Chattahoochee National Forest Camping: Unwind at RV Parks with Boundless Fun

Chattahoochee National Forest Camping: Unwind at RV Parks with Boundless Fun

This stunning National Forest in Northern Georgia comprises two United States national forests. Thus, this enticing place is composed of an eastern and western forest. Recognized as one of the most extensive national forests east of the Mississippi River, this area spans over 750,000 acres of mountainous forest land in north Georgia. It encompasses the Conasauga Etowah rivers’ headwaters, a part of the Coosa River Basin project for nature conservancy. 

It adjoins the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee, the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina, and the Sumter National Forest in South Carolina to create one of the most extensive public lands in the eastern US. It is working with the U.S. Forest Service and private landowners. The project has engaged in numerous restoration and facilitated public-private land deals since 1997. 

The Oconee National Forest offers many different camping experiences, including those termed “developed” and “dispersed.”  The campground there is relatively modern as it has at least a few amenities, yet there is still a more highly modern-looking campsite that includes everything that the campers need. Some campers love privacy and solitude, which is why it is allowed to have dispersed camping in several places within the national forest boundary.

Why Go On A Camping Trip in Chattahoochee National Forest?

Why Go On A Camping Trip in Chattahoochee National Forest
(© Dawson Local News)

The national forest of Chattahoochee is such a transcendently unique and astonishing destination. It is perfect for camping as it has eye-catching woodlands,  dazzling streams, and several outdoor adventures that campers would be gruntled. The camping adventure in this place will be incredibly memorable as it is an area that acquires numerous activities that one can be fond of. 

One can say that the camping here is an absolute must because of its splendid beauty that is thoroughly evident. Besides, there are spotted campsites along the graveled National Forest Road 44, just in Helen’s north. Most people can describe the campground as primitive, yet it is still beautiful. It is the campsites that for sure, the campers will get immensely satisfied. 

These prehistoric-looking campsites featured a stone fire ring and graveled turn off for parking. The Chattahoochee has many campgrounds in many different locations across Georgia. Some campgrounds are more aesthetically-pleasing than others, and some of them are not and look simple but beautiful. 

Numerous people who own recreational vehicles enjoy their camping in Chattahoochee. The mentioned national forest has always been one of the favorites of RVers since they got to spend their time camping there in the campground Chattahoochee. It has an utterly stunning campground as long as any other national forest in the state of Georgia.

It is one reason why campers tend to do some camping in the campground Chattahoochee because of the calm and relaxing vibes it has. No wonder this state is known for being a terrain that spans multiple coastal beaches, farmland, and even superb mountains. Listed below are some of the trails and beautiful spots nearby that one can go to:

Nearby Breathtaking Parks for Camping

There are various state parks nearby that are breathtaking, for the reason that it has vastly stunning scenery that will make everyone impressed and would not want to leave. The state parks are still naturally preserved, making them look magnificent. Their spectacular view will make us drop our jaws. From the fresh green leaves of trees, cool breezing air, and crystal clear water, they are the best state parks.

Nearby Breathtaking Parks for Camping
(© Wikipedia)

It is widely known as a famous and astounding park as it has a 22-acre lake, multiple hiking trails, an ancient museum, contemporary cottages, and a not so bustling surrounding. In terms of accessibility, it has a wheelchair-accessible entrance, and its amenities are truly good for kids. Moreover, it is evident how preserved the state park is, from the mountain itself reflects onto the clear water. The trees and plants are protected by rangers, making everything look so beautiful on how it is supposed to be. It is a place where one can feel calmness and peacefulness as it sheerly acquires an incredible view.

Vogel State Park
(© Wikipedia)

This fantastic and fairytale-like state park is near Chatsworth and Ellijay on Fort Mountain. The magnificent state park opened in 1938. One of the reasons why many tourists and RVers keep going back to this place is the sprawling park and hiking trail.

There is also an old fort and a lake with a beach, perfect for summer or days with hot weather. Aside from that, there is horseback riding that makes the campers more satisfied. It is indeed a good thing to visit this place because aside from its ancient history as a state park, it also attains a friendly and pleasant review by having such a high rate in reviews. Most of the campers said that this state park’s campground is the best because the view from the top is stunning, the fire tower renovation is so fascinating. 

There is even a graceful waterfall on the side of the trail. It is such a great campground by a lake with a lake trail and breathtaking beach. Also, it is worth seeing the historic drive along with its extraordinary long-range views. 

Many campers’ reviews have emphasized the spacious campground and the several recreation areas that travelers can visit. Some examples of such activities are hiking (easy and moderate trail), swimming, kayaking, a large playground for kids, mini-golf for men, adults, canoes, and such. This site is a perfect destination. One can tell that this place is not only for adults but for all people too and it is ideal for RVers and even for some family trip.

Fort Mountain State Park
(Atlanta Hiking)

You can find this state park in Dawsonville, GA, and it is famously known as such a clean place and because of its several features such as waterfall, hiking trails, and varieties of lodging, from the campground to a modern setup. Like any other individual state park, it is also a wheelchair-accessible entrance in terms of accessibility, and the amenities are suitable for children. This state park is quite popular, and it gains attention to other campers as it is said by many that the Amicalola Falls is the superlative falls that they have seen so far, and by that the most liked feature in this park. 

The serenity and cleanliness in this place are quite outstanding, and that is why more and more campers are getting encouraged to go there. It has beyond exceptional falls as it has a route along the waterfall from the front parking lot. This path is exceptionally exquisite, which is why this park has a high rating due to the beauty that it has, and if we look at its other features, there is even a wooden staircase to get to the top. Additionally, there is also a spot for some picnic on its bottom, plus everything feels so moderate and comfortable. In hiking, it will not take more than fifteen minutes to see the beauty of both the river and also the mountains.

Must-Try Activities in Chattahoochee Forest

There are innumerable recreational kinds of stuff and entertainment to try to give oneself satisfaction and pleasure. Spending some of our time in a state park is calm and serene, yet engaging ourselves with activity is worth trying as it can even hone our skills and generate good memories for us. Frankly, doing an activity in the Chattahoochee forest sounds so ideal as it is something that we must do when we visit there. Let us be engaged in doing usual things yet let us also do things that we have not tried or did before because later on, it can be our hobby instead of just staying in the campground and not knowing too much about the place we go to.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding
(Niagra Stables)

Sitting on a horse may appear to be relatively easy and comfortable, yet learning to ride a horse or the so-called “horseback riding” is immensely difficult because, like other sports, this activity has a bit of a learning curve that visitors must overcome to do it rightly.


(© Freepik)

Bicycling is an everyday activity done outdoors, yet doing it in this kind of destination is unique and incredible. It is something worth trying as one can feel the serenity of the place while biking there.


(© Rawpixel / Adobe Stock)

Instead of just staying in the tent, it sounds good to go fishing. It even helps in releasing oneself from a highly stressful, everyday environment. This activity is such an ideal thing to do if looking for something to do as an RVer.


(© wavebreak3 / Adobe Stock)

Reconnecting with nature is the primary goal of this activity. This experience might be just common to others. Yet, it is one of the most important things to do as it helps revitalize your relationship within yourself and allows you to be entirely independent in other things.


(© artinspring / Adobe Stock)

Hiking is a little too familiar for long-time campers, yet little did we know that hiking even in just a short period can reduce our risk of heart disease, and it can also help in terms of lowering one’s blood pressure. It merely means that it can prevent us from acquiring heart illnesses. Thus, the best part of hiking is getting to the peak and seeing the view around you.

Scenic Driving

This activity is such an alternative to hiking. Both experiences have few similarities and many differences as you were not able to get into the mountain’s summit by just using a vehicle or an auto. With this activity, you will tend to appreciate the destination’s beauty without exerting too much physical energy.


(© WavebreakMediaMicro / Adobe Stock)

A picnic with yourself or all alone is not a bad thing as you can be enjoying the view and your food all by yourself or can also be with others if you have a companion.

Where to Stop in Georgia?

An outdoor trip is nothing if you do not know the place to park your RV. One must be aware enough about the site on which you can park. There are multiple parking spaces nearby, plus they are quite recommendable, and it is also worth the price. Knowing where to park your RV is a must, especially as there are increasing complaints regarding some RVers who park anywhere. Due to that, below is the list of destinations where you can park.

Fascinating Lakes to Visit

Lakes are one of the tourist attractions that campers will always love to visit, from the wholly clear, clean and freshwater to the peace of mind that it can give due to it being such a marvelous place. Lakes nearby are indeed the best as most of the reservoirs or enlarged lakes can be found there. Campers or visitors can even do some fishing or boating while they are in that place. Listed below are lakes that are must-visit as it has a wondrous scenery.

Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona
(© Lakes Online)

Allatoona is indeed clear as crystal, and it also provides drinking water for the nearby communities. It is a massive lake that is so perfect for doing some fishing or boating. Campers even tend to extend their vacation because of the beauty of this place.

Lake Blackshear

Lake Blackshear
(© Explore Georgia)

This water body is an artificial lake created in 1930 by the Crisp County Power Dam. named after David Blackshear, the founder of nearby Fort Early. The Cypress trees are a sight to behold in the middle of the lake. It is nice to watch the sunset here while having a drink

Lake Seminole

Lake Seminole
(© Explore Georgia)

This lake is closer to the city of Tallahassee than any metropolitan area. It is well-known for its dense goose population but also known for the variety of wildlife.  Watch out for the infamous alligators in the area. With a campground and cottage for rent, a sand beach, smooth water for tubing and skiing, and great fishing, it is such a great place to take the family for the weekend to explore something new.

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier
(© Explore Georgia)

This lake served as the venue for the canoeing races of the 1996 Olympics, which gives it a dash of exciting history. This vast lake is sure to provide you with precisely what you are looking for, a fantastic view. We recommend looking into renting a houseboat for your stay.

Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge
(© Explore Georgia)

The lake in its current state is a bit smaller than before the year 2010. There was a time when the management drained the lake to make repairs on the physical dam. Once repaired, there was concern about ground shifting in 2011, so the lake’s water level needed to be reduced by a bit to avoid complications.

Nearby Paths to Hike

Nearby Paths to Hike
(© Lonely Planet)

This huge woodland also has multiple trails that hikers can enjoy, be sure to check one of these trails nearby!

Anna Ruby Falls

  •  It is an 0.8-mile track that sees many visitors; enthusiasts can find it near Helen, GA. This path features a waterfall; additionally, it is excellent for all skill levels
  •  and is famous for hiking, walking, bird watching, etc.

Bull Mountain Trail

  • This 9.5 mile is lightly populated even in peak season, and hikers can find the back trail near Dahlonega, GA, that offers the opportunity to see wildlife and other extraordinary things.
  • It is full of single tracks, and there is even plenty of fast downhill throughout. It also comes in two parts. The upper part is a smoother singletrack with a broader corridor and ends at the intersection, while the bottom section is relatively narrow.

Frady Branch Trail System

  • It is a 4.15-mile trail system in 4240 Hwy 184, Toccoa, known to be a popular place among horseback riders, and the trail is also open to mountain bike riders and hikers.
  • Four loops give opportunities for different experiences on the trail system. The parking space has separate sections for mountain bikers, hikers, and horse trailers.

Raven Cliffs Trailhead

  • This path is a 5.8-mile heavily-trafficked trail and back trail near Helen, Georgia; it features a beautiful waterfall and has moderate hiking difficulty.
  • The trail is famous for several things such as hiking, running, nature trips, and also fishing.

Appalachian Trail

  • This site is a scenic 76-mile path, boasting a hiking trail with rugged canyons and diverse wildlife.
  • Each year, many hikers attempt a thru-hike; unfortunately, only about 25%  of visitors make it all the way. A typical hiker takes 5 to 7 months to hike the entire AT (Appalachian Trail).

Cooper Furnace Nature Trail

  • This trail is a 1.7-mile path or loop trail near Emerson in GA that features a lake and is suitable for all skill levels.
  • The trail is used for hiking, walking, and running and is accessible year-round.

Bear Creek Trail

  • A 6.4 mile heavily trafficked loop trail found near Ellijay, Georgia, features a river and is rated as moderate.
  • The trail offers many activity options.

Edge of the World Hiking Trail

  • It is the trail leading to the Edge of the World swimming hole is about 3 miles long.
  • It is not overly complicated, and it follows the Amicalola River until it leads to the swimming hole.

Vickery Creek Trail Parking

  • The Vickery Creek is a 3.4-mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Roswell, GA.
  • The parking is quite limited, so one must go early to have a parking space.

Travel Preparations

It is essential to do various preparations before going anywhere to ensure that your travel experience will happen the way you want. Preparing your things and yourself is a must to assure that everything will go well and pleasant as we do not want our journey to be thoroughly crucial. Pack up the things you need and do not overpack because it will make your stuff messy, which is not a good thing.

Good Tips to Follow Before Traveling

  • Determine if you will be with your family, friends, or groups; it is essential to know who your companion or co-campers will be during the trip. It is a must for this kind of thing first to be ready enough for the next step.
  • Get health and insurance information. Honestly, health insurance plays a huge role in our lives. It is vital to have such things as long as health information, so if ever that someone will be injured, then the insurance information will immediately act upon it.
  • Ready a first aid kit. It is a must bring because it helps oneself heal small injuries and other things to help you secure your health as it also includes medicine.
  • Pack your food. Make sure to pack foods that have an appropriate amount for you. Never bring any dairy products and meat; it can make you feel sick and ill during your camping. Just bring healthy foods and some snacks so everything will go smoothly on your trip.
  • Pack up all your things. As long as you can, put your smaller items in a small backpack where it includes all the critical items; for packing sleeping bags, some campers opt to carry them within a garbage bag since it is massive. It is convenient to use those in packing up your things.
  • No to overpacking. Overpacking will just make your things messy or less-organized.
  • Put everything into your RV, and you are ready to go! Remember to drive safely and use a virtual map to locate the place you are going to quickly.

Permits, Reservations, and Regulations

The permits, reservations, and regulations are some of the particular things that a traveler must know about the place before they travel. It is utterly essential because it will give the camper enough awareness or cognizance of their surroundings.


GA’s law requires anglers age 16 and older to have a current fishing license in their possession while fishing in the rivers, ponds, and lakes around the venue.

In addition to that, all resident and non-resident anglers ages 16 to 64 must have a trout stamp to fish.


Reservations are a must in this campground. Tourists planning to visit can quickly make it online through their website or by calling the site’s toll-free hotline at 1-877-444-6777


  • Camping in a campground is limited to a period and must not exceed two weeks.
  • A new campground may not be re-established within 1 mile of the vacated campground for seven days.
  • A minimum of one person must occupy a specific area during the first night after the camp’s equipment has been set up. Some situations may require permission needs from the Ranger.
  • There is a curfew in the campground between 10 PM and 6 AM. During this time, no one can exit or enter the premises except for the persons already occupying the campground.
  • Operating a motorboat powered by internal combustion engines is not allowed.
  • Specific sites do not allow launching, storing, or leaving a boat or raft on or near lakes; look for the warning signages.

Mobile Home Essentials

Surely, RVers must never forget their RV essentials, yet do they bring what’s essential or what they think is necessary? This review is the perfect guide to know what to get for a trip, and further help maximize spaces by efficiently using it. Below you can find some RV essentials to bring.

  • Signal Booster – Signal boosters enhance cellular network signal for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G bandwidth. It works with most cellular devices, like mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, and laptops. This area is pretty much covered with canopies and might block cellular signals; just to be safe, we recommend purchasing one of these signal boosters.
  • Oxidation Remover –  the lakes near the campground provides a fantastic opportunity for you to experience fishing or even boating. However, because your RV will most likely get drenched by mud and water for the duration of your stay in the area, we feel like it is best to bring oxidation remover to keep your recreational vehicle protected from any damage.
  • Grill – After a long day of hard work and fishing, nothing beats grilling; you catch and prepare a hearty meal. Purchasing a portable grill will go a long way to ensure you will be preparing well-cooked meals in the future tailored to your taste.
  • LED Lights – Even though power sources are available on each site, that doesn’t mean the whole area is well lit. Some online reviews say that the only light sources are the main buildings and restrooms once the night sets. We think it will be best to put up LED Lights surrounding your campground to make it more visible once nightfall settles. This practice allows you to locate your place easier and makes other people aware that the area has occupants.
  • Door locker – Purchasing a strong door lock is not about assuming people can do bad things to you while you are camping; we like to think about it as assurance; it keeps you and your family safe at your most vulnerable. We recommend getting the best door lock for your RV, and this can ensure you will sleep better and keep your possessions safe. This way, you can spend your time enjoying the place rather than worrying about your vehicles’ security,
  • Coffee Maker – One of the most extraordinary experiences in the Chattahoochee forest is the sunrise over the lakes that are around it. To make a morning better, drink coffee while watching the sunrise from one of these natural beauties.
  • General Essentials to Pack in an RV
  1. Electrical hookup cords
  2. Sewer hose
  3. A cable for TV connection
  4. Mobile hotspot for reliable WiFi

Other Essentials

  • Tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads
    Using tents is a must as it offers you extreme protection against the rain and sun as it has full coverage from all sides. While sleeping inside the tent, you can also seal up the tent to prevent the rain or even sunlight from entering inside.

  • Hammocks, chairs, and lighting – Choose your hammock wisely. Battle the coldness you are feeling with a hammock under a quilt. Invest in a bug net. The right hammock angle. The famous hammock diagonal lay. Tarp setup for extra protection. Invest in tree straps. Beware of the hammock setup location as it is crucial. On the other hand, a camp chair helps a lot if you want to sit next to the campfire. Lighting is quite needed if there is some sort of emergency and for other uses as well.

  • Cookware, tables, and tasty foodTruly an integral part of your gear, and it is essential always to have the best cookware to not only give you a comfortable experience but save you loads of time and inconvenience. Tasty foods and tables are also must-haves to feel comfy while having your meal.

  • First Aid Kit
    No one knows if we will be injured or get physically hurt or ill, which is why a first aid kit must always be on our side so it will be easier for us to heal ourselves and get well as quickly as possible. It is so good for immediate needs and minor injuries. However, these first aid essentials are essential to have, so if ever that there are injuries, it will immediately help, and by that, you and your family can continue from enjoying the rest of your trip.

Bathroom Essentials

  • Toiletries (Shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and facial lotion)
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet chemicals or cleaner

Living Essentials

  • Window coverings.
  • DVDs, books, or other indoor entertainment stuff
  • Personal electronics such as laptops, cell phones, together with their chargers
  • Prescription and preventative medications
  • Cleaning supplies including chemicals, hand vacuum, wet mop, etc

Outdoor Essentials

  • Large outdoor ground covering 
  • Bug spray

Nearby Establishments That You Can Visit

Aside from acquiring such fantastic scenery, there are also numerous establishments nearby that one can go to as they offer several services that will make us beyond satisfied.

Here are the Establishments around that you should visit:

Conclusion: Why should you Camp here?

From its preserved nature to the numerous things that the campers can do there, this place is dazzling. One can genuinely enjoy camping in that venue because of the beautiful places you can visit nearby, and the other people are friendly. The lakes, rivers, and ponds are perfect for doing some fishing, which might be your hobby, plus the hiking to the trail is quite good as you will be able to see such a lovely view that will give you enough satisfaction.

One of the best things in the nearby state parks wherein the campers will be able to go there and do some recreation area kinds of stuff can make them feel pleased. Everything in that place is exceptionally recommendable as it is utterly neat and clean because of the strict implementation of rules and regulations. Many campers tend to go back there because they offer excellent and good quality of services that one deserves, plus the campground is vastly large, so many people can camp there as well.

Several establishments are nearby on this venue, making it so accessible if you have errands. You can read online about the excellent ratings of the nearby establishments. This place is also sort of fantastic as it acquires this kind of serenity vibe, making it so fascinating, and the breathtaking views are also one reason why campers keep on going back. This place has it all, the wondrous scenery, enticing recreation area, numerous RV parks, and other things you are looking for.

It is a hundred percent guarantee that this place is quite exquisite; even in the reviews online, they mention that this venue is fantastic. Campers, RVers, and families should try to go here sometimes to vibe with the relaxing feels of this venue. Many people enjoy and are satisfied with this place.

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