How to properly clean your RV Refrigerator

Did you know that purchasing an appliance is the end of everything, like an RV refrigerator? Then, this article might help you maintain your fridge’s cleanliness. As you know, you need to clean it to ensure that it will last in years. Cleaning is one way to respect your food’s refreshment and its service. For that reason, having a proper cleaning is the better choice to have. 

Moreover, there are times the odor of your fridge can affect the taste and the smell of your food. Besides, it can also affect the air inside of your RVs. Many people are furious about having that kind of fridge. It is better to make an excellent plan on cleaning your RV refrigerator to prevent that from happening. 

Thus, not only the inside is essential to clean. The exterior also has a crucial role in every RV. To complement the interior of the RV, you need to ensure that you tend it from time to time, especially the storage where you place it. It can collect dirt and dust unexpectedly. That is why in case that you have one, make sure that you properly clean it. 

Furthermore, some parts of an RV refrigerator need your presence. And for today’s discussion, let us tackle the information that involves these parts. So, first, join us and explore the wonders of this RV appliance. Then, let us move forward to discover the possible things that you might not know upon cleaning it. So, be ready, and let’s get started!

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The Best Way To Properly Clean Your RV Refrigerator

This section contains a list of some possible ways to clean your RV fridge. It is essential to consider cleaning the parts of each machine’s service to ensure its constant function. Each of them contributes a lot to achieve the service that you want. For that reason, we gather some information that we know can help you maintain your fridge’s cleanliness. It includes the following;

Exterior Cleaning for your RV Refrigerator

It is the first on the list that needs to perform. As we mentioned earlier, the exterior can also get dirt somehow. That is why you need to clean it excellently. The outer part of an RV refrigerator is what everyone sees inside your RV. For that reason, cleanliness is essential to make it belong to the interior of your recreational van. 

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Moreover, the dust that comes from the outside tends to circulate inside your RV. As a result, it can sit in the appliances that you have. That is the time where you need to perform your cleaning. Additionally, there are times that dust can affect your ACs. As a result, it can release a speck of additional dirt that your devices can collect. That is why you need to make sure that you eliminate them from your RV.

You can use some stainless steel or glass cleaner if you have those surfaces. For example, you can perform cleaning after you clean the fridge’s inside.

Vent Cleaning of your RV Refrigerator

There are two parts of the vent; the roof and the lower vent. If your fridge has a slide-out, the two vents should be on its side. And if the fridge is on the wall, then the vent should be on the roof. Still, it needs an excellent cleansing to achieve a cleaner duct to check if it needs repair or maintenance.

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On the other hand, the typical issue of the vent is the debris, bird’s nests, cobwebs, and dirt. Therefore, it is better to check it at a particular time to ensure that it can function properly without any instances. Compressing air is what you need to clean out some cavities on the lower part of your RV fridge vent. It is where the pipes, wire, and electronic components of the fridge are. 

Furthermore, it is also a great choice to wear safety glasses to prevent flying debris from getting into your eyes. Finally, scrub the vent to remove the dirt and clean it excellently with soap and water solution.

Flue Cleaning of your RV Refrigerator

It is another part of the fridge that you don’t need to consider every time you clean. If you have a misadjusted burner, that is the time that you need to check it out. You can view it as the most pristine part of the fridge. Thus, there is something to do when its cleaning occurs. You can vacuum with a small attachment to vacuum out the flue.

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Notably, you can start at the bottom part. To dislodge other debris, tapping on the side of the flue can help a lot. You can consider this cleaning as part of the maintenance of your RV refrigerator.

Gas Burner Cleaning of your RV Refrigerator

Some people don’t know where you can find this gas burner. Or they are not aware that the gas burner exists somehow. For that reason, it is safe and clear to understand first every part of your RV fridge excellently. Furthermore, it is better to familiarize it to ensure that you can maintain and locate the problem that might occur in the future.

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Moreover, the lower vent is where you commonly see the gas burner. To start cleaning correctly, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the metal casing around the gas burner. It serves as the wind deflector to prevent your fridge’s flame to blown out by the high winds while you are driving down the road.

Using an eyeglass protector, you can prevent flying debris from getting into your eyes. Compressed air is what you need to clean your fridge’s gas burner. Put the nozzle of the compact air bottle into the burner and give some blast to shake everything loose. Afterward, replace the casing and reinstall the vent cover.


We have come this far. We hope that every piece of information we gather and give you can help you maintain your RV refrigerator’s cleanliness. Each of the parts of this fridge can provide an outstanding service that you need to achieve the great function of your RV fridge. So, ensure that you list the instructions and make an excellent plan for performing each of them during your cleaning session with it. 

Thank you for navigating this article. We hope that the list above can provide you with the knowledge on adequately cleaning your RV refrigerator. Enjoy!

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