Five tips in choosing the proper signal booster

The moment you have been experiencing dropped calls and undelivered messages will give you that realization that you got to do something to end this misery. In that sense, you will be searching for in every online platform the best signal booster to install in your RV. Of course, there will be a bunch of online suggestions that will pop up on your screen. 

These hundreds of suggestions will surely overwhelm your decision-making in which signal booster to choose. In the end, you will buy the one with the most appearances in your searches. You will be so lucky if you face no problem at all with this choice. But if it fails you well, you need to buy a new one and end up being extremely frustrated. 

In that sense, cut the aimless search and start looking by the specifications and technicalities. In this article, we will inform you of all the things that you need to check out on a signal booster

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Tips in choosing the proper signal booster

Tip #1: Choose the one with the Highest Downlink Power & Uplink Power Of Best Amplifier

Have you ever experienced calling someone but the other line can’t hear you? This is even if you have already said thousands of hellos in a booming voice. Well, this is the uplink and downlink on the move!

To demonstrate this, this is how uplink and downlink play. When the uplink signal connection is strong, your voice goes to the other party, but your agent cannot be heard or can be choppy for the other party if it is too weak. When a downlink signal connection is strong, the other party’s voice sounds straightforward, but if it is too soft – their voice cannot be heard or can be choppy for you.

It is crucial to have this feature in the signal booster that you are going to purchase. This is to ensure that your communication with the other line will be smooth/Almost like you are talking face-to-face. 

Tip #2: Make sure to have the Highest Gain In Decibels

The phone signal strength is measured in decibels. In this sense, the higher the decibel is, the more muscular the signal strength will be. Ensure that if you are going to buy your signal booster, choose the one with the higher decibel. Usually, it is measured in a positive sign.

So, a +70 dB gain booster is better than a +60 dB gain decibel. But if the promoter shows a negative one, follow the ruling of the integers. The closer the negative number gets to zero, the higher its value is. So if you have a -70 dB gain booster, it will amplify less than a -60 dB gain booster. 

Another way of recognizing which one has the highest dB gain is with the price. Yes, this one is the valid identifier. The pricier one usually has the highest gain booster. But always stick to your budget. Some refurbished ones work well. You can opt to buy those instead. 

Tip #3: Type of Antennas

Your booster must have a suitable antenna. In this sense, you need to assess the coverage of your area first. If you don’t know the signal strength in your area, you can check out with an installer or any cell signal professional to have the right one. 

Furthermore, if you are in a highly urbanized area, the most significant problem here is the network traffic and the building structure. When it comes to towers, there will be a lot of nearby towns to choose from. In that sense, you can opt to have an omnidirectional antenna. This will give your indoors the best signal strength, same as when you are outside. 

But when you are in a far-flung rural area, it will be a different one. This can be the case for familiar RVers since they are usually on a trip or camp with high trees. In this sense, choose the Yagi directional antenna because it helps pinpoint a specific tower with the best signal strength. No matter how far it is from your area. All you have to do is ascertain the tower and position your antenna, pointing in the tower direction. 

Tip #4: Number of users supported

Of course, the number of users is an important thing to consider when buying a signal booster. This is because the purpose of having one is to beat the problem of having low signal strength. New if your booster can not keep up with the network traffic in your vicinity, only then will we have a problem. 

In that sense, the best suggestion for vehicles or RV is the multi-user 4G LTE signal booster. This is because they are designed to control and amplify the best signal reception in a wide range and changing environment. 

Tip #5: Multi-Bandwidth & Channels Supported By Best Cell Booster

When you are inside the same space with other people, you will be using your wireless devices at the same time. This is one of the causes why the signal strength is weakening. In that sense, choose the signal booster that can withstand this kind of situation. 

Having a signal booster rather than having a multi-bandwidth and channel support will ensure that your phone will have a stable signal reception even when there are other users present in the area. 


A signal booster is something that is very needed by a full-time traveler. This is to ensure that the world can also keep up to speed with his lifestyle. Having a signal that keeps on dropping now and then due to traveling or the area you are in is highly frustrating. 

So, to make sure that you have the best signal booster fit for your needs and lifestyle, make sure that you read up this article from top to bottom. We hope that this has helped you search for the best signal booster out there in the market. After checking that all of our tips are in the booster you are eyeing for, buy it now and enjoy life with flawless communication. 

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