How to maintain your RV Bike Rack

Bringing bikes on camping travels is exciting. The sight of your bike hanging on its Rack stimulates fun and adventure. That’s why it is essential to maintain a bike rack to keep it going.

RV bike racks may not be the central figure in a camping trip, but it carries one of the most awaited activities in the entire itinerary. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it functional and in good condition.

Besides, maintaining a bike rack may not be a problem at all. Good thing we have this guide just for you. Consider these tips, and you’re good to go on many unique journeys.

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Inspect Regularly

Many things could happen in RV camping travels. Whether on the journey, upon reaching the destination, or at the location itself, you don’t know what will happen to you.

rv bike rack regular inspection
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So it is customary to check if everything is still alright. More importantly, inspect your bike rack since it is commonly attached to the rear side of your rig. Loosen up some pieces already, or some may be stuck. 

Thus, you may only know what to do if you inspect what is going on with your Rack. However, don’t be too preoccupied. There is no one out there to destroy your frame.

Keep it Clean Always

Even the best RV bike racks are prone to catching dirt and dust along the journey towards different destinations and locations. In addition, rain, soil, oxidation, name it all, might get stuck, especially in the moving parts. For these reasons, it is always essential to clean your racks.

keep clena your rv bike rack
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As simple as water and soap can get the job done, provided that you do it on a regular schedule. Maybe you could do it every after journey. Please don’t wait to notice something odd in your Rack before you begin cleaning it. 

However, aside from water and soap, you may also use citric acid and scrub it when things get worse. Use water from a hose to loosen up dirt deposits and rinse them very well. 

You may want to apply wax and shining compound to prevent oxidation, especially on steel or metallic parts. Decay and rusting could be the worst scenario if you wouldn’t maintain it properly and regularly.

Repair and Replace

Maintaining RV bike racks may entail fixtures and replacements of parts. That is why it is vital to keep an eye on your stuff. Cleaning may do something good on your Rack but not at all times.

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Usually, you might find out that there are parts where clean it is not enough. For example, you probably need to repair or replace loosened arms, locks, and cables. Otherwise, your Rack may not function well. 

Besides, dysfunctional racks might swing and smash your van’s rear exterior. It could cause scratches, scrapes, and blunts on your vehicle’s rear side exterior.

Worst, neglected bike racks might not hold your bike very well. As a result, your motorcycle might fall off the shelf. Hence, don’t let these things happen.

Repairs and replacements may make you spend some bucks. But, you might lose even more dollars when you fix or change it.

Add Lubrication

Moving parts are the habitual recipients of dirt and dust deposits. Worse, it may oxidize as well. Either way could be critical because you might break it or not use it at all.

rv bike rack maintenance
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Fortunately, there are lubricants available to smoothen the moving mechanisms of your Rack. Not only that it adds luster, but it also gives extra protection. Hence, most oils are waterproof.

Keep the Rack when not in use

Another tip for maintaining your RV bike rack is to store it when not in use. Then, during pitstops and breaks, you may unmount the stand and cover it safely. Ensure that no dirt or moisture that falls on it.

rv bike rack attached
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By storing them, you prevent dirt and dust from penetrating and getting stuck into the moving parts. Also, you may protect it from rain and sun when appropriately stored and avoid oxidation. 


RV bike racks are pieces of beauty. This kind of merchandise can do so many wonders by allowing you to bring adventurous bikes into travel and camping. So mount the bikes at the back and join the journey.

However, what good does the Rack bring if its’s dilapidated? So, it is better to take good care of your RV bike racks. Luckily, we have this information on maintaining the bike racks for RV.

Indeed, our tips may help you in your long journeys with your bike.

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