RV mattress promises superior aid and relief where you need them to be and promises that not to sag or break, and if you have the means to purchase it without really thinking about how much it may cost, then this is the mattress that’s best for you. 

After all, purchasing a product for a higher price is an investment, and it would not really matter that much if you are able to use it for a longer period.

17. Plushbeds 8 Inches Camper Gel Memory Foam


  • Breathable
  • refreshing effect
  •  Ample pressure relief
  • Body conforming


  • Pricey

Another mattress comes from Plushbed, but this time RV bunk uses memory foam that provides superior hold, but it also has a refreshing effect for a more restful and refreshing siesta each chance you have. 

This is a great addition for your RV as it gets humid and warm on summer days, and having a mattress that chills you off is a better investment in the long run. 

This RV mattress uses a micro refreshing infused cushion, which allows the body temperature to be pulled away from the sleeper. It is also cooler because of the open cell Visco channel structure that heats away instead of functioning as an insulator. 

The mattress cushion conforms and contours to the body, allowing the muscles and joints to be slowly hugged by the cushion, giving them a moment to be relieved of stress and pressure. 

This experience ensures that by morning, you’ll be feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to face another challenging and tiring day.

Why should you buy this?
The refreshing effect that this RV mattress offers is a factor that will make me purchase it and partnered with its memory foam’s capacity to conform to my body when dozing off. Definitely, you’ll be having your money’s worth. 

18. Zinus Green Tea Camper Memory Foam 6 Inches


  • Superior aid and relief 
  • Body conforming
  • Zero odor due to the oil infusion
  • refreshing effect


  • For some, the odor coming from the oil infusion is not pleasant for them.

As you may have read so far, Zinus’ company has been mentioned and included multiple periods. To end our list, I have included this rather interesting RV mattress in the list. 

This medium/medium-firm mattress is infused with green tea extract, castor natural seed oil, and charcoal, which naturally obscure and eradicate odors. 

And for some, the pleasant and soothing smell coming from the oil infusion lulls them to sleep faster.

The Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress features a unique three-layer pattern of a full solid base cushion for aid, that serves as the foundation to hold up and provide stability for the mattress.

Next is a transitional polyfoam that provides balance, comfort, and bounce. Last is the cushion that holds and hugs the joints, back, and hips, which offers them a chance to relax and relieve them from some pressure. 

These combine to create a better and cooler sleeping experience with the bonus of pain relief and added relief.

At a reasonable price, this mattress is the best package for sleepers of all types- back, stomach, side, combo. The 6″ or 8″ mattress measures 74 x 60 in short queen and 80 x 60 in queen and is best utilized by sleepers weighing in at 230lbs or less.

Why should you buy this?
The pressure-relieving capability is a great factor in purchasing this bed alongside its size, which will make it fit for most RV sizes. The body-conforming cushion is another factor because you are assured that necessary pressure points are released while you’re snoozing.

19. Live and Sleep Camper Resort Classic


  • refreshing effect
  • Optimum aid 
  • Pressure point relief


  • The firmness might be an issue

Another memory foam mattress on our list of mattresses, this bunk promises to cradle you in relief and provide the much-needed aid that your body needs. So let us take a closer look at this mattress and look at its construction.

The first layer is a 2.5″ air-infused cushion that promotes breathability and refreshing effect. These factors contribute to having a better night’s slumber. The open-celled physical structure of our RV cushion is self-ventilating. 

Air travels throughout the material and dissipates body heat regulating your body temperature, which in turn offers that refreshing effect. 

The cover of the mattress, too, is made to contribute to the overall relief factor. The cover is made from a special knit fabric that facilitates better airflow across the mattress to optimize the air-infused cushion’s refreshing factor. 

The cushion used offers superior hold as it is made from a medium-firm cushion. This, in turn, relieves pressure points, avoiding waking up with pressure aches. 

Tossing and turning are diminished, and disrupted sleep patterns are greatly eliminated, so you are promised to sleep longer without moving and enjoy the benefits of a deeper, more restful sleep pattern.

Why should you buy this?
The benefits of sleeping more comfortably because of the cooling foam are really wonderful. Plus, the memory foam and its firmness help relieve pressure points, which help me achieve a better night’s sleep.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Your Next RV Mattress Top Beddings

When thinking of purchasing any item, may it be a gadget, kitchen equipment, or any household items in specific, certain factors need to be considered to make sure that the product that we are about to purchase is worth every cost. 

So purchasing a regular mattress for an RV won’t do because certain aspects and specifications need to be met. That is why we listed down some of the crucial factors that you need to be aware of before buying an RV mattress instead of diving into the salesman’s pitch.

Size and Thickness

When it comes to choosing an RV mattress, there is no standard sizing compared to a regular household mattress as it will all depend on the size of the vehicle that you’re about to put it in. 

However, three sizes are most commonly used for RV lifestyle: RV King (72 inches x 75 inches or 80 inches),  RV Short Queen ( 60 x 74 inches or 75 inches short), and Three-quarter size short (48 inches x 75 inches). Before you go ahead and order an RV mattress, it is vital to make sure that you get the size right. 

Measure the platform on which you’re going to place the mattress on and double-expect if it will fit snugly so that unnecessary movements can be avoided. 

Also, keep in mind how thick the cover or comforter will be, so leave an allowance for the mattress’s said elements to fit onto the RV’s enclosed space. 

Another thing to regard is the circumference of the mattress itself. A thick mattress will give you superior aid and relief, but keep in mind if there is any height restriction inside the RV. 

Because we do not want our heads to be bumping on the RV ceiling whenever we wake up, a good 5″ thickness or even an 8″ can be a better choice already. 


There are many sturdy and excellently constructed cushions in the market nowadays. If you have a mattress that is too soft and saggy, it is time to replace your lovely bed with a much better RV cushion that offers better hold. 

In contrast to a slender bed, its spring might give you an uncomfortable jab while you lie on it. 

In this case, 3” thick memory foam might do the trick, rather than purchasing a whole new bed which is more expensive than buying a few inches thick memory foam. It’ll give you a peaceful and sufficient slumber, which you will wake up in bliss. 

In choosing a mattress, you always need to consider the size of the space you are willing to give up inside your RV if you want to convert your bed into a sofa to use the space during the day.


When determining the relief level of an RV mattress, consider how often it will be used. The more hours you spend on the bed, the more comfortable it must be, it must offer back and body aid, pressure, and pain relief with an ample amount of ventilation for breathability. 

Many experts state that in choosing the relief level, choose a bunk that is almost similar to the one you have at home as your body is already familiar with that type of mattress. Consider the spinal aid and stability that a mattress offers to ensure that back pains can be avoided. 

Inspect the product description to view if it offers stress relief or pressure point relief, breathability, or motion transfer. All these play an important role in ensuring you’re getting a better rest in your RV. You can check out shoppers’ reviews to see how a bunk is effective in giving relief to the body. 

The best way to find out all these factors is to visit an RV showroom to view the mattresses in the flesh, after then,  lie for about 15 minutes on an RV mattress and see if there are any pressure points or feelings of uneasiness. This way, you can shortly determine which bunk suits you the most.


Ensure that the mattress you will be purchasing will last you a long time, and it remains in pristine condition even after being asleep a hundred times on your travels.

Make sure to verify the warranty. Check as well for manufacturing certification and see to it that the mattress is compliant to existing regulations for recreational vehicle mattresses. 

Do not just purchase because the mattress feels better to hit the sack or look good for your RV. Bear in mind that it should last you for a good amount of time. You can always check buyers’ reviews regarding the durability of the bunk you are eyeing. 


More often that, and especially in this day and age where everything is delivered mostly online, buyers forget to study the customer’s review. This is a proven way to determine if a product is worth your cash.

I am not saying that manufacturers are propagating lies about their product; that is why we need to read customer’s reviews as they have first-hand experience for products. 

And manufacturers are putting a description to ensure that you are going to purchase whatever it is that they are selling. 


To avoid inconveniences in the future, make sure to get a mattress that offers a clear and solid warranty. This warranty will give you the protection that if any unforeseen events occur and the mattress might have any issue, you will be protected as a consumer. 

More often than not, consumers tend to disregard warranty and throw away the warranty card to come back to the manufacturer later and bug them about replacement or compensation without really learning the terms written on the warranty. 

In the event that you find an RV mattress that offers 20 to 25 years of warranty, grab that deal immediately because that is a great deal. To verify the warranty, you can check the shoppers’ review.


There are many reasons why owning the right RV mattress is a must for a camper like you. We listed down some beneficial purposes of an RV mattress to help you decide shortly. 

  • It keeps the allergens at bay.

Unlike the household beds, mattresses are proven topnotch in keeping the allergens and bacteria at bay. 

This type of mattress intended for RV is superior when it comes to the prevention of mildew build-ups, mites, and dust. However, you still need to take good care of your mattress to make it completely allergen-free.

  • It helps control the temperature of the RV at a proper level.

You’d be surprised to learn that indeed mattresses can help with thermoregulation of your RV. 

This feature is extremely handy in traveling long distances, especially when it is summer.

Recreational vehicle mattresses nowadays have built-in thermal insulation, and if it is not enough, there are high-quality mattresses that offer excellent ventilation. 

Note that your choice of linens to cover your pillows, blankets, and toppers affects your dozing quarter’s overall temperature. If you are into some fab bed covers, you might find a lot in Brooklyn Bedding.

  • It helps alleviate discomfort through long drives.

Having a long travel is bliss, but it can as well deliver pain in your lower back and all your joints. Having the best mattress will take this dilemma away. 

The most modern beds for campers offer much-needed aid, especially for lower back regions and following all the notches of your body through the cushion. 

Indeed, there are many relative reasons why you should own an RV mattress, besides, what is camping when you do not have something to lie on after a long tiring drive.


  1. Determine the size of your mattress. It should fit perfectly in the space you provided inside your RV. Remember that every manufacturer has different sizes of small, average, large, and so on, so do not forget to verify the size.
  2. If, however, you cannot find any size that will fit snugly in your RV, the effective option is to have it custom made. In that way, your cash will not go to waste after buying an ill-fitted one.
  3. Some low-grade cushions shortly droop in the middle and some areas you always use to lie down. If you are not planning to camp often, this type will do. 

  4. Please note that the higher the density, the warmer the RV cushion gets due to its impermeability to air. To resolve this issue, but a lighter colored cover.
  5. If you have a back problem or limb disability, a premium class RV cushion will hold you comfortable.
  6. Remember that there is always a hazard of owning an air mattress. If something punctured it, it can get perforated and deflate. That’s it. That’s the risk.
  7. Testing a mattress is a must. You have to test it to see if it suits your firmness preference, or one effective way is to look at customers’ reviews regarding a bunk that you are eyeing.
  8. A coil mattress is a no-no for a typical type of RV.
  9. If you are using an air mattress, avoid going to places with high altitudes. An air mattress that is firmly inflated will burst. 
  10. Bear in mind that cushion, when new, releases a strong odor that might trigger an allergic response or headache air it out for a few nights to diminish the smell.

Type of Best RV Mattress Top Bed Linens

There are many choices to pick from for a recreational vehicle mattress; you have to figure which bunk will give you superior aid and optimal relief when resting on it. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Cushions are comfortable to snooze on as they conform and contour to your body, adjusting to the natural curves of the human body. In the process, they are alleviating the most body pains such as stiff back and joint pains. Best memory foams regulate and respond to body temperature. 

With the constant and essential innovation in technology, the cushion was developed, which is even better than a regular cushion. They provide the best refreshing effect, which makes the sleeping experience even more comfortable. 

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring beds have coils within the padding. These cushions offer excellent and essential aid, but they also feel tough and firm. This is because the coil construction is made to last longer. 


Latex cushion is made from the best natural and organic materials and without metal elements. It offers the best amount of breathability because of the naturally occurring air holes in it, which offers it a refreshing effect. 

However, latex cushion does not conform to one’s body curve, so a full solid latex cushion could be your best choice for a sturdier hold to avoid soreness. 

Air Bed

If you plan to have a bed that you can put anywhere, carry anywhere and fold for safekeeping, an air cushion will be the best choice if you are after portability. Air beds vary in price and purpose. So make sure you pick a bunk that is made explicitly for RV. 

There are air mattresses with lovely innovation. You can adjust the air on a positive side, a great feature aside from its portability, if you prefer a varied level of firmness on your mattress when you sleep. Should you make a plan to camp in the wilderness, you should buy a firm and durable kind.

Polypropylene Foams

This is the most commonly used cushion in the market and generally used for seat cushions. Amongst the RV cushions that were listed down first, this will be the most affordable bunk in the market. 

The downside is that compared to the first three, this bunk offers the least amount of aid and does not last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use regular household mattresses for my RV?

Regular mattresses are designed for household use, and they are made uniquely from the best mattresses. RV mattresses are specially designed to be flexible enough to fit into the tight corners of the vehicle.

And compared to regular best mattresses, RV mattresses are lighter, allowing ease in adapting to an RV’s limited space. As much as we want to reuse the mattresses we have at home, they simply won’t do for the RV lifestyle. You can check out customers’ reviews regarding this matter, too.

Can I just flip over the mattress?

RV mattresses are designed and layered for specific functions. The uppermost layer, which is usually made from a thinner cushion, is designed to offer the contour and body-conforming properties to relieve pressure points.

The underside is a much firmer and thicker base to offer a firm and stable hold for the whole bunk. At a given time RV cushion base layer is made up of steel coil, especially for innerspring cushions. 

So flipping them over is not advisable, and it might even end up damaging the RV bunk itself. Or worse, it might even hurt you. 

How can I lengthen the service of my mattress?

Mattresses are not made to last forever as they are designed to be subject to constant pressure and weight holding. Thus breakage is unavoidable, especially if the RV cushion has been used for more than five years. 

But to prolong its life, we highly recommend that you turn beds 180 degrees once every 6 to 8 months so that the weight distribution is spread evenly across the bed and not just on a single spot. 

What is the distinction between an RV and a regular mattresses?

RV mattresses are designed to be lighter and more flexible so that they can fit limited spaces inside an RV. In contrast, a regular mattress is manufactured to be tough, and the edges are really formed to hold its shape for a longer period. They are generally heavier than RV mattresses. 

Is there a way to make my mattress more comfortable?

RV mattresses are designed in a way that it offers not just support but essential relief too. That is why a wide variety of RV cushions are used to ensure that varied relief needs are met. 

However, if you wanted it to be more comfortable, there are additional options that you can choose from to achieve that level of relief you are looking for on your travels using your recreational vehicle. 

You can use a quilted bed cover that offers additional cushioning and pressure point relief. And pillow cover that adds another layer of comfort and thickness to achieve further relief. An air cushion is as well a perfect addition as it offers a firm but soft cushioning. 

You can examine shoppers’ reviews about this. You might stumble with some useful tips from the shoppers on how to make your extra bunk relief giving feature in your recreational vehicle.

Is a firmer mattress always better?

There is a belief that firmer is better, but that is not always the case for bunks. A cushion that is too firm can cause the lower back portion of your body to arch and produce back pain. This kind is a no-no when you are always traveling. 

The much better question when buying an RV cushion is, how much level of hold can I get from this cushion? If a cushion is firm but lacks the necessary aid, it can lead to shoulder and upper back pain. 

So in choosing the best mattress, take a more scientific approach and ask yourself, what do I need? And what offers my body the superior level of aid that it needs? 

How long will a mattress last?

The answer to this question depends on the materials that were used in making the cushion. Ideally, the innerspring of mattresses last between 5 to 7 years. Memory foam lasts anywhere from 10-20 years. It Depends on their construction and how many times it is used in your travels.

That is why reading the warranty provisions is important as it offers you the idea of what to expect from the product you have purchased. 

What is the purpose of multiple layers of foam of mattresses?

The layering of the cushion is what offers it the hold capabilities; that is why flipping the cushion is not recommended as it will defeat the purpose of why they were constructed that way. 

The base cushion is made from a firm cushion so that it could hold the cushion’s shape and avoid sagging in the future while supporting the cushion on top of it.

Support cushion offers aid for the shoulder and spine while sleeping and prevents stiffness on the shoulders. 

The relief layer on top of the cushion provides that cushion feeling that makes you more comfortable than you would be if you were lying on the aid cushion.

When should I replace my mattress? 

This question is something that you could answer yourself, were you able to sleep well last night? Did you feel any pain when you wake up? 

Bad and worn out mattresses could pose a lot of issues such as back and neck pain and unsatisfying sleep that leaves you tired all day.

The Better Sleep Council recommends that a bunk needs replacement after 5 to 7 years of use. 

The bunk you are using might not be an excellent fit for you, which causes you discomfort. One of these is that mattresses do not provide the proper aid to align your spine as you sleep, leading to back pain and discomfort. 

Another reason is that the cushion does not have the rare type or number of pressure relief layers, which leaves you turning and tossing around the cushion all night in order to ease pressure and give relief to your tired joints. 

Where should I buy it?

As you click on all the products posted in this article, it will direct you straight to Amazon. But if you are wondering if there are other shops or stores where you can visit to view the actual brand, you can try out Walmart. There are available of these in the shopping centers too. 

We know that viewing the product by its actual appearance is extremely important by some shoppers because it is safer, and you can decide if you want it or not on the spot.

And if you want to view other sites in the hope of catching some major sales, RV Supply Warehouse and CampingWorld are relatively better sites for viewing out the latest cost for product brands. If you are big on colors, you might even find unique colors such as avocado. 

They have a wide range of choices and always have sales that are way below the latest price Amazon offers. Another site worth viewing out is Tochta, like the two sites mentioned earlier. Tochta, too, offers a variety of options for your RV needs, Tochta especially provides a varied choice of bunks, you can even find nice colors you might love like the avocado.

If you are into some stunning linens, you might find a lot in Brooklyn Bedding. You will find a multitude amount of bedcovers in varied styles and dimensions. Besides, Brooklyn bedding offers a huge discount, too! You can find a lot of nice linen covers in Brooklyn.

However, we do not suggest that you buy from the manufacturers’ site of these brands. Their prices are significantly higher compared to the amount that the sites mentioned above are offering.


Finding an excellent kind of RV mattress that suits your needs and desires might be tough as it entails a lot of factors that need consideration to ensure that the maximum amount of relief and superior level of aid is provided. 

So before you go ahead and purchase your next RV bunk, why don’t you sit down first, sip a coffee, and read the information that we have listed down for you.

It will be our joy to know that we were able to help you out in finding the best RV mattress for you and your family. Happy camping!


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