Essential Things To Know About Dogwood Campground Including Fees, Campsite Rules And Regulations

If you are looking for an exciting and satisfying environment campground in California, USA, then you should check this out! When we talk about camping adventures, you want a clean and environmentally-friendly site. That is why you should not miss the Dogwood Campground in San Bernardino National Forest.

This review will share some crucial information with you on thoroughly enjoying this campground, one of the US’s best parks. Plus, you can expect that we will share the things you should bring and some never-to-forget reminders when going to Dogwood Campground.

If you are ready to uncover exciting things about this place, let’s start on how to find this life-enhancing nature art!

Map or Direction to the Campsite

(Map from Google)

You can find this heaven of trees(one of the best parks in the US) 20-miles northeast part of San Bernardino, California. Here is a more detailed direction: Once you come to San Bernardino, you go to North Waterman Avenue, which turns C-18, to Lake Arrowhead.

You go on for about 15 miles. After Rimforest, take the second left turn lane(going east). Then you go slightly left to Daley Canyon Access Road. This road is 0.3-miles over Bear Springs Road. Once you arrive at CA-189 or Lakes Edge Road, turn right. There, you can find the entrance of the Dogwood Campground site. Go straight further, and you will find the campground, eventually.

Basic Information about Dogwood Campground

Here is some necessary information we collected so you have an easy reference for this site.

  • ADDRESS: Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, United States
  • AVAILABLE ACTIVITY: Ten activities (see below)
  • LATITUDE: 34.235087
  • LONGITUDE: -117.210515
  • ELEVATION: 5600
  • NATURAL FEATURES TO ENJOY: Eight different terrains to enjoy viewing

Travel Preparation

Camping is absolutely a great nature adventure. But you should remember that to have that excellent nature adventure, you should finish some preparation before the day of camping. It does not only help you achieve your dream perfect nature adventure day, but it also avoids you with some terrible self-complaint scenarios because of forgetting the necessary valuable things.

And you avoid the feeling of regret during your adventure day in a campground, which might ruin your day. Here, we listed the essential equipment and tools you should bring to achieve and prepare yourself for unforeseen events during your camping adventure day. You should check these items before the camping date.

Standard Useful Stuff to bring in the Dogwood Campground

  • Camping tent
  • Sleeping pads
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping pillow
  • Flashlights or headlamps
  • Extra batteries
  • RV Recliner
  • Lantern

Extra stuff to bring:

  • Portable solar power
  • Binoculars
  • Navigation tools or equipment
  • Field guides(including for flowers and insects)
  • Reading materials or book
  • Pencil or pen and notebook
  • Music player together with headphones or speaker
  • Toys and gaming stuff
  • Dog or pet-friendly gears
  • Clear plastic or stuff sacks or dry bags

Optional to bring:

  • Hammock
  • Sunshade, screen house, or tarp
  • Cots
  • Firewood(for an initial source of fire)
  • Camp rug
  • Clips and tablecloth(or tape)
  • Clothesline together with clips

Additional Necessary Information about Preparation:

Since there are various activities you can enjoy within or near the Dogwood site, you should check those activities first, at least a day before your camping day. It helps you prepare even more. For instance, if you go swimming, you should bring extra clothes or swimming stuff.

Or, if you will go hiking, you should bring additional tools to make your hiking more effective, efficient, and fun! You should always check it with the Dogwood campsite information center to align with what to bring and what is not to carry since they offer gear.

Rules and Regulations

Since you are a visitor of this National Forest, you should follow specific rules and regulations to ensure you are safe while enjoying your adventure day. It is also to achieve rewarding outdoor experiences and satisfying pleasant surroundings.

It is also to achieve the maximum rewarding outdoor adventures and enjoy the lovely pleasant surroundings. Here are some rules and regulations you should follow. Remember always to message or call the local personnel to get updated and get accurate laws and regulations.

Camping Rules and Regulations:

  • Utilize the picnic campsites. Adhere to the mandated activity hours if you are using other areas within the national forest. Usually, they allow you to do certain activities in other campsites between 6 AM to 10 PM.
  • You can use campgrounds and other recreational places for recreational reasons only.
  • Camp only in the campsites where there are camping marks or signs.
  • A person should be presented in the camping area during your first night, right after your camping equipment is already set up. You can do otherwise if you have been granted permission from the Forest Service Facility officer.
  • It would be best if you did not leave your camping things unattended without permission from any Forest Service Facility officer.
  • If you have any damage or loss of personal property, the Federal Government will not be responsible for it.
  • Get rid of trash and leave the campsite’s property when leaving.
  • Follow the quiet hours, which start at 10 PM and end at 6 AM. Remember to become considerate of others.

Campfires Rules and Regulations:

  • Obey restrictions rules, especially when it comes to FIRE Restrictions. Starting a fire is limited, and at certain times, prohibited.
  • Starting a fire should be done within the accepted or marked campsites of the forest, such as picnic areas or yellow post areas.
  • You should only create fire in fire rings, grills, stoves, or other specific accepted fireplaces by the national forest officers.
  • Ensure, if possible, triple-check that there is no fire left behind before you leave. Never leave the fire unattended. You have to keep the fire under your control.
  • Charcoal and wood fires are not allowed outside of the Dogwood Campground, also in yellow post areas and picnic areas. These are subject to some or a seasonal restriction, which you should know before going.

Campground Property Rules and Regulations:

  • Do not cut, chop, carve, or harm any living trees. Protect and preserve San Bernardino(one of the state parks in the US). Always leave all the natural areas the way it looks when you find them for the first time.
  • Only enter enclosed buildings, facilities, or structures in our National Forests when you find it expressly open for the public.
  • Never remove or damage any archeological or historical resource. Each object and artifact presented or located in the National Forest has its own archeological or historical value.

National Forest Sanitation Rules and Regulations:

  • Remember to throw all litter items or garbage in the respective waste container or take them with you.
  • If presented, garbage containers are reserved for National Forest’s visitors, not for the private land owner’s visitors.
  • Personal items and waste foods are away from water supplies, which people can drink.
  • For drawing liquid, use the water faucets.
  • Stop continuing pollution. Keep litter, garbage, and other foreign substances away from the lake’s stream and different types of water.
  • When using toilets, use them properly. Never throw litter, fish cleanings, garbage, or other types of foreign substances inside the plumbing fixtures and toilets themselves.

Operation of Vehicles Rules and Regulations:

  • Cars may only go only to the designated routes.
  • Obey the traffic signs all the time.
  • The country traffic laws are also applicable to the San Bernardino National Forest roads. Thus, the personnel will report any violation to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Never damage the vegetation, land, and do not disturb the wildlife when operating any automobile. Avoid taking those unpaved trails or roads, especially when they are muddy or wet.
  • Only use your cars, motorcycles, motorbikes, or other types of motor vehicles when leaving or entering the Dogwood campsite. Do otherwise unless trails or areas are notably marked as okay to use.
  • Do not park if there is no parking lot of marks or signs.
  • Never block, interfere, or restrict the use of roads, gates, and trails.
  • Follow trail and area restrictions, especially when using a non-street legal motorcycle or any vehicle.
  • Non-street legal motorcycles or any vehicle off-highway must be registered and secured as a functioning and accepted spark arrestor. The national park has no tolerance if you are non-compliance.
  • Remember that the “Red Sticker” of non-street legal motorcycles or any vehicle always has a measured operating period, especially inside the forest.

Animals and Pets Rules and Regulations:

  • Your pets must be restrained, or a leash should be attached to them while you are in recreation campsites.
  • Your friendly pets (except trained or guide dogs) are prohibited in swimming places.
  • Pack animals or saddles can go in recreational areas only if authorized by the guidelines or posted instructions.

Firearms, Archery, and Fireworks Rules and Regulations:

  • Explosive items and fireworks are not allowed in San Bernardino National Forest.
  • Shooting a bow and arrow or firing your gun is prohibited, especially within 150-yards of a building, hotel, facilities, or residence.
  • Target Shooting(a recreational activity) is limited. It has designated campsites or facilities. This activity might become restricted, too, when it is the fire season.
  • Target Shooting protocols apply to air rifles, gas guns, and of course, firearms. It includes devices utilized in paintball activities.

Public Behavior Rules and Regulations:

  • No boisterous behavior or fighting
  • Keep your noise level reasonable.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
  • Business Activities letters and permits are needed for any commercial exercise or activity.

Audio Device Rules and Regulations:

  • Audio devices, such as musical instruments and radio, are highly recommended, so you do not disturb other people.

Amenities in Camping Area

Credits to: HC

It would not be a surprise to you if you found out that this site has some outstanding amenities. This factor is one of the best reasons why Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts are praising this national forest and its camping area.

It is no wonder since this campground helps people maximize their enjoyment and help them stay fit and healthy with these amenities. Here, let’s discover some of them that will indeed help you make your next camping adventure day exciting and more memorable!


We all know water is essential. Thus, most Recreational Vehicle camping enthusiasts always bring their drinking water. However, since some campers are staying longer, especially those doing full-time RVing, they usually run out of water to drink. And we believe that the Dogwood site’s facility officers are entirely aware of this.

Therefore, they offer and ensure that drinking water is accessible for everyone who needs it.

Picnic Tables

(Image credit to Outdoor Project)

Since this campground is home for nature lovers, you can find some Picnic Tables where you can enjoy nature and its neighboring species and your foods. It is a plus for Recreational Vehicle camping enthusiasts because it saves them space in bringing extra tables for picnic sessions.

Dump Station

Hygiene is essential not only for humans but also for nature. Providing a dump station promotes healthier and friendlier surroundings. Plus, it will not give you some trouble in stacking your waste things in your Recreational Vehicle.

It means, too, that you can get rid of some extra weights. It becomes essential if your RV Sewer Tote is small and needs to release its collected waste.


Let’s face it! Though swimming in the lake is possible, some people still want to take a bath in a decent shower. Worry no more since this campground offers excellent showers that you can enjoy cleaning your body thoroughly.

Trash Collection

To ensure that nature has cared thoroughly, they have a trash collection system. However, not because they have trash collection systems, it means that you should litter. You should still consider people’s time and energy in cleaning the surrounding.

Flush Toilets

You should remember that not all campgrounds have flush toilets. It means that this opportunity made a significant difference in picking where to start your camping adventure day. If you check some reviews about this Dogwood campsite, you can, indeed, find many people praising their bathrooms.

Food Repository Locker

Though you already have some storage in your Recreational Vehicle for foods, this amenity should not be taken for granted. It becomes essential to have too many people with you—excellent amenities for outdoor parties, activity, or family relaxation day. You can deposit your food here. Plus, the locker makes your food indeed protected.

Grills or Fire Ring

(Image credit to HIPCAMP)

This one is an excellent amenity for BBQ lovers. Honestly, smoked foods are the perfect thing to eat during outdoor activities. You might also love it for night activity or if you plan to do a boodle fight(adding smoked foods) with your family members or your acquaintance, which is an excellent eating activity!

Pets Allowed

(Image credit to TheJoshAndMelissa Youtube Channel)

Pet lovers! The Dogwood site does not restrict pets. It means that you can bring your favorite dog or cat or whatever pal friend you have. It also means that you can create more memories with your little companion on your planned camping adventure day!

Accessible Parking

(Image credit to Mobile Rving)

Parking might sometimes become a headache for some Recreational Vehicle users, but not the campgrounds in San Bernardino. You can expect an organized parking spot where you can park your RV and enjoy your adventure day. Just ensure you coordinate the necessary things with their facility office coordinator.

Firewood Vendor

Do you hate picking woods for creating a fire that makes you feel warm? You can find a firewood vendor in or near the campground. Though picking woods can make your adventure day more exciting and memorable, having the opportunity to buy and save you time is a great option now.

Paved Roads

(Image credit to CampgroundCrazy)

Accessibility to a particular campground is typically challenging, especially if you are taking an unpaved road and about to go on a nature adventure day. Worry no more since the majority of routes here, in this campsite, are paved. Thus, it reduces some of the challenges of road bumpings.

There are too many to mention and too exciting to share. However, since we want to make this page a reader’s friendly one, here are some quick one-word other amenities!

  • Host
  • Entrance Station
  • Parking Area
  • Tables
  • Amphitheater
  • Accessible Showers
  • Electricity Hookup
  • Accessibilities to other nearby impressive-looking areas

Type of Things To Enjoy

Most people hate exercise. It’s real, and many studies show it’s true. It is another reason why the obesity rate increases each year.

Thus, many people, especially Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts, love this campground. The reason is you can do various incredible physical activities here. Plus, it will not make you feel you are exercising.

Here are some activities you should do when you want to experience life at Dogwood Campground. Also, do not forget to bring extra cash since most activities here have a service fee. But rest assured that a helpful guide will accommodate you.


(Image credit to Trailforks)

If you are looking for an excellent campground to bike to, this place is another perfect choice you can have. If you plan to go biking here, you can go to the Arctic Canyon Overlook. People love this area since it gives cyclists a unique challenge.

If you want to take an easy and fun 8-mile single track, the Pine Knot should be on your list. There are more to check out! Also, remember to take some photos as your souvenir.


(Image credit to Yelp)

If the weather turns hot, the San Bernardino National Forest is a perfect spot to go. You can enjoy the nearby lakes, for instance, Lake Gregory. This lake offers you some boating opportunities.

You cannot go wrong with a kayak launch. The place is offering competitive fishing equipment which you can enjoy having and might satisfy your boating activity! Ensure you call the campground’s Information Center and get updated regulations. Do not forget to take some photos to capture important moments.


(Image credit to North Carolina Lions Camp Dogwood)

Are you interested in casting some lines with your acquaintances and family members? You can do it now within the range of the San Bernardino National Forest site! The Big Bear Lake got your back and should be included on your list.

The lake’s favorite annual activity attracts exciting people who love fishing. The event is called the May Trout Classic. What makes it more exciting for most fishing enthusiasts is meeting more like-minded people and creating new exciting circles of friends!

Just a reminder before you go on fishing, ensure you have a CA fishing license and all needed requirements to avoid inconveniences. If you caught much fish, capture some photos of it and attach them somewhere in your house as a reminder about this beautiful campground.


(Image credit to BusinessYab)

Do you love hiking? Well, you will love this campground because of its mountain ranges and high peaks. You can pick various locations that have moderate and more challenging hikes here.

The famous San Gorgonio Mountain is an excellent go-to hiking area if you want to experience some epic views. The Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail is suitable for easy hiking, and the Towne Trail. It has a 2-mile hike with some great lake views along the hiking path.

Most interesting hikers recommend that Heart Rock. From its name, you can expect some incredible views with small waterfalls. Sing with birds as you do your hiking activity and take some rock formation photos and some breathtaking views!


(Image credit to Nobody Hikes in LA)

You cannot go wrong with San Gorgonio Wilderness when it comes to mountain climbing. Jepson Peak offers some fantastic rad snow climbing things if those are your stuff. You will love hearing some birds as they sing calming sounds.

If mountain climbing is your thing, we recommend checking and verifying all information with the National Park’s information center. It is to give you the necessary information that you will need to make your activity more enjoyable.


(Image credit to Things To Do In Big Bear Lake, California)

The majority of swimming enthusiasts love jumping right in Big Bear Lake. Yes, another thing you can expect to enjoy on this large site is the swimming activity. You can also enjoy the Lake Arrowhead lakes, an excellent site to do almost whatever swimming activity you might think of. Take some photos that will remind you of this heaven of fresh air and water!

Horseback Riding

(Image credit to

Some groups did not expect this: You can do horseback riding on this site. Yes! You can explore the wilderness areas of its forest places while you sing for its wonderful surroundings.

Expect yourself to be satisfied with this activity since this place has beneficial equestrian campgrounds, an excellent place to spend your night on the horseback adventure day. Contact the site’s office now(via email or phone call) and check the list of places you can enjoy, too! Plus, rest assured that you can experience a helpful person who will accommodate you during your adventure.

Off-roading OHV

(Image credit to AllTrails)

Off-roading (OHV) is another incredible thing to do. You might love the feeling of unwinding by riding roads that far from the busy and trafficked city! There are a bunch of runs you might discover in its surroundings.

It includes Holocomb Creed, Deep Creek, and John Bull. The places are too many to mention, but you can expect them to take great off roads this year. Also, remember to take this adventurous activity with your gang to make it more memorable!

Snow Sports

(Image credit to Yelp)

The available exciting opportunities for you in national forests are endless, especially during winter! You can see some groups enjoying tubing, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and others who might do some cross-country skiing!

You can find four resorts waiting for you to accommodate in this wintry paradise. It includes Bear Mountain Park, Snow Summit, Snow Valley Mountain, and Rim Nordic Ski. Snow plays are present, too. Check them out with the national forest’s information center.

Wildlife Watching

(Image credit to HIPCAMP)

This last activity is what most Recreational Vehicle camping enthusiasts love the most! You can see wildlife almost everywhere! Become excited to see some usual squirrels and raccoons while you are sitting peacefully on your RV Recliners.

You can sing with birds. Expect to see some woodland creatures right and left and some mountain bears and lions. If you are lucky enough during your adventure day, you might spot one of the rare animals here, like the unique large-horn sheep.

They are typically living around the canyons. Some sites said this place has almost 440 species. What makes it more exciting to see is more than thirty of them are considered endangered animals.

Hotels Near from the Camping Site

Since activities make you exhausted, you might want to check out some hotels near the Dogwood Campground. It would be best also if you consider some of them in your checklist. It would be another excellent experience to experience their housing structures. Check below their names and address.

Name of hotel: Comfort Suites

Address: 1230 W Colton Ave, Redlands, California 92374 (United States)

Name of hotel: Comfort Inn & Suites

Address: 450 N Sperry Dr, Colton, California 92324, (United States)

Name of hotel: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

Address: 27984 CA-189, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352, (United States)

Name of hotel: Arrowhead Lake Inn

Address: 28051 California 189, Lakes Edge Rd, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352, (United States)

Name of hotel: Arrowhead Mountain Inn

Address: 326 CA-173, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352, (United States)

Best Season To Camp in this Camping Site

Summer is the busiest season of this place. You might expect some groups are rating the Dogwood best between March and May. If the time and personal circumstances do not permit you to camp, you might also go during June and August.

Facility Rates

Here, we have listed some of the possible expenses you should anticipate. Please note that the rates might be subject to amendment depending on the place’s peak season date. Here they are:

SITE TYPE Night/Day Rates
Standard Electric
  • $2.00 /holiday additional
  • $47.00
  • Standard Non-Electric
  • $2.00 /holiday additional
  • $37.00
  • Standard Double Non-Electric
  • $4.00 /holiday additional
  • $73.00
  • Non-Electric Tent Only
  • $2.00 /holiday additional
  • $37.00
  • Contacts

    Mailing Address:

    P O BOX 365

    FAWNSKIN, CA 92333

    If you need specific information about the facility, you can call the number:(909) 866-8550 or visit, where you can find their other contact info, like email.

    Final Words

    We would not be surprised if you will love this place instantly after you read this article. Since this place has some tremendous terrains and various accessible, enjoyable activities, you might even recommend it to your friends and other family members, praising its beauty.

    Here are our last three reminders to you:

    1. Create your personalized list to bring

    2. Plan – as specific as possible

    3. Remember to always consult with the authorized National Forest facility officer

    If you find this article helpful, we would love to hear it in the comment section so that other readers will know your feedback, too.

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