Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for your RV Mattress

Your RV mattress, just like any other appliance or home tool in your RV, needs some cleaning and maintenance. This is for you to ensure a good round of rest every time you will lie on it. On top of that, constant cleaning and maintenance will make sure that your mattress will stay longer in service. 

In this sense, we are here to help you know some of the best cleaning and maintenance tips known to humans. Make sure to read down at the end for a complete set of learning in keeping your RV mattress in good shape. 

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Cleaning and Maintaining your RV Mattress

Use mattress pads or protectors

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Both offer the same amount of protection needed for your RV Mattress. The primary purpose of having these protectors is to keep your mattress away from any possible moisture that might penetrate the foam inside. It might leave it hard to remove the stain that will eventually spread out on a large scale if that happens. 

Moreover, when your foam receives a lot of moisture inside, it will eventually lose its resilience capability. In that sense, you will only count a few months before it gives up on its purpose. If you are pretty wondering where this moisture is coming from, mostly it is from sweat. Other factors might include sitting on your bed right after you got it from the shower and many other things possible. 

The mattress protectors and pads available in the market right now offer a cooling effect and prevent the moisture from penetrating further to your mattress foam. 

New mattresses need new foundations

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We know that your primary purpose is to avail of a new set of mattresses. But if you have an extra budget, you might want to invest in a new framing as well. Why? Some flaws affected the tearing of the original mattress that it might pass on to the new one. In that case, the new mattress that you will purchase will eventually break down faster than your expected life span

Flip and Rotate

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You need to flip and switch your mattress because you don’t want to deteriorate just one side of your bed. If you do this process, then it will balance the weight and pressure throughout the whole mattress. If you think that it will break the mattress easier, well, it is not. It helps it achieve a healthier condition.

Here is a sample set of schedule that you can follow in flipping and rotating your RV Mattress:

  • Double-Sided Mattress with quilting on both sides

Flip the mattress in spring, then flip again and rotate head to foot in fall. 

  • Single-Sided mattress with quilting on one side only

Alternate the mattress from head to toe every spring and fall.

  • For other types of mattresses

Just remember to flip and rotate every time the season will change. 

Let your Mattress Breathe

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Well, this is the easiest one! All you have to do is to allow it to sit without a cover in an open space. This will help it evaporate any moisture that it is consumed. If the weather permits so, you can try airing it out under the heat of the sun. 

Clean your RV Mattress

clean your mattress
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You can schedule an available mattress cleaning every six months. In that sense, you can avoid any bacteria or dust mite formulation. In cleaning your bed, you can use a vacuum to get all those dust particles quickly. 

You can also use a dilute cleaning solution, whether store-bought or homemade. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it out on your mattress. Just leave it drying in an open area and wipe it off by fusing a warm wet cloth. 

To deep clean your mattress, you can also try using the power of baking soda. In a box of baking soda, you can also add some of your essential oils to have a soothing and calming scent. You can opt to choose lavender, sandalwood, or chamomile. The moment you finish cleaning, it will feel like a brand new one plus a good and relaxing scent that invites a good night’s sleep. 

To achieve this:

  1. Pour the baking soda on the mattress.
  2. Ensure that the lumps you use will break up the clumps and spread them to all sides of the bed.
  3. Let it rest for a while, then gently vacuum it after a time.

Do this on the other side of the bed too. 

While you anticipate the mattress to finish absorbing the cleaning process, try making a solution from the bed frame. Why? This is to make sure that the newly cleaned bed will sit up to a freshly disinfected frame as well. 

It is a bed, not a trampoline!

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Well, blame this on some movies that show how fun it is to jump on an amazingly bouncy bed. Yes, it is fun, but the moment it breaks, that is where the problem begins. If you jump too much on your mattress, it will absorb a lot of pressure. However, no one jumps in an RV bed because of space. 

In addition, do not put cumbersome objects on top of your RV mattress as it will break easily as well. It is like you are tiring the springs inside of the mattress. In this sense, you will also feel that the bed is too uncomfortable when you lie on it.


Your RV bedroom is something that you can call your small private place. This Is where you can meditate and call it a day after a tiring set of activities. In addition, this is somewhere that you can rest on. One thing that can help you relax in the RV mattress. 

Keeping it clean and well-maintained will keep it away from any possible head aching repairs and new purchases. 

We hope that we have accommodated you enough in your queries about cleaning and maintaining your RV mattress. Keep it in mind and make it a habit for a better RV living experience. 

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