Doll Mountain Campground, Campsites, and Park: All things You Need to Know

Are you going on another camping trip camp? Are you ready to drive your RV or travel with your buddies and go on backpacking again? If you are in Georgia city or happen to be near the place, make sure to drop by and enjoy the Doll Mountain Campground in Georgia’s northern mountains. It is an excellent place to relax and take a deep breath. If you are looking for a place with nature, this is a suitable place for you.

Doll Mountain Campground Overview

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You can find Doll Mount ground at the Northern Georgia Mountains inside the beautiful Carters Lake area, just a short 70 miles north of Atlanta. Carters Lake gives excellent, safe, clean, well-maintained, and quiet grounds that will be a great help for you to escape the hustle and stress of your day-to-day routine or work and gives you a chance to relax with your family and friends. Doll Mount campground has boating, picnicking at the day-use area, and many other fun time activities. Loop DMT and find one of the larger campgrounds offering 68 sites that you can choose from. The majority of them are recreational vehicle hookups, so you can enjoy the great outdoors while remaining comfortable with your family. Doll Mount also gives easy access to the water with its boat ramp and boat trailer parking area. Facilities include playgrounds, covered seating areas, and two large, clean restrooms and bath amenities, which have washers and dryers for your convenience. Doll Mount guarantees a pleasant camp experience and several summer activities for you to enjoy with your friends and family. The all-inclusive ambiance of the campground will mesmerize you.


(Credits to Google Maps (GM))

(Credits to Google Maps (GM))

If you are in Atlanta and want to head to Doll Mount ground, you will have to travel almost 80 miles north of Atlanta, the city of Georgia’s capital city. Get on superhighway 75 or 85 to the north for about an hour’s drive traveling 52 squares. Then keep right at the fork to continue on superhighway 575 Phillip Landrum Memorial Highway exit no.14 and continue to follow Canton signs. Continue on Georgia State road 515 and take the Georgia city road 136 westbound to Doll Mount Road in Gilmer country. Turn right at road -382; make sure to be aware of the signs and follow your digital plats so you won’t miss any turns. The entry road is direct across the volunteer fire station. The physical address is 1362 Doll Mount Road, Ellijay, Georgia 30540. Make sure to check the road signs to get there.


HOURS OF OPERATION:Gates are open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
ADDRESS:1362 Doll Mountain Rd, Ellijay, Georgia State 30540
CONTACT INFORMATION:Local Information (706) 276-4413

General Information (706) 334-2248

Booking 1 – 877 – 444 – 6777
WEBSITE:Official Website of Doll Mountain Campground 
SITES50+ Campsites and Campgrounds


If you want to set your booking for the campground, you should visit their official website on Doll Mountain Campground. You cannot enter the campground before having a booking beforehand. Bookings are essential, and we strongly recommend you to do it with a group of people or personally only on their official website. The site offers a booking scheme by location. You can choose from different areas, but all sites have a beautiful view and access to Carter lake. 


Group Site100.00 USD
Type Standard Electric Site28.00 USD
Standard Non-Electric
24.00 USD
Tent Only Electric24.00 USD
Tent Only Nonelectric
18.00 USD


Group Site100.00 USD
Type Standard Electric Site28.00 USD
Standard Non-Electric24.00 USD
Tent Only Electric24.00 USD 
Tent Only Nonelectric18.00 USD

Note: These prices may vary accordingly. Nightly rates may vary according to the area management. They still do not reflect any taxes, discounts, details, or total charges and prices. Make sure to prepare your budget so that your trip will be smooth and stress-free.



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Fishing is one of the popular activities on the creek. You can pack your fishing rods and nets and relax under the trees while fishing at Carters’ lake. You can catch major fish species like smallmouth, hybrid, striped, spotted bass crappies, walleye, bream, and catfish. You can enjoy fishing while eating the fish you worked hard to catch. Just kidding, fishing is relaxing; we are sure that you will not get tired sitting around waiting for your bait to attract the thriving fishes. It is also a good bonding time with your family and friends; fishing and fun stories go well together. You can enjoy the boat ride and fishing and loop DMT to see its wonders.


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Of course, the highlight of the place. Enjoy the night camp on the ground or even in your recreational vehicle. All sites have grills, BBQ, fire pit, and more. You can play games with your friends and family. Skewer those marshmallows and make some smores. Cuddle with your pets and play. You have many things to do at Doll Mount campground, you need your time and energy to do those things, and we promise that it will be all worth it. Prepare your camp gear and tools. If you are in a recreational vehicle, park your trailer beside the campgrounds, and you can also set up a tent if you want to enjoy it more. The type of electric site camping rounds have hookups to power your appliances. Make sure to clean as you go to maintain the cleanliness of the campgrounds. Check the camp details so that you can prepare.


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Carters lake is a prominent place for you to ride your boat around. You will surely enjoy this activity when you are on the site. You may use a motorized boat or a non-motorized boat. Just be careful so that you won’t disturb other campers if you use a motorized boat; these types of boats tend to be noisy. There are boat ramps and boat docks around the creek to access the stream to lay down your boats safely. There are also boat rentals around Carters lake if you don’t have a boat on your own. Loop DMT while on a boat admiring the beauty of the surroundings.


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Eating is a favorite part of the trip. You get to replenish your energy by eating the exceptional food you prepared. You might want to prepare all the things you need for a picnic. Just remember to clean up the area you used for your family picnic. Bring your cooking tools and prepare the food before your trip. The campground has grills on each site for you to utilize. It is suitable for smores and bonding with your family and friends. Bring your firewood for convenience. If you did not bring any, you could ask the caretakers if there is available firewood that you can use.


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There are designated areas where you can take a dip. Just be mindful of the place and don’t wander in the sea too far away. It is better to stay on sight or near the shoreline to ensure your safety and not let them wander off. Be sure to watch the kids and use the right gear when engaging in this activity. Carters lake is one of the most beautiful creeks located in Georgia city’s Southern Blueridge mountains; the sparkling blue sea will surely leave you mesmerized. Enjoy your dip in the clear sea but make sure to keep your friend and family safe. There are many spaces for any activity.


  • Boat Dock

It gives easy access to the creek so that you can enjoy boating, canoeing, or kayaking. The boat dock is a safe way to dock and use your boat.

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  • Boat Ramp

You won’t have trouble damaging your towed boat because you can lower it to the sea using the ramps located at the creek’s different parts. Your safety is a priority, and so are your valued properties.

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  • Boat Trailer Parking

An adequate parking space is excellent for your recreational vehicle, cars, or towed vehicles. You won’t have to worry about the parking terrain.

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  • Flush Toilets

If you are not comfortable doing it primitively or forgot to bring your shovel, worry not because toilets are available at the campground. You can relieve yourself in a relaxed manner.

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  • Pets Allowed

You can bring your pets to have them enjoy themselves with you. Make sure you clean up after them. We recommend you put them on a leash and never let them loiter without your supervision. Take care of your pets so they won’t bother other people.

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  • Playground for kids

There are available playgrounds that you can let your kids enjoy. They have areas for slides and other fun things children can play. You should supervise them to ensure their safety. Having fun while being safe is the best way to enjoy your camp trip.

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  • Showers 

Showers are available if you want to freshen up. So don’t worry if you are not in a recreational vehicle equipped with a toilet and bath. Doll Mount ground got you covered for your hygiene.

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  • Electricity Hook up

There are available hookups for your recreational vehicle and other power supply needs for appliances that you will bring. The type standard electric site has hookups for your convenience.

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  • Water Hookup

You can hook up your recreational vehicle to get a clean water supply. If you want to make sure the water is clean, you can also use a filter to clean it and make sure it is potable. Type standard electric site includes it for your convenience.

  • Grills/ Fire Ring

Utilize the grills and fire rings on each side to cook your meals. Grilling is the essence of camp, cooking your food, grilling the fish you caught.

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  • BBQ

Used together with the grill to cook the raw food you prepared.

  • Fire Pit

You can use the fire pit to warm yourselves during the night. Light a bonfire and spend time with your family and friends.

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  • Tent Pad

The tent pad is where you can set up your tent so the ground will be smooth, and you won’t have any rough ground that will cause you back conflicts.

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  • Picnic Table

Eat comfortably at the ground’s picnic tables. The space is ample for the entire family.

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  • Sewer Hookup

Your sewage tanks may get full if you plan to stay for a few days and have your recreational vehicle. The ground has sewage hooked up to dispose of the waste without getting the surroundings dirty. Secure the hookup to make sure of the clean disposal of waste.

Frequently Asked Questions About the DMT Campground and Parks

What are the nearby popular attractions to Doll Mountain Campground?

Some nearby attractions are just less than an hour’s drive from Doll Mount ground. If you want to experience more of the beautiful Carter lake and the surrounding Northern GA mountains, make sure to drive around some of these excellent spots.


(Credits to TripAdvisor)

Build an Ark is an animal rescue and hospice with cute animals, including sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, pigs, ducks, cats, and other amazing furry babies. You can enjoy an interactive experience feeding, hugging, and loving on these dear animals. You can learn about each animal, its upkeep, and the remarkable stories surrounding each one at the Ark. 

Enjoy feeding and cuddling with all the animals. You should bring your camera to capture those cute moments! You can also donate to support the Ark animals and support their particular needs. The all-inclusive experience in the animal rescue center will be fun for your little kids.


(Credits to Camping Ground Review)

The creek is open all year round. However, swimming is forbidden by the management except in designated swimming areas. This creek is located on the Coosawattee River in Blue Ridge Mountain in GA, covering the Gilmer and Murray counties. It is one of the most scenic streams in the country. This forest-ringed creek is top-rated for its sparkling creeks and shoreline that give a beautiful surrounding for a variety of recreational opportunities, which includes: fishing and bird watching, and available boat launch sites, picnic sites, and surrounded grounds—paddle around the creek and loop DMT camping area. Carter creek has earned good reviews from visitors and campers alike.


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Located in Ridgeway Day Use Area, Tumbling Trail is the name given to Tails creek as it drops nearly 100 feet to Carter creek. Trails continue up both sides to platforms that allow close-up views of the falls and the recreational area around. The trail is rocky and rough, and it heads away from the creek. You can enjoy the view of the birds and the river crossing. The place is an excellent site for kids and dogs because it is in the easy trail category. You can explore the scenic river and all nature has to offer. Check out the area review and overall rating to see for yourself how excellent the site is and for daily and nightly rates and fees.


(Credits to Paddling Ridgeway)

If you would like to paddle, this place is definitely for you. You can paddle to the falls and enjoy it. You can also relax and listen to the sound of the two falls in the area and the recreational area of silence. The falls that you will find here will surely be a spectacular sight. The recreational area also has 22 primitive sites with boat ramps, pit toilets, and boat dock. There is no charge to stay at Ridgeway recreational area. Make sure to check out the Ridgeway recreational area review to know the campers’ and visitors’ experience and daily and nightly rates and fees. Study all about rules and regulations and overall rating before visiting state parks and other national parks in the area.


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Woodring Branch offers different activities like boating, hiking, mountain biking, picnicking at the day-use area, and many other summertime hobbies you can think of. According to visitors and biker reviews, Woodring Branch has two different loops of DMT-style trails that you can experience from easy to moderate. The Amadahy and the Oak Ridge Nature trail will ensure a great family hiking experience as they both include a wide diversity of animals, plants, and fabulous scenic views. The ground has two boat ramps with limited boat trailer parking space for all your boating necessities; you can ride the boat and loop around the creek. The Woodring branch at Carter creek has something to offer for you and your friends, no matter what your hobbies are. Contact the management for additional info like daily and nightly rates or fees. Rules of national state parks apply in areas like these, so make sure you are updated.


(Credits to North Mountain Bike Association)

You can find the mountain bike trail at Ridgeway Recreational Area maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers in GA. The trail covers a 5.6-mile loop DMT around Carter creek. Bikers can enjoy the shortened or lengthened trail by taking the different trails that branch off from the main one. The trail is a proper ridge for intermediate to advanced bikers. During the spring and fall, races are held by the management in the area.

On the other hand, downhill races are held at Carter’s creek dam. If you are also a biker, you will enjoy partaking in this activity. Take note that the trail gets muddy during the rainy season. After the exhausting biking trail, you can take a swim in the creek to cool down. Find out all about rules, regulations, and overall rating. National forest rules may apply to these areas, so inform yourself beforehand.


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The Hidden Pond Trail covers about half a mile of trail. The management constructed the trail to give easy access to the sites for bird watchers. Two bridges are part of the trail. One of the bridges is a 20-foot one at the stream near the management area entrance, and the other one is a 210-foot bridge that crosses a beaver pond. An observation platform upstream is located at the edge of the second beaver pond. It is also a place that gives an excellent view of the active beaver lodge. You can watch the game-bird in their natural habitat. Inquire with the management on details like daily and nightly rates or fees. Just like any national state park, you should heed to rules and regulations of the management. Check out the reviews about the place so that you will know what is up.


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The Talking Rock Creek is a beautiful and scenic clear mountain stream at Georgia’s Cohutta and Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills. The stream runs northwest and connects and empties into the river below the Carter Lake Dam. You can ride your canoe or kayak in the stream with Class 1 to 3 rapids. The area also has the Talking Rock Creek Resort. This place is a community designated to cater to individuals who wish to experience the mountain view lifestyle inside a private property. You can book your stay online in one of the houses in the resorts. You will also find various dining options in the area, such as Longhorn Steakhouse, Starbucks, Shane’s BBQ, Ruby Tuesday’s, and many more local cuisine. Overall, we are sure that you will enjoy your stay at Talking Rock Creek. Check out some of the amenities and prices at Oakman county in the vicinity.

Is there Wi-Fi coverage in Doll Mountain Campground?

Unfortunately, there is no available Wi-Fi on the ground. But there is mobile coverage in the area. There is good coverage for AT&T, Verizon and a little signal for Sprint. T-Mobile has poor coverage in the said area. Some of the reviews from campers show that the coverage there is abysmal.

How many camping sites are there?

There are a total of 56 sites all-inclusive in Doll Mount ground, which you can book online all year round. There are sites for recreational vehicles and trailers, tent-only sites, group sites, and more. The majority of the sites have excellent views of Carter lake, but you can also check the ground plat and choose the spot for you. Contact the management in advance for details like daily and nightly rates or fees. The majority of the sites have good reviews from past visitors and campers.

Is it okay to request a specific site?

Yes. You should check out the map of Doll Mount ground and browse it. You can book the specific campsite you want online. The plat will show you the exact location of each camp in Doll mount ground.

Do we need to bring our firewood for our campfire?

Doll Mountain Campground has designated fire pits or rings in its sites. You have the option to bring your firewood for your campfire. There is also available firewood from the hosts or any personnel maintaining the grounds. But we strongly recommend you bring your firewood to be sure.

Are there restaurants nearby?

You can find the nearest restaurants in the hotel near the ground. You just have to drive for a short while to reach them. Check the restaurant rating and review online for information. You can find the nearest restaurants in East Ellijay, 12.5 miles from the ground. A grocery is also available nearby at Oakman county.

What are the nearest hotels from Doll Mountain Campground?

If you are too early for your booked camp date at Doll Mount ground, there are plenty of hotels to choose from, just an hour’s drive away. You can book your stays online for your convenience. You can also check the reviews for more information. Some hotels also offer walk-in services. Remember that some of the regulations have changed due to the pandemic and other lockdown protocols. There are also nearby inns in Oakman county. Consider the hotel reviews before going to a particular hotel to have the best experience.

RV Essentials

The camp is not just a walk in the forest activity. It would be best if you had the proper preparation and review before going to a camp on campgrounds with yourself, family, or friends. Here are some tips that we think would help you prepare for your trip to Doll Mountain Campground in Georgia city. You are also free to add all the things you would like. Better be super ready than something missing once you arrive at your destination!


This list is for new and veteran campers alike. You do not need to buy everything on this list if you have one at hope. We recommend that you stick to the basics and save up on money when backpacking. You will need extra gear if you plan to loop DMT for days. If you are in a recreational vehicle, you could also save some costs. We think that these things might be of great help.

  • Tent – choose your desired tent based on the number of people to use it. Online tent item reviews can help you find the one that fits you. There are many tents to choose from online or the nearest store from your home. Yes, the tent must be your priority when in camp; the nights could be chilling, and the days could be so hot, you need somewhere to rest and home while on the trip.
  • Portable Grill/ Camp Stove – portable cooking tools are essential when in camp. Fresh food is always the best when served hot. You might want to cook the fresh fish, so this is a must. Having a portable cooker is helpful in meal preparation. If you have a hard time getting one, check reviews for portable stoves and grills.
  • Cooler/ Food Storage – you must keep and secure food in camp for a few days. It would be best to have a reliable storage box for food so it won’t get spoiled. The cooler is also an excellent way to chill your drinks.
  • Camping Mattress – choosing the right mattress can save your back from extreme aching, especially if you are camping on the ground, not inside a recreational vehicle. Choose a mattress that fits perfectly inside your tent.
  • Awning – this is an excellent add-on to your recreational vehicle if you want an extra shade or set up tables beside your motorhome. It would be a helpful addition to your recreational vehicle essentials. Many awning item reviews can be helpful for you to pick the right one.
  • RV LED BULB – yes, having an extra bulb in case of emergency replacement is an absolute must, especially if you are planning for an overnight. Light is beneficial during the night.
  • RV TV – tired of playing games outside with your companions? If you have a tv inside your recreational vehicle, you won’t get bored. Having many options for entertainment while on a trip is right for you. You can also get up to date with the news and weather if you have one.
  • RV Air Condition – comfortable trip is a good sign. If the campsite you plan to go to has high heat temperatures, a working Air condition unit is what you need for your recreational vehicle and a reliable one to add. A suitable air condition unit will help maintain the temperature comfortable for you.
  • RV Dehumidifier is an excellent recreational vehicle add-on. You may view some reviews then buy and use them to control the humidity and avoid high levels that can cause your motorhome to be moist. It may pose some conflicts if you don’t have one. Having a dehumidifier will be helpful to maintain comfort in the RV.
  • RV GPS – a GPS in your recreational vehicle is vital if you do not know the place you are going to. To pick a good GPS, check out an online review of the item. We know that you have digital plats on your phone, but sometimes you cannot use them in low coverage areas. The recreational vehicle GPS is helpful in these situations.
  • RV Sewer Hose – some camps have sewage hookups. You must have a reliable hose so that it won’t leak. Look for a sewer hose review that will be helpful for you to get a good one. If you plan to stay for a few days, your tanks may get filled. You can empty them through sewer hookups by using your sewer hoses.
  • RV Converter – some recreational vehicle sites have stimulating hookups, but knowing your devices’ correct output is necessary. In these instances, a reliable converter comes in handy. Make sure to check the converter review online to help you pick.
  • RV Lock for Doors – yes, a durable lock is vital for security. You must always keep your motorhomes in check. Doors should be closed because sometimes wild animals can come inside your RV and might destroy some of your appliances inside. Check out a lock review online.
  • RV Tow Dolly – if you have an extra vehicle or something to tow, this can come in handy. You can also use it for emergencies if fellow campers on the road need help with their car. A tow dolly reviews can be helpful.
  • Portable Utensils – bringing your own portable and reusable utensils is a big save and help for mother nature. Make sure to also bring cleaning materials for them. A nice set of utensils is a must.
  • Ready to Eat Foods – having ready-to-eat foods, canned goods, food packs are also a good option. It can be for emergencies or just added for the fresh foods you plan to eat.
  • Personal hygiene – remember that you should clean yourself after a long day of activities. Some camps have bathhouses, so you need to have your personal effects. If you have an RV, these can be inside your motorhome, and you just need to prepare it and remember it.
  • First Aid supplies – it is better to be ready for any eventuality. If you get hurt or have a minor accident, it is better to have the tools to treat your injuries before heading to the hospital for the proper treatment. Having first-aid can minimize the chance of aggravating an injury.
  • Toilet Paper – choose the toilet paper brand that you are comfortable with. Check out the review for toilet paper; it will be helpful.
  • Extra Clothes – yes, some ground activities may get you all dirty. You might want to get changed now and then.
  • Foldable Camp Chair – This is perfect to set up beside your grounds or RV for a relaxed sitting position. You can also store them away easily when not needed.
  • Foldable Table – having a table is handy while eating with the family. Just store it away when done. Folding tables are space savers.

Tent tripping requires you to have your own tent and pitch your cabin. After a day’s tiring and fun experience on the ground and doing some of the offered activities, it is nice to rest comfortably for tomorrow’s schedule. Always check your things.

  • Tent

Make sure to pick a suitable tent for your needs and comfort. Check out tent reviews online for options. You don’t want any back conflicts that can affect your activities in the morning.

  • Sleeping bag

If you travel in the cold season, make sure to bring this essential sleep bag. The sleeping bag can warm you for the night. Plus, you feel much more secure inside it. There are a lot of item reviews online you can check out.

  • Pillows

Comfy pillows or travel pillows can be optional. It can give comfort while you lay on the ground. Bring a nice cushion. It might seem unnecessary, but you can check out reviews for pillows online and pick the best one for comfort.

  • Gravel tent pad (in case the ground is rough)
  • Extra Blankets
  • Screen tent


  • First Aid Kit
  • Ointment
  • Aloe Lotion
  • Medicines for allergies
  • Saline Solution
  • Band-aids
  • Towels


Yes, you may add some more to the list if you think you will need it on your planned campsite in Florida. You could use appliances if you picked a type of standard electric. These are just some of the recommendations that we think are essential. It would also be helpful to search for an item review to help you decide.

  • Rucksack
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Propane-powered lantern, solar-powered lights, or awning lights (for outdoor lighting)
  • Solar charger
  • Extension cords
  • Thermacell bug spray/ repellent
  • Water filter
  • GPS
  • Cell signal booster
  • Compass
  • Binoculars
  • Travel chairs and folding Table (if not given)
  • Pocket knife, multi-tool, pliers, and wrenches
  • Rope, cable ties, and duct tape
  • Hammock, mat patio, or patio rug 


Some grounds and sites offer bathroom amenities, but some do not. You must bring the basics and essentials like toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoos, deodorant, etc. You should also bring comfy sandals so you can relax and not walk barefoot.


If you still don’t know what cooking materials you need to bring, there are many items reviewed online to help you decide which to buy.

  • Coolers
  • Utensils
  • Plates
  • Tumblers
  • Ziplock bags
  • Airtight containers
  • Portable stove or grill ( if grills are not available on the campsite)
  • Cooking oil


It would help if you also decided what additional items you will bring on your trip to be more than ready for all the activities you will go to. You can check items reviewed online to help you decide. Do not worry about charging; you may choose a standard electric for your additional voltaic appliances and gadgets. Check your travel pack constantly. Some of these items may be:

  • Cameras 
  • Memory Cards
  • Drones ( Reminder: some grounds forbid the use of drones because of security purposes, check and review ground rules)
  • Toys for Kids or your pets
  • Board games/cards ( so you won’t get bored waiting for your food to get cooked!)
  • Telescopes
  • Night vision goggles
  • Bikes
  • Extra batteries
  • Power bank

Important Reminders and Details for You

The grounds have essential reminders and regulations for people who plan to visit the area. It is necessary to know these to avoid issues and conflicts with the local authorities. You should always ask and not be afraid to approach any authority to avoid confusion or unforeseen situations in Doll Mount Camp. Here are some reminders that we think will help you during your stay. Study all rules and signages at the campsite.

  • All travelers and campers planning to get accommodated at Mountain ground must book before entering the site.
  • The campsite occupancy is limited to a maximum of eight (8) and two (2) vehicles. If you have your boat, you can bring only (1)
  • Visitors are not allowed. If you plan to camp and have a nearby relative you want to be with, they should also be registered campers beforehand and not exceed the limit of persons allowed. Study the rules and regulations and pay attention to details.
  • All campers must self-register at the gatehouse. It means that personal appearance is needed and must be confirmed.
  • There should do no transactions at the gatehouse. 
  • The gate of Doll Mount is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • All passing vehicles may use the exit at any time via the electronic gate. The management strictly forbade vehicles from entering the recreational area after closing the park.
  • Be extremely careful on the park entry road. The road has a steep downhill structure, and you should be cautious when entering.
  • Camp at one or more sites at Carter Lake Project for longer than fourteen (14) days during a thirty (30) day period is highly forbidden. You must stay on the allowed schedule dates and duration only.
  • Make sure to plan your meals for camp ahead of time. It is better to have a meal plan for each day of your stay to be set and prepared. Choose the right size for your needs. There are standard electric sites and nonelectric sites to choose from.
  • Your gear is your full responsibility. Make a list of the necessary things that you need for camp so that everything will be in place. You don’t have to waste time and enjoy it if you pack everything and are ready.
  • Pack the right set of clothes for the activity you are planning to do. Make sure always to have extra because we don’t know when you will get dirty. On top of that, some unforeseen factors may require you to change clothes now and then.

What to Expect?

You will look forward to a spectacular experience. Doll Mount ground is an excellent place where you can relax and be one with nature. It is truly a national nature treasure. You will leave feeling satisfied and fulfilled. If you are looking for a place to go or revisit, this is the ideal place for you. The majority of online reviews have good ratings on the ground.

The place offers many activities and excellent facilities and amenities to cater to your needs on your visit. They have many sites you can choose from. Carter lake is a beautiful natural wonder that you will surely appreciate.

Doll Mount has excellent reviews from its visitors due to its orderliness, cleanliness, friendly hosts, and well-maintained nature. Your pets can also enjoy this site together with you. This place is ideal for a breather and a relaxing place for your body. Reset your body clock and purge all the stress from living the urban life.

Pack your camp gear, prepare your recreational vehicles, and get prepared to explore the beautiful views, sights, and natural wonders of Doll mountain Campground.

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