Colorado RV Parks: Locations You Must See

Colorado (CO) is one of the most sought-after destinations amongst RVers. Its beauty is eternal and enticing, so much that you must not forget to add to your long list of RV camping places to visit. Touring in this place will give you the opportunity of some unique spots unknown to many.

From its dunes, from mounting red cliffs, enchanting jungles to plain grassland and beautiful meadows, these RV campgrounds we listed here are made of those that made seasoned RVers swoon and come back many times. 

Not only that, beaches are great for sun exposure during summer and surfing and other water activities; there are just too many RV camping areas, sights to behold and visit in this place, plus we listed down several incredible Colorado RV Parks that you can drive to with your family and friends.  

One famous destination is Centennial St, CO, and is home to most Southern Rocky Mountains with many excellent RV campgrounds tucked away in the serene landscapes.
Now read on about the highest-rated RV Park in CO that we put together to help you plan out your next tour.

Why You Should Visit CO RV Parks, Campgrounds and Cabins Resort and National State Locations

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RV Park in CO might be one of the most emblematic parks you can ever visit. With its picturesque backdrop of towering ridges and red rock formations, everything is just breathtaking and so hard to miss. 

It is also an exceptional place to visit year-round. Every season will highlight its beauty and enhance it furthermore. Here are some reasons why CO RV Park should be on top of your list to visit.


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The landscapes around CO are just as breathtaking as any other place. In here, you will see towering peaks of rocky peaks, and it’s not the only mesmerizing thing you can find. Matter of factly, Colorado is blessed with some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. 

Tourists can wander at the prairie plains of lush grass, red rock formations, some highest dunes, a plethora of wildflowers, peaceful lakes and forests, and unique towns all over.


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People mostly spend their time out of their homes doing outdoor camping activities in Colorado because Colorado has many fun things to offer. One is hiking, and it is a must-try for all visiting this place. 

This state’s RV park has various trails you can hike together alone or with friends and family. If you choose to camp in the summer and fall seasons, you would probably enjoy trying four-wheel driving, riverside and lakeside water activities, fishing, horseback riding, and hunting.

Meanwhile, you might want to try snowshoeing, skiing, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and snowboarding in the wintertime.


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Due to the many landscapes in Colorado, it gives a vast array of wildlife shows, and so the opportunity to watch them turns into a great show of a lifetime. This city is famous for its moose, mountain goats, elk, and bighorn sheep. 

The Colorado Birding Trails leads birdwatchers and enthusiasts to over 400 species of these feathered creatures beyond the city, including snow geese, bald eagles, and pinyon jays. Even some of Colorado’s predators, bobcats, mountain lions, and black bears, are spotted roaming around the area.


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As you may have known, Colorado isn’t just about the outdoors; its prominent cities are its traits to behold, too. One example is Denver. It is a booming metropolis with a lively arts and culture scene worth exploring. 

Colorado Spring is the second-largest city in this state, and it possesses many tourist attractions and magnificent natural landmarks close to each other. Meanwhile, Boulder, CO, is known for its radical holdout reputation. It’s a city located at the foot of The Flatiron’s rock form with elegance and grace.

3 Best Colorado RV Parks, Campground, Cabins Resorts Spring, Mountain and Forest Located To Do Colorado RV Camping

It is always exciting to visit a fantastic RV Park and equally beautiful nearby resorts and attractions in Colorado. Do you not have a camper? There is no need to worry because RV rentals are standard around CO, where you can book in advance that fits your budget. 

All these remote getaways and the hidden beauty of a CO RV Park are listed below. Get your ballpen and paper ready and start listing.


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Bayfield Riverside RV Park is a wonderfully lush, 36-acre ranch situated on the Pine River between Pagosa Springs and Durango on U.S Hwy 160. Decompress from your long trip as you traverse the ranch, walking along the trails to the meadows and brooks. 

To be specific, Bayfield has an elevation of 6 800, and because of this, the days are warm, and the nights are pretty cool. If you want to experience these three incredible seasons for 360 days of sunshine and blue skies, you may check out Bayfield.

This state park offers more than 100 available campgrounds providing full-service RV sites with access to a water facility (free cable and TV & Wi-Fi) if you still want to be in touch with the outside world. There is also the quieter option with plain grassland perfect for RV camping.

They offer bathrooms and laundry that operate with coins, always clean and open to receive guests. Pets are also allowed here, and you only have to be sure that you will clean after them. This ranch will give you that exclusivity of quiet and solitudes only half a mile from the Bayfield proper.

Only a few minutes drive to the quaint shops, art library, grocery stores, restaurants, and a microbrewery. A quick 14-mile drive and you will be in the downtown of Durango and pull in the driveways of its eccentric, fun shops and restos. 

You can also enjoy a more laidback activity in this state park-like fishing in ponds and quiet streams, and traverse more of Southwest Colorado’s attractions. 

This park has excellent reviews from the visitors and great Good Sam ratings.


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This city is also home to the Pine River Heritage Museum to safeguard, collect, protect, and decipher the Pine River Valley’s historical accounts and CO heritage. 

Historical displays include an antique kitchen, old post office, among other fascinating exhibitions. Also, you may find a blacksmith and a rural schoolroom displayed for the public to see.


The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

A train ride can bring some nostalgic and retro feeling like a blast from the past. There is an 1800’s train is still working fine that can bring you through Silverton while pulling up through the remote Rocky Mountains of Southwestern CO. 

This train continuously sends guests to beautiful landscapes islands that channel you to different excellent RV sites in neighboring CO towns. Consistently operating and powering between Durango and Silverton since 1882, bringing passengers slow-moving vintage steam trains.

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It is undoubtedly a ride to remember for a lifetime while passing through the splendors of CO’s sierra ridges that are inaccessible islands of sceneries via land vehicles. For many guests, showing them the peaks and these landscapes while riding an antique train is a different level of adventure. If you want to know more, you may visit

Hit the West to Mesa Verde National State Park

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Mesa Verde is a green table in Spanish. It offers a dramatic look into the Ancestral Pueblo inhabitants’ lives who settled here for 700 years, from AD 600 to 1300. The park now guards nearly 5 000 recognized archeological sites in today’s scene, including 600 hill dwellings. 

Credit: Grant Ordelheide

It may fascinate you to know that these localities are some of the US’s most well-safeguarded and unique heritage. For more information, you may visit Mesa Verde National Park website.

Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs worked as the center of nature’s beauty in the beautiful San Juan Mountains; enclosed by over 3 million acres of wilderness and forests, it is undoubtedly a spectacular sight to witness.

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Not only is it famous for springs, but also for historic sites, assortments of different handcrafted arts that adorn charming shops.

Name:Bayfield Riverside RV Park
Address:41743 US HWY 160


CO 81122
Check-in Time:non-specified
Checkout Time:non-specified
Operating Times:Year-round
Rate:Last Year’s Rate is around $46 to $70
Map Link:

If you want an RV Park that feels like home with hot springs and can direct you to the past societal way of life, little havens of cabins and ponds where you can relax and forget the noise of the suburban life, then this Bayfield RV Park is a destination you should add to your list. 


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This campground called Elk Creek (EL) is located on the north side of the Blue Mesa Reservoir. The lake is CO’s largest water body with a shoreline that stretches 96 miles, and the largest Kokanee Salmon fishery throughout the United States is found here. 

Located west of Gunnison Co. off US HWY 50 – 15 miles, Mile Marker 142, this campground belongs in Curecanti National Recreation Area. The name came from a Ute Indian chief of the mid 19th century. This campground offers year-round water activities.  

During the summer months, programs of a campfire are in full swing. In late spring and early fall, the marina adjacent to the campground is open and available for the guests to fancy fishing for various kinds of fish.

A coin-operated showers facility is near the parking area and is open during the summer months. However, cell phone service is limited. However, electric facility hookups are in Loop D for 30 and 50 amps. They provide RV rentals and cabins in various beautiful locations to satisfy your natural living.  

 This campground is an Anglers hub in the summer and fall to catch rainbow trout and salmon. While surfers plaque this place for its excellent water skiing and windsurfing waves. Guests can also swim around the 20-mile basin, and birdwatchers enjoy bald eagles throughout the year. 

This campground and RV Park will surely give you a great impression because of guests’ testimonies and Good Sam ratings for all its satisfied customers.


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What’s amazing in E.L. is its vast expanse of wonderful sagebrush, and because the basin gets only less than 12 inches of rain per year, there’s only a minimal number of trees there. 

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Sandwiched between Gunnison and Montrose, CO, Cuncerati National Recreation Area is sure to give a lot of marvelous sights to witness. It houses three water reservoirs, named for the corresponding dams on Gunnison’s river, and these are the Morrow Point Reservoir, Blue Mesa, and Crystal Reservoirs; these are the tourist spots that land high Good Sam ratings.

Name:Elk Creek Campground
Address:Elk Creek Campground 143 County Road 48

Grand Lake, CO 80447
Check-in Time:12:00 PM
Checkout Time:11:00 AM
Operating Times:Year-round
Rate:$62 – RV Full Hookup 50/30 Amp

$158 – Cabin Rental (Pet Fee Applies)

$42 – Tent Site
Map Link:View map here
Hotline:(970) 627-8502

This campground will surely amaze you with great visitors’ reviews and a Good Sam rating. It has all kinds of laid-back activities and a marvelous landscape to boast.


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This park is not just your typical RV campground; it is a community of RVers that primarily caters to the need for fantastic leisure of those in their golden days. It is a camper’s haven with 14 lakes and easy access to many ATV Trails and fishing fields. 

It is a quiet mountain town of friendly folks with many things and campgrounds for exploration. It is elevated to 8 200 masl, ensuring chilly nights and days of bursts of sunshine. 

Aspen Ridge has been part of the South Fork and Upper Rio Grande society for several years. It provides exciting nature attractions for RVers, families, guests, or friends alike. 

Sandwiched between Rio Grande Counties, South Fork, and Mineral is encompassed with lush nature sceneries of the Weminuche Wilderness and Rio Grande National Forest.

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It provided a centralized spot and paved easy access to the South Fork events, Rio Grande River, restaurants, and shops. 

You can also hang around to watch games of dominoes, sign up in some games like the bean bag tournament, or stay for a while on the deck to hear stories about the anglers’ feat. 

The management is generous in sharing the very own recipes of their potlucks and The Tin Top Cafe. Bring your own cozy set up and camp just for the heck of it and meet new friends throughout your RV camping.

  • Train Ride

One of the many campground assets you can find in South Fork is The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad that takes passengers from Alamosa to La Veta, also at the top of La Veta pass to amuse the passengers even more.

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 The train’s origin is at Alamosa, CO, a 45-minute short drive from the Aspen Ridge RV Park. 

  • Mining Accounts

Another to find unique in this RV campground is its underground museum. The Community Center and Museum include displays of memoire of the past centuries’ mining industry kept underground. 

Mementos you will see in the entire display are authentic mining equipment and other mining paraphernalia. While the Community Center holds various large conferences, parties, community gatherings, reunions, weddings, and dance shows. 

Credits to museumtrail

The center also features a vast public kitchen, bathroom utilities, a fully stocked bar, and a vast expanse of 10 000 square feet of floor space. 

History: It was blasted out of a solid rock cliff by three Creede miners; the rebuilding began in 1990. The volunteers and the county-hired workers finished all the work like cribbing, cement work, rock removal, and rock batting. 

Name:Aspen Ridge RV Park
Address:700 Hwy 149

South Fork, CO 81154
Check-in Time:1:00 – 5:00 PM
Checkout Time:11:00 PM
Operating Times:Year-round
Rates:$38 – Basic Back In – with table

$42 – Patio – Back In w/picnic tables

$252 – Standard Back In – with tables
Map Link:View map here

Preparation Before Camping in CO RV Parks and Campground Location

There’s always something to prepare for before going out on a long trip to camp for a few days, and so we listed down some of the RV essentials we think you might need to arrange before you set out.


RV Humidifier: Humidifier is a must for your Colorado RV camping, especially if you are traversing or camping in a high-altitude landmass. It also helps balance moisture in your RV’s inside environment in the summertime or the extreme winter season.

RV Battery: Some campgrounds do not offer full RV hookups or with no access completely to electricity to charge your battery. That is why you need the best RV battery aide to not let you down during your RV camping. 

RV Cell Signal Booster: Some of the listed campgrounds above have a limitation on a cell signal, and we know that communication is still a must even when you are enjoying your vacation. A cell signal booster in your RV essentials is a must-have if you still want to be kept updated from a remote park spot you are camping. RV Blinds: Blinds are your best privacy keeper of all RV devices you can ever have. It is also an excellent tool to protect what’s inside your RV from the harsh sunbeams and outside radicals.


Most people take RV living thoughtfully, and we are, too. That is why we are after about giving you the best Colorado RV Parks to add to your next destination. We hope these campgrounds will give you the best RVing experience like never before. Should you have, any queries feel free to contact us. Enjoy RV camping!

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