Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs

Getting out next to nature is easy when you live next door. But if you are not, you don’t have to worry because there is a place where you could enjoy yourself that allows you to explore Colorado. 

It is a few minutes away from Colorado Springs, CO, and it takes little more than an hour from Denver. You could find one of the hottest and recommended recreational vehicle retreat areas, the Garden of the Gods RV Resort. 

Tourists, guests, or even CO residents would feel astounded by its beauty and incredible amenities you could enjoy and discover as you visit the place. There is an overwhelming ambiance as you decide to take a vacation in this recreational vehicle retreat spot. 

You may not understand and know why this recreational vehicle retreat spot becomes the talk of the town unless you would visit the place to experience, explore, and discover the hidden glory of this featured recreational vehicle site.  

So, let us go as you read the insights and ideas profoundly and do a review of this beautiful place where you could bring your family, friends, teammates, and even loved ones. It is not just to enjoy the view but also to try all the different recreational vehicle site activities.

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Basic Info

You should look at this basic information to read and review for your convenience and comfort if you are new. 

Operation Hours:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Address:3704 West CO AvenueColorado Springs,CO 80904, USA
Contact Information:(719) 475-9450 (800) 248-9451
Emergency Hotline:2-1-1 
Website:Garden of the Gods RV Resort in Colorado Springs 
Google Map Link:’25.8%22N+104%C2%B053’06.0%22W/ 

Getting There

You could encode this latitude and longitude 38.857, -104.8849 directions using your GPS. You have to take Superhighway Road 25 Southbound to Centennial Land from Denver. You have to exit 141, or US-24 Westbound towards Cimarron when you are in Colorado Springs, and 2.5 miles follow it. Then, you could turn right onto 31st Street and go left onto Westbound of Colorado Avenue.

You must take Superhighway 25 Northbound to Centennial Land if you come from New Mexico. In Colorado Springs, you have to exit 141 or US-24 Westbound to Cimarron and head 2.5 miles again. You could turn right onto 31st Street, and head left Westbound CO Avenue.

However, suppose you are from Kansas City. In that case, you should take Interstate 70 Westbound or US-24 Westbound to Limon, then take exit 359 towards Limon and continue to head onto US-24 Westbound, which turns you into East Platte Avenue in Centennial Land. You could head to East Fountain Boulevard too, then to Interstate 25 and merge onto Interstate 25 Northbound to exit 141 or US-24 Westbound towards Cimarron and head 2.5 miles. You may also turn right onto 31st Street and head left onto the Western portion of CO Avenue.

You may take Interstate 80 East portion towards CO to exit 359A or Interstate 25 Southbound from Salt Lake City. You may exit 141 or US-24 West portion towards Cimarron and head 2.5 miles in Centennial Land. Afterward, you could turn right onto 31st Street, then head left onto the Westbound portion of CO Avenue.

How to Make a Reservation

Like all kinds of campgrounds or tent sites you reviewed, this recreational vehicle spot requires a booking to allow you to have your preferred place when you pay a visit to the area. Reservation helps you find a suitable place where they could meet your needs and ideal services. 

You could email the spot at their email address and contact them via phone call. You have to meet requirements and policies to enjoy your stay in the area. 

The arrangement would allow you to have an advantage in all its benefits, amenities, and opportunities. Since Garden of the Gods RV resort is one of the most popular recreational vehicle spot campgrounds in CO, there are plenty of people who want to arrange a room, suite, cottage, or bunkhouses to prepare for their vacation. 

So, to make sure that you arrange a place for you and your family, they require specific pricing to the area you chose that you pay either deposit or full payment via credit card as you arrange and reserve your preferred place. You could check their website too for more information and make an online reservation and arrangement.

Cost to Book

Arrangement in a recreational vehicle spot campground requires you to pay charges to avail the beautiful features, amenities, and activities that the Garden of the Gods RV resort offers to its guests and visitors. We provided you with insights about the pricing so that you reviewed the area before you decided to pay a visit to it. 

The pricing ranges from $24.99 and up during the Fall or Winter season. It depends on the demand and availability of the area. While in the Spring or Summer season, the rate ranges from $34.99 and up, depending on the area’s availability and demand. 

There are three special rates you could choose and consider. These are: 

  • The Best Available Rate (BAR)

Suppose you are planning a vacation or trip, which is firm. In that case, you could lock in the best-priced rate available on the site when you arrange your reservation for your ideal and desired accommodation type near a specific season and timeframe. You must use a credit card when paying for the arrangement when you make the arrangement. You have to know that the payment is not refundable. 

  • The Peace of Mind Rate

This Peace of Mind rate is a fully refundable payment with less than a 10% cancellation fee during unexpected circumstances. You need to cancel the arrangement except during holiday periods or seasons. You may cancel the arrangement or make a change on the date, but this change must take on before 3:00 PM MST or before 72-hours before your arrival. 

When canceling your arrangement or changing the date, you have to call the property staff at 719-475-9450 and speak to a front desk associate to make things clear. An email or voice message is not applicable and accepted by the person in charge of the reservation and arrangement. The dates for the arrangement change must be within one calendar year. The prepayment of less than 10% would allow you to receive the refund to your credit card on file if you canceled 3:00 PM MST, 72-hours before your arrival during non-holiday seasons. 

  • Extended Stay Rate

If you want to enjoy RVC’s unique properties for more than 28 days, the camper spots offer an Extended Stay Rate. While you could stay longer, we could not guarantee you a specific unit number or site, including the cabins, camp hookups, yurts, etc. But what we could guarantee you is that we would give you a place that could give you accommodation that is greater than or equal to the type you arrange when you want to extend.

This rate is available only through phone, and take note that the camper spot requires guests who want to extend their stay must complete a simple background screening process for a nominal fee and allow the extension of their stay. Rigs could add too as the subject to approval by their management for the extension.

Major Features

Garden of the Gods RV Resort shares Manito Spring and Old Colorado City. It is Colorado’s first Capital City, and you could locate it in the foothills of Pikes Peak, America’s most visited series of mountain ranges. With easy access in Centennial Land to some of the best attractions for dining, hiking, sightseeing, and everything in between.

Colorado’s historical mountain towns’ location would make your Centennial Land camp experience memorable. In addition to this, the management upgraded the retreat spot’s accommodations to give you modern and extreme comforts, closely similar when you are at your home. 

Located in Centennial Land, about 4.3 kilometers from the Red Rock Corral and about 11.3 kilometers from Palmer Park, you could find the Garden of the Gods RV Resort. It could provide you with great accommodations, including recreational vehicle areas, cottages, suites, studio-type rooms, bunkhouses, and even tent areas with free access to the wireless internet connection, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning, and a shared lounge.

Some site units include a fully equipped kitchen, a dishwasher, a private bathroom with a hairdryer, a satellite flat-screen TV, and a shower.

The retreat spot village has a sun terrace where you could enjoy bonding with your family and feel the fresh and cool air from the mountain ranges covering the spot camp area.

You could enjoy hiking within proximity of Garden of the Gods RV Resort, and it has an amusement ground available on-site for your children to have fun and relax as well. 

You would reach Peterson Air Force Base from the accommodation, only 19.3 kilometers away. On the other hand, the US Air Force Academy is 20.9 km away from the accommodation area. You could also find the closest airport in the recreational vehicle retreat spot, the Colorado Springs Airport, about 25.7 kilometers away from the featured recreational vehicle retreat spot.

Most campers, especially couples, prefer and like the location. They give a high rate and fascinating reviews because it is ideal for a two-person trip.
Here is the property map of the Garden of the Gods RV Resort for you to review.

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Activities and Amenities

Activities and amenities give life to the featured areas in a particular area, like a recreational vehicle retreat spot. So, here are some of the perfect things and facilities you have to look for and give reviews so that you can enjoy the area while staying in the featured recreational vehicle campground retreat spot. 

  • You could swim in the views of the campground retreat spot.

During the hot days when camping, swimming in the pool is one of the best activities everyone would enjoy, whether an adult or a kid. So, you could slip into one of the featured areas, two heated swimming pools, and bask in nature, the heart of CO. With sun-drenched and a convenient seating area, you may catch some rays or relax for a sunset soak. The pools in the areas are open seasonally.

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  • Playtime’s in session in the retreat spot’s amusement ground.

Children are not always allowed to go on hiking trails or adventurous activities that most adults love to explore. So, having a place that is a modern, fun, and safe place designed for children to enjoy. It makes the amusement ground the leading and prime hangout for budding glampers and campers. Tykes could swing, slide, jump, and run while you watched their curiosity enhance the spark and spirits soar.

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  • Let’s have your Furry Friend fun around the neighboring retreat spot campground.

The “Bark Park” on the site area is a safe and gated amenity ensuring that your pets, especially your dogs, can enjoy their stay at the area as much as you do. You could contact the recreational vehicle staff for more information and the pet policies you need to follow and review.

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  • Day Trip

While you take a break from the stressful city activities, you could go to the Springs of Manitou for a zipline course, which is very popular among families with children that love adventures based on reviews. You could embark on the wild adventure through the forest as you try out the different varieties of zipline activities and customize the experience to suit your thrill-seeking level through the help and company of your guide. Tutorials, gears, and hydration are all essential and included for your convenience.

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  • Parks

You could locate it at the bottom of Pikes Peak too. These famous meadows feature rock climbing, stunning geological formations, nature trails, the Red Rock Corral Visitor and Nature Center, and National Natural Landmarks.

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  • Specialty Museum

The USA gave a one-of-a-kind tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic movements and Team USA athletes, the center of the story. The US Olympic & Paralympic Museum is a 60,000-square-foot building that features twelve galleries that follow the narrative arc that takes the guests through Team USA’s journey. The city guests would experience the team’s inspiring stories through cutting-edge technology, prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility. They connected it to the USOPM, the Flame Café, and Museum Shop. The Flame Café offers gourmet salads, Neapolitan-style pizza, sandwiches, and more dishes from its seasonal menu. On the other hand, the Museum Shop shows off an impressive Paralympic and Olympic merchandise collection.

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  • Hiking

A classic hike is ideal for area visitors who want to challenge themselves to trail in this area. It includes aspen trees, streams, panoramic views, and rock formations. The trail has more than six miles with 1,700 feet of moderate elevation gain. While doing this hike, you need the help and guidance of a certified guide that could provide you with the area’s history, geology, fauna, and flora during your exciting hiking trail. Your guide would give you instruction too about the five fundamental insights of front country hiking to help prepare you for your hikes if ever you have plans in the future. 

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  • Private Sightseeing Tours

You may buckle up and let the bumpy excitement experience begin when you decide to explore the corners of Red Canyon, which is a bit hard to reach when you go on a 4×4 Jeep tour from the City of Canyon. You may enjoy the incredible views of the great red towers, too, and keep your eyes peeled for mule deer, bears, and other wild creatures. You could know the area’s unique history and the geology explained by your tour guide to give you the inside scoop and idea about the area. You could see other highlights too and overlook the Arch and the authentic footprints of the dinosaurs.

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  • Nature and Wildlife

To enjoy the wilderness of CO, you don’t need to be a hard-core or experienced mountaineer to enjoy it. Because it has this beginner-friendly hike that may help you go on an adventure, even if you are a beginner in the Centennial Land area, you may join your guide to explore a classic and straightforward hiking area where you could traverse a short trail with a slight elevation gain and position. You could learn how to approach a hike in a front country neighboring the featured area. Along your way, you could take in the views of rock formations and streams, towering aspen trees, and even Pikes Peak with the guidance of the tour guide that led the way.

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  • Climbing

You may get a bird’s-eye view of one of CO’s most well-known landmarks, the Red Rock Corral, where you could do a private rock climbing adventure along with your friends. After learning basic climbing knowledge, you and your group may ascend to the colossal red rock formation. Of course, you need a guide and coaching from an experienced private guide. It is a four hours outing for beginner and intermediate climbers. It includes rental equipment needed for up to four people in a team. Only a small portion of visitors could see the national meadow from this perspective and position.

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  • 4WD

You could buckle up for an exciting and entertaining 4WD Jeep tour in some of the Springtimes in CO, with the most renowned sights. You may have a small-group adventure where your tour guide gives you some review of the history and geology of CO’s quintessential Old West area, the Pikes Peak foothills—in comparison, pointing out views and sceneries that include the Red Rock Corral soaring red rock formations.

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  • Historical Tours

You are exploring one of the most beautiful parks in the westbound American in an easy and fun way on a Segway tour in the Red Rock Corral near Centennial Land. You may learn about the ancient history of the meadow’s red rock formations and see how it shapes naturally, like the praying hands and kissing camels that get their names through its formation. You may cover much more ground than by walking, making it an excellent option for visitors who have so much limited time.

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  • Cultural Tours

If you want to wander around the Red Rock Corral and Pikes Peak from Denver, you may tick off the two top natural sights you would find in CO for a day trip or in just one day of exploring it. Suppose you want to go on a cultural tour. In that case, the group must have fourteen people maximum capacity or a small group to ensure that everyone receives personalized attention from the guide while on the round trip transfers, which allows you to focus not only on the road but on the views and sceneries.

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  • You could find a Laundry room, Convenience store, Shower, Free Wi-Fi, Game Room, Outdoor Grills, and a Pet-Friendly park and area.

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Your stay in Garden of Gods RV resort may not be complete if there is no reasonable accommodation provided for you. Here are the following areas to review: bunkhouses, suites, and cottages that may accommodate you to meet your needs and preferences even if you are not in the prestigious hotels in town.  

  • Recreational Vehicle SITES

(credits to GGR)

Recreational Vehicle Site Features to review:

Water Yes
Amp/Power Service30/50 (Depends on the site)
Wi-Fi connection Yes (Limited)
Picnic tables Yes
Fire Pit styleCommunity style
Check-InCheck-Out1:00 PM 11:00 AM

You may enjoy the beauty of Pikes Peak because most of the area’s recreational vehicle areas share spectacular views. You may bring all of your “toys” to make the unforgettable experience of your CO adventure. 

The recreational vehicle site offers five choices: the Standard, Deluxe, Poolside back-ins, Premium, and Executive pull-throughs. All of the retreat spot amenities and services would be available, including the swimming pools, showers, laundry facilities, TV lounge, Arcade, and complimentary Wi-Fi, available to use by camper guests. It gained fascinating reviews from the campers.

For RV Site Policies to review:

  • The charges on the areas vary, and its basis is on two persons per occupancy. You have to pay $3 per night for each additional person ages six and up.
  • If you become monthly guests, you have to pay a charge and a flat fee of $175 for electricity consumption.
  • You may not bring your pets beyond the recreational vehicle areas, bunkhouse, and tent areas. 
  • All areas are full hookups with power ranging 30 amp or some with 30/50 amp, including sewer and aqua, and Complimentary Wi-Fi.

Club Cottages

(credits to GGR)

Sleeps2 to 4 person
TV Yes
Private BedroomsOne
Check-InCheck-Out3:00 PM11:00 AM

One of the perfect places to stay in a retreat spot campground is retreat spot cottages. It offers a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, living room, private bedroom with a queen-size bed, bunk bed, or a loft. The area you would stay in includes linens and towels within, so you don’t need to bring your own. The Club Cottages are perfect and suitable as a base camp for your family’s adventures or a weekend retreat with your friends and co-workers while overlooking the upper pool and park area. It gained good reviews from the campers. 

Policies to review:

They strictly prohibited and did not allow the guests to bring their pets to their respective Garden studios. 

You could stay at the Garden studio for a minimum of three nights during Holiday Weekends. 

Holidays include Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’.

Escape Cottages

(credits to GGR)

Sleepssix-person per room
Picnic TableYes
Linens includedYes
Check-InCheck-Out3:00 PM11:00 AM

You may escape to these cottages you may find inside the retreat spot to experience unique and unforgettable things in a few places. The Red Rock Corral Club and retreat spot could offer the premier accommodation option for these Escape Cottages. This distinctive architecture celebrates the outdoors and allows you to appreciate nature from within the cottage. 

Each cottage has a maximum capacity of up to six people to accommodate, with a second bedroom offering two bunk bed sets and a master bedroom equipped with a queen-sized bed. You may enjoy the panoramic views of the community fire pit and the pool. You could soak up too under the heat of the sun outside your escape cottage doorstep on the deck space shared only by the other cottage.

 If the weather outside is very unpleasant, you could stay inside and enjoy the electric fireplace. You could catch up too on some of your favorite movies and show on the flat-screen television you may find in the cottage. This escape cottage would feel you rejuvenated whatever you choose. It gained terrific reviews from the campers. 

Policies to review:

They strictly prohibited and did not allow the guests to bring their pets in their respective Escape cottages. 

  • Garden Studios

(credits to GGR)

SleepsTwo-person per room
Private BedroomsNone
Check-InCheck-Out3:00 PM11:00 AM

The Garden studios location is at the top of the recreational vehicle retreat spot and offers the best sceneries and views of Pikes Peak. Each cabin studio-style room has a queen-sized bed furnished for the garden studio. It also comes with a full bathroom, perfect for a camp retreat without sacrificing the guest’s home comforts, similar to the city’s hotels.

The garden studio provides linens and towels, so you can get ready to enjoy the spectacular scenery and views accompanied by all the amenities of the featured recreational vehicle retreat spot, including the arcade, Wi-Fi, lodge, TV lounge, and swimming pools. It gained fascinating reviews from the campers. 

Policies to review:

They strictly prohibited and did not allow the guests to bring their pets to their respective Garden studios. 

You could stay at the Garden studio for a minimum of three nights during Holiday Weekends. 

Holidays include Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’.

  • Garden Suites

(credits to GGR)

Sleeps2 to 4 person
TV Yes
Private BedroomsOne
Check-InCheck-Out3:00 PM 11:00 AM

Garden Suites are a new set among the treehouses with a modern and fun rustic setting with kitchens and bathrooms and large one-bedroom units similar to the city’s hotels. It is ideal and perfect for small families or couples. Each suite has a front deck area from the other suite that connects through a gate to the other suite area’s other decks if desired. The Garden Suites area has its private back decks for barbecuing, relaxation or letting in the fresh, cool mountain air. It gained positive reviews from the campers. 

Policies to review:

You have to give full payment while arranging your reservations. 

They strictly prohibited and did not allow guests to bring their pets in their respective Garden suites. 

You could stay at the Garden suite for a minimum of three nights during Holiday Weekends. 

Holidays include Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’.


(credits to GGR)

Sleeps2 to 4 person
Private BedroomsNone
Check-InCheck-Out3:00 PM11:00 AM

The Bunkhouses are one of the best suitable and alternative to camping out in the open area. Each bunkhouse has an old-fashioned front porch for having a sunset drink or relaxing with a book and is furnished with either a double bed or queen bed and a set of bunk beds. 

You could bring your towels and linens, and you may get ready to experience a relaxing camping trip like no other. You could locate clean laundry facilities and restrooms nearby the area. 

The retreat spot’s complimentary services and amenities, including the TV lounge, arcade, swimming pools, and Wi-Fi, are available to use by the bunkhouse guests. It gained fascinating reviews from the campers.  

Policies to review:

They strictly prohibited and did not allow the guests to bring their pets in their separate bunkhouses. 

They have to pay using a credit card a refundable key deposit that costs about 30 USD.


(credits to GGR)

There are three types of Tent Camping areas:

Primitive SitesNo electricity or water
Standard SitesNo water, but electricity included
Deluxe SitesIncludes electricity and water 
Check-In: 3:00 PM 
Check-Out: 11:00 AM

You can find all the tent camping areas in the urban retreat spot area. It is a place where you could have access to a laundry, pool, bathhouse, and dog park. You could choose what amenities fit you to enjoy your stay at the recreational vehicle retreat spot featured. It gained terrific reviews from the campers.

Nearby Attractions 

Credits to: RVCP

There is plenty of fun and adventurous things to do in Colorado Springs and nearby areas, from rivers and parks to shopping and restaurants. This recreational vehicle retreat spot location is ideal for outdoor couples, families, and enthusiasts who want to “disconnect” for a while in the Red Rock Corral’s quaint surroundings. Check out these nearby attractions in the area in Colorado Springs-based on the reviews we searched to create unique and special memories!

  • Red Rock Corral National Park

Let us explore the paradise area of Colorado Springs in one magical stop.

(credits to Garden of the Gods Resort (GGR))

  • Red Rocks Canyon

It is an open space area characterized by a series of ridges and canyons sculpted by the uplifted rock strata area’s erosion.       

(credits to GGR)

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It is the single source for learning about wild places and wild animals, personal and up close.

(credits to GGR)

  • Olympic Training Center

This Olympic center has support facilities and sports venues for fencing, swimming, gymnastics, shooting,  judo, taekwondo, weightlifting.

(credits to GGR)

  • Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy of the US offers experience constructed to provide cadets the character and knowledge.

(credits to GGR)

  • Pikes Peak

You could enjoy it from rugged adventure, scenery, and fun-filled exploration to incredible entertainment, dining, and shopping.

(credits to GGR)

  • Pike’s Peak COG Railway

It is the highest rack railway in North America and the highest railway in the world.

(credits to GGR)

  • Manitou Springs

It is a picturesque mountain spring community known for its historical charm and friendly residents. 

(credits to GGR)

  • Old CO City

It is a tree-lined Street that would beckon you to enjoy and stroll in Centennial Land to its independent retail establishments, including the markets and the hotels.

(credits to GGR)

  • Downtown Colorado Springs

It is one of the famous Colorado Springs, a one-of-a-kind pulse you could not find anywhere else in the city.

(credits to GGR)

  • Cripple Creek

It is the historic town of Cripple Creek, CO, where you could discover one of our hiking area trips’ rich history and hotels to stay in and visit.

(credits to GGR)

  • Victor

It is a well-preserved mining town that sits on the side of Battle Mountain, with cool,  clean mountain air and plenty of sunshine all year round.

(credits to GGR)

  • Wolf and Wildlife Exhibit

It is one of the few well-known sanctuaries in the US, which the Zoos and Aquariums Association certifies.

(credits to GGR)

  • Arkansas River Raft Tours in CO

An aquatics offers the guests, tourists, or CO residents a river-rafting trip on three unique canyons: The Browns, Bighorn, and the Royal Gorge.

(credits to GGR)

  • Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

The world’s highest suspension bridge, which has 1053 feet in height, spans the Arkansas River.

(credits to GGR)

  • A Lil’ Bit of Home

It is located on the property, making the most delicious breakfast in CO’s Spring area, not in the hotels but right from their recreational vehicle. It is usually open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 8:00 in the morning until noon.

(credits to GGR)

These are some of the nearby attractions you could enjoy, review, explore, and discover as you stay at CO. It offers a great time and opportunity to unwind and do some adventures with your family and friends during your trip and vacation. 

Why it is Awesome

This Red Rock Corral is a red rock sandstone set against Pikes Peak. It has long rever for its natural beauty. Many centuries ago, the place served as a Native American crossroads where many nomadic tribes gathered here in peace. Based on local stories, the massive sandstone formations in the place you would consider sacred ground, and because of this, the rival tribes laid down their weapons when entering the Red Rock Corral.

Incorporating the landscape’s rough beauty with the pure ambiance of an exceptional world-class retreat spot, Red Rock Corral Club attracted great people of influence and means: titans of industry, movie stars, artists, politicians, authors, and musicians. All of them are well-known and highly fascinated by its undeniable glamour and discerning community of members.

The club’s unique traditions and traditions proudly pass from one generation to another in the ensuing decades. The place is shaping a timeless legacy that celebrating lives is the well-lived feature of the area.

The Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club will celebrate their 70th anniversary in June of 2021. The area gained fascinating reviews and comments from the campers.

Garden of the Gods RV Resort and Club Park in Colorado Springs Guidelines Review

As you locate the area near a sophisticated and elegant private country club, the featured site would like the event and retreat guests to observe the given recommendation, reviews, and guidelines while on the site’s property.

Here are the retreat spot guidelines that every guest and visitor should follow:


The Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club culture required all members and visitors that all cell phones shall remain in the “silent/vibrate” or “off” mode at all times. The staff would limit cell phone usage in the lobby, private function space, main hallways close to the guest service areas, guest room patios, guest rooms, and parking lots. They prohibit any audible use of cell phones in public areas, such as the lounge, dining room, and associated patios.

The retreat spot and club request to use earbuds or headphones, while any devices or cell phones you use to watch videos or play music limit their use in the work-out facility, the pool, or recreation center of the area. The staff allowed the guest to use cellphones on the golf course and limit their use m in emergencies.

If the staff saw the visitors, members, and guests of the club use their phones, they approached them to automatically discontinue using them outside of designated areas. You have to be aware of the culture and policies against cellular phones for both the retreat spot and your convenience. This policy applies to all guests and members regardless of circumstances or cause. You have to follow the rules of the retreat spot if you want to enjoy and stay longer. 


For the comfort and safety of the featured recreational vehicle, retreat spot guests, and members, every adult or parent is responsible for the children and supervises them for the entire stay in the area. Guests and parents are responsible for their children’s safety and conduct while at Red Rock Corral retreat spot and club for a staycation. Between Labor and Memorial Day in the Summer Season, the family pool is open daily to the guests and members of all ages located at the Recreation Center. The Infinity Pool is for adults 21 years of age or older only during this time.

Between Labor and Memorial Day in the Winter Season, they permitted the children younger than 21 at the Infinity Pool when accompanied by their parents or adults who are twenty-one years of age or older. But they would not permit the children less than 12 years of age to access the Fitness Center. Children who are 13-16 years of age would have access to the fitness center if and only if an adult that is 21 years old or older accompanied them. The management would ask the parents and adults to curtail their children from having fun on the Grand View Lawn after 6:00 in the evening.


The area’s management would allow the requests and arrangements of Dining room arrangements at the Red Rock Corral retreat spot, and the club is available during lunch and dinner. To speed up the service, if you are a group of 12 or more, the staff would recommend you to order from a pre-planned menu of their retreat spot. They require the members to sign all the checks and include the retreat spot room number or guest number. Only the Recreation Center Snack Bars are the dining facility that accepts cash when you pay. There is an additional 18% service charge to all the food and beverage checks, and the management applies it to the total charge before tax.


Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club would be allowing you to bring all accredited service animals. For your convenience, they accept dogs too, 40 pounds in weight and smaller with a pet fee of $200. 


The Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club are well-known for their tranquil environment and magnificent views. You may observe many types of local wild animals during your stay in the area. You should be careful when observing and viewing the wild animals from a distance far away from them for your safety. To maintain the peaceful setting expected by the Club members, guests, and resident wild animals, they have the noise to keep to a minimum sound only and refrain from walking on the grass after 6:00 in the evening around the reflection pool. While staying in a retreat guest room, you have to maintain a quiet and silent atmosphere after 10:00 in the evening to show respect to fellow guests. 


Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club are smoke-free establishments, making it comfortable for the guests and members. They permitted smoking in the private vehicles of the members and guests only. They permitted smoking too on the golf course with the approval of the partners of the smoker.


The Red Rock Corral retreat spot and the club offer wireless internet access in common areas and guest rooms for convenience for the members and guests. They included the wireless internet connection in the daily retreat spot fee of $35.


Whether you are enjoying the property as a guest or as a member, the club requested the members to wear appropriate club attire throughout the property. To provide you with a convenient and comfortable environment and be mindful of the area’s heritage, they allowed a dress code and faithfully enforced it. Any attire considered inappropriate may result in a denial of access or polite redirection to the club retreat spot’s area and property.

  • Recreation Wear

Pool wear with a cover-up, Bermuda-length shorts, proper athletic or sportswear, and athletic shoes. Soft-spike golf and tennis shoes are permitted, as are logoed hats or ball caps for both ladies and gentlemen. They require you to wear appropriate golf attire to have access to the golf course.

  • Casual Dress Wear

The retreat spot permitted the guest to wear Bermuda-length shorts and denim. But they refrain everyone from wearing sportswear, casual shorts, pool attire, athletic wear, and ball caps or logoed hats for both ladies and men. A Collared shirt is one of the suggested outfits to wear.

  • Retreat Spot Casual

Well-kept dressy dark denim (without holes or tears) or slacks permitted—collared shirts for men. They suggested a seasonal sport coat or blazer. They suggested women wear stylish attire. Please refrain from wearing athletic wear, sportswear, shorts, pool attire, and logoed hats or ball caps for both ladies and gentlemen.

  • Evening Dining Attire (after 5:00 PM)

Wearing a jacket in the area is the management’s recommendation, but they did not require it. It allowed the boys and men to wear dress slacks, collared shirts, or well-kept dressy dark denim. You could wear a tie, but it is optional—tasteful attire like cocktails or other fashionable recommendations for women and girls to wear in the area. The club requires the guests, not sportswear, athletic wear, shorts, logoed hats, ball caps, pool attire, or gentlemen’s hats, in the area at night.


There are dining areas where you can choose where to arrange and enjoy nature and retreat spots while staying here. 

  • Grand View Dining Room

It is one of the best private restaurants you could find in Centennial Land. It could provide you with a much refined and elegant place to celebrate all the special moments, entertain your clients, and enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. You have to make dinner arrangements.

They allowed the guests to wear a casual dress or retreat spot casual attire before 5:00 in the afternoon. While, after 5:00 in the afternoon, they allowed their guests to wear their evening dining attire. While they permitted the ladies to wear stylish hats at any time, they restricted gentlemen’s hats to wear inside the establishment.

  • The Rocks Bar & Lounge

You could socialize, network, and gather at The Rocks while you are enjoying the sun on the Red Rock Corral, as members and guests have been doing for decades now.

They are allowed the guests to wear their casual retreat spot attire or casual dress before 5:00 in the afternoon. The management requires Casual retreat spot attire for the guests to wear after 5:00 in the afternoon daily. They could wear ball caps or ladies’ and gentlemen’s logoed hats in the bar area only before 5:00 in the afternoon.

  • Kissing Camels Grille

While you are enjoying the vistas, you could feel the traditional club atmosphere of the Front Range and Pikes Peak exclusive for guests and members of the retreat spot only. This casual sports bar located at the Kissing Camels Golf Club is perfect and suitable for an afternoon bite while you enjoy watching a televised sporting event.

You could either wear a retreat casual or casual dress. It could wear ball caps or ladies’ and gentlemen’s logoed hats in the bar area only before 5:00 in the afternoon.

  • Golf Courses

In golf courses, they required men to wear collared shirts. They allowed Slacks, skirts, Bermuda-length shorts, or skorts. The golf course staff requires soft spikes, but they prohibit them from wearing untucked shirts and denim. Wearing inappropriate attire inside the area may result in denial and not allowing you to access golf facilities.

The management requires you to wear the appropriate golf attire to have access to the course.

  • Tennis Courts

Everyone, whether ladies or men, should wear tennis attire of any color according to the tennis club staff’s suggestion. They require non-marking tennis shoes too. Prohibited attire inside the tennis court includes dark-soled, bathing attire, jeans, sandals, running or hiking shoes, gym wear, and other non-tennis dress. You have to wear either casual dress or recreation attire only. 

  • Recreation Center (Opens Seasonal)

The CO Spring has a Recreation Center that offers fun classes, beautiful facilities, and engaging activities that keep all the kids and their parents coming back for more enjoyment. Families and children of all ages are welcome to the recreation center to have fun from Memorial Day through Labor Day. You could wear your casual dress or recreation wear too.

  • Infinity Pool (Opens Seasonal)

The Pool Café offers excellent casual outdoor dining with stunning views of the Pikes Peak and Red Rock Corral. When you swim in the infinity pool of the retreat spot, you could recharge by partaking in summer drink specials, a full menu, a variety of wine and beer, smoothies, and other enticing options to feel refreshed. The staff would not permit the children under 21 to dive in and enjoy the infinity pool because it is only for all adults. They could enjoy it from Memorial Day through Labor Day. You could wear your casual dress or recreation wear too.

  • Hats

Men should wear their hats properly, but they have to remove them according to the requirements designated for each place or venue. They allowed ladies to wear Stylish hats both inside and out of the featured place.

These are some of the site’s rules and guidelines to avoid unpleasant situations, accidents, and misunderstandings between the management, the staff, and most importantly, the campers and guests who choose to stay in this recreational vehicle retreat spot in CO.

What to Be Aware Of

Most of the time, we have to be aware that the place we are visiting has policies, reviews, and other cultural approaches that we must follow to avoid troubles and inconvenience. Thus, you have to be aware of some things once you pay a visit to this place. 

Prepayment and Cancellation policies vary according to the accommodations chosen by the guests. You have to enter your stay dates and check what conditions apply to your preferred space or room.

The recreational vehicle retreat spot campground welcomes children of all ages.

To see correct occupancy and price info, you have to add the ages and number of children belonging to your group to search for a suitable room or area where you stay.

There are no crib and extra bed policies to obey. There’s no extra capacity for cribs at this property.

This property may not offer you extra beds if you need one.

There’s no age restriction or requirement for check-in at the recreational vehicle retreat spot. 

Red Rock Corral Club and Retreat spot accept cards to use as a payment method to arrange. They would make arrangements right away once they received the payment fee. They have the right to temporarily hold the amount you pay for an arrangement until before your scheduled arrival date and time.

This recreational vehicle retreat spot has quiet hours where the guests need to be quiet between 10:00 in the evening to 8:00 in the morning to respect other camper’s time to rest.

The retreat spot prohibited and prevented the guests and the members from bringing their pets to the area. 

You have to consider if the area is nearby the hotels. If you don’t want to stay in your RVs or the suites on the site because it is too far from the city, you could stay in the hotels around the city and close to the site. 

RV Essentials

These are some of the essentials that your recreational vehicle must have once you go on a trip or weekend getaway. It would give you comfort and convenience as you stay in an area far away from your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provided you with some of the frequently asked questions based on the reviews from the people who want to know about the place and ensure that this area would give them satisfaction in relaxation and stress-free accommodation as you stay here and visit. 

Is the area of Garden of the Gods RV resort pet-friendly?

The retreat spot welcomes polite and dogs with good behavior under 40 pounds. The management only allowed one dog per room, and they must remain on their leash whenever they are out of the room or walking around the area. You have to register your dog before checking in to your room to avoid inconvenience. There is a $200 non-refundable fee charged per dog. But all licensed service animals are exempt from the fee charged by the staff. Still, if there are any damages to the room where they are staying, their owners need to take full responsibility and accountability. For more information, you could study the pet guidelines provided by the management.  

Is the room where we would stay have a view to enjoy? 

Suites and Club Rooms in the main lodge offer amazing premium views of the Pikes Peak Red Rock Corral retreat spot. While the Casitas and Cottages would not have the views you expect in your mind, it is a more spacious room accommodation with modern four or five-piece bathrooms and adjoining rooms when there are two or three bedrooms arranged in the same unit. Instead, it is an option to have a community feel and set back farther on the mesa behind the area’s privately-owned Villas. It gained fascinating reviews from the campers. 

Is early check-in available and allowed?

The check-in time of the recreational vehicle retreat spot is exactly 4:00 the. You are still welcome even if you arrive earlier. Still, the management could not guarantee you a room available to accommodate you since there are still people in their respective suites and rooms. If they had a room ready and available at the time of your arrival in the area, they would check you in to give you convenience and comfort. If not, they would take your cell phone number and connect with you once a room is ready for you to stay. Meanwhile, you may start discovering and enjoying the property and area’s amenities and the area close to the area. If you would like to have a guaranteed early check-in, you may arrange the night before you arrive at a guest room so you can take a rest as you arrive at the place early. 

What amenities are available to the overnight guests at the Garden of the Gods RV resort and club? 

Overnight guests may have access to all of the recreational vehicle retreat spot’s excellent amenities. It includes the lounge and restaurants, four indoor and two outdoor tennis courts, a top-of-the-line fitness center and classes, 27 holes of golf, a spa and salon, pools and hot tubs, and an internationally recognized wellness center. You have to remember that the time and the year’s weather may affect the hours and days of the management’s amenities. It gained terrific reviews from the campers. 

How far is Garden of the Gods Park from the Garden of the Gods RV Resort and Club site?

The drive to the park entrance would reach approximately one and a half miles. But there is access provided too from the retreat spot to the meadow through a two-mile walk on the paved sidewalk. You could enjoy the meadow since it is open all daylight hours.

Is it acceptable to wear casual attire while walking in the club and resort sites? 

The management requested the guests and members to wear appropriate attire throughout the property area. Some occasions and events bring the guests to the retreat spot and club, so wearing the prescribed outfit may or may not be good, but they must follow the place’s guidelines and regulations. That is why, for those who visit the place to enjoy and relax outdoors, they allow you to wear your recreation attire to make you feel comfortable. But when you are in the retreat spot’s restaurants and golf courses or tennis courts, you have to wear your appropriate attire.

What to Expect

As you read further, you might notice that this place is not just a retreat spot but a campground where you could do countless things besides swimming and other aquatics. It has plenty of activities and amenities to offer, whether in or out of the featured area. 

Adventurous people would love this place because of its features and views you could enjoy as you stay in this place. It is applicable for all ages, whether an adult or a kid. They would have fun and excitement.

There is no doubt and not surprising when this recreational vehicle retreat spot became one of the talks of the townsites you could find at CO. It makes every heart captured, fascinated, and astounded with its lasting beauty. 

Take all the notes, guidelines, even the map of the area for you not to get lost because of its overwhelming attractions and sceneries to enjoy. 

And so, pack your things up, get ready your gear and let us wander on the road until we reach this Red Rock Corral Club and retreat spot to unleash our curiosity about this fantastic place.

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