How to Remove Gelcoat Oxidation

Keeping your RV exterior shines is an essential part of the vehicle’s maintenance. Not only because it’s bright and attractive, but it provides extra protection. 

For this reason, almost every vehicle has gel-coated fiberglass, an extra millimeter thick layer that is resin-based bonded to the fiberglass. However, due to changes in weather conditions, it is inevitable for gel coats to deteriorate.  

Fortunately, we have this guide that may help you remove oxidation on your gel coat whenever your vehicle had one. Hence, the sooner you could see it on your RV, the quicker you can drag and prolong the luster on your RV. 

removing oxidation
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Ways to Remove Gelcoat Oxidation

Spot the Oxidation Stain

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Over time, your vehicle appears dull, chalky, and more stains accumulate on its exterior. In addition, the fiberglass becomes foggy and blur that the wiper cannot even remove it. Thus, these signs are some clear manifestations of oxidation.

However, it is much easier to distinguish goal coat oxidation in older and more vintage vehicles than newer ones. You may also find scratches and scrapes hiding in plain sight. 

Therefore, it is essential that you closely look at every angle of your RV when you scheduled it for a car wash or cleaning. Spotting the stain is like getting your vehicle a comprehensive check-up to see the problems, causes, solutions, and maintenance. 

Wash Away Dirts

wash away the dirt
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When it’s time to get rid of the gel coat oxidation, begin with the essential water and soap wash. If you’re busy, have it cleaned in a car wash. Whichever you preferred, the goal is to wash away all those dirt, animal poops, leaves, and other objects that have stuck. 

You may also see other damages such as scratches, scrapes, and even deformity brought by accidental bumps by washing. Also, when you wash it, and the damage is gone, then you already solved your problem. 

The bottom line, washing is the first step in removing oxidation on any surfaces. 

Eliminate the Dull Appearance

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If after wash and the oxidation still stays there, it’s time to use some reinforcements. Use the best RV oxidation removers used by professionals in getting rid of the gel coat oxidation. These oxidation removers are rubbing compounds that eliminate stains and restores the shine.

Use orbital buffers when applying the compound. Sweep around and spread the mixture all over the exterior. Finally, apply more pressure to eliminate tough stains.

Meanwhile, the use of rotary buffer may be more efficient than hand buffering. However, please do not hold it still in one place. It may scrape more coat than restore it. Thus, make sure to sweep it around and apply the compound evenly. 

Restore the Shine

restore the shine
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Once you have eliminated the oxidation, it’s time to restore its luster. Shine restorers are polishers that bring back the original color of the vehicle. Hence, it shines brighter than before.

You may apply polishers similar to how to use oxidation removers. Either by hand or machine, you pour the polisher compound on the surface. Wipe it out with a dried cloth or a rotary buffer and spread it all over the place. 

Let it dry for a short while and repeat the process until it lusters. The shine has been restored when the sunlight hits and bounces off the metal and gel coat surface. 

Add Protection

rv wash and waxing
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Restoring the shine is not enough because sunlight, wind, and rain may take it away. Thus, you need to apply wax compounds to reinforce the exterior’s defense against oxidation.

Similar to polishers, you may apply wax using rags or elbow grease. Let it dry and remove it. Then, apply it again for the second time. 

Wax compounds may thicken the layers of gel coat to prevent oxidation stains from build-ups.


Indeed, gel coat oxidation may be terrible to your RV’s exterior. It ruins the protective layer and deteriorates the rig’s physical beauty.

But save your worries! Good thing we have this guide that may help you in eliminating stains on your gel coat. With these tips, we hope that you become more mindful of maintaining your vehicle. 

Equip your RV with the latest maintenance merchandise so that you are ready. After all, RV maintenance is an essential part of motorhome adventures. 

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