Best Spots for Cashless Traveling: RV Free Camping in Arizona

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Sometimes disconnecting and taking a break from the busy world is what it takes to refresh and keep us sane, right? And when it comes to relieving some stress, nothing beats dispersed camping with bonfires and nature exploration. 

Not only will you be able to stretch those muscles, but also you can reward yourself with scenic views while dispersed camping and hiking. But you know the best part? You will be able to enjoy this wonderful experience with your loved ones! What a perfect way to spend some quality time with them.

Of course, exploring your favorite outdoor sites wouldn’t be complete without dispersed camping. That’s why finding a suitable RV camping area or campgrounds to settle down is already a no-brainer. 

The state of Arizona, USA, is considered one of the favorite go-to campgrounds areas for travelers and camper-backpackers alike seeking a little hiatus from the busy world. 

We can’t deny that the state of Arizona, blessed with breathtaking and magnificent forests sculptured by nature. The good thing is that there are many significant RV camping areas around AZ, so campers and RVer can immerse themselves more with nature to appreciate its innate beauty further. 

Not to mention, dispersed camping in Arizona State provides a plethora of outdoor experiences awaiting its visitors. No wonder why many RV enthusiasts return to this site.

So for this review, we will be traveling across Arizona campgrounds to gather information about some of the great free camping sites that not only offer a great view of nature but also offer free access for your next nature getaway trip. 

No need to wait! Fasten your seatbelts and join us in our journey while harnessing relevant information about accessible camping areas for your “Cashless Arizona RVing experience.” Let’s go!


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Arizona offers many particular RV camping areas for people who love microadventures or want parking sites for their stress. So if ever you are looking for some quick hiking escapades for the weekend, then AZ’s Lake Powell is the right area for you. 

Located in northern Arizona up to the border of southern Utah, Lake Powell has lots of reviews for its free beach camping options that extend for hundreds of miles along the creeksides. 

Be sure to look forward to the white-sands area that will tickle your feet as you enjoy your stay here. 

Of course, a beach or lake camping trip wouldn’t be complete without our favorite water activities on the creek. 

The most reviewed activity here is that RVers can freely enjoy swimming on the lake or creekside, dipping to their heart’s content. Additional information, be aware that there are no lifeguards around the area, so always be cautious.

Are you feeling a little more adventurous while free camping in Arizona? We got you! Rent some kayaks and enjoy venturing the lake. There are also marinas located there. Sadly this creek area is off-limits for swimming to ensure your safety as well. 

But at the end of the day, we could all agree that the best thing about this Arizona site is the magnificent and priceless views as your background while RV camping. 

From the white-sands area, blue-colored lake, and towering red cliffs that could be your vehicle’s parking site, all of these magnificent sites await you here. 

You won’t even spend a single cent to enjoy dispersed camping in all campgrounds and lake attractions. Don’t forget to bring your cameras with you and capture photos or videos of Arizona sites.


We can’t deny that a cozy beach park is a perfect site for those who love to find a camping area for microadventures and release stress. On top of that, you will be able to feast your eyes on magnificent lake areas as you enjoy the different activities this Arizona site has to offer. 

As commonly said in reviews, even for a regular car, Lake Powell is easily accessible. There’s no reason for us not to try RV camping or dispersed tenting on this Arizona site.

2.CRAGGY WASH, Arizona

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is one of the infamous state parks for its boondocking options. It humbly rewards its free camping visitors with fantastic forest landscapes and microadventures; every camper will surely experience RV camping on this site. 

All nearby locations for camping around the state park have their innate beauty, and on top of that, they offer a great camping experience to their guests. That’s why it is no big surprise that Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is one with the most positive reviews of state parks for RVers or people who seek some microadventures.

Located 7 miles north of Lake Havasu City, Arizona is one of the widely reviewed camping locations in this state park, namely the AZ’s Craggy Wash. 

Like other free dispersed camping spots in Arizona state parks, this Lake Havasu City site offers a primitive dispersed tenting experience to the RVers, so expect no amenities provided around the campgrounds. However, there are fire pits at some open parking sites. 

The good thing is that there are proximal stores within Lake Havasu City state park in case you need something, making our dispersed camping life in Arizona state much more accessible!

AZ’s Craggy Wash, just so you know, is quite crowded, especially during the winter season, and finding decent parking sites could be challenging, as per the reviews. However, this is an excellent opportunity to make new camping buddies take photos and videos with you if you think about it.

But if you prefer dispersed tenting away from the crowd, don’t worry because, at a distance, there could still be a parking site available for you to settle. 

It’s fascinating when dispersed camping on a bonfire in this state park gives you desert vibes different from other typical dispersed campsites. 

On top of that, you will never get disappointed with the beautiful sites waiting for you. You can do some hiking here to explore the hidden gems that hide along this Arizona area.

Aside from dispersed tenting within this site’s natural attraction, there are tons of reviews about its fun activities and events to enjoy around this Arizona area that could be best to preserve by capturing photos and videos of the moment. 

If you have dogs and want to treat them, there’s a nearby Avilon dog park, one of the three off-leash dog parks in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, wherein you can let your fur babies run free carefully within the area. What’s good about this dog park is that they are grass-covered grounds.

The London Bridge is another excellent tourist site built in the 1830s that holds a significant history. The area initially traversed the River Thames in London, England but dismantled in 1967 and relocated here in Arizona. 

There are also scale replicas of famous lighthouses on the East Coast, West Coast, and Great Lakes. Though they are not real, they have the exact specification and work like the real thing.


Craggy Wash, Arizona park is open for all, and the best part? You can park here for up to 14 days for free! So you don’t need to break the bank just to enjoy and spoil yourself for a while. Not to mention, RV camping on this site could be the best because it allows all sizes of Recreational Vehicles, cars, and other vehicles. 

Feast your eyes on both natural and human-made attractions in these RV parks, and remember the events that happen here in Arizona all year long.

Don’t forget to review these interesting events before planning your next trip here because you don’t want to miss some of them when visiting Arizona.


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The name itself catches anyone’s attention. Honestly, who wouldn’t be intrigued by its name, right? The Edge of the World, Arizona, is reviewed as one of the favorite dispersed camping grounds and RV parks here in Sedona, AZ. 

Well, it is regularly seen on reviews that this is a favorite national park and camping site here in Sedona, Arizona, for summer weekend getaways for high-school and college visitors alike. But why is it so?

The Edge of the World in Sedona, Arizona, officially reviewed as the “East Pocket,” is AZ’s national park in the Sedona, Arizona area that allows free dispersed camping, so don’t expect any established campsites in the first place. 

But if you think of it, there’s a beauty in free dispersed tenting since you will be able to unleash your creativity when it comes to setting your campsites in this national forest of Arizona. 

As you arrive in the national park area, expect a warm welcome from Arizona’s tall pine trees, which also serve as shades for the RVers and backpackers, could even be your vehicle’s parking site. But the highlight of this national park site, as supported by lots of reviews, is none other than the Arizona camp experience. 

Imagine you could pitch your camping tents on the cliff that sits on the edge of the two canyon systems, namely, West Fork Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. 

But of course, a great reward awaits those who are ready to conquer their fear of heights, for your eyes will feast upon the majestic views of AZ’s Red Rock Country and the northern end of Sedona, Arizona.

The good thing is that though the roads are rocky and bumpy in the national park area, it is still accessible that even typical cars and vehicles can venture. According to reviews, expect a 1.5-hour of driving from downtown Flagstaff on your way camping here.

It doesn’t sound so bad, right? Reviews complement the accessibility of this national forest in Arizona. No wonder why many people choose to camp on this national thicket site. 

Just a little information, some reviews are stating that RV or car camping in this national forest of Arizona site is already crowded nowadays, especially during vacation. So parking could be a bit of an issue during those seasons.

This one might be a problem, especially if you want to seclude yourselves from the crowd for this trip. So deliberately review and schedule your next trip in this national forest of Arizona and consider the days wherein only a few people are coming in the area.


You probably understand now how Edge of the World, Arizona gets its name. This AZ’s national forest campsite offers a different RV or car camping experience to visitors, whether in Arizona or another state’s national forest.

Imagine you will have the chance to camp at a more significant elevation. That’s an insane experience! On top of that, an excellent perspective of nature awaits you at the top, a worthy risk to take when visiting this highly reviewed Arizona national forest. 

Moreover, you could enjoy all of these for 14 days, which doesn’t sound bad. So there’s nothing that can stop you from camping in this national forest area! Just make sure to ready your device for capturing astonishing photos and videos of the beautiful scenery.


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AZ’s Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, located in east-central Arizona, is where over two million acres of forest and mountain country are nestled. With Apache’s vast landscape, there’s no doubt that there are many scenic views and tons of outdoor activities to enjoy while camping in this area of Arizona. 

That’s why this Arizona national forest is a classic favorite go-to site for dispersed camping people who want to immerse themselves in nature; plus, it has plenty of positive reviews.

There are a lot of free camping sites you can find around Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona. Still, if you are looking for a great area with lots of complimentary reviews that don’t break the bank, then Los Burros Campground, Arizona, is a perfect site for you. 

This national forest Arizona campsite offers its visitors 6-15 campsites. You can stay here for up to 14 days, which is more than enough to take photos and videos of scenic views and thoroughly enjoy this wonderful camping experience. The best part? You can achieve it all free of charge!

Besides the outdoor camping activities in a forest that you could enjoy here in Apache, such as car camping, bonfire stories, biking, trailing, hiking, and horseback riding, prepare to have a blast from the past trip. 

Did you know that this Los Burros Campground, Arizona, serves as a site to the former Forest Service Ranger Station, earning a spot in the Civil Register of Historic Parks and Sites? 

For the camping RV owners out there, now is your good chance to bring them out! The road condition in this Arizona national park area is easily accessible for its road, located 7 miles from the paved road. It is gravel-covered, plus there’s no limit on the RV size that you can bring in this recreational forest. 

Another good thing to review is the amenities they provide to the guests. RVers and visitors will access BBQ grills and fire rings for a campfire, picnic tables, horse corral, and restrooms. With all of these said, surely Apache Sitgreaves, Arizona, provided everything you could ask for when camping.


Surely you will be able to feel as if you are one with nature, and there’s no doubt about it. Plus, this area in Arizona holds a historic treasure waiting to amaze our eyes. The convenience offered to RV and car camping visitors gains positively insane reviews! 

Rest assured that this will be one of the best camping experiences you could ever have. The picture-perfect views, heart-pounding activities, and fantastic amenities all await us here. 

According to some reviews, just a little tip, the best time to camp here is May to October. So, start planning now to see what makes it unique during these times.


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When we are talking about nature tripping, camping in forest grounds often comes first in our minds. It is only natural to crave forest camping after all the hard workdays. Imagine breathing fresh air, great views, and a chance to interact with the wildlife. All of these await us here! 

So if forest exploration is the one you are eyeing for your next camping trip, then Kaibab National Forest, Arizona, which also receives lots of excellent reviews, is a great area to give a shot.

There are plenty of camping activities you can enjoy as you stay here. If forest hiking has a special place in your heart, this Arizona site is the right area for you. 

On top of that, your eyes will surely enjoy magnificent views sculptured by nature and time itself. 

Moreover, Kaibab National Forest, Arizona, is home to much incredible wildlife, and there’s no other way to appreciate them fully but to see them in their natural habitat personally. You could even take photos and videos of them for a lifetime souvenir.

Of course, the main highlight of the reviews about this park in Arizona is they allow free dispersed camping here, yes, free of charge! 

So you can fully enjoy your camping here, for up to 14 days, without worrying about any fees. Not to mention campers can bring their Recreational Vehicles, making your motorhome camping experience more convenient. 

The camping RV owners are hesitant to bring their beloved RVs due to the road conditions. 

This Arizona site has good news for you! According to lots of reviews, the road is covered in gravel and only 0.25 miles from the paved road, making it more travel-friendly.

Moreover, did you know there’s what they called “Motor Vehicle Use Maps & Motorized Travel Aids,” which you can download so you can venture to the Kaibab Forest safely? 

Lastly, according to some of the reviews, there are no other amenities available here except fire rings for setting a campfire. But that doesn’t mean your camping experience here in Arizona wouldn’t be complete. 

It is the perfect time to display your resourcefulness and creativity while camping on this site. Don’t forget to bring your necessities to prepare for whatever you may encounter along the road.


Aside from the RVing activities mentioned above, Kaibab National Forest, Arizona, is open all year round. You can choose your preferred season before you schedule your next trip here. 

If you wish to see some snow, you can schedule your trip here during the winter season. But regardless of the season, Kaibab National Forest, Arizona, will never cease to amaze you. The number of positive reviews about this area even highlighted the place.


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When talking about great attractions with popular reviews for Arizona RV camping zero-fee sites, the first thing that comes to our mind is none other than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is one of the most visited parks with excellent reviews in the country! 

Well, who couldn’t resist the beauty of this piece of art in the first place? That’s why many people come and review this tourist attraction every year, so finding some good camping spots to enjoy the views is quite challenging. 

Good thing there’s a lot of nearby locations of campgrounds that offer magnificent views of the great Grand Canyon, which also receives excellent reviews, one of which is the Marble Viewpoint, Arizona. 

AZ’s Grand Canyon is not the only one your eyes could feast upon because it offers excellent spots to view the Marble Platform. 

The best part of this area? You can stay here for free for 14 days! You can even bring your Recreational Vehicles here to further elevate your Arizona-based forest camping experience.

Marble Viewpoint, Arizona, is located approximately 20 miles from the paved road. Still, you don’t have to worry about camping with your Recreational Vehicles here because the road along this campsite is gravel. Just keep in mind that the maximum length of RV allowed here is only limited to 25 feet.

This highly reviewed campsite in Arizona is a perfect area to cool down for your next summer getaway trip. Open from late spring to late fall, and you could enjoy several outdoor forest camping activities here. 

If hiking is one of your bucket lists, this is a great park to start, especially in Arizona. On top of that, this is a perfect opportunity to see and observe personally the wildlife that you only see on TV. Not to mention the superb and scenic forest views that await you!


An area that offers one of the best views of the widely known Grand Canyon is enough reason to try free camping in Arizona. Plus, there are designated sites, 1 to 5 campsites, where you can fully immerse yourself in nature. 

Enjoy the scenic views of nature and have a chance to interact with the forest wild while camping. The perfect way to relieve some stress when in Arizona. Well, who could resist taking photos and videos of this iconic place?


Photos credits to TripAdvisor

In digging deeper into this fantastic place, there are still hidden gems waiting to be discovered here in the state of Arizona. These sites may not be as famous as the other major attractions you can find around here, but the beauty and the experience it offers to its fortunate camper is definitely on par with the famous sites around here. 

One of the places under the radar for most people is the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona. 

Based on its name alone, you may already have an idea of what’s great about this place. This park serves home to many wildlife creatures, offering its visitors a chance to interact and see them in their natural habitat. 

Not only that, your hungry eyes can feast upon scenic views sculpted by nature and time itself, including the majestic and outstanding Baboquivari Peak. 

If you plan to go to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, be sure to prepare those muscles because there’s a ton of outdoor activities to enjoy here. 

And, to give you a preview of what’s ahead, there are trails and guided hiking you can enjoy here. Fantastic views and birding opportunities await those determined hikers. 

If you are still feeling more adventurous, why not try horseback riding. You can venture cross country, on roads, and in washes with your horses, so if this one is on your bucket list, you might as well check this Arizona site. 

There’s also a unique activity you could enjoy here that you cannot find on other sites. Hunting of approximately 90% of refuge is allowed here for hunting enthusiasts out there. Just be reminded of their regulations when it comes to hunting. 

They offer an environmental education in Brown Canyon, so not only will your eyes enjoy it, but your minds are fed as well with such excellent knowledge regarding the region’s ecology. 

Additional information, activities at the Brown Canyon include a separate fee, but one thing is for sure, the experience is worth the money you spend.

Of course, for this Arizona site’s main highlight, you can fully immerse yourself in nature by camping! There are designated 83 primitive campsites, and the good thing is that you can set up a campfire but only to the established ring fires. 

You can enjoy your stay at their designated campgrounds for up to 14 days for zero charges. How great is that! It gives you enough time to seize every moment while capturing photos and videos here.


After knowing all of these, we agree that Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, the State of Arizona, proved that it deserves more attention. 

Rich in scenic views, wildlife, and tons of activities to enjoy, what could you ask more? All of these await you for free! So before it gets too crowded, you might as well plan your next getaway trip in this part of Arizona state to fully enjoy and appreciate how great this place is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Dispersed Camp?

You’ve seen the words “dispersed camping” quite a while now as you read this review and wonder what does it indeed mean? Free dispersed camping refers to camping anywhere outside of any established or developed campgrounds for free. 

With this in mind, we should not expect any sort of services in the first place. You’re pretty fortunate if your chosen dispersed camping spot offers you amenities such as fire rings or even a table.

Maybe you are starting to have second thoughts about whether you still want to continue your dispersed camping journey after hearing this. 

Throw those worries away because this is a great chance to put your creativity and be resourceful into action. You can even turn this inconvenience into a fun and enjoyable moment with your family!

How can I know if it is legal to camp?

It’s pretty much easier to know where we can camp in Arizona state for free. You simply need to get your map and look for the green areas. 

These green shaded sites represent national thickets in every state, and within these areas, you can usually enjoy dispersed camping for free! But of course, you still need to look for signage and follow the rules whether the area allows dispersed camping or not.

So that you know, the United States has a vast amount of federally owned lands. Unless said otherwise, you pretty much camp in these federally owned lands freely, which includes the following:

  • National Forests
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Wildlife Management Areas (WMA)
  • National Grasslands
  • Several County Parks & City Park (Check signs)
  • Several trailheads (Check signs)

Where can I find a nearby bathroom?

You are in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no nearby bathroom here. But if you think about it, animals in the wild don’t need such things. 

Their waste serves as a natural fertilizer, enriching the soil, but that doesn’t mean that we are just going to dump our waste on the creekside or anywhere we want.

As a courtesy to other campers and to nature itself, we follow regulations regarding this. In general, you need to dig first a hole where you can dispose of your waste. 

Just keep in mind that the hole should be at least 6 inches deep and 100 feet away from any water source or creek for safety purposes. Then cover the hole with the soils that you dug earlier. 

We don’t need to be an environmental geek to save a creek! Being responsible for our waste is one way to protect and preserve the beauty of our environment. So don’t forget to do our part!

What Are The Essential Free RV Camping Equipment needed?

Everyone might be familiar with the saying that “it is better to be safe than sorry,” which could be definite when dispersed free RVing or camping in the state of Arizona. Don’t worry; we got you! Listed down below are some primary RV equipment that might provide a peaceful trip. 

RV Cell Signal Booster: Most of the areas listed here are primitive free-of-charge RV camping sites, meaning there are no wifi connections. An excellent point to start for those who want social media detoxification.

However, communication outside the site is still possible whenever needed; free dispersed camping spots with weak signals could work fine with cellular phones when paired with a reliable signal amplifier.

RV Refrigerator: The majority of the Arizona campground locations listed here are in the middle of nowhere, which could be relaxing and liberating you from the cities’ noise. 

But keep in mind that groceries and supermarkets might be miles away, so it is ideal to have storage and keep your food supplies fresh. 

RV Battery for Boondocking: Remember that free camping is also a form of dry camping, so the possibilities of no electrical hookups are present. 

A dependable battery will keep your RV powered and functional even without electrical hookups available.

RV Air Conditioner: Arizona is known to have a semi-arid climate or close to a desert climate. So to survive free camping in AZ during the summer months or even feel comfortable on a typical hot day, you might want to invest in a good air conditioner before heading here.

RV AntiFreeze: Winter could also be experienced in some Arizona sites, especially when free camping around November to the first half of February.

As an RV owner, camper, traveler, and we bet no one would like to get stuck amid the wintertime because of a frozen engine, which could be simply avoided by having this at your side.


Arizona is, without a doubt, blessed with magnificent nature and wildlife as well. No wonder this place has a designated place in the hearts of people who want to escape the busy world. The sites discussed earlier are only just a glimpse of what awaits you here. There’s still a lot to discover here!

Free camping in the middle of nature is quite an experience. It measures not only your preparedness but your creativity as well. Even a quick dip in the creeks is enough to wash out the stress.

For the experienced campers, this might not be a problem; they might even be cruising with ease, but the new ones face a challenging but fun-filled journey ahead, which is an excellent opportunity to learn and improve themselves. 

Just a little reminder, just because we are not in an established area doesn’t mean we can do pretty much whatever we want. 

There are still sets of rules and regulations we should follow all the time. These regulations exist to help preserve nature’s beauty and help us appreciate nature without causing any damage.

Free Arizona sites exist not just for recreational purposes only but to convey as well a subtle but important message: Appreciate how blessed we are and take a step in preserving their beauty.

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