Cedar Breaks Park

How to Get There

how to get there

You can easily get to Cedar Breaks Park by taking I-35. After departing I-35, you will take Farm to Market Road 2338 west for about three and a half miles until you reach D.B. Wood Road. then, turn left and continue straight for another two and a half miles.

You’ll turn right onto Cedar Breaks Road and follow the posted signs the rest of the way to the park.

Cost to Book

You can easily get to Cedar B

Rates vary per year, but as of 2020, the following rates and fees apply.

In 2020, the standard electric rate during peak season is $26 per night. This does not vary depending on the time of the week or how full the park is. These posted rates are expected to apply for peak seasons during 2021 and 2022 as well, but do not reflect taxes, incremental charges, or discounts.

Major Features and Amenities

Major Features and Amenities
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Some of the park’s most notable amenities include:

  • Flush toilets (most of which are fully accessible)
  • Day use area
  • Boat ramp
  • Fishing dock
  • Parking areas (many of which are paved)
  • Paved roads
  • Paved campsites
  • Picnic shelters
  • Showers
  • Parking at trailheads
  • Lean tos/camping shelters
  • Electric (50 amp) and water hookups
  • BBQ pits
  • Dump station

With 59 reservable campsites and a long list of amenities, Cedar Breaks Park is one of the top camping destinations in the state of Texas. It’s great for day visitors, too – there are two separate group picnic shelters, making it an ideal spot for barbeques, family reunions, and other large parties.

Cedar Breaks Park sits on Lake Georgetown, a reservoir on the northern fork of central Texas’ San Gabriel River. In 1979, a dam was constructed to control flooding and provide water for nearby Georgetown. Today, the lake remains useful as it provides endless recreational opportunities for outdoor adventurers.

For the most part, each site is level (there are some along the lake that are not as flat) and has a covered picnic table. Each table has a concrete slab beneath it as well as a wooden patio cover to keep you out of the sun or rain. There are dumpsters for garbage at the entrance to the campground. There is fencing between designated paths down to the lake, with mowing done up to the encline.

Eight people are allowed per campsite, with two vehicles per site with overflow parking available.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions
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Head to nearby Georgetown, and you’ll have plenty of additional amenities and activities to enjoy. The historic downtown area is home to numerous restaurants and shops. Regular events and concerts are also frequently offered, and there are plenty of gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores so you can stock up on the essentials.

Georgetown is home to many natural wonders, including the Inner Space Cavern, which offers regular guided tours. You can also explore Blue Hole Park, a scenic lagoon bordered by towering bluffs, or Berry Springs Park and Preserve. Other destinations to explore include Southwest Williamson County Regional Park, the Williamson Museum, San Gabriel park, and Garey Park.

In Georgetown, there is truly something for everyone!

In Georgetown, there is truly something for everyone!
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Don’t forget that you’re only about half an hour from Austin, too. In Austin, you’ll enjoy access to the Texas Capitol along with other top destinations for outdoor activities like McKinney Falls State Park, Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Nature Preserve, Mount Bonnell, and Lake Travis. You can also take in historical attractions like the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge and the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

And you can’t pass up on the regular concerts and cultural events held in Austin, either!

Cedar Breaks Park is also only 12 miles to Round Rock, where you can watch the Express AAA baseball games when in season.

Why It’s Awesome

Why It’s Awesome
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Named for the abundance of cedar in the surrounding forests, the name “Cedar Breaks”’ is anything but a misnomer. This park is absolutely gorgeous and provides visitors with unparalleled access to beautiful scenery and exciting outdoor adventures.

Like boating? Lake Georgetown is one of the best places in the area to take a spin, and going for a boat ride is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of the lake. There’s a boat ramp on site for guests, too.

The lake also offers some superior fishing opportunities. The lake contains all kinds of species. While it’s best known for its abundance of smallmouth bass, it also contains channel catfish, white crappie, white bass, black bass, hybrid stripers, and flathead catfish.

If fishing isn’t your style, keep in mind that there are plenty of hiking opportunities here, too. The San Gabriel River Trail, a 26-mile rugged hiking trail, winds through open grasslands, hardwood bottomlands, and stands of juniper. It travels all the way around Georgetown Lake through the dam and is a superior destination for both biking and hiking. The Crockett Gardens Falls trail is another popular hiking trail here. It is a six-mile round trip hike that can be continued further around the lake for a longer walk.

You can even hunt, in some cases, at Cedar Breaks Park. Although hunting can be done by permit only, there are plenty of game species to go after, including squirrel, dove, waterfowl, whitetail deer, and rabbit.

Other activities to enjoy include paddling, kayaking, birdwatching, and picnicking. There are some amazing opportunities to partake in authentic wilderness experiences here, too. Although there is no water access for swimming, you’ll enjoy close encounters with wild deer and plenty of opportunities for all-seasons or winter camping.

Pets are allowed here and the park staff is friendly. With a fully staffed facility, Cedar Breaks Park is home to employees who want to help to the greatest extent possible, whether that’s in finding a place to eat or figuring out whether your RV will fit into your campsite. Though friendly, the staff also makes sure park rules are enforced so that all campers can enjoy their stay. They make regular rounds to check the grounds.

The park is also remarkably safe. It’s just a short walk to the restrooms from any campsite, and none are too close to the road. You’ll likely be able to see the lake from any site, and all campsites have street lights that are close enough by so that you can see without any other light. The front gate is open and staffed from 10 am to 6 pm. Otherwise, the park has automatic gates that are coded for the safety of the campers.

A beautifully shaded campground, it’s just a few minutes from Georgetown yet doesn’t feel urban or crowded in the slightest. The campgrounds are quiet and offer plenty of recreational opportunities. There is good cell phone coverage, but many campers report that you won’t even want to use it – waking up next to the lake is a serene enough experience that you’ll likely forget you even own a phone!

Plus, Cedar Breaks is conveniently located close to I-35. Even if it’s just a quick stop on the rest of your road trip, you’ll enjoy the prime location of this illustrious campground.

What to Be Aware Of

Although the bathrooms at Cedar Breaks Park are fully accessible, many travelers report that they are dated and do not have heating or air conditioning, which can be challenging during weather extremes. However, the campground has awesome amenities besides that, and the bathrooms tend to stay quite clean.

Some travelers also recommended that others exercise caution when camping at Cedar Breaks Park with a motorhome. It can be difficult to maneuver a large motorhome into some of the more narrow sites, and some aren’t fully level.

Be advised that, as with many campgrounds in this area, you cannot bring outside firewood into the campground. Instead, you should purchase some locally and burn it instead, as this will reduce the likelihood of transporting tree-killing pests.

Cedar Breaks Park also has a fourteen-day maximum stay limit. However, if you wish to stay beyond this time, you can request an extension. This will be valid in fourteen-day increments up to the maximum stay limit, and it must be requested at the gatehouse in advance. The stay limit during peak season (March through October) is 42 days, and during the off-season (November through February) is 120 days.

Regardless of the season, check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out is 2 p.m. This is strictly enforced.

How to Make a Reservation

Have questions about the campground or its amenities? You can call (512) 930-5253.

If you’re looking for a resort-style campground that’s seeping with luxury and offers the best, most upscale facilities, Cedar Breaks Park probably is not the campground for you.

However, if you want to enjoy the unfettered beauty of the great outdoors – and to take in everything from the calmness of a pristine lake to the serenity of an early morning sunrise – Cedar Breaks Park is a must-visit destination. It’s close to Austin, making it a great spot for people who want to enjoy big city living – but still want to sleep peacefully in the wilderness come nightfall.

Make a reservation at Cedar Breaks Park for this next camping season – with low rates and beautiful views, you won’t regret it.

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