Factors to Consider Before Availing of a 5th Wheel Hitch

At This moment, many individuals are using a recreational van to go around different places. For them, having it is the most convenient thing when having a camping trip. You can load so many essential things and relax any time you want while riding it. However, to do all of this, you need a 5th wheel hitch to pull your trailer.

Yes, that is right. We want to share the factors you need to know before availing of the 5th wheel hitch. And what other things that this tool can offer you. This tool is a valuable material that can help you to attach your trailer to your automobile. 

As you know, some trailers doest have their vehicle to operate on its own. For that reason, having a fifth-wheel hitch is an excellent idea. However, beforehand, it is better to select the right one for you. In that case, the factors that we have can be reliable and efficient. Each of them can provide an outstanding contribution to the entire performance of this tool. 

To start our exploration, join us as we give the details that you need. Let us move forward to know more about this material. So, let us get started!

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Factors to consider before buying 5th Wheel Hitch

This section has a list of the possible factors that you need before buying a fifth-wheel hitch. Each of these factors can provide a significant performance to pull your trailer successfully. For that reason, keep on navigating as we give you the information about them. It includes the following;

1. Mounting style

hitch mounting style
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Considering mounting style is an excellent thing to do because there are many options for this style. It is better to make a choice that can fit your preference. The rail system is the most typical style when you are using a fifth-wheel hitch. Additionally, many high-quality pitfalls contain this kind of system, so this style is the option’s leading system.

Depending on the most ideal for the hitch, you can choose different styles in the option. Some are more fit under the bed system or above the bed system. On that note, you need to be careful in selecting the mounting system that suits your taste and your trailers. However, having two option in the bed system, consist of the following note.

Moreover, under the bed system, you need to attach an adapter, the mounting hardware to the frame that will have access to the drilled holes through the bed of your truck. Remember, you need to understand that when you are towing with this system, the unit will attach naturally to the bed’s brackets. And when you are not using it, please take out the model. Let us move to the other bed system.

Above the bed system is the other option that you have. In this case, the bracket is present inside the bed. The hitch connects in the frame, and it will remain even when you are not using it. Even there is a lot of option to consider, and the most essential is that you use the one that can suit you and your trailer the most. 

2. Weight Capacity

weight capacity of the hitch
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The weight capacity is the thing that you need to look after when you are choosing your hitch. You need to know its weight limit to make a wise decision upon loading your stuff inside your trailer. As you know, there are some instances that the hitch can handle the weight; as a result, you can have an accident. To avoid that from happening, ensure that you check the model’s weight capacity that you preferred. 

3. Jaws

CURT 16039 Q25 5th WH

The weight capacity of the hitch is also has a significant factor in jaw configuration. If you happen to have a 25000 pounds mark that exceeds, the best choice for you is to use a single jaw design. It offers more safety and excellent performance than others. Thus, there is also another option that you might need if you have below 25000 pounds mark in your trailer. 

That thing is the double jaw design that places around the kingpin. It can reduce the noise of your trailer. For that reason, it is also an excellent choice to consider. Thus, keep in mind that the weight capacity is more important than eliminating the noise. 

4. Pivoting System

Reese Elite 30142 Tire H

It is all about the flexibility of your trailer in the future. There is some pivoting system that you need to know beforehand. It is the 2-way pivoting and the 4-way pivoting system. The 2-way pivoting allows your model to move back and forth. However, it can affect the ability of your model to sway. 

Moreover, it is not a problem in a long high-way centric drive, but it can cause trouble in the pesky backroads. That is the time that you need the 4-way pivoting system. It can move side by side. That is why swaying is not a big deal, but it is more pricey than the 2-way pivoting system.

5. Price

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Of course, price plays a crucial role in buying an excellent hitch for your trailer. Investing your money in an expensive material is also concerning. However, if the quality is outstanding, it is a great choice to have. It is much better to invest in the quality than the cheap materials and have a low standard. 

Thus, if you have a tight budget, find some option with your trailer’s same weight capacity or closer to it. That way, you can prevent a hole in your pocket from happening.

6. Quality

quality of the hitch
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When buying any product, the most important thing to consider is the quality of it. Having a high-standard item is a great option to lessen your expenses effectively. It can provide you with a good performance and longer lifespan while you are using it. However, you need to invest in an expensive one because most of the time, the high-quality product requires the most cost. 

However, it can offer you a great long run in the future.

7. Ease of Use

easy to use hitch
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It is better to ensure that you have a convenient and trouble-free hitch upon use. Following the dos and don’ts is the most advisable when it comes to using it. For that reason, buying quality and a convenient model is an excellent thing to consider.

8. Difficulty in installation

hitch installation
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The easiest way to determine the installation’s difficulty is to ensure that the heavy vehicle and the truck are compatible. If it does not match, it can give you a headache, big time. Hence, having models that fit your trailer and easy to install without much help on the outside is preferable. It is also helpful if you buy a model that includes accessories and necessary parts.

That way, you can lessen your expenses and ensure the installation of the model correctly. 


Here is the information that you need upon buying a fifth-wheel hitch. We hope that it can help you to understand and have an idea of what kind of 5th wheel hitch you need to buy. Besides, it can also save you money if you follow the details that we give you. Together with that, you can select a quality product that can stand a long run of usage.

Moreover, if you choose a model with these factors, it is good to know. You can experience outstanding performance and save your money. It can also offer security and safety while you are on your camping trip. So, what are you waiting for? Go and set the hitch that might be useful in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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