The Best Campgrounds in Iowa and the Must-Know Before Camping in the Area

Iowa is home to wonderful RV parks and camp areas where you can get to enjoy its rolling hills. Aside from its rolling hills, you will get to see its majestic cliffs, flatlands, and bluffs that will leave a core memory in your brain. Furthermore, if you plan to rest and recharge your brain and body from a tiring week, Iowa is the perfect place to be. 

For you to enjoy these beautiful things in Iowa, camping in RV parks is the most suitable way to do so. Now that you have a hint of what will welcome you in Iowa, we will give you all you need to know to prepare you for your trip to any RV parks or camps. Just be with us until the end of this article, and we assure you that you will already pack up for beautiful campgrounds in Iowa after this. 

Why you should go camping with the best camp areas in Iowa

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Since Iowa is home to the USA’s fantastic RV parks and camp areas, it is popular with the most valued adventurers, tourists, and campers worldwide. From incredible skies, majestic lakes, and towering trees, all are here in Iowa. It doesn’t stop there because Iowa is known for farming and fishing. If you dream of peaceful country life, you are lucky to know that Iowa is the perfect place for you to camp. 

There is still a lot to explore in Iowa, and here are some of the things that will excite you to visit this fantastic place.


Everything you value in an adventure is almost here. We can guarantee that you will surely get it from camps and RV parks with excellent reviews if you are here to relax and unwind. Furthermore, we suggest staying for not just one day! One day is not enough to sink in everything from this magical place. Make sure to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunsets in its beautiful skies and lakes when in camps and RV parks with fantastic reviews. 

Besides, some caves and lakes are waiting for you. Its mysterious caves scream for you to explore its deep wonders and let the world know how they treat a wandering heart. There are lots to experience in this place. Make sure to stop by and enjoy.


Aside from nature’s wonders, there is human-made happiness in this place, like RV parks and camps with beautiful reviews. It starts from the Amana colonies that are intriguingly fun. Amana colonies offer a guided tour from May to October. These tour guides will tour you and give detailed facts about the historic sites in the vicinity. They have RV parks with excellent reviews as well. 

Just a reminder, touring around the Amana colonies with a guide is better experienced with a group. Did you know that Amana colonies has something to offer for family campers and even for specific groups of campers? For families, they offer food samples from the Chocolate Haus. Besides, the Schanz Furniture shop will let you see how they make their handicrafts. 

Furthermore, if you wonder how a blanket became a blanket from scratch, Amana Woolen Mill will let you witness how each strand of string became a warm blanket. Of course, they have something for the kids too. The Noble Stone has a pebble pit where kids can dig exceptional fossils and a particular type of rock and mining sluice. 

The Old Creamery Theatre has scheduled plays from April to December if you are fond of moving arts. You can check their website to see their schedule of plays. Now, if your kid loves adventure, the Amana Colonies Bike trail is open for young people to biking and hiking. 

On top of that, Iowa rivers welcome you to try on their kayaks and canoe. If you get tired from this rigorous activity, you can chill down by fishing in the pristine waters. At night, stargazing is the one they highlight the most. This place is for you to heal and recharge yourself with nature naturally. Besides, let the night breeze blow on your face as you look up at the dark starry night. 

If you want a rural experience, Iowa is the perfect place for you.

  • Delicious food and treats

If you want to travel for food, Ames, Iowa, is the perfect place to make your food travel dream come true! Here in Iowa, they have many restaurants with different menus to choose from. It’s impossible not to like any restaurant —for example, Zombie Burger in Des Moines and Cup of Joe from Cedar Falls. If, by chance, your mood is keeping you from enjoying any restaurants in the vicinity, which we doubt, you can get a cob of corn. The corn in Iowa is perfect in the whole United States of America. Some RV parks with fantastic reviews have nearby cafes and restaurants for you to explore. Go for yourself and give it some kind of review as well. 

  • Four Seasons in one place

Of all the states in the USA, Iowa has the most magical spring ever based on reviews! This place has all programs available for each type of season. There will be no dull moments visiting this place any time of the year in this sense. 

  • Amusement Parks

You can visit the fantastic Adventureland to experience shouting your lungs out of excitement while camping. You will always see this in reviews. All the rides in this theme park will surely make you want to come back here. Aside from that, the kids will surely enjoy this place because it resembles Disneyland. Here are the different theme lands inside the Adventureland:

  • Adventure Bay –  this is home to the Kokomo Kove water play area. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Alpine Village/Bavaria – if you want something German, this will give it to you. Here you will see Sky Ride, Rathskeller concession, and Alpine Arcade. Besides, they have Bier Garten featuring TV sets and German beers that you will surely love. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Bernie’s Barnyard – this is made especially for kids. It is a playground meant for kids. It has food stalls that cater to kiddie foods and has two kiddie attractions – Shakin Bacon and Junior Jockeys. You will always see this in reviews.
  • The boulevard – has several significant rides. One is the Giant Sky Wheel. This one is the largest Ferris wheel ever since G.W. Ferris built their Ferris wheels in 1893. 
  • County Fair – this rural-themed roller coaster called Tornado will make you scream out loud as it performs its stomach-churning twist and turns. Of course, it is an excellent part of every theme park. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Dragon Island: Before, it was known as the Riverview. In the 1990s, it was renamed Dragon Island when they opened the Dragon roller coaster. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Iowa Farm – this holds small concession stands with a giant pig. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Last Frontier – This site has a western theme and is home to the Golden Nugget is shooting gallery and Sheriff Sam’s Saloon. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Main Street – this is where the visitor will first land on upon entering. This one is where the train usually rounds up, and the gift shops are situated here. The review about this is fantastic.
  • Outlaw Gulch – prepare to get spooky as the ghost town here scares you. You will always see this in reviews.
  • River City – the Mississippi River Towns inspired this. Since the founder of Adventureland is a fan of New Orleans style jazz, there is a background of jazz and zydeco all over the place. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Space Shot Midway – this area has bumper cars popular with kids and The Underground, a dark ride, and a roller coaster. You will always see this in reviews.
  • Iowa’s Capital – Des Moines, IA

This place is the largest city in the United States of America. The review about this is fantastic.

This state always has art festivals and free museums. Also, Adventureland is in this city. Aside from that, this is one of the states you want to live in. Some of the counties on top of the list as the most liveable places are Johnson County, Dallas County, Story County, Polk County, and Sioux County. Furthermore, included on the list are Scott County, Linn County, Dubuque County, Bremer County, Winneshiek County, Woodbury County, Warren County, Jefferson County, Hancock County, and Black Hawk Dickinson County, and Grundy County.

  • The RV Parks and camp areas have the best reviews. 

Looking for suitable RV parks for your demands is quite tiring to do. In that sense, we have here some of the RV parks with good reviews. 

  • Ted’s RV Park with a four-star rating and good reviews. The reviews show that RV Parks like this are conveniently clean and very quiet among other RV Parks. 
  • Lakeside Casino Resort RV parks have four-star ratings and good reviews. The reviews show that these RV parks have the right shade and wide pull-through for trailers. 
  • Kellogg RV Parks have five-star ratings and beautiful reviews. Guest’s reviews about RV parks like this include that the burger at the cafe is delicious. 
  • Interstate RV Parks have four-star ratings and beautiful reviews. The reviews for these RV parks include the right shade and grass area but gravel and level enough. 
  • Amana RV Parks and Event Center have four-star ratings and beautiful reviews. The reviews for these RV parks include friendly staff. 
  • Lazy Acres RV Parks have five-star ratings and beautiful reviews. The reviews for RV parks like this include the clean and spacious site. 
  • On-Ur-Wa RV Parks have five-star ratings and beautiful reviews. The reviews from RV parks like this include many nearby establishments to explore, like restaurants with quality reviews. 
  • Lil’ Bit of Country RV Parks has five-star ratings and beautiful reviews. The reviews for RV parks like this say several churches near RV parks like this. Some reviews say that RV parks are clean and have some fire pits. 
  • Crossroads RV Parks have five-star ratings and beautiful reviews. Reviews for RV parks like this say that the RV parks are laid out and very chill. 
  • The People 

In every place you visit, the people welcoming you have always impacted the overall experience. The review about this is fantastic. If you experience something terrible with someone in a foreign place, would you like to visit again? Of course not. But that is not the case in Iowa. The people here are fantastic. They are known to be the tremendous cooks in America as they always feature what they love cooking in the State Fair. Aside from that, they treat each other with respect. Being rude in this state is a big no!

Best Campgrounds in Iowa for you to find and travel

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Now that you know everything good about Iowa, we know that you are itching already to go and camp out in this beautiful state. We got you there because we will give you a list of the fantastic RV parks and camp areas in Iowa for you to choose from. 

Riverview Ridge Campground: Campsites and RV Parks

Situated at 24224 Riverview Rd, Cascade, IA, 52033 is the Riverview Ridge Campground. The place boasts 80 acres of terrain and 10 miles of trails, making it perfect for campers to stop by. The excellent trails and terrain in this campsite are exciting enough to make your heart skip a beat the moment you step into this campsite. Cascade is in the city of Dubuque and Jones County. Dubuque County is a part of the Dubuque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city is in the southwestern part of Dubuque County, IA, and north-central of Jones county, IA. 

Tons of reviews online suggest that this campsite is a real gem to find in Iowa. As the place flaunts natural soothing beauty to the guest, everybody is thrilled to book their next stay at this campsite. Right now, it is one of the top-ranked RV parks and campsites in the IA, United States of America, because of its unwavering dedication to offering its guests what they deserve to unwind and enjoy. Furthermore, the Riverview Ridge campsite respects campers’ privacy. That is why each site has a fair amount of space for each motorhome. Here, it will look like a community of Rvs because of each motorhome’s spacing territory, which is essential if you want a peaceful escapade. 

You will experience the spacious RV sites and spacious tents perfect for a beautiful escapade at the campsite. The ten-mile trail is ideal for a peaceful walk to let you sip in your favorite coffee while strolling on the beauty of nature. Aside from that, this trail is available to all campers. In addition to this trail, if you want a more adventurous hike, you can take the steep hills and bluff vicinity following the North Fork of Maquoketa River. This location will indeed occupy your mind with the wonders of nature, leaving all those negative vibes away. 

The state parks near Riverview Ridge are Wapsipinicon State Park, Bellevue State Park, Backbone State Park, Pikes Peak State Park, Mississippi Palisades State Park, Maquoketa Caves, and Palisades-Kepler State Park. The waters are also connected, including Leisure Lake, Wildwood lake, Central Park Lake, and South Lake. The review about this is fantastic.

And who said that kids only get to play in this campground? One of the things you can enjoy is wholesome that any age bracket can want by their groups or combined. Just check out their calendar for the suitable season for fishing bass, carps, and catfish, depending on your preference. If you are fond of board games, they have this in the Eastern buildings. On the other hand, if you want to take someone for a romantic movie date, they have a big screen specially made for movie marathons. Now, if you want a more physically demanding group game, they have two playgrounds meant for volleyball and horseshoe pits for you to play on. 

Another fantastic thing about this campground is that they have available rentals for you to explore the river lazily. Don’t worry. They will guide you back through the woods. Floating in the river is one way of relaxing and unwinding that will make you want to go back to the stressful corporate world. 

Now that we are sure this entices you enough to camp out in this campground, we will give you a piece of brief information about their rates. The daily rate for Memorial day up to labor day for an RV with a full hookup costs $40 to $60. s This includes sewer, water, and electricity with no meter charge. RVs availing electricity and water only will be $35 to $50 and $30 to $40 for no hookups. To reserve the weekends, they require a minimum of 2 nights’ stays at the campsite. To secure a site in the campsite during holidays and events, they need 3, 4, or 5 nights of stay. The highest rates apply for holidays, Jones County Fair Week, and Field of Dream games. Weekly rates range from $175 – $265 depending on the inclusions you will avail of. 

Please give them a heads up two weeks for regular days or 30 days during holidays, Jones County Fair, and Field of Dreams week before your reservation for cancelation for any refund. If it goes beyond the said period, there will be no refunds. Besides, the campsite will not be able to reserve your accommodation until March the following year. Check-in time is 1 PM until dusk, and check-out time is before noon. $10 charge will apply for early arrivals or late departures. 
To book your campsite, you can reserve it at Furthermore, they are open for camping from March 1 to October 31. You may contact them at 563 543-1258 or email them at


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Riverview Ridge camp area owners bought the place as a personal piece of land for them to enjoy. Later on, as the vicinity’s beauty sinks into their heart, they thought of sharing it with the public by transforming it into a campsite. Since 2008, they have offered RV and Tent camping in the vicinity. Aside from camping, they evaluate yearly to make sure that they meet the guests’ demands fairly.

Fair enough, they have been adding more attractions and programs to the RV parks/camp areas and waiting for you to try them on. 

Campsite Natural Assets

This campsite is at the North Fork of Maquoketa river in Eastern Iowa, Jones County, IA, America’s heartland. Furthermore, IA’s Riverview Ridge campsite is among the limestone bluffs and majestic riverbanks near Cascade, Iowa. In this sense, most Riverview Ridge campsite activities highlight the spectacular natural resources in the area. 

Name:Riverview Ridge Campground
Address: 24224 Riverview Rd, Cascade, IA, 52033
Check-In Time:1 PM
Check-Out Time:12 Noon
Operating Times:March 1 to October 31
Rate: RV Full Hook Up – $40 – $60

RV Water and Electricity – $35 – $50

RV No Hook Up – $30-$40

Weekly – $175- $265
Map Link: 
Hotline:563 543-1258 


Situated at 4338 North West 94th Place, Ankeny is Cherry Glen Campground. This place is proud to have you in its 26,000 acres lake vicinity in Saylorville, among your options. This campsite offers a significant site for campers to fit 125 family sites with the proper territorial spacing in each. Cherry Glen campsite is glad to invite you to its vicinity to enjoy the wildlife residing in its area. 

Guests will be happy to know that these RV parks/camp areas offer to let them enjoy the pristine waters of Saylorville lake. You can explore it by boating, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and other swimming opportunities. You will love the fact that they will let you experience real-life fishing. Furthermore, the Saylorville Lake is home to walleye, wiper, largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and northern pike. The lake is also connected to other lakes like Big Creek Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and Fisher Lake. The review about this is fantastic.

This campsite gives excellent amenities to serve its guests with the utmost respect. One of them is the paved trail that most guests love because they will enjoy the view. They have a playground suitable for kids and young at heart. Their parking area is well-paved as well, making sure your Rvs or personal vehicle is secure. Good news for pet parents because this campsite welcomes your furry babies as well. 

Besides, they have friendly, accessible flush toilets and showers for a better camping experience. They have a dump station, picnic tables, and fire pits to enjoy a camping experience fully. They have boat ramps and drinking water that the guests love and the shade that the majestic trees give to campers. It secures them from extreme sun rays during summers and noontime. It gives them a cool breeze as the wind passes by to the leaves and branches of the towering trees. 

Near Cherry Glen, camp areas are Big Creek State Park, Walnut Woods State Park, Margo Frankel Woods State Park, and Ledges State Park.

Now that you have this necessary information about Cherry Glen campsite, you must know how it will cost you to enjoy its beauty. Their camp areas range from $22 to $26 per night, depending on the campsite that you will choose. You will get the option of adding some types of equipment. Individual sites operate in a six-month rolling period. Their peak season started from April 15 to October 16 in 2021. 
To book your campsite, you can reserve it at They are open from April 15 to October 16. You may contact them at 515 964-8792.


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This campsite is the oldest and most popular campsite on the lake in your options. Cherry Glen campsite offers a great paved trail system called the Neal Smith Trail, 24 miles from Des Moines to Big Creek State Park. By the way, this nice trail is designated as the National Recreational Trail, best used for biking, hiking, jogging, and inline skating. Aside from that, the programs that you can enjoy at Cherry Glen Campground include wildlife viewing, hunting, interpretative ventures, camping, and watersports. They value preserving hunting culture as well.


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This campsite lets you experience the wonder of nature by sightseeing the wildlife present in the campsite’s vicinity. The owners value the wildlife available in the vicinity. Aside from that, the 13-acre wooded ridge is abundant with natural resources. You will get to see white-tailed deer, turkeys, waterfowls, and other small game animals that roam around the lake’s lands. 

Name:Cherry Glen Campground
Address: 4338 North West 94th Place, Ankeny, IA
Check-In Time:3 PM
Check-Out Time:11 AM
Operating Times:Seasonal 
Availability will be released from April 15, 2021,
to July 12, 202.
Rate: $22 – $26 per night.
Map Link: 
Hotline:515 964-8792


This campsite is situated at 6561 NE 46th Street Altoona, Iowa 50009. Also, the place boasts 142 sites available for campers. Besides, they are known for long-time reservations. Aside from that, they are near some local attractions that will surely make you enticed to visit. 

This campsite offers a lot of comfort for their campers. It includes wifi internet, private showers, laundry, and restrooms. Besides that, you can unwind with their recreational pond for fishing or enjoy the waters’ gushing as it washes away your stress. If you want to have a laid-back relaxation, you can try meditating in their recreation room. On top of that, they have coin games available for campers. 

This campsite is open to all age brackets. In regards to that, they have playground equipment with lots of activities that the children will love to explore. Adults and kids can explore this at the same time. Of course, Griff’s Valley has something for the grown-ups and big daddies. That is the game room pool table. Here, you can meet some other campers and who knows, they might be your new camping friends. 

Besides, they have exercise equipment available, ideal for long-time campers. Short stay campers are welcome to use this amenity, especially if they want to get fit. You will love the laundry area for short-stay campers, especially if you want to bring home soiled clothes. The review about this is fantastic.

The highlight of this campsite is that it is next door to lots of local attractions. The nearest one is the Adventureland Amusement Park, which is just 2 miles away from the campground. If you have kids with you, brace yourself for their shrieks indicating they want to go there. Aside from that, Prairie Meadows Casino and Horse Racetrack are just waving nearby. Iowa State Fair Grounds is only 7.5 miles waiting for your visit. Twelve miles from the campground is Downtime Des Moines, home to Civic Center, Wells Fargo Arena/HyVEe Center, Vets Auditorium, Historical Museum Building, and Iowa State Capitol. Besides, Sioux city is just a few miles away from here. From Adventureland and Amusement Park, Sioux City is 160 miles away. The parks near Griff’s Valley are Pammel State Park and Badger Creek. It is also near Sunset Lakes RV Resort. 

Campers with pets are welcome in this campground. But they have to comply with Griff’s Valley View RV Parks and camp areas’ rules to avoid any mishaps in their stay. For you to secure the campground’s safety and the campers, any possession and use of illegal drugs are prohibited. If you do so, you will be evicted, and the management will forfeit your prepaid rent. They respect their campers, who are early risers. That is why they ask all of their campers to minimize the noise after 10 PM. They are very strict when it comes to cleanliness. 

Within 10 to 20 miles from the RV parks/camp areas, you will get to explore the Botanical Center, Science Center, Iowa Cubs, Art Center, Living History Farms, and Blank Park Zoo. On the other hand, the campground has two storm shelters to secure their guest’s safety from harsh weather conditions. 

This campground is available for long-term campers all year round. The RV parks/camp areas’ rates are $30 for a daily rate, $150 for those staying for a week, and $450 for a month and long-term stay. During winter, they have added electricity usage fees. Make sure to give the campground office a call for a reservation as it is required in securing a site in their campground. They accept MC, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Cash, and Checks for payments. 
To book your RV campsite, you may reserve through For emergencies and other inquiries, contact 515-967-5474.

Campsite History and Interesting Facts

In 2001, Ted and Carol Grifieon decided to open a campground with 60 gravel sites. As time passed, they have expanded their campground to today’s 142 sites that are all paved concrete, full hookup, and 30 and 50 AMP service. Their unwavering dedication to providing the best to their guests makes them think of making two storm shelters and coin-operated laundry and private showers. Their storm shelters are all underground, and the largest one has a game room and lodge area with a full kitchen to accommodate the guest securely. 

Campsite Natural Assets

Although most of the assets inside are human-made, you will still feel in touch with nature as you find peace in this campground. Besides, the refreshing pond is available for fishing. Just make sure that you are responsible enough while on the pond because they don’t have any lifeguards available in the area. 

Name:Griff’s Valley View RV Park and Campground
Address: 6561 NE 46th Street Altoona, Iowa 50009
Check-In Time:None. But reservations are required.
Check-Out Time:None. But reservations are required.
Operating Times:All-year-round
Rate: Daily $30
Weekly – $150
Monthly and Long Term – $450 
Map Link: 

Preparation Before Camping: Best Travel Needs

Leaving your home to set up somewhere to relax is sometimes underestimated by some who forget to prepare appropriately. On the other hand, others became too excited that they almost brought everything they had. To ensure that you will only get what is necessary, check out some of the checklists that we will provide you. 


Travelling is one of the perfect ways to relieve stress and relax. The unwinding experience that a road trip can give is exceptional. Once you hit the road, you will feel no turning back. But what if you face some problems along the way or when you are already at the campsite. Here are some of our suggestions to avoid the stress of dealing with these kinds of predicted problems. 

RV Awning Lights: Keeping good lighting for your RV will make you feel secure and comfortable. It is best to invest in upgrading your RV Awning Lights to make sure that there will be no dark moments in your escapades. The review about this is fantastic.

RV Recliners: Long drives to some of the beautiful places are tiring. Yes, we know that you will feel relieved once you are at the place after that long tiring trip. To make sure that you will have a great rest in your RV, upgrade your seats into one of these. The review about this is fantastic.

RV Awning Cleaner: Maintaining your RV Awnings is either stressful or stress-free. To avoid getting stressed cleaning your awnings, make sure to have Rv awning cleaners with you. The review about this is fantastic.

Other Travel Essentials

Packing up sometimes makes someone pack too much or too little for their needs. To have a hassle-free adventure, always have a checklist of what you must bring in your experiences.

Shelter and Comfort – Shelter and comfort needs include sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping mats, tables and chairs, lights, gadgets, and accessories. Every person feels comfortable differently, so sort out what you can live without and start from there. 

Weatherproof items will include jackets, shoals, sunglasses, and footwear. It will depend on the season that you are going to adventure on. Keep in touch with the weather forecast report to keep you updated. 

Kitchen Essentials and Food: Of course, this is something that you must not forget. It is a struggle to be away with no food and anything to cook on. 

Hygiene and First Aid – clean is the topmost priority, especially on your travel. Remember you are not at home to have your private room look. Also, a first aid kit is always handy for any emergencies. 
Permits and Licences – securing permits in Iowa comes in for the RV and the secondary vehicle. Annual permits cost $40 while $15 for secondary vehicles.


Iowa is one of the significant camping areas in the United States of America. To enjoy its incredible beauty is to achieve a different relaxation level that you will not get anywhere. So pack up and book a reservation to the RV parks/camp areas suggested in this article, and happy trip!

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