Hickory Hills Campground: One of Wisconsin’s Best Campsites and Campgrounds near Edgerton

Cherry Creek State Park Camping: A Comprehensive Guide to Camping in One of the Biggest Campsites and Wildlife in Colorado

The Hickory Hills Campground (HHC) in Wisconsin is a family-friendly site that provides a great camping experience in their nature-rich, wooded accommodations. If you’re an RVer who loves traveling with your family, then this place is a great choice!

Hickory Hills Campground Basic Information

Hickory Hills Campground Basic Information
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Before you decide on packing up and driving to the venue, it is essential to determine whether this place is the best one for you and your family. We recommend checking the site’s necessary information so that you can start planning your weekend getaway without any hassle. Here is the venue’s basic information.

Operational Hours

It Opens May 1st until October 15th, annually.

  • Check-in time: 4:00 PM ($1/Hour Penalty for early arrival)
  • Check out time: 4:00 PM ($1/Hour Late Departure Charge)
  • Quiet time: 10 PM – 0 AM


Contact (608)-884-6327

Customer Service Availability Time Frame

  • Friday: 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Sunday: 8 AM to 12 NN

Busiest Season



  • Latitude: 42.895354949397614
  • Longitude: -89.03893168550857



If you’re tired of countless hours of driving just for a weekend getaway, then this venue is an excellent choice for everyone who lives near Milwaukee, Madison, and Illinois. Driving from these cities are still a long way and could take at least a couple of hours, and we recommend making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy before deciding to drive; this practice ensures that you, your family, and other people on the road are safe.

From Milwaukee

  1. Get on I-794
  2. Follow I-94 W and WI-26 S/WI-26 Trunk S to WI-106 W in Koshkonong. Take exit 19 from WI-26 S/WI-26 Trunk S.
  3. Follow WI-106 W to Sleepy Hollow Rd in Albion.
  4. Destination will be on the left.

From Chicago

  1. Go to IL-110W/Eisenhower Expressway
  2. Follow I-90 W to WI-73 N in Albion. Take exit 160 from I-90 W.
  3. Follow WI-73 N, WI-106 E, and Hillside Rd to Sleepy Hollow Rd
  4. Destination will be on the left.

From Kansas City

  1. Get on I-235 E
  2. Take I-80 E, I-88 E, and I-39 N/I-90 W to WI-73 N in Albion. Take exit 160 from I-39 N/I-90 W.
  3. Follow Wisconsin-73 N, Wisconsin-106 E, and Hillside Rd to Sleepy Hollow Rd
  4. Destination will be on the left.

History and Interesting Facts

There are a couple of other Hickory Hill named destinations in the USA, and some might get confused about which place to go. Other destinations named similarly to this one in Edgerton, Wisconsin, are located in different cities and states as follows.

  • Spencer, IN
  • Secor, IL
  • Lena, IL
  • Loves Park, IL
  • Knox, IN
  • Albert Lea, MN

Natural Assets

Rice Lake

Rice Lake
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This lake measures roughly 117 acres and is 8 feet deep, and it is rich with marine life making it an excellent choice for RVers who like fishing over the weekend. It is home to different fish species like bluegill, small and largemouth bass, crappies, and bullheads. Even though the water clarity is low, anglers can still enjoy this calming activity with their families.

Amenities and Facilities

When visiting new places, the first thing we look out for is the amenities and facilities of the location. Knowing this information would help determine whether or not we would enjoy the place before dropping by – this is also a huge deciding factor if a guest would return to the venue or recommend it to their friends. Here are the amenities that you can enjoy at HHC.


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This destination also offers a nature-filled, fun playground for your kids! The playground itself boasts different types of activities such as see-saws, swings, monkey bars, and a whole lot more. Be prepared to catch your breath as your young’uns run around this fun mini-park.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
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If you travel here during the summer, heat is always almost a big bummer; however, you need not fear as this site has an open swimming pool ready for you. Once you’ve set up camp, you can drop by the in-site pool so that you can cool off the summer heat!

In-House Store

In-House Store
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The in-house store on the site is a great option when purchasing food items, supplies, and other items. It has various grocery items, ice, pop, beer, ice cream, snacks, and more, and you can also purchase the approved firewood here.

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge
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The Thunderbird Lodge is one of the site’s main amenities, and this is more like a great hall of a castle wherein you receive guests. It is home to a snack bar and game room. The snack bar offers various hot food, candy, and hand-scooped ice cream, while the game room includes a pool and air hockey table.

The Thunderbird Lodge is an excellent place to relax, enjoy games with your friends, and of course, eat ice cream!

Merriewood Cottage

Merriewood Cottage
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The Merriewood Cottage is an on-site cottage for rent, catering to people who want a different site experience. This cottage is a more comfortable choice than sleeping in tents and offers a much more rustic lodging experience. This charming, rustic accommodation is the original Girl Scouts Camp Library building built-in 1929.

Merriewood is comfortable enough to cater to a small-sized family or couples; it has a fireplace in the living room to keep you warm on colder nights and has an open dining area next to the living room. This lodging has two bedrooms, both boasting a queen-sized bed. This accommodation is newly renovated to feature a kitchen, complete with refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and basic cooking and eating utensils.

You can find the attached deck outside the cottage, which has a gas grill and table, great for outdoor grilling and breakfast.

Rustic/Primitive Sites

Rustic-Primitive Sites
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Home to many trees, this site offers Rustic or Primitive sites where you can set up your tent and enjoy nature in its entirety. Most families love this place because they charge overnight fees for the whole family rather than per person; additional fees may apply if you want to set up an extra tent for your kids.

Water and Electric Hookup for RVs

Water and Electric Hookup for RVs
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This site also offers multiple hookups for waters and electricity for your RVs; this comes as a great convenience for us RV-dwellers. This provision allows us to use our devices and appliances at the convenience of your mobile home. Each hookup will allow you to go about your daily business without any hassles as you can use your pre-existing RV appliances and utilities.

Flush Toilets & Hot Showers

If you love camping but don’t like going in pit toilets and cold water for bathing, you won’t have to worry when you visit this place as they offer flush toilets and hot water for showering. Their website does not say whether they charge extra if you decide to use these facilities.

Pit Toilets

Going in the woods is a thing of the past because aside from the flush toilets that this place offers, they also have pit toilets for people who aren’t picky when it comes to relieving themselves.

Sanitary Dump

Sanitary Dump
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This venue also offers sanitary dumps so that you can clear out your RV’s sewage system, allowing you to clear it out, ready for the next destination that you will be going to. This feature is undoubtedly a massive plus for RVers out there.


There are tons of enjoyable activities that this camp offers; you can always check out their calendar of activities that list out their activities daily. Here, we’ve cited the activities you can regularly do on any day you visit the site.


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This site boasts Rice Lake, which is home to many different fishes. Anglers who would like to fish in this lake would need to secure a license from Wisconsin’s state office. Many enthusiasts enjoy the vast lake as their fishing grounds and are home to different fish species like bluegill, small and largemouth bass, crappies and bullheads.


(© Official Website)

Pool and air hockey tables are available for use at the Lodge, and the management did not mention if there was an extra fee to use these gaming tables.


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Live bands are a part of this destination’s daily life; depending on the schedule, different live bands perform at different parts of their area. More often than not, the lodge is a venue for hip-moving tunes performed by regular bands hired by the management.

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf
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Another great attraction to this site is its miniature-golf area, and if you’re a golfer at heart, this should help you relax and maximize the amenities that this site has to offer. It is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids how to putt and sink a birdie! There is a fee to use this amenity, available upon request as per their website.


As with most RV Destinations, this site allows picnicking around their site so that you and your family can enjoy nature, and there are designated areas where you can do so. Make sure to clean as you go so that other guests can enjoy the area.

Friday Movie Night (During Peak Season)

As per their website, they offer different movies every Friday night at the lodge. Snacks and popcorn are available for purchase in the same area. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the film with your kids or friends.

Site Policies

Like all the places that we go to, there are site policies that every visitor must follow. Unruly behavior is always frowned upon by the community and is punished either by ejection from the site and may warrant police assistance should it be needed. In the end, it is just best to follow the protocols as directed by the management staff.

Here are some policies that we could find on their website; if you need the complete Code of Conduct, please contact them directly:

  • Day visitors can only stay up to 10 PM, regardless of what time they entered the site,
  • Youth groups are welcome for reservations – the chairman of the group must contact the venue’s management or staff in advance.
  • Visitor’s use of on-site facilities and amenities are at their own risk. The management will do their best to prevent anything from happening by providing safety protocols; however, injuries caused by accidents and misuse are not the management’s responsibility and may not be held liable.
  • The pool is open from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Preparations Before Heading To The Venue

Properly equipping yourself and your vehicle before you head to the venue is a best practice every RVer must do. If you can successfully perform this task, it will undoubtedly be a stress-free, hassle-free trip for you and anyone with you. Here are some items that you should consider when preparing to visit this destination:

RV Essentials

Different places require different RV setups. It won’t make sense to purchase an air-conditioning unit if you’re visiting a cold, snowy destination, right? Here are some items you should consider purchasing before traveling to this area in Wisconsin.

  • RV Air Conditioner – hot summer days and nights are standard in Wisconsin. That is why we recommend equipping your vehicle with the best RV Air Conditioner so that it can keep you comfortable during hot and humid nights. You won’t have to worry about electricity, as this site offers electric hookups for a price.
  • RV GPS – if you’re unfamiliar with Wisconsin’s roads – then we strongly suggest that you consider getting your GPS. An RV GPS device will allow you to navigate freely through any destination and even provide you some detailed information about where nearby mobile-home-friendly places are. Therefore, allowing you to make a slight detour to either restock, unload sewage, or enjoy the attraction.
  • RV Leveling Blocks – this destination has concrete roads; however, they did not mention if their RV parking area is wholly paved or rough. This type of road may cause your vehicle to be unleveled while you’re parked, which could potentially move things around your mobile home accidentally. That is why we recommend purchasing RV Leveling Blocks to ensure that your vehicle is parked safely.
  • RV Door Lock – since there are many activities to do on this site, you might be spending more time outdoors rather than inside your mobile home. We recommend upgrading your RV’s Door Locks so that you can spend your time outdoors and keep your precious belongings safe at the same time.
  • RV Grill – this destination doesn’t mention if they have built-in grills for you to use while you’re staying with them. That is why we recommend that you get one of the best RV grills with you so that you can enjoy a barbecue-picnic party while you’re staying at this place.

Other Essentials or Personal Items

  • Bug Spray – again this is the great outdoors, and it is home to many different insects; spraying some on you and your kids would keep you safe from nasty and itchy insect bites. 
  • First-aid kits – even though the site offers on-site first-aid assistance, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your First-aid kits so that you can use them just in case you get injured while staying here. We also recommend securing extra medicines such as blood pressure maintenance, antihistamine shots, and other medical supplies that you or another family member may need to take in emergencies.
  • Extra Tents – this site allows you to set up an extra tent for your kids (under 18, unmarried) at a small fee. This way, you can empower them with the responsibility of setting up their tent, keeping it clean, and disassembling it when it’s time to go.

Nearby Inns

These are only the top 5 nearest hotels near the Hickory Hills Campground. You can still check more available hotels near the place using the Google search engine or your vehicle’s GPS Again, and you should contact them instead of you going walk in to reserve your reservation.

Here are the nearby hotels in the vicinity of the Hickory Hills Campground:

Nearby Restaurants

These are only the top 5 nearest restaurants you can find near the area. You can always check some restaurants of your choice using the Google engine. There are plenty of them which you can check depending on your food taste.

Here are the restaurants near the Hickory Hills:

Camp Rates and Fees

Type of site

Rate of site

Primitive Site

  • $45 / night for the whole family (2 Adults and Children under 18)
  • $8 per extra guest
  • $5 for extra tent/night for minor children on the same site


$4 per person

H20 plus electricity

Not Indicated



Pool Use


Merriewood Cottage

  • A security deposit of $250 upon check-in
  • Two nights $260
  • Three nights $390
  • Four nights $520
  • Five nights $650
  • Six nights $780
  • Seven nights $910

Rental of Canoe, Rowboats, Mini-Golf, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes, Softball Equipment, Basketballs, and Volleyballs

Price available upon request (the list is subject to change)

*Special rates apply before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, available upon request

**The rates displayed do not include any applicable service fees or charges incurred during your stay.”

Booking and Payment Policies


  1. The management will exert every effort to reserve your requested site; however, they cannot guarantee specific sites.
  2. Reservations have a minimum of two-nights
  3. Reservations must be fully paid to secure it completely.
  5. Holiday Reservations have a three-night minimum requirement, and the guest must settle the full balance at the reservation time.

Cancellation of reservation

  1. If the cancellation is made more than 14 days before the arrival date, the guest is entitled to a rain check for the full amount of the deposit, allowing them to reschedule and use the full amount by October 15th of the camping season.
  2. No shows and late cancellations will not be entitled to such benefits and will lose their full deposit.
  3. Should the management ask you to leave due to non-compliance with camp rules, guests will surrender all the camping fees.

Merriewood Cottage Cancellations

  1. The management will issue no refund for cancellations, an in-house credit if the cancellation was made 30 days before the arrival date, only if the unit is re-rented. (Guests can only use credits in the current camping season).
  2. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the date of arrival or “No Show” will automatically forfeit the entire deposit.


In the end, this place is a fantastic choice when you decide to drop by Edgerton, and they offer a ton of day-to-day activities that you and your companions would surely enjoy. Just be sure to read up on all the area’s policies to ensure that other people visiting the area would enjoy the place just as you want to. In addition to that, we recommend contacting the venue for pre-reservation so that you are sure that you have accommodations when you arrive.

Lastly, be mindful of the nature that you get to enjoy when you visit here. Take care of it so that newer generations can still visit this haven. That is all from us, safe travels!

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