Preparation 101: The Must-Dos Before Camping in Kansas RV Parks and Campgrounds and the Outdoor Ethics

Camping gives you a great deal of adventure. The benefits you can get from doing adventures in a campground are endless. The human brain releases dopamine and serotonin when engaging in activities like camping, meditating, spending time with nature, and other activities that contribute to our feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. As such, it is a great stress-reliever. Without a doubt, reconnecting with nature through going off the grid has positive mental and physical effects on humans. 

Having established that doing adventures in a campground possesses numerous beneficial effects on humans. Through this article, we will help you get acquainted with the tips and tricks to make your campground experience fun-filled and successful. 

Why go on an adventure in Kansas State Parks?

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Kansas is divided into six regions; the Northwest, Southwest, North Central, South Central, Northeast, and the Southeast. Boondocking in America’s heartland means enjoying the sunrise and sundown in one of the 28 state parks of Kansas. It means getting to see the picturesque sceneries in its rock formations and plains. At the same time, driving to Kansas means learning history by getting to visit historical sites. 

Gifted with many majestic wonders, Kansas offers its visitors a plethora of naturally elegant sites. You may stroll through the Monument Rocks in Gove County. You can take IG-worthy sunset photos in Flint Hills in Eastern Kansas. You may relax by enjoying the view of the historic Native Stone Scenic Byway in Alma. Undoubtedly, Kansas deserves a spot on your go-to list.

RV Camping in Kansas Campgrounds and State Parks

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RV camping in Kansas opens you to a plethora of various activities you can enjoy. Apart from a relaxing camping treat, you have the option to disc golf in Clinton State Park, hike and bike through the Flint Hills Trail State Park, play archery in Webster State Park, canoe and kayak in Tuttle Creek, and shoot in Hillsdale State Park. It is possible to enjoy horseback riding and hunting in certain areas. 

With all the fun-filled activities and eye-catching sceneries in Kansas, going to the Sunflower State will surely give you a good time!

Things to do Before Traveling to the Campgrounds in Kansas

While outdoor activities bring out the youthful energy in you, doing adventures in a Kansas campground demands careful planning and accomplishing a long things-to-do list. Careful planning means determining your adventure duration and choosing your destination. With this, you will specify the number of foodstuffs, toiletries, and other personal items you will be carrying with you. Planning also helps you determine the typing of clothing you must bring with you. Planning is the ultimate method to prevent disappointment.

For the sake of organization, we shall divide preparation into three significant parts. The first part is all about your recreational vehicle. The second portion is the establishment of essentials you have to carry with you for the trip. The three and last part is all about your chosen Kansas campground.  

Preparing Your RV for Kansas National Parks

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Your recreational vehicle is your ultimate best friend and lifeblood in your outdoor adventure across Kansas. It will not realize your envisioned fun-filled trip if it won’t cooperate. As such, it is of extreme importance to conduct a thorough inspection of your recreational vehicle. You have to ensure that your RV is in good condition to avoid untoward accidents.

You may commence checking your vehicle by zooming into vehicular technicalities. It would be best to inspect your batteries, transmission, brake fluid, engine, coolant fluid levels, windshield washer, power steering, generator, and oil. It would be best if you checked your RV’s gauge, lights, and tires.   

You don’t want to go without checking your wheels’ air pressure or ensuring that your gauges provide accurate readings. You must also thoroughly check the vehicle’s seams to prevent possible leakages while traveling. Particles, rusting, and unexpected weather changes can trigger leakages, which we know you wouldn’t like, so it’s good to check both the interior and exterior of your RV. 

The onslaught of climate change contributes to the unpredictability of the weather. As such, sudden changes in the weather conditions may potentially pose a threat to your Rv’s exteriors. Thus, it is advantageous to protect your vehicle with an RV cover

Before going to your campsite in Kansas, it is better to ensure that your water tank is full. Inspect also and be sure that your grey and black tanks are empty. Also, make sure that your propane tank is functioning. 

Camping may entail going to completely off-the-grid campsites. Off-the-grid campsites pertain to the campgrounds that do not have electrical hookups. Ensuring that you bring the best RV generator suitable for your needs is necessary. Efficient and wise energy consumption will provide you with a more convenient trip. Anne energy-efficient travel means unplugging unused onboard appliances, utilizing LED lights, and enjoying fresh air instead of using air conditioners. 

Since using an RV, it becomes less stressful to carry a toolbox. This material will be of great help should you encounter minor or significant vehicular issues along the way. It is ideal for a toolbox to contain multi-bit screwdrivers, hammers, tape measure, zip ties, wire cutters, thread seal tape, spare tires, and the likes.  

It is vital to follow these steps to have a safe outdoor experience in Kansas. Should you encounter too complex vehicular difficulties, it is prudent to visit your repairman before heading to your Kansas campground.

The Camping Essentials for Traveling to Campsites in Kansas

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After inspecting your RV’s overall performance, there are still many things to consider before heading to Kansas. These include your onboard devices, foodstuffs, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items you might need sooner or later during the duration of the trip.   

To tick off that long list, you may start checking your onboard appliances like the refrigerator, coffee maker, air conditioners, and other machines found inside the RV. You have to be sure that all of them are well-conditioned. 

It is also essential not to forget your maps, guide books, compass, GPS watches, and other devices that should point you in the right direction while in Kansas. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is something that you wouldn’t want to happen.  

Having proper food storage or containers would prevent unwanted spoilage and make your foodstuff arrangement more organized for your foodstuffs. It would be better to purchase foods with a longer storage life that do not require refrigeration. However, do not compromise your health by not having vegetables and fruits onboard; be sure to consume them before they get rotten. Furthermore, since the human body needs to drink eight glasses of water daily, do not forget to bring more than enough water supply. 

As for your hygienic needs, you have to bring your soap, body wash, body scrub, shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, deodorant, cologne, and Other cleaning stuff. It would be prudent to organize them using containers. It helps conserve water by carrying hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and antibacterial rubbing alcohol. 

If you are under certain medications, do not forget to carry them with you along with your first-aid kit. Your first-aid kit shall have antibacterial wound cleaning agents, insect repellants, bondage, cold packs, and the likes.

Next on the list is pieces of clothing. Nothing beats having a comfortable experience. Comfort is heavily defined by the apparel and footwear you have at your disposal. Should you camp during the winter season, it’s prudent to carry winter jackets and clothes. On the other hand, boondocking in summer would mean bringing slippers, shorts, and loose t-shirts. Thus, it would help determine your location’s climate and be prepared for sudden changes in the temperature.

Other vital materials are cleaning agents. You have to carry with you dishwashing liquids, trash bags, laundry powders, and other cleaning liquids that would help maintain your RV and your campsite’s cleanliness. It is essential to remember that having a sanitized place prevents you from getting sick. 

Should you have extra space inside the vehicle, you may opt to bring with you a shade structure, folding chairs, portable fire pits, matches, lighters, and folding tables. Getting these items will surely enhance your outdoor experience. Furthermore, these materials will help you have a taste of a surreal campfire experience. 

It would be great to have a cup of hot coffee and your favorite book in the serene moments before sunrise. Thus, do not forget to grab your favorite books, magazines, and other literary materials that will help you ease boredom should it haunt you. You may also consider bringing your favorite board games.  

Last but not least, you must carry flashlights and spare batteries. You may consider bringing pepper sprays and a baseball bat for added protection.    

Apart from the extensive list, RV Camping offers a mechanism for organizing and categorizing your essentials to prepare for your trip effectively. However, it is vital to personalize the said list by inserting other things you think you might need in the long run. Great stories come from unforgettable, fun-filled moments. As such, preparation is a critical aspect that shapes the outcome of your outdoor adventure. 

With all the materials mentioned above, you are now more than ready to venture into the rejuvenating world of Kansas RV camping.

Knowing Your Kansas Campsite: Reservations, Permits, and Regulations

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After rigorous preparation, the next logical step is knowing your Kansas campground. You have to check whether or not you will need to possess camp reservations and permits. You also have to know their costs. 

RV Camping in the state parks of Kansas entails paying a motor vehicle permit fee and the daily camping fee. The daily fees range from $4 to $12. Meanwhile, the daily cost for a vehicle permit ranges from $5 to $6.
Some state parks in Kansas require reservations; on the other hand, some campgrounds follow the first-come, first-serve basis scheme. You can choose and reserve your campsite through the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s official website. You may also book your spot by calling the KDWPT Operations Office at (620) 672-5911. Since Kansas is a paradise for campers, it is advantageous to reserve your place in advance to avoid problems when you arrive.

The Proper Etiquette for State Park RV Campers

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Do Not Be A Douchebag

Refrain from being entitled; always remember that you have neighbors who are also RV campers. You have to respect the quiet hours of the campgrounds. Do not utilize your RV generators in the wee hours. Neither would it look ethical to play loud music at around 1 in the morning. Tone down your voice to not disturb campers who are already sleeping. To camp responsibly means to respect other campers.    

Leave No Trace

Always carry a trash bag with you to keep your rubbish. Do not throw your trash wherever you like. Never littler within the campgrounds and its vicinity. Also, dump your Grey and black tanks wastes in the proper dumping station. Kansas is a beautiful place; do not destroy its landscape with your rubbish.  

Respect Wildlife

Kansas is a hot spot for rich wildlife. It is also an excellent place for hunting. However, you should know whether you will need a special permit for hunting activities in Kansas or not. Do not inflict physical pain on other lifeforms; this applies to plants and animals. To camp responsibly also means to respect the flora and fauna of the area.


Kansas RV camping opens you to a great deal of adventure. Furthermore, it also gives you numerous beneficial effects, both for the mind and body. Undoubtedly, many people across the US like outdoor activities, some even camp for the entire year.

While it requires a thorough inspection and extensive preparations, we all know that a camping experience will expose us to fun-filled adventures and lifelong practical lessons. These adventures will make us believe that life is not that stressful. Meanwhile, the valuable lifelong lessons we can get will make us braver, more independent, and wiser.    

Going to Kansas is an excellent investment for the soul. Camping in the sunflower state can surely quench your thirst for an unusual adventure. Driving in the plains of Kansas will surely put a smile on your face. So what are you waiting for? Start planning and commence checking your recreational vehicle now! The sunflower state of Kansas is waiting for your arrival and yearning to welcome you!

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