Homestead Campgrounds and Campsites Reviews

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Are you looking for a particular place in Delaware where you could enjoy your weekend with your loved ones? We are on the same page. And as we go on, we would like to introduce the Homestead Campground to you as a perfect spot. 

Homestead Campground is a family-oriented area located at Georgetown in Delaware County of Pennsylvania. It is perfect for a fun getaway and other extensive group activities. 

It has a wide range of areas with easy access to all of the pristine beaches in Del. It is close by to the resort area, tax-free shopping, and dining. Seasonal, nightly, weekly, and monthly camps are all available for any type of camper. 

It is also one of the preferred lodging accommodations for many of the area’s special gatherings, including Dover Downs International Speedway, Ocean City Bike Week, and Sports at the shore.

If you are willing to know more details about the featured site, you may take a look at every sharp detail and review we provided you. So, let’s start and satisfy your search for the best outing site you could find in Del County of Pennsylvania. 

Getting there

Before reaching the Homestead Campground, you may take some possible routes to arrive at the featured campground. 

If you are from the north, take Interstate 95, then get on Route 1, the southern portion of the Christiana Mall exit. Head southwest bound 1.4 squares on United States-13 N/N Dupont Highway. Then turn right for about 0.4 squares onto Scarborough Road. Keep on the fork’s right bound, then you have to follow all the signs for DE-1 S, and 25.6 squares merge onto the DE-1 S Partial toll road. 

Turn right for about 0.1 squares onto Road 206/ Cedar neck road/ Wilkins Road. You have to take the first left, about 5.2 squares, onto the DE-30 S/ Cedar Creek Road. Then, turn right onto the DE-30 S/ Isaacs Road, then continue 6.9 squares to follow DE-30 S. You have to turn left for about 0.4 squares onto the Prettyman Road to reach the campsite. 

From those who are from the West, Chesapeake Bay Bridge. You have to follow Route 50 eastbound to Route 404 eastbound as well. Then, follow Route 404/ Route 9 eastbound through Georgetown, Del. Turn left on Route 30 and head north. Turn right on Prettyman Road, and you will find the campsite on the left side. 

From Ocean City, MD, you have to head north on the DE-Coastal highway Route 1 toward the Rehoboth/Lewes from those who would come from the Southern part. Then, turn left at the Five Points intersection and follow Route 404/9, approximately six squares toward Georgetown. Then, make a right turn onto Prettyman Road, and you would find the area one square on the right. 

Basic Information

Here are some of the essential details you may need to see when you want to visit the Homestead Campground based on the review we searched. 


24 hours


25165 Prettyman Road,
Georgetown, DE 19947


+1 (302) 684-4278


Family Friendly Homestead Campground | Georgetown, DE



  • (610) 565-8700
  • 610-892-9583

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How to Make a Reservation

To make a reservation on this campsite, you have to reach campsite staff through their phone number (302) 684-4278. the staff would happily serve and answer all your questions about reservations, booking, and many more concerns. But you have to note that they cannot change your reservation through a phone call, so you have to email them for all your concerns. 

You could also inquire where it could be the perfect spot to reserve or book, the amenities, activities, and many ventures to do that you could enjoy in the campsite. 

Cost to Book

If you want to visit this campsite and you are interested in staying there, here are the rates and costs we looked at in some reviews that you may see and take a look at before visiting the place.

The camp season on the featured site runs from the 1st day of May until the 30th day of September. 

SITE TYPERATE (Sunday to Thursday)Friday to SaturdayWeeklyHolidaysMonthly
FOR PULL THROUGHS TO FULL HOOK-UPS ( water, electric, and sewer)$70.00 Per Night $75.00 per Night$455.00$535.00- During the week of 4th of July to 6/26 through 7/5$85.00 Per Night$1,300.00
FOR ROUGH CAMP (electric and water)$55.00 Per Night$60.00 Per Night$350.00$400.00- During the week of 4th of July to 6/26 through 7/5$70.00 Per Night
FOR APACHE & BLACKFOOT COTTAGES (maximum of six people per site)$129.00 Per Night$139.00 Per Night$825.00  $999.00- During the week of 4th of July to 6/26 through 7/5$159.00 Per Night 
FOR DELAWARE, CHEROKEE, & ERIE COTTAGES(maximum of eight people per site)$159.00 Per Night$179.00 Per Night$1,250.00- During the week of 4th of July to 6/26 through 7/5$199.00 Per Night
  • Holiday rates apply Labor Day weekends, Friday through Sunday on Memorial Day, and Friday, June 26th through Sunday, July 5th. 

The costs and rates on the site are consistent. It doesn’t reflect in any taxes, total charges, or discounts. 

What To Do

You would not enjoy the site without the fun and exciting activities you could do at the featured campsite. Hence, we don’t want you and your kin to get bored when staying at this campsite. So, we looked in the review for different activities that you and your kin would love to do at the campsite. As well as the amenities and facilities you would find interesting. 


You may not enjoy a particular area without popular things to do when staying in a place like this camping ground.

  • Arcade Games

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  • Basketball

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  • Fishing

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  • Fishing Supplies

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  • Golf Nearby

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  • Recreation Area

(credits to HC)

  • Swim

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  • Horseshoes


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  • Canopy

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  • Playground

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  • Recreation Hall

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  • Volleyball

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When you are with your kin, you want them to gain wonderful memories and experiences as they go on a trip, camp, or vacation. So, providing them a great number of facilities and amenities would surely make them enjoy your getaway and take a photo with them. So, this campsite provided you with some of the best amenities to enjoy based on different reviews from the camp trailers which have been in the featured place.

(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))
(Credits to Homestead Campground (HC))

Aside from all of the mentioned amenities to offer, they make a list in some of the reviews we looked upon for more facilities to enjoy and take a photo while staying in this campsite, including daily, weekly, seasonal, and monthly camping for all different camping equipment varieties. Most of the featured campsite sites include water, 50 amp electrical service, sewer connection, fire ring & picnic table, Upgraded Wi-Fi, and a Pet-friendly environment. 

You could also benefit from other things in the site like Basic Groceries, Bathhouse / Restrooms, Dump Station, Firewood, Flush Toilets, Handicap Facilities, Hot Showers, Ice, Laundry, LP Gas by Meter, LP Gas by Weight, Non-Guest Dumping, Fee Applies, and RV Supplies.

What To Be Aware Of

When you are deciding to go to a particular place, there are things that you have to be aware of for you to avoid inconvenience, stress, and hassle in your trip. So, we look at some essential details you have to look at and understand as you go to this campsite. 

The main community canopy in front of the community center, one of the campsite’s amenities, is open to all camp trailers and travelers from 8:00 to 10:30 in the evening. All the events in the community should cease by 10:30 in the evening. You have to return and clean all the tables at the canopy after the event.

It is no infringement on the personal area and no disruption to the peaceful atmosphere of others who stayed at this campsite since it is a residential neighborhood. 

There are two community pools at this campsite. The new pool located in Section F is for adult use only, and they should be 21 years of age or older when using the pool. No infants or children would allow them to stay in the pool. 

There are no exceptions. Both pools are only available from 10:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. Camp trailers should leave the pool by 8:00 in the evening: no alcohol and no smoking in both pools. 

The cement sprinkler located in the new section is for children’s use only. All scooters, skateboards, or bicycles are primarily and prohibited explicitly by the area’s management.

The office hours of the area are from Sunday to Thursday. From 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon and on Friday and Saturday, 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. The area management has the right to modify the office hours they want.

There is also a curfew in the community after 11:00 in the evening for all under 18 years of age. 

No guests would allow entering the campsite without the annual camp trailer. If you could not find a seasonal camp trailer, you could check in to a hotel. 

They would allow pets in the campsite, if only if they are home pets. They also have to remain inside their designated places unless they walk with a leash, and the pet owner is always attentive to their pets.

Nearby Attractions

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There are plenty of closeby attractions you could enjoy. You could go to restaurants, areas, or even hotels near the town that we found in many reviews that would help you.

  • Sports At The Beach- this campsite is located less than four squares from Sports At The shore. It is a regional sports facility destination that hosts softball and baseball tournaments throughout the season. 

This campsite is an area preferred to accommodate the sponsors of the Sports At The shore throughout the season. They offer varieties of excellent accommodations, including cozy cabins popular with the athletes, kin members, and teams visiting the Sports At The shore. It also offers batting equipment with a full-size batting cage for all teams to utilize and train throughout their rest in the area.

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Besides sport at the shore, you could find many nearby attractions you would enjoy at this campsite. It would be helpful for you to know more about the place by reviewing the places close to the featured area. 
The Rehoboth Canal Water Taxi – In this nearby attraction which many people gives fascinating review to it, once you are on board, you would experience the sweeping views of the beautiful lush landscape of the grassy marshlands, local birdlife and water life, the shorelines, the major ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia, and the rich history of the significant shipping canal or commodities and crops. There is no crowd, no lines, and traffic at the waterways. So, you could relax and enjoy the whole trip.

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The Dogfish Head Brewery– is a brew of your choice where you could enjoy drinking and dining in it while traveling. It is lovely to stay and relax based on many reviews from fascinating people who have already been in the featured place. 

(Credits to dogfish head brewery)

The Rehoboth Boardwalk- Since there are no beaches on this campsite, the Rehoboth boardwalk and shore is one of the incredible places to go close to your campsite. It is the largest beach resort in Delaware and is commonly well-known as the Nation’s summer capital. It also offers hotels nearby. 

(Credits to Rehoboth Boardwalk)

The Cape May “On The Rocks” Bar– Is a place where you could dine in to eat and grab your lunch. You could also enjoy and relax in this place.

(Credits to cape may Lewes ferry)

Lunch at Arenas at the Airport- It has been a famous restaurant since 1990, and they are serving excellent quality and large portions of different dishes. They offer family-friendly meals, casual, home events, and catering. They also served gourmet coffees and a full-service breakfast. 

(Credits to arena’s deli and bar)

Explore Historic Lewes, DE- It is the first town in the state. You may find the Historical museums, district, fine restaurants, many Inns, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, and various fine shops within a half-square. You could also enjoy the town full of friendly people, rich history, and beautiful scenery, which many people call their home.

(Credits to Lewes)

(Credits to Lewes)

  • Rehoboth and Lewes- the area, located on the shores of Del, the Rehoboth and Dewey beach resort site is a place well-known for its excellent hotels, award-winning boardwalk, specialty stores, beautiful homes, fun, finest restaurants, and some of the tax-free shopping markets anywhere.

Many visitors enjoy exploring and discovering the thirty squares of Del’s unspoiled coastline and the area’s many compliant areas. You could also do different nature-based activities, including kayaking, National areas, nature cruises, walking trails, surfing, ferry rides, paddle boarding, sailing, skimboarding, or exploring the water’s edge. It also has historical venues and performance arts that make the place extraordinary. “Nation’s Summer Capital,” which adds more wonderful adventure.

(Credits to Rehoboth Beach)

Cape May Lewes Ferry- The Cape May Lewes Ferry is an unforgettable way to cross the bay from New Jersey to Lewes. When you go on a trip aboard the Cape May Lewes Ferry from Lewes, Del to Cape May, New Jersey, or vice versa, it offers far more than a shortcut from Del to the shore of New Jersey. You have to spend seventy minutes when crossing the New Jersey shore. It allows you to take and experience a breathtaking view of the Mid-Atlantic’s two most beautiful seaside towns.

(Credit to cape may Lewes ferry)

Lewes Beach-  The oceans and the bay close to Lewes, Del, provide fishing, swim, host watersports, and boating. 

(Credit to Lewes)

  • Delaware State Park- If you want a safe trip, relaxing getaway, and unforgettable experience, the Del State area Campground is the right place for your friends, kids, and kin to enjoy. 

You could enjoy this place because of its fantastic scenery and view that would capture your heart. Outdoor activities are one of the perfect ways to keep your body and brain healthy. If you want a socially-distanced stay at the Del State area campground, Mother nature has got your back to relax and unwind from all stressful things back there at your home, work, or school. 

The Del State area is an incredible place to relax and get out with your four-legged kins members, your furbabies! The only key for a great morning and walk in the area is responsible for pet ownership. So, check out every detail you need to know before you decide to go and begin your next pet-friendly adventure.

(Credit to DE state parks)

  • Dover Downs- It is a place that offers a non-smoking game facility close by to the featured campground. But there are two doors allotted as a smoking area and those who want to play and smoke concurrently. 
  • There are thirty-six tables and more than 2,200 slot machines in this casino, and the area also contains virtual games and a high bound area. They also offer exceptional meals and Colonnades, and they would give you what you want. The place has a safe atmosphere and exceptional customer-friendly service.

(Credit to Dover Downs)

Midway Slots- The Harrington Raceway and Casino is the new name of former Slots with a harness racing track and a casino located on the Del State Fair’s fairgrounds, which is south of Harrington, Del, and about sixteen squares south of Dover area. The casino has table games, sports betting, machines, simulcasting, and over 1,800 slot machines.

(Credit to the casino. Harrington

Delaware Park- if you are looking for a multi-faceted game facility conveniently located a few moments to the South of the Del Memorial Bridge and the Casino at Del area is the right place for you. They offer year-round simulcast wagering, live thoroughbred racing, an action-packed 25 table Poker area, tasty dining options, Keno, a world-class eighteen-hole championship public golf course, and now whole sports betting all college and professional sports. The famous table games and the excitement for over 2,000 slot machines on two comprehensive range levels. This unique and superb blend of amenities truly makes Del area a place where you could experience diverse entertainment that would keep you from going back for more.

(Credit to Delaware Park)

Rules and Regulations for Camper in Homestead Campground

If you want to go to a place, you have to make sure that you know their rules and regulations to prevent miscommunication, misunderstanding, and problems. These lists from different reviews would be helpful for you and your adventure. 

  • The area would not accept travel trailers to place in the area for more than fifteen years, and no travel trailer that remains in the community for twenty years would allow you to resell it. 

But there are exceptions. Travel trailers over fifteen years of age may accept in placement. Travel trailers which are over twenty years of age may allow remaining for reselling to the community if, and only if after undergoing a thorough inspection by the state management that the vehicle appears in excellent condition, have an attractive appearance, equipped with good toilet facilities, and not very old to be attractive and appealing the Landlord’s opinion. 

You could put “For sale” signs in the RV, and the sign should not be larger than 16″ x 24″. There are no other signs allowed in the yard of the site. 

  • If the vehicle you are about to resale remains in the area, You may allow the management to inspect, check and approve before listing all the rent and unit for sale to have fully paid for it. 

Under no circumstances, if the tenants decided to sell his trailer, he should register his intention of selling with the Area Office and let the management inspect and check the unit before displaying for-sale signage in the recreational vehicle.

  • Tenants should be responsible for carrying appropriate insurance coverage on their recreational vehicle or travel trailer while they park it in this campsite for their safety and protection.
  • One RV or travel trailer on each area and no tents allowed for any reason to most of the annual area. 
  • The management allowed no more than one shed or storage area to remain in one area. Before placement, all shed or storage areas have to get approval from the Landlord.

All new storage areas or sheds should be of rubber or wooden construction. The metal sheds or storage room may remain if and only if they are in good condition. You could remove and replace it. 

  • All porches and decks should get approval in advance in the area management before any construction commencement. Tenants may erect beside the travel trailer a rectangular porch, which is 9 feet in width. The length is no longer than the vehicle’s box as long as it does not limit access to the unit’s underground utilities. Decks of the motorhome are not applicable to extend in any designated buffer areas, front or behind the home.
  • Screened areas in the site may add equipment explicitly manufactured for camping purposes only and approved by the County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Landlord. The Tenant should yield a picture and description of the screened area for approval. They have to manufacture aluminum rooms in all the additions and structures for camping purposes only.
  • All water and electrical connections are the Tenant’s responsibility, and all the malfunction between the travel trailer and the point of connection is the Tenant’s responsibility. Each of them should clean and polish the electric plug of their motorhome at every season’s opening.
  • Each area allotted to the travel trailer should always be neat, attractive, and clean. It is a continuing obligation and responsibility of the trailer’s owner. However, if any allowed recreational vehicle and travel trailer area deteriorate below the acceptable standards to the site’s owner, this may lead to forfeiting the lease. The management has to conduct monthly inspections of the camp trailers throughout the season to raise the property’s overall natural beauty. 
  • The management strictly prohibited the burning of rubbish or trash on the site. The County Ordinance of the area also prohibits the burning of leaves and all campfires. If you want to do a campfire, you have to do it in a fire ring that would not exceed above six inches of the fire ring’s rim.

Campfires should be under the guidance and constantly maintained by the adult. You could not stack the fire rings. 

  • You have to erect or place the drying line at the rear and close the lot. You don’t have to tie a rope in a tree to place your laundry on it to dry it up. No tree-tied lines so that you could place it on your porch, the side of your motorhome, or anywhere that would not ruin the scenic view of the ground. 

When the clothesline is not used, you must remove or collapse it to confine your lot lines. 

  • You have to seek the site’s owner’s approval before building or setting a construction in the lot you have stayed in. 
  • The site’s management reserves the right from time to time, Upon written notice, to supplement or amend these rules and standards and promulgate and adopt the additional restrictions applicable to the area’s leased property. The camp trailer agrees to comply with all the amended Rules and Standards established upon the Amendments’ effective date.
  • If the camp trailer complies with the terms of the lease and this campsite Rules and Standards, the site’s owner’s judgments are final in judging the Tenant’s compliance. Any failure of the site’s owner to enforce one or more of these Rules and Standards would not constitute a waiver of the same, either in half or incomplete reference to any future camp trailer, circumstances, or incident. 
  • The camp trailer should comply with all applicable State, Federal, and County laws, standards, and rules. You have to remember that the Federal, State, and County laws, standards, and rules are more or less restrictive than this campsite Standard Rules and Regulations.)
  • Suppose any of these Rules and Standards or covenant of the lease, half of it failed to comply with any of the State of Del requirements. Of any valid law, the legally binding requirements and the law’s application for that purpose are herein, which incorporates by the reference to that.
  • There are no hotels available on the site. 
  • Three consecutive incidents of late settlements of fees like the rental fees may lead you not to renew a tenant’s lease in the campsite.

Why It’s Awesome

Credits to: TA

You could see some Del resort attractions at this campsite, close to the area, including Cape Henlopen State Park, Historic Lewes, Del, Tanger Outlets, and tax-free shopping Rehoboth boardwalk. This place received many reviews from the campers mesmerized by its beauty, and you could take a photo of it.

The campground offers five wonderful and cozy cottages for both nightly or weekly rests at this campsite, all of which is in a quiet wooded setting. Each Cabin has a microwave, A/C/Heat, coffee maker, and mini-refrigerator. 

The private porches attached to every cottage allow guests to enjoy the outdoors’ serenity and peace with friends and loved ones. Some cottages are available in different sizes and styles to handle four to ten people inside the cottages. You could make the cottages’ pricing, availability, and reservations by emailing them or via their phone number.  

They also offer both full-service grounds with sewer, water, and electricity, along with rugged getaway sites for tent outings and pop-ups that are all fully equipped with electricity and water. There is plenty of size variation for wooded and non-wooded sections throughout the parking area. You could experience electric services at 30 and 50 amperes. The site is a pet-friendly community with an ample dog playground for your four-legged friends to enjoy.

There are also well-stocked camp stores and a laundry facility, making your life easier and convenient even if you are not in the comfort of your home.

RV Essentials

You could also bring with you some of the things you might need as you stay in the featured site faraway from your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Homestead Campsite and RV Parks

If you are not sure how good, pleasing and convenient the campsite you want to give a visit to, you may have different questions that you want to answer to decide wisely about visiting and outing at the featured campsite. So, we looked for the most frequently asked questions about this campsite that would help you. 

For the Cabins, what are their check-in and check-out times? 

The check-in for the cottages area is at 3:00 in the afternoon, and the check-out is at noon. 

What are their check-in and check-out times for tent camp and RV sites?

Their standard check-in is at noon for tent camp and RV sites, and the check-out time is at 11:00 in the morning. 

To avoid traffic, what are the best routes to take?

If you are hailing from the north, you could take Route 30 and exit in the south part of Milford, Del. Then, follow Route 30 southbound for approximately twelve squares. Then, turn left on Prettyman Road, turn left, and you will find this campsite. 

However, if you are hailing from the eastbound, you have to follow Route 9/ Route 404 from Five Points in Lewes, approximately six squares west, when you travel. Then, turn right on Prettyman Road, and you will find this campsite on your left. 

If you are hailing from the westbound, you have to follow Route 404/ Route 9 eastbound to the left of Prettyman Road from Georgetown. Then you would find this campsite on the right side. 

What time does the pool available to use? 

You could use the pool, both adult and kiddie, from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. 

Is Wi-Fi accessible to connect? 

Yes. You need to turn your Wi-Fi on in your phone setting so you can get access to the internet connection to make you online. 

Is there any grocery store close by to the Homestead Campground? 

You could find a grocery close by six squares away from the site to the Food Lion, 110 Broadkill Road, Del. 

Where is the closest beach located? 

You could choose between the Cape Henlopen State area or Lewes beach, which is nine squares east, then you have to head Route 9 eastbound towards the Cape May Lewes Ferry and downtown Lewes. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. The site requires you to give a full payment at the reservation time, which is refundable and would give back to you before a month of your scheduled arrival date. But you have to know that your settlement cannot be refundable within a month. Ensure that you enlighten the place’s staff to avoid making future problems and not refund your money.

What To Expect

Did you find this campsite exciting and fun? We loved this place because of its amenities that offer comfort, convenience, and relaxation to our well-being. 

This campsite is a suitable area to bring your loved ones and friends for enjoyment, exciting activities and bonding to strengthen your relationship with each other. 

That is why, not surprisingly, many people love this place not only for its wide range of amenities and facilities offered but also for its ambiance and atmosphere that helps to relieve stress and hassle. 

An excellent place to go during weekends, vacations, and even team building. The place you would not regret to rest in and camp. 

Without a doubt, beyond the costs, expenses, and rates you have to give here, you would manage to come back here over and over again. Get all your stuff ready, heat your motorhome’s engine, and let’s go to this campsite. A place where you could find peace and happiness!

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