Big Oaks Campground Near Rehoboth Beach: Stay-in Camping at Delaware’s Family Owned

If you are traveling around Delaware and searching for a campsite near a shore, well, this campsite is for you. 

Big Oaks Campground is a family-owned campsite located at Hartwell lake and accommodates Recreational Vehicles or tent quarters and stay-ins for over 50 years, and the good thing here is it’s just two and a half m away. From RB Del shore! 

Aside from being the closest campsite to RB Del shore, the site itself offers numerous activities that would probably make you come back after your visit. 

Best Camping and Travel Guide for Big Oaks Family Campground

Traveling to an unknown and remote place for the first time is quite fun, especially for those fond of adventure. But there are types of people who prefer a well-planned trip over a short getaway. Here, we have prepared the overall details you could browse and log in to help you plan your trip thoroughly with your friends and family. 


To reach the giant oaks family campground, You could travel south on route one towards RB (Del); you could pass under signal lights at Route 24. You could make a U-turn; at first, you could cross over to the Pizza Hut restaurant, then you could take first right towards Wolfe Neck Road. The entrance would be approximately 1/4 miles down Wolfe Neck Road on the left side. 

Towing a Trailer:  You could travel South on Route 1 towards RB (Del), you could turn left at the Walgreens, Munchy Branch Road, and then follow the road onto the stop sign. You make a right turn towards Wolfe Neck Road. The entrance would be about 1/4 miles down Wolfe Neck Road on the left side.

Address:35567 Big Oaks Campground Lane, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Contact Details:302-645-6838
Google map link
Official Website
(You could also login to Facebook to visit their page)
Price Range
$45.00 – $70.00
Peak SeasonJuly to August


  • There are available Recreational Vehicle sites and tent sites.
  • Alcohol Allowed is allowed but with restrictions. 
  • There’s available Drinking Water.
  • Fire is allowed; however, there are suitable designed areas that you could use in making fire. 
  • The campsite has available firewoods. 
  • There’s also an available market or shop in the area. 
  • You could tag along with your pets, but with restrictions. 
  • Picnic shelters are available; there are allotted tables and chairs where you could place your belongings. 
  • The campground and its lodges and cabins are all available for reservation. 
  • There are clean restrooms with showers around the campground.
  • Trash bins or trash cans are available. 
  • They offer a shuttle.
  • There’s also a laundry area.

For RV and Trails

  • Available access to electricity 
  • There’s a Sanitary dump station on the campground 
  • Available Sewer Hookups
  • Available Water Hookups
  • 30 amp Hookups
  • 50 amp Hookups
  • Maximum length: 50 ft.


Camper and tent quarters: Big oaks family campground offers spacious and clean areas where you can pinch your tents. (If you want a peaceful ambiance, avoid visiting the place around July to August.

Credits to Trip Advisor (TA) 

Credits to TA

  • Pool – Staying in this campground would give you access to their large reservoirs, which you could explore with your loved ones. It would make you want to come back. 

Credits to Campground Review (CR)

  • Playground – Since this is a child-friendly campground, they offer a garden at the back of the place for your children to enjoy.

Credits to TA

Credits to TA

  • Fishing area – You could access Hartwell.
  • Activity Hall – They offer different activities each season that you and the clan members enjoy.
  • Game Room – There’s an available game room with game materials.
  • Outdoor Games – The place has enough space to accommodate outdoor games and activities. 


  •  Wi-Fi – They offer free Wi-Fi access upon your visit. 
  •  ATT – ATT signal is available. 
  •  Verizon – Verizon signal is available 
  •  Sprint – Sprint signal is available 
  •  T-Mobile – T-Mobile signal is available.

Rentals and Rates

No Camperal Vehicle? Well, that’s not a problem; Big oaks family campground offers cabins and mobile homes that could accommodate visitors and members who want to stay longer. These cozy lodgings would make you come back.

  1. Cabins 

Credits to tripadvisor

The nightly rate for staying in a cabin would cost you 99 USD. You need to stay at least two nights. The check-in time is at 3 in the afternoon, and the check-out time is noon. 

Helpful info: if you want to camp longer, they offer a promo where you could accommodate the cabin for a week for only $650. 


  • Every cabin is air-conditioned. 
  • Each cabin has a small refrigerator, a double bed, and an oven.
  • There’s an available picnic table outside.
  • It also has a fire ring hat for cooking.
  • The maximum capacity of a cabin: 6 visitors
  • The price is two adults, two children under 18 years old, and one vehicle. 
  • Pets are not allowed inside the cabin.

Helpful info:

  • Only ages 21 and above are allowed to accommodate a cabin. 
  • If you accommodate a cabin during the holidays, you need to be here for at least three days.
  1. Mobile Homes 

Credits to trip advisor (TA) 

It would cost you 200 USD a night to rent a mobile home. However, you have to stay for at least three days. The check-in time is at 5 in the afternoon, and the check-out is at noon.

Note: If you want to stay longer, you could rent a mobile home for a week for only

You could log in to Facebook and visit their Facebook page for more information.


  • All mobile homes are air-conditioned.
  • Each mobile home has two bedrooms.
  • It has a queen bed, a pull-out couch, and a set of bunk beds. 
  • For entertainment, they offer cable TV. 
  • Each bedroom has a maximum capacity of 6 visitors. 
  • The price basis: two adults, two children under 18 years old, and one vehicle. 
  • Pets are not allowed inside.


  • They also offer a one-bedroom mobile home; it’s way cheaper than the other one. 

It has a maximum capacity of 4 members, which would cost you 15 USD.

  • Only 25 years old and above are allowed to accommodate a mobile home. 

Camping Rate

Things to consider before lodging: 

  • The Lodging schedule would be from May 1st to October 15th. 
  • Price base: two adults, two children under 18 years old, and one vehicle. There will be an additional fee if there’s an extra vehicle, adults, children, visitors, or guests. 
  • Activities and amenities such as the pool, restrooms are all covered by fees.
  • Pets are allowed on the campground, but they have to be clean, leash and disturb other visitors. (Never leave your pets unattended) 
  • The check-out schedule is Noontime.
  • You could only rent a campsite if you are 18 years old. 

Campsite Nightly Rates

  1. Tent quarter site
  • Includes access to water and electricity
  • It has a picnic table and a fire ring for cooking.
  • The nightly rate is $41.
  • If you want to camp longer, they have a weekly fee that would cost you $277 a week.
  1. Pop-up Sites 
  • Includes access to water and electricity 
  • It has a picnic table and a fire ring that you could use in cooking.
  • It would cost you $57. 
  • If you want to camp longer, they offer a weekly rate that would cost you $ 389 a week or seven days.

Helpful info: they also offer air-conditioned areas, which cost $60t, and $410 a week.

  1. Full Hookup Sites 
  • Rent includes access to water, electricity, and sewer. 
  • It also has a picnic table and a fire ring for cooking.
  • 30 amp WES would cost you $67 and $459, suitable for a week. 
  • 30 amp WES with cable would cost you $69, or $473 for a week. 
  • 50 amp WES would cost you $69, or $473 for a week. 
  • 50 amp WES with cable would cost you $74 a night or $508 good for a week.

Helpful info: 

  • On holidays, the capacity for full hookup sites is at least three days.
  • On the 4th of July, the minimum length is at least three days.

Seasonal Lodging

Their seasonal nightly rate would cost you $3,470 (For the year 2020, the season runs from May 1st to October 15th) 

  • It includes access to water, electricity, sewer, and trash. 
  •  The electricity is covered monthly.
  • The rate Coverage is two adults and two children under 18 years old.

Things to Remember

NO REFUNDS for the following: 

  • Canceled bookings unless there’s a notice. Cancellation must be at least 2-weeks before the planned schedule. 
  • There would be a 25 USD fee that they would deduct from your payment. Only if you provide the required notice of cancellation
  • Please be informed that they are not accepting reservations online on Facebook in the meantime. 
  • To book or to rent a place: please call 302-645-6838.

Recreational Activities Review

  • Pool Access: You could enjoy different water activities in pools
  • Kids playground: There’s a great spot in this campground that your sons or daughters would enjoy! They have a massive ship on their playground area that even adults enjoy. 
  • Game room: there’s a game room with different machines that you could explore.
  • Hiking: There are nearby hiking trails that you could explore. 
  • Fishing: Since this campground is at Hartwell lake, they would allow you to fish within the area.

Summer-Special events

This campsite offers plenty of activities and events that would keep you entertained while lodging, especially during the summer season. Here are some activities that you don’t want to miss.

  • Dance outside: This is an excellent time for you to unlock your skills in dancing! Big Oak hosts art or dance contests in their campground every summertime. 
  • Free ice cream: who wouldn’t love ice cream? And yes, they are giving it for free. It runs every summer. 
  • Bingo: This is a fun game, especially for our parents, uncles, and grandparents. Though, any age can play this game. 
  • Tournaments: Every summer, they host tournaments for basketball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and even billiards. Everyone staying or lodging in this campground is allowed to join the said tournaments. 

Note: Activities take place every Saturday evening, and all of their activities are subject to change.

Nearby Attractions

Credits to: TA

Rehoboth Beach, Del

RB, Del Sea is an old-fashioned but beautiful shore right for vacation, lodging, or stay-in trips with your loved ones. It offers plenty of water sports, fishing, boating, swimming in pools or on the shore, and many more. The good thing here is it is near the Big Oaks family campground. So, You could explore this shore while you are boarding on the Big Oaks family campground. 


boarding or staying in would give you plenty of opportunities to visit the following areas near the area: 

  • RB (Del) Boardwalk reviews are a mile boardwalk of RB (Del) shore. There are shops lined along the path. It is open from 12 am to 11:59 pm.
  • Funland reviews– You could visit this amusement park that you could find with your loved ones, located within the boardwalk of RB (Del) shores. It opens from mother’s day weekend and runs until labor day. (May to June) 
  • RB (Del) Public Beach reviews– You could also visit this sandy public shore, where you could try different sports activities every evening during the summer season. They also offer spots for surfing, surf fishing, and boating. 
  • Gordons Pond reviews- To escape crowded places, there’s a place where you could sit and rest while enjoying a peaceful ambiance; they offer this Gordons Pond where you could relax while watching the birds.
  • Delaware Beach SP reviews- Staying in big oak would give you plenty of opportunities to try different activities in this area, including fishing, surfing, boating, and even sailboarding; all ages would enjoy these activities. 
  • Junction and Breakwater Trail reviews – If you are looking for a trail near this campground, they offer Breakwater Trail; this trail is well-maintained and has a combination of paved and fine gravel. 
  • Tanger Outlets Rehoboth Beach reviews – The area also offers outlets where you could see your favorite designer brands from Old Navy, Talbots, Nike Pandora, Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren, Talbots, to Abercrombie. They almost have it all! 
  • Jungle Jim’s – If you want to explore more pools, you could visit Jungles Jim’s near this campsite. 
  • Revelation Craft Brewing Company is a small craft brewery and an excellent place to visit with your friends. 
  • Indian River Marina – on the north side of the Indian River Inlet at Del Sea State Park, you would see an Indian River Marina park that features convenient assistance for anglers. This place offers different events, including Seafood and Art Festival, Fisherman’s Flea Market, and a Kid’s fishing tournament known as Annual Kid’s Catch-All. 
  • Indian River Life-Saving Station Museum at Delaware Seashore SP – within Del’s Sea SP, is a historical site that offers self-guided tours to learn the United States Life-Saving Station history. This place has a wide range of educational and other activities, from maritime history to guided kayak tours. 
  • Penny Lane Mall  reviews

 It is only a few steps away from the boardwalk; you will see this Penny Lane Mall in the heart of downtown RB Del shore. Here, you could discover shops such as sea finds, peace frogs, old salt gift shop, cafe Papillion, fun for all toys, Jewel star, Dynasty Jewel Star, Gifts of Serenity, Archie’s Ice cream, and many more. 

  • RB (Del) Farmers Market  reviews

If you are looking for a place within RB (Del) where you could see fresh local produce, including baked goods, fresh meats, seafood, and even spices, you should visit RB Del shore, Farmers Market.

  • RB Del Art League review

If you want to witness a glimpse of local and national artworks within the area of RB Del shore, then you could visit RB Del Art League. 

  • Midway Speedway Park review

There’s a place within RB (Del) shore that offers fun and exciting activities perfect for you and your loved ones. Midway Speedway park is suitable for you, with its four tracks for all ages. Spend your time at their 6-slides white water mountain, an Olympic size pool, kids pool, and a lazy river. You could also try an 18-hole game at Fire Mountain golf course! 

  • Deauville Beach reviews

It is a clean and less crowded shore, located at RB (Del) strand even on holidays. Only 6 minutes away from the boardwalk, this area is excellent for those who want a peaceful spot to relax. 

  • RB (Del) Museum review 

It is a small area exhibiting the railroad’s role during the 19th Century, developing strand area revivals and escaping through the cities of Wilmington and Baltimore during the 20th Century. It is a great place to learn about RB Del’s history and take a break from outdoor sites.

  • RB Del -Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce review

This resort area is known for the best Inns, beautiful homes, restaurants, and tax-free shopping, located on the Del shores.

  • Grove Park review –

(Del) is known for its shores, but on the grove street at Columbia Avenue within RB (Del) strand. You would see a place also considered a home for a trendy farmer’s market. Trees surrounded it, and a quiet ambiance made it a great spot to relax.

Best Hotels near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware review 

While others love taking in, some people still prefer convenience rather than adventure and book hotel rooms rather than stay in campsites. To help you quickly see a place to stay while visiting RB Del strand, we have listed some areas you could visit.

  1. Avenue Inn & Spa review

Credits to Tripadvisor (TA)

Avenue Inn spa, located within RB Del strand, is one of the best-value hotels near (Del). Their newly renovated lobby to other facilities, including their fancy breakfast and fitness room, business center, and other high-end facilities, makes visitors want to return.

Address:33 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971-2218
Contact Number00 1 844-725-9570
Hotel website
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space and complimentary breakfast
  • Wi-Fi access.
  • Available pool
  • Fitness Center that has a gym or a workout room
  • Access to Children’s television networks for your kids.
  • They offer a free shuttle or taxi ride.

Room features

  • Allergy-free room
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Housekeeping
  • Interconnected rooms are available
  • A private balcony
  • An oven
  • A Flatscreen TV
  • A Hair Dryer that you could see at the restrooms

Room types

  • Non-smoking rooms 
  • Suites
  • Large size rooms
  1. The Bellmoor Inn and Spa review

Credits to TA

If you are looking for a seaside resort, you might want to check The Bellmoor Inn and Spa. 

These are private and non-smoking hotels that combine modern style and European-like hotel assistance. It is one of the best-rated Inns around RB (Del) strand, with its 78 elegant rooms and cozy facilities that you don’t want to miss. 

Address:6 Christian St, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-3002
Contact Number00 1 302-219-5756
Hotel website
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Hotels have hot tubs, a bar, or a lounge. 
  • A Fitness Center that has a gym or a workout room
  • Access to the strand
  • Available conference facilities

Room features

  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Rooms are safe and clean. 
  • It has a private balcony
  • A Refrigerator
  • A Flatscreen TV

Room types

  • Suites
  • Oceanview
  • Non-smoking rooms
  1. Boardwalk Plaza Hotel Review

Credits to TA

Boardwalk plaza hotel is more like a Beach house than a hotel. It offers 84 bedrooms that have a view of the ocean. 

Here, you could find a unique yet comfortable place to escape the city, from their antique-inspired lobby to their modern but artful rooms and furniture.    

Take note, all of their guests could enjoy all-day dining at their ocean-front restaurant and even offer a heated indoor soaking pool that could relieve your stress. 

2 Olive Avenue Oceanfront on the Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-280600
Contact Number1 844-846-2824
Hotel website
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • A hot tub, bar, or lounge
  • Fitness Center with gym
  • Seashore Access
  • Available conference facilities

Room features

  • Air-conditioned room
  • A private balcony
  • A Refrigerator
  • A Flatscreen TV

Room types

  • Suites
  • Oceanview
  • Non-smoking rooms
  1.  Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center Reviews

Credits to TA

The Atlantic Sands Hotel and Conference Center would undoubtedly keep you entertained; it is only stepping away from different clubs, theatres, galleries, arcade games, and the shore.

Address:101 N Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-216
Contact Number00 1 302-244-5431
Hotel website
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Pool access
  • Available conference facilities
  • Concierge

Room features

  • Air-conditioned
  • A Private balcony
  • An alarm clock
  • An oven
  • A Refrigerator
  • A Flatscreen TV

Room types

  • Suites
  • Oceanview
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Large size rooms

5. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott RB Del Reviews

Credits to Marriott

Fairfield Inn RB De Beach is one of the hotels near a drive away from the RB (Del) boardwalk, Lewes shore, or Dewey shore. It offers a crystal clear indoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center with workout materials that would make you entertained while on vacation. 

Address:19113 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach,
DE 19971-6125
Contact Number00 1 844-631-0595
Hotel website Beach/
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space and Free breakfast
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Pool access
  • Fitness Center with workout room and materials
  • Available activities for children
  • Available airport transportation assistance.
  • A business Center with Internet Access

Room features

  • Air-conditioned
  • Housekeeping
  • Ironing materials
  • An oven
  • A Refrigerator
  • A Flatscreen TV

Room types

  • Suites
  • Large size rooms
  • Non-smoking rooms

6. Hotels Rehoboth Beach Reviews

 Credits to TA

Hotels Rehoboth beach (Del) are luxury lodging, just steps away from the shore, near all the in-town restaurants where you could dine. Offers and high-class assistance, including access to an open-air shuttle, with free chocolates, wine, cheese, and crackers.  It has an on-site diner, laundry area, and many more.

Address:247 Rehoboth Beach Ave,
DE 19971-2137
Contact Number00 1 855-902-3486
Hotel website Beach-accommodations
Visitor’s Rating5/5


  • Free parking space Free breakfast
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Pool access
  • Free shuttle and taxi rides.
  • A business Center with Internet Access
  • Available baggage storage 
  • A Concierge

Room features

  • Air-conditioned
  • A private balcony
  • Ironing equipment
  • A Refrigerator
  • A Flatscreen TV
  • Hair Dryer located in the restrooms

Room types

  • Suites
  • Large size rooms
  • Non-smoking rooms

7. The Breakers Hotels & Suites Reviews

Credits to TA

Breakers hotels and suites is a family-friendly hotel that offers RB (Del) Beach’s best view—located just near diners, including Robin Hood Restaurant, Sammy’s kitchen, and many more. 

It just steps away from RB Del’s best attractions that you could explore with your whole loved ones.

Address:105 2nd St, Rehoboth Beach,
DE 19971-2283
Contact Number00 1 302-200-4287
Hotel website

Property Features

  • Wi-Fi access
  • Pool access
  • Free breakfast
  • Pet-friendly hotel
  • Available baggage storage
  • 24-hour-available front desk

Room features

  • Air-conditioned
  • Housekeeping
  • A Private balcony
  • A Coffee or tea maker
  • An oven
  • A Flatscreen TV
  • A bathroom with shower

Room types

  • Suites

Camping Helpful Checklist and Details

To help you avoid the hassle of always forgetting things during your lodgings and travels.

Here, we have listed down what you would probably need on a lodging trip.


  • You would need your best pair of shoes; we recommend using your most comfortable rubber or hiking shoes. You could also bring a pair of slippers along with you. 
  • You would also need spare clothes, including your underwear.
  • You would need Heat protection such as sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, or umbrellas. 
  • I’m sure you already know this phrase: Insect repellent is a must! You would need it in overnight boarding and during the day. 
  • You would need to prepare rain protections such as umbrellas, Raincoats, waterproof jackets, and other materials to protect you from the rain. 

Hygiene and self-care essentials

  • You would need toiletries: those that you usually use at home, such as shampoo, soap, and conditioners, and other products that you use. 
  • For emergency purposes, you would need basic first kits with alcohol, gauze, medical tape, band-aids, and other basic medical needs.
  • You would also need to bring some medicines, especially if you are undergoing medication or treatment. 
  • And of course, you would need a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • You would also need to bring some towels and tissues.

Kitchen essentials

  • Usually, some campsites offer picnic shelters or sites with tables and chairs; however, some areas do have enough picnic shelters for everyone. So, You would need foldable tables and lodging chairs. 
  • In cooking, you would need a portable Stove or grill.
  • You would need to bring fuel, lighters, or matches for fire and cooking in making a fire.
  • For food storage, you would need a more excellent box to put the foods that need refrigerated. 
  • You would need a Chopping board, kettle, pots, and pans in cooking. 
  • You would also need some utensils, such as plates, bowls, mugs, spoons, forks, and knives. You could even bring a can opener.
  • You would need A dishcloth or a sponge and dishwashing liquid or soap in dishwashing. 

Tent and other essentials

  • You would need Spare batteries, power banks for mobile phones, cables, and chargers, especially those places that do not offer access to electricity on tents and trailers.  
  • For emergency purposes, you would need a Tent repair kit so that you can fix your tents anytime and anywhere.
  • You would need some bedding such as sleeping bags, pillows, comforters.
  • If you have an air bed, you need to bring a pump.

Important documents

  • Never forget to bring a copy of your rentals, bookings, or tickets. 
  • You should also bring your lodging pass and other tickets, Travel insurance, and your fishing license if you have one. 
  • You should also need some identified cards, credit or debit, and other documents you need in the long run.


To help avoid common problems and hassle during your lodging, we have listed some recommendations regarding your camper’s equipment and appliances that might need an upgrade. You could browse the following items to find different machines and materials reviews.

  • RV GPS– getting lost would cost you money and extra time and effort. So, to avoid this problem, we recommend getting the best RV GPS for your camp. You can get them at any store near your place. 
  • RV Air conditioner Traveling in comfort could double the fun; to have cold and stress-free getaways; we recommend choosing the best RV air conditioner. 
  • RV Humidifier– To keep your camper cool and well-ventilated, we recommend choosing the best RV Humidifier available in RV stores near you. 
  • RV Toilet Paper– An essential thing on your hygiene kit is toilet tissue, especially when traveling to different places. So, we recommend getting the Best RV Toilet suitable for your RV to avoid the stress of dealing with a clogged waste system. 
  • RV Sewer Hose. To avoid the stress, hassle, and discomfort of having a stinky camper, we recommended getting the best RV sewer hose to Improve your RV’s waste management system.


Big Oaks family campground would undoubtedly keep you busy and entertained, from the campsite activities to the nearby attractions you could visit too! Being the closest site to RB Del Beach, this campsite makes visitors come back!

Wherever you camp, thorough planning is always a must. We hope we have given you the general information needed through the article to help you plan your next camp trip. 

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