Dockweiler RV Park Review: Campgrounds and Beaches

California is one of the States in the United States of America, the home of the famous redwood forest, cliff-lined shores, mountains, and tons of nature trails where you may do so many things, including a night out, travel camp. One of the well-known grounds within shores is the Dockweiler RV Park

Probably you are wondering why many people love this place? Well, we may give you the hint and insights into why many campers choose this recreational vehicle site as their vacation getaway destination. 

So, came along together as we searched, reviewed, and looked for more information in our blog to know more about the featured recreational vehicle site. Let us explore the magnificent qualities, including the shore and recreational vehicle campsite cleanliness that would capture your heart and give your soul peace as you pay a tour to this replace that you may find in the city area of California. 

Basic Details/ Information

As you desire to find more brief and precise insights about the feature recreational vehicle park in LA, we listed all the possible information you need to review before choosing this place. So, check this out!

Operational Hours:
Check-in: 1:00 PM

Check-out: 12:00 AM

Quiet time: 9:00 PM – 7:00 AM
ReservationsCall (800) 950-7275 or (310) 322-4951
Reservations assistance available from
Monday to Friday
Customer Service Availability Time Frame:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Busiest Season:year-round
Address:12001 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey,
northbound of Manhattan Beach

Location Information:

Latitude: 33.928638

Longitude: -118.4368181

Elevation: 32.0000

Google Map: 


Here is the direction we looked and reviewed for your easy access to the featured recreational vehicle park.

(Credits to Google Maps)

To reach the Dockweiler RV Park, which is a freeway close. From JCT of Interstate-405 and Interstate-105, you have to head west on Interstate-105 for about 2.5 miles until you reach the Freeway’s end, becoming Imperial highway. Then, you have to keep traveling west of Imperial Highway for approximately 1.9 miles to Vista Del Mar, where you may find the entrance of both state beach and recreational vehicle park.

Campground History and Interesting Facts

Credits to: CB

Dockweiler RV Park, located close to City Beach, is a fantastic place to camp. Previous campers of the camp gave fascinating reviews about this place. It is a 288-acre shore and an ocean frontage about 3.7 miles, which offers many amenities to use and enjoy.

You may find here a bike trail, also known as the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. You may do much here, including biking, jogging, and roller-blading. It is easy to access, giving you relaxation and a stress-free experience because of the biking trails’ cleanliness and orderliness. 

Did you know that you may do jet skiing and other fun water activities here? If not, we would like to inform you that the recreational vehicle park is a few inches away from the shore, where you may do all the water activities you would like to do and try.  

The sea and recreational vehicle park management set a fence to western snowy plover nests. It is to protect them from vulgar tourists. You may also find seagulls at sea.

One drawback that you have to know about this place is that it is within the LA International Airport, where you may hear loud noises when you encamp here during the day and even the night. But above the drawback of the featured place, you may still enjoy the view and the area, especially when you are close to the sea site. 

Based on the analysis given by the previous tourists of the area, if you are looking for a recreational vehicle camp, this site is suitable since it has an overall number of 1,200 spaces to place your recreational vehicle. 

Under the LA Beaches and Harbors Department’s management, 91 acres were established as a sea recreational vehicle park in 1948 to protect the area’s cleanliness. Initially, the place was in Venice-Hyperion Beach City Park, but in 1955, they renamed it after the lawyer and politician named Angeleno Isidore B. 


Campground Natural Assets

Credits to: TS 

Both recreational vehicle parks and Beach City Park are incredible places to bring your family because of the natural assets that they may enjoy while staying here. 

You may also experience the excellent base camp that most tourists and travelers of the area would love to share. There are tons of national attractions or tourist spots like Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, and the California Science Center. You may easily access the attractions since it has a freeway system.  

Another thing that you and your family would enjoy about this place is the sea extension to the north where you may see the Marina Del Rey. It offers scenic forest views and a quiet and friendly-smelling area because it is far from the treatment plant within the recreational vehicle park and city beach.

According to the review of the area’s previous guests, the site management decided not to allow tent camps to avoid obstruction and protect the recreational vehicle park and sea’s cleanliness for future purposes. 

Overall, it is not surprising why this place is a popular destination for many campers, tourists, and guests worldwide. Its beautiful culture, disciplined residents, and panoramic views from Malibu to Catalina Island would be a good attraction. It is a lovely place to visit where you may enjoy sunset and sunrise, romantic walks on the sea, group camp, and California’s fantastic climate, which is refreshing for all of us. 


This site is a customer-friendly regional park wherein you may find tons of facilities and amenities to use and enjoy as you stay in this area. We listed all the amenities you may review to know if they may provide you with reasonable assistance and an overwhelming stay in the featured campsite. 

  • Recreational vehicle or trailer grounds full of hookups 
  • Picnic table and grill
  • Restrooms, showers
  • Volleyball courts on the sea
  • Bike Path
  • Campground office
  • Pumpout station
  • Laundromat
  • Beach and pool access
  • Accessibility
  • Four accessible recreational vehicle campground
  • Parking, restrooms
  • Bike Trail
  • Availability of Beach wheelchairs 
  • Adult Programs
  • Arts & Culture
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Technology
  • Community Event
  • Community Assistance
  • Contract Class
  • Eaton Canyon Booking
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • First Aid & Safety
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Martial Arts
  • Golf course area
  • Mind & Body
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Performing Arts, Music and Dance
  • Self & Family
  • Senior Programs
  • Special Interest Classes
  • Sports
  • Tennis
  • Youth Programs

(Credits to LA County Government)

(Credits to LA County Government)

(Credits to LA County Government)

These are the amenities and facilities that would make your camp in this area impressive and satisfying. That is why they receive high ratings from different reviews of the site’s local and previous international guests. 


Active people tend to enjoy going to places with plenty of things to do, review, and many activities to enjoy. And it is not surprising why they chose Dockweiler RV Park.  

This site is a famous sea recreational vehicle regional park where tons of people love to pay a tour to this place. It offers excellent amenities and facilities that you would enjoy as you stay there. You may find that each campsite provides its picnic table and barbecue. One of the reasons you would love this canyon place is that it is a few inches away from the ocean and pools. There are tons of water sports and activities available in the area, which sports enthusiasts and athletics enjoy. 

  • Swimming Activity at Dockweiler RV Parks

Credits to: DIY RV

As your recreational vehicle doors are a few steps away from the sea, you may go swimming both at sea or in the pools available in the area. Its blue ocean would give you a satisfying experience once you dive in there. So, what now? Let us dive into the beautiful ocean of the sea. The swimming activity received fascinating reviews from the previous guests of the area. 

(Credits to LA County Government)

  • Scuba Diving/Snorkeling at Dockweiler RV Parks

You may also enjoy the view under the sea by scuba diving and snorkeling activities. The snorkeling and scuba diving activity received great reviews from the previous guests of the area. 

(Credits to LA County Government)

  • Biking

Suppose you are looking for an activity that would allow you to go on the trail then, this 22-mile Marvin Braude Bicycle Trail is suitable for your needs. It is only a few pedals away from the featured camp. It binds the recreational vehicle park with nearby attractions, including the Santa Monica beaches and Marina del Rey, Redondo Beach Pier, and Venice. That is why they receive high ratings and reviews from the previous camper of the recreational vehicle park.

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Play Soccer and Golf Course on the Dockweiler Beach

Soccer players would not be happy when there is no field to play soccer. Luckily, the sea camp gets Copa Cabana Beach Soccer sponsors, suitable for children ages 4 to 15. At the sea camp, youths may develop essential skills, they may also learn teamwork, and more importantly, they improve their general affection. There are different age-group caps offered in the sea camp, such as Copa Primo, for children ages 4-7 years old, Copa Nationale, which is for children ages 8-11, and Copa Campione is for children ages 12-15. The camp sessions start from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. From late June until early August, the weekly camps begin from Monday to Friday. That is why they receive high ratings and reviews from the previous camper of the recreational vehicle site.

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Bird watching at Dockweiler Beach

Most seas are where birds choose to rest and eat from the shore. So, people who love to do bird watching find the featured place an excellent spot to watch birds do their things. Birders reward themselves by going to the shoreline to spot many shoreline birds on the seashore. They may spot several species of birds like scooters, western grebes, black oystercatchers, Bonaparte’s gulls, willets, least terns, surfbirds, burrowing owls, snowy plovers, and sanderlings. The management wants to protect the endangered nesting area of snowy plovers, so they decided to place a mesh fence. That is why they receive high ratings and reviews from the previous camper of the RV site.

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Surfing at Dockweiler Beach

Los Angeles beach shoreline is one of the most popular and famous homes of surfing. Many surfing rivals and other events in the beach shoreline of Los Angeles, including in the sea recreational vehicle site. Even the sea does not rank as one of the top surfing spots along Los Angeles’s shoreline. It is still applicable for surfing, which many campers and tourists love. So, if you are a beginner, you have to be careful since the sea’s breaking waves tend to be unreliable and sloppy. But it is the best place to practice surfing if you want to have a desire to learn how to surf. You may also use a surfboat when you are looking for great waves. That is why they receive good reviews and high ratings from the recreational vehicle site’s previous camper.

(Credits to LA City Government) 

  • Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

There are fun and great activities that you may love to do in the featured area, the Kitesurfing or kiteboarding, and windsurfing. The management allowed this activity in the sea area as long as the windsurfers and kites maintained a hundred-foot margin from swimmers to avoid accidents. Did you know that even it is a popular and very-well known place to tour? The area is still not very crowded. That is why, if you are one of the kitesurfers, you may not have difficulty finding the right spot to set up and launch your kite as well as your windsurf gear. The most important thing you know is that the afternoon wind breeze may make windsurfing more adventurous and exciting. That is why they received good reviews and high ratings from the recreational vehicle site’s previous camper.

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Hang Gliding Activity in your Flyboats at Dockweiler Beach

You may enjoy gliding in the sea because of the views and eyesight you see here. And yes, it is the home of the training ground Hang Glider Flight. It is an area designated by the management for beginners and those who have short experience as pilots of hang gliders. If you love adventure, hang gliding is the perfect activity for you. That is why they received beautiful reviews and high ratings from the recreational vehicle site’s previous campers.

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Volleyball

Sports enthusiasts like you would enjoy volleyball. You may find the volleyball net in several locations within the sea. And yes, you may also find the majority of the volleyball courts close by to the main entrance of the sea. But there are some set up at the southern portion of the sea within the Grant Avenue parking area and the north portion of the sea between Culver Boulevard and South Marine Avenue. You may use them freely because it is open to the public, but sometimes the management reserves the courts for special events and tournaments held at the featured campsite. The volleyball activity received excellent reviews from the previous guests of the area. 

(Credits to LA City Government)

  • Beach Volleyball Camps

You may enjoy beach volleyball because of the volleyball camp at the beach, close to Dockweiler RV Park, which may give you. If you have eyes to joining as a participant in the volleyball activity, you may participate for one day, five days, ten days, twenty days, or spend your entire summer days in the public volleyball camp. The beach volleyball camp activity received positive reviews from the previous guests of the area. 

(Credits to Los Angeles City Government)

  • Dockweiler RV Sites Youth Center

You may find the site’s Youth Center, which allows you to eyesight and overlook the Bluff Parking area’s shore. You would expect that the youth center has a terrace, a kitchen, and a central gathering room. It is available for youth and adults, including Zumba fitness classes open for the public, shore fishing classes, and children’s crafts classes. And also, during the summer season, the featured area youth center offers youth camps. It is open seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The youth center received positive reviews from the previous guests of the area.

(Credits to Los Angeles City Government)

(Credits to Los Angeles City Government)

  • Children Crafts Class

It is an exciting and fun class that begins from 10 AM to 11:00 AM in the Youth Center on Saturdays. All children ages 0 to 12 must have someone to join them, their guardians, or parents. It would be helpful because they would learn to make something or a craft project for free, like dyestuff, which they would enjoy. The crafts class of the kids received excellent reviews from the previous guests of the area.

(Credits to Los Angeles City Government)

  • Shore Fishing Classes

Suppose you are fond of fishing and have eyes to see the area’s beauty. Since the sea recreational vehicle site is available for every guest and tourist, the Los Angeles Department of Beaches & Harbors, who are in-charge in the sea recreational vehicle campsite, allotted a free fishing class to those who don’t have experience in fishing. And yes, they teach in all ages, so even if you are young or old, you may still learn to fish appropriately in lakeshores or sea shorelines. The classes are from 9:00 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening on Saturdays. The management provided the poles and baits for free. Children 12 and under must be with their guardians or parents to join them in classes. And those who are sixteen years of age and up must acquire a fishing license. The fish usually caught along the shore are corbina, halibut, surfperch, croaker, and leopard sharks. They would not allow boat fishing to protect the life of the creatures underwater. The shoreline fishing class received positive reviews from the previous guests of the area.

(Credits to Los Angeles City Government)

These are some of the activities you may do in the featured area that many previous campers rated and reviewed their featured area activities. You may also play in the field available in the Dockweiler RV Park facility. But there is no boating activity available.

Site Policies

The management set guidelines and standards for the Dockweiler RV Park’s welfare, including the rules and regulations to avoid negligence, accidents, and problems with the featured area’s campers and guests. These rules and regulations must be subject to execution flawlessly for the sake of both campsite and camper’s benefit, enjoyment, health, and safety.

  1. The management allows the campers to stay for a maximum of 60 days of camp in the calendar year, starting from their first arrival in the area. It is applicable for the campers, travelers, owners, and the recreational vehicle itself.  
  2. There are also requirements for travelers when camping in this place. Each camper must have an independent or recreational vehicle with a fire extinguisher. Their self-contained vehicle must be on the wheels at all times, and only the approved vehicles are the ones that may go camping inside the recreational vehicle site. 
  3. The campers must pay all the bookings, bookings, and pet fees, even the different number of people in the campsite reserved for you before the area’s arrival date. 
  4. There is a time allotted for check-in and check-out. You need to pay a fee when you are early and check-in immediately. However, if you are late from the scheduled arrival time, you have to show proof of booking with the security guard to allow you to check-in in the campground. 
  5. The management allotted a fee that ranges about 20 bucks per hour if the campers and guests would do a late check-out. The Check-out time is noon, so guests would probably vacate the campsite before noon along with their recreational vehicle, personal property, and extra vehicles. 
  6. All cancellations of reserved campsites must be prior seven days before the scheduled arrival date. A cancellation fee of 15 bucks applies to all campsite cancellations. 
  • The booking would add up as void and cancel once the No-shows policy occurs. Then you have to pay another two nights’ use fee for the campsite aside from your booking fee. 
  • Campers should cancel seven days before the scheduled arrival date to receive refunds. 
  • You have to pay another one-night fee to the recreational vehicle site management for early check-outs.
  1. Upon booking during holidays, the campers have at least three nights of booking, including the winter and summer holidays. They would add ten bucks when they reserved a seven-day summer holiday. Cancellation of the booking during holidays would be before seven days. Early check-outs may not receive any refund. 
  2. The allotted number of people per campsite is eight people in maximum. All the additional people must pay $3 per night.
  3. If you want to bring your pets on the site, you must obtain a valid license required for all types of dogs and proof of rabies vaccination. The capability of presenting these documents to the management would allow you to bring two pets in maximum per site. 
  4. Dogs must have at least six feet leash. The management prohibited excessive barking, and pet owners must not leave unattended pets. 
  5. Pet owners must be responsible for their pet’s waste and disposal. The management also prohibits pets on the sea premises. 
  6. Minors must have a guardian to join them upon entering the site. 
  7. Campers should know how to use the recreation equipment right in cautions, especially when riding on bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and other electric recreational equipment. All youth under 18 years of age is their parents/guardians’ responsibility. Extreme caution is advisable for all campers, whether children, youth, or adults. 
  8. If you bring your vehicle, the management may allow you to get one personal car, and if in case your vehicle is not four-wheel, they would allow you to bring two motorcycles per site. You have to register your bike upon entering the recreational vehicle site premises. 
  9. Suppose guests or tourists park in the sea parking area but not inside the recreational vehicle parking area. The maximum number of tourists per site is only two. If they want to do sea parking overnight, they may purchase a pass in the recreational vehicle site office. 
  10. The recreational vehicle site management would not allow a perpendicular park. There are no sideways and no head-to-head parking. 
  11. All vehicles must follow the five mph speed limit inside the recreational vehicle site. 
  12. All the campsites are available for recreational vehicle camp only. If you don’t have any self-contained or recreational vehicle with you, you may not camp on the recreational vehicle site. No tent camp available. 
  13. There are grounds and areas designated for trailers and motorhomes. The management strictly prohibited motorhomes in the trailer and campers in the motorhome grounds.
  14. The management would allow tow trucks if the camper registered them under his name as the mode of movement for the trailers. 
  15. Campers should observe quiet hours between 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM daily. 
  16. Inappropriate manner or behavior. The management would not allow people who use drugs, abusive language, rowdiness, drunkenness, and loud music. The area marshals would ask the campers to leave the park premises and suspend them from camp for about three months to one year or more. 
  17. The management would not allow any guests, campers, or tourists to sleep outside. That is why they only allowed campers with recreational vehicles or trailers. 
  18. The management allows fire activities only in the designated areas, including fire fits provided by the recreational vehicle site. There is a fire restriction on the featured recreational vehicle site.
  19. The management office prohibited any barbecue or hot items on the park tables and benches. 
  20. They also prohibited alcohol on the seas. 
  21. The management would not allow any kind of string, rope, bracing, or wire to attach to any trees, shrubs, plants, poles, and even vegetation in the city property at all times. 
  22. Campers must keep the campsite, recreational vehicle site, and even the seas clean at all times. 
  23. The campers should dump all the waste in your campground, whether it is liquid or solid waste, in the designated dumping facility in the recreational vehicle site at all times.
  24. The Dockweiler RV park management would not allow any cleaning, repairing, maintenance, or fluid changes activities and washing or rinsing the personal vehicle or recreational vehicle within the area.  
  25. The campers, guests, and tourists of the area are the one who is liable for all property damage and injuries because of their intentional act and negligence. 
  26. The management would not allow any fireworks and any firearm within the Park to avoid accidents and injuries.
  27. All campers, guests, tourists, or travelers must observe and follow the city’s rules and regulations. They must obey federal and city laws regarding registering and proper use of recreational vehicles and personal vehicles, including cars and motorcycles.
  28. As a responsible camper, you have to follow and observe all the signage, instruction, and rules of recreational vehicle site management. Non-followers or non-compliance would be subject to dismissal of their privileges in the camp area to enjoy.  
  29. When you decide to go on camp in Dockweiler RV park, the city would not have any responsibility or liability for the campers’ security, safety, and personal property. 
  30. The management has all the rights to a booking. They may make changes based on the rules, and they also have the right to refuse to give any assistance to the people who may not pay the fees at the designated time of producing it. 

Overall, upon reviewing the site policies, every camper should obey, follow, and observe the rules’ execution to help them. Those violators who failed to address the rules and regulations of the campground might request to leave immediately. 

Preparation Before Traveling in Dockweiler RV Park

Credits to: TA

Camp would not be fun without the essential things you have to bring to help you go on a trip. So, we listed all the essentials, including the things you need to get within your recreational vehicle to support your recreational vehicle camp experience in different lake campsites, city parks, and these only available recreational vehicle camping grounds. Thus, these are the essentials you need: 

RV Camping Essentials

  • GPS– is essential for all travelers, both residents or tourists in the featured area. It would be helpful for you to find the campsite faster and easier.
  • Generator– is a piece of equipment needed to supply power and electricity to the entire recreational vehicle and the motorhome appliances. 
  • A Converter is a gadget used to turn power supplies to support the recreational vehicle’s appliances to work and function properly. 
  • Cover– is essential for recreational vehicle grounds to protect your motorhome from all the destructive elements that may damage the roof of your recreational vehicle. 
  • Awning– is the equipment used for camp when there is no available tent site in the area. Canopy serves as protection from the heat of the sun when you are spending your time outside your vehicle. 
  • Awning lights– are essential as we use awning. Awning lights would give you a better experience during the night when you are outside your recreational vehicle. 
  • Deep Cycle Battery Charger– for gadget lovers, including cell phones, laptops, pads, or tablets, you might need a charger to charge your gadget’s battery. It is essential, especially for those who need to interface in their work in the cities or at home. 
  • Sewer Hose is an essential piece of equipment to bring during travels. In a suitable dumping facility, you must deposit and dispose of your liquid or solid waste from your bathrooms. It would be helpful for you to avoid leakage in the sewer tank.  
  • Recliner: Since there is no tent camp available, aside from a camp mattress inside your recreational vehicle, you have to bring a recliner to save more space from sleeping with your family if a camp mattress is not enough for your whole group. 
  • Camp Mattress– is an essential thing to bring when camp, along with the recliner and other sleeping materials. It would give you ease when you sleep. 
  • Camp stove– is the most important thing to bring when camp, because, without it, you would not be able to make food faster and easier. 
  • Propane Regulator– is another thing that a camp stove needs to avoid gas leaks inside the recreational vehicle and avoid accidents. 
  • Food storage– is an essential appliance that you need to protect and avoid spoilage of foods and make your beverages cool enough to satisfy you during hot weather. 

Other Camping Essentials

Aside from all the recreational vehicle essentials, there are other essential things that you need to bring to be helpful during your trips, including personal essentials, kitchen essentials, and camp essentials. Other documents are required to make your camp experience better and give you benefit, even if you are not at home. 

Personal Essentials

  • Toiletries include toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, face wash, deodorant, soap, shampoo, lotion, conditioners, etc.
  • The first aid kit includes alcohol, sanitizers, elastic bandages, super glue, and a triangular bandage. 
  • Medical supplies such as medicines, adhesive tape, thermometer, hot compress bag, safety pins, scissors, and many more
  • Toilet papers, handkerchiefs, towels
  • Foods and beverages
  • Clothes, slippers, and shoes

Kitchen essentials

  • Frying pan, kettle, chopping board, knives (if only allowed), pots, and coffee maker
  • Plates, bowls, spoons, forks, rice paddles, spatula, water glass, and mugs 
  • dishwashing liquid and sponge
  • Can and Bottle opener.

Camp Essentials

  • Pillows, blankets- and essential things that campers must bring during camp. 
  • Camp tables and chairs are necessary for a large group of people in a specific area. 

Essential Documents 

  • Reservations and Bookings documents are essential because you have to show proof of your reservation and bookings to verify and validate it before entering the featured area. 
  • Camping and fishing permit if there’s any- some of the seas and sites require passes before you enter the campground. 
  • Pets vaccination and valid license documents are always essential to bring these documents if you want to make sure that your pets may enter the campsite, city park, recreational vehicle site, or resort campground. 
  • Travel insurance: If something unpleasant happens, these documents would benefit and be very helpful to you. 
  • Cards, valid IDs, and other supporting documents are for your validation and verification. You always have to bring it for your right when you check-in the hotels near the area. 
  • Health documents are essential documents that you must present in the area’s management for safety and security due to the covid virus spreading. Some of the inns or campgrounds asked for a health permit.

Nearby Inns/Hotels 

Suppose you are not that easy staying at your motorhome for a week or more. We looked for you to review several inns and hotels nearby where you may take a rest comfortably and conveniently. We provided you with all the details that might help you know about the hotels nearby for fast and easy searching for the place to stay while enjoying Los Angeles’s view.

Hotel Name: Hampton Inn & Suites LAX-El Segundo Hotels

Address: 888 N. Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite: 3.6 km

Social Media Link: Hampton Inn & Suites LAX-El Segundo Hotels
Hotel Name: Hotel 2TwentyOne

Address: 221 Concord Street, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite: 1.5 km

Social Media Link: Hotel 2TwentyOne A Hotel in El Segundo Near LAX, Beaches & Businesses 
Hotel Name: The Sea View Inn At The Beach

Address: 3400 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, California 92649, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite: 3 km

Social Media Link: Manhattan Beach Hotel | The Sea View Inn 
Hotel Name: Aloft El Segundo

Address: 475 North Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite:  3.5 km

Social Media Link: 
Hotel Name: AC Hotel by Marriott Los Angeles South Bay

Address: 2130 East Maple Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite:  4.4 km

Social Media Link: Hotels & Resorts | Book your Hotel directly with Marriott Bonvoy  
Hotel Name: Cambria Hotel LAX

Address: 199 Continental Boulevard, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the Hotel from the campsite:  4 km

Social Media Link: Cambria LAX: Hotels in El Segundo, CA 

These are some of the hotels near the featured area that you may find and help you. There are tons of places where you would love to enjoy their inn assistance and make you feel at home, but due to covid-19, some would not accept check-ins. 

Nearby Restaurants

Traveling would not be exciting without all the within-reach restaurants that you may find around the Dockweiler RV Park. The second thing you want to try is their food when you go to a place, which shows their culture after all the sceneries and views. So, we searched for all the restaurants within the featured area that you would enjoy exploring, reviewing, and satisfying yourself when you are starving.  

Restaurant Name: Big Mike’s Philly Steaks

Address: 507 Main Street, El Segundo, California 90245, USA

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 1.1 miles

Social Media Link: Philly Cheesesteaks and Subs  
Restaurant Name: The Win-Dow

Address: 1827 Ocean Front Walk LA, California 90291

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 4.5 miles

Social Media Link: The Window 
Restaurant Name: Wendy’s Place

Address: 107 West Grand Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  1.2 miles

Social Media Link:  Wendy’s | Quality is Our Recipe 
Restaurant Name: Blue Butterfly Coffee Co

Address: 351 Main Street, El Segundo, California 90245

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 1.2 miles

Social Media Link: Blue Butterfly Coffee: Home 
Restaurant Name: Metro Cafe

Address: 131 West Grand Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  1.2 miles

Social Media Link:  Metro Cafe: Home 
Restaurant Name: Ocean View Café

Address: 229 13th Street, Manhattan Beach, California 90266

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  3.2 miles

Social Media Link:  Ocean View Cafe – Cafe in Montara 
Restaurant Name: The Original Brooklyn Water Bagels

Address: 8736 South Sepulveda Boulevard, LA, California 90045, USA

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  3.0 miles

Social Media Link:  Brooklyn Water Bagels: Home 
Restaurant Name: Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe

Address: 11707 Washington Pl, LA, California 90066

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  5.3 miles

Social Media Link:  Rutt’s Cafe | Hawaiian Delights in California 
Restaurant Name: Hash

Address: 12121 Bluff Creek Drive State B LA, California 90094

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  3.8 miles

Social Media Link:  HASH | Breakfast Restaurant | Playa Vista, CA | Los Angeles 
Restaurant Name: The Ramen Joint

Address: 6220 West 87th Street, LA, California 90045, USA

How far is the restaurant from the campsite:  3.1 miles

Social Media Link:  The Ramen Joint LAX  (@theramenjointlax)
Restaurant Name: The Local Yolk

Address: 3414 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, California 90266, USA

How far is the restaurant from the campsite: 2.3 miles

Social Media Link:  The Local Yolk – Restaurant – Manhattan Beach, California 

You may find these eleven within reach restaurants in the area that would be good and enjoyable to explore with your friends and family when you go to the Los Angeles City RV Site. 

Camp Rates and Fees

Before you decide to book or reserve the featured site, you must acknowledge the type of sites and the day and nightly rate you want to stay in as you pay a tour to the recreational vehicle site. We will give you a list of the fees that you have to pay.

Type of SitesRate of Site
Front Row Full Hookup Space (including nightly rates)$75 per day 
Middle Row Full Hookup Space$70 per day
Back Row Full Hookup Space$65 per day
More than four guests(maximum eight guests per site per household)$3 per person 
Extra vehicles not allowed in the area$10
Pets$3 per day (maximum 1 per site)
Dump Station not allowed in the area$15
Non-refundable Reservation Fee$10
Early check-in fee$17
Late check-out fee$20 per hour
Holiday Fee$10 additional per day
Cancellation fee and Cancellation processing fee$15

* All the displayed fees and nightly rates do not reflect any taxes, discount rates, or even total charges.

Booking and Payment Policies

As you make bookings and reservations in the featured recreational vehicle campsite, you have to know that every transaction you make must be in advance before the scheduled arrival date or the date you plan to explore the place. 

The maximum number of days must be around 90 days before the booking date you choose. You also have to ensure that you have a permit to go camp in the area for every campsite you book. 

When you arrive on the same date where someone makes bookings and reservations, you would not have the chance to book even one space at the campsite. All the camp areas, including the entire camp area, are due upon booking. So, going in there without booking would be a waste of time, even if you have the capability of paying the fees like a day or nightly rate. 

For holiday fees, it applies only to the holidays. It is either three days before the holiday, and after the holidays you would have three days to avail the holiday fees. 

You also have to make bookings between the seven days holiday period. You may make three days’ bookings, including the fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. 

Suppose you want to make changes in the booking during the holiday period. You may take additional days, and changing the campsite area is applicable, but canceling the booking would not be by the management. However, if you wish to change the site and add days of staying, you have to make bookings and reservation changes for about seven days before your scheduled arrival date to make the changes validated. 

You may also make online reservations and bookings, but you may not do it later than 90 days before the arrival date you plan to explore the site. 

Payment may be in debt, credit, or any bank transfer, and cash only. The management would not accept any paychecks upon booking or even paying the total camp fees. You must understand that only paying checks would not be valid when you receive all kinds of online transactions. 

To avoid paying unnecessary fees, you should book the available dates and register only for the dates you may enjoy and stay in the featured area.


It is a place to be with your family and friends. You may do fun and exciting adventures inside the campground and the seas within the featured recreational vehicle site. 

It has a vast range of space where you may find amazing sceneries and views that you would enjoy. You may explore the magnificent wonder of this site and see the beauty of it that would surprise you. 

Both experienced and non-professional, Campers suggested this place to visit because of many incredible things to do here as you stay. 

We hope to provide you with the necessary information, direction, amenities, activities, policies, reach inns, restaurants, and camp fees on both days. Nightly rates, booking, and payment policies in our blog would be helpful for you. Overall, you must have ideas about what you need to bring as your travel for your most enjoyment and benefit to determine if it is the best place to go on a vacation.

So, together let’s explore the beauty and wonders of the recreational vehicle sites to relax and enjoy after a long stressful week. Happy trip!

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