How to install RV Led Lights?

When you own an RV, you know how lighting can be. Imagine if you go out in the woods at night and you do not have lights on. That is how dark and frightening it could be. RVs owners usually parked near nature, and if it is far away from the houses or street, you will not see even a flicker of light. 

The light will all come from your RV or your efficient flashlight. Selecting the right light for your RV is essential, and having it installed by professionals can cost you money. Avoid this unnecessary expense now and then, and it is better to know how to install RV LED lights. I said RV LED lights because they are the most practical kind of bulbs that you should use in your RV. 

LED lights have higher lumens than other kinds of lights that consume less energy. Energy conservation is also a fundamental way of life when you are staying in an RV. You would not want to exhaust your battery and end up not being able to start your RV in the morning. Here are the steps on installing simple ceiling LED lights in your RV.

1. Check if you have the right size and product

Yes, it is vital to check if you bought the right light for your RV. First, you need to check the LED light you choose. It depends on the kind of light there before because of the base you’ll need your LED bulb to fit. Some websites help with making this conversion. Make sure to check the socket. It is better to measure before you go and make your purchase to ensure you’re making the right choice.

LED bulbs are available in a variety of choices. Choose from cool white, natural white, or warm white. It will affect the glow and brightness of the light in your RV. Remember that the brightness of an LED bulb is based on lumens, not watts.

2. Turn off the electric connection or turn off the light switch on that fixture

Before anything else, turn off the light switch for the connection that you want to work. Doing this is an essential step because you won’t want to get electrocuted accidentally while installing your 

LED light. Prepare the tools you will need for this Do-It-Yourself task. You have to prepare a screwdriver, pliers, and scissors. Ensure that you have cleaned the ceiling before installing the new LED lights because dirt or webs can affect the lighting quality of your light.

3. Connect the wires 

If there is a currently installed light, you have to twist the light cover to remove the old one. Then unscrew the old lamp. The wires should be hanging out of the ceiling by now. Then untwist the older lights’ wires to remove the existing room.  

Now it is ready for the new light. Connect the positive to positive rather than negative to negative wires. You will see the colors of the cables to know what is what. One is usually colored white so attach it with the white wire in the hole. Then red to red or some has a different color like maroon or brown. 

Then connect them by tightly twisting the copper wires together. Once you connect the wires, cover the exposed wire with a wire protector or electrical tape to prevent a future problem. It may cause electric shortages or may ground insects because the live wire is exposed inside your ceiling.

4. Ways to install

There are three ways to install simple ceiling lights. It depends on the kind of light you bought. One is you have to screw it on the ceiling of your RV. Another style has a spring on top of the bulb. You have to put it inside the hole to hold it in its place. Another type of LED light needs to push it in the hole and wait for it to snap, and it will keep the spot tight. 

There are wireless ceiling lights, or you can also buy a light that switches on and off by pushing the light itself. It can get a little complicated, but you can do it because there are usually instructions with the packaging. If you are not confident to do it because it is more complex, hire a licensed electrician.

Another kind of LED light that you may want to install in your RV is the exterior strip LED lights. It will help you during the night if you are outside going in. Some put LED strip lights outside the RV to avoid an accident while parked along the side of a road. 

5. Close the cover

Turn on the lights first to check if you did the right thing with the connection. If it does not work, repeat step no. Three and make sure the connection is proper this time. Finally, please clean up the cover before capping it to the light. Dirt and dust can affect the quality of lights that illuminate from the light you have installed.

Then close the cover properly by twisting it tightly to secure the light. It never hurts to double-check everything that you have done and turn on the light again. You can then turn on the new RV LED lights and enjoy a good book or finish the knitting sweater. 


Installing RV LED lights is easy as you do it. It may look not very easy at first, but you can do it if you follow the steps carefully and adequately. You may also read the packaging instructions on the LED lights that you purchased. It is better to know how to install led lights because you may get busted lights while camping, and there are no electricians nearby. It is also necessary to buy extra lights in case you need one. You have spare pieces and can replace the busted ones even when you are nowhere near the hardware. 

Using an RV LED light is recommended for RVs because their space is small. It is less hot compared to other kinds of light. You can now start making it more energy-sufficient and because it is way cooler. Usage of aircon may be lesser in the long run because she wore pajamas. 

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