How do RV Led Lights work

Before it gets dark, it is time to sleep or stop what you are doing. Then the light at night came into existence. The evolution of how we use light in our daily lives evolves beautifully. So that now, it seems that we can live without it at night. 

It does not only evolve to better lighting but efficient lighting as well. It somehow transforms into a brighter and more eco-friendly one. And we are talking about the Light Emitting Diode or LED. Now it is widely used in all households and other business-related matters. 

And now, it is being adopted by the RV community. But, of course, who would not like to have a brighter ambiance in the middle of your camp out? Although we know that what is much awaited on a campout is the old school fire. But we also know that you will miss the comfort real quick. 

So in this article, we will discuss how Led Lights work in an RV. 

rv bedroom led light
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Overview of the LED Lights

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor radiance source that transmits light when current flows into it. Electrons in the semiconductor combine again with electron holes, discharging energy in the form of photons. First, determine light color by the energy required for electrons; this is the one that crosses the bandgap of semiconductors. Then, achieve white light by using multiple semiconductors or a layer of light-emitting phosphor on the semiconductor device.

The moment LED came into the market, it slowly replaced the small incandescent bulbs. It also dominated the aviation industry. The light emits brighter, which helps the pilot navigate humungous aircraft: this, lesser aviation accidents n the airports. 

As we see, this great use of LED lights also makes way to being used as traffic signals and hazard lights. And even on medical equipment. So now that you see the great importance of LED in every industry, we know that this will surely give you the best lighting in your RV. 

How LED works on your RV

When you install LED lights in your RV, you will notice that it is much brighter than the regular car’s light—the one in Sepia color. Well, your RV should impose the comfortability of a traditional home. And that is by upgrading the lightings that you have. Plus, being too exposed to dim or sepia-colored lighting will harm your eyes and might bring a different ambulance that you are looking for. 

In addition, 12-volt incandescent bulbs consume 1.6 amps of power. A 12v RV LED light consumes 0.12 amps.If your RV has 24 incandescent bulbs that need 1.6 amps of power each, you will be using 38.4 amps to power them all. If you use LED, you would only need 2.8 amps to power all 24 bulbs.

You may also notice that the LED lights are way pricier than other types of lighting, but that is okay. Why? It can guarantee a lifelong service compared to cheaper valued lightings. In addition, it consumes lesser power. Thus, lifelong savings that you rarely notice. 

You might also notice that when you continue to use incandescent bulbs on cars, they become so hot in continuous use. Well, this is because of halogens. They are also easier to look at. But who stares at a lightbulb, right? 

Also, each of us has a varied sensitivity to lighting because we have additional vision capabilities. So your eye’s reaction to light is mixed. In this sense, LED lightings adjusted to your eyes very well. In addition, they are diverse to warm white, cool white, and natural white. So you can choose which way is more comfortable for your eyes compared to incandescent light with only one color to choose from. 

Furthermore, you can install the LED lightings wherever you want them in your RV. It can be on your awnings, headlights, tail lights, or just for any aesthetical purposes that you want. That is the great thing about LED. You can customize it freely without harming any functionality in the RV. 

It is also straightforward to install. Let us say that what you currently have is incandescent lighting. You have to remove the incandescent bulb and replace it with an LED light. Yes, that is straightforward—no other things are to be installed or added on your powerline. 

Moreover, if you are more of a boondocking camper, these LED lights are very suggestible in your journey. It uses lower amps, thus saving you a lot more in the travel amps. Plus, it may be costly upfront, but it saves up a lot more. 

Suppose you ask if this is worth the investment, well, yes! It is because it can last up to decades of continuous lighting. It will tell that it needs replacements will be when it gets dimmer than usual. But don’t worry. No need to stock out! It will take you decades before it happens. 

One more thing on how well it works in your RV. Since it emits lower heat compared to incandescent lighting, your RV airconditioning will have lesser power to cast to cool down the insides of your RV. If you ignore these kinds of factors, your RV might be compromised in terms of performance and ability in the long run. 


Light has given us a better view of life. It makes our life brighter than usual, and it somehow affects how we decide in our lives. So make sure that you choose the perfect lighting in your RV. Who doesn’t want excellent and ideal lighting that sets up the mood?

It also evolves from time to time. Now that you have many options to choose from choose the one that works better for you. But we suggest LED way better!

We have covered up what you need to know about how an LED works in an RV on this page. We hope you can transition right away if you are not yet on the LED RV team.

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