Chilao Campgrounds and Campsites Review

Do you want to wander around Los Angeles and go on a memorable trip? Don’t worry. We have a place in mind that you would surely love when we go there! Welcome to Chilao Campground. 

This Campground is among the most extensively developed grounds popular with campers and backpackers that love exploring the beauty of the Angeles state woodland and the adventurous Pacific Crest stream. 

You may locate the ground in the Mt. Gabriel ranges at about 5300 feet in elevation above Los Angeles. It is among the few perfect spots for camp in the Angeles state woodland, RV-friendly.

Wildlife creatures like bears, raccoons, squirrels, and many more are very active on the site. So, if you visit here, make sure that you store your food properly in a safe and designated place where wild creatures may not invade. 

It is a place that makes you feel like you are in the Sierras because of its environment. It is the perfect site or patch for a night out or weekend camp in the wilderness because of the scenic drive up on the Angeles Crest Highway.

(credits to Chilao, Palmdale)

Getting there

Are you unfamiliar with the place you would like to visit? Don’t you know how to be there? You should need info about the exact location of the campsite, particularly the Chilao Campgrounds. We will give you every detail you need to map out and go straight ahead to reach your dream destination. 

This review’s featured ground, you may locate it at 5300 feet, and a forty-minute drive from Interstate 210 in La Canada Flintridge and take an exit of Angeles Crest Highway 2. From there, you have to drive about 26 squares north of the crest or Highway 2. Then there is signage saying that you have to turn left to reach the ground’s opening.

Basic Information

Operation Hours:11:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Address:Angeles Crest Highway, Palmdale, CA 93550, U.S
Contact Information:(626) 574-1613818-899-1900
Website:Angeles Forest – Chilao Campground 
Google map link: Campground/34%C2%B019’25.6%22N+118%C2%B001’00.0%22W/ 
Emergency Hotline: 626-574-1613 – site’s ranger hotline323-913-7390 – Park-related emergencies 213-739-5200- American Red Cross 888-524-2845- Storm damage/mudslide reports
Numbers of sites:83 single campsite, 1 group campsite

How to Make a Reservation for a Getaway

This ground has no reservation policies. They implemented a wait-in-line service policy as long as they are not a private campsite but a state woodland meadow. So, if you want to visit this site so severely, be ready early and make your way to that site because it is easier and faster to fill than you imagine. You may email them when you want to ask for some essential details about the site. 

Cost to Book

The Chilao Campground is a beautiful national park to explore and find, but it would not cause you too much cash to enjoy this beautiful campsite. 

For Camp fees, you may ask them directly in their email. But it would fetch you $12 per night per site you are staying, and you would add $5 for extra vehicles you bring with you. However, in the day-use of the campsite, you have to pay $5 per vehicle. 

In this Campground, they require every camper and traveler to have an adventure pass to enjoy the views, sceneries, activities, and camp in the place. But the adventure pass has a fee, and they would not be in the rates you pay per day and per night when staying there.

You have to purchase it separately. You have to pay $30 a year. It is a yearly pass, so that you want to camp on the featured site every season. You would not have an issue with the adventure pass. You would surely enjoy the whole camp trip without interruption. 

These sites’ rates and fees are stable but do not see total charges, cut prices, or taxes of any kind.

What To Do

Camping is full of exciting and adventurous things to do at a particular site. Not surprisingly, the site offers many activities and amenities to enjoy and explore. Take a deep breath as you go on the site and brace yourself with awesome activities and amenities you would do and acquire. 


If you love to explore many things in every place and are adventurous, there is no doubt that you would not love the featured ground. We look for some of the activities and things you may do on this site to enjoy.

  • Biking-as long as the campsite is surrounded by more trails than the forest and about 500 miles of trails to enjoy. Biking is one of the great activities to do at this campsite.  

(Credits to Chilao Campground (CC))

  • Boating– is another activity that you would enjoy when you are on the featured site. You may use either a motorized boat or a non-motorized boat. 
  • (Credits to CC)

    • Fishing– is an activity that requires you a California fishing license to enjoy this activity in many well-known ponds in the city and around the ground. If you love to go fishing, visiting this place would be suitable and recommended for you. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Hiking- is among the most adventurous activities you should do on this site as long as it has over 500 squares of the trail to find and explore. Hikers with any expertise level must try this National forest because there are many hiking sites that you would enjoy visiting.

    (Credits to stock unlimited)

    • Horseback riding– is another good activity to undergo on this site. You may explore about 557 squares of streams while riding your horse. Like fishing, you have to receive a permit before trailing and riding with your horse. There are some recommended horse camps where you may make a stopover for the night. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Climbing is unsuitable for those who fear heights, but the site offers some classic climbs in the National Woodland, where hill climbers and boulderers should check out. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Paddling– is a perfect activity for those who love kayaking. You may go to the most beautiful place to kayak, which is Pyramid Lake. But there are many other ponds you may try to kayak, like Elizabeth Lake and Crystal Lake.

    (Credits to CC)

    • Off-roading (OHV)– if you want to undergo more adventure, the site is available for off-roading in the backcountry road. It is more fun and exciting to do. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Snowsports– is an activity you would not think you may find in Los Angeles. But if you head up straight to the mounts, you would find a frosty woodland. You may ski and snowboard at Snowcrest Snow Meadow, Waterman Mount, Mt. HIgh, Ski Sunrise, and Mt. Baldy within the fantastic and fantastic view of the Mojave desert. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Swimming– is among the activities you may do on the featured site where you may as well find Pyramid lake, which has a bit too hot sand and a bit too chilly water that you would surely enjoy. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Wildlife watching– is an activity suitable and recommended for those who love wildlife creatures and want to live with them for a few days. As long as you are in the state woodland where wildlife creatures live, you may watch them walking, eating, and sleeping around the site. 

    (Credits to CC)

    • Picnicking– is the most favorite activity to do when you are in a camp. The atmosphere of the state forest gives the picnic activity of the excellent family expertise. 

    (Credits to CC)


    Credits to: LSF

    However, if you are looking for the amenities and excellent facilities they offer, you would never go wrong with this ground. Thus, we searched for it deeply for your ease and satisfaction. So, here are some of those they included:

    • BBQ Grills
    • Campsite Tables
    • Drinking-Water
    • Fire Rings
    • Permitted pets
    • Restrooms (Vault Toilets)
    • Visitor Center
    • Tent camp
    • Camp trails
    • A fee charged for some activities
    • Picnic tables
    • Parking
    • Dry camp

    Nearby Attractions 

    Credits to: PT

    Campers and visitors of the featured campsites in the Angeles National Forest meadow may find a wide variety of destinations to find and explore when they reach Mt. Gabriel.

    They may go hiking in the Pacific Crest streams and the Burckhardt through the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness. They may stream about ten squares in Waterman’s Mount from the three points to Buckhorn, the other ground close to the site. 

    The hiking activity would not stop because of the variety of hiking sites you may visit nearby. You would, too, enjoy hiking in the Cucamonga Wilderness, which is a sub-alpine setting for some Nelson bighorn sheep that you might see along your way. Then you may find the Sheep Mount wilderness, where you may set off backpacking. 

    If you want to undergo more thrill, you may ride an mtb bike and go on the West Fork State Recreation or Mt. Gabriel. 

    Moreover, you may further go fishing in Little Rock or Crystal Reservoir. After fishing, you may further visit the Echo Mountain stream or Nature’s Canteen stream while riding on a horse. 

    After hiking, streaming, hill biking, fishing, and horseback riding, you may drop by the Visitor Center that you may find on Highway two, where there are exhibits to visit. And during the weekend, you may visit the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center. 

    Campers may further run into the majestic panoramas of the nearby Tujunga Canyon and the Vetter Lookout Canyon. 

    Newcomb’s Ranch is a half-mile site away from the Visitor’s Center to Angeles Crest Highway. It is a place that is among the best ways out after a few hours of hiking or a few camp days. This place is very popular with car enthusiasts and bikers, and it serves good sandwiches or burgers.

    Chilao Campsites Loops

    Have you heard about the loops on this ground? Well, if yes, that’s good, and if not, don’t worry. We would share and introduce to you the two significant loops of the featured site. So, after this view, you may try to visit the two loops you may find here. 

    The site offers two unique loops for tent camp: the Manzanita and the Little Pines. 

    Each loop has more than 40 sites to offer for camp. It would only take an hour and a half far away from downtown Los Angeles and weave up to Angeles Crest Highway two when you drive to the ground.  

    Chilao Campground, Little Pines Loop

    It is a loop closed to Los Angeles, where it takes you about an hour of intertwining through the rough route of the Gabriel Mountains to reach the site or ground you plan to visit. If you want to go on an outing or camp during the winter season, the Pines loop is the best alternative to another loop: the Manzanita, where you may go from mid-November until mid-April.

    Though the lack of rooted and substantial foliage, low vegetation permits sweeping views over the rugged, new mountains, exposes the campers and travelers to the sun’s harsh heat in the summertime, and feels too chilly because of whipping wind during the winter season. So, set up your tent and be proactive to block the formidable wind and a shelter underneath the heat of the sun. Behemoth granite boulders offer a good source of windshields and speckle the grounds on a rough day.

    The water in this site is not potable so if you choose this ground, make sure that you have enough food and water. But a few miles away from the site, you may find Newcomb’s Ranch that serves up decadent and microbrews homemade beef chili. It is a place that bikers and hikers went for a long stream ends up here because of the food and drinks it offers, which everybody would love to taste again. It is a popular and amusing place to visit close to the Pines Loop. 

    You may see the 53 miles of Silver Moccasin stream near the opening that intersects with the ground opening. It is among the widely well-known sites with most of the best streams in the place. It keeps toward the impressive and rocky Mount Waterman and strictly follows old Native American streams. If you are among those with a keen eye, there is a possibility that you may be sighting bighorn sheep among the vanilla-scented Pine and the fragrant cedars. 

    It is a site liable to sightseeing and runs into wildlife animals often spotted around the site and bear activity, mule deer, bobcats, canids, weasel, badgers, and grey fox and mountain lion. Not a bit of the wildlife creatures imposes a threat to travelers and campers who safely and diligently travel in pairs and store their food.

    You would enjoy the brilliant night sky of the site too, which is expansive and star-filled. It is a perfect patch to enjoy, relax, and take a deep breath during the day and even the night.

    (credits to Chilao, Little Pines Loop)

    Chilao Campground, Manzanita Loop

    Better shaded, more expansive, and more popular than the neighboring loop Pine, this a site they implemented as a wait in line service basis for the favor over its nightly front side seats up to the marvelous sunsets and over its breach for sweeping and incredible views. 

    It is a loop closed to Los Angeles, where it takes you about an hour of intertwining through the San Gabriel Mountains’ rough route to reach the site or ground you plan to visit. If you want to go on an outing or camp during the winter season, the Manzanita loop is among the sites where you may go from mid-November until mid-April. Many choose to go to the Pine down the road more often than expected.

    Not Long ago, some cattle farmers arrived in the west in a native match with horse thieves, and the views from Manzanita unfold over the beauty of the Tujunga Canyon. Many Bandidos from Los Angeles made them live off evading and stealing cattle capture by disappearing into the San Gabriel Mountains’ hard-to-access and rough range. Many of these people use the Tujunga as a shelter along with its other surrounding canyons. 

    Tujunga and the water that runs from it significantly contribute to the Los Angeles River that links the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains, offering a tremendous native wooden environment linked to large-city dwellers. Because of its native wooden riparian ecosystem and its relative inaccessibility by humans, it is an essential haven for habitat for many sensitive creature species and wildlife. 

    It is a site prone to sightseeing and runs into wildlife creatures that you may mark around the site and bear activity, bobcats, mule deer, weasel, canids, badgers, grey fox mountain lion. Not a bit of the wildlife creatures imposes a threat to travelers and campers who safely and diligently travel in pairs and store their food.

    You would enjoy the brilliant night sky of the site, which is expansive and star-filled. It is a perfect patch to enjoy, relax, and take a deep breath during the day and even the night. 

    (credits to Chilao, Manzanita Loop)

    What To Be Aware Of

    Like in any campsite or ground, you have to think about things and read views before deciding to do camp, trekking, hiking, or whatever activities you want when you visit a particular ground like the featured site. So, we would share some essential things you have to know with you. 

    For new campers, you have to know that no hookups are permitted on the site. You may only keep one or two tents and an RV per campsite. There is too a $5 per vehicle charge for the additional fee of bringing extra vehicles to the site. 

    But as you know, this campsite is not reservable even though it has many sites to fill. The only site that permits reservation is the group campsite. 

    You have to remember that they have the policy of wait in line service. So, if you desire to visit the place, you have to be an early bird to have a perfect quaintness mark and have the possibility to stay in the ground. 

    Thus, this meadow is a pet-friendly site where you may bring your dogs to relax and play with you. Some sites don’t permit dogs on the site. Fortunately, Campground permits your dogs to enter as long as they have a leash and you are every time attentive to them. You have to remember that their waste is your responsibility. 

    Some of us love to stay in a place like Campground because of the suitable activities, amenities, and many views you would enjoy on vacation. But just like the other campsite, you may not stay in any of it for more than fourteen days as long as it is a National park or Woodland. 

    If you desire to stay for a more extended period, you have to give written permission for the ground management of the site you want to stay in with your RV. However, they have a long-term visitors site in California and Arizona where you may stand your RV, van, car, or tent for months. 

    The passes you need to wander around are not available at the site. You have to purchase it in headway from an adventure pass retailer. You would not be able to do any blaze activities and cook on a stove or open blaze on the site. You have got a free CA Campfire Permit. But you may not have it through email because the permit is available to obtain online or at any Woodland Service ranger station of an office nearby the state or city.

    You have to think that the place has no internet service connection or wireless fidelity and no cellphone service connection provided. It is a place where you would focus on enjoying nature more than your tools. 

    Not every campsite permitted RVs, trails, or vans. Some are very difficult to access by RVs, so you have to make another set of expenses if that’s the case. Luckily, the featured place is where you may bring your RV and do a tent camp. No wonder many people love this place to visit.

    When to Go to Chilao Campground

    If you plan to visit this Campground, the best time to go is during early summer or spring. During that time, the weather is not too hot or too cold, engaging in many different activities without disruption due to the weather. 

    If you are not fond of the winter or summer season, mid-season is the best time to enjoy camp. You may bring your family outside and ensure they enjoy doing fun and exciting activities without interruption. 

    But the opening of the campsite varies depending on the weather state of the site. So, if you are not available during spring or early summer, you may still enjoy the site in any season.

    What to prepare for a Getaway

    The camp is not a simple activity. It requires preparation and engagement. Thus, we searched and reviewed a few tips and guides that may help prepare you to go to the Campground. 

    Choose the proper gear for camping.

    If you are a new camper, you don’t need to buy every desire and different types of gear or equipment you see in other skillful campers. It would be a good help if you would stick to the basics when you backpacking, in which we look for some equipment or gear you should have when you would go camping in a state woodland site.

    Choose the proper gear for camping.

    If you are a new camper, you don’t need to buy every desire and different types of gear or equipment you see in other skillful campers. It would be a good help if you would stick to the basics when you backpacking, in which we look for some equipment or gear you should have when you would go camping in a state woodland site. 

    • Tent: Choosing the desired tent is not necessary. Each of you needs a good size, simple and easy to set up a tent for ease. Your ease must be your priority, mainly when new on an outing or camp. 
    • Portable Grill/ Camp Stove– it is essential that you have portable cooking necessities that would help you cook more accessible and faster, even if you are far away from your home when you are in camp. 
    • Cooler or food storage– is another gear you have to bring in your camp, mainly when you have to go out for a few days. You may place your food here. 
    • Camping Mattress– if you go to a tent camp, this mattress would help you sleep at ease. Even if you are outside of your RV, as long as not every site permits motorhomes to enter the site, you may sleep peacefully. 
    •  Awning– is another tool you must have 
    • Foldable camp chairs and tables are essential to bringing some grounds to offer camp tables and picnic tables. 
    • RV LED bulb– if you would stay in a particular place overnight, you have to bring an extra LED bulb to ensure that you may have a replacement bulb when your current bulb is not working.
    • RV TV– is an essential piece of equipment to bring during travels and camps inside your RV. It is because it would entertain you and at the same time update you if ever there is bad weather. So, you may prepare and pack up if needed. 
    • RV Dehumidifier helps your RV avoid high levels of humidity that would cause your vehicle to be moist. 
    • RV Air Condition– in some sites, you may run into high heat temperatures, which would make you irritated and uneasy, mainly when you decide to stay there for a while. So, this equipment would be an excellent help to you. 
    • RV GPS– if you are not familiar with the place and your initial, GPS may work for you. 
    • RV Sewer Hose– staying in a place for a long time may cause your sewage tank to excess, so this equipment would help you dispose of your waste decently. 
    • RV converter– power is necessary for every camper. So, having this power converter would benefit you and your equipment inside your motorhome to operate right and make your camp experience perfect. 
    • RV door lock– as long as you are going to a state woodland meadow, you have to ensure that your motorhome is safe from the wildlife creatures living in the sites. So, having this gear is beneficial both for you and your motorhome. 

    RV Tow dolly– as you travel from state to state or city to city, you might need another car or vehicle to bring you more ease if you have a more extensive type of motorhome. So, a tow dolly would be a good help for you to bring your extra vehicle with you.

    Familiarize yourself with the gear

    It is very frustrating when you purchase gears, yet you have difficulty setting them up or using it. For example, you buy a tent that guarantees 10 minutes to set up, yet you try to put it up after two hours of attempts instead of running into frustration and not enjoying your camp. 

    Thus, practice yourself with each gear you purchase, and you would use them so that it would not cause hassle and frustration on your side during your camp. 

    Do a test run and make yourself at ease. Check each gear if that works decently, and even your cooking is necessary. You need to check it to see how well this equipment would work during your camps. 

    Make sure you plan your meals for camping ahead of time.

    Preparing food during camps is among the new campers overlooked. Not in the sense that they forgot to bring food but because they overlook making camp snacks as simple as possible. 

    The decent way to simplify your camp snacks is to plan ahead of time what you will eat. Write a list of how many snacks you would eat, how much you need to bring, and how many people you have to prepare snacks. 

    Making everything easy and comfortable for you to prepare snacks during your outdoor camps is an excellent idea to start selecting recipes, write down the list of your ingredients needed and ensure that the snacks you prepare are somehow healthy. 

    Camp must not be about unhealthy snacks and healthy meals that you would enjoy sharing with your family. 

    Make a list of the necessary things you need for camping.

    The camp is not a straightforward activity. As a newbie, you don’t know what to bring or what to prepare. 

    Of course, listing the things you need from toiletries, toilet papers, bottled waters, batteries up to sunscreen, and many more are necessary. When you forget it, you will be sorry for yourself. 

    So take some time to write down everything you need and want to bring in your camp outing. It is for your ease and comfort. 

    Pack the right and proper clothes

    Picking and bringing the right clothes to your camp is necessary. You would not know how chilly and hot the temperature would be while in camp. 

    You would need to think about the possibility of changing the weather. If the weather shows that it will snow or rain, you need to bring extra clothes to change if you are already wet by the rain or need another layer of clothes as long as it is chilly. 

    And another thing, if the weather in your ground is a bit hot, you should bring a sleeveless undershirt or t-shirt to make you at ease to work in hot weather. 

    Consider the weather forecasts.

    Paying attention to the weather forecast is essential. If you are a new camper, you would not want to go on an outing or camp with a storm or hurricane.

    If you are not aware of the weather forecasts, you would not have the idea of where to move your camp or reschedule it. You do not need to risk everything. Even there is an adventure out there. Your safety is always essential.

    Do not be late

    Arriving on time at the ground is essential to pick the right offer that suits and is perfect for you. You need to know the place to relax and enjoy yourself more. It is too good etiquette as a camper. 

    And, when you are about to go to a state woodland meadow without a reservation policy. You have to go early as possible as long as it has a first-come, a first-serve policy implemented.  

    Follow the rules

    It is essential as a camper, whether you are a first-timer or experienced, to follow the ground rules you want to go. You need to know the KOA ground rules for more peace and enjoying time to spare in that area.

    Have Fun

    Enjoyment is among why many newbie campers love to go to an outing again. The point of going camping or an outing is to have fun, take away the stress and enjoy yourself to rest from the frustrating and toxic environment. So, make sure to have fun!

    Chilao Camping Rules and Regulations

    In a camping ground, we must have rules and regulations to follow. It ensures the peace and orderliness of a particular area or place, whether secluded or not. There are some ground rules that you have to follow and study to prevent interruption, and it would be helpful to enjoy your stay on the ground. 

    •  Fire rings are the only equipment permitted to use to do blaze activities.
    • The typical quiet time is from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM. Any activity beyond the time allotted for quiet hours are strictly and solely forbidden. 
    • If you bring your pets, mostly your dogs, you have to bring a leash, and you have to be attentive to your pets every time. Your pet and their waste is your responsibility.
    • You have to bring your own RVs, trails, camper trucks, vans, and most of each tent. 
    • A whole of eight persons may only stay per site.

    Why It’s Awesome-Angeles National Forest in California

    Besides each facility and amenities that the featured ground offers to you, we would like to share more of it. You would have plenty of other recreational and native features you would enjoy as you stay in this area. So, keep digging in these reviews to find more about the ground. 

    It settles 83 single sites and a group site, a picnic table, blaze rings, drinking water, and access to vault toilets. 

    You may enjoy beaches, deserts, woodlands, ponds, rivers, streams, swimming holes, and waterfalls in the whole area because Los Angeles is among the popular destinations and places to go in CA. 

    You may never want to leave the quaintness of alpine views and sceneries or even the surreal vistas you have on your site because it makes you think that you are in the most popular mount range in CA, the Sierra Nevada. Many professionals and even unskilled hikers would love to remember every fantastic and beautiful stream you would not sum upon your fingers that would surely taunt you with the excellent temptation to try and go in there. 

    You may go to the Silver Moccasin stream among the best-hiking sites, which crosses the road opening around 500 feet from CA Highway 2. It is the most popular hiking trail, justifiably by many hikers. You have to pass the famous roadhouse, the Newcombs Ranch, if you travel from the north. Then head to the Pacific Crest stream that would bring you to the summit of Cloudburst. 

    From there, you may either keep up or turn back in the Pacific Crest stream until you reach the way to Canada. For many cyclists and hikers, among the excellent rides is in the network of 

    blaze roads. 

    Every visitor has to prepare if they would run into snakes in the Poodle dog bush. It is very usual in many parts of Southern CA. When you touch this plant, it may cause you an allergic reaction or severe skin irritation. It is a purple-flowered plant that you may find in Mt. Gabriel heads. 

    Many hikers reported this plant in PCT as the cause of many burned sites and unavoidable and Station Fire. It is an ablaze flower plant that thrives in much-disturbed soil and the Pacific Crest stream site. 

    The site’s woodland service does a fantastic job clearing those blossom plants off the hiking sites and streams, not to be an issue for most tourists, campers, and visitors. 

    The site is among the perfect motorhome camp marks that you have to visit. It offers superb qualities such as cheap rates and fees for $12 per night, vistas from your site, a bathroom, clean water, and tons of recreational opportunities and activities that you would surely enjoy. 

    In the north, the mount resumes to rise and line by trees. At the same time, you would see a high desert in the southern portion of the ground’s view with limited foliage on it.

    What To Expect

    Your camp and travel would not finish without wandering the mysterious and hidden beauty of this ground. Its unfading charm may capture every heart, eye, and soul to take a deep breath to this mount range campsite that everybody would enjoy to dwell and to visit. 

    Nature lovers like you should try this place not to disappoint you. It is a perfect patch to bring your family, friends, and kins and share a good sense prudently. 

    A range of ideas in these reviews would not be enough for you if you may not run into it. So, start packing your things up, set up your gears, and ride on your RV to go to this beautiful ground where you would see the beauty of nature inside and out.

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