Grayton Beach State Park: One of the Most Traveled Camping Sites in Florida

Have you been thinking about having some fresh air out of the blue lately? Or have you wanted to see some other site aside from the city? A place where you can enjoy nature while you sip your espresso? Or a cabin where you can just lay there as you go on with your tea? 

You might then want to pick a date on the calendar and put Grayton Beach State Park on your travel list.

It’s identified as one of the most beautiful water bodies to date in the United States. Its blue coastline provides an excellent view of the sun when it rises in the daytime and the moon during the night; it might be the perfect backdrop for your photos.

If you’re looking for some local escapades to plan your cabin experience, then a visit to one of Florida’s top beach state parks is where you might need to go.

Basic Detail/ Information About Grayton Beach

Named as one of the most popular parks in Florida and one of the cleanest seas in Sowal, Grayton Beach State Park consists of shores, dunes, trails, and wildlife. It offers different activities such as swimming, camping or tenting, bicycling, fishing, and hiking. The busiest days to camp or stay in the cabin are between July and August.

Operational Hours:
Check-in time: 8 am 

Check-out time: 8 pm

Quiet time:11pm to 7 am
Reservation:Contact: 850-267-8300
Customer Service Availability Time Frame:Monday – Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm
Busiest Season:July-August
Address:357 Main PRK Rd.Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459
Location Information:
Latitude: 30.3315° N

Longitude: 86.1572° W

Elevation: 3m / 10ft

Google Map: Link


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On the map, Grayton Beach State Park is part of Sowal (South Walton) water bodies, and it can be found on Scenic Highway 30A, south of US 98, and in the middle of Panama City Beach and Destin. 

You may choose to enter road 283 south of US 98 before turning left at the stop sign on 30A, which is 1/2 mile east of the intersection of Scenic 30A and county road 283. To better visualize your way, you can view details on the map to show you the way to the site.

Campsite History and Interesting Facts

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There are no homes in the past when you enter this plaza’s exact location because the land here is too sandy and is no good for food or business. So, people choose to reside in other areas except for Army Major Charles Gray. 

Later on, his two neighbors, Army General William Miller and William Wilson, planned to develop the land into a village. 

They then named it after Gray. To cut it short, it was only on dates after 1968 that the land in Florida that we now know as Grayton Beach State Park was publicly opened.

Campsite Natural Assets

Aside from the coastline, the plaza is also home to a wide area of dunes, nature trails where you can hike to see the whole property, and rich wildlife where you can have a pleasant sight of the environment. It has 59 campsites on the map, all with electricity and water. 


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Guests can enjoy the more outdoor view because Grayton Beach State Park allows for RV and tents. This site is an excellent place to have fun at their campfire circles while you are in the campground.

  • GB Cabins

Photo Credits to Tripadvisor

Some people who may not enjoy that RV lifestyle and still prefer to stay in cabins offer 30 lodging areas for them to stay in. All of their cabin homes up to six people.

It is also complete with central heating, air-conditioning, and basic cooking and dining needs. And it provides its guests with linens, pillows, blankets, and towels once you enter. However, part of the exclusions is personal hygiene necessities.

Sadly, pets are not allowed inside the cabins. The permission is limited only to the family area. For regulations regarding having your pets, you may read the site’s policy below before bringing your beloved animal to your journey.

Moreover, guests with special needs have two cabins allocated to them.

  • Special Facilities of Grayton Beach States

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In addition to that, GB has also been tagged as one of the wheelchair-accessible state plazas because they have Beach Manual wheelchairs and Mobi-mats. 

Mobi mats are those non-slip mats designed for the convenience of wheelchairs while on the shore. So, bringing a loved one with special needs might not be one of your worries while you stay at their cabin.

  • Grayton Beach States Pavillion

Photo Credits to Family Secret Travels

G. Beach also lets their visitors use three pavilions by the beach and two pavilions at the Western Lake boat ramp area as a picnic pavilion. There is an accessible picnic table available there. It is usually on a first-come, first-served basis, so you might want to reserve ahead of your outing.

There could also be a possibility that communal places like the pavilion are closed due to the pandemic restrictions. So, make sure to ask for its availability when you inquire.

You can make cabin reservations at ReserveAmerica as early as 11 months before you map the date of your visit.



Aside from the amenities that you might appreciate while staying at the site, there are also several activities that you can try at G. Beach. You can choose swimming, camping or tenting, hiking, bicycling, bird and wildlife watching, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing.

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  • Swimming on Grayton Beach States

Photo Credits to CDC

Number one on the list is swimming, where you can indulge in bathing in and soaking in the waters of one of the cleanest seas in the area. Just be extra cautious from swimming as there are no lifeguards that can watch over if someone accidentally drowns.

Nonetheless, you can spend your time there by the beach alone just reading a book or cheering over spending time with your family and friends.

  •  Tenting at Grayton Beach States

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Apart from that, the plaza is also a good place to camp. With 59 areas around the Gulf Coast, all with electricity and water, you can have a taste of what it’s like to be part of nature, even just for a day. You can either build your tent in these places or station your RV.

  • Hiking

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You can also go hiking. There is a leaflet available for free and not for sale at the ranger station for a chill kind of hike where you can guide yourself to have a one-mile nature hike. The trail starts near the coastline area, and it will allow you to see the authenticity of wildlife and nature with its dunes, salt marsh, and Flatwoods.

But if you want a more adventurous hike, they have a 4.5-mile hiking trail just for you that will lead you straight to the heart of the forest back to the Western Lake.

  • Biking

Photo Credits to Walton Outdoors

Or you can also bring your bike with you to the trail if you like, and it might give you more adventure while journeying the path through the forest. Just remember to bring your helmets with you, as the law prohibits no helmets for cyclists, and you can’t find helmets for sale or rent in the middle of the bike trail.

  • Wildlife Encounters

Photo Credits to KatyisEighty

Other than that, Grayton beach is also home to one of the birding trails in the state, so you might see some shorebirds, bald eagles, osprey, and other classifications of birds while you hike.

Besides birds, you might get the chance to see some wildlife animals residing at the park, such as black bears, white-tailed deer, grey foxes, and more.

  • Canoeing and Kayaking

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Aside from hiking and bicycling, you might want to try canoeing and kayaking from their boat ramp. You can explore the beauty of the Western lake as you are paddling your way in all its natural areas. You can bring your canoe or kayak with you, but if you don’t have one, there are nearby rental places, specifically in Friends of Grayton Beach and Deer Lake State Parks.

  • Fishing

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If you have a license, you can also do fishing but still conform to the Wildlife Commission’s rules and regulations. You can check all the information you need about fishing within the area from the Florida wildlife commission’s website.  

Site Policies

As we are still in the pandemic, the site requires all its visitors and staff to wear face masks as a precaution for Covid-19.

It is advisable to pay online one day before admission to avoid physical contact and support social distancing efforts. No advance day pass purchase is also available as of the moment, so your passes are only good on the exact date that you book for it. So, you might want to book that cabin the day before if you decide on staying in one. 

No walk-in is also available to avoid the surge of people coming to the park.

And because they adhere to the social distancing rule, staff and visitors are asked to observe staying 6ft away from others and avoid mass gatherings.

The park can permit it to occur at the site in special events, such as weddings, business meetings, and reunions. Still, you have to view details from their website first for special events like this.

You have to know that they are only allowed in designated day-use areas in bringing your pets. They are not allowed on the beaches, playgrounds, bathing areas, cabins, and park buildings. They should also be your responsibility, so you must pick up their droppings and dispose of them properly wherever you are. More importantly, it would help if you kept your pets well-behaved always.

On the other hand, while the park has restrictions on bringing domestic pets, it welcomes service pets (or those animals trained to guide persons with disabilities) wholeheartedly inside their cabin.

You may inquire more about this once you contact the park for more up-to-date information. 

Preparations Before Heading to the campsite

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There is nothing wrong with ensuring that you prepared all your essentials before your visit, especially your needs inside the RV. So we listed some of the essential equipment and supplies that could provide you with a smooth-sailing journey. 

RV Essentials When Visiting Grayton Beach State Park

  • RV Bike Rack – If you choose not to stay in the cabin, Grayton Beach State Park has sewer access that can fit in RV’s up to 40 ft. and tents so you can bring your RV and spend your day nature watching or sunbathing at the beach. 

You also have an option between hiking and bicycling, and if bicycling is on your to-do lists, we suggest you bring this with you.

  • RV Coffee Maker – For instance, you might want to consider bringing this joe brewer with you to give that extra warmth whenever needed. 

Even though the beach’s breeze can be hot during peak season, it can also bring icy winds. This factor can be genuine, especially during the coldest months of January and February. It is also not available inside their cabin if you’d like to know.

  •  RV refrigerator – You can also think about bringing this equipment with you, because who would enjoy a beautiful view of the Grayton Beach State Park if your food is spoiled, right? It will ensure that your food stays fresh and organized throughout your camp.

Other Essentials for your Grayton Beach State Park visit

The  Grayton Beach State Park has water and electricity in both cabins and campsites; they do not offer hygiene kits at your convenience. So, it would help if you went shopping for your hygiene essentials before you head on your outing. Things you should consider packing are shampoos, soap, toothbrushes, sunblock, beach towels, and umbrellas.

You might also add to your shopping list disposable utensils and plates for your cooking and eating requirements because it is not provided outside, only in their cabin area. Just be sure to follow the rule not to leave a trace of your waste and clean your area as you go.

It would help if you also thought about bringing plastic bags to scoop the droppings of your beloved pet, as it was one of their requirements. It is also most essential to bring a leash for your pet as it is on top of your responsibility to keep them safe distance near you while in the area.

Nearby Hotels/Inns

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If you like to maximize your relaxation in this fantastic place, you can also stay in one of the nearby hotels from the site. 

Some of them even provide breakfast upon your stay. Just make sure you have check-in and viewed details from their websites first, and you have already looked for their location from the map before you head straight to the hotel.

These are only the top 5 nearest hotels. You can still check more available hotels near the place using the Google search engine. Again, you should contact them instead of walking in to reserve your reservation.

Here are the hotels near Grayton Beach State Park:

Hotel Name: Embassy Suites by Hilton Destin – Miramar Beach

Address: 570 Scenic Gulf Dr., Miramar Beach, FL 32550-4014

How far the hotel from the campsite: 19.91 km (12.37 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Hyatt Place Sandestin at Grand Boulevard

Address: 325 Grand Blvd, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, FL 32550-1856

How far the hotel from the campsite: 16.49 km (10.25 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Residence Inn by Marriott Sandestin at Grand Boulevard

Address: 300 Grand Blvd, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, FL 32550-1856

How far the hotel from the campsite: 16.65 km (10.34 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Hampton Inn & Suites Destin-Sandestin

Address: 10861 US Highway 98 W, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, FL 32550-5864

How far the hotel from the campsite: 19.61 km (12.19 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Hotel Name: Best Western Sugar Sands Inn & Suites

Address: 4415 Commons Dr E, FL 32541-3457

How far the hotel from the campsite: 27.10 km (16.84 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here

Nearby Restaurants

Credits to: TA

During your journey to the sea, you might want to grab some food for your breakfast until late after dinner. Good thing you have various options around the site- from café’s to bars and restaurants, to fine dining. For now, some may offer limited dine-in services, so you might need to check their website before entering. 

These are only the top 5 nearest restaurants you can find near the campsite. You can always check some restaurants of your choice using the Google engine. There are plenty of them which you can check depending on your food taste.

Here are the nearby restaurants:

Restaurant Name: FOOW- Fish Out Of Water

Address: 34 GoldenRod Cir WaterColor Inn, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-5979

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 1.61 km (5,268.29 ft)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: The Wine Bar – Watercolor on 30A

Address: 1735 E County Highway 30a, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-2868

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 1.56 km (5,116.86 ft)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Amavida Coffee Roasters

Address: 25 Central Square, B1, Seaside, FL 32459-0808

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 2.20 km (1.37 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Barefoot BBQ

Address: 2235 E County Hwy 30A, Seaside, FL

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 2.27 km (1.41 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here
Restaurant Name: Frost Bites

Address: 2215 E County Highway 30a, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-6284

How far the restaurant from the campsite: 2.23 km (1.38 mi)

Social Media Link: Click Here


Camp Rates and Fees

There is a $5 admission payment for one vehicle with 2 to 8 persons inside while a $4 admission payment for single-occupant vehicles and a $2 admission payment for pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicles with holders of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.

You might want to check Florida’s state park websites to learn more about the rates.

“Here, you can quick-glance at the pricing of the things you can enjoy with this campsite. This section is the summary and short ad-on when you camp on this campsite.

Type of siteRate of site
Primitive Site$30 per night, plus tax, plus non-refundable reservation fees  amounting to $6.70 
CabinsAugust 1-January 31:

$110 per night, plus tax, plus a
non-refundable $6.70 reservation fee. 

$705 per week, plus tax, plus a non-refundable $6.70 reservation charge. 

February 1-July 31:

$130 per night, plus tax, plus a
non-refundable $6.70 reservation fee.

$775 per week, plus tax, plus a
non-refundable $6.70 reservation fee.
H20 plus electricityIncluded when you pay for the camping site

Booking and Payment Policies

As mentioned, it could be advisable to pay online one day ahead of their admission to avoid physical contact and support social distancing efforts.

And although it is open until sundown, visitors who wish to arrive after sunset should contact their number. 

Securing the schedule is advisable as early or before 5 pm so they can give you information about the gate combination and hand you further instructions about your cabin. This policy is also part of their precaution of avoiding walk-in guests. 


If you want to experience living in a cabin or a tent just like you’re away from the city, then we suggest you mark GB on your map. 

This place might give you the complete laidback experience you’ve been looking for where you can sip your espresso while you also view the sea part of SoWal.

You can also seize the adventure that awaits you in their hiking and biking trails; saying hello to some wildlife animals you might meet while you are there at the trail is also possible.

Only some important notes to remember before you decide on your cabin lodging. It is always best to research the sites you are going to because we are still in the middle of the pandemic until this time and date. Things might change on and again due to the pandemic. We have learned that our main priority should always be our health and safety during the past year.

You can inquire about the site from the given contact information that we have provided here with you. If you want to know more, you can always read through the government’s website.

Also, book your reservations to your hotel ahead of time if you do not bring your RV with you or stay in the cabin to avoid any hassle coming up to your vacation. 

And one last reminder, don’t forget to enjoy and take as many photos of you or the sea while you’re there so you can come home with a story to tell.  

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